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Culinary Artistry

Culinary Artistry

MAHIMAHI gmger tomatoes
avocados lime bake
chiles olive oil broil
cilantro papaya
coconut parsley grill
cumin pineapples
fruits, especially soy sauce saute
tropical steam

Baked EClJadortan Mahlmah, Stuffed With Shredded Crab and Rock Shrtmp
Sa/picon and Served With Roasted Tomatoes Capers. Olives and Herbs

-R ck Bayle.s
Mahimahl With Pmeapple-CoconJt Sauce- Sl!...<.r'1a Faa

Grtlled Mah'man, With Summer Bean Salad and Tomato Vlflalgrette
-Brad ey Ogder
Sauteed Mahmahl wdh Cucumbers Mangoes and Cllantro---Jeremmn Towe'

MANGOES lime (Summer)

almond, papa)~ shellfbh
blackberne star anise
clove p _ IOn fruit
coconut pmeapple, bake
fhh freezing
ra,pbcrric~ poach
\ZInger saute
lemon _~iluternc

tt e peppery flavo'" But f Y u Spm·"/\,111

or ke YOiJ Upl And t wakes up th m

y an b fo e It beaut IU "",..,.,h"n::ll';nn

MARROW lemon
artichoke heartS


MASCARPONE mushrooms sugar
h,mJ), ltyueur
fnllt, e,recially


Fresh FrUit Gratin wIth Mascarpone Custard

•...{;eorge Germor & Johanne Killeen

puff Pastry Strawberry Tart with Mascarpone Cheese-Joyce Goldstei'n
Creamy Polenta wIth MascarpOne-Michael Romano

MELON Ice cream (Summer)
ba,il Kirsch port wine
berries lemon prosciutto
Champagne lime raspberries
Madeira salt
chiles mint sherry
Cognac mu,cat strawberries
Cointreau nut, vanilla
cucumber wme, espeCially sweet
Cura~ao free<.e
pear rau.
gmger perrer


Grand Mamie[

Amelon that was perfect yesterday may be too rtpe today. so we wouldn't

serve It SImply sliced on a plate--we d make It mto a sherbet ~ A, ce Waters

Thai Melon Salad with Cilantro and lim&- Su£:m Fen ger & May Sue Milliken

Fresh Melon-Basil Sa/ad with Habanero-Mark M ar
Charenta s Me on with Beaumes-de- Vemse Sabayon-L 'ldsey Shere


aloh CIder ~Lmala next ~,)
artIChoke COriander
erC'm mushrooms
pamgu curry olIve uti
cnn.:! uItves
bacon garlic rar.;ky
hutter. e pc 1,111, broy. n leek red'
canb c lemon perrer,

Ptr; lemongra~s ro~emar\
er 11 'corum'

o 145

MONKFISH (continued) tomatoes griU
sage roast
sh a llo ts bake saute
sherry, dry braise steam
soy sauce

Monkfish Tn Lemongrass and Coconut Broth

-Susan Femger & Mary Sue Milliken

Roasted Monkfish with Cauliflower Served with Caper-Raisin EmulsIon
Flavored with Nutmeg-Jear-Georges VongerlcNen

MORELS (Spring)

asparagus OOions shallots
bread crumb Parmesan chee e sour cream
butter parsley tarragon
chervil peas tomatoes
chicken truffles
chives ,pepper watercress
cu,tard potat bake
garlic POUltTV cream
r emary fry
Sautem stew
anchovi C 11 ps (FaU)
barley creme frafche nutmeg .",.,.

ba it Jill nuts
olive oil
bordelalse auce eggplants
bread crumbs egg om•on
caraway seed fl h oranges
cheese, e peclally garlic oregano
grape oyster sauce
Gruyere and gremolata
Parmesan ham pancetta
chervil lemon
chives papnka
coriander .Madeira parsley
marjoram pasta
marrow peas
mIDt pepper. black
Mornay sauce
mustard puvapple

ao_l d

rosemary spinach bake
<ausages, especially stock broil
, smoked tarragon fry
thyme grill
<:;auternes tomatoes puree
~ vinegar, especially wine Saute
walnut oil steam
shallots walnuts
wine, red or white
sour cream

A por/obello Mushroom Pretending To Be a Filet Mignon with a Roasted

Shallot and Tomato Fondue---Pa'f'ck O'Connell

W" '1 Mushroom Tarts-Ar"1e Roserzwe'g

potato and Forest Mushroom Lasagna with Ch,ve Sauce---Joachim Splichal

Mushroom Caps wIth Bone Marrow-Jeref"llar Tower

MUSSELS fennel (Fall-Winter)
aioli leeks saffron
anchovies lemon shallots
aniseed ltme snails
bacon mayonnaise spmach
basil mushrooms thyme
bay leaves olive oil tomatoes
beans, white onions vinaigrette
bread crumbs orange \'megar
butter pancetta wine, white
cayenne parsley
chervil pepper, black brad
chives Pemod
cilantro pesta gnll
Cognac nce
cream pan-fry
curry steam

F"rfTI-R3 sed CanadIan Mussels m Tab3sco-Style Escabec...e (Extra Virgm

o e 0 FrUit r Garftc Sweet Spices and AromatIC Vegetables)


Mu Sf? S WIth Green Garftc Thyme and Toasted Rye Bread-Mark Pe€'

..Jr d Mu se s With Garl c ar,d Tomatoes--J "T''T Y Sc'lnldt

F '.i Pasta w th Pnnce Edward Island Mussels. MrepolX Saffron

\1 nd Crouton-A W t r

'71 d w th WhIte Wme Garlte and Fresh Herbs-Ja ;lE'r W~ •


MUTTON mushrooms thyme
CalvaJos (Summer)
NECTARINES (See also PEACHES) peaches
pepper, black
almonds cherries raspberries
berries cinnamon vanilla
blackberries figs
blueberries ginger
caramel nuts

NOODLES, EGG tomato sauce

bread crumhs

OCTOPUS lemon grill
ha,ll p. rslt."

hay leave \me' r
\\ ine. red

OKRA nlon (Summer)
plf d~
ha'll tomatoes
pepper, bbck vmaigrette
aut pepper. e pectalh
km n 'reen


rrl mu hroom herry lICe
bacon paprika sorrel
butter Parme n che
par ley thyme
c.hee;e ucc especially pepper, bl de
Oleddar r Gn.J)cre ra lfiS tomat

clfin m n It


fry roast
bJke grill steam

/:xlii rau'

M 'L' yOU use r·w or"c;"S but you always wash tnem really well >lfter
, (X,",..felfL7'1e,'f,tJ~.r""",lim<'trgyaoru
' L~J 1<.;1 th:;om CO",K for fivE' m,nutes I n clcldulated w,lter made
or you douaJ them redl heavily With sour orange JUIce

