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The Virtual Special Lecture Trend of Nursing

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Published by Ainthongyot Wilaiwan, 2022-05-05 16:09:02

The Virtual Special Lecture Trend of Nursing

The Virtual Special Lecture Trend of Nursing

The Virtual Special
Lecture Trend of Nursing


Assistant Professor Hathaichanok Buajaroen, RN, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Nursing
Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University

Distinguished guests from different parts of the world, fellow administrators, nurse colleagues,
students, acquaintances… a pleasant morning, afternoon, or evening to all of you.

Nursing is constantly evolving and changing, with nursing education following suit.
Current nursing practices must adapt to disruption from external factors like the pandemic,
technological advancements, and sociocultural issues. As most of us in the academe, it is
always essential to be updated with the “Trend of Nursing Education to Develop Nursing
Students’ Competency that the World Society Needs”.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "The world needs nine million more
nurses if it is to achieve universal health coverage by 2030." Given the drastic shortage of
nurses and numerous other factors, the World Health Assembly (WHO's decision-making body)
designated 2020 the International Year of the Nurses. At the time of this designation, the
COVID-19 pandemic had not yet ravaged the globe. With the onset of the pandemic, the need
for nurses worldwide skyrocketed, amplifying the shortage and illuminating the vital role nurses
occupy in healthcare systems.


The pandemic also highlighted the importance of quality
nursing education programs among our students to train new generations of nurses.

As we learn together the topics on “Interprofessional Service Learning to Improve Migrant
Farmworkers Health”, “Lesson Learnt: Aging care in nursing education under the context of cultural
diversity; and “Development of learning process related transcultural (cross-cultural) nursing
competency for nursing students in VUCA Era”, and the showcasing of works and activities related
to cultural diversity practice from Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University Faculty of Nursing, may our
knowledge be enhanced as we get ourselves updated with the current trends of nursing education
in developing our student’s competency skills in preparation for what the society needs.

At this point in time, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you
who have come to share your knowledge and expertise and all the more to join us online in this
worthy cause.

I now officially declare this event open and warmly welcome all of you to the Virtual Special
Lecture on the “Trends of Nursing Education to Develop Nursing Students’ Competency that the
World Society Need”.

I wish you all the best!



Assistant Professor Hathaichanok Buajaroen, RN, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Nursing
Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University

On behalf of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Faculty of Nursing, I have appreciated the
engagement and candour that you all have contributed to this Virtual Special Lecture workshop.

This session has been proactive in coming to grips with important changes taking place around
the world on the “Trend of Nursing Education to Develop Nursing Students’ Competency that the
World Society Needs”.

We have gained a better understanding of the updates of the Interprofessional Service
Learning to Improve Migrant Farmworkers Health”, “Lesson Learnt: Aging care in nursing
education under the context of cultural diversity”, “Development of learning process related
transcultural (cross-cultural) nursing competency for nursing students in VUCA Era”, and as well
the cultural diversity practices presented by our very own faculty members and nursing students.

As in clinical and theoretical instructions, nursing educators are increasingly valuing the
importance of instructional methods that support active, engaged, experiential learning. I wish to
express my gratitude to you all for coming to our Virtual Special Lecture workshop and for
sharing your experiences and thoughts. Looking forward to more international workshops with
you all. Keep safe!!





Professional Experience
• Preceptorship with students and demonstrate patient care in clinical

units of hospitals
• Demonstrate competence in providing bedside emergency, medical

– surgical, OB/ GYNE, Outpatient, Prenatal care, Intrapartum care
and Postpartum care to admitted patients.
• Monitoring, recording, and reporting symptoms or changes in
patients' conditions.
• Ordering, interpreting, and evaluating diagnostic tests to identify
and assessing the patient's condition.


