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Third Grader writers engaged their readers by sharing compelling information about a topic of interest.

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Dragon Warriors Feature Articles

Third Grader writers engaged their readers by sharing compelling information about a topic of interest.

Dragon Warriors


By Titi Wesner

All about BALLET


Do you know the most AMAZING type of dance. Well if you don’t it is BALLET.

Ballet is such a fun, Elegant, and beautiful type of dance.Ballet is also one of the hardest
types of dance in the world. Ballerinas have to practise a lot to master ballet. Professionals
practise everyday for about 5 hours. Professional ballerinas have to get new shoes every
week because they practise so much that there shoes get worn very quickly. Most
professional ballerinas travel around the world to star in plays. Also most professional
ballerinas are super famous and known around the world. But ballet is also for having fun
and hanging out with your friends.

The steps.

Most ballerinas stretch before doing floor exercises so they won't hurt themselves. The next thing they
do is bar exercises so you can learn to balance without falling. Floor exercises are next.You do floor
exercises to get more flexible or to work on youŕ dance. Those 3 steps are the most common but
sometimes youŕ teacher might switch it up or ad other stuff to do in youŕ ballet class what is still super
fun to do.During those 3 exercises you will probably be using youŕ arms and legs.

The steps

In stretching you will probably be doing butterfly, splits, sratle, frog, and more stretch’s like that. After
stretching you will probably do bar exercises. In bar exercises your ballet teacher will come up with a routine
to do then you will practice it then you are going to do it with music. You will probably do that 10 times on
the bar and will probably take about 20 minutes. Also if you are doing bar exercises you might not always
face the bar. Sometimes you can face the side and only have one hand on the bar and do your routine like
that but only sometimes and sometimes you face the bar. And for the bar exercises before the music starts
you keep your hand in a position called brua va. After bar exercises you do floor exercises. In floor exercises
you get to do a lot of really fun things. Usually you start with doing bar exercises but without the bar. We do
that so we can learn to balance without the bar because if you are in a dance recital you don't have a bar
to balance on.

More steps

After you do some routines you will probably do more routines but going across the floor in small
groups. While you go across the floor there will probably be music playing what goes along of what
dance you are doing. For an example you might do a leap then a turn and keep doing that till you
get to the other side of the room. You will probably do that for 20 minutes but you will do different
ballet routines. Once you are done with that you will do standing routines with no bar for the rest of
the class which will only be about 10 minutes. But there is one last thing to do and that is doing one
more routine but with a curtsy at the end then it is time to go home. Till next ballet class.

fun facts about ballet

In ballet you will probably have to wear a bun. Also you will
wear a leotard, tights, ballet shoes, and a skirt.

Ballet was invented in Italy. Ballet was spread from Italy to
france with the help of Catherine Demedici, were ballet
developed even further under her aristocratic influence.

More fun facts about ballet

In those days only men could do ballet because women were
not aloud to show that much of their body.

The Paris opera ballet was founded in 1669 making it the
oldest company in the world and has origins in the court of
Louis xiv. The company consists of 154 dancers, which
includes 17 danseurs Etoiles the highest rank of dancer.

More small but still fun facts about ballet

Ballet can get you Ballet is Ballet has a
more flexible. for all bunch of
genders different
positions for
Ballet hands and
helps your feet.
bones get
healthier In ballet you
can do fast
and slow

Leapin’ Lizards

By Kenzo Shigeta


Have you ever liked reptiles? Well, you should get a lizard! Well, if you like lizards, you need to get care for lizards, you need… a tank, a feeding bowl, soil, branches, (so it can climb) and a
lizard. first put soil and add branches to the tank and add some isopods that are tiny to clean the
tank. You can also add decor. Put the feeding bowl and water bowl in the tank. And finally add your

Choosing Your Lizard

To choose a lizard you either choose a lizard or gecko

Lizards Has tails Geckos
Has scales is reptile No scales

Tail not fail of Ttail fall

Choosing your lizard

Geckos sometimes drop their tails when a predator comes. When choosing your
lizard choose which is easiest to take care of

Rare lizards

There are tons of rare lizard, like sailfin dragons. They used to be in the pet trade
when they send pets from country to country. The philippines sent many sailfin
lizards to indonisia but now there are less than before. The armadillo lizard is a
lizard that looks like a armadillo. It has a hard shell that can protect itself by using
its hard shell

Changing color

How lizards change color is they have special light cells that bend light depending
on its mood. Some lizards change color by age or sun or sometimes even both!
The sailfin lizard both needs to get at least 2 years old to start to get blue and
before they are blue they need tons of sunlight

Sour tape

By Emma p.

What I Sour Tape?

Sour tape is a kind of candy that looks like pull the end like tape or you can bite it off.

All About Sour Tape.

Did you know that sour tape comes in different sizes and colors

Where To Look For Sour Tape?

Some you can find in ADB comesery in the philippines. You can also find sour tape in super markets,candy stores
and shopping malls.

