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Voice _Specal Edition 2019_VOL XVII_ISSUE III_R&D1

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Voice _Specal Edition 2019_VOL XVII_ISSUE III_R&D

Voice _Specal Edition 2019_VOL XVII_ISSUE III_R&D1

Editorial nine coveted awards at the pride of Murugappa
Awards - a Murugappa Group initiative.
In agri-business, Research and Development
is critical for taking new ground in terms of ‘Inside Stories’ section carries an interesting
evolving farm-effective solutions to help farmers array of events taking place at different locations
reap bountiful harvests. Coromandel International of Coromandel International. Chairman's Visit
has always given importance to R&D and new to Kakinada plant, Brochure launch of Excel 30
technologies to stay ahead of the competition. -Executive Development Programme, Various
Coromandel’s tie up with IIT - Monash Research Safety Training Programmes, viz. Industrial, Fire
Academy is a decisive step towards leveraging on Safety, First Aid, Defensive Driving, and celebration
R&D and staying abreast with the changing times. of National Safety Day & Energy Hour Day across
locations. Various Training & Skill development
The response for the last issue has been programmes, viz. Advanced Excel, Inter Personal
phenomenal. We are overwhelmed by the Skills, Aqua Training for Farmers, IR Session were
compliments we are receiving for the unique design also conducted at various locations.
and content of the magazine. Our endeavour is to
create a platform that will encourage and motivate ‘Coromandel Connect’ section carries an attractive
employees across locations and bring recognition fusion of interesting stories related to CSR and
to their commitment and hard work. Our heartfelt other activities. Coromandel Cricket League
thanks to readers for their appreciation. Tournaments, Women's Day, Get-together at
various locations along with a host of inspiring
Voice acronym and Quick Response (QR) code CSR initiatives like Girl Child Scholarship,
are gaining ground. Our indexing of features in livelihood programme for community women,
accordance to Voice acronym for a swift and Medical Camps at various locations viz. Vizag,
easy read has received appreciation. QR code too Kakinada, Ennore, Ranipet etc.
is active as all employees are cherishing the live
moments of events. ‘Energise’ section carries the feature that many
hold close to their heart and is one amongst the
‘Vision for Tomorrow’ section carries our cover most cherished – Meet My Family.
story, ‘Research & Development Day' at IIT Monash
Research Academy, showcasing the strategic We also included some healthy diet ‘Summer Tips’
association with an eminent institution to take rapid as 'Light and Easy Tabs' randomly placed in the
strides in formulating new innovative products. magazine.

‘Outstanding Icons’ section carries details of We look forward to your feedback. It will not only
awards and accomplishments that Coromandel give us insight into bettering the magazine but will
has achieved. Vizag won two Gold Awards in helps us taking it to next level of excellence. Keep
18th CCQC - QCFI, Coromandel won ABCI & PRSI sending mails of feedback and suggestions to:
Communication Awards, Kakinada & Vizag bagged [email protected]
INSAAN Awards, Vizag wins FAI Award for Best
Performance, Coromandel International - SND
Division bagged the prestigious 'Murugappa Star
Performer Award', Kakinada plant brought home
laurels by winning 'Strong Commitment Award'
from ABK AOTS and Coromandel International won

Team: Senior GM - Brand Promotion (Retail) Region I - M Kumar, Assistant Manager - HR
R Karthikeyan Associate VP - Sales & Marketing Region II - K Ranga Kumar, Senior GM - HR
Madhab Adhikari (Speciality Nutrients) Region III - V Mehulkumar, Deputy Manager - HR
Region IV - Narayana Sharma, Assistant Manager - TQM
Region V - B K Shukla, Manager - HR
Region VI - Ashok Pawar, Assistant GM - HR


'Research: The distance between an idea and its realization'
- David S

I nside Stories

19 Glitteratti on Annual Dinner !
Chairman's Visit to Kakinada
Vision For Tomorrow Excel 30 - Executive Development Programme
Capability Building Takes Priority
Safety Expo

C oromandel Connect

01 111 A Leapfrog in Serving Communities
Medical Camps for Healthy Living
R&D DAY Coromandel Organises Cricket Leagues
Breaking New Ground in Technology Coromandel Organises Family Get-togethers

O utstanding Icons E nergise

03 Pride of Murugappa Awards 148
Group Leadership Conclave Awards
QCFI Awards We Care - ‘The Journey’
FAI Award Meet Mr. Manimaran and his Wonderful
Letters to the Editor



VOICETHE 01 | 02

(L-R : front row) Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director, Dr. Anand Gole, GM - R&D (Fertiliser), Dr. Amit
Rastogi, Executive VP – Technology, Dr. Rajul Edoliya, VP - Business Development & Regulatory
Affairs, Mr. S Sankarasubramanian, President – Fertilisers, Mr. P Kalidas, Executive VP – Marketing
(Fertiliser & Organic), Dr. Abu Khalid, Senior GM & Head - QA & QC (Sarigam), Mr. Amir Alvi, Executive
VP & Head – Manufacturing (Fertilisers),
(L-R : second row) Ms. Jayashree Satagopan, Executive VP & CFO, Dr. S Balaji, Senior Associate VP
& Head - R&D, Bio-products Division
(L-R : back row) Mr. R Karthikeyan, Senior GM – Brand Promotion (Retail), Dr. Aminul Islam, VP - R&D
(Crop Protection)

For India’s agriculture sector, technology coupled with Research
& Development is emerging as the critical differentiator - be
it production, processing, marketing or packaging. With these
evolving changes, Coromandel International believes that the role of
Research & Development has become increasingly important and is
full of potential to offer long-term solutions to the Indian agriculture
scenario. Farmers’ swift access to the latest technologies and solutions
in research can help in overcoming issues such as seed problems, pest
control, disease complications, crop sustainability, climate change,
irrigation problems, soil erosion, etc. Hence, technology integration
has the potential to transform the entire agri-business value chain,
from agricultural crop selection to production to trading.

Reveling in this spirit of innovation, Coromandel International
celebrated its first ‘R&D Day’ on 26th February 2019 at its
Coromandel Lab at Monash (A Coromandel R&D unit recently
established at IIT - Monash Academy, IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai). The event was organised to further draw insights
on plausible synergies within different Coromandel R&D
centres, collaborate on projects of mutual interest and,
most importantly, utilise the IIT Monash platform, which is a strong
collaboration between IIT Bombay and Monash University, Australia,
to research deeper into agri-technologies and solutions.

The event celebration was graced by the Senior Management team
of Coromandel International Limited viz. Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing
Director, Ms. Jayashree Satagopan, Executive VP & CFO, Mr. S
Sankarasubramanian, President – Fertilisers, Mr. P Kalidas, Executive
VP – Marketing (Fertiliser & Organic), Mr. Amir Alvi, Executive VP
& Head – Manufacturing (Fertilisers), Dr. Amit Rastogi, Executive
VP – Technology, Dr. Anand Gole, GM - R&D (Fertiliser), Dr. Aminul
Islam, VP - R&D (Crop Protection), Dr. Rajul Edoliya, VP - Business
Development & Regulatory Affairs, Mr. Prasanna Telang, VP -
Technology (Sarigam), Dr. Abu Khalid, Senior GM & Head - QA & QC
(Sarigam), Mr. Arun Leslie George, Executive VP & Head - Retail,

Mr. R Karthikeyan, Senior GM – Brand Promotion new innovative products. The deliberations were
(Retail) and Dr. S Balaji, Senior Associate VP & on viz. Intellectual engagement and working
Head - R&D, Bio-products division. on futuristic projects in a span of 3-5 years with
IITs and other Monash-like universities, Involving
At the outset, Dr. Nagabhushana, COO, IIT - Monash marketing department to arrive at focussed
Academy, delivered a brief introduction of the research areas, Conducting R&D events across
Research academy, Monash University (Australia) locations: Bio products, CPC locations, etc.,
and IIT Bombay, and subsequently took the entire Increase R&D spending and benchmark it with
team on a tour of the facility. During the facility global leaders in this domain, Cultural change in
tour, Senior Management team also interacted with Coromandel with increased focus on R&D, constant
the Fertiliser R&D team present at the academy. dialogue between R&D & marketing and the need
for a knowledge centre to provide information on
Following which, speaking at the event, new technologies.
Mr. Sameer Goel laid emphasis on the significance
of collaboration and combining synergies of This was followed by comprehensive and detailed
different SBUs of Coromandel. He also accentuated technical presentations and discussions by R&D
on the importance of long-term research projects and Technology teams who included: Dr. Amit,
within Coromandel through collaboration with Dr. Anand, Dr. Aminul, Dr. Abu Khalid, Dr. Rajul,
appropriate partners in different IITs. He mentioned Mr. Prasanna and Dr. Balaji. During the technical
that Coromandel International’s presence at IIT presentations, various aspects were discussed
Monash could be further leveraged by associating and debated. Ideas on joint collaborative projects
with different experts in IIT (Bombay) and Monash within different SBUs of Coromandel were also
University (Australia).
put forward. Overall, it was a great
During the event, Senior interactive day with amazing
Management team had an energy and spirited
interactive session to participation from all
arrive on a common the members.
agenda aimed
at bringing in Dr. Nagabhushana,
differentiators COO, IIT - Monash
and deliver a Academy interacting
better value with the Senior
proposition to Management Team


