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Practical Keys for Personal Development

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7 Keys to Success

Practical Keys for Personal Development

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Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

I sincerely thank you for your support.

“I make no claims on future successes only that I am
willing to do the work it takes to achieve what I desire in
life and I’m committed to accomplishing the goals I set
for myself.”

KeJohnna Owens

“Alone we can do so little2; together we can do so

~Helen Keller

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

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Seven Keys to SUCCESS


Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Table of Contents

Introduction: ........................................10
Key to Success #1: ................................16

Start Now..........................................16
Key to Success #2:............................... 24

Use What You’ve Got....................... 24
Key to Success #3:............................... 42

Control What You Know ................. 42
Key to Success #4:............................... 50

Complete What You Start................ 50
Key to Success #5:............................... 58

Execution......................................... 58
Key to Success #6:............................... 66

Share Your Success.......................... 66
Key to Success #7:................................72

Stand for Something.........................72
Epilogue .............................................. 78
About the Author ................................ 80


Seven Keys to SUCCESS


By Johnny “Macknificent” Mack
How often do you encounter someone
That is both Coachable and Teachable? I met
Mr. KeJohnna Owens over ten years ago. He
was poised and positioning himself for success.
I had just completed my first book and was at
an event he also attended. We struck up a
conversation and exchanged information. In
that he appeared confident and in control, I


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
thought little of pouring into him or offering

Interestingly enough he reached out to
me and we connected from time to time. About
that time social media was becoming a part of
our cultural landscape. An individual reached
out to me after seeing my positive posting on
Facebook and asked me to be in a collaborative
book he was producing. I agreed and low and
behold KeJohnna was also asked to participate.

I ended up editing that collaboration and
KeJohnna and I began to attend Book
Launches and Signings together. We became
friends and I began mentoring him for his next


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
level up. I introduced him to the Auto Sales
Industry and he soon EXPLODED, becoming a
top salesperson. Over the next few years I
coached and mentored him to extraordinary
levels of success and growth.

Remember, I mentioned that being
Teachable and Coachable were Key
components for Success? Those are
characteristics that KeJohnna possessed and
cultivated. This book is a result of his being
ready to receive as well as give. Over the years
I have watched as KeJohnna has zeroed in on
establishing a Brand, Building a Business and
being passionate about reaching back and


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
helping others. When he told me, he was
writing a book to share the success principles
he had learned over the years I was both
excited and delighted for him.

It’s not every day that you see someone
overcome odds of their own making.
KeJohnna experienced hardship and difficulty
and yet bounced back to be able to open the
doors of his own incarceration and not only
free himself but others as well. Use each of
these Keys and watch the doors to your own
SUCCESS become open to you!

Johnny “Macknificent” Mack



Seven Keys to SUCCESS


If I can do it, there is no excuse for anyone not
being able to. I was set up for success from the
very beginning, as an only child I had
everything. Beautiful home, two-parent family,
great schools and a gene pool that made me an
incredible specimen of a man. Yet I made some
very dumb choices, that almost destroyed life.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS

When I was five years old my grandfather
boldly pronounced me as “THE Key Man”. My
name is KeJohnna, so a short version may have
been appropriate, but it had to be an
empowering version of what my grandfather
saw in me even at such a young age. He said
that from that point forward, I would be the
very best at whatever I decided to do in life to
include, even if I worked at the dump. If I
worked at the dump, he said that I’d be the
Dump Master and it went on from there…
Sports, education, anything I set my mind to do
I would be the best. Unfortunately, it took me
many years and many tears to finally discover
my WHY in what to apply such an anointing to.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
The philosophy of what being THE Key
Man meant produced a high level of confidence
that whatever I put my work ethic towards
would be successful. This book is not meant to
be a scholarly discourse on business or even
success. Instead it’s meant to be a roadmap
that anyone can use to find success for if you're
looking for it in life.
Success is a process, the relentless
pursuit of a worthwhile goal. If you are seeking
success in any way shape, form or fashion these
7 Keys to Success are a simple strategic
blueprint and default roadmap to achieving it


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
with a committed work ethic and a never quit

Use the open pages between each chapter
to write notes, your personal takeaways or
thoughts that may strike you in some way or
another on the subject matter of the chapter.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Key to Success #1:

Start Now

The “S” in SUCCESS stands
for Start Now. I learned
early on that the start, is what
creates the finish. All too many people have
dreams goals and desires, yet they never get
started. There's always tomorrow yet tomorrow
never comes. Our dreams, New Year's


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
resolutions, and all the other goals that are
written and or thought about, many times
never manifest. The lack of manifestation is
purely a result of the hesitation to begin toward
the finalization.

