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School E magazine Primary School December to March- 2019-20

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School E magazine Primary School December to March- 2019-20

School E magazine Primary School December to March- 2019-20

Sculptor’s Club No other form of learning can be as
engrossing as the one that involves a
student directly. The Work Education
Clubs, a one of its kind initiative by the
school, were carried out in full swing
in this quarter. The various clubs
ranging from Speech Craft,
Powerhouse, Young Explorers, Brain-
Train, and Math Magic among others
have been found to shape the minds
of our learners in a holistic manner.
Through varied activities, these clubs
encouraged the learners to develop
into more confident individuals with a
sound understanding of the concepts
such as communication and theatrical
skills, physical fitness, visual or
performing arts. Learners also became
aware of the application of these
learnings in everyday lives and world
around them.

Speech Craft Club

Art Smart Club

Young Writer’s Club Young Explorer’s Club

Mathmagic Club

Brain Train Club

Compassion Service
Recharge Club

Expression Theatre Club

Club: Art Smart Club: Choreography
Club: Brain Train Club: Math Magic

Young Explorer’s Club

Club: Compassion Service Recharge Club: Home Economics

Principal, Mrs. Anita Malhotra believes
in providing myriad opportunities to
learners for their holistic development
and help modeling excellence with skill.
Work education clubs provide one such
platform that helps learners to emerge
as potential orators, actors, dancers
and singers, scientists, engineers,
sculptors, artists, etc. Work education
Display is an annual event where
parents get to learn about the skills
their wards have developed through
the year and get an idea about the
clubs being offered in the upcoming
academic session. The display of all 32
Work Education Clubs on Saturday, 1st
February 2020 turned out to be a day
of talent galore with the perfect
amalgamation of fun and learning on
the concluding Open House of
academic session of 2019-20. Evolution
calls for innovation and innovation calls
for progress and work education clubs
help discover the learners’ potential at
best. With this endeavour we hope to
see our learners as established skilled
citizens in their own area of expertise.
We hope to continue to work for the
betterment of our learners and through
them, we hope to build a better society.

The field of spatial reasoning is the need of GRADE I- TRUDI LEVEL 1
the hour as it holds strong link to STEAM
Education. It involves the movement of
objects, either mentally or physically, in
space. It is not a single ability or process but
actually refers to a considerable number of
concepts, tools and processes. It helps in
gaining an understanding of three related
properties, viz. an awareness of space,
the representation of spatial information
and the reasoning involved in interpreting
this spatial information. Spatial and Coding
Lab was introduced to keep pace with the
ever-evolving technology. The activities
conducted in the Lab aim to intrigue
learners’ thinking so as to develop their
logical reasoning skills and spatial
understanding. Over the last term, learners
of Grades I, II and III have been familiarized
with various activities at Trudi Level 1 for
Grade 1, Trudi Level 1,2 for Grade 2 and
Trudi Level 1,2,3 for Grade 3 respectively.
With every activity, learners are growing in
confidence to attempt and learn more
complex and challenge based exercises.



“I have no special talents. I am Plasmodium under a microscope. Grade III
learners also engaged themselves in a
only passionately curious!” variety of stimulating experiments. One
such interesting activity was observing the
-Albert Einstein structure of bread mould and algae with
the help of microscopes. They were also
As correctly said, “Science is not just about shown a model of food chain, followed by a
making predictions or performing brainstorming session on the importance of
experiments, it’s also about explaining and each animal in maintaining a balance in the
understanding.” To inculcate in our ecosystem. Furthermore, with the help of
learners, the zest to learn something new lab’s specimen, the curious learners were
and understand different ways of looking at shown how butterflies undergo a
things, many insightful activities were "complete metamorphosis". These
conducted for the learners of Grades II and activities truly provided learners a hands-
III in Discovery Lab. The inquisitive learners on experience and practical knowledge of
of Grade II headed out to the Discovery Lab many natural phenomena. Learners
to understand why sliced apples turn enjoyed writing reflections of these
brown! The experiment further helped activities in their notebooks.
learners to understand how lemon juice
keeps the sliced apple from turning brown
because it is full of ascorbic acid (Vitamin
C). Another exciting activity included
observing the malarial parasite





