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Our Founder i

Our Chairman

Mr. Lalit Gandhi Mr. C. U. Shah

Our Management

Right to Left : Mrs. Kiran Bajaj, Mr. Rohit Shah, Mrs. Minal Shah,
Mrs. Usha Gandhi, Mr. Tushar Gandhi, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker



Editorial........................................................................... 1 Narendra Modi: The Future of India.............................. 23
Principal’s Message ........................................................ 2 Lovely Lonavala............................................................ 23
Pre-Primary Staff............................................................. 4 Amazing Facts............................................................... 24
Primary Staff.................................................................... 4 Trees............................................................................. 25
Secondary Staff............................................................... 4 The Journey of Discoveries........................................... 26
Office Staff...................................................................... 5 What I Want to Become When I Grow Up..................... 26
Domestic Staff................................................................. 5 The Best Book I Have Read.......................................... 27
Council Members – 2015-16........................................... 6 My Mother, My Biggest Support.................................... 28
Std. X – 2015-16............................................................. 6 A Day Spent at the Shopping Mall................................. 29
New Council Body – 2016-17.......................................... 7 A Visit to the National Burns Centre.............................. 29
KG Graduation Day......................................................... 8 The Cyber Crime Workshop.......................................... 30
KG Fancy Dress.............................................................. 9 Science and its Importance........................................... 31
Preparatory Fancy Dress................................................ 9 Youth: The Future of India............................................. 32
Nursery Fancy Dress....................................................... 9 Expressing Oneself through Art..................................... 33
Annual Concert..........................................................10-11 Getting Lost in Heaven.................................................. 33
STD 10 – Farewell Party............................................... 12 Our Trip to Panchgani................................................... 34
Annual Certificate Distribution....................................... 13 A Book That Changed My Life....................................... 36
Our Young Artists...................................................... 14-15 Our Budding Poets........................................................ 37
ICSE 2015-16 – Prize Distribution................................. 16 Manan’s Magic – Mumbai.............................................. 41
Sports Day................................................................ 17-20 Hindi Vibhag.................................................................. 49
Club Reports............................................................ 21-22 Marathi Vibhag.............................................................. 59

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Ed i t o r i a l

Dear Readers,

We have returned with another issue of the school magazine, with a zesty, spunky touch and a new
vibrant title, ‘Harbinger’. The awe-inspiring experience of putting together a fabulous work of art,
with our very own poet laureates, Picassos, Roald Dahls, O’Henrys and Wordsworths…. has been
truly exhilarating.

Needless to add that we have had a delightful time compiling it all together for you.

Children today are not just blessed with the instinctive capacity to understand technology, but have a
natural flair to accept and adapt to the ever changing and evolving society and the country. The young
minds are sharper and more witty than we realise or give them credit for, these young minds are poised
at the threshold of the world’s changing diaspora, its growing economy where their own personality
and attitude, along with the knowledge gained through the years, will define their future.

The reflection of their true potential and talent is glimpsed here. As we watch each of the budding
geniuses soaring higher, it fills us with pride that we were able to contribute in their journey of success
in a meaningful way.

Harbinger is a stage to display their true creativity and bring to the fore their own potential and bent, as
students realise with a sense of pleasure that they possess a knack of something they were not aware
of. We are devoted to the cause of honing these hidden talented stars, who have excelled in inter-
school competitions this year and brought glory and honour to our school.

Our students participated in the prestigious inter-school competition titled, ‘We Are The World’ hosted
by the Rotract Club of H. R. College, and won the second place in the Fashion Show as well as the
Game Show. The Rotract Club of H. R. College hosted an inter-school festival titled, ‘Vogue’ in which
the First Runner up trophy for Mr. Talent was also won by our student.

The roll call of honours continues with another high octane inter-school event hosted by Greenlawns
High School, Warden Road titled, ‘Allure’ in which our student won the title of ‘Mr Talented’. At the
same event our school team also won the debate.

Marble Arch School had organised an inter-school elocution competition in which our school received
the third best school trophy amongst thirty participating schools.

Phew! that was quite an impressive list.

The Greenlawners have outshone others and added quite a lot of feathers in their caps. We know that
they will continue their winning streak and bring glory to our school under the guidance of the most
enthusiastic and forthcoming Principal, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker.

Ms. Pradnya Parkar
Ms. Vandana Mishra
Ms. Shivani Katkade


Principal’s Message

Having been in the field of education for several
years, I keenly support the crucial role an educational
institution of repute plays in today’s society. I feel
honoured to be in charge of a seat of learning that
can mould the most significant resource of any
nation — young, impressionable human minds.

We are living in times where the pace of events is
fast indeed. So fast, in fact that today’s latest becomes
obsolete tomorrow. Constant changes are a must.
Life is a process of constant changes and all healthy
communities build for the future. In educating today’s
youth we cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that
we must teach them to grapple with the problems
of their generations, their society and their world.
Yesterday’s solution to today’s problems would not
suffice. The youth of today need to be readied for
the global stage – a generation of young people who
are thinkers, inquirers, articulate and confident to take to the world stage and compete with the best
brains in the world.

Today, children in India are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment. The rate of
change in every sphere is highly rapid. With enhanced knowledge, development in technology and great
stress on globalisation a new demand regarding our approach to education stares at us. We thus have to
recognise the need for globally appropriate education. Such an education would mean imparting skills
that would develop mental dexterity in individuals to confidently interact and work in diverse situations.
The school curriculum is oriented such that students exemplify self-confidence and ‘out of the box’
thought processes. The focus is to strengthen competencies needed to be self-sufficient and creating
lifelong learners is our main endeavour. Intensive efforts for a holistic development of the students who
enter the school portals is a must. A wide range of multi-dimensional activities are organised which go
a long way in driving self-confidence, self-reliance in decision making and problem solving along with
polishing of soft skills.

I wish to highlight the achievements accomplished by the school and our students during the last year.
The students have excelled not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. Last year we have
had our best performance at the ICSE examinations ever. 18 out of the 27 students who appeared


scored more than 90%. We had two toppers last year, with an excellent overall result of 96.5%, the
highest so far for Greenlawns School, Worli! The results speak volumes about the hard work of the
students and the teachers.

We also take great pride in the achievements of our students who took part in many inter- school
competitions and won quite a few. Many children came and told me that it was the first time they
were facing a large audience and that they were quite nervous. But after some pep talks and words of
encouragement those ‘nervous’ children scaled new heights and emerged victorious at those events!
This was a big boost to their self-confidence. We gave away the prizes for the same during the prize
distribution ceremony on the Annual Day.

The benefits of involving children in co-curricular activities are endless. It will be an endeavour of the
school to provide its students with ample opportunities to get an experience of the outside world by
organising various activities throughout the year.

We also arm the students with the life skills to deal with the challenges life offers, to be able to handle
pressure, deadlines and the cut-throat competition in the outside world. We instil values as we firmly
believe that discipline and morals go a long way in defining the character of a person and a benchmark
for the others to follow.

