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Published by Happenings Magazine, 2022-01-11 18:26:39

Kenosha Happenings 011322

Kenosha Happenings 011322

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F January 13, 2022 8005 Sheridan Rd., KenoIsnhaSt•oT2ch6ke2S-L6ea5lre8gc-e1tsi0ot0n0
Is Dr. Sam Griffith in
the New CBS series
“Good Sam”

VJoalnuumaery2220-2I2ssue 1

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raTnhcehwhooomdebsuorunnindgs rsetoavl neiicnetohnisaFdoareysltikPeartkodaareya!

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Fans of Bon Jovi can Jabari Banks will play
catch the band in Will in Peacock’s
A closer look at some

16 17 19 33upcoming films,
For everything real
estate - your monthly
including Halle Berry in Miwaukee in April on their Homes Plus guide is here new dramatic reboot of
Moonfall and Uncharted spring tour Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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January 13, 2022 • • Volume 45 Number 2 January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 3

Sophia Bush

Sophia Anna Bush

July 8, 1982
Pasadena, California

Early life
No relation to the presidential
Bushes, Sophia was raised the only
child of Maureen and Charles,
both involved in the photography

business in Pasadena.

Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) arrives at Lakeshore Sentinel Hospital on the new CBS series ‘Good Sam’ It’s required!
While attending Westridge School
for Girls, Sophia was very active in
volleyball, but she was required to
participate in a theater arts program.
“I was really irritated because I

wanted to play volleyball and I
had to go and do this play.”

CBS’s ‘Good Sam’ tackles real family debates But…
“But there was a moment after the
Good Sam, on CBS, pits father encourages doctors to be more between takes so their surgeries performance when I realized I had
against daughter in life-or-death empathetic, Isaacs, 58, said that appear real. gone and been somebody else. I
decisions. Griff lacks empathy. thought, ‘If I could do this for the
"I sat there tying one-handed
Sophia Bush, 39, who plays Dr. "It's not that we're surgical knots," Bush said. rest of my life, I am set.’
Sam Griffith, said her character uncompassionate," Isaacs said. "I "Sometimes it's an incision. It was love at first sight.”
clashes with her father, Griff think Griff has learned to be Sometimes we're running
(Jason Isaacs), in and out of the objective or distanced from it." catheters." Finding Success
operating room of Lakeshore Bush made her first film appearance
Sentinel Hospital. Griff's injury has not humbled Bush said she made an actual
him, either. Isaacs said Griff incision on a chest prosthetic in an in the 2002 comedy National
"Both of these people are right," wakes up convinced he should open-heart surgery scene. Lampoon’s Van Wilder, but it was
Bush said on a Television Critics resume his chief of surgery role. the following year that she would
Association Zoom panel. "Both of "We've got to get it perfect, really break. After being cast as
these people have a reason to "I can talk as my character," because very often we have one Brooke in the WB television series
believe what they believe." Isaacs said. "I don't think she shot," Bush said. "They're building
should be running the hospital. I prosthetics for us to learn exactly One Tree Hill, Bush gained
At the beginning of Good Sam, think I have much more how to use the bone saws, exactly mainstream fame. The series ran for
Sam is considering leaving her experience and skill." how deep to cut on something. "
position as attending physician at nine seasons, and Bush currently
Lakeshore Sentinel. When a Isaacs said something more than Bush has played characters with hosts a podcast with other
disgruntled patient shoots Griff, hospital administration is specialized professions. In the One Tree Hill cast members
Sam takes over as chief of surgery bothering Griff. Having saved Chicago Fire/Med/P.D. series, called Drama Queens.
while her father is in a coma. lives through his practice, Isaacs Bush portrayed detective Erin
said, Griff struggles to stand by Lindsay. Before that, she starred Staying close to the job
When Griff wakes up, he's more while Sam and her staff make on One Tree Hill for nine seasons. Throughout the run of One Tree Hill,
surprised to find Sam in charge those life-or-death decisions. Bush dated co-stars James Lafferty,
than to discover his own Bush said she considered Austin Nichols, and was even briefly
condition. After his six month "To take all the power away studying heart surgery until she
coma, Griff requires a proctor to from someone who is strutting that discovered acting in high school. married to Chad Michael Murray.
monitor his recovery. large, and then to completely, in She said she also draws on her
some ways, emasculate them, is an theater training to work on the set Getting Involved
Sam volunteers to proctor Griff, incredibly interesting dynamic," of an operating room. Bush supports many causes and
leading to clashes over medical Isaacs said. utilizes her persona on social media
decisions. "I started doing theater both as and her blog to raise awareness of
While portraying the family an actor and studying lighting, world events and fundraisers in
"Sam is an optimist," Bush said. drama of heart surgeons, the cast tech, and props, which has served which she takes part of. Including
"Griff has learned hard lessons, of Good Sam strives to portray the me well on a show like this," Bush F*** Cancer, Run for the Gulf,
and he's pragmatic perhaps to a surgeons as accurately as possible. said. "I have 1,000 props, and lots
fault." Bush said she and co-stars conduct of them are sharp." I Am That Girl, Time’s Up,
medical rehearsals and practice and many more.
While Bush said that Sam By Fred Topel

Page 4 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

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encouraged, but not required

Single Tickets are $15 at the door.
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$5 Live Stream option.

Listen & Dance to 50s/60s/70s/Swing/Rock/Jazz of the Iconic Yesterday’s Children.
Special guest the UWM Youth Ensemble will play the opening set.

Buy Tickets:

For More Info: yckenosha There will be Pizza & Beverage for Sale, plus a 50/50 raffle to
support the UWM Youth Jazz Scholorship Program! January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 5

'Amazing Race' contestants, producers adapt to tragedy, COVID-19

Amazing Race contestants Lulu
and Lala Gonzalez said they
returned to Season 33, premiering
Wednesday, after a COVID-19
hiatus to honor their grandmother.
The competition show halted
production Feb. 28, 2020, before
worldwide lockdowns the next

"My grandmother always used
to say, 'You always have to finish
what you start,'" Lulu Gonzalez
said on a Television Critics
Association Zoom panel. "We
knew that we needed to do this for

The Gonzalez twins, 37, are Lulu (L) and Lala Gonzalez in "The Amazing Race."
radio hosts in North Bergen, N.J.
Lulu Gonzalez said their Elise Doganieri said the show had Doganieri said. "Which actually "We could not really imagine a
grandmother supported them as to make up for two eliminations to made for a very intense and way that we would be able to do it
they entered the race, but died keep the race on track, but would exciting race, because the teams safely," Penn Holderness said. "It
before they could resume. not spoil the surprise twists in the were actually closer together." was a comprehensive safety plan."
new competition.
"It was some type of closure," Pre-pandemic, contestants were Kim Holderness said the
she said. "We knew that if we Other Amazing Race formats afforded a credit card to pay for protocols The Amazing Race
didn't finish the race, it would also were not impacted, such as detours airfare to the next destination. employed spoiled her for her
linger over us, and we didn't want in which contestants choose With the chartered Boeing-757 return to daily life. She said the
to have any regrets in our life." between two possible routes, and plane, The Amazing Race found a show gave them frequent COVID-
roadblocks, in which one team different way to keep track of the 19 tests and a pandemic safe
Season 33 will include video of member must solve a challenge scoreboard. bubble.
the Gonzalez's grandmother. She without a partner.
filmed a video message to her On Season 33, The Amazing "We'd come back to the U.S.,
granddaughters, encouraging them "We've figured out how to Race will count the time each team and I came in, like, 'Where's my
before the shutdown. maybe extend the leg," Doganieri arrives at the chartered plane. consistent testing? Where's my
said. "You'll still have the same When they arrive at the little bubble?'" Kim Holderness
"She gave us a pep talk," Lulu Amazing Race detours and destination, teams will embark in said. "I kind of missed my little
Gonzalez said. "We felt like we roadblocks, pit stops, check-ins, the same order, with a head start bubble."
needed to do this for her and for all eliminations and an amazing cast." on the teams behind them.
those people who lost a loved one The Holdernesses said they had
during the pandemic." Doganieri said that some of the "We wanted to keep it fair - as dreamed of competing on The
protocols The Amazing Race fair as we could do during these Amazing Race since the first
The Amazing Race pits 11 employed to remain safe from COVID protocols," Doganieri season.
teams of two on a worldwide COVID-19 made the race more said.
adventure, solving challenges to intense. Doganieri said the show "When we got the call, it had
discover the next location of their might keep some in place for Penn Holderness, 47, and wife nothing to do with trying to grow
journey. Each week, the last team future non-pandemic seasons. Kim Holderness, 45, also returned our social media footprint at all,"
to complete each leg of the race is after the hiatus. The Holdernesses Kim Holderness said. "This is a
eliminated until only a winning For example, "We chartered a are social media personalities, and bucket-list experience."
team remains. plane so the contestants wouldn't said they were grateful the show
be on public transportation," took a break. Penn Holderness said the couple
Two teams were unable to received permission to discuss
return when production resumed. their experiences on The Amazing
Co-creator and executive producer Race once episodes aired. They
just can't give away anything
before the show is broadcast.

"CBS has given us permission
to talk about parts of it as it's
revealed," Penn Holderness said.
"We'll talk about it on top of what
we see from the show. But, the
show itself is what we're really
excited about."

Kim and Penn Holderness try to solve an "Amazing Race" challenge. The Amazing Race airs
Wednesdays on CBS.

By Fred Topel

Page 6 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

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011322 January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 7

At cicchetti bars in Venice, you can assemble a meal.

travel wall pubs, eating ugly-looking my way, I simply look for small Venetians kick off the
morsels on toothpicks and signs on the corners directing me experience with an aperitivo, a
Venice's cicchetti washing it all down with little to the nearest landmark (e.g., "per before-dinner drink. Know your
crawl glasses of wine. I look forward to Rialto"). options. A blackboard usually lists
the local characters I'll meet along several fine wines that are
One of my favorite European the way. Cicchetti bars have a The cicchetti selection is best uncorked and available by the
memories is the joy of a pub crawl social stand-up zone with a cozy early, so I start my evening at 6 glass. Most nights, I get a small
in Venice -- a reminder of the fun gaggle of tables. In some of the p.m. It's in the far reaches of glass of house red or white wine
that awaits in this popular more popular places, the crowds Venice that I bump into the (ombra rosso or ombra bianco).
destination. spill happily into the street. thriving little bacari (as the local Tonight, I'm in the mood for an
pubs are called). I ask for "un Aperol spritz -- it makes me feel
Venice entertains millions of Venetians call this pub crawl the piatto classico di cicchetti misti da more local.
visitors during a normal year. It's giro d'ombra. Giro means "stroll," otto euro" and get a classic plate of
particularly crowded with day- and ombra -- slang for a glass of assorted appetizers for EUR8. I A man asks me, "Le dispiace se
trippers when several cruise ships wine -- means "shade." It dates sample deep-fried mozzarella mi siedo qui?" (Do you mind if I
are in port. On a trip a few years back to the old days, when a cheese, gorgonzola, calamari, and sit here?) before sitting down next
ago, I was told by a Venetian portable wine bar scooted with the artichoke hearts. Crostini (small to me. It occurs to me that's a
friend that these days, almost shadow of the Campanile bell pieces of toasted bread with a handy, polite phrase for making
every restaurant caters to the tower across St. Mark's Square. topping) are also a favorite, as are new friends. He orders a drink and
tourists. Then, with a sly smile, he That wine bar is long gone, but the marinated seafood, olives, and food. When his plate of fish
added, "But there are still the cicchetti bars remain, tucked away prosciutto with melon. Meat and arrives, he picks up one of the tiny
cicchetti bars." in the perpetual shade of the back fish (pesce) munchies can be fish, delicately tied in a loop.
streets. expensive, but veggies (verdure) Holding it by the toothpick that
Cicchetti (pronounced chi-KET- are cheap. Bread sticks (grissini) harpoons it, he looks at it lovingly,
tee) are the local appetizers that While Venice is, it seems, are free for the asking. says, "Sei il mio piu bel ricordo"
line the counters of little pubs all sinking in tourist crowds, I'd bet ("You are my most beautiful
over Venice at the end of each 90 percent of those tourists gather Part of the attraction is the souvenir"), and pops it happily
workday. My favorite meal is what along the glitzy shopping streets funky decor. There are photos of into his mouth. Pushing over his
I call "The Stand-Up Progressive between the Rialto Bridge and St. neighborhood friends here for a plate, he offers one of the fish to
Venetian Pub-Crawl Dinner." In a Mark's Square. To find a family party, St. Mark's Square the me.
town with canals and no cars, pub- characteristic cicchetti bar, you morning after a wild Pink Floyd
crawling is easy and safe -- have to wander. I don't worry concert, Carnevale masks evoking Connecting with people makes
perhaps safer if you know how to about getting lost -- in fact, I get as a more mysterious past, and of a pub crawl more fun: You can
swim. Tonight I'll visit a series of lost as I can. I remind myself, "I'm old-time Venice, proving that meet an Italian, learn some Italian,
these characteristic hole-in-the- on an island and I can't get off." people may change, but the eat better...and collect your own
Even though there generally aren't buildings remain essentially the beautiful souvenirs.
Page 8 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022 street names, when I want to find same.
By Rick Steves

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Come Eat With Us! VFW Post 1865
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• Tumbling Classes / Clinics for Cheerleaders, BUY ONE LUNCH OR DINNER &
Dancers, & Gymnasts 2 BEVERAGES & GET ONE
• Fitness Warriors & Superhero Classes
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5717 - 6th Ave. Downtown Kenosha 15% Gratuity Will Be Added To Dine In Orders. Valid through Feb. 6th, 2022

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"Dr.Kaczynski spends extra time to

diagnose the problem and come up with

treatment options. The staff takes extra

care to explain everything including the

care plan they offer. Highly recommend

this practice." Same Day
-Greg Kryca Emergencies

Full service dentistry Dr. Kaczynski 042221
5455 Sheridan Rd., 010622
In a small, private atmosphere Suite 201 • Kenosha

10AM- 7PM Hours Sun - Thur. 11am - 2am • Fri. & Sat. 11am - 2:30am

9AM- 4PM 2135 - 31st ST. • 658-8450 January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 11