To start now, means to begin even when
it seems everything is not lined up properly or
perfectly. All too often excuses, like the money
is not right, the people are not in place, the
support etc. etc. etc. all are reasons for not
beginning. And are the reasons you never win.
Just get started!

God has already given us everything we
need to succeed, in reality we want for nothing.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
The problem is Perfection. You see perfection
is an impossibility, yet everyone strives for it.
Striving for perfection is a never-ending quest
that is unable to be achieved.

The “It’s got to be perfect” syndrome is
what causes most of us to stay stuck and not
move forward, toward an avenue of excellence.
We use convenient excuses like, I'm not ready
yet, I don't know enough, I don’t have the
connections, I don’t have the finances, or any
number of very real reasons to fail as excuses
not to get started. We become timid about
starting out, about reaching toward the vision
that has been birthed on the inside of us. The


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
all too popular THEY or THEM becomes the
reason that we don't begin. THEY keep most
of THEM from winning. Those are the very
reasons most of THEM use to not get started
in the first place. YOU are different, YOU have
what it takes because YOU have what it takes.
The question is how come THEY have so much
power in YOUR life. It is unhealthy to give
someone else that much power over your

Without a vision the people perish.

Success leaves clues. Follow the
blueprint. It's not about looking for new ways
to win. It's looking at the different trends and


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
the different wheels to get it rolling. There are
many different versions of victory available to
choose from. Many of us feel that we must have
a certain set of wheels turning in a certain way
in order for us to start the process of owning
our own way to win. That could not be farther
from the truth. The key is to know what you
want to do, figure out how to do it, and find out
who's doing it, and connect with someone who
is doing it at the level you would like to do it.

Tomorrow is a day that doesn't exist. Yet
many of us look for tomorrow and use it as an
excuse not to begin today. Tomorrow will never
manifest, today must be a continual work in


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
progress. We must design the outfits today that
we want to wear evert day. The caveat is that if
we don't design what we want to wear,
someone else will. We may not like or
appreciate the outfit they design for us.

They may want us to wear different
shoes, they want us to wear their uniform. No,
those shoes, and that uniform dictates what we
do, when we go and how we appear was for
them. Stop letting someone else make the
decisions for what you when you can choose
your own outfit. If the outfit doesn't exist, make
it. The key is to get started. Not only get started
but get started now. Too many lives have been


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
lost and not leveraged because the decision to
begin on the vision was never made. Instead we
find ourselves waiting. Waiting for the next
opportunity, waiting for the perfect
opportunity, just waiting. The only thing we
gain by waiting is more weight. It’s time to win
the waiting game and JUST GET STARTED!


Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Key to Success #2:

Use What You’ve Got

The “U” in SUCCESS stands
for Use What You’ve Got.
Getting started is just the first
step. One. of the major reasons people use for
not getting started, is that they don't think they
have what it takes. The age-old adage of using
what's in your hand is very appropriate here.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
We called my grandfather “Popo” and
Popo would say “use what you got, begin with
what you have”. That literally means that you
can start even if you have nothing. Maybe you
have no business cards, no materials, none of
the trappings and necessary items that you
think are required to successfully build a
But you’ve got to start, so use what you've
got, that may be your passion, that may be your
drive, which may be you just saying to yourself
“I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired”.
Sometimes the intangibles are more tangible


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
than cash or the other trappings that have
people trapped into insignificance.

In 2012 I wanted to attend a conference
that I had no money to attend. It was my desire
to go to the FraserNet Power Networking
Conference in Dallas Texas hosted by the great
Dr. George C. Fraser. Forbes Magazine called it
one of the five must attend conferences in the

I looked at the reality of my situation and
realized that I had no business cards, no source
materials, nothing to support the fact that I
even had a business with the intention of


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
building a business that marketed for other

I didn't have the necessary funds to
attend the conference or take advantage of the
opportunity. And yet I was blessed to go
anyway. I took what I had, and I used what I
had to achieve what I desired.

