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Ratu Sukuna Memorial School Magazine 2018

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Published by Faizan Ali, 2019-11-30 00:21:29

RSMS Magazine 2018

Ratu Sukuna Memorial School Magazine 2018

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Back Row (L-R): V. Deo, V. Prasad, S. Lavo, J. Rokomarawa, M. Delai, F. Ali, M. Kamusu, W. Bakanebo, J. Tokalau, E. Kumar, K. Prasad,
S. Jione, A. Dakuna

Middle Row (L-R): R. Mohammed, S. Hussein, P. Chand, N. Prasad, R. Reddy, S. Luvu, A. Rawace, K. Tubuna, J. Nabanivalu, S. Seruitanoa,

M. Veivuke, T. Mavi, R. Reddy, S. Kumar, A. Naidu, V. Deo, K. Devi, J. Raman

Sitting (L-R): M. Vuibeqa, R. Mudaliar, K. Vitukawalu, J. Danford, I. Vuniwaqa (Acting Vice Principal), N. Silatolu (Principal),

K. Meo (Acting Assistant Principal), V. Batiri, B. Singh, L. Kanalagi, L. Roqica, A. Davelevu

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure,
loyalty, and persistence. Colin Powell

The year 2018 has been an amazing journey having some wonderful
activities and achievements for the school.

This years “Na Kakavaki” has tried to capture as many of those
activities and achievements for students to cherish these moments for

many years to come.

The Science Department has again taken the initiative to run the
magazine committee for the school. On that note the committee would
like to thank all the contributors, stakeholders and the administration

for their support in producing this year’s school magazine.

To all Year 13 students who would be leaving the school for further
education, we wish you all the very best in your future endeavours and

we hope that your stay at Ratu Sukuna Memorial School was a
pleasant and memorable journey.

To all our readers the magazine committee would like to wish you all a
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

I thank the schools Magazine Committee in requesting me to make a contribution into this year’s
edition of the school magazine.

The Board of Governors role remains unchanged and continued to provide support and
consultation to the Principal, management and teachers so that the students receive quality
education. However, the 2018 year was marked by mixture of successes and uncertainty which
demands closer cooperation of all the school’s stakeholders. The weaknesses identified during the
year shall be shaped into opportunities to create a satisfying learning environment.

The new Government’s financial year from 01st August 2017 to 31st July 2018 affected review on
the administration of the School. The resignation of the Bursar and retirement of the stand in
Manager created a vacuum that affected management of the School’s daily activities. This was a
wakeup call for a hands on involvement of all stakeholders. It requires consolidation of effort and
particularly focusing on participatory management to better the infrastructure development the
school badly needs.

The withdrawal of part of the Free Education Grant (FEG) at the end of 2017 – 2018 financial year
was a challenge that should provide an incentive to build a firm platform upon which sustainable
improvement is achieved on the systems of management in the New Year. Additionally the
presence of two Education Officers for the better part of the year is an opportunity to improve
performance in academic competency in our students.

Another opportunity offered is the high school roll of more than 1000 students which the school
continued to enjoy through the years. The number enabled the school not only to be represented in
all school activities whether these are organized locally in the school premises, in zones or in the
national arena, it also enables receipt of better level of funding through FEG as opposed to the
earlier system of collection.

The Board of Governors would want to thank the special achievers for their remarkable
performance in the competitions they took part in. Similarly special mention is accorded to the
school choir for the successful Australian tour and the Under 16 rugby team for the successful
New Zealand tour.

Special thanks to the Old Scholars for their contribution towards modernizing the schools learning
system and the commitment they continue to show towards improving the school’s premises.

I will be amiss not to thank the parents for looking after the students by supporting the schools
activities and the Board is looking forward to working with you in a concerted effort to the general
improvement of the school.

Finally I wish to take this opportunity in wishing the students, teachers and parents for a successful
end of year programme.

May you all have an enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! It is with pleasure that I present a brief praise
report of 2018. The school was founded upon the vision and ideals of the Turaga Talai sa Bale
through the Great Council of Chiefs. However, today, the school under the controlling authority of
iTaukei Affairs Board continued with this vision of championing iTaukei education by basically
equipping iTaukei students today for tomorrow-socially, physically, mentally, culturally and
spiritually. In other words, nurturing citizens to excel in ervice through sacrifice toward the
‘Vanua,Lotu’ and ‘Matanitu’. A vision I believe emanated from Christ words “For even the son of
Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”. However,
today the shool has an open door policy to all students pursuing secondary education.

Notable achievements of 2017, were instrumental for teachers in planning and executing their core functions daily.
The curriculum ensured that our students were central to all school’s teaching and learning processes. Learning also
included exploring students’ potential in sports, culture, music, art, craft, oratories and cadet program as well as
promoting discipline, mental wellness, civic duties, values and good citizenship. Climate change and the introduction
of WASH program initiatives raised students’ awareness of good stewardship with the environment, their health and
lifestyles. All these activities were managed through the tireless commitment of our teachers who were always
willing to go the extra mile as well as forking out from their own pockets. However, amidst all these, our top priority
was seeing to improving students’ academic performance and achievements.

