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5th issue


Electric and Power Product Encyclopedia



Special thanks to the advisory body

Many thanks and appreciation to the Advisory Board for their effective
contribution to the classification of this work and to help us understand
the needs and requirements of the market.
The first issue of the Encyclopedia was issued through your recommen-
dations and guidance to be the first reference of its kind to the world of
electricity and energy products.
If it were not for your efforts and your time, this work would not have
taken place.

Eng. Amr abd-elbaqi - saleh & hegab integrated engineering
Eng. Hani ebeed - khatib & alami asa engineering consultants
Eng. Hesham el-assaly - saleh & hegab integrated engineering
Eng. Hossam hamdy - ehaf consulting engineers
Eng. Midhat mabrouk - misr consult
Eng. Mostafa abd-elaal - ace consulting engineers (mo harram.Bakhoum)
Eng. Sally el-sayed ahmed - okoplan consulting engineers
Eng. Tamer sabry - ehaf consulting engineers
Eng. Wageih barakat - aaw consulting engineers & partners
Eng. Waleid hassan - hamza associates
Eng. Mosaad solaiman - shaker consultancy group
Eng. Nasr el-din abd-eljawwad - engineering consultants group
Eng. Magdy al-qady - dar al-handasah (shair and partners)

Thank you

‫ المهندسون الاستشاريون ايهاف‬- ‫ حسام حمدي‬.‫م‬ ‫شكر خاص للهيئة الاستشارية‬
‫ المهندسون الاستشاريون ايهاف‬- ‫ تامر صبري‬.‫م‬
‫ اوكوبلان مهندسون استشاريون‬- ‫ سالي السيد احمد‬.‫م‬ ‫تتقدم أسرة العمل بجزيل الشكر والتقدير للهيئة‬
‫ صالح وحجاب استشارات هندسية واقتصادية‬- ‫ عمرو عبدالباقي‬.‫م‬ ‫ لمساهمتها الفعالة في تصنيف هذا العمل‬,‫الاستشارية‬

‫ مصر للاستشارات‬- ‫ مدحت مبروك‬.‫م‬ .‫ومساعدتنا في فهم احتياجات ومتطلبات السوق‬
‫ محرم باخوم‬- ‫ المهندسون الاستشاريون العرب‬- ‫ مصطفي عبد العال‬.‫م‬ ‫صدر العدد الاول من الموسوعة من خلال توصياتكم‬

‫ خطيب وعلمي اسا‬- ‫ هاني عبيد‬.‫م‬ ‫وتوجيهاتكم ليكون المرجع الاول من نوعه عالميا‬
‫ صالح وحجاب استشارات هندسية واقتصادية‬- ‫ هشام العسلي‬.‫م‬ .‫لمنتجات الكهرباء والطاقة‬

‫احمد عبدالوارث‬.‫ د‬- ‫ وجيه بركات‬.‫م‬ .‫لولا جهدكم ووقتكم ما خرج هذا العمل بهذا الشكل‬
‫ حمزة ومشاركوه‬- ‫ وليد حسن‬.‫م‬
ً‫الأسماء مرتبة أبجديا‬
‫ مجموعة شاكر للاستشارات الهندسية‬- ‫ مسعد سليمان‬.‫م‬
‫ جماعة المهندسين الاستشاريين‬- ‫ نصر الدين عبد الجواد‬.‫م‬
‫شاعر وشركاه‬.‫د‬-‫ دار الهندسه للاستشارات‬- ‫ مجدي القاضي‬.‫م‬

MCuEsOtafa Abdel-azim NOTE: Display AlphabeticallyAdvisory body

MMaahnmaogudinKghaDlilirector CONTACT US ENG. AMR ABD-ELBAQI
Saleh & Hegab Integrated Engineering
IGbreanhiemraHlomsneaynager ENG. HANI EBEED
Khatib & Alami ASA Engineering Consultants
EEEEnnndgggi...toMTIsraloasmhmaemreelssdahbeHrryaifssan Ashour ENG. HESHAM EL-ASSALY
Saleh & Hegab Integrated Engineering
MMaahrmkoeutdinAgbd&el-smaolhessenmanager ENG. HOSSAM HAMDY
IAJLSnoiamnsrtdaeierafarMnAHSicadaahnaitdanmieoaslnal marketing EHAF Consulting Engineers
SAAAMMSYaamrhauaebsmrsliseirrtenieeajanasrdfMKaSBMtoHhheoFohaaalaaahelmairlmamsbodmaueynkdmed ENG. MIDHAT MABROUK
DAOmliasirtGaraimNbeaugl tmion MISR CONSULT
SAla-AlehsramouEtslteatbslishment ENG. MOSTAFA ABDELAAL
PAmuibnlaicMorhemlamtieodn ACE Consulting Engineers (Moharram.Bakhoum)
DEAeUsiagdnv. a&npdrinGtrinagphics ENG. SALLY EL-SAYED
MMDAhaoemhhsmaeimgdoumnSdeeadrlElasmAmamdmar Okoplan Consulting Engineers
LOemgear lkaAnfdfial irs ENG. TAMER SABRY
EHAF Consulting Engineers
AAW Consulting Engineers & Partners
Hamza Associates


Address: 8th El-Kawther St, From Gameat
El-Dewal Alarabia St, Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.
Tel: (+202) 33351237
E-mail: [email protected]

THE MORE TIMELY Intelligent encyclopedia the first specialized encyclopedia in pre-
INFORMATION IS senting electricity and energy products issued in middle east, in-
AVAILABLE, THE tended to be always available for the customer who wants it along
MORE VALUABLE the year. The encyclopedia includes the most important companies
THE DECISIONS and products in egypt specialized in electricity and energy, and
WILL BE AND THE make it alphabetically easy for the customer to find the most impor-
MOREEFFECTIVE IT tant companies and displayed products in the egyptian electricity
WILL BE. market to choose what fits him. The encyclopedia of electricity and
energy offers a comprehensive overview of electricity products in
various sectors. It wants to make it easy for the customer to compare
between each product and distinguish what makes it better than the
other corresponding ones. Available all the time and on a permanent
basis along the year, as a permanent market or fair for electricity

Intelligent Encyclopedia Providing an integrated guide or hand-
book including details and information about the electricity and
energy companies and products existing in Egypt. Intelligent Ency-
clopedia Identifying products and comparing them with each other
to be able to choose the best one. Intelligent Encyclopedia Present-
ing the various available alternatives and competitive advantages of
each product on which we can focus and confirm in this encyclope-
dia. Intelligent Encyclopedia Identifying the producing companies,
agents, and distributing companies for these products. Intelligent
Encyclopedia The easiness of finding products and companies in-
side the Encyclopedia.

Importance of Intelligent Encyclopedia for companies’ presence intelligent
Confirming the presence of the companies and their pioneering,
through being spread and present along the year in front of the in-
tended customer. Creating new and various opportunities through
inclusive and distinctive display of the companies in front of the
targeted customer. Making new customers through keeping the
company continuously available to the targeted customer along the
whole year. Activating and increasing the companies’ sales through
providing opportunities for the targeted customer to identify the
companies’ products.

COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 51 Haram St., Giza EERCO ADDRESS 8 Mansour Mahran St. Off
+202 33853525 - 01015616524 Egyptian Rabea El Gizy St., Giza, Giza,
PHONE [email protected] For Electric PHONE Landmark: In Front Of Giza
3A Technology E-mail Earthing type of Elementary Court
distributor - Imported - agent company
WEBSITE +202 35729285

type of Imported

Earthing CO ADDRESS 15 El Salam St. - Hammamet
El Qobeh- El Zeitoun
E-mail +202 24509148 01000900502
type of [email protected]


Egyptian ADDRESS 26 El Nozha St- Nasr City- Rabaa ADDRESS 70 Sabaa Banat St., Manchia
Industrial investment building- next to the air 6 Bostan Eldekka St., AlAlfy,
Systems PHONE defense PHONE down town
WEBSITE +202 26902871 - 01005555618 Egyptian Co E-mail +202 25922231 - 25922234
type of For Electrical WEBSITE 034840029 - 034870773
company [email protected] &Mechanical 034863979
type of Supply company [email protected]

distributor - agent - Imported

ADDRESS Alordunya - behind the Bank agent - Imported - exported
of Alexandria - 10th of Ramadan
El Helal PHONE ADDRESS 17 Bostan EL Dekka st,off Emad
For Electrical +2 0554250610 - 01001756766 EL Din st,Downtown
Tools Trading E.mail 01005269097 - 01001756824 PHONE
type of +202 25914113 - 01228212126
company [email protected] EL bostan type of 01200004243 - 01226313634
For Trade company
agent &electrical trader

ADDRESS 1 Othman Ahmed Othman St.,
Electro Power PHONE ADDRESS 15 Emad El Din St. In Front
+2 034202255 - 034206069 Of Naguib El Rihany Theater
E.mail 01000039300 El Helal PHONE Downtown
type of E.mail
company [email protected] type of +202 25905770 - 25885832
company 25892184
Imported - Distributor
[email protected]
ARAB CONTRACTOR Distributor - agent

EL MASSALLA CO. PHONE +202 22661729 - 22660329 El Sondos ADDRESS 41 Abou El Fotouh Bldgs. Madkour,
FOR INDUSTRIALIZATION E-mail 01001603488 For International El Haram, Giza, Landmark:
OF CABLE ACCESSORIES Trade For Electric PHONE In Front Of Aly & Aly Pharmacy
[email protected] E-mail +202 35865594 - 35842250
(EMICA) Supply [email protected]
WEBSITE Manufactured
Distributor - Imported - Manufactured
type of WEBSITE 11

type of



Electric and Power Product Encyclopedia E A RQT H LUI N GI APN D ML I G EH T NNI N GT








intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


ADDRESS 138 El Qatameya El Gadida ADDRESS 27 Orabi St., El Gohary Mall
Bldgs., New Cairo, Cairo +202 25781145 - 01000220013
Electrojet PHONE Electric House PHONE 01118820272 - 01283656207
E.mail +202 27594703 - 01002127004 Supply of E.mail [email protected]
type of
company [email protected] electrical tools trader

distributor - trader type of

ADDRESS 24 El Sabr City, Ring Rd., Shoubra
El Khaymah, Kaliobeya

Furse For Trading PHONE +202 48270814 - 48270813
& Contracting E-mail [email protected]

type of Manufactured

We target your safety, earthing & lightning protection systems .
We have an experienced team spcializiad in studying , calculating
, and servcing earthing & lightning protection systems.

