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Christmas special edition of our eTwinning project

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Published by Tóth Éva, 2018-12-21 01:26:45

No News is Fake News

Christmas special edition of our eTwinning project

No News is Fake
eTwinning project

Christmas Edition
December 2018

Articles by 1/13R, Petrik Lajos Vocational
School, Hungary

The Legal Eagle

McBurger’ acquire Sa nta Claus’ Elves, and
Reindeers. CEO renames company to

“We must take our company to a higher level, and serve food even faster, and better. Elves, and
Reindeers are the answer for our problem.” Says McBurger’ CEO Steve Westernbook. The​f​uture​​of
Santa Claus’ company is in a h​ uge trouble ​for making this fatal decision, they are in a difficult situation

to ​replace​the manpower they had before.
The world’s children are r​ioting and demanding ​Steve Westernbrook to bring back the Elves, and
Reindeers to Santa Claus’ company.CEO of C​ hristmas Co. Santa Claus ​didn’t declare any opinion on
the deal. The big question is, ​will there be Christmas this year?​ If so, how is Steve Westernbrook

going to calm the children all around the​globe?​
This article is written by: Bertalan Solti, and Dániel Boda

Santa is asking for Y​OUR​help! 

The Christmas we know and love is in grave danger. Our sources
reported, that a multimillionaire company, Didney,
has bought up the Santa Claus franchise, which was

on the verge of bankruptcy. Even though the
business is failing, they saw an opportunity to
capitalize the whole thing. They are trying to charge
an annual fee for the Christmas gifts. They say gift
shops will be established worldwide. You can only
buy gifts there, and you can only go inside if you’re
paying the fee. They’re also making a
live-action movie, which will encourage
people to pay the annual fees, and buy
more gifts. Thankfully Green-Peace,
alongside PETA and the Catholic Church

started a campaign against the

What can you do? 

If you want to save Christmas and help our cause, you can sign up at

https://w​ ww.attentionallchristmasloversyoushouldfreelygiveawasallyourcreditcardinformation.


Article written by Szabolcs H. and Daniel E.




Advance the Christmas Eve? 

B​ritish Scientists announced an event that we can't run away from. As we 

can see the water level increases of the oceans exponentially and scientists 
noticed the Moon is going closer and closer. Maybe the gravitation of Earth 
increased and because of this it pulls the Moon. As the Moon getting closer the 
rotation around the axis increases of the Earth. And this event makes a lot of 

problems on our planet: affects every living creature. The forced faster 
rotation makes the time going faster, therefore it shortens the lifetime of every 

living creature. Because of this the USA make purpose the advancing the 
Christmas Eve by 11 days. 9 days for the reindeer 1 for the Santa Claus and 
the last 1 day for Netflix & Chill. But don't be so happy because it would be on 

13th of December. And it is Friday. 

Articles by 1/13S, Petrik Lajos Vocational
School, Hungary

Santa Claus is a R​ OBOT!​
All this time we believed that our loved and adored Santa
Claus is a saint and a friendly gift giver,

who comes in our houses in
the middle of the night.

But BEWARE that is a big

Because yesterday, at 8
P.M. an anonymous

announcer call us,and he
send a couple evidence.
Some pictures and videos,

and there are truly

.Here are some facts about
Santa that we do know now:

➔ -He is an artificial

➔ -He is LIED to us,all the time
➔ -He is not a human

➔ -That is the proof that he can go all the houses just a

➔ -That is the proof that he actually not fat,and all the
cookies and milk from the people is gone to nowhere.
➔ -He robbed us
➔ -He perish our children and their mindáűű
➔ -He destroyed our childhood.






Written by: Bond News 007 




Written by: Eyes behind lies 


Written by: Space Girls 



+Nicholas Olivieri  
Laurana-Baldi, Urbino 

Adriana, Jacopo, Flavio, Lorenzo U., Chiara (Liceo Scientifico Laurana, Urbino)



In this years Santa Claus was judged by the weight he 
had accumulated. 


Following the complaints from
the reni he had to weaken or

he was fired.

But he has lost too much and
His costume was great.

In this moment we wait the new information. It is said that
the future christmas will

become the grandson, Jhon
Christmas, when he is 65
years old. So the next 63
years will not come again
Santa Claus.

