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Second Issue of EscapeArt Magazine exploring the concept of creativity and inspiration.

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Published by EscapeArt Magazine, 2019-11-30 10:49:31

EscapeArt Magazine Issue 2 - "Where does creativity come from?"

Second Issue of EscapeArt Magazine exploring the concept of creativity and inspiration.

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The Noise of Silence, Enzo Crispino, p. 40

Issue 02, September 2019


Editors Letter p.3
Magazine Essay p.4, 5, 18, 19, 51, 52, 53
Featured Artists
Norbert Somosi p.6-11

Alex Jaime p.12-17
Bruce Rolff p.19-25
Ornela Gjoci p.26-31
Enzo Crispino p.40-45
Mario Loprete p.46-50
Jorge Perez p.54-57

Film Creativity - Fantasy and Morality


No matter what, the important thing was

Where does creativity come from?

Editor’s Letter

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to release the second issue of EscapeArt
Magazine. Most spontaneous ideas don’t seem to catch form due to the implied
effort that is required to produce something that looks “professional”. On the
other hand, the feedback we received from our first issue was truly inspiring and
probably is the reason why you are able to read these lines today. Most of the
submissions that are featured in this issue have come through my inbox without
me having to actively look for content as I did months ago. This gives me hope for
the future of the project and I’m truly looking forward to see where this journey
takes me.
Even though issue number 2 was created against a storm of obstacles I can’t express
how happy I am to finally sit down and write the final piece of text required to
release the magazine. I’m happy to say that our team is expanding and new ideas
are being implemented on a weekly basis. Let’s go!
Issue number 2 of EscapeArt Magazine attempts to treat the concept of creativity;
where do ideas come from and how does the artist choose the medium of their
work? Does our creative stimulation come from dreams? Perhaps we get inspired
by experiences we lived and the environment we grew up in? Is creativity in the art
world building on an existing foundation that has been established by the greats?
I invite you to read on and discover the answers to the question “Where does
creativity come from?”


that Dan’s parents loved him dearly.

Issue 02, September 2019

So... Where does c r e a t i v i t y
come from?

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti by Milton Rokeach In 1959 Dr. Milton Rokeach brought together
three paranoid schizophrenics who each
believed they were Jesus Christ. He started
an experiment inspired by an article in Harper’s
magazine where two female schizophrenic
patients, who each believed they were Virgin
Mary, were assigned as hospital roommates.
One of the women escaped from her delusion
and was discharged from the mental hospital as a
result of the conversations she had with the other
patient. Dr. Rokeach believed that by forcing
the patients to confront the impossibility of there
being more than one Christ the patients will be
forced out of their delusions similar to the case
mentioned in Harper’s magazine. The experiment
was published as a medical case study in hope to
inspire future researchers in the field. Little did
Dr. Rokeach know that his research notes will
end up being used as a means of discussion on
the matter of creativity in an online art magazine.

Carmona, Spain The case study shed light to a multitude of
theories and behavioral systems and I personally
recommend the book to anyone interested in the
human brain. One of the relevant concepts to us
which is discussed in the case study is the belief
system. Dr. Rokeach divided the belief system in
multiple categories: the self, the authorial and the
peripheral belief systems. The primary belief system
contains the beliefs we have about our own being:
these include things such as our name, gender and
generally characteristics which we take as granted.
Dr. Miton Rokeach explains this belief system
with a very interesting mental exercise: imagine
if someone constantly called you by the wrong


When Dan reached school

Where does creativity come from?

name. His thesis is that your response would be a The question that concerns the issue of our magazine
negative one since your core belief system would is “Where does creativity come from?”, Dr. Rokeage
feel endangered. concluded his experiment with the concept that
while each human being may wish to become
The second belief system has to do with your trust “infinitely moral and competent, the three Christs
in authority. He explains that we each develop a found it difficult to admit such an impossibility.”
sense of authority as children since we are brought In the case of the three schizophrenics creativity
up according to moral guidelines by our parents or came from the need to assert themselves as the most
parental figures. powerful and pure form of life; truly god-like.