Don’t Miss The Cabin Fever
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Page 12 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

well news pollution. last decade in New York, they York, was awarded U.S. Patent
actually climbed 6% in Arkansas. No. 110,626 for "a compound for
Wheel of Fortune When shed, the skin cells take culinary use" otherwise known as
with them skin oils, such as Counts margarine.
Caged mice provided with a cholesterol and squalene.
running wheel will partake for 8 in 10: At least 80% of adults in Self-Exam
hours on end, enough to perhaps Studies have shown that the U.S. made a doctor visit in the
run a marathon every few days squalene can reduce levels of past year. Source: Centers for Q: What percentage of humans
(26.1 miles), which is quite an ozone, a harmful pollutant that can Disease Control and Prevention have green eyes?
accomplishment given their tiny irritate your eyes, nose and throat
legs. All that running keeps them and exacerbate asthma symptoms. Doc Talk A: 2%
fit, physically and cognitively, In fact, the squalene in settled dust
boosting blood flow to the brain, containing skin cells can reduce Gustatory rhinitis: a runny nose Medical Myths
growing more neurons and ozone in indoor spaces, reducing caused by eating spicy food
improving navigation skills and indoor pollution levels by up to Drinking water keeps your skin
memory. 15%. Phobia of the Week hydrated. This is only partly true,
mostly in the sense that water
And when scientists transfuse Ig Nobel Apprised Obesophobia: fear of gaining keeps the body hydrated and skin
well-exercised mouse blood into a weight is the largest organ of the body.
sedentary rodent, the latter gets the The Ig Nobel Prizes celebrate There is no evidence that drinking
same brain boost. achievements that make people Best Medicine water directly impacts skin except
laugh, then think. A look at real in extreme conditions, such as heat
Researchers have identified a science that's hard to take The worst time to have a heart stroke or severe dehydration.
single protein that seems to drive seriously, and even harder to attack is during a game of
the cognitive benefits of regular ignore. charades. Last Words
exercise. It's called clusterin. They
think that, besides making mice In 2002, the Ig Nobel Prize in Observation "Take away those pillows. I
brainier (and maybe humans, too), hygiene went to Spanish inventor shall need them no more." —
clusterin might have anti- Eduardo Segura for creating a "Exercise is a dirty word. Every Lewis Carroll (1832-1898),
inflammatory properties that could washing machine for cats and time I hear it, I wash my mouth out English author and poet best
be used for treating dogs. with chocolate." — Charles M. known for "Alice's Adventures in
neurodegenerative diseases such Schulz Wonderland."
as Alzheimer's. Get Me That, Stat!
Medical History By Scott LaFee, Creators
No (Birth) Place Like Home Heart disease is still the leading
cause of death in the United States, This week in 1871, Henry W.
In the most recent data but mortality rates have been Bradley in Binghamton, New
available, there were 45,646 home dropping since the 1960s (though
births in 2020, an increase of 19% not evenly across the country). A
over 2019. new report might cause one's heart
to skip a beat: From 2000 to 2011,
Body of Knowledge the CDC says the age-adjusted
heart disease death rate declined
The human body sheds 4% per year but only 1% per year
approximately 200 million skin from 2011 to 2019.
cells per hour. These discarded
cells may actually decrease air Areas with least improvement
over the last decade were primarily
in the Midwest and South. So,
while death rates fell 14% over the

5913 6th Ave A Wewvheeerlryceoomnee!is Classes for 123021
Kenosha, WI ages 2.5 - Adult
26R2e-g7i4st8e-r1a0t10 No experience
necessary Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop,
Modern, Ballet and Lyrical all


January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 13

charts West Side Story won the Golden Globe for Best Movie Musical or Comedy at a scaled-down
ceremony in Beverly Hills on Sunday night as the winners of the Golden Globe Awards for
TOP SELLING DIGITAL POP SONGS film and television were revealed via social media. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association
announced last week that the prize presentation at the Beverly Hilton Hotel would not be
1. Controlled/Bryson Gray ft. AnOmaly
2. Dominion/Skillet televised and would have no red carpet for
3. Surface Pressure/Jessica Darrow its vaccinated and masked attendees to walk.
4. Soldier of Heaven/Sabaton The private event also had no audience to
5. We Don’t Talk About Bruno/Carolina Gaitan cheer on nominees or media to cover the
6. Shivers/Ed Sheeran ceremony.
7. Cold Heart/Elton John & Dua Lipa
8. Hrs and Hrs/Muni Long Rachel Zegler and her movie musical "West Side Best Motion Picture
9. 911/Teddy Swims Story" were big winners at last Sunday's
10. Easy On Me/Adele Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Drama / Comedy or Musical

TOP SELLING DIGITAL ALBUMS 2021 The Power of the Dog/West Side Story
2016 Moonlight/La La Land
1. Encanto/soundtrack 2011 The Descendants/The Artist
2. Dawn FM/The Weeknd 2006 Babel/Dreamgirls
3. 30/Adele 2001 A Beautiful Mind/Moulin Rogue!
4. Sing 2/soundtrack 1996 The English Patient/Evita
5. An Evening with Silk Sonic/Silk Sonic 1991 Bugsy/Beauty and the Beast
6. Phantoms/Klassik ‘78 1986 Platoon/Hannah and Her Sisters
7. Magic/Nas 1981 On Golden Pond/Arthur
8. Songs of Disappearance/Australian Bird Calls 1976 Rocky/A Star is Born
9. Good Karma/J French
10. Arcane League of Legends/soundtrack Best Actor - Motion Picture Best Actress - Motion Picture

TOP SELLING OVERALL - CD & VINYL Drama / Comedy or Musical Drama / Comedy or Musical

1. 30/Adele 2021 Will Smith/Andrew Garfield 2021 Nicole Kidman/Rachel Zegler
2. Encanto/film soundtrack 2016 Casey Affleck/Ryan Gosling 2016 Isabelle Huppert/Emma Stone
3. Abbey Road: Anniversary Edition/The Beatles 2011 George Clooney/Jean Dujardin 2011 Meryl Streep/Michelle Williams
4. Red (Taylor’s Version)/Taylor Swift 2006 Forest Whitaker/Sacha Baron Cohen 2006 Helen Mirren/Meryl Streep
5. Raise the Roof/Robert Plant and Alison Krauss 2001 Russell Crowe/Gene Hackman 2001 Sissy Spacek/Nicole Kidman
6. Sing 2/film soundtrack
7. Sour/Olivia Rodrigo Jean Smart and her HBO show Hacks took home Best Television Show
8. AM/Arctic Monkeys Golden Globe Awards last Sunday
9. Gold: Greatest Hits/Abba Drama / Comedy or Musical
10. = (equals)/Ed Sheeran Best Actor - Television Series
2021 Succession/Hacks
TOP SELLING RAP & HIP-HOP - CD/VINYL Drama / Comedy or Musical 2016 The Crown/Atlanta
2021 Jeremy Strong/Jason Sudeikis 2011 Homeland/Modern Family
1. Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City/Kendrick Lamar 2016 Billy Bob Thornton/Donald Glover 2006 Grey’s Anatomy/Ugly Betty
2. Madvillainy/Madvillainy 2011 Kelsey Grammer/Matt LeBlanc 2001 Six Feet Under/Sex and the City
3. Goodbye and Good Riddance/Juice Wrld 2006 Hugh Laurie/Alec Baldwin 1996 The X-Files/3rd Rock from the Sun
4. No Love Deep Web/Death Grips 2001 Kiefer Sutherland/Charlie Sheen 1991 Northern Exposure/Brooklyn Bridge
5. Man on the Moon III:The Chosen/Kid Kudi 1986 L.A. Law/The Golden Girls
6. To Pimp a Butterfly/Kendrick Lamar 1981 Hill Street Blues/M*A*S*H
7. Man on the Moon II: Legend of Mr Rager/Kid Cudi 1976 Rich Man,Poor Man/Barney Miller
8. The College Dropout/Kanye West
9. Illmatic/Nas Best Actress -Television Series
10. Damn/Kendrick Lamar
Drama / Comedy or Musical
2021 Michaela Jae Rodriguez/Jean Smart
1. Abbey Road: Anniverary Edition/The Beatles 2016 Claire Foy/Tracee Ellis Ross
2. AM/Arctic Monkeys 2011 Claire Daines/Laura Dern
3. Nevermind/Nirvana 2006 Kyra Sedgwick/America Ferrera
4. Toy Toy:Box/David Bowie 2001 Jennifer Garner/Sarah Jessica Parker
5. Dark Side of the Moon/Pink Floyd
6. Dominion/Skillet N.Y. TIMES BESTSELLERS
7. The Wall/Pink Floyd
8. Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits/Creedence Clearwater Revival HARDCOVER FICTION HARDCOVER NONFICTION
9. Weezer (blue album)/Weezer
10. Revolver/The Beatles Weeks This Book Title (Author) Weeks This Book Title (Author)
Listed Week Listed Week
11 1 The Judge’s List (Grisham) 7 1 The 1619 Project (Jones/Roper/Silverman)
Page 14 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022 5 2 Wish You Were Here (Picoult)
9 3 The Stranger in the Lifeboat (Alborn) 8 2 Will (Smith/Manson)
13 4 The Lincoln Highway (Towles)
56 5 The Midnight Library (Haig) 13 3 The Storyteller (Grohl)
14 6 Cloud Cuckoo Land (Doerr) 24 4 Crying in H Mart (Zauner)
4 7 Calls Us What We Carry (Gorman) 53 5 Greenlights (McConaughey)
14 8 The Wish (Sparks) 84 6 Untamed (Doyle)
6 9 Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (Gabaldon) 9 7 The Lyrics: 1956 to Present (McCartney)
44 10 Invisible Life of Addie Larue (Schwab) 3 8 All About Me! (Brooks)
5 9 The Dawn of Everything (Graeber/Wengrow)
13 10 Taste (Tucci)

coast to coast Yale class on boosting winning numbers. When I saw I'd affirming experience." He wrote
happiness surges in matched all five, I couldn't believe that he found he had a lot in
Scientists say no popularity amid COVID I had actually won, especially since common with his long-lost sibling.
proof 'hangover A Yale University professor said it was on my birthday!" The man's "We talked about our lives and
her free online course on the ticket matched all the numbers experiences, which seem
drawn, earning him a $402,063 remarkably similar. Erin studied at
cures' actually work science of living a happy life has prize. He said he plans to share his Glasgow School of Art, whereas I
seen enrollment spike by about prize money with his family. attended Edinburgh College of Art.
Here's a lesson many may have 3,000% during the COVID-
already learned over the past 19 pandemic. Laurie Santos, a Meanwhile in Virginia, a lottery Record number
weekend: Don't count on ginseng, professor of psychology, started ticket placed in a college student's of Florida manatees
probiotics or any other so-called Christmas stocking by his mother died in 2021
ended up winning him a $1 million
hangover cures. No evidence prize. Brian Donohue, a math Florida's manatee population
major at the University of saw its highest death toll in at least
suggests hangover cures work, Virginia, told officials he awoke a dozen years in 2021, the state
Christmas morning to find his announced. The Florida Fish and
according to British scientists mother had placed a Bank a Million Wildlife Conservation Commission
ticket for the Dec. 22 drawing in his is reporting a total of 1,101 of the
who studied nearly two dozen stocking. Donohue checked the mammals died last year. That figure
numbers from the drawing and is almost double the state's five-
trials of these cure products. discovered he had won the top year average of 625 deaths. Last
prize of $1 million after taxes. week, a new emergency rule went
"Our study has found that Donohue said some of his winnings into effect providing more
will go toward paying tuition. protection for manatees. It
evidence on these hangover established a temporary no-entry
Siblings in their zone, which is supervised by law
remedies is of very low quality 30s meet for first enforcement and the commission's
time, thanks to biologists. Manatees are a
and there is a need to provide teaching her class, Psycology 157: eBay purchase protected species in Florida, which
more rigorous assessment," said Psychology and the Good Life, in recorded 637 of the animals' deaths
lead author Dr. Emmert Roberts, March 2018, and the next semester A pair of Scottish siblings who in 2020. The second-highest death
a clinical research fellow at she made the class available for grew up in the same city met for the toll since 2010 occurred in 2013
King's College London. He and free online via Coursera under the first time in their 30s thanks to an when 830 animals died. A majority
his colleagues reviewed 21 title "Science of Well-Being." eBay purchase that led to a family of the deaths occurred on the state's
controlled randomized trials of Santos said the COVID-19 east coast, in what the commission
clove extract, red ginseng, pandemic led to enrollment in the connection. Ross Colquhoun, 37, calls a manatee mortality event.
Korean pear juice, prickly pear, course spiking to 3,000% of what it who shared his story on Twitter, Watercraft were listed as the
artichoke extract and was in 2019. "I do think people said he and his sister, Erin, 31, met animals' cause of death in 103
last week. Colquhoun said the story cases, which was the second-lowest
other potential cures. Some of the wanted to do more to protect their of the reunion began two years number for that cause in the last
studies did show statistically happiness during the pandemic," earlier, when he bought a Hearts vs. five years.
significant improvements in Santos told The Hill. "I think Liverpool soccer game program on
hangover symptoms. But people were getting great evidence- eBay. He said he received a Betty White died of
researchers said the quality of the based advice about how to protect message from the seller saying his stroke, death
evidence was low, usually their physical health -- mask up, purchase was being refunded, and certificate says
because of limitations in study socially distance, get a vaccine -- the seller then explained why -- she
methods or imprecise measures. but people were struggling with was the sister Colquhoun had never Betty White died after suffering
The reviewed studies typically what to do to protect their mental met. Colquhoun said the eBay a stroke, according to her death
said little about the nature and health. The class provided that purchase led to his getting to know certificate. E! News reported that
timing of the alcohol challenge evidence-based advice for his father's side of the family, but White's official cause of death was
and had considerable differences improving well-being." The 10- the COVID-19 pandemic got in the a cerebrovascular accident, the
in the types of alcohol given or week course features science-based way of his meeting his sister until medical term for a stroke, she had
whether they were given with examinations of well-being Monday. "We laughed, we cried, six days prior. White, an actress
food. Eight studies only included contrasted with common and we shared stories. It felt like known for The Mary Tyler Moore
men. No two studies reported on misconceptions about happiness. we'd known each other our entire Show, The Golden Girls and Hot in
the same hangover remedy. None Students learn to develop and lives," Colquhoun tweeted. "I was Cleveland, died Dec. 31 at age 99.
of the results had been implement strategies to increase extremely nervous, but it was an
independently replicated. their own well-being and are given absolutely beautiful and life Betty White