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to the management for the trust and excellent support
that they have given me. Also, a big thank you to the management for providing school uniforms free
of cost to all the students of our school on the occasion of Greenlawns High School, Warden Road
completing 50 years.

A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend
harmoniously to create a child-centric school. It will be our constant endeavour to take Greenlawns
School, Worli to great heights.

Warm Regards,

Ms. Sangeeta Thacker



Standing (L-R) : Ms. Khyati Sata, Ms. Rashmi Trivedi, Ms. Shabnam Mahajan, Ms. Dipti Narkar, Ms. Snehal Parwal
Sitting (L-R): Mr. Sandip Chavan, Ms. Goretti Valladares, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker (Principal), Ms. Tanvee Trivedi, Ms. Reema Wagh


Standing (L-R) : Ms. Rohini Kamble, Ms. Anita Chandnani, Ms. Reema Wagh, Ms. Snehal Parwal, Ms. Isha Gandhi, Ms. Avani Parekh, Ms. Donna Coelho
Sitting (L-R): Ms. Madhuri Ahire, Mr. Sandip Chavan, Ms. Sonali Bane, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker (Principal),
Ms. Sonal Jalan, Ms. Vandana Mishra, Ms. Feliciana Pereira


Standing (L-R) : Ms. Rohini Kamble, Ms. Anita Chandnani, Ms. Reema Wagh, Mr. Rajendra Madipelli, Ms. Snehal Parwal, Mr. Altamash Khan,
Ms. Gretel D’Mello, Mr. Sandip Chavan, Ms. Sonali Bane, Ms. Bipasha Kumar, Ms. Vandana Mishra

Sitting (L-R) : Ms. Madhuri Ahire, Ms. Arlene Bhoi, Ms. Archana Ahire, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker (Principal), Ms. Mariette Dias, Ms. Meeta Purav, Ms. Pradnya Parkar



Sitting (L-R): Mr. Prakash Kamdar, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker (Principal), Ms. Sangeeta Bhagat




Head Boy : Yash Talreja | Head Girl : Tirtha Parab | Sports Captain : Krish Khetwani | Red House Captain : Nishka Mehta
Red House Vice Captain : Ashwin Bhatia | Blue House Captain : Zeel Desai | Blue House Vice Captain : Preeti Mathur
Green House Captain : Ruchi Shah | Green House Vice Captain : Tejas Shinde | Yellow House Captain : Jatin Manglani
Yellow House Vice Captain : Ritika Mehta

STD. X – 2015-16














Ms. Sangeeta Thacker (Principal) with Ms. Sangeeta Thacker (Principal) with
‘Ms. Greenlawns’ (Tirtha Parab) ‘Mr. Greenlawns’ (Rayan Siddiqui)




Our Young Artists

Reemz Parmar, Std-5 Prisha Dhokad, Std-5

Viraj Diwane, Std-9

Rachel Rego, Std-6 Reemz Parmar, Std-5


Our Young Artists

Vihaan Jain, Std-5

Antara Mehere, Std-8

Vanshika Shorewala, Std-7

Dwisha Shah, Std-7

Krisha Shah, Std. 4













ODE Club Reading Club

The aim of the ODE Club was to bring out The Reading Club benefitted the students
the oratorical, debating and eloquence skills in many ways both intellectually and
of the students enabling them to compete personally. One of the unexpected delights
in the fast burgeoning and vying world. The was that, it exposed the students to types
club comprised 30 students and it included of literature and viewpoints they wouldn’t
the following activities: have encountered otherwise. The Reading
Club kept the students in touch with the
• Extempore Speeches world. The Club made students aware of
current books and authors. By reading the
• Making stories out of given proverbs and varied forms, like the National Geographic
narrating them to the club members magazine, Student Encyclopedia, Nature
and Science, Knowledge magazine, Kahaani
• Students, in teams, worked to advertise Sanchay, etc. their understanding of the
a product in order to attract buyers’ world has been enormously enhanced which
attention forced them to view themselves with new
• Mock debates
Activities included:
The students rendered thrilling speeches and
came up with ingenious ideas enabling them • Story-telling
to bring laurels, not only to themselves but
also to the school. Thus, the Club forged • Independent reading
confidence, instilled the value of unity and
accelerated thinking process. • Shared reading

— Ms. Bipasha Kumar • Writing
— Ms. Gretel D’Mello
• Book reviews

• Current affair discussion

Ultimately the Reading Club provided an
enjoyable and easy way for the students to
develop many literary skills too.

— Ms. Meeta Purav
— Ms. Vandana Mishra



Home Science General Knowledge

The Home Science Club carried out In the General Knowledge Club, culturally
fascinating activities such as valued knowledge was communicated by the
teachers in-charge encompassing a wide range
1. Health and Hygiene of subjects. In this Club numerous subjects
were taught and debated upon. Topics such
2. Table Manners as

3. Gift Wrapping 1) Countries of the world

4. Home Decorations 2) Important Monuments in India

5. Safety and First Aid 3) Important Monuments in the World

6. Chocolate making 4) Using Yoga in Memorisation Skills

7. The Use and Importance of the Golden 5) Quizes based on Newspaper Reading
words like SORRY, THANK YOU,
PLEASE, EXCUSE ME. 6) Monikers and Titles given to great
The activities were carried out in an
interesting and innovative manner so that the 7) Quiz based on Capitals of Different
children could learn and enjoy themselves at States in India
the same time. The Club aimed at inculcating
values as well as teaching the children about and so on........
basic requirements of the home and personal
cleanliness. The Chocolate making activity — Ms. Arlene Bhoi
was the grand finale of the Club activity — Mr. Rajendra Madipelli
with the intention of ending the year on a
sweet note so as to begin the next year with
a wonderful taste in our mouth. Thank you
Ms. Thacker for extending your support to
our Club and appreciating the children who
came to you with all the goodies.

— Ms. Mariette Dias
— Ms. Pradnya Parkar

Articles 23

Narendra Modi : The Future of India

Each person has a mixture of bad and good qualities. Some like to live with their bad qualities
and some always want to change their qualities from bad to best. Our 15th Prime Minister
Mr. Narendra Modi is a live example of this.

Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950. His father’s name was Damodardas Modi and
mother’s name is Heeraben Modi. They live in Vadnagar in Gujarat. He was the former Chief
Minister of Gujarat, his love, compassion, determination and perseverence towards the people
of the country made him win the hearts of millions of people not only in our country but also
across the world and he became a popular and respected leader. He is a man who believes in
hard work. He is a man of action and not words. He has the potential of lifting India towards
progress. “We are not here for any positions but for responsibility”. These wonderful words
by Mr. Modi are not just words but actions. He is the one who strongly believes in the talent
of the youth. According to him, IT + IT = IT i.e., Indian Talent + Information Technology
= India Tomorrow. He introduced himself from the Red fort as Pradhan Sevak and not the
Prime Minister/Pradhan Mantri.