Established in 2008, the IIT - Monash Research Academy is a major Australian-Indian research
collaboration formed between India’s top-ranked Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and
Monash University, Australia. The institute operates at a scale unrivalled by any other Australian-Indian
collaboration: with close to 200 PhD students, 630 publications, 18 invention disclosures, 15 industry
partners and industry oriented PhD programmes. Geared towards PhD training on a sizable scale, the
academy brings a solution-driven approach to address global problems. With strong industry involvement,
it is taking the lead in solving some of the greatest challenges of our time. Coromandel International
entered into an association agreement with IIT - Monash Research Academy to set up ‘Coromandel Lab’
at IIT Monash Academy, Powai, Mumbai on 27th August 2018.



Stealing the limelight: (standing) Mr. M M Murugappan, Chairman, Murugappa Group (ninth from right) along with
Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director (tenth from left) and Mr. B Prasannatha Rao, Executive VP & Head - HR (sixth from right)
striking a pose with Coromandel International Team at 'Pride of Murugappa 2018'

It has been a remarkable journey since the Murugappan, Chairman, Murugappa Group,
inception of the ‘Pride of Murugappa’ awards, amidst Senior Management of various group
which takes the centre-stage every year for companies.

the group companies. The awards in a way stand The event in total had 11 exciting themes and
testimony to the highest levels of commitment the participants of the group companies shared
in enhancing the performance standards and around 223 ’Best Practices’ during face-to-
showcasing them for others to emulate. face presentations. Coromandel International

Coromandel International took an enthusiastic emerged victorious in several categories at this

participation in the “Best Practice” sharing event. The company won a total of six awards

sessions and registered 420 best practices from namely two winners, two first runner-up and

all its different locations. This is a significant two second runner-up respectively.

increase of 110 best practices over the previous Juries, from reputed organisations across India,
financial year. and an internal jury chose the most impactful

On 10th December 2018, a grand finale of and resourceful “Best Practices”.

the 15th edition of 'Pride of Murugappa’ Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director,
best practice sharing session was organised Coromandel International, along with the
at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai. Senior Management and internal jury members
Coromandel winners received the awards attended the grand finale and lauded the
at a glittering ceremony from Mr. M M winners for their top-notch performance.

VOICETHE 03 | 04

Winner - Finance - Retail Corporate Office Winner - CSR - Fertiliser, Vizag
'DBT Retail Game Changer' 'Gen-Y Enrichment'

Mr. P Krishna Teja, Manager-Finance (left) & Mr. Veerabhadra Mr. A Ganesh, Deputy Manager-Operations (extreme right),
Rao, Assistant Manager - DBT (Retail) (right) Mr. Sabari Girisan, Deputy Manager - P&I (extreme left) &
Mr. K Srikanth, Manager – CSR (second from right)

1st Runner up - HR Practices -Corporate Office 1st Runner up - CSR - Fertiliser, Kakinada
'Capability Building' 'Demurrage Decimation'

Mr. K Murali Krishna, Deputy GM - E-Learning & Training Mr. B Ramakrishnan, Manager - Commercial (left)
(Fertiliser, Speciality Nutrients & Organic) (left) &
Mr. Shivaji Singh, Manager-HR (right)

2nd Runner up - EHS - Fertiliser, Kakinada 2nd Runner up - CSR - Fertiliser, Ennore
'Reducing Safety Risks through Un-Conventional 'Awareness on Holistic Sexuality Education
& latest inspection techniques - Drones' amongst the Government School students'
Mr. V Sai Mohan, Assistant Manager - Mechanical Mr. S Karthikeyan, Assistant GM- HR (left) &
(right) & Mr. V V Suresh, Manager - Q&I (left)
Ms. K Anusha, Assistant Manager - CSR & ISW (right)


Coromandel – Ennore, Vizag and Kakinada plants
apart from participating in the ‘Pride of Murugappa’ –
Best Practices Sharing Session took the lead in hosting
Pride of Murugappa – Face to Face presentation
for HR and Opex - Manufacturing & Services, EHS
(Environment, Health, Safety) and CSR themes on
25th & 26th, 30th and 31st October 2018 respectively.
Around 50 employees across Murugappa Group
Companies have shared the Best Practices of their
respective locations at this event.



Coromandel International believes Overview : Selection Criteria
in rewarding performers to achieve
consistent and gratifying results. To To participate in this initiative, HODs will
inspire employees and to help them focus on nominate one ‘Best Performer’ both from
bigger goals, Coromandel – Kakinada plant Management & Non- Management staff,
initiated a 'Monthly' Rewards and Recognition while employees above (MG4) self-nominate
platform to recognise the “Best Performers & for ‘Best Leaders’ award. The jury, which
Best Leaders.” consists of Mr. M Gnanasundaram, Associate
VP - Manufacturing, Mr. Ranganayakulu,
Mr. S Sankarasubramanian, President - Fertilisers Head - Maintenance & Projects, Mr.
and Mr. Amir Alvi, Executive VP & Head - Srinivasa Rao, Head - Operations and Mr. P
Manufacturing (Fertilisers) felicitated winners Padmanabham, GM - HR will short-list and
with 'Certificate ofAppreciation'in thepresenceof select the 'Best Performers & Best Leaders'
Mr. M Gnanasundaram and other Senior Officials. of each month.

Kudos to the team!

Best Performers & Best Leaders of the month (January 2019) KAKINADA

Mechanical Materials Distribution Offsites
Mr. A Bhujanga Rao Mr. Bh V Rama Rao Mr. Chandra Sekhar Mr. K G S Vara

Bagging & Traffic Quality Assurance Human Resource Projects
Mr. K S L Mohan Mr. K Venkateshwar Rao Mr. S Nageswara Rao Mr. K Prasanna Kumar

VOICETHE 05 | 06

Electrical & Environment, Health Distribution Materials
Instrumentation & Safety Mr. KVS Chitti Mr. Ch S V Ramana
Mr. BV Maheshwara Rao
Mr. Mohan Kumar

Offsites Bagging & Traffic Quality Assurance Environment, Health
Mr. P Manikanta Mr. Y Ram Babu Mr. Sanjeeb Tripathy & Safety

Mr. M Satya Prakash

Human Resource Quality Assurance Mechanical Bagging & Traffic
Mr. V Srinivasa Rao Mr. S V Srinivas Reddy Mr. T S Varma Mr. K L Satish Babu

Best Performers & Best Leaders of the month (February 2019)

DAP Operations Human Resource Bagging & Traffic Quality Assurance
Mr. D Adi Reddy Mr. Aditya Vaddi Mr. A D S V Prasad Mr. R Danteswara Rao

Instrumentation Commercial Environment, Bagging & Traffic
Mr. Durga Prasad Babu Mr. R R Gangadhar Health & Safety Mr. G Venkateswara Rao
Mr. G H P Kumar

Best Performers & Best Leaders of the month ( February 2019)

Electrical SND Mechanical Commercial
Mr. G V S S Murthy Mr. I S Joseph Antony Mr. Lova Raju Mr. P Malleswara Rao

Distribution Finance Environment, Human Resource (OHC)
Mr. K Venkata Rao Mr. Kuna Sahu Health & Safety Mr. G Papa Rao
Mr. J Naga Mahesh

Materials Distribution Quality & Inspection Instrumentation
Mr. D Prasada Rao Mr. Asadur Rahman Mr. V Sai Varma Mr. I Sairam

Quality Assurance Mechanical Materials Offsites
Mr. G Sarat Chandra Mr. P Sri Krishna Ms. S Vasanthi Mr. M Venkata Raju

VOICETHE 07 | 08

Feeling enthralled : Mr. Naresh, Next 200
RSMS GET REWARDED FOR PERFORMANCE Support Cell (center) and Mr. Kiran Kumar,
AMRO, Piduguralla (right) handing out
In an effort to raise the bar of On a high : Mr. Moulali, AMRO, the Rising Star Award for Q3 2018 to Mr.
excellence to a new standard, Chirala (center) and Mr. Koteshwar Rao, RSM, Piduguralla (left)
Coromandel – Vijayawada Zone Govinda Chary, Zonal Trainer Touching new heights : Mr. Krishna Prasad,
Retail has initiated ‘Rising Star (right) handing out the Rising Zonal - HR (center) and Mr. Sravan Kumar,
Awards’ – a quarterly recognition Star Award for Q3 2018 to Mr. AMRO, Vijayawada (right) handing out the
programme for the new joiners (all Prasad, RSM, Martur (left) Rising Star Award for Q3 2018 to Mr. Vamsi,
the RSMs less than 6 months of RSM, Nutakki (left)

On 1st January 2019,
Mr. Vamsi, RSM, Nutakki MGC,
Mr. Koteswara Rao, RSM, Piduguralla
MGC and Mr. Prasad, RSM, Martur
MGC were felicitated as the award
winners of Q3 at their respective
'Mana Gromor Centres'.