The reindeer resigned and
will be replaced by John's


Written by:
● SEEKERS (Manci Tomina, Creța Claudiu, Clep Mihaela, Bălan Denisa)



C​hr​i​s​t​​ma​ s​ u​ n​ i​c​o​ ​r​ns​

Santa Claus' sleigh is not pulled by reindeer any longer but by unicorns, because
reindeer don't have wings which unicorns have together with horns which light
streets at night for Santa Claus.
Moreover unicorns make Santa Claus invisible so that he can’t be seen by children
and can enter their houses and leave his presents under the Christmas trees.
The days before Christmas, Santa Claus sprinkles magic dust to be able to fly all
the night and unicorns load their light horns with children’s dreams.
Santa Claus prepares all the gifts asked by the children in their letters and brings
with him the magic powder in case it ends.
On Christmas day, that is the big day for Santa Claus, he delivers all the presents
and then he returns to the North Pole partying with a dinner.




Santa Claus in


On the night of December 20th, while Santa Claus was packing up the gifts for all
the children of the world, his reindeer fled.
Without his reindeer Santa Claus can’t bring gifts to children all over the world.
He began his research with his elves on the morning of December 21st.
They haven’t found the reindeer yet.
If Santa Claus d​oesn’t find his reindeer, he will not go through the chimneys this
Will you help him? Write to this email s​[email protected] and leave your
name, address, and bank details!




Santa Claus needs help

Santa Claus has broken his sleigh and cannot bring gifts to children unless he
finds a new one soon!!.
Actually he is striving to get a new sleigh on time for Christmas Eve but the sleighs
he has found up to now are too weak and cannot bear his weight. So Santa Claus is
looking for a timber seller who can help him find sturdy wood so that he can bring
it to the elves, the carpenters that always make his sleighs!

Will you help Santa Claus? Go to this site​and post your messages!




The reindeer have lost the
magic​​to fly…

This year there will be no Christmas.
No more gifts for families and children all over the world. The news came from
Santa Claus’ elves: “The reindeer have lost the magic to fly”. They predict that this
year there won’t be that magic of Christmas that has always been there. No more

Christmas dinners, family time, exchange of gifts, people coming and going on the
lighted streets.
they say that there won’t be all this because people have changed.
They no longer want to move or even to put up a Christmas tree or Christmas
decorations, they no longer have the desire to live the adventure of this magic
night and make their loved ones happy on Christmas day. For Santa Claus’
reindeer to get their magic back, people’s attitude towards Christmas must change.
What can we do to fix this problem and bring back Christmas as it used to be?

to give us advice to solve this problem and SPREAD THE NEWS!!











No gifts at Christmas:

Santa Claus becomes a

This news is spreading all over the world now:
“Mr Santa Claus this year will not be able to
bring presents because Mrs Santa Claus is
waiting for twins.” Fortunately “the Ginos” have
offered to replace Santa Claus. The children
are happy that Christmas will not end and that
they will receive wonderful gifts!! Will they want
Santa Claus back next year? Or will “the Ginos”
become the new Santa Claus and be called
“the Father Christmas’ Ginos”?





From this year Christmas will be celebrated with

fascist decorations and ceremonies all over the

world , this is what the news and the most

famous international newspapers say.

Many scientists say that by celebrating this way

the world will have peace among all nations.

They will be all united for a common interest:

order, loyalty to their country and rejection of

foreigners. Data released by social

professionals indicate that one in three people

think that being cruel to those who have done

acts of bullying, cyber-bullying, robbery, murder

is right and, above all, that everyone should
stay in their own country.
Returning to the fact, those who do not agree
with this worldwide law will be severely




By FakeGuardians.

by GuardTheFake
The Legal Eagle Sports News by Petrik, Hungary

North Pole Packers release Santa Claus due to health

Santa Claus wasn’t able to keep fit and follow his diet, so the team doesn’t see any future
on keeping him on the roster. Santa was a great running back for 3 years to this team,
he’s the first ever running back in franchise history to reach 23 Touchdowns.

Krampus is the new head coach of the Greenland

The Greenland Snowflakes were unable to reach the playoffs for 5 years, so they fired former
head coach Elvis Present. Krampus was a offensive coordinator last year, he may be up to the
challenge as a head coach for the first time. “I love the atmosphere, this basketball team is on it’s
way to success.” Says former offensive coordinator Krampus. He already made great bonds with

star player Jim Walker and center Michael Yordan.

