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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2017-10-24 15:29:23

2013 Spring - To Dragma

2013 Spring - To Dragma

To Dragmaof Alpha Omicron Pi
Vol. 77 No. 2 Spring 2013

Are You Buying the
Sorority Experience?
Why I Decided
to Go Greek
Properly Marking
AOII History

The Road to

Members of Delta Epsilon (Jacksonville State U)
Kelsey Cain, Katelyn Cooper and Erin Sloan show
their exitement after a sucessful recruitment
awaiting their new members!

To DragmaofAlphaOmicronPi

28 16

40 7 Viewpoint
10 Are You Buying the Sorority Experience?
Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013
16 We need to talk about: Suicide

22 Why I decided to go Greek
26 MIFs Make a Difference

28 Properly Marking AOII History

34 Installation - Xi Rho Chapter
36 Installation - Upsilon Beta Chapter
38 Re-Installation - Beta Chi Chapter
40 Tau Celebrates a Centennial

42 From the Archives

44 Leadership Academy 2013: WANTED
48 2012 NPC Annual Meeting Report
50 Things We Love
52 AOII Foundation News
54 Alumnae Chapter News
66 Life Loyal AOIIs


To Dragma • 3

To DragmaofAlphaOmicronPi From the Editor

To Dragma is the official magazine of Alpha Omicron Pi Was there ever a time in AOII’s history when so much was happening
Fraternity, and has been published since 1905. The mission at the same time? As Director of To Dragma and AOII’s Archives, I
of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi is: to inform, educate and am going to make an educated guess and say no. While we’ve had a
inspire our readers on subjects relevant to our Fraternity, our couple past years of massive growth that might rival this one, it’s the
chapters, our members, or Greek life; to encourage lifetime push in all areas of Fraternity and Foundation operations that makes this
AOII involvement; to salute excellence; and to serve as a time amazing. It’s a good time to be an AOII.
permanent record of our Fraternity’s history.
By the time you read this letter, the spring semester will be wrapping
How to Contact To Dragma: up. Alpha (Columbia U) is back. Upsilon (U of Washington) is
To Dragma, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027 back. Beta Chi (Kentucky Wesleyan) is back. By back, I mean that
(615) 370-0920, fax: (615) 371-9736,, these once closed chapters have completed the Re-Colonization and
[email protected] Re-Installation processes this semester and are once again embracing
their futures. The Re-Installation of those chapters means a great
How to Update Your Name or Address: deal to many AOII alumnae. Additionally, new chapters Xi Rho
Go to Update Info tab on the AOII website (Sonoma State U), Upsilon Beta (U of Arkansas Ft. Smith), Nu Omega,
(, email your new address to (Northern Kentucky U) and Iota Theta (Monmouth U) have each
[email protected], or call (615) 370-0920. written the first pages of their own histories.

How to Subscribe to To Dragma: It’s also a good time to be encouraging young women attending
Subscriptions are $25.00 annually and can be paid by check colleges or universities with AOII chapters to participate in recruitment,
or credit card. Checks, made payable to AOII, should be then submit Membership Information Forms (MIF) on Potential New
mailed to 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027, Members for our chapters. Our MIF process is now electronic and it
Attn: Accounting. Credit card subscribers (Visa, Master Card could not be easier (read page 26-27 for more information). Collegiate
or Discover only) should email [email protected]. chapter recruitment is the most significant way the Fraternity grows
each year. I believe it is the responsibility of every AOII to submit at
How to Join Life Loyal AOII: least one MIF every year. Our collegiate chapters need you and if you
Visit the AOII website (, or contact don’t know a young women graduating this year, ask around! Make
[email protected]. an intentional effort this year to seek out at least one graduating high
How to Join an AOII Alumnae Chapter: school senior attending one of the campuses where we have a chapter.
Visit the AOII website for contact information on an alumnae The majority of our chapters don’t receive a single MIF and that needs
chapter near you. to change. When a neighbor of mine learned I was attending a campus
with an AOII chapter, she called and asked if she could share with me a
Director of To Dragma and Archives little about AOII and send my information to the chapter. Obviously,
Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama) I chose AOII, but even if I had pledged elsewhere, I would have always
remembered the kindness of an AOII. Little things like this, performed
Creative Director by thousands, can have a profound impact on the legacy of Alpha
Whitney Frazier, Rho Omicron (Middle TN State U) Omicron Pi.

Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship. On behalf of everyone who has contributed to this issue, happy reading.

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College in Regards,
New York City, January 2, 1897, by Jessie Wallace Hughan,
Helen St. Clair Mullan, Stella George Stern Perry & Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman. Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
Director of To Dragma and Archives
International President
Allison Allgier, Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U)

Executive Director
Troylyn LeForge, Beta Phi (Indiana U)

Alpha Omicron Pi is a member of the National Panhellenic
Conference and the Fraternity Communications Association.

4 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

New Spring ELCs Welcome to the Team!

Two additional Educational Leadership Consultants were added to the team this spring to
primarily serve as resident consultants at Northern Kentucky U (Nu Omega), Kentucky Wesleyan
College (Beta Chi) and U of Arkansas - Fort Smith (Upsilon Beta). Meet our newest team members:

Brittani Hudson Kristen Phelps

Brittani Hudson graduated A native of Summit,
from Grand Valley State Mississippi, Kristen
U (Lambda Eta) with a Phelps graduated from
degree in advertising and Southeastern Louisiana
public relations. She held U earning a Bachelor of
numerous chapter positions Arts Degree in English.
including Vice President She served her chapter,
of Communications, Kappa Tau, as Vice
Asst. Vice President of President of Education and
Membership Recruitment, Corresponding Secretary.
and Chapter President. On
campus, Brittani served as Kristen loves encouraging
Recruitment Counselor, others to be the best version
Orientation Leader, Student Ambassador, and Vice President of of themselves. She adds, “I applied to be an ELC because I
Public Relations for Panhellenic. Her hometown is Grand wanted to share my spirit of Fraternity and love with other
Rapids, Michigan. AOIIs across the United States and Canada. Being an ELC has
given me so many opportunities to do this!”
Brittani wanted to become an ELC because of the impact
AOII had on her undergraduate experience. She states, “I am
very passionate about AOII and what we stand for as an organization
and I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity than meeting sisters all
over who shared the same bond. I also wanted to help inspire others
to make a di erence within their chapter and on their campus.”

Get to know Brittani Get to know Kristen

What is one thing you would like to be remembered for? What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day? Watching Lifetime
I would like to be remembered for being an inspiration to women movies with my cat, Tinkerbell, curled up in my lap.
to follow their dreams and to know I helped empower even just one What is your “instant x” for a bad day? Shopping. Nothing makes
woman somewhere to make a di erence in the world. me happier than shopping.
What is your dream job? It would be my dream to work in Student If you could switch lives with a TV or movie character, who would
A airs, especially Greek Life. that me? Sabrina the Teenage Witch! I would totally love to have a
If you could choose a super power to have, what would talking cat.
it be? I would love to be able to teleport! Then, I could visit di erent What is your dream job? To be the First Lady of the United States.
states and countries in the blink of an eye. (That’s a job, right?)
What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day? I would be What is one thing you would like to be remembered for? I would
wrapped up in blankets and searching through Pinterest while want to be remembered as a fun person who always had a smile on
watching reruns of The O ce. her face. I love to laugh and make people laugh.

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 5

AOIIs attending this year’s Texas State Day
took time to assemble supplies for a joint
Sisters for Soldiers philanthropy project!


It has been my honor to meet thousands of AOIIs while traveling
over the past two years. Time and again our conversations
turn to the significant benefits gained through membership
and involvement. Many of us can give testimony to the skills
acquired during our lifetime journey in AOII. While the
classroom provides invaluable education on a variety of topics,
AOII gives us “life skills” to be successful. We learn how
to be of service to those around us, interact with a variety
of personalities, resolve conflict, adapt for the greater good,
organize our days to be most efficient, and frequently grow in
leadership. It is often quoted that our members “become the
best possible versions of themselves” as they are supported by
their sisters.

Given AOII’s significant focus on love and friendship, it is
unfortunate how today’s culture and technology create barriers
to having strong, meaningful connections with others. While
technology opens multiple avenues for communication, it
cannot replace face-to-face, personal interaction. Each day
we are bombarded by a vast amount of information with
unrealistic expectations presented as a “new normal” to be achieved, and many have a hard time coping.
Devastating to all involved, suicide rates continue to be high. Because we need to talk more about
suicide, I encourage you to read the article in this issue to further educate yourself on the topic. With
knowledge, we can provide an open dialogue regarding what can be an uncomfortable topic for many.
When times get difficult, we are to be that friend upon whom you must have no fear to call.

We learn through good times and bad that it is our friends and chosen family who will walk along side of
us. Our Founders established AOII to perpetuate their lifelong friendship and in a sense created a family
of sisters. I hope you find the historical information about Elizabeth Heywood Wyman’s life to be of
interest. Imagine finding that your family history connects so closely with one of our Founders.

I think our Founders would be thrilled to see all of the great things happening within the Fraternity.
Management Consultant Jim Harris stated, “When something captures your heart, you are driven
to succeed.” Our members are engaged as we consistently see examples of our sisters Exceeding
the Expectation! This year’s award process had an unprecedented level of participation. The
accomplishments of our chapters and individual members are momentous and shine a bright light on
our beloved AOII. We have much to celebrate at Convention! I look forward to seeing each of you
in Chicago!