Kudos to the winners for their
excellent performance!



Coromandel International is the proud A heavenly moment: Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister,
recipient of prestigious award from the Uttarakhand, (fifth from right) giving away 'Golden Plaque' for
renowned organisation, PRSI (Public ‘Coffee Table Book – Kakinada Birds Paradise’ to Mr. R K Makani,
Relations Society of India). The award was given GM & RBH - SND (North & Central) (fourth from right) and Mr.
away for ‘Coffee Table Book – Kakinada Birds Pankaj Singh, Manager – HR (North Division) (third from right)
Paradise’. at the 40th All India Public Relations Conference 2018 (PRSI),
Dehradun in the presence of Dr. Ajit Pathak, National President
On 8th December 2018, on behalf of Coromandel - PRSI (sixth from right) and other Senior Officials
International, Mr. R K Makani, GM & RBH - SND
(North & Central) and Mr. Pankaj Singh, Manager
– HR (North Division) received the award at a
scintillating ceremony at the 40th All India Public
Relations Conference 2018, which was held at
Hotel Pacific, Dehradun.

The award function was attended by renowned
ministers, journalists, PR professionals and other



Sharing the glorious moments: Mr. M M Murugappan, Commendable achievement: Mr. M M Murugappan, Chairman,
Chairman, Murugappa Group (second from right) giving away Murugappa Group (left) handing out the 'Murugappa Star
the trophy for achieving 'Highest Improvement in Employee Performer' trophy for 2017-18 under small business category
Engagement Score' under large business category (fertilisers) (SND) to Mr. Narayanan Vellayan, Senior Associate VP -
to Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director (second from left) Mr. S Speciality Nutrients Division (right)
Sankarasubramanian, President - Fertilisers (extreme right) and
Mr. B Prasannatha Rao, Executive VP & Head -HR (extreme left) Honourable achievement: Mr. M M Murugappan, Chairman,
Murugappa Group (left) handing out the 'Highest Employee
Coromandel International is shining Engagement Scores' trophy for 2017-18 under small business
brighter with each passing day with category (Bio-products) to Mr. L K Baburaj, VP & Business
its new achievements. To add to this, Head - Bio - products (Crop Protection) (right)
Coromandel Speciality Nutrients, has received
prestigious “Murugappa Star Performer” Award on behalf of Bio-products Division, Mr. L K
for 2017-18 under small business category, while, Baburaj, VP & Business Head received the award
Fertiliser and Bio-products Division received respectively. Mr. M M Murugappan, Chairman,
'Highest Improvement in Employee Engagement Murugappa Group felicitated all the winners
Scores' under large business category (fertilisers) amidst an august gathering of Group Leadership
and under small business category respectively Conclave.
during Group Leadership Conclave held at ITC It was a proud moment to win this award amidst
Kohenur, Hyderabad on 4th- 5th March, 2019. a stringent scrutiny of business parameters of
SBUs and all Companies of Murugappa Group.
On behalf of Coromandel Speciality Nutrients
Division, Mr. Narayanan Vellayan, Senior
Associate VP - Speciality Nutrients Division,
received the award. While, on behalf of Fertiliser
SBU Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director,
Mr. S Sankarasubramanian, President - Fertilisers,
Mr. B Prasannatha Rao, Executive VP & Head
-HR received the award. In the same breadth,

VOICETHE 09 | 10



Smiles of victory : Mr. M Srini Srinivasan,
Committee Chairman, CII-EHS Excellence
Awards (center) striking a pose with Mr. P V Rao,
Aiming for the stars : Mr. M Srini Srinivasan, Committee Chairman, CII-EHS Assistant GM - EHS (lef) and Mr. B L V Prasad,
Excellence Awards (extreme Left) striking a pose with Coromandel - Kakinada
and Coromandel - Ennore team at the CII - Southern Region EHS Excellence Deputy Manager - EHS (right) from Coromandel
Award 2018 - Kakinada plant

Coromandel international is basking in and on behalf of Coromandel – Hospet plant
triumphant glory with its new conquests. Mr. Shabareesh Kumar, Senior Officer - EHS
This time, Kakinada, Hospet & Ennore received the awards respectively at the awards

plants hogged the limelight. They were ceremony. The awards were presented by Mr. M

awarded the prestigious ‘4 Star & 3 Star Rating’ Srini Srinivasan, Committee Chairman, CII- EHS

respectively at CII – Southern Region EHS Excellence Awards & MD, Hospira Health Care

Excellence Award 2018’ at a glittering ceremony India Private Limited (A Pfizer Company).

on 7th December 2018 at Hotel Taj West End, Kudos to the teams for the commendable
Bangaluru. performance !

Coromandel - Kakinada plant and Coromandel

– Hospet plant received the '4 Star Rating' for

showcasing the Best EHS practices for 'Birds

Paradise’, and ‘Commitment to EHS practices’

respectively, while Coromandel - Ennore plant

received 3 star rating for showcasing ‘Best

Digital’ EHS practice.

On behalf of Coromandel – Kakinada plant, Top recognition: Coromandel - Ennore team showcasing the
Mr. P V Rao, Assistant GM - EHS and Mr. B L V award of '3 Star Rating' received during CII - Southern Region
Prasad – Deputy Manager – EHS; on behalf of EHS Excellence Award 2018
Coromandel - Ennore plant Mr. Kamal, Deputy Seen in the pic: Mr. Kamal, Deputy Manager - EHS (left), Mr. S
Manager - EHS and Mr. S Sivakumar, Deputy GM Sivakumar, Deputy GM - Projects (center), Mr. Vetrivel, Manager
- Projects, Mr. Vetrivel, Manager - Production; - Production (right)




Coromandel – Kakinada plant won laurels at the 17th ABK AOTS 5S with its team
displaying top performance.
On 25th January 2019, Coromandel - Kakinada plant became the ‘First’
Phosphatic Fertiliser Plant in India to receive the prestigious ‘Strong Commitment
Award' to become Model 5S company from ABK - AOTS in a glittering function held
at Hotel Ramada Plaza, Chennai.
On behalf of Coromandel – Kakinada plant, 5S Process Champion, Mr. P S Varma,
Deputy GM - Materials and Mr. Narayana Sharma, Assistant Manager - TQM, received
the award along with their team from Mr. Kanda San, ABK – AOTS. It's a remarkable
achievement to receive the prestigious award competing against a peer group of
The event also witnessed Coromandel – Kakinada plant team’s screening of the home
production '5S' Short Film Bahubali-3 as Best Practice for Educating '5S' in the One –
Day Seminar on '5S & Lean Management' practices organised at Chennai.
Kudos to the team for their commendable performance!

Winning times : Mr. Kanda San, ABK – AOTS (fourth from left) and Mr. Karumuthu T Kanan, CEO, Thiagarajar Mills Limited (fourth from
right) handing out the ‘Strong Commitment Award for Model 5S Company’ to Mr. P S Varma, Deputy GM - Material (third from left)
and Mr. Narayana Sharma, Assistant Manager - TQM (third from right)
Seen in the pic: Mr. ADSV Prasad, Operating - Bagging (extreme left), Mr. B K Mishra, Manager - Operations (second from left), Mr. K L
Satish Babu, Deputy Manager - Bagging (second from right) and Mr. PVG Manohar, Assistant Manager - Stores (extreme right)

VOICETHE 11 | 12



Moment of glory: Mr. Raju Director CII Telangana (extreme left) handing out the 'CII Telangana Rising Star - HR Award'
to Mr. T Rama Krishna, Deputy Manager - HR (Retail), Kurnool (third from left) at CII Telangana HR Conference at HICC

Getting recognition and accolades on a prestigious platform lends inspiration
to perform to the best of one’s abilities. Awards in a way endorse the
capabilities and spur organisations and individuals to put their best foot

To take this momentum forward, Mr. T Rama Krishna, Deputy Manager - HR (Retail),
Kurnool, received the 'CII Telangana Rising Star - HR Award' in a glittering function
at CII Telangana HR Conference at HICC Hyderabad on 15th November 2018. A total
of 50 entries from across the country were shortlisted for the competition and only
12 made it to the final round.