We are blessed to have such a wonderful and inspiring personality to serve our country with
a lot of optimistic values of “Team India”. This will surely uplift our India towards economic
progress and strengthen India’s manpower.

— Riddhi Jain, Std-5

Lovely Lonavala

In Std. V our first field trip was to Lonavala, which was a fun-filled trip. Most of the children
attended the field trip.

We left for the trip on 24th April, 2015. It was for 3 days and 2 nights. We also carried many
candies and snacks to eat in the bus where songs were played. The teachers who accompanied
us were Miss Archana, Miss Afrin and Miss Sonal.

The places we visted were an orphanage, the chikki factory, and a wax museum. In the
orphanage we were allowed to donate some articles to the orphans. It was an unforgettable
experience to visit the orphanage. Those children were happy and optimistic. It was very


satisfying to donate to the needy. This has taught me that I can make a difference to someone’s
life by small actions. I truly experienced the Joy of Giving. They were grateful to us. We also
went to the Blind School where we were allowed to buy things made by the blind. When we
visited the Blind School, it was so motivating to see the people learn and to do all their day-
to-day chores with ease despite their physical handicap. It was very encouraging to see their
desire to live and not keep crying because they are blind. Suddenly, I felt very emotional. These
feelings and emotions will stay in my mind throughout my life.

In the Chikki Factory we were shown how chikki is made. It was a wonderful trip. We enjoyed
a stop over at McDonalds on our way back.

We came back with sweet memories. We also got the best room award. I hope we get to go for
a trip like this again.

— Ananya Jain, Std-5

Amazing Facts

1. Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande. The song is good to hum but it may prove hamful for
your kids. It is said that eggs are the most common allergy causing foods.

2. Your favourite colourful jelly candies that entice you with their different shapes and flavours
actually have a car wax coating which make them look more shiny.

3. If you are suffering from plasma cell deficiency, then coconut is the best substitute for
blood plasma which is highly consumed by people suffering from jaundice and dengue.

4. You might often complain about the bad food served in airplanes. In reality, it’s not their
fault, because our sense of smell and taste decrease at high altitude from 20% to 50%
resulting in tasteless food.

5. After reading this don’t stop your children from eating chocolates because it is good for
your teeth and fights bacteria in your mouth. So, all we can say is chocolate khane se daant
kharab nahi hote. Caution: Anything in excess is injurious to health and hope, we are not
spoiling you.


6. We all love to top our sandwiches, pizzas, parathas and burgers with loads of ketchup.
Actually this is good coz earlier ketchups were used as medicine to treat diarrhoea.

7. If you’re suffering from depression and want an easy escape from it, then eat bananas they
are the best way to get rid of it.

8. As summers are at their best and if, in any case you are feeling dehydrated then eat
cucumber. They have 96% of water and are rich in vitamins B and C.

9. When the food is yum, we end up having a heavy meal in our lunch and dinner. But it’s not
always the taste that makes us overeat, but sometimes it is because of the colour of your
crockery. Blue, orange and red are some colours which increase your appetite.

10. Because of our fondness for sugar and sweets, honey is a must in our grocery but did you
know that it is made of nectar and bee vomit?

11. Can you imagine a teeny-weeny food item responsible for causing a huge destruction? if
no, then you should know that peanuts are used to manufacture dynamites. So, next time
you eat peanut butter remember that it was a dynamite.

— Akshita Bajaj, Std-5


Our surroundings and environment is our beloved motherland. Trees are a gift from nature
to us. They provide us with oxygen. Trees bear sweet fruits which directly or indirectly reach
humans as food. Planting trees is a wonderful thing as it purifies the air and makes it fit for
human life.

People plant trees to improve their lives and make it even more energetic. It is the responsibility
of human beings to plant saplings for the benefit of our good health. People however cut trees
for developing various properties. Villages are full of trees and it makes you feel fresh and
enlightens you about how trees are helpful. You get refreshed. People build societies around
which they plant trees. They dig holes and plant saplings. Varieties of plants display their tasty
fruits and vibrant flowers.

I wish people follow good values, not litter their environment and avoid cutting trees.

— Melanie Vaz, Std-6


The Journey of Discoveries

I was very excited after my final exams and wanted to go to the park. So, I called up my friend.
We reached the park but it was so crowded. We had no place to play which disappointed me.
But my cheerful friend told me that she discovered a small, quiet place. I was energetic once
again and began to march just like a soldier. When we reached there and started playing throw-
ball, by mistake I threw the ball very far. When we were searching for the ball, we came across
a huge, massive cave. We thought of entering it. My heart started beating, faster. Inside the
cave, it was quite dark. So, we switched on our mobile lights and staggered along for some time.
We froze when we saw dreadful skeletons. I didn’t want to go further until I heard somebody

Suddenly Aariya fell on me. And when we looked up, I saw a giant spider. I was terrified and
tired to run away but I couldn’t leave Aariya. So, I carried her away from the spider and my
friend sprinkled little water over unconscious Aariya. She told me that Rachel had also been
caught. My friend was just unable to understand what was happening. When i reached Rachel,
I saw her in a cage, alongside which was a table with three keys kept on it.

There were two silver keys and one golden key. Coincidently, I picked up the golden key and
opened the lock. It worked. Rachel was crouching. I was delighted to know that Rachel knew
the way back home. We rushed out of the cave.

I felt ecstatic to see the clouds and pleasant sun. It looked so good.

It was quite an adventure.

— Melanie Vaz, Std-6

What I want to become when I grow up...

Many parents want their children to become engineers, doctors or teachers. Some want their
children to achieve success in the field, they themselves pursue. I wanted to become an artist
but a little incident changed my goals.

It was my birthday. I had received many gifts. I ripped open the biggest present. It was a doll
house with little pieces of furniture. I used to play with it every free second I got. Once my
father saw me arranging the furniture. He told me that I could become an architect if I would
wish. I was curious to know more about that field.


Architecture is a field where you let your imagination run wild. I sat with my father every night
when he made his plans and autocads. I tired to take a leaf out of his book. I read about many
types of monuments and their cultural aspects. But this did not mean I quit drawing. I used to
make drawings of many children’s bedrooms, cottages and houses. I took an interest in the field.
On holidays I requested my father to take me to his sites. I realised then how industrious he
was. He was handling an enormous project. I helped him with it painstakingly and we finished
the project. The clients liked it I was on cloud nine. I really enjoyed working with him. I have
decided to become an architect. I have decided to complete all my courses with great interest.
I will follow my father’s footsteps and aquire a lot of fame in my field. I will reach great heights
like my father. I have met several big architects like Mr. Nausher Talathi and Mr. Panthaki.
I will achieve my goals and make myself well-known in this field. My father tells me never to
be complacent. I will make my family and country proud.