Allison Allgier To Dragma • 7
International President

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

FraternityNews Northern Kentucky University
Nu Omega
Spring 2013 Colonizations

Kentucky Wesleyan College
Beta Chi

••• Colonization Dates: February 15- 17, 2013
Colonizing Officer: Allison Allgier
Colonization Team: Allison Allgier, Kristen Phelps

(Resident Consultant), Jennifer Martinkovic (NSD),

Kimberly Sons, Troy LeForge, Becky Rogers, Sherry

Dutton, Blair Dudley, Amy Jo Gabel
• AOII Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Epsilon Omega
(Eastern Kentucky U), Kappa Omega (U of Kentucky), and

••• Re-Colonization Dates: January 25-26, 2013 Pi Alpha (U of Louisville)
Colonizing Officer: Barb Zipperian
Colonization Team: Barb Zipperian, Brittani Hudson

(Resident Consultant), Rachel Higdon (NSD), Kara

Mantooth, Whitney Waters, Sandy Stewart
• AOII Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Alpha Chi (Western
Kentucky U) and Chi Lambda (U of Evansville)

Columbia University Monmouth University
Alpha Iota Theta

••• Colonization Dates: March 1- 3, 2013
Colonizing Officer: Karen Galehan
Colonization Team: Karen Galehan, Meredith Dunn

••• Re-Colonization Dates: February 22- 24, 2013 (Resident Consultant), Jaynellen Jenkins (NSD), Sarah
Colonizing Officer: Susan Danko
Colonization Team: Susan Danko, Nevena Pehar (Resident Blank, Kaya Miller, Andi Lucas, Jordan McCarter,

Bailey Read
• AOII Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Alpha Nu
Consultant), Angela Noble (NSD), Sarah Blank, Mary Kate (Ramapo College of New Jersey) and Lambda Upsilon

Sweeney, Kara Mantooth, Koren Phillips, Jaynellen Jenkins, (Lehigh U)

Mariellen Sasseen, Andrea Theobald, Amy Jo Gabel
• AOII Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Beta Upsilon (Bryant U)
and Theta Pi (Wagner College)

8 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

U of Washington Milestone Anniversaries
Congratulations to each of these chapters
••• Re-Colonization Dates: March 8- 11, 2013 on years of sisterhood, memories and life-
Colonizing Officer: Gayle Fitzpatrick long commitment to Alpha Omicron Pi!
Colonization Team: Gayle Fitzpatrick, Mallory Stratton
25 Years
(Resident Consultant), Meghan Granito (NSD), Kimberly
Alpha Lambda (Georgia Southern U)
Sons, Kara Mantooth, Troy LeForge, Liz Pietsch, Debbie
was installed on April 30, 1988.
Tam, Courtney Dillard, Mary Catherine Stewart
• AOII Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Alpha Gamma 75 Years
(Washington State U), Tau Gamma (Eastern Washington
Sigma Tau (Washington College)
U), and Beta Kappa (U of British Columbia)
was installed on May 14, 1938.

Upcoming Fall 2013 Colonizations

The 2012-2013 academic year ended with nine new collegiate colonizations/installations and next fall is
already o to a great start. E orts have already begun for our two chapter re-colonizations this fall. Contact
Sherry Dutton at [email protected] if you are interested in working with either of the new
chapters listed below, or Kara Mantooth at [email protected] for additional information on
the colonization plans.

Florida State University Oregon State University
(Alpha Pi) (Alpha Rho)

The recolonization of our AOII is pleased to be
Alpha Pi Chapter at Florida returning to Oregon State
State University will occur U, Oregon’s Land-Grant
in early September. Located in Tallahassee, FL, university and largest public research institution.
Florida State University is a public institution, Alpha Rho was originally founded in 1926 and
which enrolls 40,255 students. Our new chapter the chapter’s charter has been held in trust since
will become the 16th NPC organization on campus 1992. Alpha Rho will be joining Alpha Chi
joining Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Chi
Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa
Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa and Sigma Kappa to become the 11th NPC
Gamma, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha. organization on campus. The recolonization will
Originally installed in 1949, the chapter’s charter take place in November.
has remained in trust since 1980.


Are you BUYING

the Sorority

Are we more than $150 dresses and a strand of pearls? What are

the compelling elements of the contemporary sorority experience? In
December, two professional colleagues and I presented a program at
the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) Annual Meeting that
asked those very questions. In exploring marketing, gender, and student
development theories, we wanted to begin a conversation that addressed
the issues confronting the contemporary sorority woman.

As a professional who has worked with sorority women from the fraternity
headquarters and campus perspectives, I’ve seen firsthand the negative
associations with the sorority experience. Our presentation’s framework was
theory, but our examples were from current trends ranging from alcohol
abuse to recruitment to the frenzy over getting a Lilly Pulitzer print. To
be clear, none of this conversation was intended to demonize femininity,
nor was it really about the nature or relevance of feminism. This is about
college-aged women and the sorority experience. It is about our members.

10 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Leaders of Sexual
the Pack identity

My colleague and co-presenter, Girls on Girls are becoming sexualized at
the Edge
Cori Gilbert Wallace, is an Executive earlier ages; the Halloween costume
Council member of Delta Gamma. While not about college-aged example springs to mind. When I
She’s also a gifted marketing dressed up as a witch at age seven,
professional and has a keen way of women, Leonard Sax’s book, “Girls I had a long black gown that my
making sense out of Greek culture on the Edge” helps make sense of mother made, a pointy hat, and an
in terms of branding. Based on Seth what is happening to young women in orange, pumpkin-patterned cape. It
Godin’s book, “Tribes,” Cori described their adolescence. Sax identified four was not at all scary and it definitely
the appealing nature of femininity and factors that are driving the behavior wasn’t sexy. Peruse the costumes for
status that our sororities sometimes of young women: sexual identity, similarly-aged children now and you’ll
convey. The “tribe” in this case is the the cyberbubble, obsessions, and find a sexy witch. The problem is
sorority and young women can literally environmental toxins. For scientists that sexual identity is something that
buy their way into the tribe. It’s not the out there, the toxins portion is people develop over time, with an
same thing as paying dues and it’s not particularly compelling, but not so understanding of themselves and how
to suggest bribery. It’s about the idea much for our purposes, other than they relate to a partner. Sexualization
that sorority women today are striving to understand that girls are, in fact, is what’s happening with the costume
to convey an image of privilege and growing up faster. Understanding the example- it’s “sexiness” for the benefit
status. It’s the idea that if you don’t remaining three opens up a window of others. The message sent by the
fit the sorority mold, there’s a way to into how current sorority women have sexy witch costume is what’s causing
purchase it. gotten to where they are. The book is girls to feel like they’re supposed to be
ultimately a parenting guide, and I’d sexy and to act sexy before they really
The depictions of this life are recommend it to any AOII with young understand it.
everywhere from (that’s or teenage daughters. From a different
Total Sorority Move for the pop culture perspective, though, it’s a fascinating Fast forward to college and sorority
novices) to the Lilly print campaign to way to understand the problems women who are still defining their
Tumblr and Pinterest. Certainly, not college women are facing. What it sexuality in terms of what other
every chapter or campus is like this, boils down to is this: the ultimate people think it should be. The hook
but I’m willing to bet that at least one crisis facing young women today is up culture is rampant and women
of those references is familiar to nearly that they are defining themselves consistently say that “it’s not a big
every collegiate AOII. The problem through others’ views rather than their deal.” There’s the groupie in the
isn’t inherently in the Lilly print or own sense of self. frat house that has hooked up with
in the tee shirt; it’s when the outward half the guys in the chapter. She’s
lifestyle is really all that there is. In fact, getting attention, but not respect.
we advertise for the Emporium in this There’s the “lesbian chic” trend where
magazine and hope that people will women make out with each other
shop there. I certainly do. But when for guys’ enjoyment. There’s the
sorority women are wearing their tee pressure that you have to be a little
shirts because they want to buy into a promiscuous, but not too much so. I
status or fit into a mold, then we’re not won’t even get into what Halloween
offering enough. The true experience costumes are like on a college campus.
of being an AOII can’t just be about Unfortunately, by this age, it would
the trappings. be normal for young women to be
exploring their sexual identity, but
because they’ve already been pushed
to do so earlier, they’ve started
behaving sexually without really
understanding it.

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 11

A 2012 article from Emily Heist Moss arena and getting sucked in to it? What does this have to do with
posted on hit the crux of Young women are having a particularly sorority women? First and foremost
the issue. “The wiggle room between difficult time learning the difference. is the central idea that this brand or
the rock and the hard place-that sweet Studies show that teenage and college- microcelebrity persona is false. The
spot between being wanted and being aged women spend significantly greatest damage can be caused by the
respected-is all but non-existent. It is more time on Facebook, Twitter, or lack of true personal exploration and
a sliver, a tiny wedge, the narrowest other social media than their male more focus on outward appearances.
of alleys. Adult women spend years counterparts. When you think about The potential for practical damage is
trying to find it, alternating between it, it’s not a terribly different concept there as well. The persona sorority
extremes, recalibrating, shooting for than the days of high school girls tying women are creating is for peer-to-peer
appreciation without denigration. Look up their parents’ phone lines for hours show; the social norm may be to post
at me, but not for too long. Want me, every night. Is it really so bad if it’s photos from spring break or beer pong
but don’t try so hard. Think that I’m just a tech-savvy version of that same with the guys. That doesn’t help when
beautiful, but know that I’m classy. But natural tendency? It is if it’s all just a potential employer is checking the
not too classy.” for show. internet for background on a potential
employee or intern.
There’s no question that there are The difference with the cyberbubble
sorority women out there who, is that it creates a persona, which may Social media posturing also doesn’t
externally, say they don’t care about the not be truly reflective of who the help balance expectations for real life.
choices they’re making, but internally, user actually is. I am certainly guilty Most of us on Facebook have at least
they’re conflicted. And there’s no of having typed a status update only one friend we’ve deemed annoying
question that there are women in to delete it before posting to write because she keeps posting status updates
college who really don’t care. But if something funnier, smarter, or cooler. like, “went to the store to get milk,
they don’t really know the difference, When you only have 140 characters to stood in line for ten minutes.” No
we have a problem. say something, you have to get it right. one cares. The reality, though, is that
going to the store for milk is sometimes
For young women, that means that you the most interesting thing we may
do all day. Our news feeds may tell a
have to have only the coolest interests different story, but every day life isn’t
on your profile, you have to “like” always about new jobs, engagements,
what everybody else is liking, and birth announcements, and vacations.
you definitely have to have the perfect Social media contains a certain amount
of posturing inherently, but younger
Fifteen picture. Ultimately, young women are generations have not learned to tell
creating a brand of themselves. the difference. In turn, we have a
generation of sorority women who
Sax’s book talks about the idea of the only know how to measure their lives
against someone else’s online presence.
minutes “microcelebrity.” People whose videos
go viral, whose tweets are re-tweeted,
and whose posts get shared- those are
the microcelebrities of our time. Young

of online women desperately want to be that
microcelebrity, but they do not want
to be famous for the wrong reason.
Caitlin Upton, former Miss South

fame Carolina Teen USA, is the wrong kind
of microcelebrity. Sure, she’s beautiful,

but in her infamous pageant interview

I know a 12-year-old that has in 2007, her incoherent response made
her an internet sensation and not in the
Facebook. One of my friends has “cool” way. The same Jezebel article
already reserved her baby’s name on by Moss references this idea in that
Gmail. This is the world we live in, young women are being as careful as
but how do people learn to draw the politicians or real celebrities, because
line between engaging in the online once you put something online, it will

stay there forever. Not only that, it can

get mocked endlessly.