The jury panel comprised Ms. Rajita Singh, Convenor CII Telangana HR & IR Panel
& Head - HR, Broadridge Financial Solutions India P Ltd , Dr. Suresh Kumar, Senior
Vice President – HR, Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Mr. Sunil Bijlani, Senior VP &
HR Leader Asia, Synchrony Financial, Dr. Kiranmai Pendyala, Former, CVP, AMD
Systems, Mr L Prabhakar, Executive Vice President, ITC- ABD and Mr. K Srinivas
Rao, Chief Strategist & Partner, The Strategist.

Furthermore, as part of the award, Mr. T Rama Krishna would be undertaking a
six-month of 'Mentorship Programme' under the able guidance of Mr. C R Srinivas –
Director – HR, Global Employee Relations, Accenture, to reinforce his learnings and
actualise his professional and personal development plans.




Winning recognition: Mr. G R Murthy, Governing Council Members of Quality Circle Forum of India (GCM -QCFI)
(fourth from right), handing out 'Gold' trophy for “Dependable’s – Reliability improvement of urea feeders in AB train”
to Mr. V Rami Naidu, Assistant Manager – Instrumentation (fourth from left), along with Mr. Mahesh V Gupta, Assistant
GM, TSD (Technical Services Dept.) (third from left), Mr. Sharat N, Manager - Instrumentation (second from left),
Mr. P Eswarendra Kumar, Technician- Maintenance (extreme left), Mr. Jaganathan K, Deputy GM - Operations (third
from right), Mr. Mohanrao UB, Senior Manager - Utilities (second from right), Mr. Rajesh Prajapati, Deputy Manager -
Projects (extreme right)

A climb to the top: Mr. G Kanakayya,
Governing Council Members of Quality
Circle Forum of India (GCM - QCFI)
(fourth from right), handing out ‘Gold'
trophy & 'Certificate' for ‘Optimisers -
Performance Improvement in DM Plant’,
to Mr. P Eswarendra Kumar, Technician
– Maintenance (fourth from left), Mr.
Mohanrao UB, Senior Manager - Utilities)
(third from right, along with Mr. Sharat N,
Manager – Instrumentation (third from left),
Mr. Jaganathan K, Deputy GM – Operations
(second from left), Mr. Mahesh V Gupta,
Assistant GM – TSD (Technical Services
Dept.) (extreme left), Mr. Rajesh Prajapati,
Deputy Manager - Projects (second from
right), Mr. V Rami Naidu, Assistant Manager
– Instrumentation (extreme right)

In its ongoing efforts to raise the bar of quality standards higher across diverse
industries, Quality Circle Forum of India – Visakhapatnam Chapter organised the 18th
Chapter Convention on Quality Concepts competitions. Numerous teams participated
from various organisations in the competition.

Amidst stiff competition, Coromandel – Vizag plant has won two 'Gold' awards in Small
Group Activities (SGA) categories. The projects showcased the improvements made at
the Coromandel - Vizag plant with the help of Quality circles and 7QC tools. Winning
these awards added another feather in the cap of Coromandel – Vizag plant for its
consistent quality enhancements.

Hats off to the team!

VOICETHE 13 | 14



A leap to glory: Mr. D V Sadananda Gowda, Minister for Chemicals & Fertilisers (extreme right) giving away award
for ‘Best Production Performance for Phosphoric Acid Plant’ to Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director, Coromandel
International (second from left) at the FAI Award ceremony held at New Delhi in the presence of other Senior Officials

Coromandel International continued its winning
streak and bagged prestigious ‘Best Production
Performance for Phosphoric Acid Plant' award.
Coromandel - Vizag plant has won this prestigious award
for the fifth consecutive time from the Fertiliser Association
of India (FAI) there by scripting a story of its own.
On behalf of Coromandel International, Mr. Sameer Goel,
Managing Director, received the award from Mr. D V
Sadananda Gowda, Minister for Chemicals & Fertilisers in
the presence of other Senior Officials.
The award was handed out during the conference at a
glittering ceremony held on 7th December 2018 at Hotel
Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi.



Winning accolades: Mr. Samir Karkhanis, CEO, Yangpoo - Seizing the limelight: Dr. Vipul Das, Director, Mann
Mentors & Career Counsellors (left) handing out the trophy - The Mind (right) handing out the trophy for ‘VOICE
for ‘Coffee Table Book’: Kakinada Birds Paradise' to Ms. Magazine' to Ms. Marina Bhanot, Head - Corporate
Marina Bhanot, Head - Corporate Communications (right) Communications (left)

Coromandel International once again stole the limelight by bagging two
‘GOLD’ awards at the prestigious ‘58th ABCI National Awards. The awards
were bestowed for the ‘Coffee Table Book: Kakinada Birds Paradise’ & ‘Voice
Magazine’ in an award ceremony at Hotel Vivanta by Taj , Mumbai, on 18th January

The awards speak of exceptional performance in the area of business communication.
Coromandel International stood tall amidst a tough competition where around 1865
entries were received from different fortune 500 companies viz. Mahindra, Tata,
Glenmark, GVK, Indian Oil, ACC, Adani, SBI, Apollo, Airtel, HDFC etc.

On behalf of Coromandel International, Ms. Marina Bhanot, Head – Corporate
Communications, received this award at a scintillating ceremony. The award function
was graced by leading Corporate Leaders, Public Relations Officers (PR) and
Communication Professionals. The awards are a reflection of the standards achieved
by Coromandel International in the communication domain on a National plateau.

Healthy Diet Tips For Summer
Keep yourself hydrated, Drink lots of Water

VOICETHE 15 | 16



A honourable KAKINADA
Showcasing triumph: Mr. B Ramakrishnan, Manager
Mr. Ramachandran, - Commercial (left) receiving 'Distinguished' award
for SGA on Demurrage Decimation from Senior
Assistant Manager - Official of NCQC

Operations (second

from left), Mr. Sathish

C, Junior Operator -

Offsites (extreme left)

and Mr. P Malleswara

Rao, Assistant

Manager - Commercial

(extreme right)

receiving 'Excellence'

award for the SGA

on reduction of ship

discharge shortage

from Senior Official of


Coromandel – Kakinada plant brought
home laurels once again by bagging
the most coveted awards at the 32nd
National Convention on Quality Concepts (NCQC
2018) held during 21st to 24th December 2018 at
ABV – Indian Institute of Information Technology
& Management, Gwalior. Coromandel -
Kakinada plant team won two coveted awards
- ‘Excellence Award’ and ‘Distinguished Award’
for showcasing Small Group Activities (SGA)
centered on the reduction of ship discharge
shortage and demurrage decimation.

These awards stand as significant achievements
since numerous renowned companies
participated in the competition from pan-India.

Kudos to the team!

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Coromandel - Kakinada & Vizag plants Implement'.
hogged the limelight by winning the
prestigious awards at the Indian National The teams from Coromandel - Kakinada &
Suggestion Schemes Association (INSSAN). The Vizag plant competed against many renowned
team members from respective plants received organisations and showed their mettle by bagging
the awards in a glittering ceremony during the prizes in diverse categories viz ‘Excellence in
29th Annual National Convention of INSSAN at Suggestion Scheme’, ‘Best Suggestion’, ‘Best
Pune on 18th & 19th January 2019. Evaluator’, ‘Best Technical Paper’, ‘Best Suggestor’,
'Best Slogan Contests (English & Hindi)’ ‘Best
INSSAN Awards recognises employees and Poster’ and ‘Best English Poem’.
organisations for their outstanding achievements
in Suggestion Scheme Initiative. To inculcate a During 2018, Coromandel - Kakinada plant has
sense of participation and to boost competition bagged the 'First' position amongst the fertiliser
levels, this year’s theme was 'Engage, Motivate & industries in India in 'Excellence in Suggestion
Scheme' contest. Kudos to the team!