Common painkillers, including "happiness-boosting challenges" as
acetaminophen and aspirin have homework.
not been evaluated in controlled

hangover trials, according to the

Lady Luck strikes inresearchers. They concluded that
future studies should be more Michigan & Virginia
rigorous in their methods, using A Michigan man who bought a
validated scales to assess lottery ticket on his birthday
symptoms, and include both men checked the winning numbers the
and women.
next day and discovered he had

won a $402,063 jackpot. The

man officials he celebrated his 71st

birthday by purchasing a lottery

ticket. "I bought a Fantasy 5 ticket

on my birthday hoping to win big,

but you never expect to," the player

said. "I went to the store the next

day and got a printout of the January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 15

movie news and be present for his scene is taken from 2011 video The series follows the Belchers --
game Uncharted 3: Drake's parents Bob (H. Jon Benjamin)
granddaughter (Gabriella Deception. Mark Wahlberg also and Linda (John Roberts) and
appears as Victor Sullivan in the their kids, Tina (Dan Mintz),
Sengos). When Block's daughter scene. Uncharted, from director Gene (Eugene Mirman) and
Ruben Fleischer, is coming to Louise (Kristen Schaal) -- a
(Claire van der Boom) and theaters on Feb. 18. Co-stars family who run a hamburger
include Antonio Banderas, restaurant in a seaside town. The
granddaughter are kidnapped, he Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle. new trailer shows the Belchers
The Uncharted video game series prepare for "big things" to come in
springs into action to find them. follow Nathan and his friends as the summer as they run a burger
they explore lost ruins and obtain stand at the local amusement park.
The trailer shows clips of Neeson ancient relics. "The story begins when a ruptured
water main creates an enormous
fighting, chasing a speeding 'The Bob's Burgers sinkhole right in front of Bob's
Movie' trailer teases Burgers, blocking the entrance
garbage truck, and shooting at 'big things' for summer indefinitely and ruining the
Belchers' plans for a successful
attackers like he did in his Taken 20th Century Studios is giving a summer. While Bob and Linda
glimpse of The Bob's Burgers struggle to keep the business
movies as well as Unknown, Non- Movie. The studio shared a trailer afloat, the kids try to solve a
for the musical comedy. The Bob's mystery that could save their
Halle Berry in “Moonfall” Stop, Run All Night and many Burgers Movie is based on the family's restaurant," an official
animated series Bob's Burgers, description reads. The Bob's
more. Blacklight also stars Aiden which is in its 12th season on Fox. Burger's Movie opens in theaters
May 22.
'Moonfall': Halle Berry Quinn as corrupt FBI agent
takes on 'intelligent
entity' in space Gabriel Robertson who's hiding

Lionsgate is giving a glimpse of information from Block. Emy
the new film Moonfall. The studio
shared a trailer for the sci-fi action Raver-Lapman plays a journalist
film featuring Halle Berry,
Patrick Wilson and John trying to uncover the FBI
Bradley. The preview shows K.C.
Houseman (Bradley), a conspiracy conspiracy. Director Mark
theorist, share "a shocking
discovery" with astronauts Jo Williams also directed Neeson in
Fowler (Berry) and Brian Harper
(Wilson) -- that the moon has been Honest Thief.
knocked out of orbit and is
hurtling toward Earth. Jo, Brian 'Uncharted': Tom After 12 seasons on FOX, Bob’s Burgers is coming to cinemas this May
and K.C. team up and launch a Holland leaps into with its own full length film
mission to space to take on an action in new plane
"intelligent entity" causing the battle scene
chaos. "These unlikely heroes will
mount an impossible last-ditch Tom Holland dangles from a
mission into space, leaving behind cargo plane in a new action-
everything they love, only to find packed scene from Sony's
out that our Moon is not what we upcoming film adaptation
think it is," an official description of Uncharted. Holland's treasure
reads. Lionsgate previously shared hunter Nathan Drake finds himself
the opening scene for the film, having to leap from one cargo
which shows a mysterious force container to the next in mid-air in
come hurtling into Jo and Brian's the clip. Nathan dodges bullets and
spaceship. A teaser trailer released fights off an enemy before he
in September shows Jo and Brian make it back onto the plane.
trying to save Earth from disaster. Nathan is sent right back out,
Moonfall is written and directed however, after a car the plane was
by Roland Emmerich holding crashes into him. The
(Independence Day). The film co-
stars Michael Peña, Charlie WEEKEND BOX OFFICE REPORT
Plummer, Kelly Yu, Eme
Ikwuakor and Carolina Tom Holland in “Uncharted” January 7th - 9th $33M
Bartczak. Moonfall opens in 1. Spider-Man: No Way Home $11.9M
theaters Feb. 4. Best Sellers-Movies & TV 2. Sing 2 $4.8M
3. The 355 $3.2M
Grandpa Liam Neeson 1. Yellowstone: Season Four 4. The King’s Man $2.4M
fights for his family in 2. Dune 5. American Underdog $1.8M
3. No Time to Die 6. The Matrix Resurrections $1.4M
4. Spider-Man: No Way Home 7. West Side Story (2021) $1.1M
5. Ghostbusters: Afterlife 8. Ghostbusters: Afterlife $1.0M
6. Halloween Kills 9. Licorice Pizza $632K
7. Yellowstone: Season Three 10. House of Gucci
8. Yellowstone: Season Two
'Blacklight' 9. Spider-Man Trilogy (Maguire) FLASHBACK TO THIS WEEK IN 1990!
10. Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Briarcliff Entertainment 1. Born on the Fourth of July $11M - may include pre-orders 2. The War of the Roses $7M
released the trailer for the film 3. Tango & Cash $6.6M
4. Always $4.6M
Blacklight. The Liam Neeson

action movie premieres Feb. 11 in

theaters. Neeson plays Travis

Block, a freelancer for government 5. The Little Mermaid $4.5M

agencies. Travis is ready to retire

Page 16 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

music news Miranda Lambert, Little partners." The Academy cited "the around a city at night in the clip,
Big Town to launch uncertainty surrounding the which was released during ESPN's
Demi Lovato 'Bandwagon' tour Omicron" as the reason to NCAA football championship
postpone the gathering of game. Ye then appears wearing his
Demi Lovato back home Miranda Lambert and Little nominees and performers. The own unique mask as he begins
after rehab stay Big Town are going on tour in 2021 Grammy Awards occurred rapping on top of a cloud. The
2022. The 38-year-old singer and live at the Staples Center on music video also serves as an ad
Singer and actress Demi the country music group will March 14. Nominees include for Ye's Yezzy clothing line
Lovato is back home after seeking reunite for their second Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and through Gap.
treatment for addiction at a Utah Bandwagon tour in May. Justin Bieber.
rehabilitation facility, multiple Unfortunately for local fans, no BeachLife Festival to
media outlets reported this Chicago or Milwaukee dates have I want my MTV! feature Weezer, 311,
weekend. Lovato, 29, wrote on been announced. The Cadillac Smashing Pumpkins
Instagram early last month that Three will serve as an opening The Weeknd is back with a
being "California sober" -- act. Lambert and Little Big Town new music video. The 31-year-old Book your flights and pack your
drinking alcohol and smoking performed the first singer-songwriter released a video bags! BeachLife Festival has
marijuana -- wasn't working Bandwagon tour in 2018. Lambert for his song "Gasoline." announced its 2022 lineup of
anymore. "Sober sober is the only released her seventh studio The video shows an older version performers. BeachLife Festival in
way to be," Lovato said. The New album, Wildcard, in 2019, while of The Weeknd get in a car crash. Redondo, California, will take
York Post cited an unnamed Little Big Town released its ninth The character is then seen in a place May 13-15. The event is
source as saying the artist had album, Nightfall, in 2020. dark club, where The Weeknd meant "to inspire community,
recently been to rehab but is attacks him among people authenticity, and generosity
"doing well" at home now. Lovato, Jon Bon Jovi dancing. "Gasoline" appears on through the celebration of music,
who identifies as non-binary and The Weeknd's fifth studio art, and our Southern California
uses the pronouns "they" and Bon Jovi to launch U.S. album, Dawn FM, released last beachlife culture." Weezer and
"them," had been using meth and tour in April week. The album also features the 311 will headline the May 13
heroin when they suffered a near- singles "Take My Breath" and shows, while the Smashing
fatal overdose in 2018. Lovato Bon Jovi is going on tour in "Sacrifice." Pumpkins will take the stage May
subsequently went to rehab and 2022. The rock band will kick off 14. Steve Miller Band and Sheryl
received injections of Vivitrol, the tour April 1 with a local stop Kanye West, who has legally Crow will perform May 15. Other
which stops the effects of opioids. on April 5th at the Fiserv Forum changed his name to Ye, has performers include Cold War
Lovato had also spent time in in Milwaukee. Tickets go on sale released a new music video for his Kids, Vance Joy, Stone Temple
treatment facilities in 2010 and Jan. 14, with pre-sales to begin song "Heaven and Hell" that Pilots, Lord Huron and UB40
2012. Battles with substance abuse Jan. 11. The tour will be Bon Jovi's appears on his latest album Donda. featuring Ali Campbell.
were chronicled in the YouTube first since 2019. "We have all A group of individuals wearing
docu-series, Demi Lovato: missed touring and we know that dark hoodies and dark masks walk
Dancing with the Devil. "Demi is nothing can replace the energy of a
committed to their well-being, and live show for the fans or the band," Billboard Charts
throughout their life, they plan to frontman Jon Bon Jovi said in
do regular check-ins to make sure a statement. Hot 100 (pop singles) Billboard 200 (albums)
they are putting themselves first,"
an insider told 1. All I Want For Christmas/Mariah Carey 1. 30/Adele said that 2. Easy On Me/Adele 2. Christmas/Michael Buble
Lovato's most recent stay in rehab 3. Rockin’ Around the Xmas Tree/B.Lee 3. Red (Taylor’s Version)/Taylor Swift
was over in time for them to spend 4. Jingle Bell Rock/Bobby Helms 4. Sour/Olivia Rodrigo
the holidays with their family. 5. A Holly Jolly Christmas/Burl Ives 5. Dangerous/Morgan Wallen
"Demi will have a sober living 6. Stay/The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber 6. The Christmas Song/Nat King Cole
companion [with] them during this 7. Hest Waves/Glass Animals 7. Encanto/film soundtrack
transition," a source told the 8. The Most Wonderful Time/A.Williams 8. A Charlie Brown Xmas/V. Guaraldi Trio
outlet. "It was their decision to go 9. Shivers/Ed Sheeran 9. Merry Christmas/Mariah Carey
back to rehab." Neither Lovato nor
her representatives have publicly Grammy Awards 10. Feliz Navidad/Jose Feliciano 10. A Christmas Gift For You/various
commented on the reports. postponed indefinitely
due to Omicron FLASHBACK - TO THIS WEEK IN 1990!

The Recording Academy and Hot 100 (pop singles) Billboard 200 (albums)
CBS announced that the Grammy
Awards are postponed indefinitely. 1. Another Day in Paradise/Phil Collins 1. But Seriously/Phil Collins
The ceremony was originally 2. Rhythm Nation/Janet Jackson 2. Girl You Know Its True/Milli Vanilli
scheduled for Jan. 31. In a joint 3. Don’t Know Much/L.Ronstadt & A.Neville 3. Storm Front/Billy Joel
statement posted on the Grammys' 4. Pump Up The Jam/Technotronic 4. Rhythm Nation 1812/Janet Jackson
website, the Academy and 5. With Every Beat of My Heart/T. Dayne 5. Forever Your Girl/Paula Abdul
network said they made the 6. How Am I Supposed to Live/M. Bolton 6. Hangin’ Tough/NKOTB
decision "after careful 7. This One’s for the Children/NKOTB 7. Pump/Aerosmith
consideration and analysis with 8. Just Like Jesse James/Cher 8. Cosmic Thing/The B-52s
city and state officials, health and 9. We Didn’t Start the Fire/Billy Joel 9. Cry Like a Rainstorm/Linda Ronstadt
safety experts, the artist 10. Everything/Jody Watley 10. Merry, Merry Christmas/NKOTB
community and our many January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 17


