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NuFFooDS Spectrum November 2021

For the majority of inhabitants of our blue planet ‘Food is Life’. Yet, the consensus is increasingly turning into ‘Life is Food’. Surely the days of unpredictable ‘nature’ are behind us, with advancements in technology and our increased understanding about almost everything under the sun. With such an evolution, our tastes and preferences of food were bound to change as well. A clear leaning towards compassion towards animals and the ecosystem has seen a major acceptance in the western countries, evidenced by their foregoing animal meats partially or totally. India, on the other hand, always had a compassionate outlook towards all creatures, notwithstanding the many post-independence decades that pushed an incremental surge towards non-vegetarianism. Fortunately there has been a revolution of sorts to ‘spare the animal for our taste buds’, albeit in recent years. Here’s where plant-based meats come into play. Let’s explore the exciting world of cruelty-free meats.
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