Stealing the show: Mr. Sarfaraj Maner, Head - HR, TML - CVBU, Pune (fifth from left) giving away the first prize for 'Excellence
in Suggestion Scheme' under Fertiliser Category to Coromandel - Kakinada Team during the 29th Annual National
Convention of INSSAN at Pune
Seen in the pic: (front row) Mr. G D D Swarup, Senior Technician - Mechanical (extreme left), Mr. N Vijaykumar,
Junior Operator - DAP (second from left), Mr. Chintakula Ramaraju, Technician - Electrical, (third from left), Mr. K
Narayana Sharma, Assistant Manager - TQM (fourth from right), Mr. P S Sunil Kumar, Manager - Technical Services
(third from right), Mr. M Manoj Pai, Technician - Instrumentation (second from right) and Mr. Kiran Kumar, Operator -
Bagging (extreme right)

VOICETHE 17 | 18


S. No Category Prize Winners
1 Best Suggestion 2nd Prize Mr. M Manoj Pai, Technician – Instrumentation, Kakinada
2. Best Exhibit 3rd Prize Coromandel International Limited, Kakinada
3. Best Suggestion Bronze Award Mr. S Kiran Kumar, Operator – Bagging, Kakinada
4. Best Suggestion Bronze Award Mr. N Vijay Kumar, Junior Operator – DAP, Kakinada
5. Best English Essay 1st Prize Mr. T Nagesh, Sr. Technician - Mechanical, Kakinada
6. Best Hindi Slogan 1st Prize Mr. Shashikant Kapure, Assistant - HR, Kakinada
7. Best Poster 3rd Prize Mr. K. Venkateswara Rao, Chemist - QA, Kakinada
8. Best English Slogan Merit Prize Mr. M Manoj Pai, Technician – Instrumentation, Kakinada
9. Best English Poem Merit Prize Mr. R Danteswara Rao, Chemist – QA Kakinada
Excellence in Suggestion
10. Scheme under Fertiliser 1st Prize Coromandel International Limited, Kakinada
11. Best Suggestion Silver Award Mr. P Ramesh Kumar, Technician, Vizag
12. Best Suggestion Bronze Award Mr. Satish Kumar, Technician, Vizag
13. Best Suggestion Bronze Award Mr. S Sanyasappadu, Technician, Vizag


A pat on the back: Mr. Sarfaraj Maner, Head - HR, TML - CVBU, Moment of pride: Mr. Mangesh Ashtekar, Secretary, WIC,
Pune (second from right) presenting 'Bronze Trophy' in Pune (third from right) presenting 'Silver Trophy' in 'Best
'Best Suggestion Presentation' category for Thermography Suggestor Award' category for the Reduction in failures of
inspection of 5KM Ammonia line and stacks using drones to HBF belt return roller bearings by changing design to Mr.
Mr. P Satish Kumar, Technician (third from left) P Ramesh Kumar, Technician (extreme right)

In the spotlight: Mr. Sudhir Date, Ex - President & Editor Winning takes talent, to
INSAAN (third from left) presenting 'Bronze Trophy' repeat takes character.
in 'Best Safety Suggestion' presentation category for
Conveyor Off-Centre adjustment safely without stopping - John Wooden
the belt to Mr. S Sanyasappadu, Technician (extreme left)



Delightful. Celebratory. Ebullient.

That's precisely how the Coromandel

International's ‘Annual Dinner’ took

place on 5th April 2019 at The Emerald, Hotel Taj

Krishna, Hyderabad. This was the day when the

stars shone bright. Over 330 guests of Corporate

and R&D along with Senior Management team

decked up in impressive attire graced the event

and the whole setting was that of a thundering

grand finale! The evening took off with the emcee

delivering an interesting welcome introduction.

This set the tone for a gala and jovial dinner

meet that is bound to put the twinkle in the eye.

To the make evening memorable, the emcee

VOICETHE 19 | 20

rolled out interesting anecdotes and
engaged the audiences in a gamut of
games that caught everyone’s attention.
The games created a sort of frenzied
excitement and guests participated with
a rich fervour revelling in every moment
of the evening’s proceedings.

Subsequently, speaking at the annual
dinner, Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing
Director, addressed the gathering and
appreciated and thanked the employees
for their passion, hard work and
perseverance in work. He expressed his
gratitude to employees who completed
25 and 30 years of their services. To
commemorate and recognise their efforts
Coromandel International handed out
‘Long Service Award’ to employees for
their contribution to the growth of the

The event saw scintillating dance
performances by the Band - Bosco Dance
Company with their ‘Retro to Metro’ dance
which left the audiences spellbound.

Subsequently, DJ lit the house with
wide range of musical numbers that
had employees and their families foot-
tapping. In the same breadth Ms. Manju
Chauhan, Deputy Manager - Products
(CPC) & Mr. Madhab Adhikari, Associate
VP - Sales & Marketing (Speciality
Nutrients) were declared the 'Winners'
for the best dancing skills.

The sumptuous dinner had a wide spread
of lip-smacking dishes to delight the
palate of everyone. The whole evening
was filled with happiness, excitement and
fun-filled moments. Everyone went back
home with pleasant memories.


25 Mr. S San

30 Mr. A Srinivasa Rao 25 Mr. S
Deputy Manager - IT Executive VP
(second from left) (seco

30 Mr. V G K Sai Dhara 30 Mr. K
Senior Officer- Accounts Senior Manag
(center) (se

nkarasubramanian 30 Mr. T V Sita Rama Murthy
dent - Fertilisers Assistant Manager- Payroll & Benefits
(center) (center)

Govindarajan 25 Mr. P Venkateswara Raju
P & Head - Commercial General Manager - Consumer Connect
ond from left) YEARS
(second from left)

K J S Syama Rao 25 30 25
ger - Logistics & Secretary
econd from left) YEARS YEARS YEARS

Mr. B Sundar Mr. MG Srinivas Rao Dr. A Kuppusamy
Senior Manager - Deputy Manager - Senior GM & Head
Documentation Regulatory Affairs
Accounts (Crop Protection)




Warm reception: Mr. M M Murugappan, Chairman, Murugappa Group (extreme right) being warmly welcomed by Mr. M
Gnanasundaram, Associate VP - Manufacturing (second from left) in the presence of Mr. S Sankarasubramanian, President
- Fertilisers (second from right) and other Senior Officials
It was immense pleasure and a matter of
pride for Coromandel - Kakinada plant, when equipment at the GGH, Kakinada and in the same
Mr. M M Murugappan, Chairman, Murugappa breath applauded the various welfare activities
undertaken for the upliftment of the community.

Group visited the plant during 28th - 29th Consequently, on 29th December 2018,
December 2018. Mr. M Gnanasundaram, Associate Mr. M M Murugappan planted the sapling
VP – Manufacturing, warmly welcomed him along within the plant premises. Following which,
with the other Senior Officials of Coromandel - Union Members and Ladies Club Members of
Kakinada plant. Kakinada showcased the CSR activities taken

During the visit on 28th December 2018, up by them - especially ‘Code a Future’ and

Mr. M M Murugappan visited the state-of-the- ‘Lab in Box’ programmes - where the students

art facility and appreciated the management’s trained on “Skill Development” programmes. In

swift adaption of new technologies to keep the same spirit, Mr. M M Murugappan felicitated

abreast with the evolving market requirements. two students for their outstanding work in these

Successively, he was taken on a tour to witness programmes.

the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Thereafter, Mr. M M Murugappan inaugurated
undertaken by Coromandel International at the the newly constructed 'Electrical Workshop
Government General Hospital, (GGH) Kakinada. and Portable Bagging Machine'. He also
During the visit, he greatly commended the visited Coromandel 'Knowledge Centre' and
responsibility shouldered by the Coromandel appreciated the efforts taken up by Coromandel
– Kakinada plant to continually support the – Kakinada plant in initiating knowledge
‘Pediatric Ward’ with necessary medical transfer across different levels. Afterwards, he

VOICETHE 21 | 22


visited the “Birds Paradise” and appreciated
Coromandel - Kakinada plant’s efforts aimed at
the preservation of ecosystem and bio-diversity.
Towards the conclusion of his visit, Mr. M M
Murugappan addressed the employees and
shared that Coromandel - Kakinada plant is
truly the 'Pride of Murugappa' and motivated
all employees to maintain consistent focus
on customers and develop digital priorities
& capabilities to achieve new heights in the
future, along with promoting talent and gear
up the organisation for the country’s future
requirements. He also emphasised on the
values of ‘Five Lights’ and urged employees to
implement the five lights in their daily work as
these stand as the guiding force of Murugappa
The icing on the cake was when Mr. M M
Murugappan motivated the employees by
penning down valuable comments in the visitor
book. The Chairman’s visit was duly covered in
the media and received much attention.