~I'nI,d ' V'I tnem SIt for two hours or you blanch them for fhlfty seconds In
~t1!f,hecr' e are these dIfferent vdnat,ons on working With raw omons
WJtel t kt'epm(/ the fresh, rL/W crispness to them On the other hand, we do
8~~:.J~~'er of dIshes where we throw whole onions down Into the f/fe and let

8 I blacken on the outside, becausE' there s a sort of steaming that hap-

tt1e:s on the mSlde. which I:; very different from trying to gnU It or cook It on a

(IE I P or s-)methmg "ke thelt tJlready slIced R CK Bayless
fat 0

Crea.'.".. of Five Oman Soup--Joyce Goldstell"
~'1.:od-RoaS'ed Oman Wed wilh Spoon of Sdky Macomber Turnip-Lydia Shire

ORANGES cinnamon (Winter)
Annagnac Comtreau mangoes
ginger olives
~asil Grand Marnier pecans
Kirsch sherry
cardamom strawberrie~

chipotle peppers vanilla


Orange and Armagnac Sherbet- Lnd y S r
Grand Marmer Souffle vlth Orange Custard Sauce- J €'fT: l~' Tower


citrus fruit, especia1Jy
grapefruits and tan-


OXTAILS onions wine, reJ e pecially
pepper, black Burgundy
prunes braise
grapes haJlots
tomatoe steU'



OYSTERS fennel (Fall- Spr n )

ale, beer, or stout foie gras 5alt
allspice sauerkraut
anchovies garlic scallions
artichokes ginger sea urchin roe
bacon horserad ish shallots
bay leaves ketchup sherry
leeks shrimp
beurre blanc lemon snails
lime spinach
bread, brown mace Tabasco auce
marjoram thyme
cbareVai.adrcrumbs mignonette sauce vinegar, especially

cayenne mint champagne
Champagne mustard wine, white
chiles nutmeg Worcestershtre .auce
cilantro onions bake
cream pancetta moil
cucumbers paprika dee p-fry
curry Parme:an chee,e
eg~ parsley
pepper, black poach

Pemod Tau.'
porat roas t

- IIltt!


Fncasee of Pemmaqu d Oyster to Salsify, Leeks, Fmgerlmg Potatoes

and Pancetta ( th or thoul Osetra Caviar) 1 r !lee Br r an

Glazed Oysters • th Lee Fondue and Osetra Caviar -Gary Dar. 0

Fanny Bay and Po nt Reyes Oysters Wi th Malt Vmegar Dressmg and
Homemade Cae ta Sauce-8 d y Ogd

Kumamoto Oysters 1.' th Champagne M gnonette and Pumpernickel Toast

Mark Pe

Oysters Poached n Champagne-J

Hog Istand Oyster Chowder Wi th New Potatoes and Smoked Bacon
A ce a er

PAPAYAS chll (Spring ; Fall)
CQConUl re m
avocad c ori an de r c umlO
C3\ennc gmger


Parma ham strawberries
passion fruit sugar
peaches vanilla
porr Taw

spinach. Avocado and Papaya Salad with Orange-C· .
umln Dressing
-ChriS Schlesmger

Napoleon of Strawberry and Papaya with Passion F 't
saLlces-Jlmmy Schmidt rw and Raspberry


almonds lemon tarragon
butter Madeira walnuts
chives nutmeg
cjnnamon parsley boil
pepper, black deep-fry
curry potatoes
garlic sorrel griU


almonds juniper berries hallot
lemon tarragon
appln lentil truffles
mushrooms wme
t.c:on onions
oysters braise
cOM&" parsley poach
cCpa peppercorns, green roast

chocolate sage saute



Wid Pattlidge with a Red Cabbage Conf,t and Fall FrUIt Chutney

801• .,
YOWIg Roe•.., PaJtlidge with Chnstmas Pears of Muscat and Spice

"""fdUe~"'d MIh Cabbage Pearl Omons, Apple-Smoked Bacon, and

r,..., ....,Joactlim SpichaI

-nu•. " , and GfHfl peppercoms-Jasper White

g• D


Champagne coconut orange
choco la te kiwi fruit papaya

PassIOn frUit IS a flavor that wakes you up - 0 '£ 5chor'ler

PASTA butter pepper, black
cheese , especially pesto
bas il pign oli
bean" especially ca n- Parmesan potatoes
chiles ricotta
nel lt m cream Romano cheese
garlic tomatoes
h e rb s truffles. especially
mascarpo ne white
mush rooms
olive oil
p.m cetta

PEA PODS (Spring)

almond mu hr lOS steam
hutter ( nu tiT-fry

PEACHES c nut (Summer)

almond~ C"..ognac oranges
C wntr 1U pecan
apncot cream plums
curmn~. red port
b II praline
frambOl~ raspberrie
berne rum
blac bern gm er herry
l-Iuebern Grand 1amler sour cream
bourbon ha:e1nut strawberries
honey sugar
brdnd~ Kirsch vanilla
lemon WlOe, e pectally
brown u r lime
Calvad Madeira Burgundy
caramel maple 'yTUp
Marsala poach
Ca, I Melha auce raw



ClOnam n b-.l! II
d \e

pEAS leeks (Spring)
Jln10nJs lettuce rosemary
mint sage
rtl.:h<,kes mushrooms salt pork
nutmeg savory
,I onions, especially tiny shallots
parsley sugar
bacon prosciutto vinegar
bLltter rice
carr<)ts risotto boil
chervil puree
chl\"es steam




PECANS caramel molasses

bourbon chocolate oranges
hown sugar com syrup rum

B e Pecan ce Cream with Hot Caramel Sauce-Patr cK 0 Conne"

p .ca Tart W th Caramel Sauce and Van I a Ice Cream- I MMy SchmIdt
p Putt Pastry w 1/1 Chaco ate Sa ce a d Sabayol'} v eM h Tower

PEPPERS, BELL meat, e peCI lly chIck- (Summer-Fall)

ancho\'ie~ en,1 mb nd ve 1 bake
ba.:,ll olive oil
Chl1 11I0n
conander nee
em tomatoe roast
vme r stew
_ rlt


PERSI 0 S gr pefrult (Fall)

brand, clall, pe r h ne) weet potatoes or yams
rO~n u r IC yams
tamel freeze
nUlm puree
ctnnam n raw

PERSIMMONS (continued)

P rs mmon Puddmg wtfh Coffee nd CarcJm , Sa ce
Warm Pers mmon Pudding wIth Creme Chant"ly- l d Y~h,,,,,..