The third system consists of the beliefs we develop (Continued on p.18)
as part of experiences and life itself. They are less
prone to excite a negative response when they are
endangered by outer sources since they are not as
important as the core beliefs previously discussed.
Dr. Rokeach’s hypothesis was that by making the
three Jesus Christs face each other it would endanger
their core belief of being the son of God to a point
where they would have to accept the reality that
they are simple men. The result of the experiment
validated the doctor’s faith that the belief system
would have to change in order for the three Christs
to be able to cohabitate the same hospital rooms.
However, none of the three patients gave up on
their delusions; quite the opposite. They further
developed their belief system to a point where they
would be able to explain why there are three of them.
The new delusions the three patients developed
prove a high level of creativity; the youngest of
the three called the other two instrumental Gods
while the other two turned to delusions about
reincarnation among other abstract credences.


all the teachers would congratulate him for his good behavior

The Painter, 2018 Issue 02, September 2019

6 “Everyone is a self-taught artist”

Dan was used as the example student and normally

Norbert Somosi Where does creativity come from?

Follow Norbert on Facebook: Miracles, ,2019

My name is Norbert Somosi (or shortly
NoSo). I’m a Romanian self-taught
artist. To get the elephant out of the
room right away: Everyone is a self-taught artist.

I believe that everyone is born with the same
faculties of the mind, like imagination, creativity,
visualization and it really only depends on us if we
choose to Accept (capital “A”) and cultivate these
faculties. We all get the choice to cultivate these
faculties and as an artist I conciously make the
decision to do so.

The reasons stopping us from cultivating art are
manifold. In my case, I was never the lucky kid
whose parents encouraged me to draw or express
myself artistically in any way. I remember that I
could draw well when I was in school but I have no

Inner Worlds, 2017 7

that would mean everyone else would grow jealous

Issue 02, September 2019

Reflection, 2017


but somehow Dan managed to become friends with most

Where does creativity come from?

physical evidence left from that period. always a story, a message, a meaning, a metaphor
or symbolism based on a real experience captured
To make a long story short I studied Math and in my works. I rarely draw “just” a flower, an
Computer Science and was hired in a job as a animal, an object of any kind without a message or
software developer. I worked in an IT company for an interaction between the subject. On the other
14 years. During this time something happened. hand I think art is also good choice in general to
One of my grandmas died. transmute bad energy to good energy.

I could not deal with this very easily. Our language So if you are angry, disappointed, frustrated or any
is a very limited form of expression and feelings of that negative stuff you can use that vibration as
are hard to put into words and sometimes there is fuel to create something beautiful out of it. These
simply no one to talk to. So I got the choice again two things are basically what inspire and motivate
(after being way over 30 years old) to cultivate the me on my artistic journey. I like to process
above mentioned faculties to try to process the life experiences and to put something meaningful and
experiences which I couldn’t process otherwise. I sometimes beautiful out in the world that maybe
made a conscious choice to start drawing again. others can relate to. (and why not maybe help and
inspire them).
I chose to process things that I couldn’t process
otherwise throught art. In my artwork there is

Where does creativity come from?

From my point of view creativity has two main You mentioned that the human species can be
aspects to it: On one hand lies the ability to connect differentiated from AI and animals due to the
to a higher stream of consciousness. On the other fact that they can connect to a higher stream
hand exists the possibitiliy to manifest what is of concioussness. Would you say that artificial
received trough this stream into our reality. intelligence can imitate human conciousness but
finds it impossible to recreate in code what humans
Working as a software developer for so long I’ve feel when they create art?
always thought that the ability to connect to a
higher stream of consciousness is what separates The limitations of AI lie in the fact that it can
us from animals and artificial intelligence. As the “create” only from acquired information/data. This
human species evolves, the more conscious we data consists of current human knowledge which is
become. This is inevitable, because our brains are limited. So it will be able to create (=mimic) what
able to connect to higher frequencies. people have already created before or assemble
something “new” only from existing data. It will
This is not enough: Our body will always be a never be able to create something brand new. It
limited tool of expression, thus we need to learn lacks the ability to connect to a higher intelligence;
(basically trough “pain and suffering”) how to to receive brand new data. This ability of a human
manifest and materialize the thoughts and ideas being to connect to a higher intelligence (=stream
that we receive. The original creative ideas are not of consciousness) is impossible to code.
our own. We receive them. The other creative
ideas are just rearrangements and combinations of 9
ideas that our brains create from the original ones.

and be the best kid there is to be.

Issue 02, September 2019

The dream thief, 2019


Back in Dan’s country, the custom is that

Where does creativity come from?

