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Issue 911

Issue 911

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Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021 R

by Janet Spencer
@ 541-212-0914

The class of birds known scientifically as ADJUSTABLE
corvidae includes crows, ravens, magpies, COMFORT
nutcrackers, and jays. In each of these
species, the brain-to-body ratio equals that Save NOW on all adjustable bases!
of dolphins, and nearly matches humans.
These birds are more intelligent than
eagles, hawks, and owls. Come along with
Tidbits as we visit with these birds!

425 S Whitley Dr. #12 Fruitland, ID 83619 THE LOWLY CROW

1-800-578-1265 • Crows have the largest cerebral ∙ Read a book or watch TV in comfort
hemisphere relative to body size of any ∙ Reduce lower back pain
Have a smart member of the bird family, and they show it ∙ Reduce acid reflux ∙ Reduce snoring
phone? off in a variety of ways. For instance, they ∙ Quit sleeping in your recliner and be comfortable in bed
enjoy playing crow games such as toss,
Follow us! where one crow will drop a twig while in We have a great selection of
Facebook flight and another will catch it. They have mattresses that are made for
been known to juggle things between their
beak and feet while lying on their backs, your new adjustable base.
and enjoy playing friendly games of “king
of the mountain.” They have also been 541-889-5642
known to hang up-side- down from a wire
with wings outspread, using only one foot 398 South Oregon Street ∙ Ontario, Oregon
to hang on.

• Crows will stay in mated pairs till death.

Courtship is elaborate, with much bowing

and dancing done by the male. Finally he

offers her a bit of nesting material as a hint

of what he has in mind. The female will DON’T SETTLE FOR

lay 4 to 6 eggs, and the male provides the CHEAP DENTURES
groceries while she does the incubating.
Mortality of baby crows can be as high as COMPETITIVE PRICE!

70%. TURN PAGE FOR MORE! Custom made Dentures
Warranty on ALL Dentures
SAme DAy Repairs & Relines Se habla español

Senior DiSCountS frEECall for a
Flexible Partials
PoRCeLAin teetH Available
Dentures oVeR implants Insurance and
Payment plans accepted

Accepting Medicaid

205 W. Logan St. 188 east Lane, Ste. 3, 10480 W. Garverdale Ct.
Caldwell ontario, oR Ste., 804A • Boise

for more information visit:



Sales ∙ Service
Installation ∙ Repair

Do It Right The First Time

Licensed in (541) 889-6353
Oregon & Idaho
[email protected]
CCB#214732 203 NE 1st Street ∙ Ontario

Page 2 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021

HOUSE ∙ In-home visits
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get to those doctors’ ∙ Disease management
appointments? Providing help with your Veterans Benefits
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care where you are

Lets His Dog
• Members of the corvid family can imitate Poop in My
many sounds just as parrots can. One
ornithologist noticed that his captive jays Yard
not only repeated words and whistles
they heard from him, but they also barked DEAR PAW’S
when they saw a dog; meowed when they
saw a cat; and hooted when they saw an CORNER: My
neighbor con-
• Ornithologists have identified about 300
different crow “words” yet one crow cannot Reconnecting With stantly lets his
understand the dialect of the crows in a dogYcooumreSienntioormDyoygard and do his busi-
different part of the country. laaDrnngEedeAmsRosixt.ehPdSAe-boWrrme’teSidemtdCeiomOsg Re“hHNseaEttRichsh:eeotM”dnioystgheis leoaffslheawshhi,le
1t2hyeeanrseoigldh, abnodrhjius sditscsiptlainnedhsasthere. I’m tired
• Ravens seem to have “names” for each sliopfpepdicqkuiitne ga buitpinathfteeprastthcoisupdleog! What can I
other and when separated will call out for robufeidncnyaoneuai?tnsrhegsS.eaITh’vfnhoaeeauwctb’lesedbepuwnrIsoiincbgtoeahosnbsslwuyoamnuamdettydebafraawn?rueidtll-thy,-sqFuruirsttrtahteeddoing
each other. have time to wWalhkihteimP. Blauitnthsi,s yNeaerw York

