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Achievements Report 2017-2019 (1)

Achievements Report 2017-2019 (1)

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Dear Residents of Macoya/Trincity,

Since you elected me, Josiah Austin, as your Councillor for Macoya/Trincity, I have been hard at work. I have
worked with Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Municipality; where I served as Deputy Chairman of the Recreation
Facilities, Cemeteries and Regional Aesthetics and also held the post of Deputy Chairman of the Youth
Development, Sport and Employee Social Engagement Committee.
My views and practices are strongly guided by my motto – “Governance must improve the lives of the people that
it represents”. In so doing, I have been responsible for the improvement of the quality of your lives in many ways
which are highlighted in this document. I strongly believe in accountability to you, the people I represent, so I hereby
submit for your perusal this summary of what I have achieved since I started representing you in 2017.

Josiah Austin


JOSIAH AUSTIN Affiliated with the
Municipality of the
THE PERIOD 2017 TO 2019 Regional Corporation

Table of Contents Deputy Chairman of the
Recreation Facilities,
Cemeteries and Regional
Aesthetics Committee

HEADING PAGE Deputy Chairman of the

Youth Development,

Rehabilitation of Roadways………………………..…. 2 – 4 Sport and Employee

Social Engagement

Drainage Maintenance & Construction…….………... 5 – 7 Committee

Signage…………………………………………………. 8 Facebook Tag:

Josiah Austin –

Commissioning & Repairing of Lights……………….. 9 – 10 Councillor for Macoya /


Recreation Grounds & Play Parks…………………… 11 – 16

Community Outreach & Social Events………………. 17 – 53 Office Information:

Walkabouts…………………………………………….. 54 – 55 Address:

Corner of Joe Street and

Dinsley Main Road,

Ongoing & Upcoming Projects………………………. 56 Dinsley Village,


Conclusion……………………………………………... 57

270-4570 / 751-0118

[email protected]
[email protected]



Structural maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of various
roadways throughout the Electoral District were needed and
completed. These works were programmed based of severity and
availability of materials. As such, prioritized listings were compiled
and works were completed using said listings as guides.

The County Superintendent’s Office and the designated Road
Officer for the Electoral District conducted site visits and were able
to give recommendations as to which type of rehabilitation work was
necessary for the effective repairing of damaged roadways.

At present, some roadways are in need of rehabilitation and have
been approved for work to commence in the very near future.

Patching of Roadways

During the Period of January 2017 to April 2019, roadways were
patched by the Patching Teams of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional
Corporation. These roadways were inclusive of streets within the
following communities;

 Dinsley Village
 De La Marre
 Montague
 Cassleton
 Dinsley Gardens
 Beaulieu
 Orange Grove
 El Dorado South
 Macoya

Resurfacing/Paving of Roadway

The resurfacing/paving of roadways were completed
through the Developmental Programme: 228 – Local
Roads and Bridges Programme. Site visits and
estimates were prepared for the respective roadways
and subsequently forwarded by the TPRC to the Ministry
of Rural Development and Local Government for the
approval/release of funds to have said works completed.
These works were done by various contractors.


 Local Roads and Bridges Programme for the period of 2016/2017
 1st Street East, Cassleton
 2nd Street East, Cassleton
 Local Roads and Bridges Programme for
the period of 2017/2018
 1st Street West, Montague
 2nd Street West, Montague
 2nd Street East, Cassleton
 Local Roads and Bridges Programme for
the period of 2018/2019
 7th Street West, De Le Marre
 5th Street East, Montague


Installation of Humps
Through collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Transport, the following listing highlights the areas
in which humps were installed during the period of 2017-2019.

 Back Street, El Dorado (western end)
 Gardena Street, Macoya Gardens, Macoya
 Balisier Road, Macoya Gardens, Macoya
 Johnny Street, Dinsley Village, Tacarigua
 Flamingo, Orange Grove, Tacarigua
 Cocrico, Orange Grove, Tacarigua
The following are pending requests for humps.
 Gladioli Boulevard
 Cane Farm Avenue
 Upper Cassleton Avenue



In an effort to maintain the one hundred and fifty-three drains that fall under my purview, I am pleased to
state that the Tunapuna / Piarco Regional Corporation has worked assiduously with me to ensure their
The maintenance and construction of drains were of great importance as their effectiveness will have an
impact on current flooding issues.
It is my aim to maintain current structures and construct additional drains in an effort to ensure proper
run off during heavy rainfall.


