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November Issue 2019

November Issue 2019

November 2019



past athletes current teachers


We had a chance to sit down with some of DeSales’ very own staff.
The teachers that we sat down and talked to all had one thing in
common. They all played sports while attending DeSales. Here is a little
about of their athletic careers.


Sport and Number: Basketball (#35) and football (#12)

How have these sports changed?: “Individual expectations have grown”

Favorite tradition: Scott’s favorite tradition was coming out of the locker room with his

teammates and hearing the same song, “Jump Around” to get pumped up.

Shining moment: His team won district finals against Centennial High School his senior


Most embarrassing moment: Freshman year, he messed up a drill, and the whole

team had to run as a punishment.


Sport and Number: Baseball (#6) and Basketball (#11)
Favorite tradition: The warm up pants that the players wear before the


Shining moment: Winning back to back state champs in 2011 and


Most embarrassing moment: Falling face forward off of stage, while

going from an out of bounds pass from Mr. Scott.


Sport and Number: Softball (14) Volleyball (4)

The admissions director played softball and volleyball? Yes
she did, Mrs. Julie Barber played both volleyball and softball
here at desales.


Sport and Number: Golf and lacrosse (#7)
Favorite tradition: Taking a vacation to Apple Valley

as a team for golf.

Shining moment: Beating Watterson at Ohio

Dominican Senior year in lacrosse.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting knocked

unconscious by a German exchange student and having
to miss senior night.


Sport and Number: Football (#55)
Favorite tradition: Senior spreads
Shining moment: Playing in the state championship

his senior year.

Most embarrassing moment: During his junior

year, he was extremely concussed and decided that he
would participate in a rap battle.


Sport & Number: Basketball (#24), softball

(#23),cross country, and soccer (4).

Favorite tradition: Singing along to her teams

pregame playlist in the locker room for basketball.

Shining moment: Senior year, state final game

the team was 2 for 3 and she had an RBI.


Sport and Number: Softball (#7) and Basketball


Favorite tradition: The tradition of excellence.
Shining moment: Winning

states her junior year (‘11)

Other: She continued her

career of playing softball at Ohio


Sport and Number: Football (#33) and

Baseball (#4)

Favorite tradition: Pregame football spreads
Shining moment: Starting sophomore year in


Most embarrassing moment: Fumbling on

the goal line against Watterson junior year.


Sport: Football and Wrestling
Favorite tradition: Coming back from football games, and no matter how late it

was, the team would open up the windows and holler, so that the nuns could hear

Shining moment: Winning the

1985 state final for football and being
runner up in wrestling ‘85.

Most embarrassing moment:

Dropping an interception against

Written by: Katie Potts and Kaylyn Malinowski
Designed by: Kaylee Greene


Sport and Number: Football (#22) and baseball
Favorite tradition: Stretching in the formation of a


Shining moment: Winning state champs in ‘96, CCL

champs in ‘94,’95,06, and going undefeated in ‘94 and ‘95.

Other: When we asked coach how sports have changed

since he played, he said more students are “playing more
sports, and not learning as many lessons”


Sport and Number: Cross Counry, Track

and Soccer (5)

Favorite tradition: Canoeing at Mohican

and flipping each other off the canoe.

Most embarassing moment: Getting

stitches while trying to head a ball, I fell and
got kicked in the face.

Other: Although she did not contine her

sports in college, she now coaches cross
country and track here at Desales.


Sport: Dance and Cheerleading
Favorite tradition: Loading up in a car and driving to each other’s houses for spreads.
Shining moment: Being captain of the dance team senior year.


Sport and Number: Baseball (#19)
Favorite tradition: Helping out Charity Newsies during the holidays
Shining moment: Hitting a home run against Watterson in ‘04
Most embarrassing moment: Getting injured during fall ball junior year. He

fielded a bunt and tore his labrum on the throw to first. He ended up not being able to
play junior or senior year.

Other facts: Although he ended his baseball career, he ended up getting involved in

things he wouldn’t have if he was still playing baseball.

Writen By Ever wonde
Ivana Laurol can’t afford Pr
brands like tho


er how you can look like Kylie but you
rada or Alexander Wang? Expensive
ose are hard to attain.

Maybe you’re looking for celebs who dress the
same way as you? Perhaps you might want to swap
your closet this season, but not know what styles are
in right now and which ones you relate to the most.