ISSCO ADDRESS 9 El Monib Bldgs., El Amal Bldg., , Floor General ADDRESS Industrial Zone - Helwan - 15th
International 5 Flat 3, El Moneeb, Giza, Landmark: For Electronic PHONE of May City - 163plot
Specialized PHONE Near To El Monib Metro Station
Systems Co. Systems +202 25522160 - 01223562628
E-mail +202 33753635 - 0100197860 01227665009
WEBSITE 0114927312 type of
company Manufactured - Imported
type of [email protected]

Manufactured - Imported - Exported

ADDRESS 4 Saray El Gezirah St., Zamalek, Cairo, Integrated ADDRESS 44 A Misr Insurance Bldgs.,
Landmark: Near To Cairo Marriott Hotel Technical Dokki, Giza
Memphis PHONE & Omar Khayyam Casino Services PHONE
For Trading E-mail Group - ITS web site +202 37618910 - 33378374
& Contracting +202 27367784 - 27359152 type of
[email protected]
Imported - agent
distributor - Imported - agent
type of ADDRESS Behind Carrefour Maadi - Mirage
company - 7338
National ADDRESS 27 A Qashqoushi St., St. Therese - Shoubra Logic Egypt 01006688757 - 01006770072
Company for +202 21968500 - 21968975 Company E-mail 01144004477
Electricity and PHONE [email protected] WEBSITE
Ground Works distributor - exported - exported [email protected]
and lightning E-mail type of
protection type of
company Manufactured - Imported - exported


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 4 Ismail Mazhar St. Flat 1, Power Electric ADDRESS Othman Bldgs., Main Rd., Souk
Mansheyet El Bakry, Heliopolis, For Electrical El Khair, In Front Of Farag
Empix Egypt Co. PHONE Cairo, Landmark: Beside & Mechanical PHONE Allah Outlet, Borg El Arab City,
For Electrical Mansheyat El Bakry Hospital, web site Alexandria
Works Ground Floor Supplies
+202 34599067
E-mail +202 22594021 type of
[email protected].com
Imported - exported - distributor
Imported - Exported
type of

ADDRESS 53 Ahmed El Sawy St. Off Makram
Ebaid St., Nasr City, Cairo
Otak Trading PHONE
& Contracting E-mail +202 26706737
[email protected]
type of

distributor - Imported - agent

DEVELOPMENT PHONE Address: 98 Hassan El Maamon
St. Nasr City Cairo - Egypt

+202 26774254 - 26774259
26774450 - 26774451
Fax: +202 26774256

Factory: Plot No. 1- Industrial Zone (7A) ADDRESS 18 Zakaria Ahmed El-Nagouly Mall
10th of Ramadan – Egypt Behind El Gomhoria Newspaper
PHONE +2 015334340 - +2 015334341 Swedish +202 25743886 - 01001459882
+2 015334342 - +2 015334344 mail 01146611550 - 01281314467
FAX: +2 0226774256 type of
company [email protected]
E-mail [email protected] agent
WEBSITE Imported - exported - Manufactured
Km 17.5, Alex Matrouh Rd.,
type of ADDRESS Abou Youssef, Alexandria,
company Landmark: Beside El Orman
TEBA for Development Industries is one of the biggest Trust For Power PHONE
manufacturers that provide Complete Power Solutions in & Automation E-mail 0127 7717837  - 0127 0443385
the Electrical Power Distribution Systems (MV Panels, LV Services 0100 8040207
Panels, Diesel Gensets, & LED Lighting Fixtures). We are
a Certified Schneider-Electric Panel Builder, One of few WEBSITE [email protected]  
major companies that manufacture its own MV Panels [email protected]
as we are approved in the Egyptian Electrical Holding type of [email protected]
Company (EEHC), In addition to assemblage & supply company
of Diesel Gensets (Cummins, Perkins, & Volvo) up to
ratings of 3.5 MVA, as well as the production of Sound-
proof canopies & trailers and all Genset accessories, Imported - exported
also the after-sales services is something we are very
proud of including providing Maintenance, Spare parts, United ADDRESS 28 Sharara Bldgs., Hassan El
as well as exporting to Regional countries. Electrical Maamoun St., Nasr City, Cairo,
We also manufacture and assemble LED lighting fixtures Contractors PHONE Landmark: In Front Of Mo’men
(TU Brand), Indoor, Outdoor, Decorative, Under-water, & mail Restaurant
Street Lighting, as well as Gas station Lighting, etc. UGEC
We have 3 production bases, & our major plant is in the type of +202 24700531 - 01001200531
10th of Ramadan City, in the 7th Industrial company
zone (A) on a plot area of +20,000 square [email protected]
meters, armed with +400 employees of
highly skilled workers & qualified engineers. distributor - Imported - Exported
agent - trader


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE



3 17



4 18


5 19



6 20

intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


AL FATIMIA ADDRESS 5 Zaghloul El Haram St. , El Haram Al Safa Company ADDRESS 17 Qantara El Dekka St.,
ENGINEERING +202 33840757 - 33878905 for Industrial El Gomhoureya St- Downtown
PHONE distributor - trader
& SUPPLIES Safety Supplies and PHONE +202 27866700 - 27866774
type of General Supplies 01223305442
type of trader

ADDRESS 19 El Bostan St., Bab El Louk, ADDRESS Hassan Allam St., Behind El
Cairo Meredidine, Heliopolis
Aladawy PHONE +202 23904594 - 23958085 Alexandria Maritime
E-mail +202 24151753 - 24195613
WEBSITE [email protected] and Commercial PHONE 24187867
type of Center - Alexmar
company agent
type of
Imported - exported company

ADDRESS 5 Misr Housing & Development ADDRESS 77 Rabaa Investment Bldgs.,
Area 2 Sheraton Bldgs El Nozha St., Nasr City, Cairo,
PHONE Landmark: Beside Air Defense
E-mail +202 22660184 - 22672816 House
Alfa Electronix Arab Electric PHONE +202 24174797 - 24146484
[email protected] [email protected]
WEBSITE E-mail Imported - distributor
type of WEBSITE
company agent - distributor
type of




Electric and Power Product Encyclopedia E LQI GUH TI CPU RM R EE NNT T








COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 91 El Gomhoureya St Downtown ADDRESS 3 Ibn El perspective - Khalifa
+202 25910698 - 25911638 El Maamoun - Roxy
Abou El Hamd Co. PHONE 1223984871 Advanced PHONE
For Commercial [email protected] Control System E-mail +202 22910577 - 24187990
E-mail 01223174737
& Industrial Supplies WEBSITE
[email protected]
type of Imported WEBSITE
type of
company agent - Imported - distributor

ADDRESS 237 Ramses St., Ghamrah, Cairo

PHONE +202 26843679 ADDRESS 8 Said Zakaria- Sheraton Buliding,
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Advanced E-mail [email protected] Advanced PHONE
Communication [email protected] Integrated E-mail +202 22691282 - 1283157150
type of Solutions (AIS) WEBSITE
Systems - DB company agent - distributor [email protected]

Relying on its deep-rooted experience & depending on crew type of
of the highest qualifications , abilities of engineers and company
technicians, which helped to gain the confidence of its clients Imported
And enabled to present-honourly a selection of the biggest
companies in the field of the communications. ADDRESS 19 El-Gehad Street, 13th Floor-Lebanon
Square, El-Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt
ADDRESS Block 1164, Building 4 - Unit 101 Sheraton Advanced PHONE
Zone - Heliopolis Cairo 11799 - Egypt Technology +202 33028348 - 33053201
PHONE Systems - ATS E-mail 01000778587
E-mail +202 25280064 WEBSITE
AINSystems WEBSITE [email protected]
type of [email protected] type of
company company
agent - distributor
agent - Imported - distributor

