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Published by swellman, 2022-04-19 10:25:57

LGM Marketing Update November - March

LGM Marketing Update November - March



Highlights from Marketing Client Update:
Last Six Months
Scot Wellman, Director-Marketing & Revenue Management
2 - Message Murphy Sears, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
3 - Monthly Webinars
4 - Communications Landscapes Golf Management has a Marketing and Revenue
5 - Merchandising Management team leading the industry when it comes to
Summit marketing and revenue initiatives for your facility. The following
6 - Teaching Summit document will update you, a client of Landscapes Golf
7 - Opus Training Management, on what we have been working on and sharing
Introduction with the golf course staff, primarily your General Manager and
Sales Professional(s).


Marketing Message Scot Wellman, Director of Marketing
& Revenue Management

I can't remember a year when it felt like there was no offseason. Portfolio-wide, our unplayable hours are
down 10% in Q4, and prime hours are up 7% and 1%, respectively, for Q4 and Q1. Revenues followed
these trends finishing 2021 on a high note and getting 2022 off to a great start.

2022 brings on a new focus for our facilities. Currently, 60% of our private clubs are full, outpacing the
national average of 25% for facilities under $40K initiation fees. We anticipate another 2-3 courses
could become full with a strong selling season this year. Even facilities that aren't full have had growth
over the past two years. As a result, our focus is to help those facilities that still have room to grow to
continue the momentum in 2022.

We think it's important to increase the focus on member retention at all facilities. In January, we tested a
"Think Tank" concept at one of our private clubs. The goal was to develop as many unique programming
ideas as possible in an hour. We then select 2-3 of those ideas to execute the next month. This process
has been met with a huge amount of success. Members desire an environment where they can
participate in activities that you can't get anywhere else. We backed this up by bringing in an award-
winning friend of Landscape's Ben Lorenzen to present at our GM Conference. All GMs had the
opportunity to participate in a silent disco, which surely got the creative juices flowing. All courses must
invest in a person dedicated to the "Experience" at private clubs. We urged all facilities to "Find A Way"
to invest in such a position so to ensure that the communication/execution of robust events are taking
place. Lastly, I wanted to address waitlist fatigue. Yes, it's a thing, and it's becoming more prominent as
the days and weeks go by. I've been encouraging all full private clubs to consider ways that they can
engage these groups sooner. Whether it's a round of golf and a dinner per month, or inviting them out to
some events, please consider that they are likely going to leave after being on a waitlist for six months.

We've taken advantage of our Business Intelligence tool to uncover key statistics for public facilities. One
such is that between 50-60% of golfers who visit our facilities play just one time. After uncovering this
fact, we immediately determined that a loyalty program was needed. The profound revenue impact is
significant if we convince these individuals to play a second time. I'm excited to announce we will be
rolling out a Loyalty product in April that is integrated with our current Lightspeed POS system. We are
also launching a robust event module that will make signing up for events online seamless for the
customer and the course. In February, we hit a milestone for public facilities, with all facilities
successfully migrated to Lightspeed Golf for POS and Tee Sheet services. Our attention will now turn to
private clubs for 2022.

The message is pretty clear for our industry in 2022: Don't do what was done in the early 2000s. We
simply can't sit back and think all these new customers and members will continue to come to our
facilities in the coming years. We need to strive for perfection in the product we offer, the experiences
we deliver, and our investments in player development to ensure that this new flood of interest in golf is
retained. Looking forward to seeing you on the course in 2022!



Monthly Webinars October Webinar:

Every month, the Marketing Team presents a Best 1. TikTok and its relevance to your club
Practice Webinar to all General Managers, Sales 2. Animotica video editing software
Professionals, and other Landscapes Golf
Management personnel. These webinars usually November/December
focus on a specific training aspect, include a Webinar:
guest speaker, and provide an introduction to new
technologies within the marketing space. 1. Merchandising Summit where
Open-to-Buy programs and other
Training portions of the webinar focus on items were discussed
technologies or platforms that we already utilize at
the course level. These are intended to answer January Webinar:
frequent questions we receive as well as touch on
basics as a refresher for all. Guest speakers range 1. Needs-Based Selling
from new partners, current partners, and other 2. 2022 Survey
leaders within LGM.
February Webinar:
We understand that not every webinar can be
attended in real time. Each webinar is recorded 1. 2022 Social Media Strategies
and posted to LGM's Employee Intranet Site. This 2. Metolius (Marketing Agency) Guest
allows all individuals to view the webinar content
when it's convenient for them! Speakers