apples Juniper t>crne, ~auerkraut
bacon kmnn
Hackberrieo; ,au",,,c
hranJy ~!aJeir.1 "haHnts
cabbage,ala ,nur (. re,l[n
thad mu, hrooms
che tout tdn~('nne
Lhl )r) oolniiv.oen
chi! thyme
Cider orange
cream 0 tr tTUffle~
creme fraiche pepper VlnL'g~lr

endl\ ph 1 IIH itHr ""lln\lb
r mIte ,nne

~rt hrtll

n brOil


sv C



tt r

PIGS' FEET mustard vinaigrette
onions Vl?egar, especially wine
bearnai~e "auce pepper wine, white
bread crumbs sauerkraut
Labb.1[!c tartar sauce braise
caper!> thyme broil
<'ariIc stew
hollandaise 'auce tomato sauce

PIKE hollandaise sauce (Fall-Winter)
bacon tomatoes
crayfi5h vmegar

PINEAPPLE liqueur, especiallv (Winter)
Cognac, Cointreau,
apncots Grand Mamler, and papayas
avocados Kir!>ch raspberries
b3con rum
banana lime strawberries
brandy mang 'iugar
coconut mel n vanilla
cucumber mmt
!!rapefrUl15 orang

A W flter compote made With s/Jces of pIneapple kiWI frUIt mango and
papaya W th a I ttle passion fruit flesh and 8 few of Its dark seeds for con-
trast needs only a qrat ng of I me peel and a sprmklmg of rum or Kirsch.

jOSI~" S

Wa m P eapp e Tart TaM th Coconut Ice Cream-Pat' c 0 Con ell

Car bbe n Coconut Wafer f, ed Wth Fresh Pmeapple and Pma Colada

Sa ce- ~ ,n-,," P yard

P 3PP £. Sh -rbet Bombe With Ktrsch Mousse- L ~dsey S'lere

PLANTAINS and \\alnu deep-fT)'
he n pmeapple
(t,biak rum szmmer

b tter Uf cr m (e munued on niXI patt)

Inn m n

nu, Cldlh almond

PLANTAIN S (continued)
Plantanos con erema. Sweet Frted Plantains with Homemade Sour Cream

and Fresh Cheese-Rick Bayless

Black Bean DIp with Frted Sweet Plantams-Ct' ris Sch'esinger

PLUMS (Summer)

almonds ginger Sauternes
apricots grapefruits vanilla
bananas honey walnuts
brandy lemon wine, red
brown sugar Muscat
caramel nectarines poach
cherries nuts
cinnamon oranges raw
custard peaches stew
fruits, especially citrus rhubarb

Gingersnap Ice Cream SandWiches With Plum Ice Cream-lindsey S"ere
Plum Sherbet Bombe wdh Grand Marmer Moussf7 Ltndsey Shere
Walnut Tart of Warmed Plums With Mascarpone Souff/f7 lydia Shire

POLENTA e carole pepper
oarltc tomato sauce
mu hroom.,
cheese, esp<.:ciaUy
Cheddar, goat,
Gorg n' la. Monterey

J ck, and Pannesan

Bo of Cre my Polenta With W, d Mushroom and Goat R' Of
--Brad Ogo

Matzo Po nta wdh Sauteed Mu<;hrooms- Rorr

blood orange chocolate grapefruit
cream che yogurt
F, r rt
d th IU fr, m I pom

C It /(

POMPANO lemon (Winter)
lime shrimp
ba,il mustard
head crumbs bake (in paper)
coconut Saute

PORCINIS olive oil (Summer)
parsley thyme
butter sage truffles, white
garlic sherry
Marsala grill
Muscatel wine

The combmatlOn of porcml and garlic is a perfect combination-when it s

done perfectly. That's when the garftc IS not overpowering the mushroom,
af1d the mushroom IS well caramelized and meaty at the same time, and the
garlic IS bringmg up all the flavor so that it's not Just plain and bland

-Darle: Boulud

PORK (Fall)

apples gmger qUInces
apricots hoisin sauce rosemary
bay leave honey sage
beans, black juniper berrie sauerkraut
beer lemon soy sauce
brandy lime qar anise
cabbage Marsala tarragon
Calvados molasses
cherries, dried sour mu 'tarJ tvh.myemgear
clams Onlon
Cognac orange walnuts
conander parsley whiskey
cream pepper, black wine, white
cumin pineapple
fennel plum sauce, Chine,e brme
fruit plums grill
prune~ TOast

POr/( and apples IS a claSSIC combmatlon that has been served together for
hundreds of years. Apples cut the fattmess of pork -L.ndsey Shere

Tacos a Pastor' Red-Chlle-Mannated Pork, Wood-Grilled. Thm-Sllced and
served With Charcoaled Pineapple, Guacamole, and Black Beans

R Bay

co 15

PORK (continued)

Grillea Pork Tenderlom with Mustard. Sage, and Rosemary Joy E' (;011 n

Pork Tenderlom with Black-Eyed Peas, Braised Onions. and Tomaill/{) S II

Jererrlah Tower


apples leeks thyme
bay leaves mint tomato sauce
beer mustard
bread crumbs onions bake
cabbage oranges braise
cream parsley broil
curry pepper, black
fennel rosemary grill
garlic sauerkraut
ginger sour cream pan-fry
juniper bernes soy sauce saute

Gnlled Double-Cut Pork Chop With Braised Cabbage, BOiled Potatoes, 3nd
Stone-Ground Mustard A,ol~ -Sr :J ay OQdtl..,

Pork Lo n Chop Gn ed w 1/1 Gateau of Apple and Cardmeltzed Red On.o!'}

with Rosemary Cider Sauce- J rr'1l S Il tit

Doub/e- ThIck Pork R b Chop \ Ith 5 ge and Applf. S Witi') ROJsted 5.\1[,(_'

Potatoes--" p W t

POTATOES c.hard (Fall-Winter)

anchuvle chee~e (especi Ily hor er,hlhh
basil Cheddar, ~) t, Juniper berric
butter Gru~ere, and kale
cavaar leeks
cayenne Parme an)
celery root lemon thyme
cepes chen II
chlcorv mint
mu hrooms
chive mustard
cream olive oil
creme fra/me omons
duxelle panIey




PUMPKIN Gruyere cheese (Fall)

apples honey pumpkin seeds
bacon leeks rum
bourbon mace sage
brown sugar maple syrup sherry
butter sour cream
caramel mint sugar
cinnamon molasses thyme
cloves mushrooms vanilla
coconut vinegar, especially
Cognac nutmeg
cream white wine
duck, including confit nuts walnuts
garlic oolnilv.Oenosil
ginger bake
pepper, black

pumpkin and potato-FINed Free-Form Lasagna With BJacK-Of,v(> Butter
-George GerMor & Jor-anne K sen
Pumpkm fce Cream Caramel Pecan Sauce--v "1rry Sc'nl:1I