ADDRESS 96 Gesr El Suez St. St
+202 24523008 - 22590461
Al - Firdous ADDRESS 89 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown Al Alamya PHONE 1224403403
Company +202 25885402 - 01222256350 Trade and E-mail [email protected]
PHONE [email protected] Communications
trader trader
E-mail type of
type of

Al - Sadig ADDRESS 4 Osama Bin Mufouz Street - Girls AL FARIS EN- ADDRESS 11 Emad El Din St. - In Front Of
Trading College, Heliopolis GINEERING & The Embassy Greek
E-mail +202 24153931 - 1222117677 +202 25790888 - 01156555225
type of E-mail 01224160842
company [email protected] type of
company [email protected]
distributor [email protected]

Manufactured - Imported - exported

ADDRESS 3 A national unity building - Faisal ADDRESS Building 115, Third Floor, Smart
ELharam - the eighth floor Village, Giza Villa 33, Ekhnaton
Al Nowar PHONE   32 Off Ahmed El Zayyat St., Bein AL Maalim PHONE St., 1st District, 5th Compound,
For Electric E-mail El Sarayat, Giza International E-mail New Cairo
& Contracting type of company - AIC
company +202 33824015 - 01001444596 +202 35371070 /67/ 68
Supplies 23550068
[email protected]
[email protected] WEBSITE [email protected]

Imported - agent

type of Imported - agent - distributor


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


Al Tahrir ADDRESS 91, El-Sheikh Rehaan Alpha Egypt ADDRESS 4 Ahmed Fakhry St. , Beside Hasbo
Trading & Abdeen - Cairo. Design PHONE International Hospital Nasr City
Maintenance PHONE
Center - Tatas +202 23938151 - 01000427244 +202 26720519 - 26710727
E-mail 01000427245 - 01000427244
WEBSITE 01000427245 type of trader - Imported - exported
type of [email protected]
company ADDRESS 27 Orabi st - Mall El Gohary downtown
agent - distributor +202 25742021 - 01000076247
E-mail 01280057771
Brief on TATAS: Althulathia WEBSITE
TATAS is one of the leading companies in Egypt for for electrical [email protected]
Professional Audio Visual & Security Integrated Systems type of
Solutions since 1980 by Eng. Ahmad Hassan Mahmoud. supplies company
We are Panasonic Authorized Distributor for the
Professional AV Systems Products. distributor
We are also the Authorized Distributor for more than 35
international companies all over the world for completing ADDRESS 16 El Mamalik St., Shoubra Misr
our Integrated Systems Solutions Beside El Fath Mosque
About TATAS Business: American Barts PHONE
o Proud of implementing more than 5000 projects in these E.mail +202 22020354 - 22044343
sectors all over Egypt (Governmental / Educational/
Medical / Petroleum / Industrial / Media & TV / Mosques and type of american_parts_co
Worship / Retail & Entertainment) since 1980 and till now. company
o TATAS mission is to satisfy the customers’ needs
with the best possible solutions o We are searching for Imported
latest technologies through our Worldwide Partners for
Professional AV & Security Integrated Systems Solutions
to reach our targeted sectors.

ADDRESS 33 Abdel Hamid Awad St. Off
Mostafa El Nahhas St., 6th Zone,
Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark: Beside
Mahgoub For Ceramic & Porcelain

Apex Misr PHONE +202 22756188 - 22756166
E-mail [email protected]
type of
company agent - Imported - distributor

ADDRESS 14 Abdel Razek El Sanhoury St., ADDRESS 113 El-ThawraStreet
Nasr City Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Website +202 27400626 - 01025553856 +202 26900890 - 24187105
type of Arab Engineers PHONE 26900890 - 26900892
company Co. E-mail
[email protected]
Imported - distributor - agent
Distributor - agent
ADDRESS 25 Makram Ebeid - Nasr City type of
01001461862 company
Arab American PHONE [email protected]
Computers E.mail Imported - distributor El Haq Tower - 137 Toman Bay
& Electronics St., El Zaytoun - Cairo

type of ADDRESS +202 26400360 - 26400355
PHONE [email protected]
ADDRESS 87 El Gomhoureya St. , Downtown, Arab Trading E-mail [email protected]
First Floor Flat6 Communications
& El Arabi type of +202 25914944 - 25903305 ATC
trader WEBSITE Imported - agent - distributor

type of 27

intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


Arab ADDRESS 28 El Sabteya St.,Downtown, Cairo 4 Dr. Ahmed El Din St. Mohamed
+202 25773127 Awad from Makram Ebaid
For Fire Works PHONE Trader ADDRESS - In Front Of City Center - Nasr
type of Arab security PHONE
company El khalig E.mail +202 23495290 / 1 - 01093006004
type of
company [email protected]

Imported - distributor
Manufactured - agent

ADDRESS 319 El-Sudan st, Elmohandeseen,
Giza, Egypt
ASIS- integrated PHONE
solutions E-mail +202 33038720 - 33044407
for security WEBSITE
systems [email protected]

ADDRESS 95A El Merghany Street, Heliopolis type of
+202 22901102 - 22906712 company
PHONE [email protected] Imported - exported
Audio E-mail agent - Imported - distributor 5 th Ahmed kassem Gouda-
Technology Abbas el akkad- Nasr City
ADDRESS +202 24055262 - 24055261
type of 24055263 - 24011614
company PHONE
[email protected]
Asma group E-mail [email protected]

Bavaria ADDRESS 9 Nagoub El-Rehany St. - Cairo WEBSITE
Block No. 109 Gisr El Suez St. type of
+202 25910050 - 21820603 company Manufactured - trader
E-mail 21820604 - 21820605 - 25903220
WEBSITE ADDRESS 19 Abdel Moneim Sanad St.,
[email protected] 1st Zone, Nasr City
type of PHONE
company +202 24051257 - 01006666321
Website 01006607404
Distributor - exported type of
Manufactured - agent company

Automation Imported - agent - distributor

ADDRESS 4 Zaky St., El Tawfiqeya, Downtown, Cairo

Canal Electrical PHONE +202 25760884 - 01225939396

Trading Manufactured - trader - Imported
type of
company 10 Naguib El Rihany St.
, Downtown
ADDRESS 6 Al Takadom St , From Mohamed Mandourr St Bakkar ADDRESS
Of Tayaran St , Nasr City Cairo, Egypt 11371 +202 25750981 - 25792417
Egypt Website +202 24031000 - 01099444544 Website
type of type of
company WWW.COMPUCARE-EG.COM company agent - Imported - exported

Distributor - Imported

ADDRESS 2W Elmosheer Ahmed Ismail,
1159 Ministers Sq. Sheraton
22 Tag El Din El Sobky St. Off El Heliopolis, Cairo
Nozha St., Ard El Golf, Heliopolis,
Computer & ADDRESS Cairo, Landmark: Corner Of Arab Canal group PHONE +202 22683295 - 01223432224
Control Sys- African International Bank - Aaib
tems Inc. - PHONE E-mail [email protected]
type of +202 26903754 - 26903753
Comatrol company 24149481 WEBSITE

28 Imported type of Distributor - trader

COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 1, 26 July street - Down town ADDRESS 15 El Maahad El Eshteraky
Cairo - Egypt PHONE St., El Merryland, Heliopolis,
Cairo PHONE Care Cairo, Landmark: In Front Of El
Organization +202 25882266 - 25901552 For Modern Merryland
for Trading E-mail 01222176536 Telecommunication
& Engineering WEBSITE Technology +202 24512500 - 01288866677
[email protected]
type of type of agent
company company

distributor - agent - Imported

In the beginning we would like to introduce ourselves. Comtec ADDRESS 4 El Salam St. Off El Hegaz St. 1st
Cairo organization for trading & engineering was established in DCS Floor, Suite #4, Heliopolis, Cairo,
1972. the main PHONE Egypt
activity of Cairo Organization has been the import of, Mack Studies Website
for harmonic and power quality analysis in the network , measuring type of +202 22401568 - 26323540
tools, vehicle spare parts, traction motors etc. and marketing company
different engineering equipment such as:
COTE’s structure is divided into four main departments:
• Electrical Tools and Instruments. Imported - exported
• Transportation Vehicle Spare parts.
• Valves and Valves’ spare parts. ADDRESS Villa 62 Benfsj - the first assembly
• TV’s and Home Appliances. +202 23077359 - 23077358
In addition to our Offices COTE’s showroom which is located at the PHONE [email protected]
heart of electricity market in Cairo and our service center ran by
expert technicians trained to provide the best after sales service E-mail Imported - exported
and technical support.
17 Bostan El Dekka St - From
Emad El Din - Downtown type of
+202 25903581 - 25884233
Cine Sport ADDRESS [email protected]
PHONE Imported - agent
type of

ADDRESS 10 El-Brahimi Avenue,
El-Gomhoureya Street
Industrial E.mail +202 25895681 - 01285249617

Sagty Product [email protected]

type of Imported - exported ADDRESS 24 National Defense Council
company Bldgs. , Hadayek El Kobba, Cairo
Commercial ADDRESS 116 El Nozha St., Triumph Square, Delta +202 26015576 - 24546147
Advisory Heliopolis, Cairo Engineering E-mail 26029505
Systems [email protected]
type of
PHONE +202 24185794 - 24149590 company

type of Consulting Imported - exported

ADDRESS 6 A Aflatoun St., Ismaileya Building No. B 2401 - Smart
Square, Heliopolis, Cairo Village - Kilo 28 Cairo Road:
ADDRESS Alexandria Desert - 6th of October