FOOD FACTS I’ve resolved to get back on track
HwiatthcDhoeEutArwiRdllaniFloytRlwiUstaeSlnkTso.rRTcAoromTuebEwlDehe:isn,This isn’t the
• A scientist put an animal carcass out I cdalol gh’ism,faesupletciaaltlyaallt -th-eitp’sarkth. e fault of the
where ravens could find it, then broadcast CrAeDuaftyrsnhEetoaisAenhhwrR,eedoTrn.bewtexerDSaarniOrsqneefUituonrrGg)iarr:initwanienlGdilblog?ilavswin—itnchiognoteDbgoHehdudhaeigotecilngsphLce.edt,itnhoigtnhgienstfoaancyedou(worirll
over a loudspeaker the typical call a raven is a great idoean!lOynecesycoaulsatatret wtohrkeinsgituation.
will give to alert others that he has found uwsksTieittlhhlopseohrshiigimntihimvetdebxaraie-tclyik-n,tfuihcomperac—elsemhmeotesulhpnyletdecm-ipae-oilctlhwkyaoinndtfhsydeo.osrueacsokmheims
a source of food. Just 20 seconds later, a by, talk
single raven flew to the carcass, inspected not to
it, and left. Two minutes later, 29 ravens
were gathered around. They also flew off, Cloemtmtihtteingdtoogthaptodoaiply iwnalykowuitrh yard, to keep
but the next morning 40 ravens gathered chimoitmtmhphrmeoeisvaedntdhdohoesig.sgbbe.oeshEtnatxvhaipionlrglaeaiynanodsurthehcs,apanaotnndskoedettooetopipnigckhiump
around the carcass. Only then did they after
began to feed. Ravens prefer to feed in on a
large groups around carcasses to better
protect them from coyotes and other Because Hlaetachseht iskaeseepnisortdhoeg, dheog safe.
carnivores that may also be feeding there. aamsnaidnsyInftmatoipratpeyhyilmeynooouantrsererheeiyesgapasdhoirilndbyddow,otrnhooekyrncoeoihumfeer mpywwosaaanslukdleassdttoinng’t
the dog
• A captive jay was fed two kinds of feel safe
grasshoppers simultaneously. One
was edible; the other was poisonous. putpaplyk. iBnega tliottlethpaistiepntewristhohni,m.thIfen contact the
The jay became ill from the poisonous clheoecamisisihtmntyid’aet.unrrsdeWinsapignthowtnihttdaeehliknpesgaPrawklUna,edk.lilnSweteoso.p,r,tkhhhleiwimak“ictseohonmhamhiemi”slaenayshmlauwnicaipnadl-
grasshopper. Later, when he was offered published by Oregon Trail Publications
the same two kinds of grasshoppers, 208.642.4072 · PO Box 93, Ontario, OR 97914
he refused the poisonous one and ate
only the edible one. Researchers do not Tidbits is published weekly. Advertising Deadlines: oinmthpatocsoemsmafinndewshiloenin tohwe pnarekr. s who don’t keep
know how the crow was able to tell which New ads - Thursdays by 12:00 noon ItfhHeairtchdeot gdooesnn’taimleparosvhe,, iwf hheo don’t pick up
grasshopper was the one that caused his Ad Changes - Fridays by 5:00 pm ssaneeafmptpesyrlwettihhthaergoiritchedroordgopg,esro,horarpwsifhahoelijtautlsletlow their pet to
illness. (cont) Classi ed ads - Fridays by 12:00 noon sgeeomsoonfft,otakseohmimetoo nthee veetlesrein’asriapnroperty without

Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising for any reason for a checkup. Senior dpogesrcmanidsesvieolonp.
deemed inappropriate or not in the Publisher's best interest. tprAhayinnsidincagpl—ilsestuaheissnetghs,altwikdeihsatarratthcetritvthiesemprafiyrnooomur do, don’t take
endtohcirsineopurotbolenmst.hMeakdeosugr.e tPheostes are unaware
Publisher: areno’tfgebttoinugnindthaerwieasy ouf hnilseosutsdotohrey’re trained
Lisa Mathews ∙ 541.212.0914
[email protected]

Advertising: call or text 541.212.0914 timteo. Bsetsat oyf laucwk!ay from certain areas. They
[email protected]©ynoop2’ua0nt2rw0grcsKoec,imonaergmnlFsieeezprna.ettcuesro,ectmsqhiSu.ayeensldlty.iy,o’Innricsef. otrdhtiopeisnogwsnoemr eisthniontg
Lisa Mathews correcting them. It’s up to the owner to

control his dog while outside.

Send your questions, tips or comments
to [email protected]

(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.