12 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013


ABtEhUrxeeYpSeIyorNroioeGurnitcye? I can’t count the number of times I’ve

heard a sorority woman say “I’m totally
obsessed.” Whether it’s Ryan Gosling,
Glee, or whatever they just saw on
Pinterest, they’re obsessed or they hate
it. There is very little middle ground,
which is not healthy long-term. In
the short term, though, a college
woman being melodramatic isn’t new
or particularly interesting. What’s
interesting is when the obsession is
dangerous, when it’s stunting her
personal growth, or when it’s being sold
to her as a form of perfection.

Dangerous obsessions take the form
of things like eating disorders or
self-mutilation (commonly known as
cutting). What’s also dangerous, but
more subtle, are the obsessions over
being “the smart one,” “the popular
one,” or “the pretty one.” Early in
their teens, girls are getting messages
from other people about who they are
and how they might excel. The gifted
violin player is constantly being told
that she’s a gifted violin player. Now
recognized by her peers for this, their
approval makes her think she needs
to keep practicing and she becomes
obsessed. Here’s the potential problem.
Has anyone ever asked her if she likes
playing the violin? Maybe she does
and that’s great, but there’s another
problem. What else is she besides a
violin player? And what happens if she
auditions for a music scholarship at her
dream college and gets rejected?

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 13

More than ever, young women are Moral
pinning their hopes and dreams on Development
something external. No one’s identity
can be just about being a violin player; In the field of college student Gilligan’s theory was created to take
it has to be multi-layered and about into account the concern women have
who you are as a person. If that dream development theory, Kohlberg is the with care and responsibility of others.
doesn’t come true, there has to be hallmark of moral development, along What begins for young women as
something to fall back on- a security with Gilligan, whose theory specifically morality centered on decisions that
in knowing that a young woman can relates to women. Tanner Marcantel, focus on one’s own needs transforms
be successful and happy just being member of Theta Xi Fraternity and over time into women understanding
herself. By no means do I think that the Assistant Dean & Director of Greek that care for yourself and others can
sorority experience inherently markets Affairs at Georgia Tech, also served as go hand-in-hand. This is ultimately
those obsessions, but we need to a co-presenter at AFA. He focused our where young women should be- in a
consider the message that we send and attention on the developmental nature state where they can make decisions
how it contributes to the lives of those of the issues facing sorority women. for the benefit of others, without losing
members who are most vulnerable. Naturally, he turned to Kohlberg and themselves in the process. For those of
Gilligan to frame our conversation us in an advising capacity, the question
Think about what the violinist example about young women’s choices. In is how do we create catalysts for women
looks like in a sorority chapter. A gung- Kohlberg’s model, he poses stages that to develop through these phases in a
ho new member falls in love with the describe a person’s regard for the value healthy and intentional manner?
chapter and is immediately identified of human beings and the reciprocity of
as a potential future officer. She serves human relations. It’s a solid foundation
on committees, attends chapter every to understand how young people
week, and she can always be counted develop their morality, but garnered
on to participate in any campus criticism, especially related to women’s
philanthropy event. She eventually moral development. Kohlberg’s theory
serves on LC as New Member Educator is based on the concepts of justice and
and is told by some that she’s a shoe-in rights. Where’s the emotion?
for Chapter President next year. What
happens if she doesn’t get elected?
Or what happens if she does and her
leadership style causes her to be an
ineffective president?

As AOIIs, the question we need to ask ourselves
in situations like this is, are we providing a solid
enough AOII membership experience for her
to fall back on or will her AOII identity be all
about attaining her ideal position?

14 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Trophy We can’t go back and re-raise our
Wives members from childhood, freeing
them from sexy witch costumes. We
Our presenting team created a certainly can’t expect that Facebook
will go away, we would never
hashtag “#trophywives” to allow AFA demonize anyone who wants to be a
attendees to engage in social media homemaker, and we would not want
discussion surrounding our topic. The to discourage our violin players from
idea of using trophy wives came from following their passion.
the name of our presentation, but Each of us, though, even the
more than that, stemmed from our collegians in the middle of this storm,
point that sororities pride ourselves on need to think critically about how
developing strong, confident college the sorority experience can be better
graduates, while some members are defined by our internal values rather
priding themselves on their potential as than our external image.
trophy wives- women whose primary
aspirations involve wearing the right Sorority women are
dress and serving the perfect appetizer absolutely craving more.
found on Pinterest.
by Jordan McCarter, Delta (Tufts U), AOII Director of Chapter Services and Membership
The tweets of our colleagues were Experience. Additional contributions by Cori Gilbert Wallace, Vice President of
thoughtful and inspired. Unexpectedly, Communications, Delta Gamma Executive Council and Tanner Marcantel, Assistant Dean
we noticed that someone unrelated of Students and Director of Greek Affairs at Georgia Tech, member of Theta Xi Fraternity.
to our presentation or our conference
had used the same hashtag. We were To Dragma • 15
able to see from her profile that she
was, ironically, a sorority woman. She
is not an AOII, but does attend a large
university in the southeast where AOII
has a chapter. Her tweet was about
cooking dinner with a sorority sister
for their boyfriends and how they’d
someday be the perfect #trophywives.

There’s nothing wrong with cooking
dinner for a boyfriend or husband, of
course. The desire to be the trophy
wife is a manifestation of what
Sax’s book refers to as “maladaptive
perfectionism.” It’s the gap that
exists between living up to your
own expectations and being perfect
for an external public. So this begs
the question- how do our collegiate
members learn to balance internal
and external expectations? How do
our members learn how to define
themselves on their own terms?

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

16 • To Dragma

We Need to Talk About:


by Mariellen Sasseen, Director of To Dragma and Archives, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)

It was a beautiful spring morning in 2008 when news of a suicide shattered
my life for the second time. It started with a phone call from my oldest
brother Kerry. I answered with a cheery hello assuming he was just calling
to talk about life, kids, or maybe the weather. I was very mistaken.

A few minutes earlier, he had arrived at his office, opened his email and
noticed a message sent a few hours earlier from our middle brother, Brad.
The subject line just read “Urgent.” Kerry was gripped with fear as he
read an apology and a request to please come pick up his beloved pets.
With added knowledge that Brad was only one week away from facing
the painful first anniversary of his wife’s death - by suicide – Kerry’s fear
was intensified. Scared and stunned, Kerry rushed to his car and phoned
me en route. After absorbing the crushing news, I rushed toward my own
car trying to remain hopeful that Kerry would somehow arrive in time
and this nightmare would just be a threat, at worst a failed attempt, but
certainly not a success. As I drove toward one brother’s home, I stayed on
the phone with the other for support as he entered Brad’s condo, silently
listening – a door opening, a dog barking then whimpering, Kerry calling
out Brad’s name, then a cry of grief. In the absence of words, silence can
be devastating.

No family should have to endure this. Tragically, clinical depression
claimed the life of my sister-in-law, Kathy, without me ever knowing
she had been diagnosed. After her death, Brad had explained she didn’t
want to talk about her depression to others and hid her symptoms well.
A combination of several suicide risk factors overwhelmed my brother.
Outwardly, he appeared to be coping though he didn’t want to talk about it
either. It’s certainly easier to not talk about suicide and depression, but we
need to be talking. We need to start talking NOW.

To Dragma • 17

SUICIDE IS the leading cause of
PREVENTABLE death in the United States

and Canada today. ~ Awareness and education are the first steps toward prevention.

We eed to tal about: 90% of the people who die by suicide have a
THE NUMBERS diagnosable and treatable psychiatric disorder at
the time of their death.
Suicide statistics are sad and alarming. In both
the United States and Canada, suicide is the 80% of the people who seek treatment for
3rd leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year- depression are treated successfully, but
olds and the second leading cause for college almost 50% of those who need help don’t
aged students. A 2011 Youth Risk Behavioral seek treatment.
Survey, by the Centers for Disease Control,
found that almost one in six of American youth Too many people are at risk because they
(15.8%) have seriously considered suicide in do not seek treatment for depression. Are
the previous twelve months. More than one in you depressed? Do you know someone else
eight youth (12.8%) actually made a suicide who might be? Depression is different from
plan in that time period, and more than one normal sadness in that it engulfs day-to-day
out of every thirteen youth (7.8%) reported life, interfering with the ability to sleep, eat,
attempting suicide one or more times in the work, study, or enjoy life. When life becomes
last twelve months. overwhelming with feelings of helplessness,
hopelessness, and worthlessness, it’s time to
Overall, 38,364 suicide deaths were reported seek help from a professional.
in the United States in 2010, which is a rate of
12 deaths per 100,000 citizens. With similar
numbers, Canada’s suicide stats from 2009
report 3,890 deaths, a rate of 11.5 deaths per
100,000 people. Canada also projects that
their 2009 suicides represent 100,000 years of
potential life lost to those Canadians citizens.

We eed to tal about: Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

The strongest risk factor for suicide is
depression. Therefore, it is important we
are aware of these facts:

35 million Americans – more than 16% - suffer
from a depression severe enough to need
treatment at some point in their lives.