With the assistance of the
Construction and Roving
Teams of the
Tunapuna/Piarco Regional
Corporation and various
contractors through the
Developmental Programme:
210- Drainage and Irrigation
Programme, we have been
able to maintain current
structures and construct new

During the Period of January
2017 to April 2019, the
following works on drainage
systems were repaired and/or


 Dinsley Gardens
 Construction of Box Drain running alongside 1st, 2nd and 3rd Streets West

 Macoya
 Construction of Box Drain at End of Orchid Street

 Beaulieu Avenue
 Construction of Causeway at Entrance of 1st Street West
 Reconstruction of damaged Slipper Drain on 2nd Street East

 Dinsley Village
 Raising of Causeway on Priority Bus Route and Dinsley Village

 Cassleton Gardens
 End of 2nd and 3rd Street East Cassleton Avenue, Trincity (Drain bordering Cane

Farm and Cassleton Gardens)
 Reconstruction of drain on eastern end of 2nd Street East, Casselton

During the Period of January 2017 to April 2019, the following works on drains were constructed
through the Developmental Programme: 210- Drainage and Irrigation Programme.

 Drainage and Irrigation Programme for the period of 2016/2017
 Rose Drive
 Hockey Centre Outfall Drain


 Drainage and Irrigation Programme for the
period of 2017/2018
 Petunia Drive
 Ninth Street West, Dinsley

 Drainage and Irrigation Programme for the
period of 2018/2019
 Tulip Street
 Savannah Drive Extension
 Ninth Street East, Dinsley
 Construction of bridge from 7th street East Dinsley
Gardens to 8th Street West Cassleton
 Second Street West, Beaulieu Avenue

Installation of Manhole Covers

 Corner of Orange Grove Road (highway entrance)
 Corner of Drax Avenue
 Orchid Street, Macoya Gardens
 7th East Montague, Trincity
 3rd Street West Casselton, Trincity



The following are signs which were installed or repaired based on requests from burgesses and/or my
discretion as Councillor and availability of resources.
They are as follows;
Street Signs

 Dinsley Gardens, Trincity
 3rd Street East
 2nd Street West
 3rd Street West
 2nd Street East

 Dinsley Village
 11th Street
 12th Street

No Dumping Signs
 Gladioli Boulevard
 3rd Street West, Dinsley
 1st Street East, Montague
 2nd Street East, Montague, Trincity
 Western End of Tulip Street, Macoya Gardens, Macoya



I wish to sincerely thank the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission for partnering with my office to
repair all defective Street Lights and Recreation Ground Lights throughout my Electoral District through
their Blitz Programme.
Lights repaired and/or installed in the
following areas;

 Trincity
 Dinsley Village
 Orange Grove & Samaan Gardens
 Savannah Drive
 Macoya
 El Dorado South
 Learie Constantine Recreation

 Eddie Hart Recreation Ground
 Montague Recreation Ground




Eddie Hart Recreation Ground
The Eddie Hart Recreation Ground holds great significant historical
value and is one of the most used grounds within the East corridor.
This facility has capital potential therefore continuous upgrades are
always in effect.
Very recently, TTEC was able to assist in repairing many of the
defective lights at this ground. Although much is still to be done in
areas of beautification, sanitation and building upgrades, we try our
very best to ensure that both Holy Ground and Eddie Hart are always
As most are also aware, we also have the newly established vending
project at the paved area of Eddie Hart Recreation Ground referred
to as the “Eddie Hart Food Village”.