Here are a sampling Disney+ The fourth (and reportedly final?) chapter in the Hotel Transylvania film franchise is coming to
of some of films and Amazon Prime this week. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania drops on January 14th
TV shows now Recently released
available on your Encanto Squidbillies S13 Real Housewives of Blippy’s School American Auto, S1,
favorite streaming King Tut In Color Jan. 13 New Jersey S11 Supply Scavenger Ep3
services! Lost Tombs Of The *Diego, The Last The Golden Palace: Hunt Grand Crew, S1, Ep3
For a FULL list of Pyramids Goodbye (Diego, el Complete Series *The House *Nancy & Tonya
everything new and T.O.T.S. S3 último adiós) Call Me Kat: S2 *Riverdance: The Alex Murdaugh:
on the horizon on 80s Top Ten S1 *My Mom, Your Premiere Animated Adventure Death. Deception.
Amazon Prime, X-Men: First Class Dad, S1 Premiere Pivoting: Premiere *This Is Not a Power
Netflix, Hulu, Miraculous Tales Of *Peacemaker, S1 Ailey Comedy *Paris in Love, S1,
Disney+ and Ladybug & Cat Noir Premiere Black Bear Ep9
more, visit S4 *Station Eleven, I’m Your Man Paramount+ *The Real Diary Of A Wimpy Season Finale Jan. 13 Housewives of
Kid: Dog Days Jan. 14 Madagascar: A Little Recently released Miami, S4, Ep5
Amazon Like Mike ER Wild S6 *Reno 911: The Hunt *Ayman, S1, Ep1
Like Mike 2 Jan. 15 My Best Friend’s for QANON Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Recently released The Sandlot Fringe Girl Undercover Boss S11 Jan. 9
*Being The Ricardos Eternals Jan. 16 Jan. 14 Indivisible Healing The Real
*Yearly Departed The Book of Boba *Somebody Sex Appeal (2022) Hate Housewives of New
127 Hours Fett – Ch3 Somewhere Season Bergman Island Star Trek: Prodigy Jersey, S11
Ace Ventura: Pet Jan. 14 Premiere Black Bear Paper & Glue
Detective Betty White Goes AwesomenessTV’s Kenan, S2, Ep2
Deja Vu Wild! Hulu Netflix Next Influencer S3 That’s My Jam, S1,
Kevin Hart: Let Me Catch That Kid Danger Force S1 Ep3
Explain Recently released Recently released Danger Force American Auto, S1,
Kick-Ass HBO Max Black Ink Crew S4 *Cobra Kai S4 Minisodes S1 Ep4
Fastest Cars in the Dirty The Challenge S33 *The Lost Daughter RuPaul’s Drag Race Ana Maria in Novela
South S1 Recently released Dark Side of the 90s *Queer Eye S6 S12 Land, 2014
Like Mike *The Matrix S1 *Stay Close RuPaul’s Drag Race Grand Crew, S1, Ep4
Mission: Impossible Resurrections — The Perfect Storm *Seal Team Untucked S12 This Is Us, S6, Ep1
Mr. 3000 Film Premiere Space Jam *Chief Daddy 2 – Jan. 13 Jan. 13
My Week With Marilyn Caddyshack 9-1-1: Lone Star: S3 Going for Broke AwesomenessTV’s Madagascar: A Little
Napoleon Dynamite Casablanca Premiere *The Hook Up Plan: Next Influencer S3 Wild, S6
Poetic Justice Citizen Kane The Bachelor: S26 S3 One-Punch Man,
Predator A Clockwork Orange Premiere *Action Pack Peacock Season 1
Runaway Bride Crazy Rich Asians The Cleaning Lady: *Four to Dinner *Paris in Love, S1,
Saving Private Ryan The Exorcist (1973) Premiere *Rebelde Recently released Ep10
Follow the Money S1 *The Eyes of Tammy Kenan: S2 Premiere *The Club: Pt2 50/50 *The Real
Sister Act Faye Abbott Elementary *The Wasteland An American Tail Housewives of
Something’s Gotta Give The Goonies S1 *Hype House The Bone Collector Miami, S4, Ep6
Stargate *Harry Potter 20th Judge Steve Harvey: *Johnny Test: S2 Bowfinger *Wolf Like Me, S1,
Super Troopers Anniversary: Return Premiere *Undercover: S3 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in Ep1-6
The Taking Of Pelham 1 to Hogwarts This Is Us: S6 *Dear Mother the Hat Jan. 14
2 3 (2009) *Harry Potter: Premiere *How I Fell in Love Fifty Shades of Grey *Ayman, S1, Ep2
The Descendants Hogwarts Black-ish: S8 with a Gangster Fletch Jan. 15
The Prestige Tournament of Premiere Jan. 13 Hotel Transylvania Saturday Night Live,
Unfaithful Houses S1 I Can See Your *Brazen Hotel Transylvania 2 S47, Ep8
Waitress Mad Max: Fury Road Voice: S2 Premiere *Chosen The Karate Kid Jan. 16
When a Man Loves a National Lampoon's The Amazing Race *The Journalist Kindergarten Cop Twilight
Woman Vacation S30-31 *Photocopier Lost in Translation The Twilight Saga:
The Student The Shining Survivor S37 Jan. 14 Scream (1996) New Moon
*The Tender Bar Superman II Joe Millionaire: For *After Life: S3 Shrek The Twilight Saga:
Colombiana Wipeout S1 PtA Richer or Poorer: *Archive 81 Uncle Buck Eclipse
A Sort of Homecoming Impractical Jokers: Premiere Blippi: Adventures The Cabin in the The Twilight Saga:
The Intouchables Inside Jokes Women of the Woods Breaking Dawn Pt 1
Squadgoals Snowpiercer S2 Movement: Premiere Kenan, S2, Ep1 The Twilight Saga:
Twinsanity The Bachelor Pharma Bro (2021) That's My Jam, S1, Breaking Dawn Pt 2
Jan. 13 Algo Azul Ep2
The Master Hitman's Wife's
Jan. 14 Bodyguard
*Hotel Transylvania: Search Party, S5
Transformania Premiere
*Do, Re & Mi Teenage
Euthanasia S1
*Euphoria, S2
*The Righteous
Gemstones, S2
Joe Pera Talks With
You S3

Page 18 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

January 2022
Volume 22 - Issue 1

When it comes to finding that
perfect home, Steve Last, of Lake to
Lake Realty LLC, is here to help you
locate the next chapter in life

The wood burning stove in this Forest Park area
ranch home sounds real nice on a day like today!

Melissa Roach - Zievers

KRA 2011 & 2012 Realtor of the Year

Cell: 262-945-1018
Email: [email protected]

• Broker/Associate
• Sterling Group
• HUD Certified Agent

By Appointment Only

Welcome 2022
$489,900 $199,900 $129,900

SG-16864 SG-1773030 SG-1730678 011322

2 Acres on Busy 52nd St Just West of Super South Side Ranch, 3 Bedroom, THIS CAN TRULY BE A 'CASH COW'
HWY 31, Large Duplex and Garage, Remodeled Full Bath, Hardwood ....Beautiful hardwood floors, separate utili-
Sit on Parcel, High Traffic Count Floors, Eat-In-Kitchen, Full Finished ties, formal dining rooms, 2 car detached
High Visibility, Located Near Industrial Rec-Room, Workshop, Huge Fenced, garage. Basement can be used as addition-
Park and Many Restaurants and 1 Car Attached Garage, 1 Block from al unit, or added to the lower unit for more
Businesses Tremper High space. Property being sold AS IS.

Winter is Here!!

Is Your Furnace Ready?

• Available 24/7 For Your Furnace & A/C Needs Coupon
• Equipment Replacements for All Budgets
89Furnace $
• Low Overhead Providing YOU real Cost SAVINGS
• Family Owned & Operated Tune-up

We will clean & check your furnace & make
sure it is running to its up most efficiency.

Must mention coupon when scheduling appointment, offer not valid
with any other coupon or discount. Offer Expires 2/28/22

Serving Southeast WI and Lake County Illinois 011322
4421 Sheridan Road Kenosha • • 262-652-6900

Page 20 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022


2021 Honor Society

Julie Balch Rose Bogosian Alicia Chovan Kathy Ford Marc Frisco
Shorewest Realtors Gonnering Realty Shorewest Realtors Berkshire Hathaway Re/Max

Newport Elite

Wendy Gauss Kyle Grammetz Shiela Heg Ryan Helgesen Erin Hughes
Re/Max Shorewest Realtors Lake To Lake Realty Shorewest Realtors Shorewest Realtors

Newport Elite

Samuel Hybicki Jason Keeling Anthony Leone Steve Last Grace Parrish
Shorewest Realtors Shorewest Realtors Shorewest Realtors Lake To Lake Realty Realty Pro

Realtor Humanitarian of Afilliate
of the year the year of the year

Alicia Chovan Michael Gniot Robin Tegel
Northshore Bank
Shorewest Realtors Shorewest Realtors

2022 SRA Board of Directors

Steve Scott Alicia Grace Sandra Wendy Jason Scott Cortney Brad Trick
Bostrom Grundy Chovan Parrish Carlson Gauss Keeling Kirschner Marshall Director
President President Treasurer Director Director Director Director Director
Vice Emeritus 111121
President January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 21

IN THE CITY Don’t Know
Come see this 1300+ square About Real
foot, 3 bedroom ranch. A Estate Could
wood burning stove in the Cost You
knotty pine family room will Plenty
comfort you in the up and
coming winter. Sliding glass Shiela Heg
doors lead out the fenced in back yard, with a gazebo. The back yard also 262-945-6069
features a 8 X 10 shed. Paved driveway to the 2.5 car garage. Home has
many updates. Finished basement features a Rec room with a dry bar. 24 Years Experience
Also a bonus room that could be another bedroom or office. Currently a 2011 Realtor of the Year
sewing room. There is also a full bathroom. All of this is waiting for you
in your new Forest Park Home! 4232 Wilson Rd. $229,900 Broker-Owner
2019 Honor Society
SOMERS! Now Looking For New Or
Time to go back to when Experienced Realtors To Join Our Team
things were simple! This
beautiful 2400+ sq. ft. 3 Steve Last Nick Wipper Gina Perez Alex Maryland
bed/2 bath immaculately
maintained farmhouse sits 262-271-2712 262-496-4273 262-694-5900 262-989-9191
on 1.31 acres in the middle
of farm fields! Completely 16 Years Experience 15 Years Experience 3 Years Experience 4 Years Experience
remodeled w/200 amp 2015 Realtor 2019 Honor Society
electrical, copper plumbing, natural gas and A/C, new vinyl siding, of the Year
Anderson windows and stainless appliances in the large eat-in kitchen. We’re Here For You...
Main floor also features 9 1/2' ceilings, a sunporch, first floor laundry, 2019 Honor Society
dining room, living room and parlor. Upper boasts 3 bedrooms and a
bedroom-sized den. Basement is partially finished, dry and has a walk-out 62 Years of Experience, Ready to Assist You with all of Your Real Estate Needs
door. The heated garage (east side) is everyone's dream ~ fits 6 cars
(approx. 1600 sq. ft.) with100 amp service, 4 overhead doors/openers, 011322
storage above in the attic, and more storage in the 10x10 shed out in the
partially fenced yard. 6824 7th St. $449,900 Call Now before it's gone!

Located in Kenosha's
busiest intersection! This is
a 1800+ square foot build-
ing. This has 6 individual
offices, 2 conference
rooms, a break area, stor-
age room, and a large
reception area. Great traffic
flow. 2 large pole signs. Off
street parking lot. Close to other shopping and restaurants. All of this and
the CAM and dumpster is included. To finish this up it also has a large
basement , great for storage. 3824 Roosevelt Rd $1,800 Lease

Adams County, 5.9 acres in
the middle of the beautiful
surrounding trees. 3
Bedrooms, 2 Full Bathrooms,
with 1600 plus SqFt.
Whether, you are looking for
that weekend getaway or the
permanent new home, This Is
It! Roof is 3 years old, the
plumbing and the 2 furnaces
are six months. The unfinished basement is waiting for your final touches.
Home has a 2.5 car garage and a deck. Let nature come to you. This is
about 3 hours from the Wi/Il border and about 10 minutes from Adams-
Friendship. Many lakes are near by, and the Wisconsin Dells are about 45
minutes south. This is for all year round fun. Seller is selling this home in it's
entirety.. 1027 17th Ave Arkdale $189,900
Quiet street with view of the Fox River,
(not in a flood plain) One of the few
lots still available in this beautiful
Carey's Riverview subdivision. Over 1/2
acre with some mature trees.. Close to
Wilmot Ski Hills, in the desirable
Wilmot High School district. Just min-
utes from Illinois border, come to
Wisconsin to build your dream home.
Lot 4 306th Ct 5 Salem $64,900

A little bit rustic, a little bit modern, this
ranch home offers both options

Are you stuck in the city, if that’s not enough for you, The Forest Park neighborhood has been a quiet retreat
but your heart is in the there is also a nice shed which in the heart of Kenosha since the 1950s.
Wisconsin Northwoods? Are could be a great clubhouse for
you the city-type, but your the kids. The backyard can
partner dreams of having a become a nice respite after a
summer cabin retreat? This long day. Surrounded by a six
month’s featured home might foot wood fence, there is a
be perfect for you. It offers the concrete patio with plenty of
best of both worlds, with rus- room for furniture as well as a
tic, cabin-like amenities, as flower bed next to the garage
well as modern features. to practice your green thumb.

This rustic ranch is located Getting into the home, you
at 4232 Wilson Road in the will become reminded of how
Forest Park area. The neigh- I said this home offers the best
borhood is rich in tall tress of both worlds - the rustic

Fire up this wood-burning stove in the rustic family room this winter and refrigerator. There is plen- rec room. The bar is ready for
ty of room for a kitchen table, you - just bring your own
or enjoy meals in the adjoin- drinks, and a TV would look
ing dining room. great in the corner behind the
bar. An additional full bath is
In the rear part of the home located downstairs, as well as
is the step to that log cabin in the laundry room, additional
the upper peninsula. This storage, and a craft room
knotty pine family room is which can also be used as a
rustic and also features its fourth bedroom.
own wood burning stove.
Enjoy a cold winter night This home will not stay on
enjoying the peaceful aroma, the market for long. It is cur-
delectable warmth, and rently priced to sell at
charming allure of the fire. $224,900; for a closer look,
call Steven P. Last of Lake to
All on the first level are a Lake Realty LLC at 262-271-
full bath and three bedrooms. 2712.