— Sanskruti Patil, Std-7

The Best Book I have Read

Everyone likes reading books and I specially like reading. There are different kinds of books.
Some of them are fiction, non-fiction, drama, horror, comic, fairy tales, adventurous. I
personally like books which are humourous. My favourite author is Roald Dahl. The books
written by him are George’s Marvellous Medicine, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits,
The Witches and many more.

My favourite book is George’s Marvellous Medicine. In that book there is a family of parents,
a child and one witchy, snappy, grumpy, old Grandma who acts like a witch who has special
powers. She always teaches wrong things to George. For example she teaches George that eating
caterpillars, bedbugs and such kind of creatures is healthy. George is a kind boy who obeys his

Once it was time to take Grandma’s medicine. As no one was at home, it was George’s
responsibility to give Grandma her medicine. Grandma was very lazy and would not even get
out of her bed to have her medicine. He started making her medicine by putting some weird
things such as shoepolish, brown paint, chilli sauce, animal pills, lipsticks, washing powder,
soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes and many more things. He made the medicine


and gave it to his Grandma. The effect was mind boggling. She puffed, she was shrinking and
became smaller like the size of a rat and suddenly she was becoming fatter and fatter and
started flying like a balloon and then she started becoming taller and taller she broke the ceiling
of the house and started reaching the clouds.

In the end she came back to her normal size. It was an interesting book with many funny
characters in it. I liked the way Roald Dahl wrote the book. I wish this story would have been
real and there would be a sequel of this book.

— Naisha Mishra, Std-7

My Mother my Biggest Support

It was late, I had finished my homework and was just about to go to bed, when I remembered
that I had an exam the following day. I jumped up from my bed and ran to my mother and told
her about my examination. She told me not to panic and to calm down. I realised that I had
made a mistake. The test dates had been informed to us three days prior but it had completely
slipped from my mind. I went to my room, took my history book and started studying.

I was crying as I am usually obsessed with my marks and couldn’t see myself getting low marks.
My mother told me that it wasn’t too late. I had the entire night to study just for a twenty mark
test. She got me a glass of milk. I had it and started studying with all my heart. My mother also
was awake with me the entire night. At three o’clock she took up my work. I was very sleepy so,
I didn’t know my chapter perfectly. She was also very exhausted but she sat and read the entire
chapter for me and made me understand the chapter until I learned it. She took up my chapter
again and I finally learnt it. After learning the chapter I slept at five in the morning. When I
woke up at six thirty I saw my mother working in the kitchen. I revised my chapter once again.
I was happy that I had finished studying but was nervous about the test.

When I left home I thanked my mother for everything she had done because if she had not
been there I would have failed. She wished me good luck and told me to write my paper calmly.
She was confident that I would do well in my exam. I went to school and wrote my paper very
nicely. When the results came I had got the highest marks in the class and was very happy. It
was all because of my mother’s efforts.

— Dwisha Shah, Std-7


A Day Spent at the Shopping Mall

Hundreds and thousands of people visit the shopping mall everyday. Malls have bought a new
revolution in the shopping world. Shopping malls are an emerging trend in today’s world. You
will notice countless people walking, eating, buying, running and talking wherever you turn.
Malls are not only shopping destinations but have extended to enjoyment, fun and entertainment
in a completely convenient ambience. The stores in a mall are connected through lifts and
staircases so that the customers can easily move from shop to shop.

It was a lovely Sunday morning. While reading the newspaper I noticed an advertisement for
a summer sale up to 50% off at the nearest mall. I was on cloud nine. At the spur of the
moment I decided to go shopping. When we reached the mall we were petrified to see the
crowd rush from store-to-store. There was a huge line at the payment counters. We started
shopping and my sister and I went to Crossword to read books. Afterwards we went to have a
look at the clothes and accessories in the kids section. My mother and aunt were busy shopping
for themselves. By the time we completed our shopping we were very tired. We were in the
queue at the exit where we needed to Show the shopping bill and get it stamped. Just at that
time a group of people were caught shop-lifting. At that moment an announcement was made
about the incident and it was also said that anyone caught repeating such as act would have to
pay a fine of ` 5,000. Security in the store increased and the guards at the exit began to check
each and every item that was bought. It took us a lot of time to come out of the store.

It was actually a very tiring and exhausting day. At night I narrated the entire story to my father.
He was glad that we returned home safely.

— Vanshika Shorewala, Std-7

A Visit to the National Burns Centre

National Burns Centre promoted by Indian Burns Research Society is a 50-bedded holistic
specialised centre of excellence for research, training, treatment, etc. Their holistic treatment
philosophy covers every aspect of burns starting from acute post-burns treatment to post-
burns deformity correction and to help the burns survivors lead a near normal life. There were
colleagues from the National Burns Centre who came to our school and gave us an introduction
to burns. The centre is equipped with the following facilities:- Skin Regeneration Research Wing


with clean room facility. Burns ambulance with operation theatre inside for minor procedures,
Dialysis department and much more.

The centre had all the equipment that is required to cure burns. We got to know about
the precautions that need to be taken when we get burnt. They also ran school educational
programmes, skin donation awareness programmes and free surgery campus. We thank our
Principal for taking us to the centre as it was a very good experience

— Dhruv Dighe, Std-8

The Cyber Crime Workshop

Cyber crime is increasing day-by-day Computer crime, or cybercrime, is any crime that involves
a computer and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime,
or it may be the target. Dr. Debarati Halder and Dr. K. Jaishankar (2011) define Cyber crimes
as: “Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal
motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm,
or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as
internet (chat rooms, e-mails, notice boards and groups) and mobile phones. Because of this
our school had organised a workshop on Cyber Crime to help our students in order to be safe
from Cyber Crime.

Our school had organised a workshop on 12th August. There were many children who needed
to know about it. When we reached the workshop the volunteers for the workshop introduced
themselves and first thing they asked us was to define Cyber Crime. They told us that we
should be careful while using the internet, downloading games, chatting on apps. This may lead
to misuse of personal information by unethical people which can be proved dangerous, those
people who can find out these things are called hackers and they are able to obtain all our
details such as our name, age, school’s name. If we have an account on Facebook, Instagram,
Snapchat, etc. we should keep it private and should have difficult passwords so that it is not
easy to hack. He also narrated a story to us which is as follows:

There was a girl who had got a friend request which she accepted without knowing the person
who sent the request, she used to chat with him daily and slowly they became close friends, so
she did not give a second thought before sharing all her pictures and account details with him.


One day that guy deleted his Facebook account and opened the girl’s Facebook account, then
he posted an obscene picture of that girl which was seen by all her relatives and friends. The
next day when she went to school everybody started looking at her with disdain and avoided
talking to her so, she changed her school but the matter was not hidden for long even in her
new school. This ended up putting her in depression which forced her to commit suicide.
This incident should serve as an eye-opener to all of us and we should be alert to all our
surroundings. This lesson is really horrible.