Seeds of Growth : Senior Management team at the 'Excel 30 Brochure Launch' (L- R) Mr. P Kalidas, Executive VP - Marketing (Fertiliser &
Organic), Mr. Anand Krishnan, Associate VP - Finance, Mr. Amir Alvi, Executive VP & Head - Manufacturing (Fertilisers), Mr. S Govindarajan,
Executive VP & Head - Commercial, Ms. Jayashree Satagopan, Executive VP & CFO, Mr. B Prasannatha Rao, Executive VP & Head - HR, Mr. S
Sankarasubramanian, President - Fertilisers, Dr. Amit Rastogi, Executive VP - Technology, Mr. SVBS Murthy, Senior Associate VP & Head - Organic
Fertiliser and Mr. K Pradeep Kumar, VP - HR (Fertiliser, Organic & Speciality Nutrients)

The last few years have seen tremendous Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
changes in the Indian and global markets. was invited to deliver a guest lecture on
In agriculture, it is experiencing massive 'Leadership Traits'.

shifts in terms of policy, resources, technology, Subsequently, Mr. S Sankarasubramanian
competition and customer expectations, emphasised that the programme is critical for
substantially transforming the agrarian future business growth of Coromandel and
landscape. further shared that capability building is the key

With a vision to create high-potential leaders and to develop employees potential to the next level.

build internal capabilities to support business

growth, Coromandel launched ‘EXCEL – 30’,

Executive Development Programme for Future

Leaders and Managers. Towards this end, Mr.

S Sankarasubramanian, President – Fertilisers

and Senior Management team launched 'Excel

-30' brochure on 19th December 2018 at Hotel Focus on future: Mr. S Sharing perspective: Mr. C R Rajan,
Marriot, Hyderabad. Sankarasubramanian, President Professor at Great Lakes Institute
- Fertilisers interacting with the of Management, Chennai sharing
During the launch, Dr. C R Rajan, Professor at audience at the launch his insights on 'Leadership Traits"

Bonding times: Excel-30 team striking a pose together

VOICETHE 23 | 24


EXCEL-30 will be a transformational experience,
which will not only support the individual growth,
but will also help the organisation in driving its
future goals. The programme has been formulated
to provide a unique pathway through cross
functional exposure with a mix of conceptual, action
and reflective learning in the areas of Operations,
Marketing, Commercial, Finance and Strategy.
The programme encompasses collaboration with
leading educational institutes and deployment
of modern techniques to assess and develop
the behavioural competencies. Further, Senior
Management will be closely involved in guiding
future leaders through the projects and sharing
experiential learnings.


To enhance the brand image of Coromandel
International and to create greater Yara and companies from UK, Canada, Korea
awareness of its various products as well and China.

The participation of Coromandel – North Division
as to hold a strong presence in the North region, team was a massive success as the Coromandel
various SBUs viz Crop Protection, Fertilisers & stall received large number of footfalls and the
SND participated at the ‘Agro Tech India 2018’: marketing personnel interacted and networked
India’s largest agrochemical trading platform.
with the customers who attended the exhibition

The prestigious exhibition was inaugurated by Kudos to the team! GLIMPSES OF THE EVENT
Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Hon’ble President of India,

along with Mr. Radha Mohan Singh, Minister of

Agriculture & Farmers Welfare in the august

presence of Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief

Minister, Haryana, Mr. Satyadev Narayan Arya,

Governor of Haryana and Mr. V P Singh Badnore,

Governor of Punjab. The exhibition took place

from 1st to 4th December 2018 at Parade

Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh. More than 450

Companies related to Agriculture participated in

this event viz. Agri input Industry DSCL, PI, FMC,



On 10th December 2018, to commemorate felicitate employees who completed 5, 10, 15,
the ‘52nd Dedication Day’, Coromandel 20, 25, 35, 40 years of service with Coromandel-
- Vizag plant organised a three-day Vizag plant respectively. The employees were
celebrations by conducting various sports and invited on stage along with their spouses and
cultural activities viz. Athletic, Drama and others the service awards were presented to them
for its employees and their families. During the amidst thunderous applause and appreciation.
event, employees spouses were also handed out
'Glass Bangles' as a token of respect. The event was truly one-of-its-kind as it was
witnessed by around 1100 employees and their
During this memorable event, Coromandel – families, who joyously participated in this grand
Vizag plant has organised a programme to and memorable celebration.


VOICETHE 25 | 26



Every organisation requires solid IR GLIMPSES OF THE ACTIVITIES
relations strategies for achieving
excellence. Building an airtight strategy
involves creating an environment where
everyone flourishes and where co-operation
and collaboration are the daily norms. In this
fast-changing economic environment, Industrial
Relations (IR) is acquiring new significance at
the work place.

With this vision in sight, Coromandel – Vizag
plant hosted a training session on ‘Strategic
Employee Relations for Excellence’ on 24th –
25th January 2019 at Club House, Vizag, where
26 employees from different HR locations across
Coromandel enthusiastically participated.

The session was led by guest speakers Mr. G P
Rao, Founder & Managing Partner, Good People
Relations (GPR) HR Consulting LLP and by Mr.
Debasish Ray, Executive Director (Personnel),
Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Visakhapatnam.
During the session, participants were given deep
insights on the current IR trends in organisations
and the way to tackle various situations and
handle employee relations.

Subsequently, a session was also conducted by
Mr. M Kumaresan, VP & Head – Manufacturing
(Vizag) & Mr. M Gnanasundaram, Associate
VP – Manufacturing respectively, where they
delivered insights on various IR strategies and

The two-day session was graced by Mr. B
Prasannatha Rao, Executive VP & Head – HR,
Mr. R V Subrahmanyam, Senior Associate VP -
HR and Mr. K Pradeep Kumar, VP – HR (Fertiliser,
Organic & Speciality Nutrients).



Coromandel – Retail SBU has always been VIZAREGTZAOILNE
at the forefront of constantly upgrading
technology and introducing innovative Session in progress: Mr. Veerabhadra Rao, Senior
products through its wide spread 'Mana Gromor Scientist, Fisheries Research Station, Undi giving deep
Centres'. insights on technical aspects of Aqua business to the
Taking this spirit of innovation forward, on 22nd
December 2018, a specialised 'Technical Training' Recognition time: Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Senior Zonal
was organised for store teams with the help of Manager (second from left) presenting the memento to
Aqua Scientists, Technical Experts in aqua field Mr. Veerabhadra Rao, Senior Scientist, Fisheries Research
at Fisheries Research Station, Undi. Station, Undi (fourth from left) in the presence of other
Senior Officials
The primary objective of the training was to equip
the store personnel with the requisite knowledge,
to boost product knowledge and lead-conversion
skills. The inherent objective was to enhance and
strengthen its aqua business at 'Mana Gromor

The programme was hugely successful and
received lots of positive feedback.



To create awareness about the ‘First Aid’ who delivered valuable inputs to the participants
amongst employees, Coromandel - and shared various techniques and methods
Thiyagavalli Bio-products plant organised while leading interactive discussions, mock
'Road safety and Emergency First Aid’ training. demonstration, brainstorming, game and
The goal was to create trained first-aid service simulation exercises to make the training more
providers to offer first-aid and pre-hospital lively and effective.
treatment until proper medical treatment is
available. The response to the training was positive
as it greatly helped the employees, security
The programme was facilitated by Mr. S personnel, contract workers and drivers to be
Radhakrishnan, Trainer, St. John Ambulance, prepared for any emergency situation in future.

VOICETHE 27 | 28




Progress in the right direction : Dr. R Narayanan, Advisor, CWC Implementation, ICC Southern Region (seated: fifth from right)
and Mr. T Palanivel, Senior GM -Works & Unit Head (seated: fifth from left) striking a pose with the participants

On 16th January 2019, around eight are only developed, produced, retained,
employees from Coromandel – transferred, or used within its territory for uses
Thiyagavalli Bio-products division were not restricted under the 'Chemical Weapons
nominated to attend the awareness programme Convention' awareness programme.
on 'Chemical Weapons Convention'. The
objective of the programme was to equip the Overview
employees on the latest trend of CWC. The The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)
programme was facilitated by Dr. R Narayanan, is an arms control treaty prohibiting the
Advisor, CWC Implementation, ICC – Southern development, production, acquisition,
Region. During the session, he explained to the stockpiling, retention, transfer or use of
participants, necessary measures required to chemical weapons by States Parties.
ensure that toxic chemicals and their precursors

Learning the ropes: Mr. S Radhakrishnan, Trainer, St. John Ambulance, demonstrating various techniques and methods on 'First Aid'
to the participants



Chemical Disaster Prevention Day is A-two minute silence was also observed to pay
observed on 4th December every homage to the 'Bhopal Gas Tragedy' victims.
year to accentuate the significance of
chemical safety. In line with this, Coromandel – The whole event centered on the theme 'Be safe!
Hospet plant observed the 'Chemical Disaster Be vigilant!'
Prevention Day' by conducting various activities,
including the demonstration of mock drills at Solemn moments: Safety first:
the plant premises of Munirabad RS to check the
emergency preparedness of the plant. Coromandel - Hospet plant Coromandel - Hospet plant
employees paying homage to employees in discussion
The table top drill conducted was a simulation of a Bhopal gas tragedy victims about various 'Case Studies'
disaster scenario and exhibition of synchronised on the occasion of 'Chemical to draw insights to counter
efforts of the operations team and maintenance Disaster Prevention Day' emergency situation
team, security team, administration, HR,
communications and logistics. The employees
were also handed out 'Case Studies' of incidents
to draw insights and develop strategies for
emergency situations.