What Are The Different Sour Tape Flavors?

● Awesome original
● Sour green apple
● Sour watermelon
● Sour blue raspberry
● Cotton candy
● Strapping strawberry
● Juicy fruit
● Gushing grape.

Who Invented Sour Tape?

Spur tape was invented by WM wrigley jr company and introduced in 1988.packaging and contents for sour tape
triped mixed flavors. 2015 Australian and New zealand packaging.

What Country Invented Sour Tape?

Sour tape was invented in the u.s in chicago .

How To Make Sour Tape?

To make sour tape you need these ingredients:3 envelopes unflavored gelatin, 2 packages jello ( any flavor),1
cup of water and ½ packages kool-Aid ( any flavor ). 1st step is proper an 8 by 8 inch pan and spraying it with
cooking spray. Socon step is put the water in a small pan and make it boil. Third step is to quielely adding the

jello kool-Aid and gelatin and ster fastly until all of the powder has completely disappeared.fourth step is por it in

the pan and place it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Last step is after it’s cooled the candy you can slice it into
strips and roll it in sugar

By Kane Kinnaird


When you first start the game, you get Shelly. Shelly is a starting brawler. Her type is a
fighter, her attack is buckshot, and her super is supershell. Her starpower is shellshock.
Nita is a trophy road brawler. Her type is a fighter and her attack is rupture. Her super is
overbearing, and her starpower is called bear with me. She is overbearing because when you
press a certain button, a bear comes out.
El Primo is a rare brawler. His type is heavyweight and his attack is fists of fury, and his super
is flying elbow drop. His starpower is El Fuego. El Primo is a spanish wrestler with no t-shirt
and a mask. Darryl is a super rare his type is a sharpshooter brawler. His attack is double
deuce. His super is barrel roll and his star power is steel hoops. An epic brawler is Frank.
Frank is a heavyweight his attack is hammer hit. His super is stunning blow. His star power is
power grab A mythic brawl is Gene he is a support brawler attack is smoke blast. His super is
magic hand . His star power is magic puffsp.

Last but not lest LEGENDARY brawler Spike. Spike is a sharpshooter his
attack is needle grenade, his super is stick around and his star power is
fertilize. There are 26 brawler's to be exact. The way to get a brawler is on the
trophy road in a brawl box, in a big box and in a mega box. The highest level
is ten but the you have 500 trophy on the brawler and the highest rank is rank

Games and Events

There are 5 games and 3

When you first start get gem grab
needs 0 trophy. Gem grab is a 3 vs 3
player game.
In the middle of the arena there is a
box. The box shoots out gems. The
way you win is to get 10 gems you
have to have the gems for 15
seconds. If you get killed with gems
you lose the gems and the other
brawlers can get them

At 50 trophy you get showdown.
Showdown is a game that can be solo or
duo has 9 other brawler. The aim of the
game is to not get killed and be the last
one to survive. By winning, you can get 60
to 8 trophies. Every month the map
changes and it sometimes is a hard map
and sometimes an easy map to use.


By Emma Green

All About Ballet Boy

Do you know what the most AMAZING dance in
the world is? Well if you dont its BALLET!
BALLET is also one of the most ELEGANT and
Hardest dances in the world. If you want to be a
ballerina you should know how hard it is.
Ballerinas well Professionals Ballerinas practice
every day up to 5 hours a day so they need to get
new ballet shoes every week or week and a half
because they practice so much and they cost a lot
but not for a ballerinas because he or she does
not need to bye them because the company byes
the ballet shoes for them. Most professionals are

Page 1

What ballerinas Do

Most ballerinas travel around the world for performances or competitions but some go to a
seartin place stay for a few years and then go to another place.Ballet is also a way that you
can hang out with your friends well it's more common in high school


Page 2 Swan lake

What The Steps Are in Ballet


Every single ballerina stretches before they dance
especially with pointe shoes.If you want to do the
splits it would be more of a challenge.
ok?!BALLERINAS practice and stretch on the
bars to! Bars are for balance. If you are a
starter and you started without a bar you might
fall and sprain your ankle.

Those are the most common hand and feet steps in

ballet unless your teacher switches them up.

Page 3

more facts arabesque
One of the most common BALLET exercises
is the splits.One of the others are
arabesque.butterfly is also a very popular
position where you hold your feet and move
your knees up and down .Me and my friend
Titi made a stretch called stretcher it can
help you with the splits

Page 4

Back to the steps

All the steps are quite hard but that's only if you dont half
ballance.Now im not an expert at BALLET, but I am very good
at telling facts about things ha ha ha oh I was kidding.So do
you want to start BALLET because if you do,go to page 5 if
you don't finish this paje and then go to the next.Well I still
have more to Explain...Ballet has a history if you want to hear
where BALLET was invented wait till the end of this book!You
know BALLET was the sport that i've gotten close to well aside
from gymnastics,Well it was because I thought it was fun!