The workshop helped us a lot since it made us aware of these unspoken, undiscussed things and
helped us feel safe. I want to thank our Principal Ms. Sangeeta Thacker immensely for having
organised such a brilliant workshop. It will definitely help all the children in the future.

— Moksh Jain, Std-8

Science and Its Importance

Science as well as technology have made man’s life easy and comfortable. It is truly magnificent.
It has made our lives better and beautiful. Technology is used everyday in today’s world from
cleaning to stitching clothes. If there wasn’t any technology, our everyday activities would remain
incomplete. Science and technology have become essential in all fields of life.

In earlier times, women had to use their hands for washing clothes as well as utensils. They
walked for hours to find pure water to drink. But today we have dish washers, washing machines
and Aquaguard water or water purifiers. Earlier, women had to light a fire when they cooked
their meals. Today we have the luxury of a cooking gas range in every home.

Diseases like small pox, Ebola, etc. were not curable. Now they can be cured with vaccines.
Scientists have done a wonderful job to eradicate small pox & polio. They have found a proper
cure for other diseases. Many vaccines and medicines are introduced to keep us safe. Our world
is growing better.

Earlier, children found information from newspapers, encyclopedias, etc. to make their projects.
Sometimes the information was not found. But today, the Internet has made developments in
each & every field. Everyone has mobiles, I-pads, computers etc. for easy access.

Technology had made great progress in the field of transport as well. People used to travel by


bullock carts, It took a lot of time to reach the places they wanted to go to. Coal caused a lot
of pollution in steam engines. Today, transportation has become very easy. Travelling by cars,
electric trains and aeroplanes is very common. This saves our time.

This is what technology has given us. Life wouldn’t be the same without technology and

— Hanisha Mehta, Std-9

Youth : The Future of India

Last year, we had the BJP winning the Lok Sabha elections with a considerable margin. Every
election brings new hope. There is one thing that hasn’t changed over the years. It is the
inclusion of senior members in Indian Parliament. The reason could be that senior members
have more of an experience in life and can make good decisions.

India has young, fresh, minds who have solutions to national issues and are capable of
governing our nation. None of us can forget the working of Dr. Kalam who was a great
Philosopher and Scientist. The fortunes of our country changed when Dr. Kalam became the
President of India. Even today, youngster’s have more knowledge in Computers & Science.
There are several politicians who are illiterate.

India’s youth is the key to an anti-corrupt India. It is not just the marks that make a student,
but the way he/she thinks and responds to situations.

If young people become Members of Parliament, we will surely see a tremendous decrease in
political scams and corruption. Young people will invent innovative ideas to discuss national
issues. Young minds will understand the difficulties that children face and will try to work for
their welfare. They will promote educational campaigns and help children to develop.

It is these ignited minds who are the bright future of our country. However, it will be difficult
to have a young Government. We need some senior members to guide the youth. If we make
this idea a reality, we will fulfil Dr. Kalam’s vision of India which is that of a completely
developed country by 2020.

— Tejas Shinde, Std-9


Expressing Oneself through Art

Art is a form of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings. It adds colour and beauty. It is and was
used as a method of expression.

If we look back in History we see that art on walls of caves and rocks were made by our
ancestors. Those pictures if carefully looked at, could tell us a lot about those people, their
beliefs, their practices and much more. You need an eye to understand paintings, one can’t look
at them and judge. Person needs to carefully observe these works. We also see inscriptions on
monuments. These were methods of preaching.

There were pillars and idols made to show various important things in life. Famous artists like
Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci painted many things which not many of us noticed Mona
Lisa’s eyes, if carefully observed, appear to move in the direction one walks. Various paintings
show emotions. Every colour defines a mood. Red shows anger or excitement while black
shows sadness. Bright colours show happiness and joy whereas dark colours show a moment
of gloom. Dance is also a form of art. A dancer moves his or her body according to their
mood. The dancer will choose a sad or revenge–seeking song if they are disturbed by any of
these. A dancer is graceful when he/she is happy. Being an enthusiastic dancer myself, I dance
to express my mood.

Various forms of art are adopted by people for various reasons. Sculptures also show a lot of
emotion. A sculptor who is sad or gloomy will make sculptures which will appear sad or gloomy.
A person can show many things through their work.

Art can be of various forms like dancing, paintings, sculptures, graffiti on walls, etc. We all can
understand and potray emotions best through these art forms.

— Jahanvi Bhat, Std-9

Getting Lost in Heaven

All she could see was a light blue sky above her a dark blue ocean in front of her and a navy
blue cycle beside her. Preeti’s father had told her that he would see her at the cycle rental store
in about an hour and currently she had no idea where she was. She was lost. So lost in her
thoughts while cycling that she got carried away with the breeze and ended up reaching an
unknown destination.


She was only fourteen, not mature enough to travel alone in an unknown city. Everything here
was new for her and now she was lost. Preeti sat down and took a deep breath to avoid the
sudden panic attack she was beginning to get. The idea of being lost arose millions of questions
in her mind. What could she do? which way should she go? who should she ask. She could not
spot a single person in that area. It was the far end of the coastline that she had reached. The
sea stretched so for, into a never ending horizon. The place was as quiet as a chapel. You could
only hear the waves brushing past the coastline. Once again, she was lost in deep thought but
she had no time to spend. So the fastest response her brain could provide was riding her cycle,
choosing a direction and going that way. It was not a very detailed plan that would help reach
her hotel but she had no alternative. She cycled for approximately twenty five minutes and at a
distance of hundred metres she spotted three persons, two boys and a girl, staring back at her.
A vein in the girl’s neck was bulging and she had big sunglasses with bedazzled frames. A large
fountain drink, the straw tinged with lipstick, was parked between her lips. She looked like a
local hanging out with her friends on a nice windy Friday. This girl was a sign of relief, Preeti
rushed and pedalled like an Olympian and stopped at a distance of two metres from the girl.

As it was a new city for Preeti, she could not recall the name of the hotel but it sounded
something like Colby Beach Resort. As Preeti had only arrived at Gold coast a day earlier
she was unaware of the street names or even the local landmarks but she described whatever
she saw. Understanding the language of the Australian was a bit difficult and it took time to
decipher the common words and short forms used by the girl. Getting directions, navigating
the city, cycling through the streets like Columbus sailing through the seas, she eventually found
her hotel. At last she was home. She was safe. No more wandering alone into this heavenly city.
Preeti was on a vacation and had finally come back to her family who was looking for her. Now
she had been found, rather she found her way back.

— Preeti Mathur, Std-9

Our Trip to Panchgani

The air was buzzing with excitement as we all assembled in school to leave for our last school
trip to Panchgani. The journey started well as we left the city and touched the highway in half
an our. We all had woken up early, so were just relaxing, listening to music and watching the
green scenic beauty along the highway and within a few hours reached our destination.