On 21st December 2018,
Coromandel – R & D

Shameerpet celebrated

Christmas with pomp and gaiety.

The office dazzled with amazing

decoration and the employees

enthusiastically took part in various

activities which included fun games

of different sorts.

Towards the conclusion Dr. Aminul Good tidings: Dr. Aminul Islam, VP - R&D (Crop Protection) (standing: fifth
Islam, VP - R&D (Crop Protection) from left) striking a pose with Coromandel - R&D Shameerpet team
felicitated the winners of these
competitions. The event was
successful and everyone, who
was a part of the exciting evening,
dispersed with happy memories.

VOICETHE 29 | 30

In the world of business, the capability of the
employees is critical to any company’s success.
Coromandel International believes in building
the capability of its workforce and invest in

the skill-sets of its employees. Taking this spirit

forward, Coromandel – East & Central Divisions

(Crop Protection) organised an exciting training

programme ‘DARE’ (Deliver Aspirational Results

Effectively) for its sales force on 9th - 10th Sharpening skill-sets: Mr. Kartik Raina, Consultant,
November 2018 and 2nd - 3rd January 2019 Learning Facilitators, Delhi, imparting training on 'DARE'
respectively. to build skill sets of the Coromandel - Indore team

The objective of the training programme ‘DARE’
was to build the capability of its sales team to
deliver higher level of performance.

Mr. Kartik Raina, Consultant, Learning Facilitators, Smiles before the miles: Mr. Kartik Raina, Consultant,
Delhi, facilitated the training sessions and Learning Facilitators, Delhi,(seated second row: third from
delivered critical inputs to the team by engaging left) striking the pose with the participants of Coromandel
them in activity-based experiential learning. The - Kolkata during the training programme
sales team gave an overwhelming feedback of
the programme.



On 3rd February 2019, Coromandel – Coromandel – Central division completed the 5
Central division’s employees participated km marathon. Kudos to the team!
in the 5 km ‘Indore Marathon - 2019',
which happens to be one of the most prestigious


Individuals from diverse walks of life, including
veterans and disabled people donned on
sporting attire and participated with loads of
enthusiasm. The exposure was enjoyable and a
thorough learning experience.

The marathon had different categories for On the toes : Coromandel - Central division employees striking a
running - 5K, 10K and 21K. Over all, it was a pose during the ‘Indore Marathon - 2019'
successful event where all the employees of the



Astrategic partnership or an alliance Taking this spirit forward, Coromandel – South 1
delivers a competitive advantage and division organised ‘Business Partner Meets’
gives opportunity to access a wide range across different locations. A range of activities
of resources and expertise. Coromandel strongly took place during these meets where the
believes in this philosophy, the reason why it management team interacted with the business
constantly engages with various stakeholders. partners to gather valuable insights.



• On 9th December 2018, Coromandel – South1 Manager (SND), Mr. Madhavan – Business
Nellore Zone has conducted 'Business
Partners Meet' at Minerva Grand Hotel for Manager (SSP), Mr. K V Srinivasa Rao,
dealers of Nellore & Chittoor districts
Deputy Manager – Product Development
• The dignitaries who graced this occasion
were Mr. G V Subbareddy, VP & Divisional (Organics), Mr. Seshu Kumar, Regional
Nutrition Head (South 1), Mr P Bhaskar
Reddy, Senior GM & RBH (Fertiliser), Mr. Logistics Manager, South1 and
P V Raju, GM – Consumer Connect (SND),
Mr. Ch Samba Siva Rao, Assistant GM – Mr. Santosh Kumar, Senior Officer - DBT
SND, Mr. Sai Prasad, Divisional Agronomist,
Mr. G Sridhar, Divisional Accountant, • During the event, Mr. P Bhaskar Reddy,
Mr. Sai Baba Hari Prasad, Zonal Manager, delivered a presentation on Coromandel
Nellore, Mr. Mahaboob Ali – Business achievements, forecasting seasonal
conditions, fertiliser and urea supplies from
Krishnapatnam Port, etc.

• Subsequently, Mr. G V Subbareddy, gave an
overview about fertiliser industry scenario,
focusing on productivity, availability of

VOICETHE 31 | 32

fertilisers and supply plan, Integrated
Nutrient Management and importance of
nano technology in fertiliser industry

• Later, at the event, Mr. Sai Prasad, Divisional
Agronomist, explained about Coromandel
services to the farmers executed through
agronomists and field team, and the
importance of unique grades. Subsequently,
Mr. Santosh Kumar gave a presentation on
'Gromor Pragati' scheme

• Consequently, a gala event in the evening was
organised where the Senior Management
felicitated the top performing “Business
Partners” in different categories

• Around 150 business partners participated
in this meeting and thoroughly enjoyed the


• On 9th January 2019, Coromandel - Mr. K Venkateshwarlu, Senior Zonal Manager,
Vijayawada Zone, South 1 organised Vijayawada, Mr. Mahaboob Ali – Business
'Business Partners' meet for Krishna and Manager (SND), Mr. Madhavan – Business
West Godavari Districts at Hotel Green Park, Manager (SSP), Mr. K V Srinivasa Rao,
Visakhapatnam Deputy Manager – Product Development
(Organics), Mr. Seshu Kumar, Regional
• The event flagged off with the lighting Logistics Manager, South 1 and Mr. Santosh
of lamp led by Mr. G V Subbareddy, VP & Kumar, Senior Officer -DBT
Divisional Nutrition Head (South 1) along
with special guests Mr. Chalapathi Rao, • Speaking on the occasion, Mr. G V Subba
Senior Associate VP - Supply Chain, Mr. Reddy shared Coromandel vision and its
Ravi Kiran, Associate VP – Operations, Mr P plans for the future. Further, he also thanked
Bhaskar Reddy, Senior GM - RBH (Fertiliser) and congratulated the 'Business Partners' for
in the presence of Senior Officials viz. their contribution towards the company’s
Mr. P V Raju, GM – Consumer Connect (SND), success

• During the event, the Senior Management
felicitated the 18 top performing fertiliser
dealers, 18 top performing SND dealers
from each of MO Area and 3 top performing
dealers under different categories of Dealer
portal, e-POS retailer sales, dealers’ shelf
share across zones

• Later, a special lucky draw for the dealers
was conducted and a total of 24 prizes were
distributed to winners across all MO areas

• The event concluded on a high note with
a grand gala dinner along with electrifying
and scintillating entertainment programmes



Financial wellness is a critically important Jaganathan, Branch Manager and Mr. S Murali,
factor in the overall health and well-being Assistant GM - Business Development & Sales
of individuals. of Cholamandalam Securities Limited facilitated
the session.
Keeping this in mind, Coromandel –
Thiyagavalli Bio-products Division nominated The mentors delivered insights on various
20 of its employees to attend a training concepts of financial planning process.
session on ‘Financial Wellness’ conducted by
Cholamandalam Securities Limited on 7th The participants were counselled and empowered
February 2019 at plant premises. with tools to achieve their financial goals with a
personalised action plan.
Mr. Giridharan, Manager - ICICI Prudential, Mr. A

VOICETHE 33 | 34



To boost the fertiliser sales across the 'Mana were decorated and the fertiliser products
Gromor Centres' in entire East & West were on full display with catchy phrases that
Godavari districts, Coromandel - Vizag prompted the farmers to visit the stores.
Zone, Retail has promoted ‘Visual Merchandising’
activities to draw farmers' attention at the East The initiative was a huge success and it
and the West Godavari districts. witnessed a great number of farmers' footfalls
across MGCs.
During the promotion, 'Mana Gromor Centres'
Kudos to the team!

Adding colour to MGCs : Coromandel 'Mana Gromor Centres' across East & West Godavari districts wore a festive look to capture the
farmers' attention

Knowledge transfer: Mr. Giridharan, Financial health talk: Mr. Murali, Assistant Delivering insights: Mr. A Jagannathan,
Manager - ICICI Prudential Life Insurance GM - Business Development & Sales, Branch Manager, Cholamandalam
interacting with the participants Cholamandalam Securities Limited giving Securities Limited giving the tips on
insights on financial planning concepts 'Financial Wellness' to participants



Coromandel celebrated the 70th celebrations were marked with patriotic
Republic Day in all its solemnity and fervour and different activities were organised
grandeur across the locations. The for employees on this joyous occasion.