QUAIL leek..- (Fall)

anchOVies lemon prunes
appJe _ qU;lil egg"
bacon lime 4uml li\'cr

ba~11 m, pie yrup 4l1m~es

bay lea\'e, mala< e risotto
mushroom ,age
beets salt
mu~tard calhan
chiles, red
cider omon hllllor,
Co~nac pancetta thyme
truffle, pceJally white
cranberrie par ley
currants, peel 11y bl ck pear wine, white
Worce ter hire auee
curry pecans
fig pepper broil
per tmmon fry
foie gras pignoli
pmeappl gnU
£arlic port wme roast
gm POt, toe




Jumper berrie

o i "", P fYI ~ "I t Ora


CIM.Ii.and Brandied Raspberry Ice Cream Bombe-Undaey Shere
,.rpbI'"Y Gratin-Jeremlah Tower


a:=~goes with a lot of dIfferent kmds of frUIt I lIke It WIth pear, and
;,; IcB cream with chocolate IS ntce.-Llndsey Shere

--_~ER lemon shallots
bIIil mustard tarragon
blY ieaftI -re olives. black
tpdcbi r onions thyme
oranges tomatoes
IJulUr parsley
pepper. black vinegar, especially sherry
peppers. especially vinaigrette
cderY wine, especially white
ciJr"O gJeen
~ potatoes braise
CIIIlf, -.pee 'ally ted romeKO sauce grill
Pa".esan cheese pooch
ro&emary roast
saftiOh SDJItl
....'e...... pc· Irr
lealboOl SWIm
•1 • .-. me

1M 'f

aUld RIId Snepper willi Garlic and Gmgef-Susan a Foo

Red Snapp« and yeIIowfjn Tuna with Tart Herbal



RICE WHITE custard oranges
garlic parsley
almonds ginger pignoli
basil lemon pineapples
brown sugar mushrooms raisins
cardamom nutmeg saffron
chernes, dried nuts, especially tomatoes
cinnamon vanilla
coconut almonds, walnuts, yogurt
cream pecans, and pistachios

Warm Rice pudding With Coconut Cream Sauce-Susaf1'1a Foo
Cumed Rice Salad-Joyce Goldstein
Caramel Rice Fla~Narcy S.'verton

RICE, WILD mushrooms pepper
oranges pign oli


RlcenA CHEESE ,;lIt

almonds raham cr cker spinach
suga r
chocolate lemon van illa
cmnamon e nu

cl tVt:"" pepper

crt:.lm che pignolt

Rlsene shellfish
artichokes veal
wi ne
c rab

Parmesan cheese



h nk a great flSOttO IS a dish to be savored It should be about eight bites of

I tbU/O flavor. where you almost hate to take that last bite-and any more
~~an that would be gross.-Lydla Shire

Risotto of LobSter. Mussels. and Clams with Sweet Pimientos. Scallions. and

saffron-Daniel Boulud

Risotto of Black Truffle and Fall Vegetables. with Parmigiano-Reggiano

-Gary DankO

Risotto With Butternut Squash. Greens and Prosciutto-Joyce Goldstein

Fricassee of Mushrooms and a Parsley Risotto-Gray Kunz
Risotto With Mussels and Fresh Herbs-Mark Peel & Nancy Silverton

Risotto with Fresh Bay Leaves. Peas. and Pea Shoots-Alice Waters

ROMAINE chives olive oil

anchovies garlic pepper, black
cheese. especially
Parmesan and blue
(Gorgonzola and

Ensalada Frontera: Hearts of Romaine With Wood-Grilled Onions. Radishes.

Fresh Cheese. and Roasted Garlic Dressing-Rick Bayless
Moroccan Orange, Romaine. Walnut. and Watercress Salad--Joyce Goldstem

Hearts of Romaine with a Creamy Garlic Dressmg and Oven-Roasted

TomatoeS-Patnck O'Connell
Young Romame with Green Goddess Dressing and Garlic Croutons
-NICe Waters


Natter penley boice
a.... 9 pepper. black
I"" sage
...·el IQUrcream

SALMON crab (Spring- Summer)
a'ioli salmon caviar
anchovies creme Jrafche sesame
aquavit shallots
artichokes cucumber shnmp
avocados cumin snow peas
bacon curry sorrel
basil dill spinach
beans, fermented black fennel tarragon
beamaise sauce five-spice powder tomato
beurre blanc garlic vermouth
ginger vinaigrette
bordelaise sauce hollandaise sauce vinegar, espeCially
bread crumbs horseradish
capers juniper berries white wme
caVIar walnuts
Champagne leeks watercress
chervil lemon wme
chives lime Worcestershire sauce
citrus zucchini
clams ~1adeira
Cognac bake in parchment
conamler mmaapyloensnyarI.uspe braise
com broil
mint grill
moU'"dine sauce pan-fry
mushrooms pan-roast
mustard saute
ollv • bll k steam


pepper. black

pomegran te

rat 10

Sa'mon IS such a fatty flavorful fish It can handle a bIg flavor. I do It In a

horseradish crust And ae d goes we" w th It to cut the flchness of the fish
like some k nd of c trus - ~err. -0 Sen

I love to cook a whole salmon on tne gr 1/ and then cover It completely from
head to foo w th about one Inch of dill and then finish II eJther on the gr or
m the oven thiS way w th some lemon sltces and cracked pepper and 0 /Ve
a I It s I ke cook'ng It In a forest of dill The inside IS Veil' well (,avored dnd
mOIst -Dan e Sou ud

Salmon en Mo e Verde Farm-Ra sed AtlantiC Salmon With Class c Green
Pumpkin-Seed Mole Roasted Potatoes and MeXican Vegetables
-A CI\ Save

Tournedos of Salmon With Horseradish Crust. Cucumbers and Salmon
Caviar T"'rr 'n Sr rman

168 A

, ... AIIIM'IOC Sa mon Baked In a Tender Corn Pancake Topped with Golden
watelCt8SS Sauce-Hubert Keller