This year saw a huge achievement in parental involvement and participation with parents on 80% average attendance
to the Parents Teachers Interviews. This enabled the teachers to discuss with many parents the performances of their
child. Also for the first time this year the school’s Cadet Pass Out parade was staged in Albert Park, with the Minister
for Education and Attorney General – Mr. Aiyaaz Saiyed Kaiyum as Chief Guest. Our students gave an exceptional
parade befitting this grand occasion. More so, the school won the Boys division of Suva Zone 1 athletics after a
lapse of 12 years; our Under 16 rugby union team toured New Zealand’s North Island as a build up to its Under 16
Deans competition; Under19 girls volleyball team won the finals of school’s volleyball whilst the boys lost in the
finals; 3 girls netball teams participated in the national finals in Lautoka; 2 boys represented the school in Fiji Schools
Association Swimming carnival for the first time; Our students also came third in national photography competition
and 120 students went on a 2 day excursion around Viti levu as orientation for students to see national infrastructure
developments and the natural beauty of Viti Levu. Our students also came third in national photography competition.
The school was a hive for teaching and learning activities teeming with life. However, it has its fair share of
challenges in terms of infrastructure and students’ indiscipline behaviour. My office with the BOG has to work
overtime to get plans and pending works dealt directly with these students with the assistance of form teachers, the
services of a school mentor and NSAAC. Even though, indiscipline cases increased this year measures were put in
place to address this. In this regard, the support of the school Head Boy, Head Girl, the prefects’ body, form captains
and deputies must be commended for the general upkeep of students’ discipline.

At this juncture, I must commend MOE for its continuous support. More so, Mr. Vuniwaqa and Mr. Meo who acted
in the VP & AP positions respectively assisting my office; the HODs for their supervisory roles and all the teachers
for being on the ground with our students. A big vinaka vakalevu to the ancillary and the canteen ladies, PTA and
RSVO. I must acknowledge, the Board of Governors – Chairman Col. Kurusiga, members, Mr. Babakobau and Mr.
Raicola in their managerial roles in pursuit of the school’s vision, mission and motto “For Higher Things We Strive.”

Finally, I wish to thank God Almighty for His love and care – nothing of which could have been achieved without
Him. Glory be to God, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Have a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New

Mr. Napolioni Silatolu

“Let us not become weary in doing good for in due season you
will reap a harvest if you do not give up” (Galatians 6: 9)

My term as Vice Principal began in Term III, after the departure of Mr Epeli Tawake. I take this opportunity
to acknowledge him for his countless contribution to the school.
The term is usually the most critical one as we strive to organize revision strategies for our students vying
for external examinations. Level Coordinators and Heads of Departments were challenged to come up with
approaches that would best addressed our students’ needs for improvement. Revisions were maximized
during our normal day teaching scheduled in addition to the recommendation to have extra classes for Year
10. 12 and 13.

At this juncture, may I extend my sincere appreciation to the RSMS PTA for their generous contribution, in
donating the needed finance to this worthy course. The timely assistance enabled our teachers to conduct
Saturday Classes and Study Camps with much passion and vigor as the interests came from the students
themselves. We are anticipating an improved results come next year.

To be very realistic, the challenge to improve our academic standing is influenced by many factors that must
be carefully considered. Aside from the teacher’s effective contribution, a conducive learning environment
(both at home and school) coupled with students’ discipline and a positive learning attitude is vital for
academic improvement. Admittedly, most of our students are confronted with a lack of such capacities,
which in general hinders productive learning in our classrooms. Our teachers are challenged daily with
cases of students’ frequent absenteeism, late arrival, disruptive in classes, truancy, incomplete work, drug
abuse, poor behavior and parent’s non-attendance to school organized programs.
Despite all these challenges, I still perceive that the home environment should remain the ultimate place for
instilling values, discipline and positive attitude in a child. From this founding platform, one should be able
to excel in his pursuit for learning and also to conquer any obstacles that come his way. With the right
school environment and culture to nurturing such potential, learning should reach no bound.

On a positive note, the quest for change is very much realized and embraced in the minds and the hearts of
the stakeholders of the school. Events unfolding this year has paved the way to some milestone
achievements that has never been achieved in the past. They have become proven elements that has set our
hopes and dreams alive for a positive change to our school in the near future. Thus, we are streamlining all
our plans and the wise use of our resources to ensure that these changes do materialize.
In biblical terms, figure “8” means “a new beginning”, so the year 2018 relates well to this connotation, as
we reflect on our journey and the accomplishments we have achieved so far.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the School Board of Governors, the Management and the School
Administration for their invaluable support throughout the year. To the members of the staff, I do salute your
comradery and professionalism.
To the magazine committee, thank you for making this year’s edition of “Na Kakavaki” a reality.

I wish all our students and the Sukuna Family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019.


Mr. Isikeli Vuniwaqa

But now I said to them "See what trouble we are in because
Jerusalem is in ruins and its gates are destroyed. Let's rebuild the
city walls and put an end to our disgrace. "Nehemiah Chapter 2:
Verse 17.

Ni sa Bula saka!

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve as president for the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of
Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Memorial School 2018. I was elected on week 10 of Term II following the PTA
Annual General Meeting chaired by the chairman of the Board of Governors Col. Apakuki Kurusiga.

2018 has been a challenging year for us but it was through God's grace and the hardworking PTA
committee that we were able to tackle the many challenges that came our way. The PTA was
established for the purpose of providing immediate assistance to the school in terms of financial
assistance, professional advice and to contribute to the physical development of RSMS.

The management and control of the association is vested in the executive committee which I wish to
acknowledge here for their cooperation and tireless contribution. Just like the days of Nehemiah in
the Bible the walls and infrastructure of Ratu Sukuna needs to be rebuilt. The PTA has done its share
of rebuilding this year but there is still a lot of work to be done. We can find comfort from John
Heywood’s common quote: Rome wasn’t built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour.”