Computer & PHONE +202 22908740 - 22907052 danevo PHONE +202 35358014
Communication E-mail [email protected]
Concept - C & CC WEBSITE
Imported - exported
E-mail [email protected]

type of WEBSITE
type of Imported - distributor


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


ADDRESS 33 Abdel Hamid Awad St. - From ADDRESS 58 Arab El Qlash St. Abbasseya
Mostafa El Nahhas - Nasr City +202 24825577
Domain PHONE Demerdash PHONE [email protected]
Technology E-mail +202 22722760 - 22756275 Group E-mail
and Information WEBSITE Tradesh WEBSITE Imported - exported - trader
[email protected]
Services Sida - Hormone
type of type of
company Imported - exported - agent company

ADDRESS 20 Abou El Seoud St. Off Joseph Distance ADDRESS 1 Ramzy Farag St., Off El Haram
Tito St., El Nozha El Gadida, Cairo Engineering St., El Haram, Giza
Works E.mail +202 27810415 - 37813515
type of
Dynamic Fire PHONE +202 26246707 company [email protected]
[email protected]
E.mail distributor distributor

type of 9 Kamal El Din Salah St.,
company Off Albert El Awal St., Semouha,
ADDRESS Gardenia Tower, Tower 4, Mostafa ADDRESS
Kamel St., Ras Elsoda, Alexandria +202 34242089 - 34270067
Electromechanical E-mail +2 03 5266652 E-mail [email protected]
Contracting [email protected] type of
WEBSITE agent - Imported - distributor
type of


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 4 El Aseel Towe, Rd. 275, New ADDRESS 23 Fawzy Moaz St., Semouha
Maadi, Maadi, Cairo, Landmark:
Egy Power For PHONE Ground Floor Eagle CO PHONE +202 24257011 - 24257079
Electromechanical E-mail 24257061
+202 25174351 - 25174352 E.mail [email protected]
Engineering 01002001109 type of
company agent
WEBSITE [email protected] ADDRESS 11El Nakhil St. El Mohandessin
Giza , Egypt
type of
company +202 33362987 - 01006040248
[email protected]
121 Extension Of Ramsis 2 St., Egypt Markets PHONE
Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark: E-mail
ADDRESS Behind Al Rashdan Mosque Imported - distributor
Development PHONE +202 23891084 - 23891263
type of type of
Group company Manufactured - Imported company

EGYPT FOR ADDRESS 4 & 20 Soliman El Halaby St., El
TRADING AND Azbakeya, Downtown
E.mail +202 25741130 - 25752407
SUPPLIES [email protected]
Imported - Distributor
type of

Egypt And ADDRESS 20, Kaitabay St., Misr El Gedeida ADDRESS 38 Makram Ebaid St., 6th Zone,
Middle East Co. PHONE Cairo - Egypt Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark:
PHONE Beside Sales Taxes Authority
EME +202 22571762 - 22571763 E.mail
22917820 - 22571785 type of +202 22702724 - 22710774
type of Egyptec company
company Imported - exported Egyptian Co. [email protected]
For Trade &
Contracting distributor - agent - Imported

ADDRESS 6 El Mohandeseen Towers,
Corniche El Nil, Corniche El
Egypt Maadi, Maadi, Cairo, Landmark:
Electronics Beside Hsbc Bank Egypt

Systems PHONE +202 25284550 - 25276387 ADDRESS 70 Sabaa Banat St., Manchia
[email protected] 6 Bostan Eldekka St., AlAlfy, down
E.mail agent - distributor Egyptian Co PHONE town
For Electrical
type of &Mechanical E-mail +202 25922231 - 25922234
company WEBSITE 034840029 - 034870773
Supply 034863979
3.5 El Obour Buildings., Salah type of
ADDRESS Salem - Nasr City company [email protected]

EAST PHONE +202 24015980 - 24023512
[email protected] agent - Imported - exported
[email protected]
WEBSITE Egyptian ADDRESS 13 El Obour Bldgs. Salah Salem Engineering Nasr City
type of PHONE
company exported - Imported - agent & Trading +202 22634700 - 24012638
Projects type of
Quality company distributor - Imported


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


Egyptian ADDRESS El Salam St., El Arizona, El Haram Egypt Trading ADDRESS 80 El Gomhoureya St.
Establishment +202 35864949 - 01001061791 Est Egypt
For Electrical PHONE 01000606169 Trading Est PHONE 01111367731 - 01121741931
& Mechanical [email protected] 01222955508
E-mail type of
Supplies WEBSITE company trader - Imported
Ahmed Gouda Imported - agent - distributor
type of
Mahmoud company

ADDRESS 15 Dr. Mahmoud Azmy St.,
Egyptian ADDRESS 3 Mahdy Fayed St. - Dr. Lashin Egyptian Co. PHONE
For Works alkawm alakhdir “ For Maintenance E.mail +202 27368233
& Electronic PHONE
industries E.mail +202 33834117 & Supplies [email protected]
type of
company [email protected] type of Imported - exported

Egyptian ADDRESS 1345 Corniche El Nil St., Cairo
Company PHONE
For Electrical +202 22055555 - 22033000
Equipment E.mail
[email protected]
type of [email protected]
Imported - distributor - agent

Egyptian Fire ADDRESS Swiss District, Building 84, Egyptian ADDRESS 6 Zaghloul St. From Idris Ragheb
Works Entrance 1, Nasr City, Aljamaa Security St. Off Ramsis St. Beside Ghamra
PHONE station Solutions PHONE Metro
type of E.mail
company +202 24488930 - 24488931 type of +202 25929956 - 01273705210
company 01123877856 - 01225510214
[email protected]

Imported - exported - agent

ADDRESS Alordunya-Egyptian Center
1-Entrance A-flat 5 - 10th of
Egyptian PHONE Ramadan EgyTech ADDRESS 45 buildings fourth investment
For Business For Integrated Cairo - Nasr City
E-mail +2 0554380373 - 01024449195 PHONE
  Electrical WEBSITE 01024449190 Solutions type of 01226313049 - 01223675388
installations company
type of [email protected] agent

agent - Distributor

ADDRESS 7 Al Saudia Co. Bldgs., El Nozha El Blidy Orion ADDRESS 43 Secon Bldgs., Kobry El Koba,
Egyptian Home St., Heliopolis, Cairo Cairo
Automation PHONE +202 24154725 - 01222178387 +202 24507270 - 01001058946
E.mail 01223432668
type of Imported - distributor type of
company company [email protected]


ADDRESS Ring Road Al Qanater Road ADDRESS 2 El Marwa Bldgs., Helwan
- next to Amigo Factory +202 27644023 - 25588621
EGYPTIAN PHONE El Dawleya PHONE [email protected]
COMPANY FOR E.mail 01277049747 - 01142291229 Telecommunications E-mail
ENGINEERING and Security Systems WEBSITE agent
[email protected]
type of
company type of


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


El Fady Fire ADDRESS 138 B Gesr El Suez St. El Abyad ADDRESS 103 El Gomhoureya St. Off
Fighting +202 26345619 - 01223189008 For Trade Ramsis St., El Azbakeya, Cairo ,
& Safety PHONE distributor & Contracting PHONE Landmark: Below Health Bureau -
E-mail El Azbakeya
Equipments type of
company +202 25904267 - 01220832705
01000523338 - 01014374065
ADDRESS 24 Emad El Din St. Beside
EL Gomhoureya Ghabbour Company mostafaavdalmageed

co. PHONE 01007086830 - 01126441528 type of Imported
type of Imported - exported
company El-Gazar has also been recognized by the Dubai Quality
Appreciation Program in 2008, further cementing our status
ADDRESS 5 D/2 Abdel Hady Amin St. El as a renowned leader in fire protection solutions. Our highly
Laselky Division, New Maadi, skilled engineering team is constantly designing, supplying,
Maadi, Cairo, Landmark: Beside supervising and innovating areas of fire safety technology to
Resala Charity Association overcome even the most complex
business challenges.
+202 25173371 - 25166547
El Maadi Steel PHONE
For Network E-mail [email protected]
type of

El Etisam ADDRESS El Trolly St., El Matareya, Cairo,
For Industrial In Front Of Central El Matareya
Security type of +202 22516003 - 01227344232
distributor - trader

ADDRESS A Mohamed Anis St. Girls College 6 Naguib El Rihany St. Manar El
Heliopolis second bransh:., Sadeq Mall
El Motamayez District, 6th Of ADDRESS
October, Giza, Landmark: Inside +202 25759647 - 01062653548
Tiba Center 01065750334

El Fanneya PHONE +202 24174157 - 01067773822 EL Magal PHONE [email protected]
For Electrical E-mail 01120116699 - 01200014346 For Fire fighting
E.mail Imported
Works [email protected] type of
[email protected] company
[email protected]