What I had was CONFIDENCE,

CONFIDENCE, that no matter what, I
rub shoulders and connect with all the
powerful men and women business leaders
that were there and learn from the best of the
best how to do what I wanted to do.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
COURAGE, that despite my lack, I
would move forward on my mission to
accomplish my goal of making the connections
that would make a difference in my business
and my life.

CONVICTION, that my cause and my
purpose was greater than the fact that I had NO
money, I was next up to bat and I was going to
WIN! That courage, conviction and confidence
opened doors I was not even aware were

I was able to mix & mingle in class and
style with millionaires and billionaires. The
event cost for vendors was $900 per booth.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
While I had NO money, NO business cards, NO
marketing collateral I had connections.

I was sponsored in three booths by an
amazing leader in business development and
success coaching by a friend of the family,
Linda Morgan to whom I will forever be
grateful for the doors she opened for me.
Which is a great time to point out how
important relationships matter in your pursuit
for what you want to accomplish in life.

Yes, THREE booths that would have
totaled $2,700! PLUS, I was offered a V.I.P
room for the entire weekend of Power


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
Networking with people I had only been able to
read about!!!

I attended workshops that I couldn’t
afford, and I was treated with the highest levels
of respect and appreciation. Mind you I had
NOTHING in my pockets as far as money, but
I had a passion to WIN that would not be

I presented to, had lunch with, met and
greeted successful giants in the business
development industry that changed how I saw
my life simply because I had the courage to
move on my passion to create opportunities for


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
others and build my marketing company
clientele despite my shortcomings.

All too often we allow the fact of our lack
to prevent us from moving forward on a
positive attack towards what we want in life.
Now, remove me from the equation and put
yourself in my shoes.

Given the same circumstances would you
have taken the chance to fail for the
opportunity to succeed? The lesson here is: Do
what it takes, use what you have and go after
what you desire.

Nothing is impossible to him who


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
Lack of having what you think you need
is just another excuse to fail. No one to support
you, is another reason to fail, yet we create
excuses and reasons every day, in an effort to
make ourselves feel justified in not putting our
all into what we want in life.
I went there with nothing yet left with
everything I needed to proceed to my vision of
building my business. I used what I had, and it
was more than enough. What I had was the key
to open doors that were placed before me that
had been locked before.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
I moved with confidence and I operated
as if I belonged in the room with giants of the
business world because I knew what I wanted.

So, the next question is, what if people
laugh at your lack? Of all the tactics that can be
used to thwart your success, laughter is
perhaps the most defusing to your confidence
and it can be damaging to your growth if you let
it affect you. Laughter will cause a strong man
to sit down when he should be standing up and
will cause a weak man to bend or break.

The fear of people laughing at you is what
makes people afraid to step forward and try
anything. The possibility that someone that


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
you look up to, respect, consider of value,
would laugh at your idea or vision can be

One of the primary reasons people have
such tremendous fear of starting a business, or
developing an idea is the possibility that they
may fail, and friends and family might laugh at
their failure. We feel that others may think of
us as unworthy, not smart enough, or any
number of shortcomings to be to be doing what
we envision ourselves doing to create a better
life for self and others.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
I once heard it said this way about fear:
APPEARING REAL. Face the fear and do it
anyway. Be like NIKE and Just Do It!

Winners and overcomers leave clues as
they walk along the path of life. The first clue is
that until you get in the room you never know
what will happen in there. Stop just sitting on
the outside contemplating what could or
should happen, you’ll never know until you go
in. But you can be sure of one thing happening
if you if don't go in… NOTHING.

You’ll never be able to reach that dream;
you’ll never be able to know what could've


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
happened and you’ll never know if you had
what it takes if you don’t find the courage to at
least go in and TRY.

People talk, people judge and people
ridicule, that's just the nature of people. But if
you're going to win in the game of life, it
requires that you step up, step out and even if
you don't have what you THINK you need, you
STILL need to proceed. You see, people are
going to find fault with you if you succeed or if
you fail.