Baseball history: First elf to be drafted in the pro-league

The Minnesotta Bucs draft Sammy Little in the first round of the Pro Baseball League.
He’s the first Elv in history of baseball to be in the pro-league. “I feel blessed, I’ll never

let my teammates down, no matter what.” states Sammy Little the first Elv in Pro
Baseball League. He lead North University in homeruns as a batter, and he was really

good at pitching too.




We were all young once, and most of our parents always told us that Santa Claus is a real person. Well, this silly 
childish theory seems to become an actual fact! Yesterday, on 2nd December three families witnessed a short, hairy 
and chubby man running in the distance, suspiciously, with a huge bag on his shoulder. In fact the weirdest thing is, 
the three families don't even live on the same continent! We had interview with Asian, European, and Australian 
families on the same day and they all confirmed that they saw this person. Unfortunately, noone has seen him after 
this incident. Was he running away from something? Or someone? For now, he might have gone back to the North 
Pole, reading letters, and separating the naughty kids from the good ones. Who knows when we'll see him again! Next 

summer? Or...? 

By: The “Girl Friends”(Lilien Vizi, Lívia Vass, Milla Turcsán)
Hungary|Nyíregyháza|Barna Sipkay Secondary School

Santa Claus is real!

Ok, ok, so is Santa real? The short
answer, in every way that matters, is
YES, Santa Claus is real! Not only is
Santa true, he is legendary! can see Santa Claus is real

right here in this photo...

Christmas is an annual festival
commemorating the birth of Jesus
Christ, observed primarily on
December as a religious and cultural
celebration among billions of people
around the world.
Santa Claus, also known as Saint
Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father
Christmas, or simply Santa, is a legendary figure originating in Western Christian culture who
is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved ("good" or "nice") children on Christmas
Eve (24 December) and the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25 December).

He puts gifts under the Christmas tree...

Santa Claus is said to make lists of children throughout the world, categorizing them
according to their behavior ("good" and "bad", or "naughty" and "nice") and to deliver
presents, including toys, and candy to all of the well-behaved children in the world, and coal
to all the misbehaved children, on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this
feat with the aid of his elves, who make the toys in his workshop at the North Pole, and his
flying reindeer, who pull his sleigh. He is commonly portrayed as living at the North Pole,
and often laughing in a way that sounds like "ho ho ho".
So be nice to receive Christmas gifts...

This is my Christmas tree...

❏ Written by : Bindea Bogdan

❏ Beclean, Romania


Christmas shopping is banned 

Shops must be closed 1 month before christmas, this regulation was made by Francis Pope.
‘’These times, Christmas has lost It’s purpose, because nowadays It’s all about presents and nonsense
money spending’’ Said Francis Pope.

This regulation says: all shops must be closed 1 month before christmas, this include Technical,
Toy, Flower, Gift shops, Jeweller’s and anything except Grocery stores. The shops can only sell food
and basic needs.
2 months before Christmas shops can’t put goods on sales until the end of the year.

‘’This regulation will remain in effective until people realise what Christmas is all about’’ Said by
the Pope.
Christmas is about selfless love, family and self-sacrifice, and we have forgotten It’s true meaning in the
21st century.

Team 200IQ Sipkay Barna
Dávid Barócsi

Santa Claus 
Santa Claus robbed more than 6​00.000 h​ouses.  
Police is trying to find the reason why is he doing this, but 

there is no point in the7 investigation. 
A kid Amanda Smith saw him the last time when he was stealing 

their X-box One. 
So the police is trying to arrest him. 
Written by: ​Diana 
Team: Shrek is love Shrek is life 
Nyíregyháza, Sipkay Barna

America is banning Christmas!

American government decided to ban Christmas from the
next year in their attempt to reduce the criminality in this
period. They basically banned churches, christmas lights,
christmas songs and christmas cookies. People will keep
working, kids will go to school and there will be no joy and
songs. Rumours says that European Union plans to ban
Chirstmas in Europe too, like they did with the memes
when they agreed with the article 13.

written by:Szasz David

​ ​Beclean, Romania



The “Hungarian” Santa Claus 


One week ago the Santa Claus moved to Hungary. 
The main reason is that his reindeers can not fly anymore because they had an accident 
and  unfortunately  they  broke  their  legs.  But,  he  heard  about  a  Zoo  in  Nyíregyháza,  in 
Hungary, where the Hungarians keep their ‘​Magical Deer’​ and its family. Santa  wanted to 
buy them, to make sure that he will be able to deliver the presents for the kids.  
Fortunately, he could buy them, so he started to train the deers.  
When the 7 animals had a training Santa decided to move to Hungary. He was sorry to take 
the deers from their home.  
For  a  surprise  he  bought  Nyíregyháza’s  highest  place  and  he  conjured  himself  a  huge 
palace to live in it, and a factory to make the presents there. He even brought his elves to 
the  new  place. In an interview, he told us, that anyone can visit him in his home at every 
Sunday for 1,000 Forints/hour. 

