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Le Courrier Australien Collector's Edition
First launched in Sydney in 1892, Le Courrier Australien is the longest running foreign-language newspaper in Australia.

Le Courrier Australien published a 240-page bilingual collector's edition containing a selection of the most emblematic articles and the most striking stories. Each page of this book will be filled with history, a testament to the relationship between France and Australia since 1892 to 1945 (part I). Readers will revisit historical moments and the importance of the French-Australian Community throughout the past century including for example its major role in the resistance during the World War II in the Pacific..

The book will be available in November 2019 !

Good news, you can pick up the books in different points in the city (CBD, Killarney Heights, Maroubra). We will end you all the details concerning the date and place for the pick up. NO POSTAL FEE !
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