Constantine Recreation Ground As another one of the most used recreation
grounds within the east corridor and with its
The programme of works for historical background, this recreation
this project focused on the facility was in dire need of upgrading and
upgrading of the bathroom became one of my pilot projects.
facility and roofing of the
pavilion itself. Works that were Therefore, I worked assiduously with the
done included tiling the entire Council and Staff of Tunapuna / Piarco
washroom facility, installation of Regional Corporation and collaborated
new toilets, installation of with the Digicel Foundation through their
plumbing fixtures in the “EPIC” Programme to assist in having the
bathroom units, tiling the walls necessary upgrades completed.
and painting the entire area.
In this regard, I wish to specially extend a
special thanks to the CEO, Ms. Penny
Gomes, and the staff of Digicel Foundation
for their willingness to assist with this



Montague Recreation Ground
The Montague Recreation Ground holds great sentimental and historical value to the burgesses of the
Trincity Community and environs. For many years, the ground was in dire need of upgrades to allow for
the proper usage by burgesses. As such, as soon as I took office, I worked persistently with the Member
of Parliament for Arouca/Maloney, the Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis, and the Trinidad and Tobago
Electricity Commission for the installation and subsequent commissioning of lights on the recreation
Additionally, further upgrades are currently being undertaken with the construction of a pavilion and a
carpark on said recreation ground.


Cassleton Play Park
Cassleton Play Park is considered to be the pillar of parks within the Trincity area and is used by many
whether it be for family recreation or events and even meetings. Many burgesses have made requests
to have renovation done on its infrastructure and these requests were noted.
As such, Prestige Holdings Limited was engaged for partnership and quickly came on board to have
these upgrades done.


Macoya Play Park
For many years, the Play Park in Macoya was in a deplorable condition which prevented it from being
used. Therefore, I made it a priority to have the park upgraded with the installation of new play park and
exercise equipment so that the residents of Macoya can use and enjoy. Since its upgrade, it is now being
used by many and has been maintained on a regular basis.



It has always been important for me to be engaged with my burgesses. As a result, I made it a priority to
host and participate in as much community outreach and social events as possible.
I wish to make mention that I am grateful to the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, Governmental
Agencies, Private Stakeholders, Community Groups and Office of the Member of Parliament for either
participating in or collaborating with my office for various events and really assisting in ensuring
successful events. Additionally, I wish to thank all groups that would have invited me to partner with them
for events alike.
These events were inclusive of, but not limited to, the following;

 Hamper Distribution
 School Events
 Sporting Events
 Health Fairs
 Information Fairs
 Clean Up Campaign
 Christmas Events
 Easter Events
 Town Meetings
 Emergency Disaster Relief
 Others


Inauguration Ceremony 2016


Hamper Distribution 2017


School Events

St. Mary’s Anglican School’s Graduation Ceremony, 2017


I Conquered SEA 2017
I Conquered SEA 2018


Sporting Events

Councillor Austin’s 1st Football Tournament 2017


Concept Coaching's Annual Sports Day


Special Olympics Tournament 2017


Eddie Hart Football League Prize Giving 2017


Trinidad and Tobago Women's Football Tournament 2017


Partnership with Trincity Community Council for Football Competition in Trincity


Opening Ceremony for Caribbean Badminton Tournament 2017


Councillor Austin as featured speaker at the End of Year Football Award Ceremony for the
Beatnix Football Team

Arouca Youth Council Sports Day 2018


Cricket Tournament, Trincity 2018


Concept Coaching Football Tournament 2019


Community Football Cup 2019


Health Fairs
Partnership with Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprises Ltd 2017


Partnership with Trincity Community Council 2018


Councillor Austin’s Health Fair 2019


Information Fairs

Information Fair 2017


Information Fair 2019


Christmas Events
The Hon. Camille Robinson-Regis’ Senior Citizens’ Brunch 2017


Children’s Christmas Party, Trincity 2017


Children’s Christmas Party, Macoya 2017


Children’s Christmas Party & Tree Lighting Ceremony, Macoya 2018


Children’s Christmas Party, Trincity 2018


The Hon. Camille Robinson-Regis’ Senior Citizens’ Brunch 2018


Easter Events

Easter Event for residents of Trincity and environs 2017

St Mary's Anglican Easter Extravaganza 2017


St. Mary's Anglican Easter Parade 2017


Easter Mania, Trincity 2019


Indian Arrival Day Celebrations 2019


Town Meetings

TTPS Town Meeting 2017

Partnership Town Meeting with the TTPS, Cassleton 2019


Emergency Disaster Relief Efforts
Tropical Bret, Oropoune 2017


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