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ball Hall of Fame
linebacker and Need cash now, The “Books Only” Store FOOD FACTS (cont)
defensive end re- don’t want to have
corded 160 sacks an estate sale or yard Chris’s Book Corner • Researchers watching crows drop snail
in his NFL career sale, call the Trea- 322 State Street, shells on rocks to crack them open
from 1985-99? sure Valley Picker for Weiser Idaho determined that the height the crows
2. The Calder unwanted items, an- 208-549-8191 dropped them from was exactly the height
Cup is the trophy tiques, jewelry, tools, Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 needed to crack them. To drop them from a
awarded to the champion of what pro- furniture, musical in- Sat 9:00-4:00 lesser distance would have meant wasted
fessional ice hockey league? struments, garage energy when they failed to open; to drop
3. In 1973, Los Angeles Lakers center sales items & misc. them from a greater height also wasted
Elmore Smith set an NBA record for We buy storage units, energy by extra flying and increased the
blocks in a game with how many? garages & barns. Call chances the snail would roll into the water.
4. What athletic shoe, first released 208-405-9647. The crows dipped the snails in water to
in 1989, had a built-in device that wash away annoying bits of shell.
inflated portions of the tongue for a EMPLOYMENT FOR SALE
custom fit? • Many crows, unable to break open tasty
5. What facility outside of Green Bay DOMINO’S IS HIRING! STANNAH 420 SAXON acorns, drop them on the pavement of
hosted two to four Packers home All Shifts, Full Time, Part STAIRLIFT 2008 a street and wait until a car runs over
games per season from 1953-94? Time. Flexible Hours. Stop them, even showing that they understand
6. What big-hitting outfielder won in Fruitland Store Today. FOR STRAIGHT STAIRS stoplights aby nd waiting until it’s safe to
World Series championships with the $395.00 retrieve the nut.
Philadelphia Phillies (2008) and San Ask For Keri
Francisco Giants (2010)? Located at Community • Ravens that have found a complete carcass
7. What actor, known for roles in “Nec- Building Supply are unable to open it to reach the meat. They
essary Roughness” (1991), “Street Ontario OR have been known to go in search of wolves,
Fighter” (1994) and “BASEketball” 541-889-3078 and coyotes, guiding it back to the meat so
(1998), was a replacement player for that it can have a chance to eat scraps.
the Los Angeles Rams during the 1987 Classified Advertising Rates:
NFL players strike? $8.00 for the first week for up to 20 words, up to 3 addition- • Jays usually stash their food in hiding places
al weeks for $4.00 each when paid at the time of original ad underground. In the winter, they are able to
(c) 2021 King Features Syndicate, placement. For additional words, add 20¢ per word per week, retrieve their food even when it is covered
Inc. for border and yellow highlight, add $2.00 per week. Payment by snow to a depth of one and a half feet.
Options: Credit Card- call 541-212-0914 - Check or Money The gray jay is able to hide its food by gluing
Order - mail your legible ad with payment to: Oregon Trail it with saliva to the bark of trees, making it
Publications, P.O. Box 93 Ontario, OR 97914 easier to retrieve in winter months. A single
Clark’s nutcracker can stash between
All ad copy must be approved by Tidbits, which reserves the right to edit or reject any ad request 22,000 and 33,000 seeds in up to 7,500
that we find, in our sole discretion, to be questionable or not in good taste. In the event of typo- different places in a single season.
graphical errors, errors in publication, or omission in or from an ad, Tidbits liability will be limited
to the reprinting of the ad. By placing an ad in Tidbits, you waive any claim for consequential, • Although crows, ravens, and jays are
incidental, or other damages. All items listed are subject to prior sale. Tidbits considers it’s ad- omnivorous and will eat anything, including
vertisers reliable and verifies as much data as possible. However, readers using this information carrion, they do not ever kill their own prey
do so at their own risk. It is suggested that investors contact the appropriate consumer agency like hawks, eagles, and owls.
before sending payment. Although persons and companies mentioned herein are believed to be
reputable, neither Tidbits nor its’ employees accept any responsibility whatsoever for their actions IT’S A FACT
or claims. For more information to help you avoid rip-offs and exercise your consumer rights,
write: FTC, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20580 or log on to http://www.ftc. • A crow being attacked by a falcon got away
gov/bcp/consumer.shtm. when it flew between two narrow strands of
barbed-wire fence. The falcon had a wider
wing-span and was caught in the wire. (cont)



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Page 4 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021