Go through a few different looks where I’ll be ex-
plaining different aesthetics and giving some tips on
stores and websites that will help you attain a saucy
and pleasing to the eye look!


Let’s start off with the Egirls and Eboys
who rock the edgiest of looks. Some peo-
ple even say that people who dress like
this are just modern emos.This classic
aesthetic can be seen most on apps like
Instagram and Tiktok. Egirls and Eboys
wear things like t-shirts over long sleeved
dress shirts. The shirts tend to be sol-
id dark color usually featuring brands like

Thrasher and bands like Metallica. Pants are
usually black and ripped with chains attached
and a matching black belt. To finish off this
look, grab a pair of converses, chunky heels,
or vans. Accessories such as thick rings with
unique prints on them, or the kinds that were
worn in the old age. Chains and clips are
worn frequently with the clothes and com-
plete the outfit. To get this look for less check
out these Websites :, Itgirlcloth-
ing, and Boogzelapparel. All of these websites
feature attire starting at $12!

Eboys and EGirlsAnnapallone k

insta baddie

The instagram baddie aesthetic is ex-
tremely popular and is showcased by
celebrities like Madison Beer, Anastasia
(Stassie), Kylie Jenner, and many more.
Even though trying to achieve this look
might hurt your credit card, you’ll look su-
per boujee.

You can easily slay this look by
wearing biker shorts, checkered tops,
ripped denims, baggy sweatpants,
bright clothes, pants with lots of buck-
les, crop tops, the most current of hype
sneakers, and heels. Brands like Pret-
ty Little Thing and Fashion Nova are
websites that can complete your bad-
die look. The average low of this look is

kendell robinson
rita odogwu
manuela asamoah



Vereena Sayed is a great example of the popular vin-
tage thrifty aesthetic, as she has a very wide ranged
sense of style.

This look consists of things like chunky
heels, older shoes, babydoll and retro dress-
es, fun and colorful prints on jackets and pants,
mom or boyfriend jeans, oversized hoodies,
flannels, chunky sneakers, velvet tank tops
over turtlenecks, and light shirts that give a
softer look. Clothes that most would think
are outdated and aren’t from 2019 are great
to achieve a cute vin-
tage look. If you want to
achieve this look, then
you can go to Goodwill,
a thrift store with many
locations here in central
Ohio. Whitmarket, Shop-
bop, and Zaful are also
some good stores to
check out. These looks
can cost a minimum of



The well known minimalistic look is
easy to duplicate. Well known influenc-
ers who wear minimalistic clothing are
Hannako Ngohayon and Brute Choi.
When someone has an aesthetic of a
minimalist, they tend to wear clothes
that are very similar in shade. This look
is very laid back, comfortable, and are
easy to match. Minimalist clothes look
extremely well in the cooler months.

Check out stores like Urban Outfit- frankie
ters, Zara, H&M, Madewell, and Mango
to snag a few items! Most popular colors
are beige, white, grey, and black. This
style of choice does not involve many
patterns, it’s just plain and simple, which
isn’t a bad thing. You can also wear
brighter colored clothes too. H&M is the
cheapest store to go to, where most
sales start at $4.99, depending on what
you’re looking for!


Last but not least is the Artsy aesthetic. Zak Deck and
LuneJo are two popular youtubers who give lots of in-
sight on how to be artsy.

To look artsy, you need to get things like books
that you most likely won’t read, paint, colorful
socks that match your outfit, Fjallraven kank-
en, doc martens, vintage glasses, colorful jeans
and converse, graphic shirts and pins, instax,
and lots of denims. Don’t forget about the bright
striped shirts, and the oversized sweaters.

olivia hou-

Innocent Behind Bars

T he Innocence Project was brought to life in 1992 in New York

by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufield at Yeshiva University. The In-
nocence Project is a public, non-profit organization that is dedi-

cated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people using DNA and
forensic science. They also work with reforming the justice sys-

tem, and technology to avoid further situations like this. According
to Time magazine, around 10,00 people are falsely convicted of
crimes each year and around 4.1% of inmates on death row are

innocent. At least 340 people have been exonerated, and some of
the more famous cases such as the Exonerated 5,

Malcolm Alexander, Kevin Bailey, and Corey Batchelor.