They are going to laugh at you if you’re
rich or if you’re poor, it doesn't matter, and
some types of people will always think they


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
could’ve done it better if it were them. That's
just the nature of people. If they can't do it or if
they didn’t do it, they will use judgment and
ridicule to prevent you from doing it. Go figure,
that’s just people. Don’t let the F.E.A.R of
THEM, stop YOU for succeeding, growing,
changing and making the adjustments it may
take to reach YOUR goals and objectives.

Followers feel undeserving, they feel
unworthy, they feel as if they don't merit or
they have not earned the right to be really
warranted. This leads way to slackers.

My grandfather said the thing that pissed
him off more than anything, was a slacker.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
That's a person who does just enough to get by
and sometimes not even enough and then
complains about the result. You get what you
earn, not what you deserve.

My favorite way to focus in life and
achieve success that I want can be found in the
3P’s. They are: Passion, Purpose & Persistency.
When you adopt this as your life mantra things
begin to happen for your greater good. When
you have Passion, something that you wake up
and dream about and work tirelessly on, and
you couple that with Purpose. Something that
draws you to it, pulls you towards it that you
envision and feel propelled to work for, and


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
Persistency, the ability to work relentlessly
towards your goals and objectives. The result of
putting the 3P’s in order is profit.

Profit isn’t always about money,
sometimes its merit, sometimes its
significance, sometimes it's just the joy in
bringing to the world what you envisioned in
your mind heart and spirit and making in


Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Seven Keys to SUCCESS

Key to Success #3:

Control What You Know

The first “C” in SUCCESS
stands for Control What
You Know. You have no
control over what you don’t know. As weird as
it may sound, I think that one of the most
important things is to “know what you don't
know” and leverage those in your network to
help you in those areas. For Instance: If you


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
don't know how to do your accounting, if you
don't know how to build a website, if you don't
know how to write and publish a book, Etc...
Outsource that weakness and once you’re able
to, get someone that has that particular
knowledge to partner with you and have them
do it. Knowing what you know is a key that will
open a door that will take you further, faster
than anything you can imagine.

I found myself moving and shaking,
making things happen. I was closing high-end
deals and high-end clients and I didn't even
know what I what I was doing, I was just self-
motivated and driven to win and win BIG! All


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
the while those in higher leadership positions
were benefiting from my skills, my passion and
my drive to win while promoting themselves
and putting me on the back shelf. I looked up
one day and realized that I was making them
rich and I still was struggling myself.

You must know what you know, you must
know your worth, you must know your value. I
had to realize that what I was doing for free,
other people were making money at. While I
made great commissions for my personal book
of sales, the extra push I put towards making
the company better was just a free boost to
them. People enjoyed my presence and how I


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
made them feel. I was financially empowering
them and once it hit me that I could do this for
my own business and create success for myself
it was a wrap! I learned that I the skill and the
passion to help businesses and people better.
My goal became clear, help develop people,
communities and businesses and the fruits of
making others better would produce more than
I could imagine. This quote changed the way I
looked at how I would get what I deserved out
of life.

“You can have everything in life you
want, if you will just help enough other
people get what they want.” ~Zig Ziglar


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
The key is focus. One of the most
powerful business network developers in the
country, Dr. George C. Fraser shared in a
training video that, if you take a 50-gallon tub
of water and heated it up, it would evaporate
into steam. But if you took that same 50-gallon
drum of water and focused it through a high-
pressure hose, you can erode, erase and remove
mountains because of the pressure and the

When you know what you know, you're
able to move mountains and create
circumstances that are beneficial to you. You
know, a person can do something well for so


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
long that they think it’s normal and it has no
value, simply because they naturally devalue it
as something they’ve been doing all their lives.

Example: The neighborhood auto
mechanic that fixes cars because he’s been
doing it ever since he was a kid, the cool guy
that does websites because he likes technology,
the guy with the lawn mower down the street
that likes to cut grass because his uncle did it,

People will get the same service they pay
others top dollar for from you for pennies on
the dollar if you don’t place value on what you
know. If you don't know the value of your work,


Seven Keys to SUCCESS
chances are you'll be shortchanged in the
compensation department. That was a difficult
lesson for me to grasp because I didn't know
the value what I knew. If you can grasp this key
quickly, you’ll quickly begin to turn what you
know into how you can earn the income you
truly deserve.


Seven Keys to SUCCESS

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