It is my prayer that the next PTA president and committee members who will take over next year will
continue rebuilding where we have left off. On that note I wish to thank the acting principal Napolioni
Silatolu and all the teachers as well as the old scholars and un-established staff members for all that
they have done for the school throughout the year. Also at this gesture I wish to say Vinaka vakalevu
to all parents, grandparents, family and guardians for their participation in supporting their children
in education, sports, cadet and other extra-curricular activities organized by the school.

My best wishes to the Year 13 students for their new journey next year and it is my advice to you to
acknowledge God in all your ways and He shall direct your paths.

Vinaka vakalevu to the editor and magazine committee for allowing me to contribute to Na

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Vinaka saka

PTA President

Mr. Levi Raicola

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly
you are doing the impossible”.-Francis of Assisi

A warm greeting from the Commerce Department. It is my immense
pleasure to contribute a brief message from the Commerce Department for
the academic year 2018.

The Commerce Department is made up of 5 hardworking and dedicated
teachers who were ready to take up and accept any challenge and work at
their utmost best to achieve their set targets and excellence in all aspect of
learning. Despite the busy and demanding schedules of the school terms, it
was encouraging to see the department member’s rise up to the challenges.
With academic targets to be achieved, teachers worked tirelessly throughout
in order to satisfy the requirements expected of us. The examination results
for 2017 showed a mixed outcome with the dropped in year 12 results and
improvement in Year 13 results. However the hardworking team of
Commerce Department took up the challenge to uplift the department

With the few changes to the prescription and syllabi, the members worked
tirelessly to complete their coverage in Term 2 for external exam classes.
Also teachers were highly thanked for their efforts in coordinating Money
Smart and Invest Smart.

I wish to acknowledge the commitment, sacrifice, and diligence of the
members of the department- a team of enthusiastic teachers who have
shouldered many responsibilities and strived to meet expectations of the

A special word of appreciation goes out to the Principal and the
administration team for their guidance and support throughout the year.

Finally on behalf of the Commerce Department, I wish you all a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mr. Mosese Vuibeqa

HOD Commerce

“If a child cannot learn in the WAY we teach…we must teach in the way A CHILD can
learn.” Dr Ivar Lovaas

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up. It is my pleasure to introduce
the members of the department who has toiled throughout the year to groom every child that enters
our doors to have self confidence in themselves and to never give up.

Mrs Lilymay Roqica – Home Economics Year 12, Year 10, Year 9 and Basic Science Year 9

Ms Sainimili Seruitanoa – Year 9 & 10

Mrs Prashna Prakash – Year 11, Year 10 & 9

Mrs Vaciseva Batiri – Year 13, Year 10 & 9.

I would like to acknowledge the outgoing head of department, Mrs. Cilia Bari who has resigned
for greener pastures in Term 1 for the excellent work carried out throughout her tenure at the
school. It has been a worthwhile challenge working with students of different abilities and with the
scarce resources available, the department managed to teach these students in the way they should
The department supports the MOE’s mission for our young people to realize and
appreciate fully their inheritance and potential in contributing to sustainable development
of our nation.

I am confident with the caliber of my department staffs, all students are empowered to develop
the values, knowledge, and competencies to live full and satisfying lives. Students learn how
critical and reflective thinking about current social issues contributes to informed choices about
food and nutrition and enables optimum health.

The department strives to achieve our academic goals this year in achieving a 100 percent pass for
all levels.
I wish to thank the principal, administrators and members of the staff for your contributions
and understanding towards the department activities and the usage of the rooms.

To all department members, Mrs. Roqica, Miss Seruitanoa and Mrs. Prakash, thank you for all
your sacrifices, effort and team work shown throughout 2018.

To all our external exam students, the department wishes you the very best of
success in your exams. May you all have an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas
and a prosperous 2019.

Mrs. Vaciseva Batiri

HOD Home Ec.

The Language Department again begins this academic year with the vision, “To continue to pursue
excellence in all academic engagements”.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.
Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” Colin Powell

This exciting academic year began with two new inclusions: Miss Kirtika Devi, from Korovuto
College and Mrs. Vikashni Prasad from Dilkusha Methodist High School. The department was
faced with numerous challenges as it attempted to engage the students with syllabus coverage and
extracurricular activities. To accommodate the academic needs of the growing student population
proved to be a challenge, however, the joined efforts, enthusiasm, persistence and commitment of
the department staff, the department goals were fulfilled.

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to the Years 12 and 13 teachers of the department for
their tireless efforts in monitoring and producing English and I Taukei projects for Moderation this
year. I also wish to acknowledge the efforts of the teachers who were engaged in extra classes,
Saturday classes and night classes for those who were part of the Study Camp for Years 12 and 13.
Despite the challenges faced by the Department in Term 3, I will be forever indebted to the
teachers who cooperated and worked as a team.
I sincerely salute my colleagues – a team of young, enthusiastic, dedicated and devoted teachers
who work tirelessly and sacrifice willingly for the students, the department and the school. Special
acknowledgement of the trainee teacher, Murivanua Semainaliwa for assisting the Department. I
am optimistic that with God’s guidance the department will continue meeting expectations.

Last but not the least, I wish to convey my gratitude to the School Administration for its
continuous support to the Department, especially accommodating all its needs and requests to
ensure that enhanced classroom teaching and learning is attained and maintained.
To the students of RSMS, ‘if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours
to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours’
(Henry David Thoreau)

Mrs. Losalini Kanalagi


Having such a feeling, the department embarked on the 2018 academic journey
with the vision of empowering the young minds of RSMS by nurturing the wealth
of knowledge in areas of complexity within the intricate web of mathematics.

