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School E magazine Primary School December to March- 2019-20

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Published by ssitmanuj, 2020-03-17 09:27:24

School E magazine Primary School December to March- 2019-20

School E magazine Primary School December to March- 2019-20



Respected mam
I am mother of Virat tyagi who is studying in nursery class in your school.
On Wednesday me and my husband watched the kids performing in rangmanch and could
not help sending this email.we had this thought in mind when our son used to say that he
was practicing dance in school that it would be a normal song and dance performance like
any other play group. But we were mesmerized after watching rangmanch.The show was so
thoughtfully prepared with participation of every child.I think this is the magic of lotus valley
that the teachers feel that every child has potential.
There were Aladdin,jasmine and genie from every section.From starting with the choir till
the end of the show every thing was like a fairytale.
There was so much hard work from the teachers, preparing different props for more than
120 students.
And even getting the students dressed up so early in the morning, pinning up the stoles of
the boys,making designs on the gilrs forehead,even parents of girls in my what's app group
were asking each other how to drape the bengali saree,then one of them replied, mam said
just drape it anyhow we will do the rest in school.This was such a nice gesture.
Every detail was taken care of even the food packets had samosa without mirchi for kids.
I dont even have the confidence of standing on that huge stage and the kids performed there
I will also mention that,I am working mother and so have very little time for my son.I was
very worried when my son cried most of the days in prenursery,my when I saw in the
classroom pics suruchi Ahuja mam carrying my son on her lap and wiping his tears as if he is
her own child,i stopped worrying.
And now I see my son who was so shy and had no confidence, performing on that stage.we
see so much of confidence and happiness in him after he joined your school.The effort that
the class teachers put on the students is visible .
Also the teachers standing and receiving the students at the entry gate in the morning is
really a difficult job.Hats off to them.Be it any season but the teachers are always there,I
have visited a few schools but haven't seen it anywhere.
Mam I just wanted to write a few lines as appreciation but couldn't help mentioning so
many things.
Now I will conclude by thanking all the teachers for their love and care.We would love to see
our child growing up in this valley as the school grows.
Mousumi tyagi



Dear Ma’am
I am writing in appreciation of the recently concluded MT2 for grade 6. The research
based evaluation is a welcome addition to the repertoire of teaching pedagogies at
the school. The evaluation plans, inter-linking various subjects, were brilliantly
thought out and very well executed. It was a great way to initiate children into
critical review and analysis of literature, and appraisal of case reports. The
experience with paper writing and story writing will go a long way in enhancing
their self-expression skills.
I would sincerely request and hope that these activities are made a routine part of
the curriculum.
Warm regards
(Mother of Ashmi Monga, Grade 6Thames)



Respected Mam,

We have been recently privy to some disturbing news from the school regarding 2 incidents involving
a student as well as two temporary teachers.

There seems to some angst in parents also in certain groups and I am sure some of them have reached out
to you a as well. Today I also got to hear from someone in the parent rep group about the meetings held in
school and the concerns raised.

I wanted to write back to you with support to assure you that we believe in the way things are handled in
school and the trust we place in you and the school allows me to send my 10 year daughter to Lotus valley
everyday. I also want to thank you personally for taking up the matter so professionally in your own able
hands and making sure that the right steps were taken everywhere not just with the concerned people but
also with other parents like us to clarify information.

Once again I feel fortunate to have my daughter study under your able guidance and assure you of our
support and ability to uphold the reputation of the school wherever possible.

Thanking you
Shweta Talwar
Parent of Shivangi
Grade V Neems


Headmistress(A Block)

Dear ma’am.

This is regarding the feedback on Grade 2 Bulbul teachers.
The effort, sincerity and hard work which they are putting on the kids is amazing and
for sure showing positive results.
My son Yuvaan Rana , Grade II Bulbuls, needed improvement and focused efforts,
when we started with this session. It was pointed out in PTM’s and we were also
working on it.
In last 6-7 ,months he has shown tremendous improvement both in case of
temperament and work. It is for sure because of combined efforts of school and us,
but for sure would like to acknowledge the efforts of teachers, specially to mention
Ms ILA Sharma. Her dedication and hardwork has been really praiseworthy.
Also to mention the classteacher Ms. Sonica , she has also been a real guiding light.
Thanks you for the efforts.
Best wishes.
Jagjit Rana


Dear Ma’am
I write to share a small conversation I had with my younger daughter Ashmi, who is
in grade 6 Thames.
While talking about Emperor Ashoka, she brought up a very interesting perspective.
She explained how it wasn’t as if the emperor gave up war altogether and became a
totally, solely religious being; it was just that he gave up fighting to conquer, but
continued to fight in defence, and started to pay attention to the well-being of his
people. His greatness lies in the fact that, unlike most other kings, he did consider
taking care of his subjects his important duty.
Although a seemingly small thing, but it gave me something that I had not thought of
I wish to whole-heartedly compliment the teacher, Ms Shriya Nayyar, for
encouraging the children to think, on their own and beyond the books. These little
insights and perspectives that we help them develop, will go a long way in
inculcating a life-long love for learning in them.
Heartfelt gratitude to you for giving my children such a wholesome environment to
grow up in.