18 • To Dragma

We need to talk about: We need to talk about:
Other Suicidal Potential
Risk Factors Suicidal
Warning Signs
Depression is not the only concern. The
following factors, alone or in combination, are If depression is present, the following warning
often linked to suicide: signs may indicate that you should be closely
monitoring a loved one. These behaviors serve
- Alcohol or drug abuse and dependence as warning signs particularly when they are not
- Past history of suicide attempts characteristic of the person’s normal behavior.
- Mental health disorders such as
Schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, - Insomnia
or Bipolar Depression - Intense anxiety or panic attacks
- Eating disorders - Feeling desperate or trapped -- like there’s no
- Physical or sexual abuse way out
- Firearms in the home - Feeling hopeless
- Chronic physical illness or pain - Feeling that there’s no reason to live
- Incarceration - Rage or anger
- Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others - Acting reckless or engaging in risky activities
- Family history of mental health disorder or - Engaging in violent or self-destructive behavior
- Increasing alcohol or drug use
substance abuse - Withdrawing from friends or family
- Family history of suicide
- Family violence

We need to talk about: We need to talk about:
Imminent Recognizing
Warning Signs Dangers

If someone you love is demonstrating any of In 50-75% of all suicides, the person does give
the following behaviors, seek help immediately. some warning of their suicidal intentions to a
Assume the threat is serious, even more so if the friend or family member.
lives of others could be in danger. Also know
that up to 50% of people who commit suicide In the presence of depression and other risk
have made a previous attempt. factors, having ready access to guns and other
weapons, prescription or risky over-the-counter
-Threatening to hurt or kill themselves medications, or other methods of self-harm
- Looking for ways to kill themselves increases suicide risk. If you become aware of
(weapons, pills or other means) impending dangers such as these in the presence
- Talking or writing about death, dying of a depressed loved one, try to remove the
or suicide dangers from their access.
- Mentions plans or preparations for
a potentially serious attempt

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 19

We need to talk about: We need to talk about:
Being a Good Follow-up
Listener Treatment

When you feel the need to approach anyone about Suicidal individuals are often hesitant to seek
these issues, show your concern and be a good help and may need your continuing support to
listener. If you fear they are depressed, ask if maintain the proper treatment. If medication is
they are considering suicide and try to discover prescribed, make sure your friend or loved one
whether they have already thought through a is taking it exactly as prescribed. Be aware of
particular plan. Ask if they have a therapist, possible side effects and be sure to notify the
whether they have been prescribed medications physician if the person seems to be getting worse
and if they are currently taking them. Do not and is unwilling to do so. Frequently the first
attempt to argue with them – just seek basic medication is not the right fit. It may take time
information and listen while they talk. and persistence to find the right medication(s) and
therapy for each individual.

We need to talk about: We need to talk about:
Seeking Suicide and
Professional the College
Help Student

In a stressful situation: The second leading cause of death among college
students is suicide, which accounts for about 1,100
- Be actively involved in encouraging the person deaths per year on campuses in the United States.
to see a physician or mental health professional
immediately. Suicide outpaces alcohol as a cause of death
- Individuals contemplating suicide often don’t among college students, according to the first
believe they can be helped, so you may have to study in more than 70 years to look at the major
be persistent. causes of college mortality in the United States.
- Help the person find a knowledgeable mental
health professional or a reputable treatment The American College Health Association (ACHA)
facility, and take them to the treatment. reported that suicide rates among young adults,
ages 15-24, has tripled since the 1950s.
In a crisis situation:
College students are usually away from home
- Do not leave a person alone who is considering and friends for the first time, far from support
suicide and/or discussing a plan. systems, and living with strangers. Add the
- Remove firearms, drugs or sharp objects that intense academic pressure, disrupted sleeping,
could be used for suicide. poor eating and exercise patterns and you could
- Take the person to an emergency room or walk- hardly design a more stressful atmosphere,
in clinic at a psychiatric hospital. particularly when depression or other mental
- If a psychiatric facility is unavailable, go to your health issues get involved.
nearest hospital or clinic.

If the above options are unavailable, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

20 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Technology may be overwhelming today’s college We need
student. According to Gregory Eells, Director of to talk
Counseling and Psychological Services at Cornell about it
University, “All this technology distracts you from
developing important emotional skills, which are a NOW!
sign of emotional maturity.” Today’s students lack
the skills to stay focused and understand that one
cannot control everything.

College campuses everywhere have expanded their
mental health counseling services, and suicide and
depression awareness programs in recent years. Most
offer free services to full-time students.

If you, or a loved one needs support, seek help
immediately. We need to talk about suicide
prevention more often because by talking, we
can save lives.

WebMD: Recognizing the Warning Signs of Suicide. From

Duenwald, Mary, NY Times (June 2003), More Americans Seeking Help for Depression. From

Navaneelan, Tanya, Health at a Glance, Statistics Canada Catalogue (July 2012), Suicide Rates: An Overview. From

Youth Fact Sheet (2013) From From

Di Meglio, Francesca, Bloomberg Businessweek (May 2012), Stress Takes Toll on College Students. From

Burrell, Jackie, Guide, College and Teen Suicide Suicide Statistics. From




Why I

decided to
go Greek

by Haley Cahill, Sigma Gamma (Appalachian State U)

Most anyone will tell you that your college As my sophomore year rolled around, I was excited
years are some of the best years of your life. to get back in the swing of things. The first
Television shows and magazines depict college couple weeks of school were hectic and I stayed
as a priceless experience full of adventure and very busy. After things settled down, I fell into
spontaneity, and memories that last a lifetime. the same slump I experienced the previous year.
Like most other incoming freshmen, I was so I kept to myself and did most things alone, like
eager to begin a new chapter of life and discover studying, eating, and exercising. While I’m a very
a newfound sense of independence. As an out- optimistic, happy person, I lost a lot of passion
of-state student, I was beyond excited to meet for school and socializing at that time, thinking
new people and immerse myself in new activities. I would never have the college experience I was
Sadly, my freshman year did not exactly live up looking for.
to all of my lofty expectations.
I reached my breaking point in September. I
Don’t get me wrong; I had a great first year at visited my sister in Greenville, North Carolina
Appalachian State U. I had the most amazing during Labor Day weekend, excited to get away
roommate, who became one of my closest for a weekend. I vividly remember whispering to
friends. I met many new friends and became her, “Want to hear a secret? I’m thinking about
active in countless clubs and organizations. But I transferring.” She was shocked, as I had always
often found myself thinking I was not having the given her the impression that I loved college and
college experience I had anticipated. I stepped was having the time of my life. I revealed to
outside of my comfort zone the entire year and
attended events and club meetings, hoping to find
something that was really fulfilling. While I met
a lot of new people and stayed busy, I finished the
year still feeling like something was missing.

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 23

her that while I did enjoy college, it was not what something bigger than myself. Gaining over 100 new
I anticipated. With each word that came out of friends that all share the same, special bond is one of
my mouth, I felt myself growing more and more the most remarkable things I’ve ever experienced.
emotional until tears owed freely from my eyes. This sorority has provided the niche I had been
A year’s worth of frustration had been building up looking for, the college experience I wanted, and the
to that point. It was then that I realized how truly friends I had been missing.
unhappy I was. So at rst, my sister was excited about
the possibility of me transferring to her alma mater, Each day is more and more rewarding. I am
East Carolina University. After further thought, she constantly amazed by the grace and sel essness of
was not sure if ECU was a good t for me either. So these sisters and their continuous, unconditional love
we brainstormed, and she asked the question that had and support. I have absolutely found a place where
great potential to change my life, “Have you thought I can be myself and t in perfectly. I have met some
about joining a sorority?”

There is immense gratification
in being part of something

bigger than myself.

After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion of the most intelligent, remarkable women I’ve ever
that I should learn more about sorority life. I was a known, and am honored to call them my sisters.
bit skeptical of the whole process and worried about In just two months time, I have made countless
the time and nancial commitment, but gured I memories and engaged in so many activities and
didn’t have anything to lose by at least signing up events that have regained my passion for college.
for recruitment.
As a new initiate, I can only imagine what lies
I could go on and on about the entire recruitment ahead of me, as the past two months have been
process and its emotional highs and lows, but I’ll indescribable. Going Greek was a big decision, but
simply say that at the end of it all, I received a it was absolutely the best one for me. I can’t imagine
bid from an amazing sorority. Alpha Omicron Pi where I’d be now without my sisters. This sorority
welcomed me with open arms into its sisterhood. inspires me to be a better person with each passing
day and has helped shaped me into the young lady
Within the rst week, I felt a sense of belonging in that I’m proud to be. Alpha Omicron Pi didn’t just
this sorority that I had not felt my entire freshman
year. There is immense grati cation in being part of ll a void, it has enriched my life to a level I didn’t
think possible, and for that I am eternally grateful.

24 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Haley Cahill and her Sigma Gamma (Appalachian State U) sisters!

Did you know?

Becoming a member of a sorority can have a profound e ect on your life. A Research Initiative study conducted
by The Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri-Columbia revealed that membership
in a fraternity or sorority can have a tremendous positive impact. Fraternity or sorority membership increased
student retention approximately 28 percent more than non-Greek students. The study found that Greeks are
more involved in campus and community activities both as students and as graduates, and Greek alumni also
tend to be more successful nancially than other graduates. Additionally, in a 2011-2012 survey of member
organizations conducted by NPC, the following data represents just a snapshot of what was collected:

Women remain engaged with sorority after graduation
Twenty-six member groups report that there are 3,932 active alumnae chapters around the world (a number
larger than the number of established collegiate chapters on college campuses).

Once initiated, GPAs of sorority women tend to skew higher
The majority of NPC member groups require a study skills component as part of sorority life. Most member
groups require an average 2.5 GPA to join, but the median GPA of initiated members was higher in 2011-2012 –
3.2 (spring) and 3.19 (fall).

The success and continuation of sorority remains dependent on dedicated volunteers
Twenty-two of 26 groups reporting listed a total of 23,959 volunteers providing services on a local level to
collegiate and alumnae chapters – about the population of a small-sized city or town.

All NPC member groups remain committed to community service
Twenty- ve NPC member groups reported having a relationship with an established “national philanthropy.”
Relationships with organizations developed as early as 1911 and remain viable today.

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 25

MMIFakse a Difference

The Recruitment process inspires a new beginning as we welcome new sisters to our Fraternity. We all have a role
to play in the process of providing Potential New Members (PNMs) the opportunity of AOII membership.

Alpha Omicron Pi encourages all alumnae members in good standing, as well as collegiate members, to support
our collegiate chapters in some way during Formal Recruitment. An easy way to do this is by submitting a
Membership Information Form (MIF) for a potential new member you may know participating in recruitment.
Collegiate members may submit a MIF only on PNMs attending a university other than their own. MIFs are
an essential way for chapters to identify outstanding young women who would be valuable assets to AOII. The
submission of these forms provides important background information and ensures that a PNM is given careful
consideration and has a positive experience during the recruitment process.

While only collegiate members have the privilege of membership selection (and providing a MIF does not guarantee
an invitation for membership), an alumna’s role is increasingly significant in ensuring stable membership for a
collegiate chapter. Your recognition of our values in a potential new member and identifying them is an essential
part of a chapter’s success.

The Greek Community is continually growing, and interest in NPC organizations is increasing. Recruitment
enrollment, quotas and campus total are on the rise at most college campuses. Women need a way to set themselves
apart and securing these forms is a great way to do that. The more information a chapter has about a potential new
member beforehand - the better! In addition, sharing the benefits of Greek membership with these potential new
members makes the recruitment process smoother for everyone.