In the classroom, students were encouraged to prepare themselves in tackling major exams with confidence,
healthy and a capable mind to excel without a reasonable doubt in attaining a compatible pass to be in par with
high performing institutions.

Our department members have been working out strategies to enable students to coordinate and equally divide
their matter into the addition and the multiplying of numerals to a higher level of application. Not only so, but
also to improve the results of the department.

There were challenges within and without and I thank the members for rising up and tackling them as a team
in a coordinated way. Thank you for the commitment, sacrifice, and being diligent. Thanks to Mrs. Vinita
Deo, former HOD, for the work done last year culminating to an improved result (department) compared to

The department also wishes to thank the school administration for its continued support.

Last but not the least, the academic year was a worthwhile learning reckoning
the famous quote by Rabindranath Tagore, “The highest education is that
which does not merely give information, but makes our life in harmony with
all existence.”

Mr. Aporosa Davelevu

HOD Maths

“Science is simply common sense at its

Thomas Huxley

It is indeed very overwhelming to contribute to “Kakavaki” 2018-----
First, of all I wish to congratulate the department for achieving quality results in 2017 external
The department of science is made up of seven member team who are very hardworking, energetic and
committed. The teachers have gone an extra mile to improve the capacity of learning of all science
subjects under our care in an effort to instill more quality, in depth knowledge and understanding.
Apart from normal teaching teachers have also taken holiday classes, afternoon, night camp and extra
classes to engage and assist students in their learning. Assessment tools such as short test, worksheets,
quizzes and term end exam were used throughout the year to ensure department targets was met.
Science students also participated in poster designing competition on the theme Climate change during
Science Week scheduled in Term One Week 6.

The department takes this opportunity to thank the teaching staff, the school administration and
management, parents, students and other stakeholders who contributed in any way towards
smooth operation of the department during the year.

Finally, I wish to extend my best wishes to all the exam
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs. Bhawna Singh
HOD Science

Be shepherds of Gods flock that is under your care, serving as overseers-not
because you must but because you are willing as God wants you to be, not greedy
for money but eager to serve, not lording it over those entrusted to you but being
examples to the flock. 1 PETER5:2

The Department comprises of 10 hardworking teachers who are experts and love teaching these subjects. There
are a total of 744 students who take our various subjects from Social Science in the lower forms to History and
Geography in the upper forms.
The Department members and students took part in a lot of activities throughout the year with our Successful
Department Week, The Ratu Sukuna Day Celebration, The Commonwealth Association of Museum Visit, the
Cadet Pass out Parade, the successful two day field trip around Viti Levu and other extracurricular activities
organized by the school. The Arts students and teachers are always at the forefront of these activities
showcasing their God given talents and are always eager to help out.

The improvements plans that the department designs has been/and some yet to be
fulfilled and I believe that the results for this year will speak volume of these
tremendous hard work by the students and the department teachers. As Social
Scientists our duty as academics is not only limited to the academic results at the end
of the year but to create general awareness to the challenges throughout today’s
society which means that our work is more urgently needed than ever. Issues such as
environmental change, poverty, cybercrime, economic and political turmoil,
inequality, the movement of people and social development require a global response
and we are bringing this home and driving it to our students that they can be positive
agents of change. This is lifelong education and the practical aspect of our subjects.
This is down to the hard work and support of all department members – support staff, trainee teachers,
students, friends and colleagues both inside and outside the department – and I would like to thank them
collectively for everything that they contribute. I would especially like to acknowledge our trainee teachers
from both universities as we had practical teachers throughout the year which is a positive sign that our
Department is marketable with friendly teachers who are always accommodative and willing to help our
future teachers. To our students we wish you nothing but the best for your future and may you all pass

with flying colours. To our Year 12 and 13 who will be leaving us at the end of the year,
we hope that you will excel wherever God has placed you and be positive agents of
change. Be humble always and God will lift you.
A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to You all and May God Bless
our beloved school always.

Mrs. Kuini Vitukawalu

H.O.D Social Science

Isaiah 40:8 the grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Firstly, Praise the lord for his provision and blessings throughout season 2018.

I wish to thank the school Administrations, Principal and his office for their assistance and
support during this challenging 3 terms. I am so blessed to be part of a hardworking,
energetic technical team that never say no to anything but have one Mind and Heart to serve
with passion. The computer specialist joined the department this season and has brought in a
lot of vigour to be part of this amiable challenging process in developing both long and short
term plans for the future development of our technical students, hoping that these technical
students will be the driving backbone and platform of our re-structured TEST curriculum and
workforce in this new technology era.