IIIII~&I~IG Atlantic Salmon with Horseradish-Black Pepper Sauce, Oyster

III1d Sesame Asparagus-Mark Miller

WII)'S Home-Smoked, Pastrami-Cured, Cilantro-Gravlax,

..... 1JItd PoIChed-Patrick O'Connell

".,.,.,. 2 Md &lImOn with Braised Lentil Salad and Red Wine Vinaigrette

. . . ..,.Ogden

:,t_Seared Salmon Fillet with Grain Mustard, Braised Asparagus, and
Md CI sa"'" Potatoe9-Charhe Palmer

p& n "., IIIM-Cuted Salmon, Cucumbers, Lemon, and Cream

....,._ AaIDllz.alg

tMIIOI' Pi I. with Smoked Salmon and Caviar-Jimmy Schmidt

au. J dS toon and Watercress Omelet-Jimmy Schmidt


SsP non wIIh Roasted Beets, Leeks, and Horseradish-Jeremiah Tower

dill melon

eggs plums
pepper. black
gmger. pickled





'se S uSc1ge Salad Served m Red Oman Cups
'l.. M. 'Y Mill k ~n

p '.l- ~d Saul', qt's and Grapes -George Ge"mon & Johanne Killeen

H'I71.;;rr. de Sausages wIth Gram Mustard, FIve-Onion Slaw, and Stewed

W/l :~' Bean&- M,rK Miller
Ou HO('1CJ71.1de Boudi" Blanc (WhIte Sausage) with Sauerkraut BraIsed in

v,rq:n a Rieslrng on Apple Coulls-Palr'ck O'Connell

curn Lamb Sausage wIth Compote and Pecan Pancakes-Jimmy Schmidt

Duck Sausage wIth Prunes-Normar Var Aken

L,,'bster Sausage with Savoy Cabbage-Jasper White

SCALLOPS endive (Spring-Fall)
almonds foie gras pumpkin
anise garlic rosemary
asparagus gm saffron
avocados gmger salsa
bacon hollandaise sauce salt
basil Jerusalem artichoke shallots
bay leaves sorrel
brandy leeks soy sauce
bread crumbs lemon spinach
butter, especially brown lemongrass Taba<;co sauce
lemon thyme tarragon
cabbage thyme
cabbage, napa lime tomatoes
capers marJoram truffles
carrots mint vantlla
caviar Momay ~auce \'crmouth
cayenne mushrooms
celery vinaigrette
cheese, e pecially mu~tarJ vineg~r, especially cider
wine, white
Gruyere or Parmesan olive oil
chervil , broil
chives deep-fry
cilantro OOions grIll
crab oranges marinate
cream paprika
cucumbers parsley poach
curry pepper, black sauce
peppers, red and hot steam
Pemod ( c.)f1!irwd on next page)


SHRIMP dill rosemary
eggplant saffron
a ll spi ce garlic Sauternes
anchon es ginger sca llio n s
a rti c h o kes lemon shallots
bacon lemongrass soy sauce
bas il lime Tahasco sauce
bay leaves Madeira tarragon
beans, white mangoes thyme
beer mayo nnaise tomatoes
bra n d y vinaigrette
butter mint vodka
buttermilk mushroom,
carro ts wine, e,pecially flee or
can ar m u s t a rd white
chern l oli\'e oil
chiles onions, especially red Worcestershire sauce
chl \'es
cocktatl sauce oranges boil
coconut p a rsley broil
Cognac peanuts deep-fry
com perrer. ~lack
c re a m Pernod gnll
currv. e'recl~lh reJ ptnt.'J rrie pan-fry
I OmC!!rdn.ltt." rempura-fry

n ce

Fresh Flonda Pink Shnmp In Red Chile Escabeche With Gnlled Red Omons

Peas and Garfcky Wh te R ce- ~ Baye

Sauteed Rock Sh Imp Wth Toasted Ancho Chiles SlJvered Garlic and LIme
seNed With Seared Greens and R ce.- Su an Fe ger & Mary Sue M ke

Conander-Crusted Gnf ed Shnmp With Pineapple Salsa and Lime

-Cr's Sc e g

Shnmp Dusted w th Orange Zest Artichoke and BaSil

-Jean Georg Vonne>r

Saffron Nood es w th Ma ne Shr mp Country Bacon and Pine Nuts
-Jaspe e

SKATE ma~ nnalS(' vinegar. e peclally red
31 It mmt
011\ e 011 wme. e peclally whit
1-utrer. mcludmg 1-r( \\n parsley
caper pepper poach
c nander
th~me r )Q.St
garih.; ream
h :dnut
II oj lse ce

SNAILS fennel salt
garlic shallots
,1I1Ch,)\"C' lemon thyme
mushrooms wine, white
antS~ nutmeg
parsley bake
raCll11 pepper, black braise
basil pignoli broil
b,,\' leaH'" rosemary
bread crumbs sImmer

SNAP PEAS olive oil vinegar, balsamic


SNAPPER gmger roast
mustard saute
bread crumhs

SOLE mmt shallots
moreL shnmp
almond, mushrooms Taha,co sauce
mussels thyme
anchones mustard tomatoes
bearnaise sauce nutmeg truffles
bechamel sauce ohve oil \'inalgrette
butter omons Y1negar
capers orange, wine. especially white
carrOb oyster,
cayenne papnka braIse
Champagne Parmesan cheese brtJil
chives parsley
COriander leaves pepper, black fry

cream peppers grilt
garlic port wille poach
hullandai,e .,auce salt saute
leeks scallions steam

Corrpos/og o 175

SOLE, DOVER (See also SO )

basil vermouth grill
mustard wine, especially red

SORRFL (Spring)

butter fish spinach
celery root lentils sugar
chard mustard tarragon
chervil olive oil
cream pepper, black blanch
creme Jrafche potatoes puree
eggs salt saute

SOUFFLES, SWEET frUit. , erecially apples, Madeira, Marsala,
arricot~. blueberrie"
chocollt peacht:" pears, r ort
cofke pme pple. 411Il1ce"
r pbem 1,,111...

tr.m berne


Itqueu • e peclall\
lot ctte,

Cura I ,Gr 10 I
M mlcr, Klr c.h,

SPAETZLE pCpptT. blclck poppy ceds

butter plum mee bake
ro el11drv
SPARERIBS sauerkraut b(lrbe ue
!'"oe, nee bOIl
barbecue au e .. megar brOIl
gm Jer par-bod

h ocy
1m 0


SPINACH gmger (Fall- Spring)
anchovies hollandaise sauce pepper, black
bacon horseradish peppers, especially red
brains leeks raisins
butter lemon sorrel
cardamom lemongrass sour cream
carrotS mint soy
cheese, especially feta, mushrooms sugar
mustard tarragon
goat, Parmesan, and nutmeg tomatoes
nuts (especially vinegar, especially red
chtles almonds and walnuts) wine
chives olive oil yogurt
cream olives
cumin boil
curry Onions puree
eggs oranges saute

The thought of spmach IS pleasure. French cooks, Chinese cooks, Italian
cooks. Indian cooks would all rate spmach the best of leaf vegetables

-..;are Gngson

SQUAB . (Fall)

apricots [oie gras nce
bacon garlic rosemary
basil grapes sage
beer huckleherries shallots
brandy juniper berries sour cream
cabbage lemon 50\'
cherne~ mu hroom., -luffing
che-muts olive 011 thyme
chives \'inegar
chocolate oolmiv.oenss truft1es
cider wine, especially red
Cognac orange,
cranbernes paprika braIse
crl'am parsley
Cumm peaches broil
currants peas grill
eggplant pepper, hlack roast
fig rhuharh




sherry truffles, white bake
thyme vanilla puree


butter garlic bake
cheese, especially goat olive oil deep-fry

forcemeats saute

SQUID mayonnaIse (Winter)
anchovies olive oil vinaigrette
basil onions wine, especially white
bay leaves parsley
bread crumbs rosemary bake
cilantro salsa cook briefly
garlic squid ink fry
ginger tomatoes braise slowly
lemon grit!