Since 1919

Farm, Ranch, Commercial, Trucking, Home,
Auto, Toys, Life & Health

541.889.8693 * On April 2, 1513, near present-day St. WONDERFUL WORDS
Augustine, Florida, Spanish explorer Juan
280 South Oregon St Ponce de Leon comes ashore and claims NAMES OF STATES
the territory for the Spanish crown. Ponce
∙ Ontario OR ∙ de Leon is credited with the first recorded • The names of 27 states originate with Native
landing and the first detailed exploration American words. Seven are named after of the Florida coast. royalty. One is named after a president. Let’s
look at some history behind state names.
A Mustard Seed Financial & * On April 1, 1700, English pranksters
Insurance, Inc. Company begin popularizing the annual tradition of • There were 31 different ways to spell
playing April Fool’s jokes. In keeping with Alabama, starting with three of the men
INCREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE the fun, in 1957, the BBC reported that who accompanied Spanish conquistador
Swiss farmers were experiencing a record Hernando de Soto in 1540, who spelled it
• A man in Washington once tossed crackers spaghetti crop and showed footage of peo- variously “Alibau” or “Alibamo” or “Limanu”
to a raven until the raven was full and could ple harvesting noodles from trees. all based on the Choctaw words “alba”
eat no more. The raven wanted to take more meaning “plants” and “amo” meaning
crackers back to its cache, but it could pick * On March 31, 1776, future first lady Ab- “gatherer.”
up only one cracker at a time in its beak. igail Adams writes to her husband urging
By the time it got back to collect the next him to “remember the ladies” when draft- • With 34,000 miles of shoreline, it’s no
cracker, other critters would have stolen the ing a new code of laws for the fledgling wonder Alaska is named for the Aleurian
rest of the food. The man was astonished to nation. Abigail pondered if and how the word for “shore” which is “alaxsxaq.”
see the raven solve the dilemma by tucking rights of women would be addressed in an
the crackers side by side into a snowbank American constitution. • A Spanish novel written around the year
one at a time. When six or seven crackers 1510 detailed the exploits of the powerful
were lined up together, the raven was able * On April 4, 1841, only 31 days after as- son of King Amadis of Gaul as he explored
to pick the all up at one time like a stack of suming office, William Henry Harrison, the an imaginary island that was full of gold and
nickels and fly off with the entire batch. ninth president of the United States, dies ruled by strong and beautiful black women
at the White House. At his inauguration, who kept griffins as pets. The name of
• A crow was watching ice fishermen in Finland. Harrison declined to wear a jacket or hat the island in the book is “California” which
It saw the men bait the hooks, drop the line and made a two-hour speech. Soon after- probably came from the word “Khalifa” which
into the hole in the ice, then wait until a ward, he developed pneumonia. means “successor” in Arabic. When Cortez
signal flag bobbed, indicating that a fish was reached the shores of what he thought
on the line. Then they’d haul up the line and * On April 3, 1936, Richard Bruno Haupt- was a large island, he named it California
collect the fish. While the fishermen were mann, convicted in the kidnapping and after the fictional island. Only later was it
occupied at other holes, the crow watched murder of the 20-month-old son of discovered that Cortez had actually landed
the flag bob at another hole. It tried to pull Charles Lindbergh, is executed by electro- on the peninsula of Baja, rather than on an
the line up by grasping it in its beak, but it cution. In 1932, Charles Lindbergh Jr. was island.
couldn’t pull the line up far enough. So it kidnapped from the nursery of the Lind-
pulled the line as far onto the ice as it could, bergh home. • “Colorado” comes from the Spanish term
then stood on it to keep it from slipping back meaning “reddish color” referring to the
into the water. It walked on the line back to * On March 29, 1973, the last U.S. com- color of the dirt and the river.
the fishing hole, where it grasped the line in bat troops leave South Vietnam as Hanoi
its beak once again and backed up. It did frees the remaining American prisoners of • The Mohegan word “quinnehtukqut” (or
this over and over until the fish flopped out war held in North Vietnam. America’s di- various spellings thereof) means “beside
onto the ice. rect eight-year intervention in the Vietnam the long tidal river” and came to be our
War was at an end. Connecticut.
• A captive crow living at the Allee Laboratory
of Animal Behavior was normally fed a * On March 30, 1981, President Ronald • Delaware was named after Lord De La
moistened mash. Sometimes keepers would Reagan is shot in the chest outside a Warr, the English politician who served as
forget to wet the food down. The crow would Washington, D.C., hotel by a deranged the governor to the colony of Virginia.
then pick up a small plastic toy cup, walk drifter named John Hinckley Jr. Hinckley
over to a water trough, fill it with water, walk had a pathological obsession with the • The Spanish celebrate “Pascua florida” around
back to the food dish, and dump the water 1976 film “Taxi Driver,” in which the main Easter time, meaning “the feast of the flowers.”
on the mash. If the cup spilled en route, he character attempts to assassinate a fic- Because explorer Ponce de Leo landed on
would immediately return to the water. tional senator. the day of Pascua florida, and because the
land was full of flowers, he named it Florida.
(c) 2021 Hearst Communications, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Page 5 CANYON NEW
of Fruitland Inc.
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1. TELEVISION: Which animated series • In 1732, King George II of England asked
stars a precocious toddler named Stewie British philanthropist James Oglethorpe to
Griffin? name the new colony after him, and that
2. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Diomede new colony is now Georgia.
Islands located?
3. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Former President • French explorer Father Jacques Marquette
Jimmy Carter served in which branch of was one of the first Europeans to reach the
the military? Midwest region. The native people he met
4. LITERATURE: Which 20th-century novel there called themselves “Ilinois” meaning
featured a character named Boo Radley? “tribe of superior men” or “warriors.” We
5. U.S. STATES: What animal is featured now spell it Illinois.
on California’s state flag?
6. HISTORY: Which U.S. state was the last • In 1800, Congress passed a resolution that
to remove a ban on interracial marriage? gave Native Americans their own territory,
7. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of which was called “Indiana.”
sharks called?
8. AD SLOGANS: Which products were • La Salle was the French explorer who
advertised with a slogan that called them traveled all the way from the Great Lakes to
“indescribably delicious”? the Gulf of Mexico, following the Mississippi
9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What shape River. He claimed the entire area for French
has been used in U.S. stop signs since the ruler King Louis XIV, and named the territory
1920s? appropriately. Today the state of Louisiana
10. PSYCHOLOGY: What irrational fear is is the only portion of the region that retains
represented by the condition called alek- the original name.
• Maine is the only state with a single-syllable
(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc. name. Because there are over 3,000
islands off the coast of the state, the name
probably refers to the fact that it’s the “main”

• Maryland was named
after Queen Henrietta Maria,
the wife of England’s King
Charles I.

• “Massachusetts” is an
approximation of the Native
American term meaning “near
the big hills.”