03 March Webinar:

1. Think Tank Concept for idea generation
2. New Event Module Training


Communications One Playing the Tips included a video on how to
add your email signature to Zendesk. Another
Q4 Course Email Communications, included a video on how to set up task reminders
Playing the Tips, Intranet Chat on our CRM tool. The third included an article on
2022 Social Media Strategies. Finally, we sent a
The LGM Marketing Team works very closely with Playing the Tips on how to setup a Smart List inside
every course in our portfolio to assist them with of our CRM tool for better organization.
marketing ideas, marketing management,
membership promotions, revenue management, Our company Intranet is another form of
and more. communication where we send items regularly. The
goal is to share more marketing/sales information,
This month, we had discussions with all facilities new ideas, and best practices with everyone to
covering the following topics: spark new ideas or grow the knowledge base.

Virtual invitation to attend the first annual The following topics were shared by the marketing
Merchandising Sales Summit in November. team inside the Intranet Chat:
Virtual Invitation to attend the first annual
Teaching Summit Reminders on upcoming webinars
A shoutout from one of our golf courses who
"Playing the Tips" is where we take a common ran a successful holiday charity drive
question or a new trick that could benefit the Thanksgiving message
courses and turn that into a short 30-90 Merry Christmas/Happy New Year message
second educational video. In Q4, we sent a Survey link
few "Playing the Tips." Reminder on where to find recorded webinars



Merchandising Summit

This quarter, the LGM Marketing Team introduced the first annual Merchandising Summit in Q4. All golf
professionals and general managers were invited to this event. The goal of this event was to share
information about our vendors, purchasing programs, and best practices when it comes to purchasing.
Below you will see the agenda for this 4-hour event.

1. Welcome/Introduction
2. Open-to-Buy
3. Margin/Supply Chain
4. Lightspeed Vendor
5. Cleveland/Srixon/Asics Vendor
6. Holiday Sales



Teaching Summit

This quarter, the LGM Marketing Team introduced the first annual Teaching Summit in Q4. All golf
professionals and general managers in our organization were invited to this event, with about 65 in
attendance. The goal of the Teaching Summit was to get as many golf professionals in our portfolio as
possible in one virtual location so that they could share their ideas and learn some new ones. Not
everyone teaches the same way, so we thought it was important to share as many teaching styles as
possible. Below you will see the agenda for this 4-hour virtual event:

1. Welcome/Introduction
2. Winter Programming with Danny Sinksen
3. Digital Communication with Andy Hydorn and Jeff Smith
4. Golf EQ with Dr. Justice & David Ross
5. Young Junior Programming with Craig Franke
6. Coaching the Low Handicapper with Jeff Smith
7. Golf in Schools, PGA Junior League, & Junior Programming with Nate Vincent
8. Putting Club & Fittings with Jonathan Mielke
9. Discover Golf with Richard Franklin
10. Wrap-Up



Video Training with Opus

Opus is our new, mobile-first training platform that was introduced to LGM in February. 2 out of 3
frontline employees don't have an email address or desktop computer. Our company aligns with this
statistic in that most of our employees do not have immediate access to desktop/laptop computers in
order to access the necessary training assigned to them. With the help of Opus, we are able to bridge
this gap by sending content directly to the employee's mobile phone.
Over the next few months, the LGM marketing team will use Opus to create short, video-training content,
specifically for Sales & Marketing managers. All training videos will be completed and stored within the
app for managers to review when needed.
We are excited to get be in full use of this new training application and look forward to hearing
feedback from sales/marketing professionals!




Next Quarter

We hope you found this communication helpful.
The next update will be sent in quarter four regarding the LGM Marketing
Team and an overview of our support with your golf course staff during that
time frame.

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