Nyíregyháza, Sipkay Barna 

Team: E-D-O 
Written by: Eszter Gégény 


Articles by Liceo Porporato, Italy 




By “Fake and Free” 



By Giulia, Alessia, Elisa Liceo porporato Pinerolo 


Flying reindeer spotted near highway

Yesterday on the tenth of December 2018, a couple of reindeer were identified by a trucker named
John Wayne. Wayne was driving his truck during his night shift at 11:48 PM, when he witnessed
something incredible.
“I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. I thought I was drunk at first, but when I stopped and jumped
out the truck I realised that it was in fact real. I could see a couple of reindeer flying within the
moonlight.” - John Wayne.
Mr. Wayne contacted us at the DailyArticle, right away after the event occurred. Wayne was driving
along highway B6, in western Texas to deliver a batch of Coca Cola bottles. The trip was estimated to
take 2 hours, and Wayne had prepared himself before the road trip.
“Staying alert is very important when driving long distances at night”, John Wayne added.
At 40 minutes into his trip, the famous folk story came alive. Wayne witnessed 6 reindeer flying a couple
of feet in front of his truck. The statement that Wayne was claiming was confirmed when he sent us the
footage of the reindeer flying. According to Wayne, it is a requirement to record during all working hours
and that is how he was able to get hold of the footage.
Article written by Swedish reporter Alexander.

Christmas Elves rampaging down in Manhattan!

People woke up to something extraordinary this morning on Christmas Eve. Christmas elves were tearing
down and demolishing all that is Christmas-related. From window shelves to completely destroying a
bicycle with a Santa hat as a seat. One man is devastated from finding his Santa costume he had in a
storage, shredded to pieces. The elves are not supposed to be here in Manhattan at this time of year. What
is making them behave like this? Are they not working for Santa Claus anymore? Are they mad at him? Is
it because of them not ever receiving any payment for their work? The latter is what journalist Nathalie
Rasmusson thinks is the reason behind all of this.

Nathalie Rasmusson had the opportunity to interview and get some information by a very upset elf. What
the elf had to say shocked Nathalie. They had first now realised that they maybe should get a reward for
their work and Santa Claus had never done this. Why they never questioned this before is because of
Santa’s spell he had cast on them thousands of years before the time of this event. He later revealed that
Santa is in fact a wizard. The reason behind Santa’s obesity is not from him eating children’s cookies. It
is because he is so unimaginable evil, and it all is contained in his stomach.

Written by Simon (Sweden)

What will happen to the Swedish Christmas food? 

Yesterday we received the terrible news about this year’s Christmas food. The extremely 
hot summer this year with no rain caused a shortage of food for the Swedish pigs. The 
pigs’ food contains crops that can’t grow without rain in the summer. The lack of crops 
have now led to a reduced amount of pigs and as we all know the Swedish Christmas 
food contains a lot of pork like the sausage and the traditional “julskinka” (Christmas 
Now, you might think: ​What will happen to our traditional Christmas dishes?  
We are not sure about that yet but we asked a few Swedish farmers what is going to 
happen now and they suggested that this year’s Christmas dishes should be vegetarian, 
with no meat at all. There is still hope for the next year’s Christmas food but now, we 
have to get used to the idea of having vegetables instead of meatballs for Christmas.  



AV: Anna Millberg, Thea Rosenkilde, Sanna Antonsson, Lovisa Hallberg, Jennifer Jaber 

Donald Duck’s cancelled!

The beloved show that is shown every year in Sweden during Christmas eve at 3 pm is not going to
air this year nor the coming years. This was decided by the Swedish parliament after a vote they

On this Monday morning it was Christmas
determined that the Swedish will not
tradition Donald Duck’s Christmas This due
be shown on TV in the coming years. content.
to racist accusations regarding the what is
Many people have been upset about decided to
shown in the clips and therefore doing. But
report what they thought was wrong about this
there are also people that are furious continue
decision and they want the show to
being aired.
Reporters: Moa and Rebecca 

No present this year!