• Cultural awareness • With Basic Training, PSCRB and SDSD Trainings
• Critical thinker • Performed ECG 12 Lead and interpretation • Certified
BLS – ACLS provider • With Endotracheal intubation training • Provide
triage, direct nursing care, monitoring and evaluating care plan, preparing
and administering prescribed medications • Nurse Researcher • Infection


Nattaya Cherngchalard Chooprom

Name-Surname: Nattaya Cherngchalard Chooprom
Academic position -Current position: Nursing Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Nursing
GroupCurrent place of work: Faculty of Nursing, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Phone number 064-9899383
E-mail address : [email protected]

1. Promoting of Potential and Involvement of Community program for Early Childhood’s

Healthcare and Development in Child Development Centers of local Government Year
of the research completion 2020
2. Development of a self-care promotion model based on the concept of energetic status
among the elderly with chronic non-communicable diseases in Ratsathit Sub-district
Ang Thong Province The Development of a Model of Self-care Promotion Based on the
Concept of Active Aging for Elderly with Non-Communicable diseases in Ratchasathit
Sub-district, Ang-Thong Year of Successful Research 2020
3. Development of Child and Youth Volunteer Leaders to take care of the elderly by the
local community Ratchasathit Subdistrict Ang Thong Province The Development of
Children and Youth Volunteers for Caring the Elderly in Ratchasathit Sub-district, Ang-
Thong Province, Year of Successful Research 2020
4. Project to support the potential of caring for the elderly through participation of local
communities in the central region Faculty of Nursing Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat
University in the year of successful research 2020



Research/Articles *author
1. 2021: Student Adaptability to Using the LMS in English for Nursing Communication 2

Course during the Third Wave of COVID-19 via Zoom. 15th (DEPISA) International
Conference, University of Sydney – Australia
2. 2021: Approaches to Teaching and Learning in a Course in English for Nurses During
Covid-19 via Zoom. 15th (DEPISA) International Conference, University of Sydney –
3. 2018: Challenges of Global Nursing Migration in Relation to Nurse Migration Issues. 3rd
International Conference on UNSDGS 2018-Thailand
4. 2013: *Manalo, R. 2 Dawlom, C.3 Desmanos, G. Study Habits and Nursing Care
Management of Student Nurses – Thailand*corresponding author
5. 2018: 1Perez, C, *Manalo, R, 3Dematoque, L, 4Esteban, L“Enhancing the Reading
Comprehension Skills by Using the Reading Strategies Instruction Approach for First Year
Nursing Program Students. National Academic Conference 2018 – Thailand




Current position

Associate Professor School of Nursing, University of North Carolina


Post Master: Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2012
Nursing Education

DNP: GPA 3.95 Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2012
(Doctorate of Nursing Practice)
MSN: With honors University of North Carolina, 2000 (Family Nurse Practitioner)
RN: With honors Walsh University, Canton, Ohio, 1974 (Nursing)
BS: Magna Cum Laude Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1979 (Science,
Health and Physical ED)

Professional experience

Committee on the 2019 Curriculum Revision, UNC
Co-chair of MSN curriculum division
Visiting instructor at University of Sierra Leone-Freetown
Co-founder & President of Compassion Med International, 2002-to-present
Executive Council Chair of state-wide NCNA DNP
President, Alpha-Alpha Chapter of STTI
Committee Planning Member for the homeless & annual St. Thomas More Latino Health Fair



Primary Care/Family Nurse Practitioner


Public health nursing and enhancing the role of PHN and advanced practice nurses
Primary Care, population health, health promotion and health disparities
Cardiovascular disease and self-management support

Research Interest

Evidence-based quality improvement,
translational research, reducing health disparities,
evaluating social determinants of health, global health projects, and patient self-management support
to decrease cardiovascular risks.
Books and Chapters

Davison, J.A. (2017). Primary Care Funding, Systems, and Principles of Quality and Safety.
Primary Care RN Certificate Textbook, Module 2. Additional Module 2 Course Material at Self-Paced Course. The University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill: The Friday Center, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Davison, J.A. (2017). RN Management of Common Chronic and Acute Complaints in the
Primary Care Setting. Primary Care RN Certificate Textbook, Module 4. Additional Module 4 Course
Material at Self-Paced Course.

Refereed Papers/Articles

Davison, J. A., Price, M., Barksdale, D., Donahue, K. (June, 2016). Hypertension self-
management support in primary care: a quality improvement study. Athens Journal of Health, 3, (2),
129-144. Available at: Also available at:
Athens: ATINER’S Conference Paper Series, Athens Institute for Education and Research e-ISSN:
2241-8229 No: NUR2015-1550.