We hope you are as Commonly
excited as we are to watch Asked
our chapters exceed the Questions
expectation and welcome
our newest AOII
sisters this fall!

26 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

What is a MIF? This new online process helps streamline the process
for our collegiate chapters and we encourage all
A MIF is the AOII shorthand for a Membership members to use it. If, however, you require a paper
Information Form. Our easy to use, electronically version of the form, contact AOII International
submitted form provides helpful information on a Headquarters at (615) 370-0920.
Potential New Member (PNM) to a collegiate chapter.
For many of our collegiate chapters, recruitment The PNM gave me a resume and photo.
success is highly dependent on the receipt of How do I submit them electronically?
Membership Information Forms from AOII alumnae.
All alumnae in good standing with the Fraternity, The PNM lives in a digital world and she, most
as well as collegiate members, are encouraged to certainly, has an electronic copy of the resume and
participate in the process that benefits both the photo she provided. Call or email her to send you
chapter and the potential new member. Information a digital copy of each so you can easily attach them
provided by alumnae ensures that all potential to the form. Please complete the boxes on the form
new members are given serious consideration for whether the resume is attached or not.
membership. Collegiate members may submit MIFs
for PNMs attending a university other than their own. Can I write a MIF on someone I do not know?

Alpha Omicron Pi strongly encourages the pledging Yes! Our collegiate chapters always welcome the
of verified legacies whenever possible, so letting information you can offer in the MIF whether you
chapters know a PNM is an AOII Legacy is also know the PNM or not. Gather all the information
crucial. Legacy information is now part of the online and submit it to the chapter, just as you would for
MIF so a separate form is not required. MIFs should someone you know. There is an appropriate place
be submitted to the chapter prior to the start of on the MIF to indicate whether you know the PNM
the formal recruitment period to give the chapter personally, know her based on a reliable source or are
members the opportunity to learn about each PNM just providing information as a courtesy.
before recruitment begins. Visit the Panhellenic page
of the university website to find recruitment dates.

How do I submit a MIF? What materials do I need to write an AOII MIF?

AOII now uses an electronic MIF that is very easy to You will need to ask the PNM to provide you with
use. Visit the AOII website at www.alphaomicronpi. her contact information, high school/previous
org and locate the Membership Information Form college name and GPA, as well as her high school/
under “Alumnae” in the toolbar. Access the MIF college activities and honors. A current photograph
by clicking the link called “Submit A MIF HERE.” is also strongly recommended. If the PNM provides
Complete and submit the online form as indicated. you with a resume, there is a place to attach it
The Legacy Information Form is now a part of the electronically, but you should still complete the form
new MIF so there is no need to submit a separate by filling in the blanks.
legacy information document. For your convenience,
indicate the university your PNM is attending on the I’m a collegiate member.
form and the MIFs will route to AOII International Can I submit a MIF on a friend?
Headquarters to be electronically distributed to the
correct collegiate chapters. For questions, email Yes! Our collegiate members can be valuable in
[email protected] or call AOII International this process. AOII does allow collegiate members to
Headquarters at (615) 370-0920. submit MIFs for women attending another school,
but not for PNMs on their own campus.


Marking AOII History
by Meredith Dunn, Tau Omicron (U of Tennessee Martin), AOII Educational Leadership Consultant

The Founders of AOII are a subject that has been taught to Jaynellen feels a strong connection with Bess. “I’ve always
each and every new member of our sisterhood. Starting been a collector of Elizabeth Heywood Wyman facts and her
with information passed along throughout the early years, to mailing addresses when appearing in To Dragma or in the
thorough and colorful details in The Promise, our members AOII archives at Headquarters.” The connection between
learn about the lives of Helen, Jessie, Stella and Elizabeth. the two goes even further through their professions. Bess
As AOII women, we have a strong interest in learning more spent seventeen years teaching at Bloomfield High School
about the lives of our Founders. For Jaynellen Jenkins, Phi and reorganized the department when she became the
Beta (East Stroudsburg U) her passion for information about Supervisor of English. Like Bess, Jaynellen is an educator
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman recently led her to discover and has walked the same hallways as the Founder. “Being
more than she ever imagined. a former Assistant Principal at Bloomfield High School
afforded me access to high school yearbooks where
Jaynellen, who is the Network Specialist -Development she appears as an English and German teacher, English
for AOII’s new colony at Monmouth U, shares the same Supervisor and Senior class teacher,” said Jaynellen. “Inside
hometown of Bloomfield, New Jersey with Founder those yearbook pages, you even find songs written to Bess
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman. By sharing the same roots, from her students.”

Alpha Nu’s (Ramapo College of New
Jersey) arrival as our first chapter in New
Jersey created an AOII renaissance among
alumnae in the state. With talks of a
presentation opportunity for expansion
at Columbia U and a new AOII colony
coming to Monmouth U, Jaynellen was
inspired to find where Bess was laid to rest.
“Placing a rose on her grave and sharing
a good luck prayer for Alpha’s potential
return seemed like a great idea.”

Jaynellen adds, “Acting on a hunch, I took a
stroll through Bloomfield Cemetery which
is about 25 yards from Bloomfield High
School. Bess’ whole life seemed to occur
within a six block radius in town and with
the historic connections to local history
found in the cemetery, I quickly learned I
was absolutely correct! In just five minutes,
I found the Wyman family plot.”

28 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Elizabeth Heywood Wyman’s maternal grandparents have ancestral connections to To Dragma • 29
the historic families of Bloomfield. The Wyman and Baldwin family plots found in
Bloomfield, NJ are on the right.

“With my iPhone in hand, I began taking photographs of
names on headstones.” The first headstone read Elizabeth
Wyman, deceased in 1970 and was married to Arthur. A
second stone belonged to another Elizabeth Wyman but
this one was married to William. “I knew I was on to
something but was not sure,” said Jaynellen. “I found Sarah
Pitt Baldwin Wyman and William Wilberforce Wyman. The
dates on those headstones and others would indicate they
could possibly be her parents and her siblings. The only item
missing was a headstone for Elizabeth Heywood Wyman.”

What does an AOII do with such news or when she needs
answers? Jaynellen started flooding her friends with text
messages and attaching photos to AOIIs across the country.
One of those was Lindsay Wyman, another Phi Beta alumna
and fellow Northern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter member.

Within the next few hours, the developing information
was stunning. Since the moment she was initiated in 2003,
Lindsay Wyman cannot travel in AOII circles without being
asked if she and Bess are related. Lindsay always teases and says
‘Oh, she is my aunt,’ but in reality, any time Lindsay searched
for this connection, she came up empty. With Bess having
no children of her own, it was difficult for Lindsay to find the
family connection - until now.

The photographs of the headstones that Jaynellen took at
the cemetery contained names and dates of everyone in
Bess’ immediate family. “Lindsay was off and running,”
said Jaynellen. The Wyman family has rich history dating
all the way back to 1630 and in Burlington, MA, where

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

the Wyman family home is a national historic registry t“hWoeuhsaavne ds of
location. Lindsay Wyman and her father are both active
donors and could access the entire Wyman family tree. friends who will
“Imagine the feeling of knowing it is a probability that help us.”
we are now in possession of more family ancestry for
Bess than the AOII Archives. Astonishing!” “Before leaving the cemetery after our meeting, the two of us
paid a visit to the family plot and, using a diagram we created,
Together, Jaynellen and Lindsay spent the next few determined the exact location of Bess’ grave. It became clear
weeks gathering research and cross referencing their as day to us that despite the grave being unmarked, it seemed
information. “A rapid play by play unfolded as we that the intention was to place a footstone marker. We could
worked at dual purposes. We were learning as much actually feel the indentation in the ground where it should be.
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman ancestry information as We felt a bit better but we thought to ourselves, how can we
possible and then nding where she is actually buried.” even tell our AOII sisters this grave is not properly marked?”
Jaynellen contacted Courtney Tacinelli, another Phi Beta Jaynellen and Courtney were told they needed permission
alumna and Northern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter from next of kin, and the cemetery records indicated there
member to help with the next steps. Together, they set up a were no living relatives. “We were upset but we resolved to
meeting with an employee from the Bloom eld Cemetery. quietly gain donations from our sisters. Courtney took the
“She shared the family plot information with us including lead in calling the cemetery’s monument company to gain a
Bess’ obituary. Local Bloom eld records showed us that quote while following the guidelines for historic purposes. It
Bess’ grandfather Warren S. Baldwin served on the NJ State was time for Lindsay to reach out to the Wyman Association.”
Legislature and was instrumental in the forming of the
state’s public education system.” Cemetery records showed Neither Jaynellen nor Lindsay
that Mr. Baldwin had owned the Wyman family plot. were sure that the information
“The AOII history book indicated that Bess lived with her from the cemetery records
maternal grandmother. The Bloom eld Cemetery records was correct. “Lindsay’s cross
indicated that Bess was buried with the family, but in an referencing on Ancestory.
unmarked grave.” com using U.S. Census records
showed that either Bess’ niece
“Courtney and I were devastated,” said or nephew might have a child
Jaynellen. “We explained that we could that is alive,” said Jaynellen.
not leave Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, “During the rst night of rapid
AOII Founder, a Bloom eld High research, Lindsay was also able
School Teacher who was among the rst to connect herself into Bess’ side
two females on the Bloom eld Board of of the family tree. Bess’ great-
Education, and published author in an grandfather four times removed,
unmarked grave in the town’s historic
cemetery. The employee admired our
passion and our enthusiasm but stated,
‘Ladies, I think you need to understand
the expense we are talking about. It
could be nearly $2,000.’ Our reply was
‘We have thousands of friends who
will help us’.”

30 • To Dragma

Far left, the Wyman family crest curiously includes a sheaf
of wheat. Above left: Records indicate Bess lived in this
home with her brother Arthur, his wife Elizabeth, and their
two children. Above right: Elizabeth Heywood Wyman.