2017 External analysis outcome was a bench mark for 2018 with the following pass rate; Y10
BT – 56.9% / Y10 AG SC – 14.2%/ Y12AT – 100%, Y12TD – 97%/Y13 IT – 100% and
finally Y13 AG-90%, therefore I wish to applaud and commend the hardworking colleagues
for their contribution and continuous commitment. Our main development projects for all
levels was focussed on renovation or improving all technical labs which will be within 3-5
years duration, therefore, at the end of term 2, with the great assistance from the
Administration, we manage to complete our new AUTO CAD LAB that was in a pipe-line
for number of years since 2000.Moderation 2018 was very successfully for the three
specified fields which is a great example of a great team effort and smart teamwork under
pressure. For all exam students, Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me, your hard work will be paid off accordingly and hope that all stay safe ,
enjoy your 7 weeks break and see you soon in 2019.

for getting this done…GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Finally, lets joined hands together to praise
the Lord for His provision, blessings, healings and wisdom to endure and hoping for
greatness and excellence at the end of 2018 and dawning of 2019….Have a blessed holidays

Mr. Kolinio Meo

Miss T. Finau Mrs K. Nawaciono

Mrs A. Misiki Mrs V. Nunitoga

Mr S. Biaukula Mr K. Archie

Mrs M. Delaitamana

Mrs R. Sevuta Mr M. Togamalo Mr I. Marokete

Greetings to all parents, teachers, guardians, stakeholders and old scholars

First of all, I would like to thank the Almighty Lord for his blessings and guidance that enabled
me to successfully run my responsibilities as the head of the student body this year. Being
selected as the head boy of such a prestigious institution is an honor and something that I will
cherish forever. The responsibilities handed over to me was very challenging and at times I
faced a lot of hardships however with the support of my parents, teachers, and the student
prefects I was able to carry out the tasks diligently.

On the same note, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all the senior and junior
prefects of the school especially to the Head Girl Marie Claire McGoon for continuously
supporting me and helping ease some of the work load that I was assigned. I would also like to
thank the Vice Principal Mr. Isikeli Vuniwaqa for his motivational advice and molding the
prefect body into great leaders throughout the year.

To all my fellow form mates of Year 13 02, the long journey that we set out for since we joined
Year 9 at Ratu Sukuna Memorial School is almost at wrap and I am very grateful to have made
friends who I call family now. To all Year 13 students and school leavers, as one journey comes
to an end another journey is about to start. My advice to you is to be dedicated and hard working
in whatever future endeavors that you will undertake. Together we can help take our beloved
country of Fiji to greater heights and possibilities.

To all my fellow teachers of the school, Vinaka Vakalevu for your dedicated service to the

school. We are humbled to have been your students and we have the utmost respect for all your

efforts in improving the performance of the school students. But, most of all thank you for

having the confidence in me and choosing me to be the Head Boy of Ratu Sukuna Memorial

School. Finally, let’s take off our hats for the Year 2018, for

all the hard yards and achievements. My sincerest

apology to any one that may have been offended by

my words or actions. Thank you all for your support

and I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and

an exciting 2019.


Ni Sa Bula Saka

Warm Greeting to all parents, Guardians, old scholars, members of the board of governors, our
teachers and my fellow brothers and sisters.

First of all, I would like to thank the lord for giving me wisdom, knowledge and also for his
guidance throughout the year. It has been a great honor and privilege to be elected as the Head
Girl of this school. Being a student leader, maintaining discipline and being chosen to lead over
more than 1000 students was not an easy task but it was a great challenge. I am mostly grateful
to God who has been the main source of strength this year.

Furthermore, this year has been a lot of commitment and hard work for everyone especially the
teachers and prefects in trying to maintain the discipline and molding students to become better
citizens of tomorrow. Therefore my sincere gratitude to the teachers and the student body to the
Head Boy Samuela Togamalo, the deputy Head Boy Aisake Vulaono and Mesake Matakibau
and the two deputy Head Girls, Amelia Sivo and Melea Racagalala, the house captains and the
school prefects for their cooperation and support for without them I would not have conducted
my duty well.

In addition, my appreciation also goes out to all the parents for their love and support and
especially to those students who will be sitting for their external examination.

To all Year 13’s of 2018. I am so fortunate to have you as friends and forever grateful for your
love and support. You have made this year a very memorable one and I will cherish those
beautiful moments that we have had for many years to come. I am confident that you have tried
your best and are ready to leave this school accomplishing your dreams.

To all my teachers, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for your guidance and the
never ending support that you have provided to the students of Ratu Sukuna Memorial School. I
hope you continue your hard work and ongoing dedication towards improving the quality of
education in our school.

May God Bless our School and I wish all members of the Sukuna Family a Merry Christmas
and a Prosperous 2019.


Standing (L-R) – Ratu.I, Pio.L, Luke.V, Esira.W, Jekope.S, Serevi.N, Taiki.C, Aminio.S, Josefa.K, Sitiveni.T, Ratu.N,
Raymond.S, Mataitalo.S, Aminio.M, Serupepeli.C, Nacanieli.N (Form Captain), Aminiasi.M, Tevita.S,

Middle Row (L-R) – Apisalomebale.B, Asaeli.R, Ratu.W, Vereimi.R, Jad.D, Mosese.B, Florence.T, Karalaini.B,
Livema.S, Kelera.V, Miriama.R, Alifereti.T, Josefa.J, Vito.B, Jonasa.S, Mark.W, Anare.Q

Front Row (L-R) – Soko.S, Lavenia.L, Esita.K, Amelia.S, Nanise.K, Laijipa.S, Mrs Ashley Kumar, Mr Edwin Kumar,
Adi.R (Form Captain), Mere. F, Ulamila.J, Makareta.Q,Vasitia.D, Merewairita.M

Standing (L-R) – Isei.S, Lemeki.D, Akuila.V, Peni.M, Peni.V, Apimeleki.S, Kelemedi.D, Pio.R, Allen.O, Josese.C,
Tuilpma.Y, Laisias.Q, Iliesa.B, Anasa.N, Elia.L, Vilisoni.R, Jekope.P, Jone.S