• One mated male crow
consistently brought food to
an unmated handicapped
female crow who was
deformed and partially blind.
While biologists watched,
he fed his own chicks in the
nest 66 times, and brought
her food 24 times. His mate,
meantime, also fed their
chicks 89 times.

• Crows are omnivores,
which means they eat nearly
anything. (cont)

Page 6 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Mar 24 -Mar 30, 2021

* Iguanas have three eyes: two in MORE CORVID STUFF(cont)
the normal spots and a third on top of
their heads, that only perceives bright- Crows eat small animals such as mammals,
ness. amphibians, reptiles, eggs and carrion. They
* Banks employ therapists known as also eat insects, seeds, grains, nuts, fruit,
wealth psychologists who help ul- non-insect arthropods, mollusks, worms
tra-rich clients unable to mentally cope and even other birds. Crows have also been
with the guilt they feel over their im- noted eating garbage.
mense wealth, advise on inheritance
issues and counsel parents on how to • Magpies mate for life. When a magpie mate
raise children who aren’t spoiled by dies during the mating season, the entire
money. colony of nearby magpies will gather around
* Tyromancy is the practice of predict- in a noisy congregation. Ornithologists don’t
ing the future with cheese. know if this is some kind of magpie funeral,
* In 2016, a student left a pineapple in or if it is merely an opportunity for the
an art museum in Scotland. Two days bereaved magpie to pick another mate. By
later, it had been placed in a glass case the time the event is over, a new mate has
as part of an exhibition. usually been found.
* “Coffin birth” is a phenomenon that
occurs when a pregnant woman de- • Crows have been known to build “decoy
livers a child spontaneously after her nests” if they feel there is a threat nearby.
death, due to gases that build up in
the abdominal area, putting pressure • A researcher wanted to see how high ravens
on the mother’s uterus and forcing the could count. He would present a tame raven
baby through the birth canal. with between one and six objects. The bird
* The scientific term for brain freeze is was then expected to match the number
“sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.” Now of objects he had been given with a series
you know why we call it brain freeze. of boxes which had between one and six
* Originally scheduled to be erected in marks on the top. Inside the correct box
Barcelona, the Eiffel Tower was reject- was a food reward. The raven consistently
ed because citizens thought it was an proved he was able to count to six.
* Alcatraz was the only prison to offer • Crows living near the golf course in Bombay,
its inmates hot showers, but that had India, have developed a taste for golf balls,
nothing to do with personal comfort. picking them up and carrying them back to
Rather, the reasoning went that if the their nests. Caddies run after the balls and
prisoners were used to the hot show- cover them with a red cloth before the crows
er-water, they’d be unable to cope with can spot them.
the frigid temps of the San Francisco
Bay and hence deterred from attempt- • When male and female jays and crows
ing to escape. make a nest and raise their young, they
* Hershey’s Kisses take their name may be assisted in the endeavor by some
from the kissing sound deposited choc- helpers. Usually the helpers are year-old
olate makes as it falls from the ma- young raised the previous year. Unable to
chine to the conveyor belt. find a mate of their own, sons and daughters
* If you point your car keys to your will elect to stay with mom and dad and help
head, it will increase the remote’s sig- out around the home front.
nal range.
Thought for the Day: “Looking at beau-
ty in the world is the first step of puri-
fying the mind.” -- Amit Ray

(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.

Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Page 7

* “Shaving cream can be used LIFESTYLE HOME MEDICAL SUPPLY
as a spot remover for many
carpets. Use only a small New and Refurbished Medical
amount, and follow up with Equipment and Supplies
a damp cloth.” -- D.L. in New
Brunswick, Canada We Will Save You Money!

* Here’s a great rule of thumb (541) 216-6468
in the kitchen: The quicker
it cooks, the more direct the 2390 SW 4th Ave ∙ Ontario
heat. So, for a thin piece of
steak that’ll cook quickly, a
cast-iron pan fry will do nicely.
For a thicker cut of, say, chick-
en, you should bake at a lower
temp for a longer time.

* “Need sliced mushrooms for
your salad or recipe. They are
hard to cut, but you might al-
ready have the perfect tool for
the job in your kitchen. If you
have an egg slicer, get it out.
It works very well for mush-
rooms, and it’s easier to use
than trying to cut those slices
yourself.” -- J.R. in Utah

* Got an ink stain? Try us-
ing the ubiquitous nowadays
(thankfully) hand sanitizer!
Apply a little sanitizer to the
ink stain, then use a clean,
dry white rag to blot, checking
the rag often and moving to a
different spot on the rag as it
takes up the ink.

* To get clothing really clean,
don’t overfill your washer. Of-
tentimes, we want to get the
laundry done quickly by stuff-
ing in as much as possible,
thereby reducing the number
of loads. But if there isn’t
enough space for everything
to move about, it can actually
keep the clothing from getting
clean. Never fill more than
three-fourths full.

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Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlan-
do, FL 32803.