WEBSITE ADDRESS 21 El Markaz El Alamaly St.,
Imported - exported - Manufactured El Ordoneya, 10th Of Ramadan
type of
company +2 0554490263 - 0554490283
El Khatib ADDRESS 63 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown El Nasr PHONE
For Trading +202 2589288 - 25936856 Establishment [email protected]
& Supplies PHONE distributor - trader - Imported For Supplies E-mail
type of & Electrical
company Installations Distributor - Manufactured

type of

ADDRESS 4, Abdel Aziz Selim St. Dokki
Giza - Egypt
Egyscom PHONE El Safwa ADDRESS 5 A Maher Badry St. - Alf Maskan -
Egyptian E-mail +202 37607295 - 37613915 For Electrical Gesr El Suez
Communication WEBSITE PHONE +202 24939145
Systems [email protected] Supplies E.mail [email protected]
type of Manufactured - Distributor
type of company
company Imported - exported 33

intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


Elastimold ADDRESS plot 27,sector1,5th Settlement,New EL Meery ADDRESS 91 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown,
Cairo Trade Cairo, Landmark: In Front Of
PHONE PHONE Victoria Hotel
E.mail +202 27599750 - 27599751 type of
type of company +202 25909504
company [email protected]
Manufactured - Trader

ADDRESS Alurdonya- Al Safa Modern Mall El Nedal Est. ADDRESS 78 El Gomhoureya St., Ramses
Egyptian Center Extension- 10th +202 25927568 - 25913207
Of Ramadan PHONE Imported - exported - distributor

Electric City PHONE +2 554378008 - 01001616553 type of
[email protected] company
E.mail distributed
ADDRESS 50 Mohamed Farid St., Bolkeley,
type of Alexandria, Landmark: Above
company Ceramic El Aamar

ADDRESS 91 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown, Electrical PHONE +2 035244840 - 01065521000
El Saad For Fire Cairo, Landmark: Beside Sidnawy Systems 01064359437
Hospital Engineering Co. E-mail
Protection Electrosys type of [email protected]
PHONE +202 25897663 company
Imported - exported
type of Manufactured
Electrosys Co. was established in 2003 and specialized in Fire
El Sewedy ADDRESS 62 Haroun St., Heliopolis, Cairo protection Systems
Electric +202 26428583 - 26428584 . Electrosys had installed Fire Alarm and Extinguishing
PHONE [email protected] Systems from the most well-known brands and from the
agent - Manufactured highest approvals. The Company had installed Addressable
E.mail and Conventional Fire Alarm Systems and all types of Fire
Extinguishing Systems in many Projects in Egypt. Water
type of Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing Systems and Gaseous Fire
company Extinguishing Systems like FM200 Systems, CO2 Systems and
Inergen Systems were installed by Electrosys in many projects
El Wadi ADDRESS 27 Studio Misr St. Mariouteya all over the country. Our projects had covered most of the
For Supplies - El Haram governmental sectors in Egypt especially in Petroleum Sector.
& Contracting PHONE Our work starts from designing of the systems, supplying,
E.mail +202 23938042 - 23904230 installing, commissioning and maintenance. Electrosys has
type of many Maintenance contracts for all the Fire Protection Systems
company [email protected] in many Projects all over the country.

trader - distributor

El Wessam ADDRESS 57 Gesr El Suez St., Gesr
For Industrial El Suez, Cairo, Landmark: In
Security & Fire PHONE Front Of Ministry Of The Interior
Extinguishers E.mail Club
type of
company +202 26984655

[email protected]


ADDRESS 43 El Salam Tower, El Leith St.,
Gesr El Suez, Cairo, Landmark:
ADDRESS 53 El Mariouteya St., Electro Misr Above Raya Electronics
Sharqia, Faisal, Giza International
Electric PHONE Security Systems PHONE +202 24500963 - 22587597
Power Home E.mail +202 37714028 E-mail
For Conrtraction [email protected] [email protected]

type of type of agent - Manufactured
company company


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 3 New Marg ring - opposite the ADDRESS 23 Abou El Fotouh Bldgs.
beginning of the ring - the first Madkour -El Haram 3rd Floor
EL Tawheed E-mail floor ELMOTAHEDA FOR PHONE
Standardization WEBSITE CONTRACTING & +02 35835211 - 35846190
Fire &Industrial [email protected] ELECTROMECHANICAL E-mail 01001782954
safety tasks SUPPLIES [email protected]

type of Manufactured - Imported
distributor - agent
type of
125 El Alamain St., company
Mohandeseen, Giza
Emco ADDRESS is considered as one of the pioneer companies in introducing
+202 33443245 - 33443246 integrated solutions
PHONE in the field of electric generators , electrical panel board , electrical
E-mail [email protected] protections , measuring devices and control devices for electrical
WEBSITE systems the company is specialized in supply ( Gen-sets ,
type of electrical panels , measuring devices , control devices ) ,as we are
company Imported - exported the agent for ComAp company that is specialized in producing the
following:- - Control devices (Automatic start). - Automatic transfer
device (A.M.F). - Parallel operation devices “Comap-Bernini)

ADDRESS 14 El Haiaa El Arabeya St. Engineers ADDRESS 60 Anas Ibn Malik Sq -Mohandseen
Off Makram Ebaid St., Nasr City Center for technical +02 33360885 - 33352186
PHONE agent - distributor
Engineering PHONE +202 23492613 - 23492544 installations
Projects Co. [email protected] type of
E-mail company
agent - Imported - exported
WEBSITE ADDRESS 13 Naguib El Rihany St.,
type of Downtown
company type of +202 25911514
EL-SALAM Imported - Distributor

Esco ADDRESS Cairo Alexandria, Desert Road,Km
Engineering 28, Industrial Zone – Abo Rawash
Services type of +02 39100818 - 39100817

ADDRESS 2 Abbas El Akkad St., Nasr City ADDRESS 16 Armed Forces Towers,
+202 22742568 - 22742625 Corniche El Nil, Tura, Cairo,
ENGINEERING PHONE [email protected] Everest For Landmark: Beside Abdel Moneim
FOR ELECTRICAL E-mail Industrial Safety PHONE Riad Mosque
WEBSITE Imported - exported
WORK Website +202 27003885 - 01111311000
type of 01001781294

trader - Distributor- agent

type of

ADDRESS 9 Shafiq Ghorbal St. - Roxy
Floor 3
Etkan ADDRESS 28Orouba Mariouteya - Haram FRANCE METAL PHONE
Engineering +202 33826545 - 33873028 +202 22564293
PHONE [email protected] E-mail [email protected]
E-mail agent - Manufactured WEBSITE
type of
WEBSITE Manufactured
type of company



intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


German ADDRESS 65 El Gomhoureya St. -Luna Park Fast ADDRESS 241 Gamal Abdel Nasser St.,
Supplies Mall for Engineering Karim Tower, Miami, Alexandria
Company PHONE +202 27860897 PHONE
E-mail & Trading type of +2 035481142 - 035554675
WEBSITE [email protected] company
type of agent
distributor - agent ADDRESS 83 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown, Cairo

Fire Matic PHONE +202 25927268 - 25926811
25910241 - 25912810
ADDRESS 10 Abdel Rahman El Rafeay St., Dokki type of
+202 37625019 - 37625021 company distributor - agent
Future Group
E-mail Imported - exported - distributor
ADDRESS Emtadad EL Siahy El Shamaly
WEBSITE Block No. 43 App.1 ,
type of 6th Of October Infront of Gate 19
Mall Of Arabia, Giza, Egypt
+202 38210225 - 38210226
ADDRESS 144 Hassan El-saiyad St. First Gabtic PHONE
Floor Geser El-Suis Taqseem Engineering & E-mail [email protected]
Omar Ibn El-Khatab, Cairo, Egypt Supply Co. Ltd
Future Hi Tech +202 26980931 - 01221064076 WEBSITE
Control Distributor - Imported
PHONE [email protected] type of
&Automation E-mail company
WEBSITE 111 Sudan St., El-Mohandessein,
agent Cairo , Egypt
type of ADDRESS
company GIZA PROJ- +202 33354553 - 33369241
E-mail [email protected]
type of
company agent - distributor

Fire Service ADDRESS 54 Mossadak St., Dokki
+202 33368123 - 37602155
PHONE agent

type of

ADDRESS 3, El Ramla St. El Gama Square
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Electromechanical +202 22419413 - 22416070
Engineering Co [email protected]
type of

HitechNour ADDRESS 4 Ahmed El Zomor St., Nasr City
+202 22730440 / 446 - 27044874
PHONE [email protected]
E-mail Manufactured - distributor - agent

type of



COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


GLOBAL ADDRESS 16 A, 300 St., New Maadi Global Alarm ADDRESS 38 B Mansour St. - Bab El Louk
+202 27055222 - 27055333 and Fire +202 27959249 - 27957366
PHONE [email protected] PHONE 27956611
WWW.GLOBALTS-eg.COM [email protected]
E-mail Imported - distributor E.mail
type of agent
WEBSITE company
type of


ADDRESS 1 El Sebaq St., Gesr El Suez, ADDRESS 6 Dr. Abdel Hamid Said St. Off
Cairo Champillion St., Downtown, Cairo,
Green 4 Modern PHONE Hamedco For PHONE Landmark: Beside Odeon Cinema
Technology +202 26388806 - 26388807 Trade & Import
E.mail E.mail +202 25762484 - 01222110553
[email protected]
type of type of [email protected]
company Imported - Distributor company
Imported - exported