Taking a step to the lower By Jason Hedman
level, we find your very own
and larger properties, with the cabin and the modern home.
playground at Forest Park The main living room in the The kitchen recently was remodeled with new appliances,
Elementary just a few blocks front of the house features the sink, and backsplash
away. The home is centrally latter, with rich hardwood
located in Kenosha, but floors, bold paint and large
secluded enough to avoid the windows looking over the
high traffic of nearby 39th front porch.
Avenue or 60th Street.
Throughout the home,
Although from the street which was built in 1955, there
view, the home seems rather are elements of interesting
quaint and cozy. But it is craftwork such as arched
much larger than its initial doorways and a piano win-
appearance. This home offers dow.
1300 square feet over three-
bedrooms and two full baths. The kitchen has been
recently updated, with rich
The backyard of the home cabinetry and backsplash, and
has a full 2.5 care garage. And newer sink, dishwasher, oven, January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 23

Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 A look at possible
Questions Every First-Time Home real estate trends in 2022
Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition).
down payment, allowing you to were back at around 3.7%. And, fordable to purchase their first
She is also the CEO of Best buy your new home first. Then, then COVID-19 hit, the Federal home. And Millennials account
Money Moves, an app that they will help you get your home Reserve Bank lowered the feder- for the majority of home buyers
employers provide to employees prepped and staged to sell. And, al funds rate to between 0 to at the moment.
to measure and dial down if necessary, they'll buy your 0.25%, and mortgage interest
financial stress. Samuel J. home if no one else will. rates dropped below 3%. U.S. homes appreciated at an
Tamkin is a Chicago-based real Something Knock CEO/co- annual rate of 18% in October,
estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and founder Sean Black said only has What happens now? Lawrence according to CoreLogic, which
Sam through her website, happened a handful of times. Yun, chief economist of the was the highest level recorded in
National Association of Realtors the 45-year history of the index. Of course, just because you and Mike Fratantoni, chief econ- If you were looking to buy a sin-
call yourself a real estate tech- omist of the Mortgage Bankers gle-family home, those appreci-
If only we could foretell the nology company, also known as Association, agree that interest ated at a rate of 19.5%, another
future, we'd have bought Apple "prop-tech," doesn't mean you rates are scheduled to rise. And, record high.
stock at the start of the pandem- always get it right. Zillow shut Jerome Powell's recent pro-
ic. down its iBuyer division, Zillow nouncement that the Federal That sort of growth, coming
Offers, at the beginning of Reserve will look to raise the on the back of several years of
While we can't look forward November, acknowledging a federal funds rate three times in double-digit price appreciation,
with that degree of certainty, potential loss of hundreds of mil- 2022, while phasing out its bond- is unsustainable. Since home
Ilyce had some interesting con- lions of dollars, and said it was buying program, make it likely prices are closely tied to income,
versations with real estate cutting its workforce by 25%. that mortgage rates will rise. something has to change: either
experts and industry observers at people will have to earn more
the recent National Association Trend 2: Interest rates are ris- If Omicron (and future money, interest rates will have to
of Real Estate Editors conference ing (this time, for real). COVID-19 variants) doesn't stay low, or home prices will
about what real estate trends require more federal interven- have to come down to get every-
might take over the headlines in Since the Great Recession, tion, Yun expects to see 30-year thing back in balance.
2022. mortgage industry observers and mortgage interest rates of 3.5%
economists have annually fore- in 2022. In the meantime, lenders In the meantime, the U.S. is
If you're thinking about buy- told the rising of interest rates. In will be laying off more loan offi- about 5.24 million homes short
ing, selling or investing in resi- 2010, the 30-year mortgage cers and staff as refinancings (rentals, townhomes, condos, and
dential real estate next year, keep interest rates were around 4.69% dwindle. They're hoping the pur- single-family detached houses)
these trends in mind: but fell to the mid-3% range by chase mortgage market stays red and builders are focused on high-
2012, according to Rocket hot. er end developments. After all, if
Trend 1: iBuyers are evolving. Mortgage and mostly stayed you'll get the same profit out of a
there. At the end of 2018 and the Trend 3: Millennial and Gen Z million-dollar house as in build-
iBuyers are real estate compa- beginning of 2019, mortgage home buyers may find buying ing three or four $250,000
nies that allow consumers to rates hit 5.34% for a brief is unaffordable. homes, which would you
basically buy and sell on moment in time. choose?
demand. They will buy your If interest rates rise much,
home for a price that its algo- But they quickly declined, and Millennials and Gen Z homebuy-
rithms say is correct, allowing in January 2020, mortgage rates ers will find it increasingly unaf-
you the freedom of making a
non-contingent or cash-like offer
at will.

But over time, some iBuyers
have shifted their business mod-
els. Knock began as a traditional
iBuyer, but over the past two
years has evolved into a mort-
gage lender. They'll preapprove
you for a mortgage, and provide
you with a bridge loan for the

Page 24 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

Meet Steve Last LA megamansion becomes
most expensive property in U.S.
of Lake to Lake Realty
A 105,000-square-
What got you involved in real
estate? foot Los Angeles

My sister - She is the megamansion
Broker/Owner of Lake to Lake
Realty officially became the

What made you decide that a most expensive
career in real estate was for
you? property in the

I enjoy helping people. I like to United States when it
be able to help them find and
locate the next chapter in life. was recently listed

What other careers have you for $295 million. The
had, do they relate to real
estate? Bel Air home, known

I owned a limousine service for as "The One," was
many years, I enjoy showing
people our town, and our histo- listed by Branden
Williams of The
How do you see the market today?
Beverly Hills Estates and Aaron Kirman of Aaron Kirman
After being a sellers market for the past few years, we are starting
to balance out to a normal market. Many people are still moving Group at Compass. The home was built by developer Nile
are here because of the industry, and lower taxes.
Niami with a stated goal of creating the most expensive
How many clients are you currently representing?
home in the country, with an eventual asking price of $500
I have several buyers right now, but still looking for the right
fit for them. I have a few homes for sale, but they are going million. Niami's debt on "The One" grew to more than $180
million, and in 2021 it was placed into receivership. A
Have you received any accolades from your peers in real
esate? bankruptcy agreement struck in December will see the

I was gratefully honored in 2015 as Realtor of the Year, by fellow house go to auction if it does not sell by Feb. 7, Williams
realtors. I was proud to be on the Board of Directors for the
Southshore Realtors Association for seven years, serving as a said he has already received offers from a Saudi royal and a
director and a the treasurer.
wealthy Chinese buyer. He said he expects further offers
How long have you been in residential real estate sales?
from cryptocurrency buyers looking for investments.
I have been doing this since 2005. This is my full time job. I do
a side job bartending. As I said, I like people. Listing for all-black
'goth home' in Illinois goes viral
What are the top things that separate you from your compe-
tition? An unusual properly listing in Illinois is going viral after
the pitch black house was dubbed the "goth home" online.
I am born and raised right here in Kenosha, attended the local The Zillow listing went viral after Twitter account Zillow
schools. I will listen to my clients and I genuinely care about Gone Wild, which curates unusual home listings, branded it
their needs and wants. If I don't know the answer, I'll get it for the "goth home." The listing for the home at 110 Edgar St.
them asap. in Lincoln features photos of the black house with an all-
black shingle roof, black gutters and black vinyl siding.
What's your business philosophy? Realtor Seth Goodman said he bought the octagonal house
in August 2021 and decided to go for the black theme after
I always tell my clients, “You will know when you walk into a the installation of the roof. The listing also reveals Goodman
house if it's going to be a home for you. Don't settle, your dream had the interior walls painted black to match the exterior.
home is out there.” Goodman said he has received a lot of interest in the
unusual house, but he has grown attached to the property
Can you recommend service providers and help with other and is considering keeping it for himself.
things I need done?
It’s a real estate
I always have “a guy" or “a girl” for the job. roundtable when
Shiela Heg and
What type of support and supervision does your brokerage Margaret Jacobson
office provide to you? join us on air to
discuss the most up-to-
I am with a small office, but I work with 8 fellow agents, and our date news in real
office is our family! estate. Tune in to

Besides real estate, what hobbies and interests do you have? Happenings
I love watching Football - GO PACK GO! - and the Badgers. I Thursday, January
enjoy some golf once in awhile.
20th at noon.
For your real estate needs, call Steven Last
of Lake to Lake Realty LLC at 262-271-2712. January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 25

Go to: Ask the Bulider: Lifting a house to rebuild a foundation

to subscribe to Tim house in my town was well over then two more pieces are placed before they start to work. You can
Carter's FREE newsletter 100 years old based on its loca- at a 90-degree angle on top of the also dig test pits around the out-
tion and proximity to the town ends of the first two. This process side of the house to determine the
and listen to his new center and railroad tracks. The is repeated until the house is lift- depth of bedrock prior to the
podcasts. style and frame construction of ed to the desired height. house movers showing up.
the two houses were almost iden-
Tune in to Happenings tical. The top of these concrete foot- It doesn't matter if the house
Q&A/AM1050 WLIP on ings is normally placed at the was built square, as the founda-
Monday, January 24th at If you've never seen a house future top of the concrete slab tion crews use plumb bobs and
2:30 pm when Tim joins moved before, you might think that will be poured in the new other tools to ensure the new
it's impossible to install a new crawlspace or basement. It's criti- foundation will match the exact
the conversation. concrete foundation under an cal these footings are at the same shape of the outer walls of the
existing house. Not only is it pos- height and perfectly level. This house that's suspended above
Recently, my daughter pur- sible, but it's probably more com- makes it easy to place the crib- them.
chased an old camp summer mon than you might think. This bing with a minimum of shim-
house on a lake. The house is process happens out of sight and ming. The foundation crews have to
about 80 years old and was built often on back roads that you install U-shaped notches at the
on crude cinder blocks that just might not travel. Two or more steel I-beams are top of at least one wall of the new
rested on stony soil. Frost heave then slid under the house and cen- foundation. These notches are
over the years has caused the The companies that specialize tered on the cribbing. Giant aligned with the steel I-beams
doors and windows to not fit in constructing a new foundation house-lifting jacks are placed that the house floor joists are rest-
well. Otherwise, the house, built under an existing house are house inside the cribbing. The jack pis- ing on. Once the new foundation
using old-growth timber, is in movers. The process of lifting a tons are centered under the I- is complete and the house can be
remarkable shape. house up to move it is the first beams. The professionals start to lowered onto the new poured
step in building a new founda- lift the house, making sure to concrete foundation, the I-beams
She asked me: "Dad, can a tion. If the house is not moving keep it as level as possible. As it need to be pulled out from under
house like this be salvaged? Can off the lot, it's just a matter of lift- goes up in the air, more cribbing the house through these notches.
a new poured concrete founda- ing it up high enough so the foun- is stacked to support the house.
tion be poured under it? Can a dation crew can work comfort- The notches can then be filled
full basement be put under the ably and safely. This often means Once the house is high enough in with concrete blocks or new
house? Will the doors and win- the house might be lifted 6 to 10 in the air, the foundation crews windows might be placed in these
dows work well again? How's feet in the air. start to work. If the soil is deep locations. Discuss your options
that accomplished?" enough, they can dig it out using with the house-moving company.
Each moving company might small machinery that can get
These are all great questions, tackle the job differently. The under the house. Skilled opera- Don't forget to install excellent
and the answers vary depending first step I've witnessed is the tors are required so they don't foundation waterproofing and
on where the house is located and placement of four or more con- touch the cribbing. drain tile on the outside of the
what lies just inches below the crete footing pads under the new foundation. It's also wise to
soil. house where cribbing will be If bedrock is close to the sur- consider radon collection piping.
placed. Cribbing is comprised of face, it may not be possible to This needs to be placed under the
Just months before my daugh- giant square 6x6 pieces of oak place a tall crawlspace or full new slab below the house.
ter made this new real estate timbers typically about 42 inches basement under the house. The Consult one or more of the radon
investment, I saw in my own long. Two pieces are placed par- house movers in the area almost maps that can be found with ease
town in central New Hampshire allel with one another on the always know the soil conditions on the internet to see if radon is
an owner do the same thing. smooth and level concrete and and can manage this expectation an issue in your area.
Based on what I witnessed, the
house was about the same age as
my daughter's. It's possible the

Page 26 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

Here's your reminder to review your insurance policies

Q: I read your column each agents try to teach their own a home, and in the Lastly, and separately from
month and enjoy it immensely. insureds: "The named divorce the husband your excellent observations, we
However, a recent column left insured on the poli- gets sole owner- remind our readers to review
out an important consideration. cy must match the ship of the their insurance coverages on their
ownership of the home. The ex- homes. Recent climate change
A woman wrote in to say that property." wife quit claims events and catastrophes are a
she has a house that is in her her ownership reminder that a total loss can
name alone but her husband still I have seen too interest to her occur, and it's better to review
has the loan in his name. If the ex-husband. The your insurance coverages before
homeowners insurance policy many claims ex-husband should disaster strikes.
was taken out by the husband in
his name alone, then she does not denied because peo- update the insurance We will never forget when
have any coverage for any poten- policy to remove the ex- friends of ours were traveling and
tial losses should catastrophe ple don't tell their wife's name. lightning struck their home in the
strike. middle of the night. By the time
agent the true ownership Keep in mind that if you don't the fire department arrived, the
A property casualty insurance remove the ex-spouse from the only thing left of the home was
policy, such as a homeowner pol- interests or who actually insurance policy, the insurance part of a wall and the chimney
icy (as well as a landlord company may make any pay- stack.
dwelling and personal auto poli- resides in a property. Often it is ments due for any claim to both
cy), will only pay proceeds if you of the parties listed on the insur- They were in shock, of course,
have suffered a financial loss to because the homeowners either ance policy. Once that check is when they got home to see what
property you own. If the house cut to both names, you're facing was left of their home. Worst of
was destroyed or damaged, the don't realize the extreme impor- an awkward conversation at best, all, they didn't know if they had
owner of the policy (most likely and a contentious one at worst, sufficient insurance coverage to
the husband) would possibly not tance of the information or are when you ask your ex-spouse to rebuild. Fortunately, they found
be able to collect since he did not sign over the check. Better to out later that day from their insur-
suffer due to no ownership in the hiding the ownership in a mis- simply take care of the insurance ance agent that they had guaran-
property. issue once there is a change of teed replacement coverage and
guided attempt to save premium ownership on the home. the insurance company paid for
The wife (if she is not a named the entire cost of rebuilding,
insured) is not a party to the poli- dollars. When you improve your home, replacing their furnishings, and
cy and would not be eligible for you should reevaluate the amount rented them an apartment during
payments from the policy for the A: Thanks for your comment. of insurance you carry to make the two years it took to rebuild
financial loss she suffered. This The column you reference was sure the policy limits are suffi- their home.
would also apply to her personal actually about a woman who cient to cover you for the loss
property and if she were to suffer divorced her husband. Her name given the improvements. (Your Not everybody has guaranteed
a liability claim for injury to oth- is on title, but only the husband's insurance company can help you replacement coverage and some
ers on the property or due to her name is on the mortgage. evaluate whether you need to that do may find their insurance
personal negligence. If she and he increase your policy amount, and company puts a cap on that cov-
were both named insureds, then You bring up an important by how much.) erage. As we turn to 2022, now is
she could possibly collect part of point. People sometimes forget a great time to review your insur-
the proceeds, but he could not. about insurance issues. Every When you sell your home, you ance policies and make sure
homeowner that has purchased a should cancel the policy. There is they're up to date.
I wish more advice columnists home or transferred the home to a no need to keep paying on a
would stress the basic rule all sibling, parent or child should home that you no longer own. By Ilyce Glink & Sam Tamkin
make sure to update their home-
owners insurance policy. The pol-
icy should be in the name of the
owner or, to your point, it may
not provide the coverage you've
been paying for.