Francis Wyman was the same Francis Wyman who was completely cleared. Armed with only sticks and baby wipes
Lindsay’s great-grandfather seven times removed. Learning we were able to clean the marble stone so it was free of dirt.”
that Lindsay was actually distant cousins to Bess brought tears
of joy in multiple households. Through tears, Lindsay asked Jaynellen continues, “I was sitting with my girls telling
me if she was now considered an AOII Legacy. I replied, ‘No them about Alpha Chapter and Barnard and the Columbia
Lindsay, this is even better’!” presentation in a few weeks. I’m so glad that my girls are
sponges and know their AOII songs! We were singing, ‘Bring
While the research continued, the missing footstone still me a rose in the winter time…when they’re hard to find!’ It
lingered in the back of Jaynellen’s mind. “Every hunch seemed very fitting to sing this song over this hard-to-find
I’ve had about Bess’ relationships to the town of Bloomfield footstone!”
and the history was correct. My new hunch was that the
footstone was actually there.” Jaynellen went back to the When Jaynellen returned to the cemetery office to inform
cemetery and brought her two daughters, Molly, age six, and them of the find, the employee was ecstatic. She promised
Sally Elizabeth, age two. “In reality, I just wanted to see if that the cemetery grounds crew would lift the stone and place
I could find more family names that tied the Wymans and it back into a proper position. They also agreed to fix the
Baldwins to other town founders. With regard to any tools in footstone of one of Bess’ nieces that was also beginning to
hand to find the footstone, I went ill prepared.” sink. “I told them that AOII was Bess’ next of kin and from
now on, she can count on us for helping to take care of her
“Sally was walking around collecting sticks and tidying up family’s plot.”
the place. I asked her if she would share a stick with us to see
if we can find something under this dirt. It was just moments During the research, Lindsay Wyman took a closer look at her
for Molly and I to hit what felt like the stone.” Wyman family crest hanging in her living room. Though
she had been an AOII for nearly ten years, she had never
“It was truly amazing as the stone details became uncovered. before noticed a rooster standing on top of a sheaf of wheat.
First, we cleared just enough to see her year of birth, 1877. The records for the Wyman ancestry note that the sheaf
Next, we noticed the flip side of the grass we turned over of wheat symbolizes the golden harvest or prey of warfare.
had the impression of an “H.” Once we cleared most of her Throughout the research, there is no firm confirmation that
first name, we knew we wouldn’t be satisfied until we had it Bess knew about the sheaf of wheat connection to her family

To Dragma • 31

“Wme oreraeliztehnanowwtahlkiinsgwinathse

footsteps of an AOII Founder.
It was about realizing the

brightness of Bess and

finding that inspiration

of everyday greatness

in each other.”

Armed with only sticks and baby wipes, Jaynellen Jenkins and her daughters, in Bess’ footsteps as they travel through her neighborhood from
Molly and Sally, locate, uncover and clean Elizabeth Wyman’s footstone. her home to the school. They also visit the first Central Office
on Broad Street, where Bess served five years as AOII’s first
or the interesting discovery that both AOII and Bloomfield registrar. AOII Past International President, Sally Wagaman
High School’s colors are cardinal red. visited during the spring of 2012 to present a pre-Initiation
and Ritual Workshop for Alpha Nu members in the library
“I finally gave Lindsay a tour of Bloomfield so she could see all of Bloomfield High School. Jaynellen recalls, “Sitting around
the places Bess lived and where our first AOII Headquarters was BHS with sisters chatting about AOII values and its purposes is
located on Broad Street,” said Jaynellen. “Among the addresses something I’m sure Bess, AOII’s 13th National President could
in HQ records cross referenced by Lindsay in the 1940 U.S. have never imagined.”
Census records was 19 Overlook Terrace in Glen Ridge. This
was the home of her brother Arthur, his wife Elizabeth and Jaynellen was finally able to accomplish what she had originally
their two children. We haven’t asked for a tour of the house but set out to do when she and her daughter made another trip to
we are so curious to see if there might be a Wyman family crest visit Bess. “Molly and I returned to the cemetery with a rose
built into its architecture.” on the Sunday before the AOII extension team presented at
Columbia. We whispered prayers and good luck for Alpha as
With such strong ties between AOII and New Jersey, members we left our rose behind.
have become inspired to maintain the AOII traditions in the
state. Both the South Jersey Alumnae Chapter and the Jersey As Stella George Stern Perry was once preparing a speech about
Shore Alumnae Chapter are in the process of re-establishing her friend, Bess insisted, “Please do not say a great deal about
themselves. They will join the ranks of Bess’ own Central me, I am just an everyday person and you look at me through
New Jersey Alumnae Chapter and the Northern New Jersey rose colored glasses.” In the speech, Stella thanked Bess for
Alumnae Chapter, installed last year. Alpha Nu became the being the everyday person we all rely on and added “I admit
first collegiate chapter in New Jersey when they were installed that I do look upon you with shining glasses. They get that way
at Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2011. With the recent because they are reflecting the brightness they gaze upon.”
colonization at Monmouth U, New Jersey is set to develop
current and future AOII members who can share the AOII After embarking on this journey, Jaynellen states “We realize
legacy of sisterhood. now this was more than walking in the footsteps of an AOII
Founder. It was about realizing the brightness of Bess and
Alpha Nu Chapter has incorporated Bloomfield, NJ into their finding that inspiration of everyday greatness in each other.”
New Member retreat as a new tradition. Members take a walk There is no doubt that this AOII story of everyday greatness and
sisterhood will be added to the archives for future members of
AOII to enjoy.

32 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 33

195 th Chapter Installation

Xi Rho - Sonoma State University

Alpha Omicron Pi was thrilled to welcome our 195th chapter on December
1, 2012. Allison Allgier, AOII’s International President, was the installing
o cer for the Xi Rho Chapter at Sonoma State U in Rohnert Park,
California. Alumnae and collegians from the area celebrated the Initiation
and Installation of the chapter with the newest members of AOII.

Eighty collegiate members and one alumna initiate were initiated into
AOII membership after a semester of development and growth as a colony.
Having chosen the sub-motto “Eternal Beauty through Open Hearts,”
the chapter’s distinguishing characteristics have resonated throughout the
Sonoma community.

“I feel that I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization,” says
Jessica Johnson, Xi Rho Chapter President. “AOII gave me a home away
from home. It is also very exciting to be making history as the rst chapter
of AOII at Sonoma. It is very liberating to know all of the dedication and
hard work we are putting in as founding sisters is going to help Xi Rho
succeed. We are making lifetime friends and memories.”

The Xi Rho Chapter made an immediate contribution to Sonoma’s
Greek community. The colony participated in a number of sisterhood
and philanthropy events, like a powder pu competition and “Lip Jam”,
showing their support for other Greek organizations on campus. They also
have taken the campus by storm with a very successful spring recruitment,
making an outstanding name for AOII on campus.

34 • To Dragma Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013


Eterna B au
thr Open H ar

Charter Members

Colony Activities Samantha Adair Erin Fisher Alexandria Quintong
Gabriela Aguirre Cynthia Gallo Lucia Ramirez
• Attended Northern California’s Founders’ Meghan Alonso Melissa Garcia Crystal Ramos
Aubrie Andrade Jessica Goldstein Shannon Ratchuk
Day with Sigma, Delta Sigma, and Chi Psi Katelyn Attard Kendall Green Shawna Rawlings
sisters as well as area alumnae. Melissa Bader Riley Hennessy Alexandra Rentoria
Alexandra Barker Cassandra Howard Alaina Rodriguez
• Celebrated Pi Day with Alpha Delta Pi and Cassandra Barlow Sierra Huntsinger Heidi Rusconi
Stephanie Bennett Kirsten Huxtable Brittany Sams
Alpha Epsilon Pi at a local restaurant. Hailee Boman Jessica Johnson Celene Sanchez
Brianna Bravo Kara Kirmse Mari Sanders
• Participated in Sonoma State’s rst ever Delaney Brown Melinda Kral Grace Savelli
Kayc Bunderson Rachel Leonard Sarah Smith
school wide Spring Fling with sisters Taylor Cala-Palter Alejandra Lira Shannon Smith
performing in the talent show and Melanie Capili Maydy Lo Simone Solar
volunteering at a local farm. Allison Channels Monica Lopez Christine St. Charles
Souhir Cherif Samantha Loredo Justice Stone
• Held a spring chapter retreat where the Katherine Chilidonia Eunice Lu Kelsey Thompson
MacKenzie Cima Caitlin McDonough Heather Tracy
women played paint twister, tie dyed, Luz Cisneros Shannon Messadieh Justine Valente
had a water balloon ght and each sister Sofia Covarrubias Catherine Miller Bianca Ramirez Vilchis
received an award from the Chapter Amanda Cowan Emily Molina Emma Villa
Development Committee. Lauren Dillier Juilanna Monday Shannon Wilkins
Katherine Donohoe Juliana Morcate Alison Wille
• Performed at the Step for Hope concert to Johanna Duiker Katie Muklevicz
Ellen Dupree Berenice Navarro Alumna Initiate
raise awareness for human tra cking. Shoshana Falk Sophie Origel
Megan Feldman Stephanie Pinto Amanda Pearson
• Participated in Sonoma State’s Relay for Life.
To Dragma • 35
Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013

196 th Chapter Installation

Upsilon Beta - University of Arkansas Fort Smith

Bragging Rights: • Two members serve on Panhellenic: Samantha Jo
Anderton, who is the campus’ rst VP of Sisterhood
• The Chapter President, Amanda Shook, won “Miss and Shelbie Dyer, who is the VP of Public Relations.
Congeniality” and “Miss Spirit of UAFS” at the Miss
UAFS Pageant. • The chapter’s VP of Administration, Emily Pearce,
was invited to attend the Sigma Tau Delta National
• The New Member Educator, Dalissa Barentine, won Convention and present her project titled, “The
fourth runner-up and the gown section of the Miss Dickens Twitter Project.”
UAFS Pageant.
• In their rst Strike Out Arthritis Event, Alpha Male, the
• The chapter won 1st place in Pi Kappa Phi’s Pedals for chapter succeeded in bringing together members of all
PUSH Philanthropy event. Greek organizations and brought awareness to arthritis.