SqUid Salad with Five-Flavor Vmaigretfe-SJsanna Fcc
Marinated Tomatoes and Arugula with Fned Squid-Jasper White

STEAK chives scallions
Cognac shallots
avocados conander sherry
garlic sour cream
ba~ll gmger soy
horseradIsh Stilton cheese
bearnaise sauce Juniper berries tomatoes
bordeLu e sauce leeks truffles
bourbon lemon vmegar, espeCIally bal-
!:-uner WIth anchovle , ~1adeira samic and red wme
wine, red or ""h ite
chlv ,garltc, parsley, mushrooms ""hiskey
t rragon mustard Worcestershire sauce
olive oil
c.a enne union, broil

parslev gnll
pepper, black
peppe ,~p dally green pan-brOIl
pI::alOla auce
potatoe (~ on next page)

o 179

STEAK (continued)

Carne Asada; Charcoal-Grilled. Butterflied Coleman Natura l Rib Eye
Marinated in Red Chile, with Black Beans and Fried Plantains with Sour
Cream and Guacamole-Rick Bayless

Grilled Hanger Steak with Roasted Bone Marrow, Fondant of Winter
Vegetables. and Crisp Shallots-Terrance Brennan

Charcoaled Filet Mignon with Roasted Shallot and Pinot Noir, Country
Potato, FOie Gras-Stuffed Morels . and Crisp Parsnip-Charl ie Palmer

Grilled Adobo-Rubbed SirlOin Steak with Pickled Corn Relish, Tamarind
Ketchup. and "Damn Good Fries"-Chris Schlesinger

Hot Roquefort-Broiled Rib Steak with Chilled Layered Tomato Salad and
Beet Fries-Lydia Shire

Grilled Rib Steak with Yellow Finn Potatoes Mushrooms, and Green
Peppercorn Butter--Jeremlah Tower

STRAWBERRIES coconut (Spring)
a]mond~ Cointreau oranges
arrtCOb cream passion fruit
cream chcc,e peaches
bananas pepper, black or pink
creme {miehe pineapple
ha II port
Cura<;ao raspberries
brown u!!ar currant, blclck rhubarb
caramel sambuca
Cas'l~ flu sherry
Champagne ~ sour cream
cmnam n sugar
clotted crc.lm Gran I Mamier vanilla
vinegar, balsamic
grapefrUit VIOlets
guav,l' wme, espeCially red (e.g.
kiWI fruIT Beaujolais and claret)
lemon yogurt
hme zabaione
maple yrup

Stra.vberry Shortcake With Cre"11e Ct-rantilly-Lindsey Shere

Strawbemes In BeaUjolaiS Sauce--!l.3ncy S verton
Sauteed Rhubarb With Strawbemes and Vamlla Syrup

",lr G o'ge Vonger chter


STUFFING liver sage
mushrooms sausages
apples nutmeg savory
bacon Onions shallots
Bra:il nuts oysters tarragon
bread crumbs pancetta thyme
carrots parsley walnuts
celery pecans
chestnuts prunes
cornbread crumbs rice
garlic rosemary
liquor, especially bour-

bon, Cognac, whiskey

STURGEON braise saute


garlic onions TOast
myrtle rosemary

SWEET POTATOES lemon (Winter)
apples maple syrup s()ur cream
apricots nutmeg suntlower seeJ,
bacon oranges thyme
bananas paprika vanilla
brown sugar pear, walnuts
butter pecans
ctlamro pepper, black bake
cinnamon pineapple boil
clove, rabm, deep-fry
cocnnut rum puree
cream salt
garltc "herry, dry roast
honey SaHte

SWEETBREADS ga rli c savo ry
h a:e lnuts sh allots
app les h ollanda ise sauce sh erry
bacon lemon spinach
brand y Madeira t a rr ago n
bread crumbs Marsala th yme
butter. espeCIally brown morels t o m a t oes
ca pe rs mushrooms truffl es
carrots mustard walnut oil
cherries onions. especially red watercres,
chen' il oysters wine, white
citrus Parmesan cheese
ckwe parsley braise
com, pureed peas broil
cream peppers. red poach
port saute
creme frafche


"Jump In the Mouth" Sweetbreads Sauteed with Fresh Fig and Summer
Savory-Lydia ShIre

Sweetbread Club Sandwich wIth Apple-Smoked Bacon. Fate Gras and a
Good Sauce--Joach m Sphcha

Sweetbread and Potato Salad In a Shallot and Hazelnut Dressing
-Jean Georges Vonge< c tel'


chtle- !trnon tomatoes
!! 1flle \'megar
t,lrr..l,J n

SWORDFISH CUrT) \' inalort'tte
gmger ~
b 11
BeauJ I,ll 'r lptJrUlt \'inef.!.lr. hakHniL
bet.'t JUI t.' mu,rard wine. e'r~·ci 'llly \\ hit...
L<lper oh\'\: t! bake
Cd\ tar &rod
ch,mterelles pdr,ley grill
chi\' pme Ipple wast
c onul ro cmal) ,aute,
cOriander tarragon
cream roma[Oc


Co d Sword~sh Salad with Basil-Danlel Boulud
Gn eo Sv.ordflsh with Scallion Vmalgrette----SuSiln Feniger & Mary Sue Milliken

Sauteed Swordfish and Osetra Caviar Cake with Caviar Sauce

-Jear LOUIS Pillladr'l

Grilled Swordfish with Tomato and Roast Pepper Compote----Michael Romano

Swordfish with Gmger and Grapefruit-Jimmy Schmidt
Grilled Swordfish with Rosemary Mayonnaise----Jeremiah Tower
Roasted Swordfish with Herbs. Smoked Bacon. and Red Wine Butter

-Norrrar Van Aken

Grilled Swordfish with Basil Butter and Tomato Sauce----Jasper White

TOMATOES marJoram (Summer)
anchovies mushrooms sugar
arugula olive oil tarragon
basil olives thyme
hread crumbs omons vinegar, especially bal-
Champagne oregano
cheese, especially Feta, parsley samic, sherry and
pasta wIne
goat, Mozzarella, and pepper, black
Parmesan peppers, especially red bake
chiles broil
chives saffron
cucumbers salt ir)'
eggs seafood
garlic shallots grill
lovage rau.'