• Coromandel - North Division CPC team
celebrated 70th Republic Day on 26th
January 2019 with the Farmers, Dealers,
Schools, etc. in North Region

• Various activities viz. Quiz, Rangoli, Games,
etc. were conducted for students and

• Mr. Satish Tiwari, Senior GM & RBH, was

invited as the Chief Guest at Government

Senior Secondary School, Bhawalia,

Chittorgarh, for Republic day celebrations,

wherein 300 student and 250 farmers

attended the programme

• As part of celebration, a free 'Medical Camp'
was organised for the children of Government
School near Meerut, UP


• Mr. K Muruganandam, VP - Acid Division,
hoisted the flag and addressed the gathering

• Subsequently, as part of the celebration,
Mr. K Muruganandam felicitated 18 Security
Personnel & 2 Garden Contract Workmen
for their outstanding contribution during
the year 2018

VOICETHE 35 | 36


• Mr. M Gnanasundaram, Associate VP –
Manufacturing unfurled the flag and inspected
the parade at its premises

• Subsequently, he addressed the gathering of
employees, contract workmen & their family

• During the celebration, employees and their
family members and contract workmen
were awarded prizes for various 'Sports

• Mr. M Gnanasundaram has also distributed
cash awards to the meritorious children of
the employees, who secured the highest
percentage of marks in SSC (State & Central),
Intermediate & EAMCET

• Winners of ‘Quality Month’ Awards were
felicitated during the celebrations

• As a part of CSR activity, Coromandel Ladies
Club, handed out Physiotherapy equipment to
children. Later, 'Sports Kits' were given to girl
students of ZP High School, who participated
at the state level 'Weight Lifting' event

HOSPET • Subsequently, Mr. Mukesh Mittal, addressed
the gathering and shared his insights about
• Mr. Mukesh Mittal, Unit Head, hoisted the flag 'Republic Day'
in the presence of Mr. Eranna Kori, Officer
- HR, Mr. P B Desikan, Deputy Manager -
Accounts, Mr. Prabhakar, Assistant Manager
- Commercial and other Senior Officials

• Mr. T Palanivel, Senior GM - Works & Unit Head, hoisted the flag. This was followed by National

Anthem and inspection of the parade
• Mr. T Palanivel addressed the gathering highlighting the achievements of the plant and

emphasised the importance of service to the nation and how Coromandel is contributing
towards higher farm productivity, resulting in greater revenue for farmers

• Mr. K V Patel, Senior GM & Unit Head, hoisted

the flag and subsequently inspected the
parade by the security guards
• Around 100 employees and contract
workmen thoroughly enjoyed the occasion

• Mr. Ajay Kumbhare, Deputy Manager -

Accounts, hoisted the flag followed by
National Anthem
• Subsequently he inspected the parade by
the security guards
• Employees and contract workmen
enthusiastically participated in the Republic
Day celebrations

VOICETHE 37 | 38

• On 26th Jan 2019 Coromandel - Vizag

plant employees and their family members
celebrated the republic Day
• Mr. S Ravi Kiran, hoisted the flag and
addressed the gathering of 80 plus students
from community schools who also sang
patriotic songs
• 'Sports Meet' was conducted for security
guards where in 20 guards won prizes
• During the celebrations 9 guards were
rewarded for their 'Best Performance'

• Coromandel - Sarigam plant celebrated the

70th Republic Day with lots of vigour and
• Mr. L Boopathy, GM - Commercial & Supply
Chain, hoisted the flag. This was followed by
National Anthem and inspection of the parade.
He addressed the gathering and emphasised
on contributing positively towards Nation
building by improving productivity. He talked
about 'Dupont Safety' initiatives of Sarigam
to upgrade safety culture and practices of
• Subsequently, Mr. B K Shukla, Manager - HR
and Mr. Pourash Pawar, Senior Officer - Safety,
addressed the employees
• Around 100 employees and contract labour
participated on this occasion



Sankranti, which is also called ‘Makar To take this spirit forward, various locations
Sankranti’ and ‘Pongal’, is celebrated to celebrated 'Makar Sankranti & Pongal' on 14th
mark the beginning of the harvesting January 2019.
season. It is celebrated with a traditional fervour
across India.



• Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director,
along with the Senior Management
enthusiastically participated in the
'Kite Flying' event on the terrace of the
Coromandel House, Secunderabad

• Around 350 employees participated
with enthusiasm and liveliness

• Employees had a whale of time
indulging in a variety of activities
such as Kite Flying, Group Selfies,


• On the eve of Makar Sankranti - an auspicious
Satyanarayan Pooja was organised in East

• Mr. Amit Kumar Khatri, Divisional Finance
Head – East, led the pooja and hawan along
with Mr. Diptanu Bhattacharjee, Manager -
HR (East)

• The entire team spiritedly participated in the
pooja and was dressed in traditional attire to
mark the occasion

VOICETHE 39 | 40


• Coromandel – Ankleshwar plant
celebrated the Makar Sankranti
with 'Kite Flying' at its premises

• Traditional sweets and snacks
were also organised as part of
the celebrations


• Coromandel – Thiyagavalli Bio-products
plant celebrated 'Pongal' with lots of fervour
and enthusiasm

• Employees took delight in participating in
the event, which was loaded with various
competitions and traditional games viz.
Musical Chairs, Sack Race, Slow Cycle Race,

• On the conclusion of the event, Mr. R
Radhakrishnan, Assistant GM - Technical
Services QC & R&D and Mr. M Arun Kumar,
Deputy Manager - HR handed out the prizes
to winners


• Coromandel – Retail SBU organised ‘Rangoli’
event during Pongal celebrations on 12th –
13th January 2019 at 'Mana Gromor Centres'
to promote various brands of products

• The villagers came forward in large numbers
and enthusiastically participated in the

• The winners of the competitions were
rewarded with prizes for their creative and
unique designs

SARIGAM A sumptuous lunch made the day even more
• On 14th January 2019, Coromandel - Sarigam
plant celebrated 'Kite Festival' with all
employees and their family members

• The half day event of 'Fun & Fiesta'
commenced with the welcoming of
employees and their families. Chocolates
were distributed to children on arrival

• Around 250 executives enthusiastically
participated in the event at Sri Swaminarayan
Gurukul, Bhilad

• Amidst 70 - 80 Kites flying on the horizon,
screams such as 'Kaye Po Che ... Kaye Po Che...'
were frequently heard in the background.

VIZAG ZONE - RETAIL • Various events viz. Kabaddi, Cycle Race
event, Musical Chairs, Rangoli competitions
Mana Gromor Sankranti Sambaralu etc. were organised

• On 14th January 2019, Coromandel - Eluru
celebrated 'Makar Sankranti' by conducting
farmer events and games in all key villages

• HNI farmers and local department officials
were invited to take part in the festivities

VOICETHE 41 | 42


• On 15th January 2019, Coromandel - Vizag
plant celebrated 'Pongal' at the resident
colony with great pomp and show

• Mr. M Kumaresan, VP & Head – Manufacturing
participated in the pooja conducted at the
newly constructed Bala Ganpati Temple for
growth and prosperity



Coromandel – Thiyagavalli Bio- A mark of honour : Dr. S Balaji, Senior Associate VP & Head - R&D Bio-
products division felicitated and products (right) felicitating Dr. N Kumar, (left) who took charge as the Vice
congratulated Dr. N Kumar who - Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)
took charge as the Vice - Chancellor,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
(TNAU) at University.

On behalf of Coromandel – Thiyagavalli
Bio-products plant, Dr. S Balaji, Senior
Associate VP & Head - R&D, Bio- products,
felicitated and invited the Chancellor to
visit the R & D Centre. In response, Dr. N
Kumar thanked him for the warm gesture
and promised to visit the Coromandel
R&D Centre in the near future.



Coromandel International has always as various activities consisting of 'Indoor and
believed that 'Sports & Athletics' help Outdoor' sports for employees and their family
in building a well-rounded personality. members were organised. The winners of the
Keeping in line with its long existing tradition, competitions were rewarded with prizes.
Coromandel – Kakinada plant and Coromandel –
R & D Shameerpet organised ‘Sports Activities’ Employees and their families had a gala time.
at their respective locations. The day was an enormous hit and everyone
dispersed home with sweet and memorable
The events were filled with lots of excitement times.



• On 14th December 2018, Coromandel –
Kakinada plant organised ‘Sports Month’ for
employees and their family members

• Mr. M Gnanasundaram, VP - Manufacturing
inaugurated the 'Sports Festival' in the
presence of Senior Officials

• Various indoor and outdoor competitions viz.
Chess, Slow Bike Race, etc. were organised

• The event saw a friendly Chess match
between Mr. M Gnanasundaram and Mr. V V
Suryanarayana Raju, President Employee -

• Winners of the competitions were felicitated
with prizes

VOICETHE 43 | 44

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