Middle Row (L-R) – Mr Uraia Vueti, Tevita.C, Jeremaiah.W, Caleb.J, Wainise.T, Ilisapeci.K, Akesa.T, Joana.V, Ilisapeci.T,
Sainimili.B, Mere.T, Tiko.L, Senicuvaga.L, Atelaite.L, Ana.L, Marica.L, Seruwaia.R, Iowane.D,
Kahana.G, Mrs Josivini Nabanivalu

Front Row (L-R) – Livia.S, Losana.R, Vasiti.R, Timaima.N, Litia.B (Form Captain), Laisenia.F (Form Captain), Latu.C,
Radini.M, Sulueti.A, Losalini.T, Alisi.R, Sera.V

Standing (L-R) - Vereniki.T, Peni.T, Tevita.D, Waisale.M, Barry.V, Josefa.B, Tevita.R, Sitiveni.N, Savenaca.L, Suliasi.N,
Mosese.D, Ifereimi.V, Maleli.R

Middle Row (L-R) - Veremalua.W, Mitieli.M, Yaminiasi.G, Douglas.S, Tupou.W, Joji.B, Fabiano.T, Ilisoni.K, Tevita.R,
Aisake.T, Jone.D, Sanaila.R, Mikaele.T

Front Row (L-R) - Timaima.D, Mereoni.T, Naomi.K, Asenaca.R, Asinate.V, Makarita.C (Form Captain), Mr Faizan Ali
(Form Teacher), Neori.B (Form Captain), Amelia.W, Elenani.T, Ulamila.D, Susana.L

Standing (L-R) – Varnisese.W, Maikeli.K, Taitusi.J, Gideon.L, Gabriel.R, Ravuama.B, Nathan.D, Joni.T, Tevita.S,
Sitiveni.N, Tomasi.B, Jekope.V, Emosi.S, Ratu.L, Ilisapeci.B

Middle Row (L-R) – Mrs Jane Danford, Arieta.T, Ratu.C, Volailoma.C, Pauliasi.V, Varinava.T, Peni.G, Vilikesa, Amena.V,
Allen.S, Jonacani.R, Sabino.I, Jovilisi.R, Alipate, Savenaca.K, George.R, Susana.R, Mrs Shazia

Front Row (L-R) – Jone.B, Vaseva.V, Finau.R, Asi.T, Vilimaina.S, Ratu.R (Form Captain), Asupa.B (Form Captain),
Lydia.U, Evia.R, Adi.D, Litiana.R, Ateca.W, Sainiana.A

Standing (L-R) – Silina.T, Ratu.V, William.L, Ratu.N, Watisoni.R, Luke.S, Alipate.W, Solomoni.C, Jioji.C, Melivai.V,
Joseva.C, Lasike.N, Vilimoni.N, Naibuka.R, Laijipa.G

Middle Row (L-R) – Mrs Akosita Rawace, Asenaca.T, Vasiti.N, Patrina.F, Sereima.B, Maata.V, Jokapeci.C,
Taraivini.S, Maria.T, Reapi.V, Alisi.V, Joana.R, Penina.B, Avieta.N, Mr Marika Delai

Front Row (L-R) – Tom.D, Piliti.K, Enele.T, William.T, Lusiana.V, Andy.N, Lusia.L, Emasi.S, Manoa.T, Akuila.T,
Jiuta.T, Mosese.B

Standing (L-R) – Sera.R, Esala.R, Savenaca.W, Vereti.K, Colene.L, Eroni.S, Simeli.V, Mosese.T, Mesese.C, Josua.W,
Akuila.R, Silivenusi.K, Pita.C, Rachael.M, Litia.T

Middle Row (L-R) – Emele.T, Lai.B, Naisa.N, Josua.G, Manasa.R, Eparama.D, Taniela.T, Maciu.S, Teingira.T,
Semiti.R, Samuela, Maciu.R, Sovaia.L, Maraia.R

Front Row (L-R) – Ulamila.N, Sovaia.L, Ana.S, Elenoa.T, Mrs Shreta Kumar, Niumaia.B (Form Captain), Mrs Sainimili
Seruitanoa, Titilia.J, Veniana.N, Sesenieli.B, Makareta.R, Eseta.T

Standing (L-R) – Livai.N, Livai.S, Isaac.C, Iowane.S, Solomone.M, Josua.M, Tevita.W, Kinijoji.B,
Manasa.B, Waisale.B, Avakuki.R, Atunaisa.V

Middle Row (L-R) – Tevita.R, Jekope.R, Sira.N, Inise.R, Virisila.L, Asenaca.K, Kesaia.M, Matelita.N,
Roseta.T, Wainikiti.N, Vilisi.M, Mosese.V, Sekope.C

Front Row (L-R) – Sereana.T, Vilisi.M, Ana.N, Akosita.R, Leba.S, Savenaca.K (Form Captain), Mr
Jone Tokelau (Form Teacher), Mrs Vaseva Saulekaleka (Form Teacher), Mr
Amini.T, Emele.V (Form Captain), Lavenia.B, Alumita.S, Katarina.V, Marica.B

Standing (L-R) – Ratu.T, Joji.J, Rafaele.R, Viliame.R, Saiyasi.K, Jone.N, Isikeli.L, Epeli.K, Maikeli.L,
Anare.T, Waisale.R, Samisoni.R, Naisa.W

Middle Row (L-R) – Taniela.T, Navitalai.L, Tevita.N, Waisea.T, Sainimere.B, Emi.B, Makalesi.T,
Veitacini.K, Alena.S, Aminia.N, Varasiko.N, Savenaca.R, Sikeli.S