Every Problem has a solution! currency bills. Grade 3 learners were also
engaged in activities that were designed
At Lotus Valley, we firmly believe that with the purpose of inculcating love for
learners should get an opportunity to Mathematics. These activities included
explore their surroundings, identify using an old Compact disc (CD) to depict
problems and find appropriate solutions. parts of a circle, learning interesting facts
The Math Lab has been one such about leap years, using shapes from the
introduction to the curriculum that allowed Rangometry kit to understand Tangrams and
learners to enjoy mathematics through a measuring stationery items using various
fun way of learning. For this purpose, measuring to name a few.
various challenging activities were The plethora of activities conducted in the
conducted allowing learners to think lab provided an impetus for the learners to
beyond the curriculum. Some such activities discover mathematics through doing,
conducted by Grade 2 learners were, visualizing, manipulating and reasoning.
making bar graphs and pictographs, using a
hula hoop to tell time and getting hands-on
experience of handling money while
purchasing stationery items using fake






The Awakened Citizen Programme
emphasized on awakening various
Unique and Universal possibilities in the
children by relating them with various
day to day examples given in various
modules. Day-1 focused on connecting to
the inner self, realizing who we are, the
"universal values" which stresses on six
Universal Possibilities each one of us
possesses like Being Heroic, Developing
Shradha, Living in Harmony, etc. Day-2
included discussion within the groups,
mock presentation and then the final
presentation with the help of a PPT. It
turned out to be very interesting as it
evoked a wonderful response from the
teachers. Overall, the programme has
been designed well to reach out to the
young tender minds of students in an
effective way. The two days of training
helped in self-exploration of one own
self as it is the essence of the programme
to awaken oneself about the unique
human possibilities before awakening
the students.



Host School Event Name Name Grade Category Position

Skating and Sports South Delhi Open Ambar Grade III Under 8 2nd Position
Development Roller Hockey Vashisth HORNBILLS
Committee on 22nd Championship 2nd Position
November 2019 Ahan Roy Grade III Bronze Medal
Parakeets Participation

Hiren Sharma Grade III

Yagn Gupta Grade III

Kiaan Garg Grade III

Divit Khurana Grade III

Annan Chawla Grade III

Yajur Mehra GradeIII

Shalom Presidency Roll Ball Vihaan Jain Grade III Under 11
School sec.-56 .Riyan Vir Parakeets Boys
Grade III

Dhruv Bharti Grade III

Aarsh Singh Gill Grade IV

PAumbelircicSacnhoMool nOtnessoriCollect the Ball Race Ojas Dorwat Pre-Nur Lilacs Boys

11.2.2020 Girls

Collect the Ball Race Advik Sood Pre-Nur Lilacs

Builder and Swaansh Singh Nur Boys Participation
Bulldozer Race Carnations Girls Participation
Builder and Boys Participation
Bulldozer Race Yashvi Singh Nur Bluebells Girls Participation
Scoop Race Boys Participation
Kaviraj Tanwar Prep Girls Participation
Scoop Race Marigolds Boys Bronze Medal
Girls Participation
Rugby Race Amyra Mehta Prep Jasmines

Rugby Race Aarush Jain I-Falcons

Hurdle Race Natalya Alreja I-Flamingoes

Hurdle Race Vivaan Arora II-Kites

Pritika Gupta II-Macaws

“The five S’s of sports training are: February 2020 for the learners of Grades I,
stamina, speed, strength, skill and II and III, was a step in this direction. The
spirit; but the greatest of these is championship was conducted for learners in
three categories, namely Adjustables,
spirit.”- Ken Doherty Quads and Inliners. The venue resonated
with enthusiasm as our little learners set
Our school continuously strives to give our out to showcase their skill with skates. It
learners a platform to exhibit their talent was a sheer delight to see the remarkable
and to realize their full potential, both in turnout of ever-jovial parents who cheered
academics as well as sports. The school our champs with much gaiety and
organizes a variety of co-curricular activities
and sports events throughout the year, enthusiasm.
which facilitate cognitive, emotional and The day concluded on a high note with the
physical development of our learners. winners receiving accolades and medals for
These events also help them imbibe a sense their outstanding performances by the
of team spirit. The Intra-Class Skating Principal, Mrs Anita Malhotra and
Championship held on Wednesday, 19th Headmistress, Ms Ritu Jawa.