With a quiet environment, fresh air, good breeze, Panchgani is situated 20 kms. east of
Mahabaleshwar and spreads out over five hills. The name actually means ‘five lands’. This hill


station also known as the Queen of Maharashtra’s hill stations, is located in the Western Ghats,
cradled in the Sahyadri ranges and makes you feel like you have reached the destination in one
of the Enid Blyton books. With a gush of adrenaline, we were ready to face this new adventure
and make the most out of the last trip for the tenth graders.

On reaching the hotel we were allotted comfortable luxurious rooms. After some rest we left
to tour the surroundings and tourists spots planned in our itinerary

Mapro Garden: It is a great marketing concept where there was a sales counter coupled with
beautiful garden, restaurant and children’s play area. The pizzas and strawberry cream that we
ate was delicious. The catch about the garden was that it gave us a detailed description of the
strawberry cultivation and local chocolate making process in the chocolate factory set up right

We enjoyed the Go Karting experience at an entertainment centre and thoroughly enjoyed the
thrilling experience of driving and racing cars to the finish line with sheer speed and enthusiasm.

Veena Lake: We enjoyed boating at the lake where we were divided into groups and taken into
small boats that showed us the beautiful Veena fountain in the centre. There were a few small
eateries and strawberry stalls lined up at the bank of the lake.

The most exciting aspect of the trip was the trekking which gave us a chance to become one
with nature and enjoy its beauty in the scenic beauty of the trail.

The campfire arranged was very beautiful. We had a lovely time sitting around it dancing,
singing and playing games. The Treasure hunt too was definitely a mind bender and an exciting

It was a great destination to beat the heat of Mumbai and indulge in some wonderful delicacies
made out of corn, strawberries and mulberries. Wind, water and scenic views detoxified us
and offered great relaxation. We were interested in shopping so thankfully the Mahabaleshwar
market helped us. Mahabaleshwar was pleasant and full of greenery, it was definitely heaven. We
loved the place for its wonderful scenic surroundings. Overall, it was definitely an unforgettable
experience to spend quality time with our school members before the board examinations.

A special thanks to our Principal Ms. Sangeeta, Miss Archana and Sir Rajendra who made this
trip possible at such a short notice keeping our sentiments and emotions in mind. This trip was
one of our best trips and we will cherish these memories for a lifetime.

— Yash Talreja, Std-9


A Book That Changed My Life

There are several instances in one’s life which are indeed difficult to disremember. My aunt,
Sanjana gave me this book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The book was faded; the image
on the book is used for identification in the context of critical commentary of the work for
which it serves as cover art. It makes a significant contribution to the user’s understanding of
the article, which could not practically be conveyed by words alone. It seemed as a normal book
to me, until of course to my surprise, it changed my entire life.

The book basically revolves around how the law of attraction and positive thinking can create
life-changing results and an increase in happiness, health, and wealth. The tenet of the book is
that the universe is governed by a natural “law” called the law of attraction, which is said to
work by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events and people that “match
the frequency” of the person’s thoughts and feelings. The book begins by introducing and
explaining the mechanisms of the law of attraction, then describes historical examples of its
application and great men and women in history who are claimed to have harnessed its power.
The book describes the law as accounting for a magnetic power that is emitted through one’s
thoughts. The power of thoughts is likened to the power in a transmission tower, which sends
out a frequency to the universe and then returns the same frequency in a physical or elemental
form. It all seems like magic when things start falling in the right place. But, little do people
know that the “magic” they experience, or that feeling of ecstasy that they feel is nothing but
their own fate.

This one book has done wonders for me. Things that I have majorly achieved in life, in all
probability, is because of my sheer will power that this book has taught me. One might arguably,
consider this book as just another source for English improvement and do not believe in the
knowledge and the magic it offers, but as the old saying goes, “Those who do not believe in
magic, will never find it.” Make sure you attract all the concrete thoughts in life, rather than
dwelling in the past or being mingled in future. Never have I honestly understood, the title of
the book, but now after achieving accolades in life, I really understand why the author named
it as “The Secret”.

— Tirtha Parab, Std-9


Our Budding s

I Made Myself a Snowball My Wish...

I made myself a Snowball I wanted to make a wish
As perfect as could be, Where the horizons will be

I thought I’d keep it as a pet Clad with fountains
and let it sleep with me. Instead of parched mountains ...
I made it some pajamas,
And a pillow for its head, The second wish I wanted
Was a beautiful long valley
Then last night it ran away.
But first..... it wet the bed ! Of which the distance
I couldn’t tally....
— Vrishti Paresh Jain, Std-5
On top of that, I wanted
My Principal A beautiful white cloud
But I didn’t want the sound of thunder
She is clear she is calm
With the world on her palm To make it loud....
The third wish I wanted
She guides us all the way
Striving night and day Was a big mango tree
And that the birds of the area
She appreciates all our talent
And does not let it remain latent Could fly free....
She congratulates us on our victory There are many benefits
And is insistent about honesty For so many birds and animals

She has love in her heart But we cut the trees
For all the tiny tots Like Heartless Insensitive mammals

She joins in all the fun The fourth wish I wanted
And brightens everything like the SUN! Was many grey stones

— Tanish Parkar, Std-5 They should be in an organised way
In between mountain cones....
The fifth wish I wanted

That there should be greenery all around
So that we see happy birds in the sky
And insects on the ground....
Sometimes these man-made
hazards make me sad
As there is so much pollution in the air
But some people along with me
Do and will always care...
— Antara Mehere, Std-8


Your Moment Dream On

Everyone has their moment. “Things happen for a reason”,
It’s just you and your soul. That’s what I believe in.
Not afraid of any ghoul.
Sometimes people or things
Thoughts running through your mind. aren’t meant to be,
Of all sorts and kind
Even though it may take time to see.
The music in your heart, the colours in art,
The flames in fire. Endings aren’t always happy,
Well, life isn’t a movie by Disney.
And the spirits that take you higher. Dreams don’t always come true,
That’s not true, cause sometimes they do.
The stories you were told,
Long ago, before you grew old. The other times it’s
The moments you remember. probably not meant to be,
Of laughter and fun in December. For something better is the future I see.

Sometimes this is all that matters, If one day ends, another one starts,
Be it faithful friends or flatters, If your heart breaks, begin with a fresh
Believe in yourself, or no one will.
The road not taken isn’t At the end of a rainstorm there’s sunshine,
always the right one, Everything turns out okay, so don’t whine.

But that’s okay, Life is short and you’ve Living in the past with regret?
got just one It’s better to forgive and forget.
People and opportunities will come and go,
Everybody has their moment. You gotta learn how to let go,
When it comes don’t lie dormant.
Moving on may take long,
— Parena Sahukar, Std-10 But make your journey a happy song,

In the end it will all be the dream,
Even better than the one in your sleep.

— Parena Sahukar, Std-10


Life As You In The Markets of
Should See It Mumbai

Don’t say you’re not important, Large, sweaty, appealing
Are the markets of Mumbai.
That simply isn’t true,
“Buy one, get two free”
The fact that you were born, Are the offers that are deceiving.