Also, when people divorce and
are taken off the title to the home,
that person should be dropped
from the insurance to the home.
Let's say that a husband and wife

APPLIANCE 262-716-6029

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7301 98th Ave L:$150,000

8119 40th Ave H:$165,000

6527 40th Ave:$163,500

Brighton 5716 36th Ave:$169,900
29715 41st St:$410,000 5225 42nd Ave:$159,000
7200 44th Ave:$163,000
Bristol 7203 98th Ave 9E:$162,000
21201 119th St:$433,500 7403 98th Ave J:$165,000
21115 119th St:$341,000 7733 23rd Ave:$164,000
8500 160th Ave:$260,000 7725 19th Ave:$176,000
20022 82nd St:$253,000 7206 14th Ave:$182,000
8004 199th Ave:$125,000 3510 75th St:$165,000

Genoa City 6017 5th Ave:$171,575

40224 106th St:$555,000 7102 36th Ave:$180,000

Lt1 Evergreen Rd:$299,000 6603 40th Ave:$195,000

Kenosha 6329 24th Ave:$180,000

2208 Roosevelt Rd:$10,000 1253 30th Ct E:$176,600
2830 21st St 14:$179,900
6018 16th Ave:$73,000 2830 21st St 15:$179,900 1409 80th St:$265,000 9294 62nd Ct:$449,900 8941 277th Ave:$210,000112
6014 16th Ave:$74,000 2830 21st St 16:$179,900 5210 65th St:$270,000 6705 116th St:$419,000 E Park St:$215,000
6418 11th Ave:$83,000 2830 21st St 13:$179,900 9304 67th St:$300,000 6335 83rd St:$410,000 Lt0 296th Ave:$200,000
6824 31st Ave:$100,000 3912 17th Ave:$184,000 7712 6th Ave:$281,500 8346 49th Ave:$394,900 124 W Northwater
5108 28th Ave:$105,000 1521 25th St:$183,200 9411 73rd St:$271,500 11136 79th St:$390,000 St:$205,000
3616 75th St:$105,000 2423 Buchanan Rd:$182,000 8645 33rd Ave:$270,000 4231 124th St:$375,000 8231 238th Ave:$190,000
6316 26th Ave:$105,077 2133 24th St:$167,500 600 68th St:$265,000 8610 43rd Ave:$371,250 30966 76th St:$190,000
4021 11th Ave:$110,000 6323 51st Ave:$189,900 4831 47th Ave:$298,500 11223 79th St:$319,900 30617 117th St:$160,000
6829 36th Ave:$110,000 4019 32nd Ave:$190,000 3703 Van Buren Rd:$299,900 8822 47th Ave:$240,000 26625 105th St:$147,542
2312 Roosevelt Rd:$105,000 3908 17th Ave:$193,900 1020 46th St:$278,500 9262 64th Ct 157:$250,000 23526 127th St:$137,500
6021 24th Ave:$100,000 7409 26th Ave:$189,900 3311 14th Pl:$340,000 7037 52nd Ave:$253,000
1833 53rd St:$118,000 2900 52nd St:$180,000 3614 14th Pl:$325,000 6739 Meadowlands Cir Somers
6613 32nd Ave:$122,900 4219 7th Ave:$183,000 5515 66th Pl:$335,000 6C:$212,000
6520 32nd Ave:$118,500 4511 38th Ave:$192,900 7125 92nd Ave:$340,000 10010 66th E:$184,000 Lt0 12th St:$1,704,054
6337 28th Ave:$124,900 4710 38th Ave:$195,000 2142 30th Ave:$335,000 11220 11th Ave:$110,000 721 21st Ave:$525,000
6717 36th Ave:$121,500 7404 23rd Ave:$199,900 9319 62nd Pl:$355,000 477 49th Ave:$465,000
6600 20th Ave:$115,000 7723 17th Ave:$203,000 10623 67th Pl:$360,000 Randall 5928 6th Pl:$419,000
4704 5th Ave:$125,884 3911 29th Ave:$195,000 6051 111th Ave:$390,000 39334 Bloomfield 855 Sheridan Rd:$375,000
4115 21st Ave:$129,900 6626 19th Ave:$215,000 15516 67th St:$385,000 Rd:$500,000 4403 64th Ave 61:$325,000
6715 21st Ave:$129,900 1902 17th Ave:$202,945 6314 107th Ave:$395,000 12310 336th Ave:$525,000 5912 1st Pl:$270,000
2722 22nd Ave:$129,900 6043 49th Ave:$200,000 6915 7th Ave:$360,000 38317 88th St:$399,900 711 16th Pl:$177,000
4715 60th St:$120,000 4735 79th St:$214,900 6113 83rd Ave:$412,500 33807 116th St:$305,000 2880 11th Pl 603:$163,400
3901 Taft Rd:$135,000 7743 36th Ave:$211,000 5508 2nd Ave 3b:$450,000 39240 93rd St:$289,900 2520 11th Pl 203:$142,000
7208 30th Ave:$123,000 8045 17th Ave:$200,000 1403 40th Ct:$415,000 9008 369th Ave:$251,000
6100 37th Ave:$127,500 6306 51st Ave:$219,900 9903 81st Pl:$475,000 34000 Bassett Rd:$160,000 Twin Lakes
1902 27th St:$135,500 2405 45th St:$210,000 8507 32nd Ave:$735,000 33820 98th St:$122,500 2631 E Lake Shore
6626 18th Ave:$135,000 1504 24th Ave 7:$218,575 425 Sheridan Rd:$925,000 Dr:$965,000
4412 8th Ave:$130,000 1908 76th St:$227,000 Lt0 Sheridan Rd:$1,400,000 Salem 1213 Parkway Trl:$740,000
2419 Roosevelt Rd:$140,000 27735 41st St:$1,625,000 Lt0 Storms Dr:$520,000
6407 31st Ave:$142,000 2106 E Lake Shore
7405 8th Ave:$144,000
3922 10th Ave:$138,000 3710 75th St:$222,000 Paddock Lake Salem Lakes Dr:$505,000
2014 45th St:$139,820 5811 63rd St:$220,000 7600 259th Ct:$516,903
4715 8th Ave:$145,000 3807 77th St:$235,000 6050 248th Ct:$425,100 300 N Cogswell Dr:$620,000 1847 Swallow Rd:$380,000
1726 85th St:$160,000 7908 46th Ave:$224,900 7635 259th Ct:$394,751
7402 40th Ave:$135,000 21709 121st Pl:$482,500 207 Christie Ct:$359,900
7528 16th Ave:$142,000
6624 11th Ave:$148,000 23825 112th St:$510,000 522 Burlington Ave:$325,000
6738 14th Ave:$150,000
3216 75th St:$155,950 4809 70th St:$237,000 24123 75th St:$300,000 11910 250th Ave:$399,900 105 Evergreen Ln:$340,000
7519 29th Ave:$169,000
5407 63rd Ave:$154,000 8222 15th Ave:$227,000 6120 242nd Ave:$307,000 120 Katie Dr:$395,000 639 Park Ave:$270,000
7609 27th Ave:$140,000 6616 59th Ave:$238,450 24701 66th St:$190,000 8137 248th Ave:$385,000 415 W Main St:$265,000
7021 33rd Ave:$155,000 7403 Pershing Blvd:$233,000 24934 68th St:$166,000 25405 Runyard Way 707 Estate Dr:$280,000
5713 39th Ave:$170,000
8125 40th Ave 3G:$164,900 2620 24th Ave:$225,000 Pleasant Prairie W:$369,900 519 Bird Rd:$200,000
6722 100th Ave:$218,600 12625 259th Ave:$335,000 325 91st Ct:$85,000
8121 17th Ave:$236,000 807 Hickory Rd:$100,000
8715/17 17th Ave:$240,000 8609 Lakeshore Dr:$849,000 22216 121st St:$302,900
7010 53rd St 76:$249,000 Wheatland
4280 95th St:$820,000 27207 115th St:$290,000 35607 52nd St:$345,000

9921 Cooper Rd:$770,000 27082 99th St:$255,000

7530 29th Ave:$240,000 4688 98th St 68:$717,036 23525 126th St:$259,900 Lt2 396th Ave:$250,000
4662 N Cottage Ln Unit 23423 84th St:$225,000
7726 27th Ave:$250,000 7330 368th Ave:$245,000
6414 96th Ave:$249,500 19:$680,500 12013 255th Ave:$255,000 7557 335th Ave:$168,500
7609 31st Ave:$267,000
8100 Ridgeway Ct:$576,486 23310 82nd Pl:$235,000

4721 75th St:$400,000 23202 81st St:$220,000

The information contained herein is provided for general information purposes only. If any of the above information is material or being utilized to determine whether to purchase the property, the buyer
should personally verify same or have it confirmed by a qualified expert. The information to independently verify and confirm includes but is not limited to total square footage formula, total square
footage / acreage figures, land, building or room dimensions and all other measurements of any sort or type. Equal housing opportunity listing.

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1665 19th Ave Kenosha Lt 10 120th St Pleasant Prairie
$224,900 $114,900

Spectacular private backyard. Wooded Lot, 3/4 of an acre.
3 BDR,Come take a look! Near WI/IL border.




[email protected] • Office 522 56th
Street Suite 101 • Downtown Kenosha
(262) 237-0403 •


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Margaret Jacobson 6905 Green Bay Road,
Suite #104 Kenosha, WI
Broker Associate, GRI, CRS, ABR,
Cell 262 496-1212
Email [email protected]

Margaret Jacobson-RE/MAX Newport Elite

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Heritage Heights Ranch Jameston Subdivision Heritage Heights Ranch
Large Kitchen, Huge Rec Room 3 Bed, 2 Bath Overlooking Golf Course

3 Bed, 2.5 Bath Spacious Interior Large 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath
$384,978.00 Fenced Lot $416,588.00

Lake Michigan 2 Lots North of 10011 7626 Green Bay Road,
Two bedroom estate Lakeshore Drive Kenosha WI

being sold as is Pleasant Prairie, WI 2.41 Acres Zoned B-2
$350,000.00 Lake Front Lot https://youtube/yhcyGYqadVo

Lot A $70,000 Lot B $75,000 $1,100,000.00

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at a time January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 31


Page 32 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

network news streaming news • Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev
Patel, Ralph Fiennes and Ben
Star Jones AMAZON PRIME Kingsley are set to star in Wes
• I Know What You Did Last Anderson's upcoming adaptation
Star Jones to serve on Summer will not return for a of Roald Dahl's The Wonderful
'Divorce Court' second season. Story of Henry Sugar and Six
• The Boys Season 3 will premiere More for Netflix.
Star Jones is joining the long- on June 3. The eight-episode
running series Divorce Court. The season will kick off with three • Enola Holmes Season 2 has
59-year-old attorney and episodes followed by new officially wrapped filming. Netflix
television personality will replace installments weekly. shared a behind-the-scenes clip
Faith Jenkins as host and judge APPLE TV+ of Millie Bobby Brown and
on the show in September. As the • Apple TV+ announced it has Louis Partridge on set.
new judge, Jones will preside over renewed The Morning Show for a
divorce proceedings, domestic third season. The Season 2 finale PARAMOUNT+
disputes and other cases premiered Nov. 18 and stars
on Divorce Court. Her previous Jennifer Aniston and Reese • Next Influencer Season 3 will
TV credits include The Witherspoon as anchors of the premiere Jan. 13 on Paramount+
View and Celebrity Apprentice. fictional The Morning Show. with five episodes.
Lynn Toler and Mablean • Rooney Mara has been cast in a
Ephriam were the previous biopic about late actress Audrey Elle Fanning Jabari Banks
judges. Hepburn.
• Apple TV+ is giving a glimpse of • The Great will return for a third PEACOCK
Nickelodeon, CBS Sports the new thriller series Suspicion., season on Hulu. The comedy-
join forces for NFL Wild featuring Uma Thurman as drama reimagines Catherine the • Peacock is giving a glimpse of
Card Game Katherine Newman, an American Great's rise to power after her the new series Bel-Air featuring
media mogul and CEO. marriage to Emperor Peter III of Jabari Banks as Will. Bel-Air,
Nickelodeon and CBS Sports DISNEY+ Russia. Elle Fanning plays which is reportedly a darker and
have teamed up to present a • Pixar's next animated adventure, Catherine, with Nicholas Hoult as more dramatic version of The
special, kid-friendly presentation Turning Red, is set to debut Peter and Yemelyan Pugachev. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, premieres
of the NFL's upcoming Wild Card exclusively on March 11. Feb. 13 on Peacock.
Game between Dallas and San HBOMAX HBOMAX
Francisco. The Nickelodeon • Sharon Stone is joining the cast • Peacock has acquired the
special presentation will air in Season 2 of The Flight • Spider-Man: No Way documentary Use of Force: The
alongside CBS Sports' broadcast Attendant as the estranged mother Home director Jon Watts has Policing of Black America and
of the game Sunday at 3:30. of Cassie (Kaley Cuoco). Season joined New Line and HBO Max's will release the film on Friday.
Nickelodeon viewers will 2 will open with Cassie living a upcoming horror sequel Final
experience enhanced on-field sober life in Los Angeles while Destination 6 as a producer. SHOWTIME
graphics, augmented reality moonlighting as a CIA asset.
including an AR blimp that will Season 2 is expected to premiere NETFLIX • Dexter: New Blood has become
fly around the stadium and new on HBO Max in the spring. the most-watched series in
takes on the pregame and halftime • Netflix is giving a glimpse of the Showtime history. The Dexter
shows. Aubrey Plaza new series Getting Curious. The sequel series averaged over 8
streaming service shared a trailer million weekly viewers across all
'Honeymooners' remake • HBO announced that it has for the show featuring Queer platforms during its 10-episode
in the works for CBS cast Aubrey Plaza in Season 2 of Eye star Jonathan Van Ness, run. The New Blood finale also set
its series The White Lotus. The which premiers Jan. 28. The a new ratings record, with 2
New Girl alum Damon first season ended Aug. 15. television personality and million viewers from streaming
Wayans Jr. and Black-ish writer HULU hairdresser is seen ice skating, and on demand platforms.
Lindsey Shockley are working on • Hulu is giving a glimpse of the eating cuisine with bugs, and
a 21st century version of the 1955- new series Pam & Tommy, the meeting fashion designer Most Popular TV
56 sitcom The Honeymooners. No miniseries featuring Lily Christian Siriano.
casting has been announced. The James and Sebastian Stan as 1. Euphoria (HBO) 71%
original show starred Jackie former Hollywood couple Pamela • Emily in Paris, a comedy-drama 2. Stay Close (NFX) 88%
Gleason as a hot-tempered New Anderson and Tommy Lee. The starring Lily Colllins, will return 3. The Witcher (NFX) 94%
York City bus driver Ralph, and series premieres Feb. 2. for two more seasons on Netflix. 4. Cobra Kai (NFX) 100%
Audrey Meadows as his long- Emily in Paris premiered on 5. Yellowjackets (SHO) 100%
suffering wife Alice. Netflix in October 2020 and 6. Peacemaker (HBO) 88%
returned for a second season in 7. The Book of Boba Fett (DIS) 93%
December. 8. Dexter: New Blood (SHO) 73%
9. The Silent Sea (NFX) 100%
• Netflix is giving a glimpse of the 10. Station Eleven (HBO) 97%
new film Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Source:
Trilogy. The streaming service
shared a teaser trailer for the three-
part documentary featuring rapper,
music producer and fashion
designer Kanye West. Act 1
of Jeen-Yuhs will open in select
theaters Feb. 10 ahead of its Feb.
16 release on Netflix. January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 33

on the airwaves

JANUARY 15, 2022

3:30 p.m. on FOX
NFL Football
NFL playoff action begins this
afternoon with two Wild Card
games, starting with this NFC
contest and followed by an AFC
clash in prime time on CBS. The
winners here, along with those
from tomorrow’s two games on
CBS and NBC, advance to the
divisional round next weekend.
Fox’s NFL broadcast team
includes Joe Buck and Troy