“There’s turmoil and CePnatrrakl5 in the park when the cha-
os was in motion, Patricia
there’s greed and poverty,” Montalvo recalls, “we basical- states, “we saw this whole
commented Jelani Cobb, ly took over the entire park. line of kids.” Montalvo said
New Yorker staff writer. “Then Anything we wanted, we made when the group saw the
there’s fear and violence and sure to get it. We saw an el- Malones, he said “get them.”
it’s all wrapped in one big, derly man walking across They ran and attacked Ger-
vast city between the East the street with big bags in ry, throwing him off of his
and Hudson Rivers.” On the his hands. Then, you know, bike. Instantly they charged
night of April 19, 1989, po- a bunch of kids ran over and at Patricia, ripping at her
lice were running around to robbed him and started kick- arms, legs, and clothing.
answer calls about 30 to 40 ing him and all that.” Patricia She says, “as a woman, you
teenagers harassing peo- and Gerry Malone were biking instantly know what’s going
ple in the park. One of the to happen.”
teenagers in the group, Tony

“...As a woman, The Destroyed Lives of Malcom Alexander and His Family “The stakes in this case
you instantly know
couldn’t have been higher for
what’s going to Mr. Alexander who faced a
happen.” mandatory life sentence with-
out parole.” Malcolm Alexander
was just 21 years old when he
was convicted with a trial that
started and ended all in one
day. In February 1980, Alex-
ander had an intimate encoun-
ter with a Caucasian woman in
exchange for money, and later
accused him of sexual assault.
The victim claims she was
grabbed from behind by an Af-
rican American male and taken
to a small, dark bathroom in the
back of the store then raped at
gunpoint. Afterwards, the Cau-
casian victim washed off with
a towel and called the police.
Almost 23 years later, in 2013,
hair recovered from the scene
was found at the Jefferson Par-
ish Sheriff’s Crime Office Lab.
The hairs were tested and did
not belong to Alexander or the
victim. After a reinvestigation
and a further look into alibis
and DNA evidence, Malcolm Al-
exander was released from jail
after serving 38 years.

Malcolm Alexander was ex-

onerated in 2018, and now has
a complicated relationship with
time. He wants to be early to his
job out of the desire to make a
good first impression since he’s
been spending nearly the last
40 years of his life, at one of
the most notorious prisons in
the U.S. When Malcolm walked
free from Louisiana’s prison, he
married the mother of his son
and continues to fight for those
wrongfully convicted.

Imagine being 19 years old Kevin Bailey
and Corey
and questioned about a mur- Batchelor, 2
der you didn’t commit, let alone Teens Gone
didn’t even know happened.
This was the case for Kevin Bai- Too Soon
ley and Corey Batchelor, who
were brought in for questioning
just five days after the murder of
n the hands of former Po-
ILula Mae Woods. Woods was
found by a neighbor, murdered in lice Commander, Jon Burge,
her garage. Upon recovery, po- over 120 black men and wom-
lice found a Domino’s pizza hat en were physically assaulted
which became the main focus for and subject to torture in many
the investigation. Bailey, one of different methods. Bailey, who
the many neighborhood teens, served 28 years, was exon-
was rounded up and taken in for erated on January 30, 2018.
investigation. No more than 2 Batchelor, was released in
hours later, Batchelor was taken 2004 after serving 15 years.
to Area 2 for questioning. After “Four different projects have
more than 14 constant hours of dedicated their blood, sweat,
kicking, beating, slamming, and and tears for a decade in the
choking these teens, the detec- hopes of rectifying the injus-
tives forced them to confess in tice perpetrated on two teen-
exchange for a meal. The con- agers nearly 30 years ago,”
fessions on tape were wildly in- said Josh Tepfer, an attorney
consistent with each other and no with the Exoneration Project,
connecting details with the story. who represented Batchelor.

“Four different projects have
dedicated their blood, sweat,
and tears for a decade in the
hopes of rectifying the injustice
perpetrated on two teenagers

nearly 30 years ago.”

After Innocence (2005). Follows the sto-
ries of seven exonerated prisoners and doc-
uments how DNA evidence led to the release
of the wrongfully convicted. It shows the “af-
termath” of how these men struggle to tran-
sition and get back on track after the judi-
cial system wronged them. “After Innocence”
sheds light on some of the flaws in the crimi-
nal system, the need for reform, and the day-
to-day struggles of being imprisoned and
wrongfully convicted.