Summer Crostini With Native Tomatoes, LIttle Compton Corn. Red Onion,
and Basll--George German & Johanne Killeen

Vine-Ripened Tomato Salad With Mozzarella and Roasted Sweet Onions

-Bradiey Ogde'l

SpICY Cold Tomato and Pepper Soup Barcelona-Style-Allce Waters

Compcs,ng a o 183

TI" ClE mushrooms thyme
mustard tomatoes
anchovies olive oil vinegar, espec ially reJ
capers parsley
cherries pepper, black wme
chervil port
chives rosemary bake
garlic tarragon boil
lemon truffles
TRIPE mustard vinegar, especially red

allspice nut.meg wme
bacon wine
brandy onlOns Worcestershire sauce
bread crumbs pancetta
Calvados paprika braise
chickpeas Parmesan cheese fry
cider parsley poach
cloves pepper, black saute
cumm prunes stmmer
garlic saffron
lemon Sauternes vinegar, especially wine
marjoram th, me walnuts
mushroom, tomatoes wine, white

TROUT garlic bake
horseraJ ish brozl
almonds lemon
anchnvles gnU
hacon mushroom"
beans, especially t1a!.!eo- parsley poach
pears roast
lets pepper, hlack saute
butter, especially PernoJ sear
purt steam
brown scallions
capers 'iorrel (c ""mud or f;u:ml'. page I
cepes Tabasco sauce
cher\'il tomatoes

184 ,y A y

Roasted Mam. BrooIc Trout Stuffed with Wmte' Greens, Tomato ConIII..IIIItI
M~Country-Cured Bacon, WIth Fmgerlm9 Potatoes and Wild wtIh

Ssg6 Daniel Boulud

Saut86d Trout Stuffed WIth GarlIC, Chile, and Toasted pecsns with (3ardfIn

Tomato Relish-Chns SchleSinger

TROUT, SMOKED horseradish olive oil

bacon lemon IIOU1' c:re8ID


House-Smoked Trout WIth Apple-Chive Fritters and HorseradiSh CtMIfJ

-Bradley Ogden

GrapefrUIt and Smoked Trout with Pickled Ontons and pepper CteIItI

-Alice Waters

TRUFFLES (See also BLACK and WHITE) r i ·..

chickrn Pa" nc:hl-

CopI8C iP I



Gary Dan (

San FranCISco, Calrforma

We've had three or four promotions a year where we've developed special
menus-around caviar, cheese, or truffles, for example-in order to increase
our business. Each would be kicked off with a press luncheon abo ut three
weeks before the menu debuted. For example, we'd serve truffle hors d'oeu-
vres, bring in an expert on truffles from France to provide a slide or video
show and talk about truffles, and then bring the journalists into the kitchen
where they could watch the preparation of the special menu and ask ques-

With a menu like this, you want to have the truffle speak-not any-
thing else! I started backwards, with a truffle dessert and a truffled cheese
course. Since these were both heavy on the cream, I aimed for lighter prepa-
rations of the other cour e .

Truffle Menu

Trujj1e Suup

La Gitana, Manzanilla


Seared Scallops u ith Spnng Veot!tables and Truff1es
DOTTUline 0 tertag 1990, Pinot Blanc


Lamb Mt!dallwn5 u'ith Wild Mu hrooms and Truff1ed Lamb Essence ,

Gratin Potatoes
Tinto Pesquera 1989, RIbera del Duero


Truffled Bnllat-Sat1arin
Chateau de Trignon 1985, Rasteau


Truffle Ice Cream

TUNA lemon (Summer)
alolt lime tamarillos
anchovies mayonnaise teriyaki sauce
artichokes mint thyme
avocados mushrooms tomato sauce
bacon tomatoes
bay leaves oliv.e oil vinaigrette
beans, especially black vinegar, especially wine
onlOns wasabi
and white parsley wine, especially white
pepper, black
beets peppers, especially red bake
capers braise
carrots bell broil
caViar pineapple
chives potatoes grill
cilantro saffron
daikon scallions raw
dill seaweed
garlic sesame TOast
gmger soy sauce
leek saute

Roasted Tuna With Black Pepper, Parsnip Puree and Shallot Confll m Port
Wine-Darlei Bo JIi..d

Seared Rare Ahl Tuna With Avocado and Soy-Lemon Herb Dress ng

-G2ry Da'lko

Gnl/ed Marmated Tuna With Roasted Peppers Bok Choy, ShIItake
Mushrooms Soy and Gmger-Gary D r 0

Grdled Tuna au POlV'e With Cracked Bl.lck Pepper and Lemon Buttt:lr served

With Shoestnng Potatoes and Spmach- Joyc.e Gold IF!:1

Ahl TU'1a With a Crust of Pmk and Black Peppercorns Enhanced with Lime.

Orange. and Lemon-I-' Jb€"-r+ \(€" er

Lernon-DI/on Tuna Tartare With Rye TOdst and Scall'on O,l. M r~ tI. S'

Filet Mlgl"'o'" of Rare Tuna Capped w,fh Duck FOle Gras on Charred Omans
and a Burgundy Butter Sauce- Pat C~ 0 Cor e

Gni/ed Tuna Steak With PI'::kled Gmger Soy. Wasab,. Liang Pan. and RIce Cakc5- Chns Sch E'S ne'

Tuna Tartare MIxed With Cucumbers OnIons. Capers and Wasabl
V·na·grette- ~I 'T'Y SC~r'1I0

Yellowftn Tuna Braised With AnchOVies Tomatoes Omons Garltc and Bay
Leaves- Aile Waters


VEAL iDle gYm (Spring)
.H1cht, d l ' garlic rosemary
gmger sage
,lrrb grapefruit salmon
,lftichl1kes ham shallots
,lfw.:ula leeks sorrel
hlCl1n lemon sour cream
basil lime spinach
bay leaves Madeira sweetbreads
bread crumbs Marsala wine tapenade
butter morels thyme
capers Momay sauce tomatoes
carrots mushrooms truffles, especially white
ceres mustard tuna
cheese, especIally olive oil verbena
Gnlyere and onions wine, espeCIally white
Parmesan papnka
Parma ham braise
cherYll roast
cider parsley
c!O\'es pepper, black satHe
corn. pureed
cream pistachio,