7 p.m. on HBO NBCNews calls “Yellowjackets” one of the best new shows of 2021.
Movie: The Suicide Squad The drama, which revolves in two time periods - how a high school soccer team survives a
Writer-director James Gunn plane crash in 1996 and their present day struggles, airs its season finale Sunday on Showtime.
created this 2021 superhero film
as a standalone sequel to the “peace” at any cost. Steve Agee, 7:15 p.m. on NBC 9 p.m. on HBO
similarly titled 2016 hit “Suicide Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, NFL Football The Righteous Gemstones
Squad,” which earned a fortune at Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma Wild Card mania continues with As a rule, each of the Gemstone
the worldwide box office despite and Chukwudi Iwuji make up the this prime-time contest between siblings can be counted on to
generally hostile reviews. Critics supporting ensemble, with Lochlyn teams yet to be determined from protect his or her best interests,
were much kinder to Gunn’s follow- Munro and Christopher Heyerdahl the AFC or NFC. Tonight’s victor but they make a formidable team
up, which follows the titular task in recurring roles. earns the right to take on a division as they try to pull back the curtain
force of convicts who are winner in next weekend’s Division on their father Eli’s (John
dispatched to a struggling island SUNDAY Round. The end of the rainbow, of Goodman) decidedly shady past.
nation to destroy evidence that JANUARY 16, 2022 course, is a berth in Super Bowl Meanwhile, Kelvin (Adam Devine)
would confirm the existence of a LVI on Feb. 13 at SoFi Stadium in clashes with an unruly God Squad,
giant alien starfish known as Starro 3:30 p.m. on CBS Los Angeles. and Eli lays down a hard truth.
the Conqueror. Margot Robbie, NFL Football
John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Idris The road to the Super Bowl 8 p.m. on CW/WCIU 9 p.m. on SHOW
Elba and Viola Davis star, with continues today with two more Two Sentence Horror Stories Yellowjackets
Sylvester Stallone voicing King games in the Wild Card round, Inspired by a viral fan fiction genre On the night of their 25th reunion,
Shark. starting with this contest between of horror stories that are only two the girls navigate damning
two AFC teams. The winner here, sentences long, this chilling little evidence, false alibis and a
7 p.m. on LIFE of course, advances to the half-hour anthology series returns dubious attempt to “heal” as this
Movie: Safe Room Divisional Round that begins with two new back-to-back gripping, character-driven survival
Boris Kodjoe (“Station 19”) directs Saturday. The two teams left episodes to launch its third drama — a breakout hit for
and co-stars with his real-life wife, standing after three rounds of season. First, Jacqueline and Showtime — wraps up its
Nicole Ari Parker (“Chicago P.D.”), playoffs go at it in Super Bowl LVI Joyce Robbins star in “Crush” as a freshman season. In the
in this new thriller, in which the on Feb. 13, at SoFi Stadium in Los pair of elderly twin sisters who are wilderness, the Doomcoming
actress plays recently widowed Angeles. constantly at each other’s throats throws everything off the rails as
Lila Jackson, who gratefully until they encounter a common simmering resentments come to a
accepts the help of a kind neighbor 7 p.m. on LIFE enemy. Kevin Anderson also stars. head.
named Neil (Kodjoe) since the loss Movie: My Best Friend’s Secret Then, a man experiences
of her husband. After her autistic Life unsettling changes to his mind and 9:35 p.m. on HBO
son, Ian (Nik Sanchez), Maggie, a socially awkward body after a plant gifted by his Somebody Somewhere
accidentally witnesses and records teenager, is thrilled beyond words boyfriend takes root. Comic and singer Bridget Everett
a burglary and murder in the house when she strikes up a friendship stars in this new seven-episode
across the street, however, both with Laurel, a hip, edgy new 8 p.m. on TNT comedy series as Sam, who may
mother and son are terrorized by acquaintance who seems to be the look like a generic Kansan to the
the intruders (Mackenzie Astin, epitome of cool. It’s not long, Claws untrained eye. The truth is very
Drea de Matteo). though, before Maggie starts to different, though: Sam feels like an
suspect Laurel has a hidden In the new episode “Chapter alien to others in her hometown,
9:15 p.m. on HBO agenda that involves grooming especially since she’s struggling
Peacemaker Maggie for something really Seven: Ascension,” Desna (Niecy with issues of loss and acceptance
Writer-director James Gunn unsavory. It’s up to Maggie’s mom, as the series opens. Singing is her
created this TV series spinoff from Kate, to save the day in this 2021 Nash-Betts) grimly vows not to rest refuge, an act that leads her on a
“The Suicide Squad” for HBO’s thriller. René Ashton, Nicolette journey to find herself, and a
streaming service HBO Max, but Langley, Rachel Turner Pusey and until she has dismantled Uncle community of other outsiders who
non-subscribers to that service can Philip Boyd star. share her “otherness.”
catch the first episode here tonight. Daddy’s (Dean Norris)
In the title role, John Cena reprises more...
his violent character of a merciless organization from the inside out.
killer (real name Christopher
Smith) who believes in achieving Meanwhile, Jenn’s (Jenn Lyon)

Page 34 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022 questionable friendship with Tony

is discovered by both Desna and

Bryce (Kevin Rankin), threatening

to destroy both relationships.

on the airwaves

JANUARY 17, 2022

7 p.m. on FX
Movie: Hidden Figures
One of the biggest sleeper hits of
2016, this biographical drama
resonated profoundly for many
moviegoers with its account of how
NASA mathematicians Katherine
Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and
Mary Jackson (Taraji P. Henson,
Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae)
managed to cross gender and race
lines in 1961 to help launch
astronaut John Glenn into outer
space. Its ensemble cast won a
Screen Actors Guild Award for its
collective performance, among
many other honors. Airing today as
part of FX’s MLK Day of
Remembrance movie marathon.

7 p.m. on TCM An all-new episode of Storage Wars airs Tueday on A&E
Movie: American Revolution 2
Howard Alk’s polarizing 1969 “A Reckoning in Boston” chronicles interesting unit. Immediately sharks, elephant seals, turtles an
documentary chronicles the the filmmaker’s epiphany. following, the new “The 300th gannets. Part 2, “Australia,” air
turbulence that broke out at the Time’s the Charm” finds the next Wednesday.
1968 Democratic National TUESDAY “friendship” between Lisa and
Convention and the aftermath of JANUARY 18, 2022 Brandi being tested as they 8 p.m. on PBS
that event. Among other things, the compete for treasure in Van Nuys. NOVA
film explores how the Young 8 p.m. on PBS While many people associat
Patriots Organization, a left-leaning Great Performances 9:03 p.m. on HIST dinosaurs with a lush, humi
group representing impoverished The new one-hour episode Beyond Oak Island prehistoric climate, the new episod
white Southerners from Appalachia, “Reopening — The Broadway A new episode called “The Buried “Alaskan Dinosaurs” follows a team
and local members of the Black Revival” pulls back the curtain to Loot of Sam Bass” finds Rick and of intrepid paleontologists as the
Panther Party formed an alliance to reveal how some of the most Marty Lagina, along with Matty examine evidence indicating tha
pursue their common fight against popular shows in New York Blake, contributing their skill and some dinosaurs once thrived in th
racial discrimination. The undertook the monumental process experience to treasure hunters cold, dark winter landscape of th
documentary airs as part of a of turning the lights back on after its Donna McCauley and Gypsy Arctic Circle. How were thes
marathon observing Martin Luther pandemic-induced shutdown, the Jewels as they search two erstwhile creatures able to survive on this tur
King Jr. Day. longest hiatus in history for the criminal hideouts in Mineral year-round and successfully rais
Great White Way. Hosted by Frank Springs, Texas. Either or both of their young in this hostil
7:15 p.m. on ABC ESPN DiLella, the documentary views this these sites is believed by some to environment? The team risks it
NFL Football reawakening from the perspective be where the notorious outlaw Sam own safety to learn more about thi
The NFL’s expanded Wild Card of such luminaries as Tony Award Bass stashed more than a million lost northern world.
round continues with one last game winners Adrienne Warren (“Tina: dollars in stolen gold.
between teams to be determined The Tina Turner Musical”) and 9 p.m. on LIFE
from the AFC or NFC. The squad Aaron Tveit (“Moulin Rouge”), along WEDNESDAY Leave It to Geege
that manages to survive moves on with Chita Rivera and Kristin JANUARY 19, 2022 In the new “In the Doghouse,
to the Division Round next weekend Chenoweth. Geege registers her “framily” to tak
against a division champ. It’s all in 7 p.m. on PBS a self-defense class that soo
pursuit of the ultimate prize, a berth 8 p.m. on A&E Animals With Cameras, A Nature devolves into their traditional famil
in Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13 at Storage Wars Miniseries fight night. Later, Tyler help
SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. In the new episode “The Hunch- Wildlife cameraman Gordon sharpen Geege’s ability to take th
Back of La Habra,” the buyers take Buchanan teams up with some now-adult Pootie out by herself
10 p.m. on PBS a shot and try their luck at a new pioneering animal scientists to while “Boner the Loaner” wreak
facility in La Habra, where Ivy explore stories of animals lives as havoc on the household. In a mor
Independent Lens decides to teach a valuable lesson “told” by the critters themselves, via private moment, Geege consults
to those in attendance. Kenny cameras that are custom-built to fit “sextrologist” to ensure her relevan
Filmmaker James Rutenbeck set weighs the tangible value of unobtrusively on the animals. In parts are up and running before he
childhood memories while making part one, “Oceans,” viewers are boyfriend arrives.
out to make a high-minded his pick among the lockers, and given a first-person look at the lives
Dusty brews himself up an of ocean creatures including more...
documentary about how

engagement with the humanities

can transform the lives of those

facing economic hardship and its

attendant challenges. After

spending a few years among

students in his target area of focus,

however, Rutenbeck realized his

film’s premise was gravely flawed

and reflected his own complicity in

racist structures and assumptions. January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 35

on the airwaves stand, she knows she may serve Athens, Greece. After meeting at a are unable to find firm evidence that
the rest of her life in prison if she party, the couple embark on a would lead them to an arrest. Quite
THURSDAY can’t persuade the jurors to believe whirlwind fling, but when they a while after the case goes cold,
JANUARY 20, 2022 her. Another episode immediately attempt an actual relationship, however, a detective is persuaded
follows. trouble rears its head. Dominique to help the ex-husband clear his
9 p.m. on FREE Tipper and Vangelis Mourikis co- name by tracking down the victim’s
Single Drunk Female FRIDAY star. real killers. Another new episode
Sofia Black-D’Elia (“The Mick”’) JANUARY 21, 2022 immediately follows.
stars in this new half-hour dramedy 8 p.m. on PBS
as Samantha Fink, an alcoholic in 7 p.m. on CBS Stars on Stage From Westport 9 p.m. on HBO
her 20s, who has a public flameout Undercover Boss Country Playhouse Real Time With Bill Maher
at a New York media company so Sharon M. Leite, the CEO of a This three-part musical showcase Host Bill Maher reaches a
mortifying that she is forced to wellness brand known as The concludes with a performance by milestone as his popular (if often
move back home with her control- Vitamin Shoppe, recently Brandon Victor Dixon, who won polarizing) weekly series returns to
freak mother, Carol (Ally Sheedy), implemented some innovations and legions of new fans and scored an open its 20th season. His guests
to avoid jail time. Back in Boston, operational changes at her Emmy nomination for his are still to be announced, but one
Samantha gets a job at a local company. Now, as she electrifying portrayal of Judas in topic that’s sure to be up for
grocery store and begins the contemplates possible new ways to NBC’s live 2018 telecast of “Jesus discussion is the ongoing
process of moving beyond her very expand her brand even further, she Christ Superstar.” Dixon, who also pandemic. Maher, who was forced
worst self and making a new start. goes undercover as a store starred in Broadway’s “Hamilton,” to do the show remotely from his
Rebecca Henderson, Sasha associate to assess how some of celebrates the Great White Way, as home for a few months in 2020,
Compere and Garrick Bernard co- her changes are affecting her front well as soul and classic pop expressed hope in his closing
star. Another episode follows. line employees. She knows she standards, in a set that includes Season 19 remarks that he would
needs to find a healthy balance Stephen Sondheim’s soaring return to a “more normal” reality this
9:02 p.m. on A&E between customer satisfaction and anthem “Being Alive” and Dixon’s month. Instead, the Omicron
Taking the Stand the happiness of her own team. original song “Maybe.” Guest variant drove another spike in
The new episode “Amber Guyger” vocalists include Crystal Monee coronavirus cases over his hiatus.
opens with an off-duty Dallas police 7 p.m. on SHOW Hall, Kristina Nicole Miller and
officer fatally shooting a man Movie: Monday Anastasia Talley. 9 p.m. on TCM
named Botham Jean in his own This 2020 romance from director Movie: Easy Rider
apartment, which she claims she and co-screenwriter Argyris 8 p.m. on A&E Tune in, turn on and drop out with
mistakenly had believed was her Papadimitropoulos is a character- Cold Case Files Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as
own home when she returned from driven piece starring Marvel action In the fall of 2009, a beloved two down-and-out motorcyclists in
working a 13-hour shift. The jury star Sebastian Stan (“The Falcon schoolteacher is found murdered in this classic 1969 road film about the
must decide whether the shooting and the Winter Soldier”) and Irish her Neptune, N.J., apartment, in the counterculture of the time. Joining
constitutes murder or a tragic actress Denise Gough (“Angels in new episode “A Lesson in them on their cross-country trip is a
mistake, so as Guyger takes the America”) as, respectively, Homicide.” In short order, her young Jack Nicholson, an Oscar
musician-turned-DJ Mickey and estranged husband, from whom nominee as best supporting actor,
immigration lawyer Chloe, a pair of she is in the process of a divorce, whose charismatic performance
American expatriates living in falls under suspicion, but detectives keeps the movie rolling through
some of its more experimental
moments. Hopper also directed the
iconic movie, which co-stars Karen

10:45 p.m. on SHOW
Movie: Pulp Fiction
Director Quentin Tarantino’s violent,
much-praised drama was one of
the most controversial movies of
1994. It boasts first-rate
performances by John Travolta —
whose career was resuscitated by
the movie — and Samuel L.
Jackson as hired killers who often
debate life’s larger issues. A parallel
plot involves Bruce Willis as a
corrupt boxer in trouble. Uma
Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth
and Amanda Plummer co-star.
Tarantino and colleague Roger
Avary earned an Academy Award
for their original screenplay.