This documentary goes into depth about the

wrongful conviction of then 19 year-old Darryl
Hunt. Hunt, an African American teen, was tried
for the 1984 rape and murder of Deborah Skyes,
a Caucasian newspaper editor in North Caroli-
na. It unfolds the twisted and flawed story, and later found
to have connections to the Ku Klux Klan. Even though
DNA evidence proved his innocence in 1994, the North
Carolina legal system didn’t release him until 2004.


Words cannot express how

amazing this movie is, in my opin-
ion. It brought tears to my eyes
and was an eye-opener to how
flawed the criminal system is. The
brutal and heart-wrenching scenes
makes this movie one of my favor-
ite movies of all time. When They
See Us, a 2019 production, does
such a wonderful job at detailing
the Central Park 5 jogger case.
This is a 10/10 recommendation,
but you’ll need tissues!

“What If
WAlel rBeoys
Created Equal ?”



T he Innocence Project
has been around for nearly
thirty years. It has helped ex-
onerate people through DNA
testing. One of the most fa-
mous cases is the Central
Park Five, now known as the
Exonerated Five. It was a
case in the nineties that in-
volved five innocent minority
teenage boys. I sat down with
history teacher Steve Ulry to
get his thoughts on this im-
1DNAwas never matched. portant group.

Kevin Richardson,14Q: What do you know about
Q: What do you know about
the Central Park Five?
the Innocence Project?
A: This case took place in the late
A: The Innocence Project was
founded in the early 1990’s as a 1980’s. There was a series of at-
means to bring about criminal jus- tacks in NY (New York),
tice reform, and help those wrong- several around Central Park.
fully convicted of crimes mount a Some of the attacks were violent,
new legal defense. This was in re- including the assault and rape of
sponse to the fact that many poor at least one woman, a jogger if I
and minority groups were being remeber correctly. Most convic-
convicted of crimes due to their in- tions were based on confessions
ability to get competent legal advice. that were forced. The rape and as-
sualt of the jogger was the most
severe case. I do not remember
how many years later, but a man
finally confessed to the crime and
his DNA matched, whereas the

Q: How did you feel when the 2
case was going on? Did you
think they were innocent? Yusef Salaam, 15
A: The new propaganda sure
made it sound like the teens were

5 guilty, especially with the news of
confessions and members turning
on each other. I remember that I
was not convinced of the arrests,
that I thought they were easy tar-
gets because they were poorer
minority youths, but at the time
I had no major reason to doubt
what the media was telling us. As
news began to turn, and reports of
inconsistency in the confessions, I
began to feel that these kids might
have been invovled in some activi-
ties, but not the most severe ones,
like the rape of the jogger.

1“The In-
has done
so much
good and
is still

Q: Your thoughts on our current 3
President calling to bring back the
death penalty for
teenage boys? What are your
thoughts on him taking out a full
page advertisement?

A: INSANE and WRONG. Not only does
the death penalty violate the teachings
of the Church, but it is immoral, barbar-
ic, and time after time it is shown we ex-
ecute innocent people. I would rather
us not execute anyone knowing that we
cannot in any way be 100% sure of the

Q: Your thoughts on the fact that
there are still many people serving
time for crimes they
didn’t commit?
A: Anger. This is an issue in our system.
I have no idea how to fix it, and some
innocent people that are convicted are
done so by juries that honestly feel the
evidence points to guilt. That is
tough to reconcile, but it happens. Some
innocent people are convicted through
manipulation of evidence and juries.

Korey Wise,16

3 Antron McCray,15 “I would
rather us not
execute any-
one knowing
that we can-

not in any
way be 100%

sure of the

Q: Any other important cases
you know about and would like
to share?
A: There was a case a few years
ago of a soccer coach in upstate NY
who was arrested for the
murder of a young boy. I think in the
end he was found not guilty, but had
he been found guilty,
that would have been an important

“Minorities have
a history of be-
ing discriminat-
ed against and the
case of the Central
Park Five was just
another example.”