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and Custom Hay


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Page 8 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Mar 24- Mar 30, 2021

VA: More Good News on Debt Seniors Raising
The Department of Veterans Affairs, which For many seniors, retirement plans can
recently announced an extension of home change instantly when it becomes appar-
loan forbearance (delaying collections until ent that they’ll need to raise their grand-
June 30), has now added to the list of available financial help. Due to the pandemic, children. The reasons this can happen are
debt collection of VA benefits overpayments and medical copayments has been sus- many, and none of them good: parental
pended until Sept. 30 for those debts incurred after April 1, 2020. drug use, arrest and incarceration, a dan-
The VA will notify veterans of the status of their debt, as well as any options, but gerous military assignment, alcoholism and
while you wait on that communication from the VA, the particulars can be found on-
line. Go to and sign in with your DS Logon, My Heal- even death of the parents.
theVet or accounts. If you don’t have an, you can create one right there The potential complications can be imme-
on the page.
Once logged in, you’ll be able to check on debts for GI Bill or other education ben- diate: You have no extra room because
efits, disability compensation or veteran pension. (Family members cannot use this you downsized, you’re in a strict 55-plus
tool.) You’ll find information on the amount and status of the debt, what you can do seniors community, you’re on a very limit-
about it and any letters the VA has sent you. ed Social Security budget, your health isn’t
Once the payment suspension is lifted at the end of September, repayment will be
made as painless as possible. You’ll have four choices: 1) monthly offsets (they hold great ... and so much more.
back a certain amount of your benefits), 2) small monthly payments (if you don’t get If you’re a senior who’s now in this posi-
benefits), 3) you make a compromise offer and pay a smaller amount, or 4) the debt tion, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 3
is waived. For the last two, you’ll need to fill out a Financial Status Report (VA Form million children are being raised by grand-
When you visit the debt management page, be sure to click the plus (+) signs. They parents.
open up much more information under each question. But help is available.
If you need help from the Debt Management Center, call them weekdays at 800-827- Start with the Child Welfare Information
0648, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. They’re apparently slammed with calls and suggest you Gateway ( and
call Tuesday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to noon, or from 2:15 p.m. to 4:30 scroll to your state. Ask about Medicaid for
p.m. ET. Children, SNAP benefits, TANF (Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families) and Supple-
(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc. mental Security Income for children.
Raising Your Grandchildren (www.rais- has a wealth of
information. State Resources, for example,
will take you to social workers, support
groups and programs in your state.
The legal aspect of raising your grandchil-
dren can’t be ignored because it will impact
all parts of your life.
What you’re providing is called Kinship
Care. Be sure you understand the differ-
ences between Formal, Informal, Tempo-
rary and Voluntary. Formal Kinship Care,
for example, means the state has legal
custody of the child but he lives with you.
State laws vary, and you’ll have casework-
ers, court appointments and more.
Informal Kinship Care, on the other hand,
leaves the courts and caseworkers out of
your lives, but legal custody remains with
the parents. That can be a problem when it
comes to getting the child medical care and
enrolling them in school. The only finan-
cial assistance you might be eligible for is

Raising grandchildren is not easy. Get all

the help and support you can.

(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.

Sports Quiz Answers Trivia Answers

1. Kevin Greene. 1. “Family Guy”
2. The American Hockey League (AHL).
3. 17. 2. The Bering Strait, between
4. The Reebok Pump. Alaska and Siberia
3. Navy