36 • To Dragma Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013

Submotto: Charter Members

Unit an Ba anc Samantha Jo Anderton
Dalissa Barentine
Alpha Omicron Pi welcomed lovingly our 196th chartered chapter Madilyn Biggerstaff
on January 26, 2013 as we installed the Upsilon Beta Chapter at the Hannah Briley
U of Arkansas Fort Smith. Alumnae from the area and collegiate Heather Delano
members from Chi Theta (Northeastern State U) celebrated the Shelbie Dyer
Initiation and Installation of the chapter with the newest members of Sarah Edgemon
AOII. Twenty-six collegiate members and ÿve alumnae initiates were Cara Hamrick
initiated into AOII membership after a semester of development and Amanda Harris
growth as a colony. Hayley Kidd
Kara Kimes
Immediately following their colonization in Fall 2012, the colony Kaleigh Mack
members began a journey with much to be proud of. Their ÿrst CP, Samantha Mirda
Amanda Shook, stated “As somebody who never considered going Megan Outlaw
Greek, I can honestly say that joining the Greek community has been Emily Pearce
one of the best decisions of my life. Being involved in the foundation Sara Pixley
and groundwork of the Upsilon Beta Chapter as the ÿrst Chapter Sarah Reeves
Lauren Schluterman
President is an amazing Carol Ann Seahorn
opportunity that enables Amanda Shook
me to leave a legacy of Casey Steward
AOII at the University Madeline Strickland
of Arkansas Fort Smith. Angela Thomas
I most look forward to Jessica Trivett
the privilege of leading Pajtawgtshiab Vue
future sisters through Audra White
our beautiful Ritual,
and sharing the sisterly A° liate
love that I have received
through this Fraternity.” Brittany Law, Xi Omicron

Alumna Initiates

Cindy Hobson
Margit Krellwitz
Jani Kovach
Joan Stein
Christine Thrift

Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 37

Re-Installation of our
78 th Chapter

Beta Chi - Kentucky Wesleyan College

Alpha Omicron Pi proudly reinstalled our 78th chartered shared current Financial Adviser and Beta Chi alumna Karen
collegiate chapter on March 23, 2013. The Beta Chi Chapter Gaddis. “It is very heartwarming to welcome new sisters to
of Alpha Omicron Pi at Kentucky Wesleyan College AOII and to welcome new sisters to a renewed Beta Chi Chapter
returned to campus to the delight of many dedicated alumnae is unbelievable. The excitement that began back in October
and AOIIs from around the area. Allison Allgier, AOII when I rst heard of this process, over owed to emotions that
International President, served as the installing o cer. cannot be described. I am thrilled that AOIIs are back on
campus at Kentucky Wesleyan and look forward to being a part
Twenty-seven collegiate members were initiated into AOII of a wonderful group of young ladies – to watch them grow and
membership. The chapter will continue to be represented by see their love of AOII ourish.”
the phrase, “Live Usefully” as their sub-motto, a name that
typi es the chapter’s unique character inde nitely. This was a Fun Fact
particularly special homecoming for Beta Chi alumnae who
now live far and wide, but who assisted within the weekend’s Colony member Tina Kirk was
festivities as sponsors for the new initiates. crowned Homecoming Queen
for the 2012-2013 school year.
Beta Chi’s Chapter President, Samantha Woods, observed
“We have been able to meet so many alumnae and see their
love for Alpha Omicron Pi rekindled through our colony,
which has in turn strengthened our love for each other. This
has been the goal of our founders from the beginning. To have
reached it this quickly shows how
phenomenal my Beta Chi sisters
truly are.”

Last fall, collegiate members of the
local sorority on campus, Theta
Omega, determined they wanted
the opportunity to a liate with an
international organization. Since
they were an established group
on campus to begin with, their
assimilation into campus life was
seamless, bringing lots of bragging
rights as one of our newest

“What an amazing weekend –
following an awesome journey to
the Re-Installation of Beta Chi,”

38 • To Dragma Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013

Li UsefuSubmotto: Charter Members

Colony Activities Linda Albrecht
Kodi Amos
• AOIIs are the reigning Greek Week and Panther Cup champions. Danielle Barnett
• Eight members are Student Ambassadors. Brandye Bryant
• Nearly half of the Student Government Association consists of AOII members. Hanna Butcher
• Members are involved in many areas of campus life, including the volleyball, Madison Daybetter
Taylor Gaddis
golf, soccer, tennis, cross-country, dance, and cheerleading teams. Tara Hagan
Kimberly Holt
• The colony boasted the best New Member GPA on campus. Bridget Johnson
Tina Kirk
Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013 Taylor Kubik
Casey Lloyd
Devyn Lott
Brittney McCarthy
Mikayla McKenzie
Shelby Nardi
Jenisse Pallocios
Emily Robbins
Jordan Roberts
Emily Rogers
Heather Scott
Rachel Sheldon
Ashley Smith
Taylor Springel
Katelyn Stallings
Haleigh Stringer
Kaitie Whitney
Bailey Wilson
Samantha Woods

To Dragma • 39

Tau Celebrates
a Centennial

Congratulations to Tau Chapter on their 100th Anniversary that operations, the group had acquired prestige in the university
was celebrated August 24-26, 2012. Close to 150 people were and began to seek a national affiliation. Stella Perry wrote
on hand for the three-day event which began on Friday evening that the chapter’s “selection of Alpha Omicron Pi and its
with a cocktail hour at an alumna’s lovely home in St. Paul, decision to ask her for a charter was an acknowledgement
continued with fun festivities on Saturday and wrapped up with that through her various chapters, the national fraternity
Ritual and brunch on Sunday at the Tau Chapter house. AOII had made her principles admired.” Tau Chapter was
Fraternity made a donation to the AOII Foundation on behalf of installed by Grand President Dorothy Stafford Barker
Tau Chapter to honor this momentous occasion. International on October 29, 1912 at the Radisson Hotel on Seventh
President Allison Allgier and Past International President Barbara Street in Minneapolis. The charter members of Tau were:
Hunt were in attendance as the Fraternity’s official representatives. Henrietta Myrle Wheeler, Bertha Marie Brechet, Carolyn
Tau’s roots began as Pi Theta Pi local sorority at the U of Olive Brown, Laura Josephine Hourtman, Anthonia Emma
Minnesota. Like AOII, the local group began through the Marquis, Beatrice Julia Northey, and Ruth Maureen Paine.
friendship of four young women. After just two years of chapter
Those alumnae who helped
40 • To Dragma establish Tau and aided the chapter in
its early years included Nina Troyer
Mitchell (Zeta), Dorthy Stafford
Barker (Pi), Carrie Green Cambell
James (Gamma), Mary Ellen Chase
(Alpha Phi ), Mary Danielson
Drummond (Alpha Phi), and Edith
Huntington Anderson (Beta Phi).

Tau’s first chapter room was located
in a house at 1013 University Avenue.
After living in various locations, the
chapter moved into its present house
in 1932.

Early photo of the current Tau Chapter house and
Charter Member Bertha Marie Brechet

Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013


Significant Honors and Awards Tau’s International Presidents

Jessie Wallace Hughan Cup, 1933 Kathryn Bremer Matson, 1931-1933
Jessie Wallace Hughan Cup, 1949 Margaret Boothroyd Rasmussen, 1941-1943
Distinguished Service Award, 1971 Josephine Smith Dorweiler, 1953-1955
Salute to Excellence, 1973 Wilma Smith Leland, 1959-1961
Most Improved Collegiate Chapter, 1988 Jessie McAdam Larned, 1965-1967

also celebrating - Significant Honors and Awards

Chicago North Shore AC Gold Award, 2010
Gold Award, 2009
Chicago North Shore Alumnae Chapter also celebrated its 100th Pearl Award, 2008
Anniversary last fall with an event on October 26, 1912. An engraved Most Improved Alumnae Chapter, 1984
double brick for the AOII Brick Walkway was purchased by AOII
Fraternity in honor of this milestone anniversary. To Dragma • 41

Issue No. 2 • Spring 2013

From the Archives

Captured on ÿlm

Photography often captures the people, places and things that are uniquely AOII better than any original
source. For example, we have a priceless recording of a Founders’ storytelling session from the 1952
Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Stella’s eloquent voice is heard over a crackling ÿre in the
background. The recording is a treasure, but becomes even more so when it is associated
with a photograph taken during that recording, as seen below. For decades, we have heard
the stories of convention attendees sitting at Stella’s feet while she tells the story of AOII’s
founding, but seeing the moment captured on ÿ lm brings on a higher level of understanding.

42 • To Dragma

The AOII Archives contains
thousands of photographs that,
in many cases, are unidentiÿed.
A slow process to digitize and
identify some of these photos
is underway. These photos
might capture a chapter’s charter
members, celebration events,
philanthropy projects or priceless
memories. They have already
captured our past and present,
and as we look toward our
future, we anticipate the ability
to eventually make many of these
images available for viewing in a
digital archives.

Opposite page, counterclockwise: Founder Stella Perry during the 1952 Convention storytelling session,
Sigma Omicron (Arkansas State U) performing at the 1952 Greek Song Fest, Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U)
members cheering on their sisters, Kappa Omicron (Rhodes College) charter members in 1925, Omicron (U of
Tennessee) charter members from 1904. Above: Homecoming parade festivities for Gamma Beta (Indiana U
of Pennsylvania), and Alpha Pi (Florida State U) members from 1933 in front of the AOII house on Park Avenue.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment
that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” - Karl Lagerfeld

To Dragma • 43

Leadership Academy 2013

From the nine new chapters AOII has colonized this year to the
increasing membership potential for existing chapters, AOII has certainly
experienced quite a bit of growth recently. With a Strategic Plan goal
stating that AOII will “increase collegiate membership by a minimum of
25%,” growth in our collegiate chapters has certainly been a focus of the
Fraternity. At the rate our chapters are growing, AOII is sure to exceed
our own expectations!

In addition to our chapters’ focus on growing their membership, She challenged attendees in their approach to recruitment
the international Fraternity is working to support our chapters and making friends by challenging the way they began
in this initiative. In the fall of 2012, AOII’s Recruitment conversations. Using the tactics taught by Jessica, attendees
Manual and International Membership Selection Program were stirred around the banquet room to nd someone new and
revised to provide chapters and international volunteers updated get to know them. Before everyone knew it, they had made
resources in preparing for formal and informal recruitments new connections and new friends. Throughout the rest of the
beginning in fall 2013. To further support AOII’s collegiate weekend, one could see these women checking in with one
chapter growth, Leadership Academy 2013 revolved around another with updates, sitting together at meals, or exchanging
membership recruitment with the theme, WANTED. phone numbers to keep texting once they returned home. This
was a true testament to how quickly friendships can form.
Leadership Academy 2013 WANTED represents Chapter
Presidents and Vice Presidents of Membership Recruitment As the saying goes “make new friends, but keep the old,” so goes
who were WANTED by their chapters to motivate and create the practice of recruiting from within the chapter by supporting
positive change; it represents all of AOII’s members who were and appreciating current chapter members while preparing to
WANTED by the members who recruited them; it represents recruit new members. So, attendees began plans and shared best
the Advisers and their perspectives that are WANTED by the practices on building relationships and showing appreciation
chapters they advise; and nally, it represents the Potential New within the chapter.
Members who are WANTED by AOII and who WANT to
be a part of this organization we cherish. During LA 2013, When chapter members feel appreciated and united with their
attendees explored the ways they were chosen by AOII and how sisters and with AOII, they are ready to connect with potential
to recruit women who possess the qualities needed for their new members. Attendees further discussed and practiced
chapter’s success. creating meaningful connections during the rst rounds of
recruitment which led into International President Allison
This lesson began with a keynote from Jessica Gendron Allgier sharing how the values in Ritual can guide chapters
Williams, Vice President of Phired Up Productions and through recruitment.
co-author of “I Heart Recruitment and Social Excellence.”