There have been so many Raymond Santana,14

more cases like the Central Park Even though the Central Park
Five, but they haven’t gained
nearly as much attention. One Five members lost so much time
case that is not very well known of their lives, they have become an
is the case of Miguel Roman from inspiration and a symbol of justice
Connecticut. He is a Hispanic for minorities in America. Minorities
man who went to prison for a mur- have a history of being discriminat-
der he did not commit. He was ed against and the case of the Cen-
convicted of murder in 1988 and
was exonerated (found innocent) tral Park Five was just another
in 2008. He lost twenty years of example. We have to as a coun-
his life. try face this real tragedy. So many
people have lost part of their lives
“We have to as a and are continuing to. No one can
country face the ever get back the time that was sto-
real tragedy of that
so many people len from them.
have lost and are
continuing to lose The Innocence Project has done
part of their lives.”
so much good and is still continuing
5 to. This year was their record high in
exonerations. They helped to exon-

erate 9 innocent people.

Written and Designed
by: Jade Forte

The Color in Music

Ever have an argument Chromesthesia is a type of synesthesia in
with your friends over what which people hear sounds automatically and
color to make your school
involuntarily evoke an experience of color.
supplies? Synesthetes are more likely to be women,
left handed, and of average intelligence.
There’s a reason for that fight
called synthesia. Synesthesia is a There are many people who have the
condition that joins objects such as condition but don’t realize what it is. Some
forms of Synesthesia have a certain name,
letters, shapes, numbers or people’s but the general term for someone with this a
names with a sensory perception such
as smell, color, or flavor. This condition Synthesete

is voluntary, so it can not be forced. Gabriella Biages is a Synthesete with
Associative Chromesthesia. She sees color
There are many types of in her mind when she listens to music. The
most common thing to happen to while
The most common types are: listening to music is seeing spots of color
1. Lexical-gustatory Synesthesia
during certain sections of the song.
2. Mirror-touch Synesthesia
3. Personification What parts of music do you see
color most in? Lyrics? Bass?
4. Number-form Synesthesia Guitar? Other instruments
5. Chromesthesia

Lexical-gustatory Synesthesia is
when you can hear or see a word. It’s kind of interesting because it’s different
Mirror-touch Synesthesia is when for everyone. No one with synesthesia sees
a person experiences a similar song the same as another person. I know for
sensation in the same part of the some people, individual notes are different
body that another person is feeling. colors/shapes. For me, it’s not even specific
Personification Synesthesia is when instrument, it’s the overall song. Some songs
letters, numbers, objects, and days
are automatically associated with cause a lot of colors and stuff and others
a specific personality or gender. are almost nothing. Different instruments are
Number-form Synesthesia is when different colors depending on the whole song.
an individual sees a mental map of
I’ve noticed some patterns though, like for
numbers, which automatically appears example basses tend to be dark blue, black,
whenever someone thinks of them.
or orange/red. Voices don’t tend to have
colors, but there’s two exceptions I’ve noticed

so far; Hayley Williams from Paramore’s
voice is bright turquoise, and Brendon
Urie from Panic At The Disco’s voice is a

“I think it gives me more of a love Do you use this condition often?
of music, and sometimes I use it And How?

as inspiration for my art.” I don’t know if I “use” it so to speak. It’s
just kinda a thing that happens when I listen
chocolate brown. Sometimes it’ll get even to music. I’m not like one of the X-men who
more complex which is harder to describe. uses their powers to do crazy things. I think
It’s almost like glimpses of a movie scene. It
it gives me more of a love of music, and
really just varies. sometimes I use it as inspiration for my art. I
think it’s also why I connect the two so much.
When did you find out that you I’ve even considered doing a series based
have this condition? off some of my favorite songs but I haven’t

When I was a kid, I had another form of gotten around to it. Another thing I do with
synesthesia (I outgrew it though, which isn’t
Anything else you’d like to say
uncommon. I’d say by the time I was 7 it about your ability? Thoughts?
just kinda stopped). It’s called “grapheme-
color synesthesia”. It’s when you associate I think having chromesthesia is a pretty cool
different colors with different letters/numbers. thing. It doesn’t make me too different from
For example, the letter “j” was turquoise, anyone else though. Plenty of people have it,
and if I remember correctly “2” was red. I
thought everyone had that until I learned even celebrities like Billie Eilish, Charlie XCX,
what synesthesia was in 3rd grade and I Pharrell Williams, and even Van Gogh. Even
realized that I had that. I have chromesthesia though it’s considered rare, it’s more common
than you think it is. It doesn’t make me some
(music/color synesthesia), and I found sort of unusual freak show type thing. All it does
that out last year. I didn’t know that there
were different types of synesthesia until is make my life a bit more colorful.
last year. I didn’t think that my song/color
connections were synesthesia because Note from Gabriella Baiges:
1) I only knew about one type at the time
and 2) I don’t literally see the colors, I see Please don’t spam me with questions
them in my mind’s eye. That’s just called about what color a song is. If you’re nice
“associative chromesthesia”, and it’s different I’d be glad to tell you, but just remember
from “projective chromesthesia” where you that even though I’d like to, I can’t listen to
ACTUALLY see the colors. Learning this
wasn’t like a drastic life changing thing, I music all day long.
was just like “oh my gosh this is cool, I still Want to know more or think you’re a
have synesthesia,”. It doesn’t really affect me
much though.