5. Milwaukee County Stadium. 4. “To Kill a Mockingbird”

6. Pat Burrell. 5. A bear
7. Peter Tuiasosopo. 6. Alabama in 2000

7. A shiver

8. Mounds and Almond Joy candy


9. Octagon

10. A fear of chickens

Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Page 9

MORE CORVID STUFF(cont) ARIES (March 21 to April 19) The week
promises a calmer aspect. Although there
These helpers watch their parents build a nest; they run off predators; they might be some lingering effects of a recent
brood the eggs; and they help feed the young. Often the helper provides the job problem, things should continue to ease
new chicks with more food than the parents do. Scrub jays of Florida may have up. Also expect a change in a home-based
up to five helpers pitching in. Not only does this train the young to be better situation.
parents, but it also improves the survival rate of the new chicks. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) If you feel
uneasy about a colleague’s suggestion,
• The peacock-butterfly scares enemies by spreading its wings, revealing it might be that your wise inner Taurean
a pattern that looks identical to the eyes of an owl. Birds that have been on guide is alerting you to a potential problem.
the verge of eating the butterfly will make a quick exit after watching the eyes Stepping away could turn out to be the right
appear. A blue jay was placed in a cage with such a butterfly. The jay was just thing to do.
about to eat it when the eye spots appeared. The jay fled to the opposite end of GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A family
the cage and refused to move. get-together opens up new opportunities for
renewing ties. It can be especially effective
FUNKY FACT in dealing with disagreements that should
have been, but never were, fully resolved.
• The story goes that when emperor Octavian returned triumphantly to Rome after CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You might
having beaten Marc Antony in battle, he was presented with a gift by an admirer. be surprised at the response you get to a
The gift was a raven that had been trained to say, “Hail, Octavian, victorious recent decision. You might be even more
leader!” Octavian was so impressed that he gave the trainer a handsome surprised by the reasons behind it. In any
reward. Then a bystander piped up and mentioned that the trainer had a spare event, you’ll learn something important.
raven which had been trained to say, “Hail Antony, victorious leader!” just in LEO (July 23 to August 22) Your aspects
case Octavian lost. Amused, Octavian made the trainer split the reward with the favor resolving any tensions left over from a
informer. recent incident. You might want to consider
having a “clear the air” talk as soon as you
can. A call can lead to a change of plans.
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Avoid
repeating yourself. If your first few efforts
fail to connect, maybe it’s because you ha-
ven’t found the right way to get your mes-
sage across. Try changing your approach.
LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Good
intentions plus a strong resolve to succeed
can take you where you want to go. Don’t
give up just because someone suggests you
might be pursuing an impossible cause.
SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) An
unexpected setback can be a blessing in dis-
guise. Use it to recheck your facts and how
you’ve presented them. Meanwhile, look for
ways to expand your contacts.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December
21) You should finally be seeing a positive
change in a recent personal situation. How-
ever, an on-the-job matter might need more
attention than you realized. Stay with it.
CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19)
While you should be close to completing an
important matter, you still need to focus on
being focused. But things ease up in time
for weekend fun.
AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A
certain matter might take an unexpected
turn. Don’t simply accept it; ask for an ex-
planation. What you learn might be help-
ful in shifting the situation around to your
PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Project-
ing a positive attitude helps restore calm
even when you’re confronting some pretty
stormy situations. Stay the course. The out-
come will be well worth your efforts.
BORN THIS WEEK: While you enjoy tradition
and stability, you also appreciate the good
things that change can bring.

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Page 10 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Mar 24- Mar 30, 2021

1. Is the book of Mark in the Old or BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1) Neither;
New Testament or neither? 2) H; 3) Isaiah; 4) On donkey; 5)
2. From Genesis 8:4, where did No- Brother; 6) Luke
ah’s ark rest after the great flood?
Dead Sea bottom, Mountains of Ar-
arat, Near Garden of Eden, Atop Mt.
3. What kind of physical problem did
Timothy have of which Paul advised
a little wine? Back, Stomach, Head,
4. How many days was Jesus on
earth after His resurrection? 3, 40,
100, 346
5. From Acts 8, who baptized the
Ethiopian eunuch? Isaiah, James,
Philip, Paul
6. How old was Abraham when he
died? 70, 175, 202, 256

Hardcore trivia fan? Visit Wilson Ca-
sey’s subscriber site at www.patre-

(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.

Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Page 11

PHOTO: John Cusack in “Grosse Pointe Blank”
Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

“Beware the Ides of March.” Or so says the soothsayer to Julius Caesar.
The mid-March date was known in ancient Rome as a time for settling
debts, and in William Shakespeare’s tragedy, it’s a clear warning of the
deadly coming events for Caesar -- a knifing courtesy of his friends in
the Senate. Which is why it makes me think of all the great movies fea-
turing assassins. Here are eight -- some funny, some cult favorites, but
every one guaranteed to slay.

“Point of No Return” -- A robbery perpetrated by a strung-out junkie goes wrong and she’s given a last-ditch second chance: instead of a
death sentence, train to be an elite assassin under the control of the government. Stars Bridget Fonda as Maggie, the would-be assassin,
and Gabriel Byrne as her handler.

“Grosse Pointe Blank” -- In a romp that mixes comedy, romance and murder-mayhem, John Cusack stars as Martin Blank, a neurotic as-
sassin having a rough patch. He travels home to Michigan for his 10-year high-school reunion, reuniting with the girl he stood up for prom
(Minnie Driver) and chased by a rival killer (Dan Ackroyd).

“In the Line of Fire” -- A cat and mouse featuring Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) and rogue CIA assassin “Booth”
(John Malkovich). Horrigan is the last living agent who served on Kennedy’s detail in Dallas, and Booth taunts Horrigan with this fact all
while threatening to assassinate the current president.

“The Accountant” -- An autistic young boy with a dysfunctional family and extraordinary math abilities (Ben Affleck) becomes a forensic
accountant by day and cold-blooded killer by night. Dual story lines trace his history with an FBI agent and his current assignment uncov-
ering accounting shenanigans at a medical prothesis company.

“No Country for Old Men” -- The Coen Brothers tackle the neo-crime Western genre when a Texas hunter (Josh Brolin) claims the remains
of a desert drug deal gone awry. No crime is secret, and soon hitman Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) is dispatched to retrieve the money
-- by any means necessary.

“The Day of the Jackal” -- The 1973 classic follows a paramilitary group’s intent to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle. They
eventually resort to professional assistance in the form of The Jackal, a hit man of infamy, who settles down to business as his identity is
slowly uncovered by a Paris detective.