44 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

International President Allison Allgier, at right, chats with LA attendees during time set aside for conversation and Emporium shopping.

“make new friends, While T.J. met with Recruitment Advisers, Chapter Presidents
but keep the old” and Vice Presidents of Membership Recruitment were meeting
at AOII International Headquarters with officers in their same
Friday evening concluded with a couple of activities role for some officer specific training that included working
emphasizing the importance of values-based conversations and with their teams and resources for their office.
sharing best practices on work weeks/recruitment retreats,
decorations, attire and promoting your chapter year-round. During the afternoon sessions, VPs of Membership Recruitment
and Chapter Presidents participated in three rotations. The
On Saturday morning, T.J. Sullivan, CEO of Campuspeak, rotations included a session on the International Membership
empowered AOII officers to inspire their chapter sisters that Selection Program, Who do we WANT? which focused on
might not always step into action with his keynote, Motivating the identifying values as well as the Membership Information
the Middle. T.J. explained to AOII leaders how to gain Form (MIF) and Legacy policies and the Potential New
feedback and buy-in from members who might not be the most Member Review Committee, and time for AOII International
vocal chapter sisters. He also explained that these women like to Headquarters tour and Emporium shopping. After the
receive appreciation differently than the more vocal members of collegiate officers had completed these sessions, Vice Presidents
the chapter. In learning how to lead different personality types of Membership Recruitment and Chapter Presidents again
within a chapter, an officer is better able to fight apathy within separated for an opportunity to share best practices and ask
the chapter and to engage members on different levels. T.J. questions about their office or chapter.
then met with the Recruitment Advisers to discuss their role in
Motivating the Middle and in having difficult conversations that The Recruitment Adviser is an essential part of a chapter’s
so often are a part of the recruitment process. success in recruitment. As an adviser, she is able to add
perspective, historical context, and supports the chapter in
helping to follow through in the policies and procedures AOII
has outlined. In addition to discussing some of these policies,
advisers learned how to create flex lists during recruitment,
use the Release Figure Method, and how to communicate
Carry Figures. Though Recruitment Advisers generally focus

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 45

on recruiting new members, it is important to remember the members. She discussed the importance of recruitment, its
vital role retention of members plays in recruitment. AOII e ect on the university, the Panhellenic community and the
is committed to doing its part to see that as many women development of the Fraternity. After a send-o from Education
as possible have the opportunity to participate in a Greek Committee Chair, Sandy Stewart, the event concluded with the
organization. When a chapter has open spots to reach total, tradition of circling the room and singing the “Epsilon Chapter
that chapter is denying women the sorority experience. For that Song.” With the incredible excitement of Leadership Academy
commitment, a discussion was led on retention, reducing the and enthusiasm upon the friendships made during the weekend,
number of suspensions and closing the membership recruitment there is no doubt that these women will inspire their chapters to
potential through continuous open bidding. The session ended truly exceed the expectation of AOII.
with a time for questions and best practice sharing before
Recruitment Advisers were given their chance for tours and The reach of Leadership Academy neither begins nor ends
Emporium shopping. with the weekend-long event. By participating in a webinar in
January, attendees were able to arrive for Leadership Academy
Having had the opportunity to review the tools and resources with expectations for the event and prepared for sessions by
available for recruitment, Vice Presidents of Membership being familiar with available resources. After the conclusion
Recruitment and Recruitment Advisers worked on developing of Leadership Academy 2013: WANTED, a follow up training
their recruitment plans for the year. Chapter Presidents made was held for Network Specialists of Recruitment and Network
plans based on Standards of Excellence and the AOII awards Specialists of Development along with Network Directors
application process. Then, everyone got together to create a where presenters were able to share topics and materials
game plan for taking what they learned at Leadership Academy covered during the event as well as trends discovered through
home to share with their chapters. The evening was concluded discussions. These international volunteers are the women who
with an AOII Sing-A-Long where favorite AOII songs and will be constantly checking in with the o cers who attended
chants were shared with great enthusiasm. the event. They are prepared to answer any recruitment
question, review any and all recruitment plans, and continue to
On Sunday morning, Executive Director Troy LeForge inspired support recruitment practices learned during the event.
attendees with the honor and privilege of selecting well-chosen

46 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Touring AOII’s Headquarters and Archives Museum is always a highlight during Leadership Academy! Jessica Gendron Willliams led o the weekend with
an exciting keynote that challenged attendees to
Leadership Academy 2013: WANTED was rethink their approach to recruitment.
partially funded through education grants from the
AOII Foundation. In addition to our appreciation
to the AOII Foundation, AOII also wants to thank
all who contributed to Leadership Academy in
making it a successful learning experience for
AOII’s members, especially those who facilitated
the event: Allison Allgier, Jessica Bertsch, Paula
Daigle, Blair Dudley, Jen Edwards, Amy Jo Gabel,
Jodie Hassall, Julie Anne Hughey, Troy LeForge,
Abby Mason, Jordan McCarter, Kaya Miller, Kathy
Sowell, Mary Ann Stark, Mary Catherine Stewart,
Sandy Stewart, Lindsay Stoltz, Andrea Theobald,
Bailey Read and Whitney Waters.

Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 To Dragma • 47

2012 NPC Annual
Meeting Report

by Connie Sandler, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Editor, COLUMNS

Delegates, inter/national AOII’s delegation included Carole Jurenko
presidents, executive directors Jones, NPC Delegate; Allison Allgier,
and editors of the 26 member International President; Mary Ann Stark,
organizations of the National 1st Alternate Delegate; Kerry Soller, 2nd
Panhellenic Conference Alternate Delegate, Lisa Moore, 3rd
(NPC) met Oct. 26-27 for the Alternate Delegate; Troylyn LeForge,
2012 annual meeting at the Executive Director; and Mariellen Sasseen,
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Director of To Dragma and Archives.
Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.
It was a time to review NPC’s A “Family Reunion” Friday afternoon
past year accomplishments provided attendees an opportunity to
and plan for the future meet informally prior to the opening of
as “the voice for sorority the two-day working conference. The NPC
advancement.” Foundation and NPC’s board of directors
and editors held the first of several
meetings scheduled for their individual
groups over the weekend. The opening
general session kicked off after dinner
Friday night with a welcome by NPC
Chairman Jane Sutton, Alpha Xi Delta.
Immediate past NPC Chairman, Eve Riley,
Delta Delta Delta, provided a moving
inspiration, followed by the official roll call
which included a PowerPoint presentation
with photos of every delegation’s
members. The 2012 legislation, which
included a dues increase for NPC member
groups and Unanimous Agreement VII,
were presented.

48 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

Committees began meeting early Saturday has made advocating for the sorority National Panhellenic Conference
morning. Alumnae Panhellenics, College experience. She outlined numerous NPC
Panhellenics and other NPC committees, innovations and advancements over the
the NPC Foundation, executive past year including:
directors, inter/national presidents and
editors continued their group meetings • Creating an advocacy tracker to monitor
throughout the day. NPC activity

Allen W. Groves, Dean of Students at the • Increased NPC presence on Facebook,
University of Virginia, gave a thought- Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
provoking speech at dinner Saturday
evening. In his role as the Dean of • The new NPC brand refresher
Students, Mr. Groves oversees several • Establishment of a Fraternity/Sorority
areas critical to the student experience
including Fraternity and Sorority Life. Advisory Committee representing
He also serves as chairman of the board small and large, public and private
of directors of the North-American institutions, and from different regions
Interfraternity Conference. While he of the country
acknowledged the distinct advantages • The appointment of a Board
of joining a Greek organization, Groves Development Committee to help the
believes fraternities and sororities have board focus on expectations
not done a good job of making that • Transition of the majority of Alumnae
argument. “You should be able to tell a Panhellenics Committee volunteers
University president why we (an individual to College Panhellenic area advisors
group) belong at a school,” he said. He and the hiring of a Panhellenic support
also opened up a discussion about sexual coordinator
abuse and Title IX and its potential effect
on sorority/fraternity recruitment. Jane also addressed the future of the
organization per the long-range plan,
At the final general session that evening, goals include:
NPC Foundation President Janet Dodson
provided the Foundation’s annual recap. • Organizational Effectiveness
NPC Chairman Jane Sutton wrapped • Data Driven Decision Making
up the meeting with a State of the • Advancement of the Sorority Movement
Conference address. She spoke about • Advocacy and Support
the four words she had used to challenge • Financial Sustainability to Meet the
conference attendees at the 2011 NPC
annual meeting – “Our Potential. Your Needs of the Conference
Move.” – and the progress the Conference
The meeting was adjourned following
Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013 special presentations to the Conference
and the announcement of the next NPC
annual meeting – Oct. 10-13 in Los Angeles.

To Dragma • 49

TWheinLogvse Bubble Necklaces

Season Finales A HOT trend this spring continues to be the
bubble necklace, and we love it. These fashion
May is usually the best month for TV statements come in an array of great colors and
season nales. Like all o ces, AOII HQ- bubble arrangements. We wear them for work
sta ers love our lunch room discussions or play to brighten up any out t.
about our favorite shows. Whatever
show you love to
watch - here’s to
hoping for a nail-
biting, heart-stopping
and/or jaw-dropping
conclusion that
satis es you until the
next season premiere!

The Perfect Shade For You! Personal Budgets

It’s magic! These lip colors appear to go We love being in control and nothing feels
on black but adjusts to your lips pH levels, better than being in control of our own money.
giving each person a di erent, but perfect- Personal Budgets help us set goals on how to
for-you berry shade. They’re sheer, glossy, save money - and how to
lightweight and fabulous! Try our favs: properly spend money
Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey on all the wonderful
and Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Liv’s Lips! Things We Love!

50 • To Dragma Issue no. 2 • Spring 2013

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