Cards Against
Your Future

Tarot Is it a
Reading scam???

Written by Catharina Le & Audrey Nave Designed by Jade Forte
P sychic power is a topic that people can be very skeptical about. It’s something that many
cultures see as a ‘scam’ or ‘fake’, but in other cultures can be seen as very real or the basis of what
they believe in. Of course, there are fake psychics out there, but there are also psychics who are
genuine and good at what they do. A good psychic gives their clients non-sugar coated answers to
the questions they ask. It’s also up to the client whether or not they want to be open minded about
the situation or not. If anyone goes into anything close minded, the situation is doomed from the
start, so keeping an open mind is key when going into psychic readings.

Tarot is a very popular way to tell your future and read what your future has in store. Tarot can
be very hard to read, but good psychics know how to connect certain tarot cards personally to the
client. There’s been one time in my life where a tarot reading personally resonated with me and
caused me to become emotional. This reading was done by one of my friends, so this shows that
anyone can do tarot and you don’t exactly have to pay for a psychic.

Before we went to our personal psychic reading, Natalie Allton, Senior:
we interviewed a couple stallions to get their
opinion on psychic readings: senior Natalie Allton Are you interested in tarot/communicating with the
and theology teacher, Mr. Neal. supernatural?
Mr. Neal, Theology Teacher: “Interested” is a weird word to use. I believe in ghosts
What are your thoughts on psychic readings? and I think that it’s possible to communicate with the
Bogus. Given that the future is quite literally supernatural, but I wouldn’t say I WANT to. I maintain
undetermined, I don’t see how you could come a healthy, frightened distance.
up with any kind of reading that might predict it.
Not to mention this ‘nebulous’ energy that is being What are your thoughts on psychic readings?
interpreted. Seems to me, at best, a charade or just I think that most psychic readings are fake, to be
a game. honest. I’ve had a couple of really strange experiences
Have you ever wanted to get a reading? regarding psychics and the supernatural, but I wouldn’t
No. go pay for a session with a medium or anything like
Do you think it’s a scam? If so, in what ways? that.
Yes, and I refer to my earlier comments. I
think the future is completely unpredictable and Do you think it’s a scam? In what ways?
there would be no energy that would lead one to Like I said, I think it’s mostly bogus. It’s just too
conclude what the future holds, and therefore to hard to prove empirically. I can speak to what I have
do so for any of the paying public would be a scam personally experienced, but that’s about as far as my
to garner money. trust for any of this goes. It’s too easy for someone to
Do you think every psychic is a scam? claim to be a psychic and make vague, general guesses. I
Nothing leads me to believe that there is a don’t buy anything outside of my personal experiences.
group of good, well meaning psychics who aren’t
good at their supposed jobs. Have you ever had a strange experience with psychic
Unfortunately, yes. Some weird, unexplained stuff
has happened around me—objects moving on their
own, my childhood toys making noise without anyone
being near them, dreams about things that are going
to happen or about things that I would have no way
of knowing, that sort of thing. It SOUNDS fake, and
if it hadn’t literally happened to me I wouldn’t think it
was. I don’t like to seek it out or go too far into it. I’d
rather not not be the “true story” the next supernatural
blockbuster thriller is based on.

T hough psychic readings aren’t believable “I would say it was kind of an out of
body experience. I would let my gut
to some, certain readings can resonate with choose the cards, and I would say
people. Senior, Olivia Houlihan, was able to give that the cards were very accurate.”
us readings. She’s been interested in tarot since
sophomore year and decided to start doing it
herself last October. For more than a year, she’s
been working hard to become educated and know
more about how the cards should be read and

T he first person who got a read from Olivia

was me, Catharina Le. The first thing we did was a
reading on my past, present, future and I must say
that it was pretty accurate. I won’t really go into
details but the topics and ideas Olivia said was
acceptable in my case. I did have to think a little
to see if what she said was true or accurate but
it was a pretty good reading. It really made me
think that almost anyone can do a tarot reading
with the right research and practice.