Is proof, God has a plan for you !

The path may seem unclear right now, Bedsheets, vegetables and gowns,
But one day you will surely see, They are the best available in town,
That all that came before, Aromas of Tulips, Lotus and Roses
Was truly meant to be !
They will linger, for an
eternity in your noses.

God wrote a book and that’s You will find it all!
probably your life, From Sev-Puri to Bhel-Puri,

Each day you live you need to know, To quench your thirst,
That God wrote it for you long ago ! You can have the lip-smacking Pani-Puri!

He only writes best sellers, Buyers and sellers from all around the place,
So be proud of who you are, You can find lanterns as well as a shoe lace.
Your character will tell you,
Whether you’re the ‘beggar’ or the ‘star’ ! With the essence of Warli and Gujarati,
Without forgetting the
— Yash Talreja, Std-10 thalis of the Rajasthanis.

Visit and find your source of elation,
Enhancing the customer buyer relation.
Get enchanted in the market of ecstasy

And fall as a prey to its vibrancy
— Tirtha Parab, Std-10


Life is Short

Life is too short to be wasted,
Memories should be treasured and pasted

Life is too clear to not be seen,
Everyday should make you feel keen
Life is too pretty to be called ugly

Just accept and move on joyfully

A child’s first cry,
The birds that fly,
The sun that shines
The feeling you get when you are on

cloud 9.
lsn’t it all just worth the while?

Making a name and shining with pride,
lsn’t that what really matters in life?

Hard work and dedication are your best

But you may not meet all your ends.
Ups and downs may come and go,

You’ve just gotta smile and say
“Ho Ho Ho”.

So don’t give up,
Keep the hope
The ladder to success,
Is the faith in yourself.

— Parena Sahukar, Std-10

Manan’s magic 41

— Manan Parekh, Std-9

Mumbai The Camera

The land of opportunity, The original creator of the camera was
Is what they call it. God like.
People come from villages worth pity, Photography.
And become so rich that for the city they have money It brings close what is unreachable,
enough to do a bit. It captures the moment that is about to pass.
The city is none other than Mumbai, It preserves as able what is going
Home to the rich and the poor living among dirty flies. to be disabled,
Tasty, full-of-calorie food on the streets, A photo is the one place where a
Deep fried in oil that is cholesterol and fat free. person can’t be tagged as mighty or feeble.
The city, home to the Gateway of India, It plays with the rules of space and time
The city, home to the BSE. like a rebel,
Where poor people work hard to thrive, Makes something highly fragile as tough as
While the rich go on extravagant shopping sprees. marble.
The mystical city where, It vacuum packs what is going to be gobbled.
An Amitabh became the Big B, It helps reveal secrets,
To get a glance of whom every Sunday admirers arrive, And clear harsh misconceptions of
And stare at the king of the industry for the something too delicate.
first time, live. It tells us the life patterns of creatures too
The most trustworthy city of all, dangerous,
Paying income tax honestly. It can make you a kid all over again,
More than the capital city, Delhi, Even when you’re old and suffer from
Each and everybody is full of life and glee. multiple bone pain.
The city with street food at every nook and corner, It enhances beauty,
Pani-puri and sev-puri are the most often ordered. It (hopefully) captures the better side of
Buying vada pav is a must, someone who’s moody.
And sinking ones teeth into it faster than the It always entices foodies,
wind’s gust. Informs those thirsty for knowledge,
The city with the first Indian Sea Link, And is a divine creation to copy notes in college.
And a wonderful ice skating rink. It is to be learnt as it’s an art,
It is like the heart of the country, Because it can sharpen the blurred like a dart.
Providing an indispensable life-sustaining link.
The city affected by the terrorist attacks,
Care is what the navy lacked.
Yet, recovery from the attack was speedy,
Every hospital efficiently treated the needy.
The city where you love,
The city where you thrive,
The city where a cricket match is viewed by lakhs, live.


Our Principal Scandalous Indrani

What can we say about her? There’s this fantastic lady,
The head priest in this temple of knowledge Reputed and doesn’t do anything that’s shady.
Looking at her beauty can make you giddy,
From her decisions she will never budge She is the famous Indrani.
Even if it appears bitter A business-woman, her brains unmatched,
In the end it will be sweet as chocolate fudge. Her sentiments never weigh her back.
To her heart there are no feelings latched.
When in class there is too much chit chatter First she married some guy, then married
Her deadly look can even make glass shatter. another,
But now she’s with Peter Mukherjea,
She is like a PhD in English and Geography Together they started 9X TV,
A great orator, just like Narendra Modi. To earn unaccountable money.
She pronounced her daughter her sister,
Even when and if she does scold And her son her beloved brother.
It is to make better and mould But that’s just normal isn’t it?
To tie a rakhi to your son to keep him up as an
To improve us and our life’s way imposter.
She always keeps indiscipline at bay It’s completely acceptable to call them siblings,
To not share your property,
Helping students since twenty years But I personally believe it was a stroke of
Standing by them through laughter and tears. genius,
To try and eliminate the chance of being
Though she appears stern and strict revealed.
Her name is synonymous with helpful and She completely sealed her ‘sister’s’ trap,
sweet. And almost shut her ‘brother’s’,
Sheena Bora was buried in the ground,
We at Greenlawns are blessed to have her With no evidence to go around.
Yes our dear Principal, Ms. Sangeeta Thacker. Three years later the poor woman,
Was proved guilty of the crime,
It was like life handing her an entire crate of
But is it ethical for a mother to kill her own
Is it okay to be insensitive to that extent?
To be called a criminal,
In the offence of killing your own kin.


The Beauty of Nature I Want to Smile

The true beauty of nature, Working hard in the withering heat and rain
Until now I never understood. all summer long,
Yet, I got it all, now that I am mature.
It is not only mountains and rivers, In modern day India was an ant, oh very
But food for the soul, strong.
It’s an art to find attraction even in ugly beavers.
The cool breezes that blow, Busy building his home and stocking on
The clean water flow, supplies for the winter,
The dispersed seeds that want to be sowed,
The rich mines down below, He ran around like Usain Bolt, the sprinter.
The trees that sway with joy,
Are like the wind’s toy. Meanwhile, ah, the grasshopper laughs at
The grasses that are stepped on, him and dances and plays,
Every second a new blade is born.
This is nature – learn to appreciate it. And pointlessly whiles his summer away.
For it, always do your bit.
But, as winter arrived, blizzards blew like

There was no cool rain like in the

Instead, it was freezing snow,

That hit his nose, like harpoons.

Thus, left with no other options,

The grasshopper called upon for a press

He used his Right to Information,

And asked why he should starve and suffer
in the cold,

While the ant, warm, in his home, sat bold.

CNN, Times Tomorrow and Kal Tak were
the channels that came to comfort thee,

They gave him confidence, higher than a
palm tree.