Find them available
to download and
print at home at

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher kicks off its 20th season Friday night.

Page 36 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

in the stars horoscope January 13, 2021 NIGHT LIFE NIGHT LIFE NIGHT LIFE
January 19, 2021

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Keep your focus and stay in your lane during the first two days of the week. Remain alert for 011322
situations where you can make wise financial decisions. You should be at your most attractive at the end of the week. 011322

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Business success is feedback from the marketplace. Your mind may be focused on getting
the best terms or making more income as this week begins. By the end of the week, your interest may turn to social out-

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You would be wise to review messages and conditions before you take action as the week Mon. - Fri. 11am - Bar close • Sat. & Sun. 9am - Bar close
begins. Someone may easily misunderstand your words. A partner or loved one can lead you on the right path this week.
CANCER (June 21-July 22): Tomorrow's full moon is in your sign. You may begin to become more aware of how the
Thursday Jan. 13th • 8pm
pieces of the puzzles fit together. A loved one's powerful ambitions may have a great deal of influence on your routines. Wild Card playoffs this Saturday, Sunday,
THE RHYTHM DOGS Sunday, Sunday and Monday!
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): If you want to enjoy positive results, you need to keep feeding action into your intentions. Once (Blues Jam)
Yes, I said Monday! So I’ll know where
you put your projects into motion, they will tend to stay in motion. By the middle of the week, your social life should Fri. Jan. 14th • 9pm you’ll be, and it better be here!
become more intense. Good luck to you all!
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): There may be several opportunities to achieve your dreams as this week unfolds. By being 2nd Annual SOUP COOK OFF!
more observant of investment trends, you can improve your buying power. A friend may have some excellent strategies to (Alt Folk) Save the date Sunday, Sunday, Sunday,
January 30th at noon. We need customers
share. Sat. Jan. 15th • 8 -11pm to be the judges, so bring your friends in.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): The first few days of this week might be the best time to negotiate for better terms and condi- CRUZOTTI Oh yeah JIMMY wants to give a shout out
to JEN. She’s been putting in the extra
tions or to deal with family financial affairs. Your romantic partner may be more attentive and affectionate late in the week. (Original/Covers) hours. NIKKI & JIMMY say thank you!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Pay attention to any financial strategies that a partner or spouse presents as this week begins. Sundays • 4 -7pm Been here 30 years, but I don’t know
what I'm doing! Right?!?!
By working closely together to kick off a joint business venture or investment project, you can make your future more CY’S PIANO JAMS
secure. Later….
Wednesdays • 8pm
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): In the week ahead, you may learn new tech- SOLUTION
niques that make your work more satisfying or your wallet fatter. Put moneymaking MARK PAFFRATH Open Mic

ideas into motion as soon as possible to make it easier to achieve your goals.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Make dreams come true.Your sense of purpose and

efforts toward making a meaningful life may consume much of your time as this
week begins. Share your goals and passions with a helpful and loyal partner.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Paying attention to the tiniest details can prevent 4520 8th Ave. Kenosha • 262-652-6454 or 262-652-0978
stress and pay dividends in the end. A loved one or family member may be more
Come discover this gem.. Dive on in
ambitious than usual as the week begins. Consider a protective strategy.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): With the proper tools, your tasks can be completed

much more easily. This is a good day to make sure you are adequately prepared for
upcoming projects. The end of the week is the best time to make personal purchases.

5305-60th St. Kenosha, WI Friday Night in House Pool League
Starts Fri. Jan. 14th • 7pm
HMaonp-3Fpprmiy6-6aHmpm-o11uamr (Registration Open till Jan. 21st)

Sundays 6am-11am Singles Slop
Call the 8
Buy your 1st Drink
$5 Per Week
Get 2nd Drink FREE 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place

Domestic & Rail Cash Prizes
$3 Bloody Marys Banquet Party At

End Of Season

2 Dart Boards • Pinball
FREE Juke Box • Pool Tables

Off Street Parking
Great Drink Prices

4327 -17th Ave. Kenosha, WI

ATM Mon. - Sat. 5pm - Close
Sun. Temporarily Closed


ACROSS 51 Brittany port city 21 NYC museum's fundraising gala Full 011322 Your
1 Impertinent talk 52 Give in (to) 22 Bone, in Bologna 5014 7th Ave. Kenosha, WI Bar Bar
5 Man __: 1920 Horse of the Year 54 Patronized, as a diner 23 Biblical brother Here!
9 Avoid failing 56 Circle or polygon 24 Make mention of LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Call
13 Sunburn-soothing balm 57 Express lack of interest on 26 High math degree 564-8800
14 Earring holder Tinder ... or a hint to the answers 29 Baby shower gift Every Sunday • 4-8pm
15 __ God: earthquake, e.g. to starred clues 30 Charged particles Free Open Mic January 13, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 37
17 *Test of hand strength 61 Downy duck 32 Female in a stable
19 Danger 62 Compress, with "down" 36 Takes by surprise with Daniel Thompson
20 "It's the __ I can do" 63 Idris of "The Wire" 37 Double-__ trailer
21 Grown-up 64 Fix, as socks 38 What means may justify Sponsored by Music Go Round
22 Take place 65 Salon selections 39 "Don't play" symbol, in music Win a $50 Gift Card
25 Refine, as skills 66 Lose traction 41 Med-approving agcy.
27 Drink with a polar bear mascot DOWN 42 Scott Joplin's music Every Monday • 8:30pm
28 Gave voice to 1 Maple-syrup-to-be 43 "__ porridge hot ... " Free Open Jam
29 *Ski resort purchase 2 "Baby Cobra" comic Wong 44 Corsage flower
31 Diagram for Web navigation 3 Jaden, to Will Smith 45 Loud insect with Michelle & Oscar
33 "Game of Thrones" channel 4 Peacefully hidden, as a retreat 46 Lighthouse guardian
34 At some future point 5 Lingerie brand 47 Sort of Fri. Jan. 14th • 9pm • $10
35 It's given in the form of a ques- 6 Bow down to, perhaps 51 Modern honey SAINT TRAGEDY
tion on "Jeopardy!" 7 Not very much 53 Laura who won an Oscar for
40 Soccer official 8 Sales agent "Marriage Story" with Special Guests
42 "Goosebumps" series author 9 Daddy 55 Omar of "House"
43 *Accidentally call without touch- 10 Acid type found in vinegar 57 Part of EST: Abbr. BROKEN BONES
ing one's cellphone 11 Found in abundance, as oil 58 Rockies bugler
48 Contributes 12 Evening party 59 DOJ division Sat. Jan. 15th • 9pm • $10
49 Ohio border lake 16 Group of ships 60 Wee amount OSCAR GREEN
50 Pungent flavor 18 Billy Joel's "Tell __ About It"
with Special Guests


things people say this week in pop culture history

"Hopefully not too short.” While appearing Jennifer Lawrence January 17, 1929 Popeye the January 15, 1977 The Eagles
on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sailor Man makes his first were at #1 on the album chart
Jennifer Lawrence answers questions appearance in E.C. Segar’s with Hotel California.
during ‘The Colbert Questionert’ segment. ‘Thimble Theatre’ comic strip.
Colbert asked Lawrence several questions January 14, 1978 The Sex
in an attempt to get to know her better, with January 14, 1952 NBC’s Pistols played their last show at
the final question asking the 31-year-old Today debuted for the first the Winterland Ballroom in
actress to describe the rest of her life in five time, the very first morning San Francisco where Johnny
words. show of its kind and is the 5th Rotten yelled to the crowd at
longest running American the outset, “Ever get the
television series. feeling you’ve been cheated.”

"If you saw any of the many thoughts from people who knew him January 18, 1964 The Beatles
personally, a word that came up a lot was the sweetest. Bob was the made their US chart debut
sweetest, he was the sweetest man and the reason why people wrote that when 'I Want To Hold Your
is because it's true. It's the best word. If you had to pick one word to Hand' entered the chart at #45
describe him that was it, the sweetest. I have so many wonderfully kind just ten days after its release.
and supportive texts and emails and calls from Bob. He always had a
compliment. He would write sometimes just to tell me he loved me and January 15, 1967 The annual George Michael
I know he did that for many people.” On his late night talk show, championship game of the
Jimmy Kimmel pays tribute to his friend, the late actor Bob Saget. NFL, The Super Bowl, was January 16, 1988 George
Saget, a stand-up comedian known for starring in Full House and first played in Los Angeles. Michael went to No.1 on the
America’s Funniest Home Videos, died Sunday at the age of 65. The Green Bay Packers beat album charts with his debut
the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to solo album 'Faith', which went
"The grace and class that this man has shown throughout his entire life, 10. on to sell over 8 million
the example he set for me, not only as a black man but as a human being copies.
will never be forgotten. There is no man in this business who has been
more of a North Star for me than Sidney Poitier. All I can say is thank Johnny Cash January 18, 2000 Michael J.
you for your life, thank you for your example, and thank you for your Fox announces that he would
incredible gift. But most of all, thank you for being willing to share be leaving the hit sitcom, Spin
YOU to make us all better.” Via Instagram, filmmaker Tyler Perry pays City to help raise awareness
tribute to legendary actor Sidney Poitier on social media following his about Parkinson’s disease
death at the age of 94. which he had been personally
battling with since 1991.

"It meant everything to me for young girls to January 13, 1968 Country January 15, 2018 Irish
star Johnny Cash recorded his musician and singer-songwriter
be able to see themselves, that look like me. I live album, Johnny Cash at Dolores O’Riordan from The
Folsom Prison. Cranberries died unexpectedly
thought that was so powerful that Whitney in London, England.

invited me to be a part of something so

historical.” While appearing on Good

Brandy Morning America, Brandy reminisces on the

1997 Cinderella film which she starred birthdays

alongside Whitney Houston. Brandy said it was her dream to meet

Houston as a child and that she learned so much from her, saying that 1/13 Liam Hemsworth 32, Orlando Bloom 45,

portraying the first Black Cinderella was ‘life changing.’ Patrick Dempsey 56, Julia Louis-Dreyfus 61,
Shonda Rhimes 52, TraceAdkins 60
"Like right when everything started, TikTok so exploded. I was with my
friend. He's like, 'You should make one, let's see what happens. Just do 1/14 LL Cool J 54, Dave Grohl 53,
it, don't put a profile picture. Just don't change the name and let's see.’
It got a lot of followers and TikTok then DMed me on my Instagram and Jason Bateman 53, Carl Weathers 74,
was like you know, 'You've surpassed this certain number.' I was just
doing it as a joke. I post when I want but it's silly. It's like a little secret. Emily Watson 55, Zakk Wylde 55,
Not so secret I guess now.” While appearing on The Tonight Show,
which young star confirmed that she started a discreet TikTok account Faye Dunaway 81, Geoff Tate 63,
under the user name 6754189318472 and amassed over 600,000
followers? Holland Taylor 79

For the answer, visit! 1/15 Pitbull 41, Skrillex 34, Regina King 51,
Chad Lowe 54,Adam Jones 57

1/16 Kate Moss 48, DebbieAllen 72, Sade 63 Dave Grohl has been in two of the
greatest rock bands in history and
1/17 Michelle Obama 58, Jim Carrey 60,
is now a best selling author -
A. Elle Fanning Zooey Deschanel 42, Lil Jon 51, Kid Rock 51, is movie star next?
B. MacKenzie Grace James Earl Jones 91, Susanna Hoffs 63
C. Olivia Rodrigo Grohl and his band, Foo Fighters,
D. Hailee Steinfeld
1/18 Dave Bautista 53,Jason Segel 42, Kevin are starring in the upcoming horror-
comedy Studio 666 alongside
Costner 67, Jonathan Davis 51
Whitney Cummings and Will Forte.

1/19 Jodie Sweetin 40, Dolly Parton 76,

Shawn Wayans 51, Katey Sagal 68

Page 38 HAPPENINGS January 13, 2022

Jan. 15 • 8:30pm • $10 Cover Jan. 21 • 8:30pm • $10 Cover


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MOONSHINE TASTING Karaoke In the Beer Garden 9am-1am
1st & 3rd Friday and 2nd & 4th
Private Tastings Available Moonshine subject Saturday of Every Month
Book your Party Today! to availability.

For details and reservations Tasting bar Friday &
email [email protected] Saturday 4-10pm

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Factor in every member 011322
of the family when

shopping for new flooring.
Especially the furry ones!

Carpet • Vinyl • Hardwood
Ceramic • Laminate • Remnants

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Planks

Family owned & operated for over 25 years.

HAPPENINGS- January 13, 2022

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