Front Row (L-R) – Lilly.C, Mereoni.C, Katalaini.V, Ana.N, Susana.V, Viliame.N, Mrs Prashna
Prakash, Akeneta.L, Lemaira.L, Adimatanasiga.S, Salanieta.R, Elaisa.W, Kitty.T

Standing (L-R) – Josua.N, Eremasi.S, Taito.Y, Netani.V, Laiakini.R, Kiniviliame.S, Sebastian.T, Maciu.S,
Jimilai.K, Jekesoni.K, Tom.T, Alivereti.C

Middle Row (L-R) – Sakaraia.N, Kameli.V, Taniela.M, Navitalai.R, Baciseva.T, Filiti.V, Kasanita.M,
Maraia.D, Helen.T, Epineri.V, Setareki.K, Seveci.K, Ratu.W

Front Row (L-R) – Salote.S, Camari.K, Mere.G, Akanisi.V, Losalini.L, Makitalena.R (Form Captain).
Mrs Roshni Reddy, Mrs Losalini Salusalumarama, Bula.R (Form Captain), Fulori.M,
Salanieta.L, Marica.T, Adisenirewa.K

Standing (L-R) – Waisea.N, Eroni.R, Feremo.C, Kelei.W, Paula.M, Jale.M, Mataiasi.R, Jone.M,
Terry.O, Simiona.O, Joji.B

Middle Row (L-R) – Torika.F, Misaele.C, Tevita.L, Judah.W, Meresiana.L, Tavaita.T, Teraka.N,
Emosi.T, Eseroma.B, Ulamila.M

Front Row (L-R) – Vilisite.M, Sera.S, Mili.C, Matelita.R,Saliceni.R (Form Captain). Mr Mesake
Kamusu, Taina.N (Form Captain), Lutu.N, Viema.T, Kathleen.D, Litiana.N

Standing (L-R) – Kini.R, Josaia.R, Petero.K, Etika.S, Saimoni.R, Emori.T, Apisai.N, Jekesoni.L,
Saimoni.M, Maciu.N, Esala.T

Middle Row (L-R) – Unaisi.N, Esita.T, Jone.L, Damian.M, Elenani.T, Naomi.T, Malika.B, Eloni.S,
Kalaveti.M, Isei.R, Melania.M, Amelia.R

Front Row (L-R) – Nanise.R, Lucy.K, Alumita.M, Maria.V,Eliki.N (Form Captain), Mrs Vikashni Deo,
Mrs Salanieta Lavo, Ivamere.N (Form Captain), Laisani.M, Talei.R, Leilofiona.D

Standing (L-R) – Solomoni.N, Usaia.K, Kaminieli.B, Silimaibau.V, David.V, Joseph.L, Suliano.S,
Taniela.R, Osea.K, Joseva.S, Mosese.N

Middle Row (L-R) – Jale.S, Varauni.M, Rusiate.V, Leanaitasi.S, Seniwaite.G, Adi.D, Vika.S,
Jokaveti.W, Sulita.Y, Salanieta.L, Samuela.W, Josefa.V, Vaetolo.V

Front Row (L-R) – Sera.M, Soukula.G, Koini.Y, Mere.Q, Mikari.T, Kemueli.V (Form Captain), Mr
Suliano Jione, Miss Yalani Dakuna, Annie.N, Emele.S, Elenoa.T, Elizabeth.F,
Aroita.B (Form Captain)

Standing (L-R) – Josefa.K, Solomone.N, Maika.R, Eroni.S, Bulukata.N, Marika.T, Penioni.N, Lorima.W, Tevita.C,
Peniasi.T, Jonathan.T, Vatili.W

Middle Row (L-R) – Aisake.D, Sovia.Q, Rosebella.L, Sera.B, Losena.S, Setaita.C, Selai.A, Mereseini.B, Timoci.L

Front Row (L-R) – Liku.K, Sera.T, Mereseini.L (Form Captain), Mrs Kuini Vitukawalu,Jeremaia.B (Form
Captain), Dorathy.C, Iloi.D, Meredani.T

Standing (L-R) –Rafaele.M, Taniela.S, Sitiveni.S, Jeremiah.S, Levi.N, Josaia.N, R/Mikaele.R, Aisake.V, Aisea.Q

Middle Row (L-R) – Phyllis.A, Nina.R, Setaita.S, Atelaite.M, Josefa.G, Lasarusa.K, Naibuka.G, Livai.S, Litiela.L,
Veronica.S, Mareca.S

Front Row (L-R) –Tokasa.N, Josiviu.N, Visili.S, Lavenia.N, Mr.Aporosa Davulevu, Simione.T (Form Captain),
Mere.S, Takesa.R, Fiona.C, Koini.R

Standing (L-R) – Kevueli.N, Seinitiki.B, Semi.B, John.F, Lainatasi.Q, Hubert.V, Inoke.V, Metuisela.S, Rusiate.L,
Jone.V, Lepani.J

Middle Row (L-R) – Luse.F, Sharon.T, Mereoni.R, Merelita.R, Laisa.D, Tuliana.V, Elina.T, Meline.L, Asilika.C,
Viniana.C, Adikalo.N

Front Row (L-R) – Koleta.M, Claire.V, Losalini.F, Lusia.D (Form Captain), Mrs Roshni Reddy, Miss Sivoki Luvu,
Varasiko.S (Form Captain), Lydia.S, Cathy.S, Iliseva.R