W hen I, Audrey Nave, got my reading,

I would say it was kind of an out of body
experience. I would let my gut choose the cards,
and I would say that the cards were very accurate.
I’m glad that we went to her because it shows that
anyone can do it. I wouldn’t recommend paying
someone if you have someone who knows what
their talking about. It’s fun to see what the future
holds according to the cards and how it can be
such a personal experience.


Did you start on that
english paper?

Written By :Shelby Rice , Rosy Zarcone Designed By: Joey Melaragno


Have you started that Saves Us Time

English paper due at the end of If we procrastinate our to-do
this week? Or the history
project due Monday? Chances list, our limited time forces to
are, you haven’t. But why not? reevaluate what actually is im-
Why do that to yourself? The portant from the list. Prioritizing
answer is simple, our lists prevents us from wast-
procrastination works. ing our time doing unnecessary
Although this is going against tasks.
everything you’ve been told
about putting work off ‘til When asked on her views of
tomorrow, you’d be surprised
to see how beneficial procrastination, Mrs. Polemeni, an
procrastination can really be if english teacher here at DeSales,
done the right way. says, “I am anti-procrastination.
However, I can see how some
Better Ideas people have to wait for the right
creative spirit.” So, even though
We know subconsciously procrastination is not recommend-
ed by some teachers, it is still es-
the task needs to be complete, sential that you give writing/proj-
but we don’t want to start it ects the creative time they require
right away. This type of in order to get the best outcome.
procrastination gives us time to
come up with new ideas on how
to do the project. Time
encourages creative thinking
and can make our final piece a
lot better than if we rushed to
get it done and out of the way.

Effective Ways Overall, procrastination is hard

While big projects should not to avoid, especially for
overwhelmed highschool students
be procrastinated we know it is in- who just can't find the time of day
evitable, so here are some ways to get everything done. Although it
to do it effectivly. Right when you can be dangerous to over use this
are assigned a project, you should tool, procrastination can be
read over it and write down a few beneficial if done effectively and
ideas you have about it before productively. So, use this “bad
putting it off until the last minute. habit” to your advantage, but
This will allow your subconscious make sure to stay mindful of how
mind to produce more creative much time your task may need.
ideas. While you’re putting off the
tedious job, you can complete oth-
er less intimidating tasks, allowing
you to make the most of your time.
You won’t even notice it, but you
will be crossing things off your
to do list while avoiding the one
you’re dreading.

Forced Focus and Energy

Our fear of an impending dead-

line gives us a rush of adrenaline.
Adrenaline, a natural painkiller,
makes these tedious tasks a lot eas-
ier for us to complete. With the fear
of the deadline approaching soon,
we subconsciously push back our
work in order to be motivated with
fear and adrenaline. This same
adrenaline is given off once the task
is completed which gives us the ac-
complished feeling we, as humans,


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fast FACTS

With 2019 marking the 398th Thanksgiving celebrated
in the United States, we decided to take a look at some

Thanksgiving traditions




About 20% of the Stuffing’s bread compo- 37% of Americans say
cranberries consumed nent varies within differ- that pumpkin pie is their
per year occurs during ent regions (cornbread
favorite pie
Thanksgiving or whitebread) In 2017, more than 45
It would take a 180 pound In 2018, 54.3 million peo- million turkeys were con-
man 9 hours of walking ple traveled 50 miles or
to burn off a 3000 calorie sumed by Americans
more to celebrate Around 50% of Ameri-
dinner Milk, cheese, bread, cans stuff their turkeys
The average Thanksgiv- butter, mashed pota-
ing dinner is anywhere toes, corn or pumpkin with stuffing
pie was not eaten at the 9% of people eat Thanks-
from 3000-45000 first Thanksgiving, which
calories means your favorite po- giving dinner at their
tato dish or pie isn’t an favorite resturant
Psychologists find that original Thanksgiving
Christmas music might The average dinner is
remind the listener of all dish! equivalent to 230 g of fat,
of the Christmas to-do list Pumpkin is a fruit which is 3 sticks of butter
tasks, and it can induce



CRANBERRY - 77.4% NO GRAVY - 25.5% MASHED - 62.4%
STUFFING - 54.3% SWEET - 11.9%
CHEESE - 25.7%

PUMPKIN - 56.8%
APPLE - 33.1% CELEBRATE HAM - 20.9%
YES - 100% TURKEY - 70.7%
NEITHER - 8.4%

1-5 PEOPLE - 12.8%
6-12 PEOPLE - 32.9% CHEESE?