Warm regards



Respected Mam,
Greetings of the day!

We are proud parents of Ridhaan Suri, a student of Nursery- Lilies in your school. Our journey with
Lotus Valley started almost a year ago when our little champ stepped into your school. With each
passing day we have seen him grow not just in age and size but also intellectually. He has become
a lot more confident and responsible. We liked the way both his class teachers are working
towards building his foundation involving both academic and extra curricular activities.

Ridhaan is well settled and loves to spend more and more time with his teachers who are not only
his mentors, guide but are also giving him motherly affection.

We really acknowledge and appreciate the efforts put in by both the teachers, Tripti Mam and Isha
Mam towards holistically development of our ward. We are also thankful for the timely feedback
and suggestions given to us for Ridhaan’s improvement.

Thank you once again.

Ankur Suri & Shruti Khanna Suri

Dear Ma'am, Good morning ma’am,
Would like to thank both of you for Please accept our congratulations
putting up such a marvellous show. Your for the great show put up by the
efforts and dedication were clearly kids and your efforts. Many thanks
visible on the stage. Specially I can see to you for giving chance and
the growth and confidence in Kshemya showing trust in toshannie and
while performing on stage. I would like giving her a platform to show her
to congratulate both of you for the skills. Thanks again for your
excellent show. support.
Thanks Regards.
Parents of Kshemya Verma Toshanni’s mother
Grade 1 Flamingoes Grade 1 Falcons

The play was a visual treat. Thoroughly Dear Ma’am, beautiful show put
enjoyed. Kudos to the entire team of together by the kids. They were
teachers and students and supportive not at all looking as young as
staff. Grade 1 students. Ivana is lucky
Maahir’s Mom to have mentors like you! Thanks
Grade 1 Magpies for putting so much efforts to
make a wonderful morning!!
Awesome show and kudos to teachers Ivana’s mother
and kids. It was a performance that held 1-Falcons
us spellbound. Kudos to the team for the
MAGICAL event. Proud to be associated Thankyou for your efforts and
with Lotus Valley. hardwork. Kids are like diamonds
HRIDYA YADAV they need polishing to shine bright
Grade 1 Flamingoes and that's what you teachers have
been doing to make them bright
Congratulations ma'am to all the kids twinkling stars.
and the teachers....All the hard work AARVI GIRDHAR
made the event a success Grade1 Flamingoes
Grade1 Flamingoes

Suvir, has always been shy and Last one year has been a joy ride
introvert, but during this year I saw him for Toshannie. We see a big
becoming more confident more improvement in her, be it Oratory
outspoken. He was not at all into skills, writing skills and improved
reading but with the help of Ashima in confidence. Thanks to the class
Ma’am he made an effort to read. It teacher Aashima ma’am and
was not just out of compulsion but also Ishmeet mam/ Sadaf ma’am for
the love and attention he got from the Toshannie’s all round
teachers. In fact he was encouraged for development during the year. As
his musical instrument abilities too. parents we are playing please
Overall it’s been the best year for Suvir, pleasantly surprised to see her
as well as us as parents. I could write performing with such confidence.
more if I had the space. Thanks again.
Parents of Suvir Parents of Toshannie
Grade1 Falcons Grade1 Falcons

Gallery walk was very well planned and As parents ,we are pleased and
showcased to us beautifully how much our delighted that our kid is in talented
kids have learned this year. Mita and Itey and responsible hands. Kudos to
maam for their immense efforts in the the fraternity for allowing the kids
growth of our kids. You shall forever be in of this age to express themselves
our hearts. freely and still with so much
Parents of Prisha Batra finesse. Thank you so much for the
Grade 1 Penguins efforts impressive and flawless.
Abhishek Sharma (Revaan Sharma)
Krishnav grew so mature in grade 1. In his Grade 1 Nightingales
words grade 1 was “bestest experience”
and my Ma’ams are the best. It’s great to Amazing! I can see marked difference
see his acting skills come out this year. He in quite a few things. Ranvir’s singing,
has also developed comprehension skills his clarity and expression in his
and his confidence is visible. A big “Thank presentation was simply remarkable.
You”. Thank you to all his mentors. Ranvir
Parents of Krishnav has been excelling in all from cricket to
Grade I Falcons speech to academics. Overwhelmed
and Thankful!-
I am so happy with Ridit's learning Parent of Ranvir Dhawan
journey with Nikita ma'am and Grade 1 Hummingbirds
Divya ma'am. Everyday is a new
learning for me and my child.
Innovative activities, great way of
teaching concepts that children
grasp with such ease.
(Mother of Ridit Singla- Grade 1-