Standing (L-R) – Seci.B, Tebeo.B, Sakaraia.W, Josaia.R, Eremasi.W, Penisimani.K, Ifereimi.B, Taniela.W,
Rupeni.R, Sisa.R, Josaia.N, Ilaitia.K, Alapi.H

Middle Row (L-R) – Seraseini.S, Kehala.G, Gade.W, Litiana.N, Yana.C, Poasa.S, Henry.N, Pita.T, Simeli.B,
Sandy.R, Elina.V, Josivini.M, Ulamila.R

Front Row (L-R) – Joana.N, Aseri.S, Seremana.S, Minal.D, Apimeleki.S (Form Captain), Mrs Talei Mavi,
Mrs Neelam Prasad, Rosie.Q (Form Captain), Ana.M, Anitiveta.R, Taraivosa.R, Mere.J

Standing (L-R) – Mosese.T, Vereniki.K, Terry.T, Nimilote.L, Josese.T, Samuela.L, Aisake.V, Paula.L, John.W,
Amasai.N, Anitelu.M

Middle Row (L-R) – Akuila.D, Dario.B, Joe.T, Anare.S, Waisale.T, Iosefo.S, Anare.N, Malakai.L, Senivalati.Q

Front Row (L-R) – Kaiava.U, Aisea.S, Sireli.T, Sairusi.K, Mrs. Kotoiwasawasa, Miss Mudaliar (Form Teacher),
Litiana.R, Elesi.C, Vanessa.L, Makareta.N

Standing (L-R) – Seretaki.S, Sulueti.T, Asena.T, Unaisi.C, Mereoni.B, Kasanita.B, Laisa.w,
Filomena.S, Seruwaia.V, Olivia.V, Maraia.R, Marica.K, Latileta.N, Serasein.V,
Maca.T, Josaia.L

Front Row (L-R) – Amenatapi.M, Saravina.B, Bill.N, Tokasa.M, Samisoni.C, Verenaisi.M, Mrs
Rozia.Mohammed, Waisake.R, Waitaiti..L, Ledua.R, Melania.R, Ravavou.J,

Standing (L-R) – Sekove.B, Kaleveti.T, Cama.L, Patemosi.N, Manoa.T, Josifiliti.l, Eparama.N,
Josua.L, John.N, Tevita.C, Rusiate.R, Peni.d, Iliesa.T, Nacanieli.Y

Middle Row (L-R) – Eseta.B, Wakesa.T, Kinisimere.T, Seruwaia.R, Nanise.N, Elina.W, Vuli.R,
Liana.R, Marica.P, Joana.V, Mensah.R, Lusiana.B, Mere.S

Front Row (L-R) – Emily.R, Salanieta.R, Meresiana.S, Akeneta.M, Veniana.T, Mrs.Vikashni Prasad,
Osea.B (Form Captain), Mr.Vereniki Waqanivalu, Talica.Q, Veitacini.K,
Anareta.V, Mereia.R

Standing (L-R) – Paras.C, Nemani.B, Mesake.M, Jimilai.K, Nemani.T, Eparama.T, Atama.N,
Tevita.M, Peni.M, Lemeki.K

Middle Row (L-R) – Rositalei.M, Viniana.R, Unaisi.N, Nemani.S, Una.S, Baleiono.L, Luse.S

Front Row (L-R) – Ivamere.W, Susana.R, Roweena.D, Mrs Jotika Raman, Mr Mosese Vuibeqa,
Luisa.V, Miriama.Q, Unaisi.T

Standing (L-R) – Manasa.K, Nemani.B, Robert.R, Masimino.B, Amani.B, Jale.C, Maikali.R,
John.S, Joseva.S, John.N, Esaroma.R

Middle Row (L-R) – Tabuarerei.T, Alanieta.N, Rejeli.N, Litiana.D, Melea.R, Alumita.S,
Karalaini.W, Rejeli.J, Atee.B, Setaita.F

Front Row (L-R) – Daiana.K, Mereseini.N, Miliakere.R, Unaisi.K, Mrs Priya Chand, Mrs Kathy
Tubuna, Talei.B, Elesi.V, Josifini.T, Matelita.T

Standing (L-R) – Anare.N, Uate.S, Joseph.V, Metui.M, Petaia.N, Waisale.B, Ilaisa.R, Saimone.Q,
Josese.B, Isimeli.N, Tuikilakila.S, Peter.R, Jerry.O

Middle Row (L-R) – Malakai.L, Marika.N, Josua.M, Ulaiasi.N, Navolioni.N, Sitiveni.U,
Sakiusa.W, Jone.G, John.C, Amania.N, Josaia.R, Josevata.M, Vereimi.R

Front Row (L-R) – Moli.Q, Theresa.K, Yvonne.L, Mrs Litia Rabuku, Mr Josefa Rokomarawa,
Analisa.S (Form Captain), Apikali.S, Nanise.V, Karalaini.Q

Miriama.V Leba.R

Mrs V. Batiri Sokoveti.N

Sainimere.T Samantha.M

Siteri.V Mariana.R

Karalaini.N Mary.B

Elenoa.R Elenoa.M

Lagilagi.T Sanimili.V

Nanise.R Aluesi.V

Aisake.V Aminio.C

Iosefo.T Mosese.D

Salesi.T Tunidau.R

Leo.C Tomasi.B

Apolosi.M Rafaele.M

Pelasio.M Tevita.D

Manoa.T Samuela.T

Jonasa.L Sefanaia.R


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