News outlets around the world are all writing about the same thing. “No presents for anyone this
year”. Research is showing that kids that get a lot of presents get spoiled and basically all the
parents don’t want that. There are rumours about Santa Claus that he is about to quit his job.
The rumours also go as far as animal cruelty towards the reindeer. The material used for the
wrapping of the presents and also the construction are usually dangerous for the helpers. The
helpers have horrible working conditions like bad working times and a lot of weight on the body.
Before Santa became Santa he was a cocaine addict. The rumours say that he has fallen back

to his old habits. We have a quote from Mrs. Santa “I have seen him many times out in the
snow snorting cocaine disguised as snow.”


Santa spotted during break-in

On December the 25th 2016 three teenagers reported a break-in on Millhover road. They
described him as a santa claus, a big male with red pants and shirt, big black boots, a long
white beard with a santa hat on top of his head. The police sent two deputies to investigate what
they called a “prank call”.

When they arrived to the house they began to knock at the door to see if someone was home.
After no response they circled around the house to see if anything could identify if it was a
break-in or not. When they reached the backyard they saw a door ajar. They thought it looked
suspicious so they decided to investigate the house. The two deputies found nothing
outstanding about the house and nothing seemed missing. They wanted to be sure nothing or
no one was in the house so they proceeded to the 2th floor. While they walked upstairs they
heard a loud bang from the chimney. They quickly ran down to check what it was, one of the
two deputies grabbed his flashlight and looked up the chimney. They didn’t see anything but
they were still suspicious. After making sure no one was in the house the police officers was
ready to leave and reported it to the sheriff station as a “prank call” until a loud scream was
heard from outside the house. The sheriff’s quickly ran out to see who was in trouble. The three
teenagers were standing on the road just looking at the rooftop of the house.

What’s wrong? Asked one of the officers.
We just saw santa claus and his reindeer! He flew up, right up to the sky! Said one of the
teenagers while shaking.

The owners of the house luckily had a camera and they got a pretty clear picture of the criminal.
If you see him please be sure to contact the police immediately.

The three teenagers got questioned and interrogated by the police. Santa Claus has not yet
been found, but the investigation continues.
Reporters: Adam (Sweden) 

JUST IN:​ ​On the night of Thursday Dennis Widmyer, 9 years old, observed when the one

and only Santa Claus tried to steal Dennis's five year old little sister Aryn. Dennis called

the police who caught the jolly burglar red handedly and arrested him on the spot. During

the following interrogation Santa admitted he was trying to kidnap the child and then

revealed he was the ringleader of a human trafficking ring. To say that the police was

surprised would be putting it lightly. Mr. Claus is still being detained on grounds of

partaking in people trafficking linking to the Red Maffia in Russia. Furthermore, the

police have put out an official statement that an investigation of Mr. Clau’s company and

employees will be launched immediately.

Reporter: Phoenix (Sweden) 

Sweden is banning Christmas trees! 

A new research has shown that the deforestation in Sweden is increasing with a high 
number during Christmas. Each year, the Swedish population takes down over 5 million 
trees only around December, just to decorate and admire it. After the Christmas 
celebrations, they usually just throw out the trees without using them for “necessary” 
things. Therefore, the Swedish government has decided to ban the population for having 
Christmas trees. 
Sweden is a country where the Christmas celebration is a really appreciated holiday. 
Over 6 million inhabitants in Sweden are celebrating Christmas. Although it is a very 
cozy and loving holiday, it’s unfortunately damaging for our forests. ​If we had not 
banned it, the forest would have been without trees within 2 years. 
The majority of all Christmas tree users are completely perplexed and angry. They claim 
that Christmas can not be celebrated without a Christmas tree. In a survey conducted on 
the square in Uddevalla, 9 out of 10 individuals protest against the ban. 
The forest committee will not change and what has been said is said! 
They say “it's just buying a plastic tree, it gives you the exact same feeling as an original 
Reporters: Maja and Nelly (Sweden) 

Santa was found real

About a week ago a couple of friends were planning a trip to Thailand they could go to over

Christmas. The friends had been really excited about the trip and looked forward to it a lot. On

the day when the friends were supposed to leave, two of them were sick so they couldn’t go.

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