Helio tech ADDRESS 7 Nakhla El Motai St., Triumph
Square, Heliopolis, Cairo
E.mail +202 26375300
type of
company [email protected]

trader - distributor

House Tech ADDRESS 8 A, 4 Mix Mall, Beverly Hills
Compound Sheikh Zayed, 6th of
2517, Kamel Morsy Street, PHONE October
neighborhood no 8, type of
second District, 6th of October company +202 38578217
City,Giza, Post Code 12596,
Egypt Imported

ICCC Cairo ADDRESS +202 38365074 - 38365035 ADDRESS 12 El Bostan St., Sheraton
Bldgs., Cairo
PHONE [email protected] IDEMIA PHONE
E-mail Website +202 22699335 / 6
WEBSITE type of
type of company
company Imported - distributor

Golden Center for ADDRESS 6 Masged El Salam St. Off El IBC Egypt ADDRESS 15 Makram Ebid Street
Communications Salam St. Nasr City Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt
and Computers PHONE PHONE
E.mail +202 23343100 - 23343200 +202 22720624
type of [email protected] [email protected]
company WEBSITE [email protected]
distributor - trader - Imported type of
Imported - agent - distributor

Industrial ADDRESS 4 Magles El-madina st., Msaken International ADDRESS 12 Naguib El Rihany St. Interse ction Of
Technology Hegazy, Qesm Awal Shoubra El- Center Emad El Din St., Downtown, Cairo 5 El
PHONE khema, El-Qalyoubia, Egypt. PHONE Kabara St. Off El Gomhoureya Street
Services E-mail For Trading, E.mail
(Intecs) WEBSITE +202 44476529 Industrial Safety type of +202 27879139
type of company
company [email protected] & Fire - SRI [email protected] Imported

Manufactured - Distributor


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


International ADDRESS 9 Naguib El Rihany St. - Emad International ADDRESS Central Spine, Lailat El Qadr Sq.
Establishment El Din intersection with Naguib El Center , 12th District, 6th Of October,
For Trade & Supplies PHONE Yahany PHONE Giza, Landmark: Inside Aly El Din
& Firefighting Supplies type of For Trading, E-mail Complex, Bldg. A, 2nd Floor
& Factories company +202 25916708 - 27879455 Industrial WEBSITE
type of +202 38838732 - 38838598
distributor - agent Safety & Fire company
[email protected]
ADDRESS 49 Abbass El Akkad St.
, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

+202 24017430 - 22602808 Imported - agent - distributor
International PHONE
Security [email protected]
& Safety E-mail
Systems - ISSS
agent - Imported - Manufactured
type of

ADDRESS 22 Khairat Street , lazoghly,
Downtown, Cairo

Integrated PHONE +202 27364550 - 27964430 International ADDRESS 28, El Fareeq Tayar Mahmoud
Solutions [email protected] Office Shoukry St., Kobry El Qoba - Cairo
Systems E-mail PHONE - Egypt
agent Equipnent E-mail
ISS WEBSITE WEBSITE +202 22576443 - 24502030
type of type of
company [email protected]

Manufactured - Imported - exported

ADDRESS 43 Moez El Dawla St.,
Makram Ebaid, Nasr City

IT-Sponser PHONE +202 22701600 - 01222307253
[email protected]
agent - distributor
type of


ADDRESS 12 Mohamed Mahmoud St., Masters for ADDRESS Second Industrial Sadat City,
Floor 2 Flat 5, Downtown, Cairo, Plastic Benzinat El Taawon, piece 936/
Islamic Trading PHONE Landmark: Beside Telecom Egypt, PHONE
E-mail Bab El Louq Central Industries +2 0482614557 - 01220008651
type of 01220008655
WEBSITE +202 27944100 company
type of Manufactured
[email protected]
company ADDRESS Gamaet El Qahera St., Giza, Giza, Landmark: Inside Faculty Of
Engineering - Cairo University
Imported - distributor
+202 35739855 - 35711370
International ADDRESS 22 A El Obour Bldgs., Salah Salem MCL PHONE
Group - ICG PHONE Rd., Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark: Measurement E-mail [email protected]
In Front Of Panorama War Of & Calibration
October 1973 WEBSITE
+202 22637130 - 22618815
type of Manufactured
type of Imported - agent - distributor


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 10 Abdel Galil St. - Hammamat ADDRESS 20 Abdel Aziz Eissa St., Mostafa
El Koba - Cairo El Nahhas, In Front Of Madinet
ITC international PHONE JRM For Nasr City Club For Housing &
trading company E-mail +202 24519934 - 01006220952 Communications PHONE Development
WEBSITE E.mail +202 24734501 - 24734503
[email protected]
type of company
Manufactured - Imported - distributor
Imported - exported
type of

International Trading Company is one of the leading and reliable Kintec Egypt ADDRESS 63 Rd. 15, Maadi, Cairo,
in the field of safety & security s‎ ystems companies in EGYPT , Landmark: Behind Maadi Police
we do not limit ourselves only to supply all the security systems PHONE Station
r‎ equirements, but we also study and design and supervision, type of
installation, monitoring and maintenance ‎of fire alarms systems company +202 23599999
acoustics, through a team of consultants and engineers design
and i‎mplementation professionals, specialists and technicians in agent
this field.
And International Trading is the agent for the UNIPOS European konoz El Amal ADDRESS 17 Emad El Din St.Downtown
Union Company specializing in t‎he fire alarm systems with Company +202 25903937
the highest international standards and international credits PHONE Imported - exported - distributor
recognized in t‎erms of quality and the right price.
type of
8 Othman Ibn Affan St. - Heliopolis company
- Cairo

LINK PHONE +202 22419927 - 22419356 ADDRESS 4El Mahdy st,Downtown
[email protected]
E-mail WWW.LINK-2000.NET Manial Group PHONE +202 25889699 - 25889500
Imported - agent - distributor 01009013636
type of
WEBSITE [email protected]
company type of
Imported - Manufactured - agent

ADDRESS Plot 7279, El Hadaba El Wausta,
6th District, Mokattam, Cairo,
Mazad Engineering PHONE Landmark: Behind Modern
For Integrated Academy
+202 27296910 - 27296911
E.mail 27296913

type of [email protected]

ADDRESS 1 M Square 1112, Mahmoud Rezq ADDRESS 49 Abbas El Akkad St., Nasr City
St., Floor 1 Flat 105, Sheraton +202 24011172 - 24033248
Metco PHONE Bldgs., Heliopolis, Cairo, Landmark: Mega Systems PHONE distributor - agent
For Engineering E.mail Behind Oriental Weavers & Control Co.
type of
Works +202 22662236 - MSCC company

type of [email protected]

ADDRESS 43 Palm City, Katameya, Meteory ADDRESS 81 Joseph Tito St., El Nozha El
Ring Road, Cairo - Egypt Gadida, Cairo
MechaTronics PHONE PHONE
Electromechanical E.mail +202 23152326 +202 26200068
Contracting and E.mail [email protected]
Trading type of [email protected]
agent company
Imported - exported

type of


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


ADDRESS Block No. 6567, 2nd Industrial ADDRESS 3 Omar Ibn El Khattab St.,
Zone, Badr City, Cairo Ismaileya Square, Heliopolis, Cairo
mirsan PHONE Middle East PHONE
+202 28642752 - 01005032115 Telecommunica- E.mail +202 26390100 - 22414886
Website 01283346060
type of tions - EMCO [email protected]
type of distributor
Imported - exported - agent company

Misr ADDRESS Plot 231, Hamada Emam St., Middle East ADDRESS 12 Orabi St., El Tawfiqeya
FireFighting 2nd Industrial Zone, 6th of For Electrical - Downtown
& Industrial PHONE october, Giza & Mechanical PHONE
E.mail +202 25742498 - 01227770860
Security E-mail +202 38202803 - 01275191956 Supplies type of
WEBSITE 01113078859 company [email protected]

type of [email protected] agent - Imported - exported
company ADDRESS Grand Mall - Unit No. 17 - Jordan -
10th of Ramadan
Manufactured - Imported PHONE
01028040473 - 01114340648
Modern Rima E.mail 01127034691
For Electrical type of
company [email protected]
agent - Distributor

7 Amin Anis St , Heliopolis , Modern ADDRESS 6 Hadeqet Omar St. , Ard El Golf,
Cairo Egypt Systems Heliopolis, Cairo
Engineering PHONE
+202 24147507 E-mail +202 22909411 - 01001260171
Technology [email protected] type of [email protected]
PHONE company
MTSE E-mail
WEBSITE agent - distributor Imported - agent - distributor
type of
company Nafeaa ADDRESS 8 Darb El Gamamiz St., El Sayeda
Factories Zeinab, Cairo, Landmark: Behind
PHONE Banque Du Caire
ADDRESS 19 26th Of July St., Downtown, In
Front Of Supreme Court - Behind type of +202 23960141
PHONE 289 B company
Imported - agent - Manufactured
E-mail +202 25742121 - 25772270 distributor

National WEBSITE ADDRESS 3 Abou El Feda St., 9th Floor,
Company type of [email protected] Zamalek, Cairo
For Electrical PHONE
Equipment company Website +202 227356778
type of
Imported - Manufactured - distributor NEC company


