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Creality Company Introduction 2021.2.21

Creality Company Introduction 2021.2.21

Creality is an internationally renowned 3D printer manufacturer, national high-tech
enterprise, and a pioneer in the R&D and mass production of FDM and resin 3D printers
in China. Our company has been committed to applying 3D printers into market,
delivering efficient and cost-effective integrated 3D printing solutions for individuals,
families, schools and enterprises, and having more than 40 patents with consumer,
industrial and educational 3D printer.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Creality has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, and
cooperates with colleges and universities to build an industry-university-research teaching
and internship base. We have a complete set of R&D, manufacturing and after-sales
service system and strong technological strength. With a total area of 50,000㎡ , a team of
over 1,600 employees, and monthly production capacity of over 1000,000 units, Creality
prides itself on its large-scale R&D center and 3D printing laboratories and Creality
research institute. Coupled with modern production lines working for 24 hours nonstop
and demanding quality control system, the excellent product quality is thus guaranteed
from the source. The products have been sold to more than 192 countries and regions,
and have been ranked in the top of the global 3D printer sales list for a long time.

Build a global leading brand of consumer 3D printer, segment consumer 3D printers and strive to be the
No.1 in global sales list in 2025.

Mission Vision Value Service
Customer first
3D printing industry Create a premier Honesty, Innovate,
evangelist brand and a global Duty, Win-win
leader at intelligent


Team of 1600+;
Over 400, 000RMB and materials
were provided to Wuhan for
Launch Creality Cloud and
Creality mall;
Sales increased by 300% over the
same period last year

2014 2016 2018 2020

“Black horse” Explosion New beginning
Establishment Rise Layout Astride

Team of 1000+;
• Establishment of overseas service center;
• Global brand upgrading;
• Sponsor the first national 3D printing competition.
• Support 1000 universities to set up 3D printing

Core Competencies

Integration of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service

Product advantages Brand advantages

R&D and technical with Selling products in more than 192 Three years in a row, the products
countries and regions; launched has become the world's
members; Tmall, JD and other e-commerce most popular;
platforms have been ranked first for With high international recognition,
Over 100 patents with consumer, industrial a long time; more than 10,000,000 videos are shot
Amazon tops the list; by overseas users; The global market
and educational 3D printer; Top of the global consumer 3D share of consumer 3D printers ranks
printer sales list; first;
The largest consumer 3D printer Ranked first in domenstic shipment. Professional after-sales service team

manufacturer in China;

Both Creality and Ender are two popular


Perfect product system and good reputation

from product users.

Manufacturing Advantages

Produce better quality 3D printers

Site area: 50,000m2 Annual production The products have been sold
capacity: 1,000,000 + to more than 192 countries
and regions

Manufacturing Advantages

The largest consumer 3D printer manufacturer in global

American professor of Physics Sterling England Pi-Supply prints the protective cover President of Sierra Leone Julius Ma Bio
prints the Lamborghini parts with CR- with 200 Creality 3D printers to donate the There is the Ender-3 Pro on the desk to
local doctor
10S、CR-10S5 Lasted 16 months print the model of city

3D Market Frontier

Forecast of 3D printer scale in China from 2017 to 2022

Unit: $100 million

350.0 19% China's 3D printing output value accounts
300.0 for 19% in the world
250.0 239.0
150.0 158.0
119.6 25.7% The average annual growth of global 3D printing
50.0 industry is 25.7%
0.0 92.0


90% 90% market share of consumer 3D printers

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

* Data source:CCID、Wohlers associates

Product System

Consumer 3D printer & Industrial 3D printer

CR-10 V2 Ender-3 CR-200B LD-006
FDM Resin 3D printer
Special printer of Special printer of
CR-10 series Ender-3 series



Art and culture Architecture Manufacture To y I n du str y

Three dimensional art and Simple and quick presentation of Quickly make a proof Display the new cartoon design
cultural works complex building model and save costs

Jewelry Education Medical Archaeology

Display complex and fine jewelry Model for teaching Organ models and related Rapid restoration of historical
medical solutions relics and historic sites


Black Pallbearers

Tea Set Monkey King Iron Man
CULTURE Ø Quickly turn the imagination into reality
Ø Provide designers with a better way to present their inspiration
Ø Mostly used in art , digital sculpture and ceramics


Tian An Men Buildings

Nanzen-ji Temple Sample Houses Hotel

ARCHITECT Ø Quick to turn hand mould into 3D model
URE Ø Fast, real, beautiful, solid and easy to use
Ø Rapid physical design


Handguard Skull
Spine Manipulator

Case-The 3D scanner scans the patient's legs. After modeling and printing, the doctor can make a diagnosis
through the model

MEDICAL Ø Perfectly copy the structure of human body and fit the ergonomics
INDUSTRY Ø 3D printing of skin, teeth, human bones, internal organs and other

organs will be widely used in clinical


Ashtar Pot Naeus Washing Piping Supplies Fish Tank Filter

MOULD Ø Give traditional handmade products more details
MAKING Ø Restore the model realistically and have better assessment effect
Ø shorten the mold making time and reduce the cost greatly


JEWELRY Ø Product structure appearance verification
Ø The printed model is convenient to check
Ø Save time and effort


TOY Ø Quickly print the mold to real objects
Ø Reduce lots of workload and save the cost of unnecessary consumption
Ø Meet the endless creativity


LIGHTING Lamps and Lanterns
Ø Greatly shorten the product making time
Ø Improving manufacturing ability of complicated parts and shapes
Ø Reducing the R&D cost of new products exponentially

Some Key Clients

Creality wins the market with quality, operates the enterprise with honesty, and maintains
good cooperation with many well-known companies, universities, institutions and other
industry customers at home and abroad.

Leadership Concern

Minister Lin Zongtang、 Academician Lu Bingheng, Long Yongtu, former Vice
President Wu Guangquan Chinese Academy of Minister of foreign trade

Since its establishment, the company has been market-oriented and based on the new technology to overcome difficulties. the
achievement and reputation have both been fruitful, which has been supported by leaders from all walks of life;The care and
expectation of the leaders will inspire Creality 3D to move forward, pursue excellence and achieve success.

Social Responsibility

Public welfare education in 21 The first “Creality Cup” Donate 400,000 yuan for Donate 50,000 KN95 masks to
primary schools in Guizhou National Competition Wuhan to fight against the overseas


Creality has always taken social responsibility, popularized the application of 3D printing technology in life, and actively
supported student sponsorship, caring for the elderly, disaster relief and other activities. In the future, Creality 3D will
continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, shape the national brand with social responsibility, and take
technological innovation as the driving force to make the national 3D printing industry stronger.


Shenzhen Creality Technology Co., Ltd

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