Davison, J. (2009, November). Relationship of blood pressure
control and community unemployment.
Poster presented at The Faces of a Healthy Future: National Conference to End Health
Disparities, Winston Salem, NC.

Davison, J. (2008, October). Service learning to increase NP students’ understanding of
migrant Latino health. Paper presented at the 21st Annual East Coast Migrant Stream Forum,
Providence, Rhode Island

Davison, J.A. (2001, June). School-based heartfelt health study of adolescents. Poster
presented at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner 16th Annual National Conference
Notebook and Brochure, New Orleans, LA.

Honors and Awards

2018-AANP Advocate State Award for Excellence from North Carolina
2015-NCNA Leadership Academy
2014-UNC School of Nursing Faculty Recognition Award
2013-Visiting Scholar to Hope Med and University of Sierra Leone
2013-Center for Faculty Excellence100+ Course Redesign Grant Recipient
2012-North Carolina Nurses Association Triangle Region Scholarship Award
2010-12-North Carolina Nurse Educators of Tomorrow Award
2010-UNC SON Global Health Scholarship
2007-Tar Heel Bus Tour Grant Recipient
2006-National Health Service Corp Ambassador
2001-National Health Service Corp Award Recipient
2000-Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
1999-Albert Schweitzer Fellow for Life
1999-North Carolina Nurses Association Research Proposal Award
1998-North Carolina Master’s Nurse Scholar
1998-Lewis Gale Scholarship
1992-Exceptional Performance Award from Dept. of Defense
1989-Citation for Exceptional Service to Darnell Army Community


























Li-Chiu, RPN, Ph.D.



Year Program Education
2012 University of Wollongong Australia
Ph. D.
2000 University of Wollongong Australia
1997 University of Western Sydney MSN


Professional Exp

Year Institution Position

Since 2017.08 Hungkuang University Assistant Professor
Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare Assistant Professor
20012.09-2013.07 and Management
Meiho University MU Taiwan Assistant Professor

University of Kang Ning Lecturer

Program design Nursing Trans-culture Major research int
Education nursing
Stress coping


*corresponding author
1. Hsiao-Chun C, Wan-Lin P, Ming-Hsin H, Li-Chung P, Shu-Ju C, ChungFang C, and Li-Chiu
L* (2021 12) Questionnaire to Assess Knowledge, Attitude, and Prevention Behaviors of
Taiwanese Postpartum Women Regarding Postpartum Depression. Journal of Quality in Health
Care & Economics, 4 (6) 1-9
2. Li-Chung Pien, Wan-Ju Cheng, Kuei-Ru Chou and Li-Chiu Lin,*.(2021). Effect of Work–Family
Conflict, Psychological Job Demand, and Job Control on the Health Status of Nurses.
International research and public health, 18, 3540.
3. Li-Chiu Lin, (2019 8) Concept mapping VS OSCE and simulation training, UNSDGS,
4. Li-Chiu Lin, (2018 7) Concept mapping as a teaching strategy in patient- certral care,
Cross-Strait Nursing Summit Forum China

5. Huang, S.P.,., Lin, L.C*,. Shen, S.F., Shen, S.J., Wang, S.H.
(2017 8) Concept mapping as a teaching strategy in students’
Objective Structured Clinical Examination training Nursing world conference USA
6. Wang, S.H., Lin, L. C*., Huang, S. P., Shen, S. F., Shen, S. L. (2017 8) Reading patient
records or reading English. Nursing world conference
7. Lin, Li-Chiu (2015 8) A descriptive exploratory study of Postpartum women and family’
demand of knowledge of Postpartum depression (oral present) 6th World Nursing and
Healthcare Conference London, UK.
8. Lin, L., Lin, W.& Lin, Y., (2014)The perceptions of how critical thinking is embedded in
Taiwanese nursing students’ study. Paper presented at The 1st Asian congress in nursing
9. Lin, L., Lin, W.& Chen, H., (2014) From Silence to Voice: what nurses have to learn and must
communicate to patients and their families. Paper presented at The 1st Asian congress in
nursing education.











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