New Ega ADDRESS 52 Abdelkhaliq Tharwat St., NEDCO for ADDRESS 66 Mohamed Meklad St.8th
For Electrical Downtown, Cairo Engineering District- Nasr City
PHONE Contracting&- PHONE
Industries +202 23957668 - 23960628 +202  26713479 - 29200816
E-mail Supplies Website 26710876
40 [email protected] type of
WEBSITE [email protected] company
type of Manufactured

COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS Laila al-Qadr - Building of Ali Al-Din ADDRESS 29 B Ali Al-Din Complex - the field
Complex - Building (B) - Second of the night of fate - 6 October
Floor Nile Computer PHONE
systems +202 38327216 - 38323716
New Vision PHONE +202 38838232 - 01123122225 E.mail
[email protected]
E-mail [email protected] type of
company Imported - distributor


type of agent 19 El Mashrabiya Towers -
company Mariouteya - Faisal - Entrance 2
ADDRESS - First Floor

,security ,surveillance and central Enjoy firm solutions. NIS Technology PHONE 01015991599 - 01027178178
. strong and cohesive for all its components . we are wathawati and E-mail
for this effective mix we always stay in the lead . [email protected]
[email protected]

9 Mostafa Refaat St. type of Imported - exported
, Sheraton, Cairo company
OASIS +202 22680933 - 01066681299 Nistech is a networking and software technology company
PHONE 01002127892 based in the heartland; Ames, Iowa. Nistech offers custom
software solutions to fit your business needs. Our software
WEBSITE WWW.OASISDIST.COM staff has knowledge of the Microsoft .NET Framework (including
type of C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET), C/C++, including Visual C++
Manufactured - Imported - exported and Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, Pascal, and PalmOS
company programming. Nistech can contract program, or create custom
software for your business to use or resell

ADDRESS 22 Haroun St., Dokki, Giza ADDRESS 83 El Taawoneyat Bldgs., 11th
+202 33377913 District, 6th Of October, Giza
OGTech PHONE [email protected]om Ocean & River PHONE For Modern +202 38221559 - 01008003915
E-mail agent - Imported - distributor Engineering E-mail
Systems [email protected]
type of type of
company company

ADDRESS 24 Asmaa Fahmy st., Heliopolis,
18 Moustafa Ragab St.,Heliopolis.
Omega PHONE Orascom ADDRESS 89 Anabib El Petrol St., Industrial
for Engineering E-mail +202 24175362 - 26904650 Trading Zone, Gesr El Suez, Cairo,
24194719 PHONE Landmark: Beside Bavaria Egypt
& Trading E-mail
[email protected] WEBSITE +202 26991370
[email protected] type of
company [email protected]
[email protected]
trader - trader Imported- Distributor- agent
type of

ADDRESS 162 B 26th Of July St., Agouza, ADDRESS 16 Abou Hayyan El Tawhidy St .,
Giza, Landmark: Above Sphinx 7th District, Nasr City
PHONE Pastry Original PHONE
E-mail E.mail +202 267001297/8/
Orascom Trading +202 33452510 - 33452516 type of
33452519 company [email protected]

[email protected] Imported - distributor - agent
[email protected]

WEBSITE PACC For ADDRESS 24 El-Tayaran st., Nasr City, Cairo – Egypt
Manufactured Electronic +202 24021812 - 24024244
type of Engineering PHONE [email protected]
company agent
type of

intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


ADDRESS 2 Emirates Bldgs., El Mohawelat St., ADDRESS 13 Bostan El Dekka Tower, El Farouq
El Matbaa, El Haram, Giza, Landmark: Tower 1, 4th Floor, Emad El Din
PHONE Beside The Electrical Transformers
Paco E.mail Perfect Safety PHONE +202 25897207 - 01008241342
Protection type of +202 374068287 [email protected]
Associate Co. company E.mail Imported
[email protected]
type of
Imported - exported company

ADDRESS South Central Spine Building plaza 34, ADDRESS 456 El Horreya Rd., Floor 14,
El Sheikh Zayed beside Zayed Hospital Roshdy, Alexandria
Petrokema PHONE Power Jet PHONE
Engineering +202 38515092 - 38515093 Company +2 035466787 - 035465828
& Contracting E-mail 38515094 E-mail
[email protected]
S.A.E WEBSITE [email protected] WEBSITE [email protected]
type of [email protected] type of
company company
Manufactured - Imported - agent

Rashwan ADDRESS 15 Soliman Al Halabi ST - Jelly Qtech.Egypt ADDRESS Othman Ibn Affan St., Ismailia Sq.
Electric Mall Tower - El Tawfiqeya “ , Heliopolis
+202 25753413 - 01112924061 E-mail +202 26366861 - 01000835043
E.mail 01223839361 WEBSITE
type of type of [email protected]
company [email protected] company
Imported Imported - exported


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 32 Mohamed Said El Halawany Ralem ADDRESS 10 Mohamed Ahmed Afifi St. - San
St., Airport Road, Salah Salem, Engineering Stefano - Alexandria
PHONE Cairo, Egypt PHONE
PRO-TEC E-mail 40 A Arab Forum - Sheraton Bldgs. E-mail +2 35826135 - 01000222998
type of type of [email protected]
company +202 22683040 - 22684404 company
[email protected] Imported - distributor
[email protected]
247 Emtedad Ramsis 2 St., Floor 1, Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark:
In Front Of Ministry Of Finance
+202 20812407 - 01225604054
ADDRESS 01005321424 - 01000772599

Rashwan For ADDRESS 127 Ramsis St., El Gomhoureya Ram Company PHONE [email protected]
Commercial Entrance, Downtown, Cairo For Fire Fighting E-mail
& Industrial PHONE
E.mail +202 25894916 - 25928755 Systems And
Supplies type of Industrial Safety distributor - Manufactured
company [email protected]
Imported - exported - Manufactured
type of

Red Fox Industrial ADDRESS 3 Ali El Kassar Alley - Beside El
Security & General PHONE Rihany Theater - Downtown

Supplies +202 25932454 - 01007717714
type of
company trader

Safety Egypt ADDRESS Jordan - wholesale markets ADDRESS 1345 Corniche El Nil St., Cairo
-The fourth stage +202 22010023 / 24
PHONE royal trading PHONE [email protected]
E.mail 01006932208 - 01003510440
type of E-mail Imported - distributor
company [email protected]
trader type of

Safety House ADDRESS 51 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown, company
Cairo, Landmark: Beside Central Bank
PHONE ADDRESS 1st District, Obour City, Kaliobeya,
type of +202 25904857 Landmark: Inside El Obour Center,
company Safety El Obour PHONE Shop No 70 B
Imported - agent E.mail
type of +202 44915087
Safety ADDRESS 16 Salama El Rady St., El Haram, Giza
International +202 25173990 - 25173991 company [email protected]
Center - SIC PHONE distributor - agent
Imported - agent
type of

ADDRESS 5 Aly Ibn Abi Taleb St. Off Haram ADDRESS 12 Orabi St. , El Tawfiqeya,
St. , El Haram, Giza Downtown, Cairo
Sama Security PHONE Samco PHONE +202 25766597 - 01229419713
Systems E-mail +202 33854926 - 37421341 Electric Co. 01004997535
WEBSITE 33860634 E-mail
&Communications [email protected]
[email protected] WEBSITE [email protected]
type of type of [email protected]
company www.sama-systems.ocm
Imported - exportedt - distributor
Manufactured Imported - agent


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


Sanitaire ADDRESS 12 Youssef El Gendy St. Off El Saudi ADDRESS 27 Orabi St., 7th floor - Apartment
Contractors Tahrir St., Bab El Louk, Cairo, Corporation 703
&Engineers PHONE Landmark: In Front Of Auc for Electrical PHONE
E.mail Library 01009904696 - 01115009995
type of Supplies E-mail
company +202 27956555 - 27927716 [email protected]
27907715 WEBSITE [email protected]
type of
[email protected]
agent - distributor agent - Distributor

ADDRESS 62 El Gomhoureya St., Downtown, ADDRESS 54 Ahmed Fakhry Street,
Cairo, Landmark: Beside Sednawy Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Sefco PHONE Hospital Secured PHONE
El Salam E-mail Smart Systems E-mail +202 26714458 - 22735153
For Trading Fire WEBSITE +202 25912030 - 25928827 WEBSITE
Equipments (3S) [email protected]
& General [email protected]
Supplies type of company trader - Imported

type of trader

Sensormagic ADDRESS 2 El Salam Tower, Assem Smart Group ADDRESS 19 B El Obour Bldgs.,
Group Hamouda St., El Haram, Giza Salah Salem - Nasr City
For Trade E.mail +202 35861642 Website +202 24016813 - 24016804
& Agencies type of type of
company [email protected] company

trader Imported - distributor

10th of Ramadan City ADDRESS Plot 7973, Rd. 9, Mokattam,
Ordoneya -Omman Center 2 - the Cairo, Egypt
Smart ADDRESS second floor Speed PHONE
Technology for Trading and E-mail +202 22744909 - 22749160
PHONE +2 055352428 - 01000072734  Security Systems WEBSITE
System E-mail [email protected]
WEBSITE [email protected] 
type of type of
company company Imported - agent- trader