MORE THAN 12 PEOPLE - 54.3% GREEN BEAN - 66.1%



Every one of us celebrates Thanksgiving a little bit different. While we all
might enjoy a nice turkey, our unique family traditions differ for each one of
us. We asked one student from every grade to share their best and favorite

Thanksgiving tradition.

Junior Aidan Williams Senior Jillian Nickel

“We always go to Minnesota “My aunt makes these mint squares
with the whole family. Then, af- only for Thanksgiving. She makes
ter dinner we go to the backyard
and have a huge football game. like 50 and I eat probably 30. It
It’s all of the different families makes me sound really fat but it’s
and everyone plays. It is the Wil- the truth. I eat them before every-
liams vs. Poriers. My favorite one gets to them. My whole family
part is the football game when comes, and it’s the only time we all
my team wins. The winning team get together and we are big. I like
gets to break the wishbone, and Thanksgiving for food and family.
we usually let the 2 youngest After we all stuff our faces the old-
est cousins all get together where
people do it.” we have these big fluffy pillows and
we take a nap. Then we wake up
and it’s time to go, so we say good-


Soph Kaylyn Malinowski Freshman Owen Weikert

“My favorite part is spend- “My favorite part is prob-
ing time with family and eating ably just eating food with
food, I like mashed potatoes. family and watching foot-
We also have this plastic tur-
key, and we pass it around the ball. My favorite food
table while playing music. Who- is green bean casse-
ever it lands on has to do 20 role. Well not my favor-
jumping jacks and has to eat ite team plays but Green
a whole bowl of mashed pota-

As much as the food and traditions are great, it is important to remember the
message behind Thanksgiving. Every one of us has gone through hardships,
but we all have plenty to be thankful for in life. Take this break to show your ap-
preciation for your friends, family, and God, and do something good for those in
need. With your new Thanksgiving knowledge, and little insight into your class-
mates’ turkey dinners, The Quill wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving break!

Nancy Johnson


Nancy JohnsonPresentedto


T his 5’7”~ish curly haired woman has a personality that rivals the

sun. Not to “overreact”, but I truly believe Ms. Johnson is one of the
funniest teachers you’ll ever meet. She’s also one of the most amazing
multitaskers I know. She basically lives a double life! On top of being
a chemistry teacher here at St. Francis Desales, she’s also part of an
exceptional show choir called, Scioto Valley Chorus. In their recent
competition in New Orleans, they placed 5th in the world.

Mrs.johnson’s BIO

Name: Nancy Johnson
Age: 46-ish
Favorite Chemist/Scientist: Rosalind

Franklin and Linus Pauling

Three Words To Describe Her:

Persistent, Serious, and

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Free Time Activities: Anything involving

Music, being outside,
any physical activities

Hobbies: Singing and running

I f you're a student of Ms. Johnson, then you know very well how much

she loves incorporating jokes within her lessons. If you’re not one of her
students, you’d wish you were one. Even a request for a joke gets a
joking response. “No, I don’t. Don’t overreact.... Oh! I probably have one
Law of Conservation of Mass, it’s the campaign to save the church!”.

Ms. Johnson didn’t grow up knowing she would become a teacher.

“It’s a long story,” she said. To cut it short, during Grad School she
worked a side job teaching at a Chem Lab at Mount Carmel School
of Nursing. She really liked it and 21 years later, she’s still in the

M s. Johnson isn’t just a teacher. Surprising right?! A teacher

with a life outside of grading or work? Preposterous! But chemistry
teacher Nancy Johnson can be found embracing her creative side as
part of the show choir called the Scioto Valley Chorus. They placed
5th in the world in their recent competition that took place in New
Orleans, this being their second 5th place finish. After singing with
the group for 22 years, Johnson can’t remember how she joined,
“I don’t remember how I found them I just found them,” she said.
You’d think being part of a 5th placed show choir and a teacher is
time consuming, but Ms. Johnson disproved this, “There’s time to do
anything you want to do,” she responds.

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