Could you give us an example of the symbolism you
use in your paintings?

For example in my illustration “The Dream Thief”
(on the left) the flowers represent dreams. The cat has
an identical flower growing out of it as the sleeping
boy. This refers to the fact that life is life; animal life
(and dreams:) are not less important than our own.
The other thing is that we should be very careful
who we share our dreams with. Even if the person
presents themselves as a gardener, promising to cut
“weeds from our garden”...if we are not careful they
can cut and take our dreams and leave us empty.

Back from the Dream, 2019


at the end of the first year of school

Issue 02, September 2019

Boca Surma, Africa


all the pupils would wear crowns made of flowers

Where does creativity come from?

Alex Jaime

Follow Alex on instagram @ajaime

On a recent vacation trip excursions.
to Spain with my family
I stopped to see the city I studied Audiovisual Communication in UMA
of Mijas. Our host recommended to (Málaga University) and I also finished a masters
go see this city due to its interesting in Contemporary photography in CAC (Center of
white buildings and beautiful view of Contemporary Art in Málaga).
the sea as the city is placed on a high
cliffy terrain. It was an absurdly hot I always work based on influences. I think watching
day where I was trying to hide away and taking photos are the best ways to learn. I
from the sun with every opportunity I almost always start my creative process with an idea
got. While walking around the city I in mind and along my creative journey I find some
noticed a modern looking shop. From beautiful ideas and inspirations. Sometimes I have
inside a cold breeze came bringing out an idea that I “draw” or “sketch” (I’m not good at
what sounded like down tempo music. drawing, but I use it as a guide to express what I
Inside I found canvases of photographs want even if it’s as simple as making a silhouette).
taken predominantly somewhere in This process often takes me in better directions
Africa. The photos started talking to me about than my initial plan. I learn a lot about photography
a world where people struggle to get water and (I have a lot of books of photographers that I
where education happens while standing naked admire like Sebastiao Salgado, Steve McCurry,
in classrooms I never imagined could look like Alec Soth, Bryan Schutmaat, Pieter Hugo among
that. The man behind the counter, Alex Jaime is a others). Reading, music, watching all kinds of arts:
photographer born in Mijas. He started his journey paintings, illustrations, movies, documentaries... all
with photography when he was 12. I introduced of those inspires me.
myself and he shook my hand with a big smile on
his face while telling me about his photography Of course the photography of my father has a lot of
shop which he shared with his greatest inspiration:
his father. This is his story:

“My father, Jesús Jaime Mota, lent me one of his
cameras during a travel to Gambia back in 2006.
Since then I never stopped taking photos nor
traveling. Since 2011 I run my own photo gallery:
Fotoart, where I sell my work. Starting in 2013 I’ve
been doing a lot of professional travelling around
the wold documenting through my photographic
portfolio the places I’ve visited. Even though
artistic creation was alwaysin the back of my mind
I can say I’ve learnt a lot about being organized
and planning whilst doing these professional


and fill the school’s grounds where

Issue 02, September 2019

influence on me, I have seen his photos since I was capture photos of tigers.

born and I have attended all his exhibitions. He It is something natural for me to create. I am quite
was the one that taught me photography. In my an active person so I just can’t sit doing nothing.
early works I tried to run away from his influence, There’s an impulse inside me that always takes me
not wanting to be in my father’s shadow. Later I to do something; to create.
just let it embrace me.

Right now I am preparing myself to be a teacher Besides photography I have always loved music.
and give some workshops around the world. If When I was 14 years old you could find me
everything goes well next year I will be doing a creating music. I learnt how to play the guitar a
masterclass in Wales. I am also planning my next few years ago because sometimes you need to have
travel to Myanmar where I want to capture the a break from work, even when your work is your
beauty of living amongst Buddhist monks. I will passion.

be visiting the Intha fishermen, which is a camp of As I have mentioned before, the first time I went

Rohingyas (that are being expulsed of Myanmar to Africa I was 12 years old. One of the things

because of their beliefs) while also visiting some that really shocked me was seeing all the children

natural reserves like Chitwan in order to try to going to school walking barefoot for kilometers.


the proud parents could watch them and celebrate.

Amanecer Samburu, Africa Where does creativity come from?

Where does

come from?

how to frame it. They are in control of the focal
lenght, aperture, the shutter speed, etc. All these can
influence the way a viewer perceives something.