Hello Ma'am

I am Saanvi Suri's (Prep Jasmines) mother and would like to express my gratitude towards the
teachers and school for the wonderful exposure our kids got during the annual day this year.
Why is it coming now? I will happily explain....the kids unbelievably still have a big hangover of
the Pirates theme and Saanvi wouldn't stop walking like one. The kids also pose like pirates at
birthday parties with their classmates. Yesterday, I went for the reading program and the kids
greeted the parents saying "Good Morning, All Hands Ahoy"! I was also taught the song lyrics at
home during holidays! I saw immense learning that happened in preparing the kids for the act.
Not only the act was well-practiced and well-coordinated, the kids seem to know "ALL" the
dialogs/narration, weather one really delivered them on the stage or not, is immaterial. I heard
the whole narration at home post the annual day (since it was a big surprise for us, nothing was
shared with us back home before the annual day). It is, in my view, a big deal for the kids of Age
5 to be able to remember the dialogues, narrate them with correct voice modulation, face
expressions and thoroughly enjoy what they were doing. Not even once, I heard that there was
any feeling of being left out or not being a part of the team. The way the teachers charged the
kids with enthusiasm, team spirit, and sincerity towards their goal, was incredible. Just one day
before the annual day, Saanvi was guiding me on what time we need to sleep, how we need to
prepare in the morning, and kept showing me her face expressions, checking if she made an
angry face or not. It was a truly overwhelming experience for us as parents to watch the show
and many of us had tears in our eyes. Thanks to all of you and the loving class teachers.
Rashmi Chopra Suri
Parent of Saanvi Suri (PREP JASMINES)

Thanks a lot Ma'am. It is all because of your efforts and support to the kids... We
too enjoyed the event a lot... It was very well conceptualized and executed.

Harvinder Pal Singh
Parent of Ashneer (PREP PRIMROSES)

Dear Ashmita Ma’am and Radha Ma’am

What an amazing presentation. Thanks for all your efforts. It was a Great show!!

Parent of Hiya Bukalsaria (PREP DAFFODILS)

It was a very good presentation by the Pleasantly surprised with all the
kids, who completely owned the stage! activities Jayantika has been doing
They were full of confidence, humour at school. With her, we also learnt a
and knowledge. Looking at the folders, lot of new things today. Thank you
we as parents felt so relaxed that kids Ma’am for your help and guidance
are spending every minute in the school to Jayantika. It was a great
in a productive and fun way! The presentation and my child has had
concepts introduced like passbook, an amazing journey in Grade III. We
calendar activity, calligrams, alliterations look forward to a new fun-filled
etc make the learning much more learning journey ahead too.
advanced as compared to our times.
Arshiya was thoroughly prepared for this Jutika and Jyotirmay Bhattacharjya
presentation. Thank you for bringing the (Parents of Jayantika Bhattacharjya
kids to this level of learning. - III Cuckoos)

Simmi Garg Over the years Raghav has become
(Mother of Arshiya Garg - III Cuckoos) more confident. His ability to
express himself has really
From students to teachers, our little ones improved. His ability to think
make the journey so easily. At the Gallery logically is getting better day by day.
Walk, we were the listeners and Sia was Over the year, he has become really
our guide! Excellent performance by all keen to read books. Thank you
after all the hard work and preparation. ma’am for your constant guidance,
Love to see you grow with Lotus Valley Sia. support and love!

Dr. Prashant and Dr. Pooja Bhangui Ruchi Palaria
(Parents of Sia Prashant Bhangui - III (Parents of Raghav Palaria - III
Hornbills) Peacocks)

Learnings for an entire year so Arisha has evolved as a child in a holistic
beautifully explained. Complex way as she has developed better
concepts made simple and understanding about the environment
creativity wonderfully captured. she is living and growing. School
The presentation was superb and environment and the teaching methods
we can’t thank Khushi Ma’am deployed at school are of immense help.
enough for being an amazing We hope she continues her journey of
teacher. We part with a heavy seeking knowledge to better equip
heart. herself to be ready for the future.
Much Gratitude Upwards and onwards!!
Ms. Nehaa Ms. Deepali and Mr. Arun Verma
(Parent of Devyani Kamboj - III (Parents of Arisha Verma - III Pelicans)