Page 5

What to wear:

What You Wear And Do In Ballet

Okay since your here I will Items on TADA
give you some
show you what to wear in
your ballet class.

So those are your dressing steps

Page 6

Fun History About Ballet! BALLET gets you more

BALLET helps your bones
get healthier!

BALLET History What is the oldest BALLET This is what women
company in the whole world? looked like in the olden
Ballet was invented in ITALY in those days only days
boys danced BaLLET because women were not
allowed to show that much of their body they The oldest BALLET company in the world is
probably wouldn't even wear 2 pieces for the PARIS opera.The PARIS opera was
swimming. founded in 1669 making it the oldest
Ballet was spread from ITALY to FRANCE company the PARiS opera and has origins
with the help of Catherine de’ Medici were in the louis XIV.The company consists 154
her BALLET developed even farther under dancers,which includes 17 dancers
her aristocratic influence. Etoiles-the highest dancers well in levels.
Page 7

Brawl stars


Brawl stars is an online game that you can play on
phone or ipad. You can unlock characters,battle,play
with your friends & join clans. There is a move
button where you can control your character and a
shooting button & a super attack button which fires
a strong version of your normal attack.


CROW - Overview

Crow is a Legendary Brawler that can be unlocked in Brawl Boxes.
Because he is a legendary brawler, however, he will be quite difficult to
obtain. Crow’s main attack throws three quick poisoned daggers in
front of him that damage enemies on impact and then deal extra
damage over time. He has a long range but low health. He moves faster
than every other brawler (with the exception of Leon and Mortis). His
star power decreases the damage output of a poisoned brawler by 10%
when they get hit.


"Leon shoots a quick salvo of blades at his
target. His Super trick is a smoke bomb that
makes him invisible for a little while!"

Leon is a Legendary Brawler who can turn
invisible for a short time when using his Super.
He has medium health and high damage output
if the enemy is close. As the blades travel, their
damage is reduced. Leon has a fast movement
speed as well (with the exception of Crow and
Mortis). His star power gives him an increased
speed when he uses his super.

"Colt fires an accurate burst of bullets from his dual colt
revolvers. His Super shreds cover and extends the
bullet barrage!"

Colt is a Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road
reward upon reaching 60 Trophies. He has low
hitpoints, but high damage output. He fires a total of six
shots per Attack, and those shots have a very long
range. His Super is very similar to his main Attack, but it
fires an extra-long volley of twelve shots that can
destroy obstacles. His star power gives himself extra
speed of 780.


● Cactus
● Bomber
● Legendary
● Cool
● NEEDLE GRENADE - Normal Attack
● Spike fires off a small cactus that explodes, shooting

spikes in different directions.

● STICK AROUND! - Super Attack
● Spike lobs a thorny grenade. Enemies caught in the

blast area take damage and are slowed down.

● Fertilize - Star Power
● After using Super, Spike regenerates 500 health per

second by staying in its area of effect.


Bull is a Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy
Road reward upon reaching 250 Trophies. He
wields a shotgun. Bull has a high amount of hit
points while also excelling at short to mid-range
combat. His Super allows him to charge forward,
damaging enemies and destroying obstacles in his
way. Bull is cool because it takes three shots to
kill an opponent with no power cubes.

Facts about Brawl Stars

1. Poco's old model used to have a reload animation. His current model doesn't.
2. Poco's old model also played a harp-like tune when he used his super. His current model doesn't.
3. El Primo was the first brawler ever to have two different skins.
4. Brock is the first brawler ever to have three different skins.
5. The only three "free skins" in the game are Top Hat Mortis, Wizard Barley, and Star Shelly (note that

Star Shelly is no longer obtainable).
6. Supercell made the decision to make Brawl Stars global in late August. Forgot what day though.
7. Gene is the first brawler to be categorized as a "Support" brawler.
8. The "Assassin" class is the only class that has an adjective describing what kind of Assassin a brawler

was. (Mortis is a "Dashing Assassin", Leon is a "Stealthy Assassin", Crow is a "Toxic Assassin")
9. There has never been a new Rare or League Reward/Common brawler added to the game.
10. Leon is the only brawler in the game to not have numerical stats for his super.


I learned that Brawl Stars is the best game ever because it is
online and you can play with friends. The game play is good. The
trophy road never ends because they can always make a new
brawler. You will enjoy playing it.

By Juliana

How to Ski

How To Ski

What Is Skiing?

Skiing can be transportation, or a
winter activity. But it is also a
competitive winter sport that uses
gliding on slopes. Skiing is an
Olympic sport. If you want to learn
how to ski, this article is for you.

Climbing A Slope People climbing a
Climbing a slope takes time and
practice to be able to do it. While Some people call the
you climb the slope, make a v-shape technique the
with your skis,which is called by “Herringbone because
others the “Herringbone.” While on of the way your skis
the hilltop, spread your ski tips and make.
stick the poles in the snow behind
your skis for support. In the v-shape,
move one step up at a time slowly.
Push against the snow while you
step up.

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