Imported - exported

Spider ADDRESS 443, El Malak Faisal, El Haram
for Security, - Giza - Egypt
Guarding & PHONE
Cleaning Co. E.mail +202 37811093 
type of
company [email protected]

Imported - exported

Steel City Co ADDRESS 22 / 24 / 26, El Sabaa Banat St., El ADDRESS 4 Eid Nafeaa St., El Messaha,
Manshia, Alexandria, Egypt Faisal, Giza, Landmark: Above
PHONE Stone Light PHONE Miss Rasha & Randa For Clothes
+2 034836066 - 034819111
E-mail 034843917 E-mail +202 35827836 - 01224596260
[email protected]
type of type of [email protected]
company company
Distributor - Imported - agent


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 25 Dar El Salam St., Hammamat ADDRESS 18El Sabaa Banat st.El manshaya.
El Koba Alexandria
Style Group PHONE +202 24518766 - 01223413276 Suez Canal +2 034841213 - 034830322
For Trading For Electrical E.mail 034874946
E.mail &Mechanical type of
[email protected] company [email protected]
Matarials [email protected]
type of Imported - agent - distributor
company Imported - agent - trader

ADDRESS 7 Othman Middle Towers
- Corniche - Maadi
PHONE ADDRESS 4 A Juhayna St., from El Tahrir
E-mail +202 25287414 - 01222333172 St., Dokki
Super Supplies Superstar PHONE
[email protected] Communications E-mail +202 37600701 - 37600702
WEBSITE WEBSITE SSE [email protected]
type of
company type of agent - distributor

Swedish ADDRESS 18 Zakaria Ahmed El-Nagouly Mall ADDRESS 1 B/2 Mohamed Abdel Wahab
Behind El Gomhoria Newspaper St. El Laselky Division, Maadi,
PHONE Systech PHONE Cairo, Landmark: Near To Usaid
+202 25743886 - 01001459882 Engineering E-mail - Us Agency For International
E.mail 01146611550 - 01281314467 WEBSITE Development
type of Systems type of
company [email protected] Technology company +202 25171920 - 25171921

agent [email protected]

ADDRESS 2, Simon Bolivar Square, Garden
City, Cairo, Egypt
PHONE Imported - exported
E-mail +202 2795 4671 - 2796 1494
type of [email protected]
company ADDRESS 18 Ibn Qotaiba St., 7th District, Nasr City, Cairo, Landmark:
Imported Tarco Beside Honey Bear Nursery

PHONE +202 23896357

type of Imported - Distributor

Team Work ADDRESS 24 B Tiba Bldgs., Anwar El Mofty
Integrated St., 1st Zone, Nasr City, Cairo
Systems PHONE
E.mail +202 24035042 - 24050779
type of
company [email protected]

agent - Imported - distributor

ADDRESS 13, Ahmed Fahim Bayoumy St.
Triumph, Heliopolis

ADDRESS 20 D/1, Yahia Abd El Razek Tech-Electric PHONE +202 22901706 - 22912750
St., Laselki, New Maadi, Cairo [email protected]
Target PHONE - Egypt E-mail
Engineering Imported - agent
E-mail +202 25167711 - 01227326174 WEBSITE
WEBSITE 01222372564
type of
type of [email protected] company

Distributor - Imported - agent


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE


ADDRESS Taybeh Grand Mall - Second Floor ADDRESS 5 El Kroum St., behind Mostafa
- Vodafone Square - 6 October Mahmoud Mosque - Mohandeseen
E.mail +202 38838351 K.A.R E-mail +202 33357061
type of [email protected] type of [email protected]
company company

The Arabian Gulf For ADDRESS plot 189 - Central District -New Technology ADDRESS 21 Gad El Haq St., Floor 5 Flat 52,
electromechanical Damietta “ Valley Sheraton Bldgs., Heliopolis, Cairo,
PHONE PHONE Landmark: In Front Of Florida Mall
,electronic E.mail +202 24164771 - 01014405055 E-mail
& communcation type of WEBSITE +202 22679561 - 22691609
company [email protected] type of
networks company [email protected]
Manufactured - Imported - exported
ADDRESS 33 Emad El Din St. Downtown
+202 27872965 - 25901157 agent - distributor
[email protected]
the International PHONE ADDRESS 51 Haram St., Giza
corporation For E-mail Distributor +202 33853525 - 01015616524
Industrial Safety WEBSITE PHONE [email protected]
(ICIS) E-mail distributor - Imported - agent

company A Technology type of

ADDRESS 24 B Anwar El Mofty St., Nasr company
City, Cairo, Landmark: Behind Tiba
Tiba Contracting PHONE Mall ADDRESS Plot 600, Extension Of 3rd
For Low Current E-mail Industrial Zone, In Front Of El
+202 24051170 - 24051167 PHONE Sharqeya For Smoke, Bab 2, 6
Systems E.mail October
[email protected] type of
WEBSITE three M & A company +202 38242855 / 6 - 33754846 for electronic
type of [email protected]
company Imported - exported & bems
Imported - distributor
72 Sakr Kourich Buildings,
ADDRESS Sheraton, Heliopolis,Cairo, Egypt

Tronics Egypt PHONE +202 22692844 - 22670992 ADDRESS El Bahr El Aazam St., El Khalig
E-mail Bldgs., El Zahraa Tower, Floor
[email protected] 3, Giza, In Front Of Bank Of
WEBSITE [email protected] Trabel M PHONE Alexandria
type of and Electronic E-mail 01001237835 - 01028888119
company Contracting WEBSITE 01111106575
type of  [email protected]
ADDRESS 34 Iskan Shabab El Mohandeseen company
Bldgs., , El Gabal El Akhdar, Nasr
PHONE City, Cairo, Landmark: Near To
E-mail Auto Samir Rayan trader - Imported
Ultra type of +202 23426533 - 01223443793 ADDRESS 11 Ebn Abi Wakas st., Sidi Gaber,
Technology company Alexandria, Egypt
[email protected] PHONE
Tycoon +202 25428793 - 01206036034 Integrated E-mail 01206036035
Solutions WEBSITE
agent - distributor [email protected]
type of

Manufactured - Distributor - agent


COMPANY GUIDE intelligent


ADDRESS 28 Sharara Bldgs., Hassan El United ADDRESS 434 El Malek Faisal St.
Maamoun St., Nasr City, Cairo, First Of Faisal, El Haram
United PHONE Landmark: In Front Of Mo’men Communications PHONE
Electrical E.mail Restaurant Systems +202 37836069 - 35856499
Contractors type of
company +202 24700531 - 01001200531 type of Imported - distributor
UGEC company
[email protected]
ADDRESS 6 Ahbab El Rasoul St., El Safarat
distributor - Imported - Exported District, Nasr City
agent - trader PHONE
E.mail +202 26778140 - 26779570
14 A Boraie Plaza Towers, Central UNITED
Spine, Floor 6 Flat 1, 6th Of CONSULTANTS [email protected]
October, Giza, Landmark: Beside
El Hosary Mosque FOR FIRE Manufactured
+202 38372217
United Group ADDRESS type of
Khaled Badawy [email protected] company
For Import & E.mail Imported - exported ADDRESS 35 d. Corridor 11 culture street, El
Export Alf Maskan, Gesr El Suez
type of United type of +202 22410147 - 01225033294
company Electromechanical company
agent - distributor

ADDRESS 53 Gesr El Suez St., Cairo, Egypt
01009109304 - 01066107303
WE Information PHONE [email protected] ADDRESS 28 El Shaheed Sayed Afifi St., Ard
Technology E.mail Imported El Golf, Heliopolis

type of Watania Group PHONE +202 24197063 - 1144416626
company E-mail
[email protected]
[email protected]

Wekaya For ADDRESS 2 Darb Adam St. Off El Gomhoureya WEBSITE
Fire Fighting St., Downtown, Cairo, Landmark: Imported
PHONE Beside Sednawy Hospital type of
Solutions E.mail company
type of +202 25927680 - 01004028881
company ADDRESS 603 El Horreya Rd., Zezenia,
[email protected] Alexandria
[email protected]
Imported - agent - distributor
watania group +202 35758008
WEBSITE [email protected]
ADDRESS 4 Saqr Qoraish Bldgs., Sheraton El
Matar-Cairo - Heliopolis type of Imported
Y-Tech company
Communications PHONE +202 22670078 - 01098332933
01020038571 ADDRESS Industrial Area 3, Service Axis 2,
& Security E-mail Pieces 148, 6th Of October
Solutions WEBSITE [email protected] PHONE
type of +202 38337775 - 01006605957
type of Welding company
company Engineering trader
Imported - agent - exported

ADDRESS Villa 18 El Khalifa El Watheq- from ADDRESS 1371 Corniche El Nil, Shoubra,
Abbas Al Akkad - Nasr City Cairo
zerotech PHONE City of Rehab - New Cairo Yahia Abdin For PHONE
Commercial E-mail +202 22055047 - 22055048
E-mail +202 26077266 - 2080111202/ & Industrial [email protected]
WEBSITE 20801113 Supplies
type of [email protected] WEBSITE
company type of


intelligent COMPANY GUIDE




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