It was so amazing to see Iyra and her A delight to watch kids presenting,
friends perform and explain us the asking questions and explaining
concepts with ease, confidence and about their work. Great teaching
poise. The ‘Gallery Walk’ is not just a methodology, creative and
folder of stuff and activities which kids immense hard-working by teachers.
have done in past weeks but Amazed to see how well kids are
assimilation of hard work Ridhima progressing and Arohi loves her
ma’am has done with the kids. It’s really school and academics. Proud
heartening to watch your kids grow, parents of LVIS
confident and articulate with the help of
an able teacher. The teaching Father of Arohi- Grade II Macaws
methodology used has made even the
tough concepts drain easily into learners Wow! Amazing kids! Thank you so
of most importance they have fun in much for educating kids much
performing and learning. beyond the syllabus. Kartik just
Pity, we didn’t have these learning enjoys coming back to the class each
concepts while we were young! day!
(Father of Iyra Rishi- II Parrots) (Kartik Pillai’s Mom)- Grade II Kiwis

Staggering and Marvellous-

Father of Ankita Menon- Grade II Robins

Mishka has really blossomed in Kirthana’s confidence and curiosity has
Grade II into a confident learner, taken a boost since she joined Grade II.
resilient young girl. She loves Under the guidance of Anu ma’am, we
coming to school and sharing her have observed a lot of improvement in
thoughts with her peers and her reading and oratory skills. She is
teachers. She loves the outdoor always looking forward to learning
activities and craft work as well. I new things and understanding the
am really happy the way Mishka is concepts from day to day activities.
progressing this year and am Very happy in the confident child
thankful to the school. Kirthana is moulding into. All credit to
Anu ma’am and LVIS. Thankyou for
( Mishka’s mother)- Grade II Doves everything.

(Kirthana Mawi’s Parents- Grade II

Just superb ,Teachers are positive Beautiful and most apt way to
strength and pillar. They live up to the conclude the Nursey session. My
expectation and beyond. daughter has actively grown out of
her cocoon and transformed into a
Naman Bajaj –Nursery Bluebells beautiful butterfly under the
mentorship of Rupal and Meenal
ma’am. Thankyou so much.

Riyaana singh- Nursery Dahlias

Great event. Such a treat to see the Great experience. My child has actually
learners present. Thanks to teachers! become a butterfly. Thankyou so much.
Ilisha Agarwal-Nursey Tulips
Nimrat Singh Gogia-Nursey Irises

Thanks ma’am for everything special The event is very well organized
thanks for being you! You both are and it is such a pleasure to see our
wonderful teachers and gems for LVIS. children express their feelings and
knowledge beautifully. Great effort
Vedant Pre-Nursey Gladioli by teachers.

Riyana Malhotra- Nursery

Thankyou so much Tripti and Isha Teachers are doing great work.
ma’am in helping Ayaan learn and grow Request if same teachers can be
over this past one year. there for learners in prep too as it
will make learners more comfortable
Ayaan Sharma-Nursey Lilies in their new journey. Thanks

Veer Baijal-Nursery Bluebells


 Ms. Harvinder Kaur (Headmistress, Middle Wing)
 Ms. Ritu Jawa (Headmistress, Primary Wing)

 Ms. Ritu Jawa (Headmistress, Primary Wing)
 Ms. Pooja Bakshi (FIT Facilitator, Primary Wing)


 Ms. Ritu Jawa (Headmistress, Primary Wing)
 Ms. Pooja Bakshi (FIT Facilitator, Primary Wing)

 Ms. Ekta Kapoor Anand (Class Representative, Grade III)
 Ms. Sonica Sharma (Class Dep. Representative, Grade II)
 Ms. Anu Bhasin (Class Mentor, Grade II)
 Ms. Kriti Bhanot (Class Mentor, Grade II)
 Ms. Divya Narang (Class Mentor, Grade III)
 Ms. Isha Dhingra (Class Mentor, Grade Nursery)
 Ms. Tripti Awasthi (Class Mentor, Grade Nursery)
 Ms. Ridhima Rai(Class Mentor, Grade II)

 Ms. Pooja Bakshi (FIT Facilitator, Primary Wing)
 Ms. Sadaf Kitaba (Class Mentor, Grade I)
 Ms. Anubha Mehta (Class Mentor, Grade Nursery)
 Ms. Tuhina Chakraborty (Class Mentor, Grade Prep)
 Ms. Parminder Kaur (Class Mentor, Grade Prep)

 Ms. Preeta Bhatia (Class Mentor, Grade I)

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