Lotus Valley Intra Class Rijjwal Patheja Grade I Nightingale Adjustable Boys 2( 100 I
International Skating meters) II
School, Champion Isaiah V George Grade I Falcons Adjustable Boys 2( 100 I
Gurugram on ship 2019- meters) II
19th February 2020 Aarnav Arora Grade I Hummingbirds Adjustable Boys 2( 100 I
2020 meters) II

Myra Khurana Grade I Magpies Adjustable Girls 2( 100

Amyra Tandon Grade I Falcons Adjustable Girls 2( 100

Taisha Batra Grade I Hummingbirds Adjustable Girls 2( 100

Reyansh Gogia Grade I Magpies Quads Boys 3 (150 meters)

Kriyaansh Chhabra Grade I Penguins Quads Boys 3 (150 meters)

Yuvaan Chawla Grade I Flamingos Quads Boys 3 (150 meters) III
Aarna Dhadhi Grade I Falcons Quads Girls 3 (150 meters) I
Rahini Bhatia Grade I Nightingale Quads Girls 3 (150 meters) II
Aashi Durani Grade I Nightingale Quads Girls 3 (150 meters) III
Yashveer Singh Inline Boys 3 (150 meters) I
Grade I Nightingale
Sagoo II
Rudraksh Singh Grade I Magpies Inline Boys 3 (150 meters) III
Manvik Singh Grade I Penguins Inline Boys 3 (150 meters) I
Kshemya Verma Grade I Flamingos Inline Girls 3 (150 meters) II
Grade I Falcons Inline Girls 3 (150 meters) III
Mya Grover Inline Girls 3 (150 meters) I
Alysha Sharma Grade I Falcons
Grade II Robins Adjustable Boys 2( 100 II
Advay Gupta meters)
Grade II Bulbuls III
Arhaan Sharma Adjustable Boys 2( 100
Grade II Robins meters) I
Vedant Pal
Grade II Kites Adjustable Boys 2( 100 II
Vaanya Bhardwaj meters)
Grade II Robins III
Saanvi Khamesra Adjustable Girls 2( 100
Grade II Bulbuls meters) I
Arshiya Singh Grade II Parrots II
Grade II Robins Adjustable Girls 2( 100 III
Om Nagpal Grade II Kiwis meters)
Ryansh Yadav
Aadvik Gupta Adjustable Girls 2( 100

Quads Boys 3 (150 meters)
Quads Boys 3 (150 meters)
Quads Boys 3 (150 meters)


Lotus Valley Intra Aadya Kaushik Grade II Parrots Quads Girls 3 (150 meters) I
International Class
Grade II Macaws Quads Girls 3 (150 meters) II
School, Skating Durganshi
Gurugram on Champio Tanwar Grade II Kites Quads Girls 3 (150 meters) III
Grade II Parrots
19th nship Mannat Sehra Grade II Robins Inline Boys 3 (150 meters) I
February 2019- Grade II Macaws Inline Boys 3 (150 meters) II
Grade II Doves Inline Boys 3 (150 meters) III
2020 2020 Arnav Jain Grade II Parrots Inline Girls 3 (150 meters) I
Grade II Robins Inline Girls 3 (150 meters) II
Sanchit Kapoor Grade III Pelicans Inline Girls 3 (150 meters) III
Adjustable Boys 2( 100 meters) I
Veer Vats Grade III Peacocks
Adjustable Boys 2( 100 meters) II
Kirthana Mawi Grade III Skylarks
Adjustable Boys 2( 100 meters) III
Vanya Yadav Grade III Cuckoos
Adjustable Girls 2( 100 meters) I
Siya Bhatia Grade III Pelicans
Adjustable Girls 2( 100 meters) II
Aadvik Sood Grade III Cuckoos
Adjustable Girls 2( 100 meters) III
Arjun Kapil Grade III Hornbills
Quads Boys 4 (200 meters) I
Ayaan Siwach Grade III Hornbills
Quads Boys 4 (200 meters) II
IIisha K Dawar Grade III Pelicans
Quads Boys 4 (200 meters) III
Arisha Verma Grade III Skylarks
Quads Girls 4 (200 meters) I
Misha Vasal Grade III Cuckoos
Quads Girls 4 (200 meters) II
Ambar Vashisth Grade III Skylarks
Grade III Peacocks Quads Girls 4 (200 meters) III
Shaurya Nandal Grade III Hornbills
Grade III Pigeons Inline Boys 4 (200 meters) I
Divit Khurana Grade III Parakeets Inline Boys 4 (200 meters) II
Grade III Hornbills Inline Boys 4 (200 meters) III
Vedika Marwah Grade III Peacocks Inline Girls 4 (200 meters) I
Inline Girls 4 (200 meters) II
Arshiya Garg Inline Girls 4 (200 meters) III

Chirangi Tanwar

Yagn Gupta
Rasesh Singla
Divij Arora
Nonitha Talluri
Ashwika Gupta
Aaliyah Wadhwa