They raised their voices against the But also gave it to the hopper with a
grasshopper’s suffering, complementary world tour!

“Why should the green one have to suffer? Now, politically weak Mr. Ant, was found
dead in the snow,
He has the right to be cosier,
Upon him there was no one to last respects
The Nation wants to know!” Yells Arnab bestow.
The neighbourhood the hopper ram-
What next, we all know what was to be. shackled and terrorised,

Ramesh Heshamiya stages a concert, Looking at his huge size, the small ants were
left paralysed.
To spread awareness for the suffering
grasshopper, Now collapsed under shock the entire
Where else but in the torturing desert.
Upon seeing the ant and his dictation.
Anna Karode comes up next,
Think carefully my friends,
Along with him all his subjects,
Aren’t we all ants?
Sitting on a hunger strike,
As common men,
To support the grasshopper, and some
matters alike. Wearing suit and pants.

God-woman Dede Maa, The hopper’s the politicians,

Blessed the suffering, Slowly consuming the whole nation.

Said, “It’s nothing much, Just the stars. The common ant sits dead this while,

They’ll align soon, happiness isn’t far.” No matter how much he hopes,

Lalu angry at the ant couldn’t relax, He can’t smile.

Yelled, “Let’s make this bhudbhakt pay tax!” The ones in the world who are respected
the most,
Everyone felt for the grasshopper and what
he had seen, Are the ones with the highest political post.

The Economic Equity for the grasshopper As a common man I aren’t so hostile,
was filed by the EEOC
But all I want to do is smile.
The EEOC confiscated the ant’s home for


The Beauty Within

A farmer had some puppies he *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* Come Molly!’
had to get rid of, He called to the mommy
And following her came
Their fur made his nose tingle, four heavenly puppies.
And he always started to cough.
The first had a rich coat of gold,
He recently went to The second one’s eyes were too
“married” from “single”,
He had to spend time with his wife if he priceless to be sold,
didn’t want to be beaten up rough. The third was handsome and
At the edge of his yard he nailed a post,
He wanted them to be taken away, personality bold,
Even if the new owners were going to eat The fourth’s body in such
them roasted with toast.
Even after his longing to get impeccable proportion,
As if he was made using a mould.
them off his hands,
He wanted a lot of money, bound together In the same instant though,
the kennel stirred.
by thick rubber bands.
He reduced the rate every week It shivered through the humid warmth.
Instantaneously, a fifth came out.
no one showed up,
Until the price was cheaper than a tea cup. Being a runt, he did not come into count.
He limped and tried to walk steadily,
He screamed with all his might, But was not able to do it.
But then felt a tug on his overall. As he hobbled down the path,
trying to catch up,
As he could see no one he The girl said, ‘I want him for a pup.’
jumped with fright. The farmer was reluctant and stated

To check for a sign of life, ‘It’s better if you and he are not related.
He lowered his sight, He limps and his leg has a brace,
He cannot even keep up
And there saw a girl standing; with your walking pace.
no bigger than a butter knife.
‘I want to purchase one of He is as useless as a shoe without a lace,
I don’t even like his unprofitable face.’
those puppies, mister’ But the girl thought about it for a minute,
‘Have you taken permission from an elder?
And lifted her trouser with a
Like your mother, father or brother.’ modest expression.
‘No, but I have the money’
There ran a steel brace on both sides
‘Well then say no more, that is all of her leg,
I require, honey


Connecting to a special shoe. And not be as worthless as you
‘As you can see, I cannot run any treat him; like burnt coal.

better than him Outer appearance is irrelevant,
He should not be blamed for inner beauty is what truly matters,

his dreadful limp. May be he is more loyal than his siblings,
He has to be cared for by
Even though they appear to be
someone hospitable, healthier and fatter.’
And not be given an “unprofitable” label.
She shoved the money in the farmer’s hand,
Everyone is special on their own,
Even if it may be widely unknown. But he was so shocked by the
teaching of a child,
He could be healthier than the
others on the whole, It automatically slid out like sand.

Modern Ant and The Grasshopper

Working hard in the withering heat and rain all summer long,
In USA was the ant so very strong.
Busy building his home and stocking on supplies for winter,
He ran around like Usain Bolt, the sprinter.
Meanwhile, the grasshopper laughs at him and dances and plays
And pointlessly whiles his summer away.
As winter arrived, blizzards blew like balloons,
There was no cool rain like there is in monsoons.
Instead, it was freezing snow,
That hit his nose like harpoons.
Thus, left with no options,
The grasshopper called for a huge press conference.
He used his right to information,
And asked why he should shiver and starve in the cold,
While the ant, warm in his home, sat bold.


CNN, PBS and BBC were the channels that came to comfort thee,
And they gave him confidence higher than a palm tree.
As the onlookers saw the ant relaxing,
They were jealous of him unwinding.
They raised their voices against the grasshopper’s suffering.
“Why does this green one have to suffer?
He has the right to be cosier!”
For the sake of gaining TRP and interest,
There was a song written by Kermit the frog for the cosiness quest.
As Kermit and the grasshopper sang ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’
Everyone felt for the grasshopper and what he had seen.
ACORN staged a demonstration,
The group sang yet another piece by the frozen lake.
The Revolutionary Jeremiah Wright made everyone pray for the hopper’s sake.
Obama cursed the Pope, Bush and Reagan, for the actions of the ant
Until they were guilty to the point of wanting to drown in the lake.
Pelosi and Reid exclaim in an interview with The Smart Reader,
That the ant earned black money off the back of the hopper.
“Let’s make him pay tax,” said the White House,
While the ant thought of them to be as pestering as a mouse.
The Economic Equity for Grasshoppers Act was filed by the EEOC.
As the ant got to know, he wanted to stuff his head
In a hive full of bees.
The EEOC confiscated his home
And provided it to the hopper with a complimentary trip to Rome.
As he shifted in to his house,


He developed into a stupid louse.
He ate up the foods with his buds,
Obviously over the last bits, there waged many feuds.
Now (politically weak) Mr. Ant, was found dead in the snow,
Upon him, there was no one to last respects bestow.
The grasshopper too faced his same sticky end,
Due to a drug related incident that his spider enemies sent.
The gang of spiders then took over,
How could anybody stoop lower?
In the neighbourhood they ram-shackled and terrorized,
Looking at their huge size, the small peaceful ants were almost paralyzed.
Now collapsed under shock is the entire Nation,
With the dead ant even his best friends deny relation.
What we learnt most from this story,
Is to vote carefully in 2016.
The ones in the world who are respected the most,
Are the ones with the highest political post.
The rest of them are ghosts.
You can feel free to pass this on to another ant,
That no one is a saint.
You could tell a hopper,
(Only he won’t get it),
And would want you to put onto your mouth a stopper.
As a common man, keep a smile on that face,
And vote for a good candidate in this ‘ant’ race.


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