Everyth ng goes ~ th veal LIke chicken It s a meat a neutral flavor, so

you car) take It m a lot of dIfferent dlfectlons A very earthy direction would be

combm ng It g'andrrere style With bacon mushrooms potatoes, and pearl

omans, Or you car) take It ,n a bItter d rect on Wth caramelIzed endive, Or

you can make the dlsn sharp by pamng the veal th capers or mustard
sauce Veals pretty bland on Its own so you need somethmg to gIve It a Mtle

b t of I fe - Te 'ane BrE.' an

Sauteed Vea Medal ons WIth Chestnuts Ce ery Root and Apples With
Potatoes F,fi-Gary Dan 0

Pan-Roasted Veal Steak ~ th Yu on Go d Potatoes Peppers and GarlIc

-Gray I< z

Sand cll of Veal and Vea Sweetbreads th Oyster Mushrooms Country

Ham and 0" on-P urn Con~ ture- Pa 0 Co

Vea Meda ons th W, d Mushroom Can on Tomato Conf t and Essence

of F: esh Sage- J a Pa e

Sa teed Vea Steaks w th Rum Planta ns and Creole Mustard Cream



VEAL CHOPS (See also VEAL) tarragon
anchovies Momay sauce tomato sauce
bacon mushrooms vinegar, espeCially rasp-
basil oltves
bay leaves onion s berry and wme
bread crumbs paprika watercress
caper, Parmesan cheese wIne
chervil pa rsley
Cognac pepper, black braise
garlic peppe rs broil
ginger potatoes roast
lemon rosemary saute
M a d e i ra shallots
morels sorrel

Roasted Veal Chop and Sweetbreads with Rosemary. Winter Root
Vegetables. and Sweet Garlic-Oar:; Boulud

Seared Veal Chop with Parmlglano-Reggiano Spmach and Soft Polenta
-Gary Danko
Veal Chops with Shltake Mushrooms-Mark Peel


bacon ~111 par~ley
bean, c pc lall\ \\ hit
brandy JUniper berm: h,tllob
hu trc r lemon
Co!:!fl<lC morel
mushroom hake
c rdnhe rne mustard moil
cream nurmeo grill
garli c 011111ll! £lute

papn k.l


cd rrOb lemon ro c mary
ga rli c
gn:mol,n il o ni o n age
pa r~ l e} th yme
wine, white
pepper, hLlCk


d. mushrooms braise
brJn \ onions broil
Cognac saute'

VENISON garlic (Fall)
goat cheese
apples horseradish port
bacon huckleberries prickly pears
bananas juniper berries prunes
barley Madeira rosemary
bav leaf marjoram sweet potatoes
bearnalse ,auce mushrooms tarragon
mustard thyme
brandy Onions vinegar, espeCIally red
cherries, especially black orange,
parsnips wine
chestnuts pears wine, especially red
chiles, espeCially ancho pepper, black
pomegran,Hc' braIse
and poblano
coriander seeds mast
currants, red

Honey and Cumin Glazed Lom of Vemson WIth Foie Gras EndIVe, KohlrabI,
Orange Zest, and Pine Nuts--Dan el BOIJlud
Medal/Jons of Venison with Purees of Parsntp Sweet Potato and Mushrooms

-Te'rance Brennan

Cervena Venison Pepper Steak With Mushroom Spaetzle Butternut Squash
Flan, and Caramelized Parsnlp-Charles Palmer

VenIson WIth Mustards and Chlles-JlrT'my Schmidt
Roasted Racks of Venison, One of Sweetened Chestnut, the Other of Biller
Chocolate-Lydia Sh fe

(See also Charite Palmer's venison recipe on pages 192-193)


caramel f"h "ddLl"
mll hrL>Utn ,herry
Lepe pork
chee~es, especially port
Roquefort and ralsm


-- - - -

Mignons of Cervena Venison

Charlie Palmer

N ew York , Ne w York

This recipe, 1 think, represents my style of food-complementary, big flavors;
a bit complex in its preparation in some ways, but really a concentration of
big, strong flavors. It's robust. It's solitude. It's the kind of dish that makes
you sit up and take notice. That's what I really try to do with every kind of

recipe I create.


For the squash
3 tablespoons butter
2 shallots, peeled and minced
"2 medIum butternut squash. peeled, seeded, and cut into liZ-inch dice

3 1/2 (Ur' chIcken stock

1/2 tetl'pfHln nutmeg
1/2 tea'poon mace

Place the hutter m ,1 medium ~aure Pdn and melt over medium hear. Add the
shallot and '-lute 2 mmute~. Add the yua~h Hnd toss together. ext, add all

the remammg mgredlent'> and cook ~Iowly for ah,)Ut 12 to 15 minute" ,tlf-
nng occa I nail). Hold warm after almo.,t all the srock is absorbed.

For the pOl"tobellos
2 large porwJ-,e1lo mushroom caps
2 taJ-,le.,poons extra virgm olive oil

1 tahlespoon b.tbamic vinegar

1 clove garlic. sliced thin
1 tablespoon salt and cracked pepper

Brush mus.hraonO ms with olive oil and vinegar. Top with garlic slices. season.
oven preheated t o 5000 for 7 t o 8 minutes. Hold warm.
and roast m

Fm· the "enison and sauce
2 cups Beaujolais wine
2 finely minced shallots

1 herb sachet including thyme. bay leaf. peppercorns
1 1/2 cups good venison glace or veal glace

8 3-ounce mignons of Cervena venison (cut from the Denver leg).
1-1 1/4 inch thick
salt and pepper

2 tablespoons canola oil for searing
1/4 cup sun-dried currants (reconstituted in warm water)

4 tablespoons cassis for degla:ing

1. Begin by reducing the wine. shallots. and sachet to 1/2 cup of liquid. Add

the glace and reduce by 1/2 (about 20 minutes at a mediumimmer). Skim

the sauce and strain into a bowl. Reserve.

2. Season the Cervena venison with ·alt and pepper. In a very hot saute pan,
heat the canola oil. Place the mignons in the pan and sear for about 2 to 3
minutes or till almost crusty. Tum the mignom and sear the other Ide for an
additional 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Remove from the pan to a planer and drain
any grease. Add the cassis to the pan along with the drained currants. Finally,
add the base sauce and bring to a boil. Adjust the seasoning and hold warm.

3. Reheat the -quash and poon into the center of 4 warm dinner plates. Set

2 mignons atop each bed. Slice the warm porrobellos and lay a few pieces

over each mignon. Bring the sauce back to a boil and spoon generously

over the meat. Serve very hot.

__ _-_ _-- -. ... . _. ------- --- -----_ .._--_..
... ..

c ps aD 13

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