Our U-8 cricket team has participated in 4th wickets.Aadit Singh from Grade II Parrots
C. L. Jaipuria little master cricket tournament was the man of the match.We lost Semi-final
2019-20 organized by DPS-45.Total 7 teams match against DPS Maruti kunj.Riyant Bansal
participated in this tournament.We won our made not out 66 runs in this match.Vihaan
1st league match against DPS International Singhal from Grade II Kites got Outstanding
by 7runs.Riyant Bansal from grade II Parrots player Trophy.And Our team got *DISPLAY*
was the Man Of The Match. 2nd league *SPORTSMANSHIP* trophy in this
match we won against DAV-14 by 9 tournament


Delhi Public 4th C.L.Jaipuria Little Man Of The
Match in Ist
School, Sector-45, Master Cricket Riyant Bansal Grade II Parrots Under 8 League Match

Gurgram Tournament

Aadit Singh Grade II Parrots Under 8 Man Of The
Match in IInd
League Match

Vihaan Singhal Grade II Kites- Under 8 Received
Player Trophy

Under 8 Participation

Siddhant Jain Grade II Robins Certificate

.Dhairya Gupta Ii Kiwis Under 8 Participation

Under 8 Participation

Alysha Sharma Grade I Falcons Certificate

8 Under 8 Participation
Shanaya Kapoor Grade I Falcons

Ranveer Dhawan Grade I Under 8 Participation
Hummingbirds Under 8 Certificate
Under 8
Aditya Raj Mayor Grade I Participation
Hummingbirds Certificate

Sarthak Bakshi Grade I Magpies Participation

Dhruv Sarin Grade I Under 8 Participation
Nightingales Certificate

Jai Dua Grade I Under 8 Participation
Nightingales Certificate

Myra Dua Grade I Under 8 Participation
Nightingales Certificate

Yashveer Singh Grade I Under 8 Participation
Sagoo Nightingales

Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram proudly
shares the achievement of Megha Bisht of Grade X for
winning Bronze Medal in the CBSE National Skating
Competition on 26th November & 30th November


Pratham Sethi, learner of Grade VII Chenab
participated in the 7th Inter-Club Karate
Championship on 19th January 2020 recognized
by the Indian Olympic Association, Ministry of
Sports and Youth Affairs held at Golden Height
School Gurugram. Pratham won a Gold in the 12

years’ age group and made us all proud.

Shanaya Suri of Grade IV Mahogany
participated in the 7th Inter-Club
Karate Championship 2020. This was
organized by Sanshinkan's Abraham
and Prabhu Karate Club, which is also
recognized by the Indian Olympic
Association Ministry of Sports &
Youth Affairs. This competition was
held on the 19th of January 2020 at
Golden Heights School, Gurgaon.
Shanaya is a part of Sanshinkan
International. She won a Gold and a
Silver medal for her Kata and Kumite
respectively in the age 9 category.
Shanaya is a Green Belt holder and
has been practicing Karate from the
age of 5 years. Shanaya has made us
all proud!

With great pride and delight, Lotus
Valley International School,
Gurugram announces that our young
learner Atharva Pateriya of Grade IV
Banyans, bagged Silver Medal at the
National Level Taekwondo
Championship, which was held in
Goa in December 2019. He was
conferred by the Ex Chief Minister of
Goa, Digambar Kamath. Atharv
received the Silver Medal for the
Category 9 years and Weight 42 Kg.

Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram Amity International School, Gurugram •
organised a Two-day Interschool Football DPS, Sector- 45, Gurugram • Indraprastha
Championship on 23rd & 24th January 2020. International School, Dwarka • DPS Sushant
10 school teams from DELHI NCR Lok, Gurugram • DPS International School,
participated in the same and competed Gurugram • Presidium School, Gurugram •
with vigour and strength. Day 1 witnessed Scottish High Gurugram • Lotus Valley
the 10 teams playing against each other at International School, Gurugram • Shiv
the Preliminary round. The Semi Finals Nadar School, Gurugram • G D Goenka,
were held on day 2 with matches between Sector 48, Gurugram WINNERS FIRST
the teams from Shiv Nadar/ Scottish High POSITION (Gold Medal & Trophy) – Scottish
and Lotus Valley International School/ DPS High School, Gurugram SECOND POSITION
International. the final round was held (Silver Medal)– DPS International School,
between Scottish High and DPS Gurugram THIRD POSITION (Bronze Medal)
International on day 2 itself. after a good – Lotus Valley International School,
fight with a score of 3-1, Scottish High Gurugram
School was announced the winner for the
said championship. TEAMS PARTICIPATED •

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