“Collateral” -- Jamie Foxx plays a cab driver who takes one last high-dollar fare: a man (Tom Cruise) who offers him $600 to make a se-
ries of stops. Catch is, the fare is a hit man wiping out witness after witness.

“Pulp Fiction” -- Any discussion of movie assassins would not be complete without cult favorites Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules
Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), from director Quentin Tarantino’s breakout film. The philosophical pair stand out for their effortless cool
and eminent quotability.

(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc.

Page 12 Tidbits of Lower Treasure Valley Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2021

Spring Mix Greens Herald a New Season

Years ago, when bags and bins of spring mix lettuce greens first appeared in the gro-
cery stores in early March, I must admit, I was skeptical. To me, spring mix looked
like small leaves of multicolored lettuce mixed with lawn clippings. The variety of
colors and flavors, textures and varieties were radically different from my traditional

(and quite frankly boring) salad consisting of iceberg and romaine leaves, and maybe
a tomato or two.

After trying spring mix, I’ve become a fan of the interesting combination of flavors
and textures. Now one of my favorite spring pastimes is visiting my local farmers

market and looking at all the varieties of lettuce greens at their colorful best.
spring mix, also known as “mesclun,” is a name used for a salad mixture of leaves of various species. The name comes from
the Spanish word “mezclar,” which translates as “to mix.” Traditional mesclun usually consisted of chervil, arugula, lettuce and

Now, spring mix is typically made up of 16 fresh greens and lettuces of varying tastes and textures, including red romaine,
baby spinach, radicchio, green romaine, red oak leaf, mizuna, red leaf, lollo rosso, arugula, red mustard, green mustard, red
chard, frisee and tatsoi. About half of the greens and lettuces are sweet and mild, while others provide a complementary,

slightly bitter edge.
Spring mix is available year-round with a peak season in spring and summer. These delicate greens contain a punch of flavor

and are packed with vitamins A, C and E, calcium and potassium.
Here’s an overview of the many types of spring mix lettuce greens.
Arugula or Rocket -- Typically has long, spiked, dark green leaves and a strong, peppery flavor, especially when the leaves are
larger and wild-harvested. Cultivated arugula varies in intensity of flavor, so taste before using. Arugula adds a bold punch to

salads or an intense note as an ingredient in hearty dishes.
Little Gem lettuce -- A mixture of soft leaves with a slight crunch, similar to butter lettuce in texture.
Mesclun -- A combination of tender, wild-harvested or cultivated young greens. Most mesclun varieties include greens with
texture and peppery flavor such as curly endive, mezzaluna, mustard leaves, watercress, arugula, purslane, cress, Asian

greens like mizuna, red kale and chicory, and a few herbs such as cilantro, basil or parsley.
Mache, Corn Salad or Lamb’s Lettuce -- Grows in a tight bunch of 4 or 5 leaves attached to a root. It has more flavor and tex-
ture than most salad greens, but requires more care when cleaning because grit and dirt tend to settle in the rosette-shaped

leaves near the roots.
Dandelion -- Greens are a dark emerald color and are bitter. They add a distinctive flavor component when added raw, but

lose some of their sharpness when cooked low and slow.
Escarole -- Has a subtle bite, hearty texture and a longer growing season. During the spring months, escarole is sweeter and
at its tender best. Add it raw to provide complexity to a salad or as an interesting addition to cooked dishes in place of spin-

Pea Greens -- These are the giant, tangled vines on which peas grow. Pea greens are typically available at farmers markets in

spring and early summers.
Break out the salad bowl and try a variety of spring mix lettuce greens in nontraditional ways. This recipe showcases spring
mix salad topped with crunchy cucumber slices, seeds or nuts, tart cherries, creamy goat cheese and a drizzle of Maple Bal-

samic Dressing. It’s a delicious way to welcome spring!


1 (12-ounce) bag spring mix greens
12 cherry or grape tomatoes or 2 small/medium tomatoes, cut into wedges
1/2 large cucumber, sliced
1/3 cup dried cherries or cranberries
3 tablespoons roasted, salted sunflower seeds or roasted almonds
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese

Add the greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cherries or cranberries, and sunflower seeds into a large bowl or platter. Sprin-
kle with the salt and pepper, and toss lightly with desired amount of dressing (recipe follows), then top with crumbled goat
cheese. Serves 4.


4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 1/2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons pure maple syrup or maple-flavored agave syrup
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup olive or vegetable oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

PHOTO CREDIT: Depositphotos

Whisk everything together in a medium bowl until emulsified, or place all the ingredients into a jar with a tight-fitting top and
shake until everything is well-combined. Store remaining dressing in the fridge for up to 1 week. Shake to recombine the in-

gredients before using. Makes about 1/2 cup.

Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children’s author, culinary historian and the author of seven cookbooks. Her lat-
est cookbook is “The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook.” Her website is To see how-to videos, recipes and
much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! on Facebook. Recipes may not be reprinted without permis-

sion from Angela Shelf Medearis.(c) 2021 King Features Synd., Inc., and Angela Shelf Medearis

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