This can definetly sound like a cliche but it really Creativity is the capacity to express what you have
shocked me: I have never complained again about inside and to create something with it. Everybody
going to school. I had a bus picking me up at home contains some sort of information that can be told
so how could I complain when I just saw children but for some people it is easier to put it out whilst
of my age (at that time) walking 3 kilometers for others it can be more difficult. I must agree
barefeet?! Since then one of the things I have been with Picasso on this topic: “Inspiration exists, but it
trying to do is to share these experiences with the has to find you working.”
world. I feel obliged to let the people see what I
saw and what I felt. Of course I’m not only talking As for the matter of creativity’s source I think
about the hard things but what I mean includes also it comes from experiences. Creativity comes
the beauty that I have found in those places. It is from everything you have seen, watched, read,
not about showing the reality but also showing the listened, felt and done... Everything can affect
way I see things. your creativity. In photography it is important to
research and get inspired from outside sources. I try
I believe photography is not an objective reality to find inspiration in order to nurture my creativity
but it is the reality of the photographer. Every every day; be it by looking at other people’s works
photographer chooses what to photograph and or reading about something that I already have in
mind. For example, currently I am reading a lot
about Myanmar, about other people’s experiences
and thoughts. I’m researching through a lot of
foreign work in order to not repeat what has
already been done.

Go to my website to buy my work or contact me
for some info about my workshops, if you want to
do a workshop in your local or school email me at:
[email protected]


Issue 02, September 2019


Where does creativity come from?


Issue 02, September 2019

Tartini’s Dream, Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1824

(Continued from p.5)

Last night I had a dream that woke me In 1947, Sigmund Freud released a book about a
up with its intensity. I found myself in discipline he called psychoanalysis. His teachings
a circular paved area which had a gray pertained that the human being has multiple
fountain in the middle. Surrounding the paved area levels of the subconscious famously known as:
there was a low height brick wall which offered unconscious and conscious. They are also known
view to the surroundings. The day was misty and as id, ego and superego. The human being takes
wet so not much could be made out besides the instincts that we cultivate unconsciously and
circular paved area I found myself on. I was having registers them in the reality of our conscious. He
a very vivid conversation with a pious character in argues that this phenomenon explains most of
my dream world. He pointed out that the words human behavior and interestingly enough what
I am speaking out actually exist as objects in the we dream about. He pushes forward the idea that
environment that my mind created. Unfortunately, dreams are a portrayal of our desires which we have
I don’t remember all the details but I do recall cultivated due to the environment or the innate
that one of the coincidences the religious figure psychology of the man. Many artists take their
mentioned was my white Beatles T-shirt I often inspiration from dreams. Sigmund Freud amongst
wear in waking life. The dream became more others argues that dreams are a product of the
intense as these absurd coincidences started piling emotion that builds up during our daily life which
up until I got overwhelmed and woke up. then gets processed during sleep. Where does that
leave the concept of creativity and inspiration?


Where does creativity come from?

In the early 1800 Louis Leopold Boilly paints a
representation of Giuseppe Tartini’s inspiration
for his Violin Sonata in G minor. (see left) Tartini
explains that the devil came in his dream to ask for
a music lesson. After the lesson Tartini gave his
quill to the devil in order to test the devil’s musical
aptitude. The devil played such a perfect sonata
that when he woke up Tartini tried to recreate it. “I
felt enraptured, transported, enchanted: my breath
failed me, and I awoke. I immediatly grasped
my violin in order to retain, in part at least, the
impression of my dream. In vain! The music which
I at this time composed is indeed the best that I
ever wrote, and I still call it the “Devil’s Trill”, but
the difference between it and that which so moved
me is so great that I would have destroyed my
instrument and have said farewell to music forever
if it had been possible for me to live without the
enjoyment it affords me.” (Tartini) If we were to
indulge in Sigmund Freud’s theory that dreams
are just a means of the brain to process the daily
emotions and happenings of the waking life then
we would have to accept that the devil in Tartini’s
dream is still part of his creativity and musical
talent. Or are dreams perhaps a connections we
have to a network of conciousness far away from
the possibilities of the world we live in?

(Continued on p.43)

Issue 02, September 2019

Bruce Rolff

Follow Bruce @rolffimages

Icurrently live in southern New Jersey, USA. eyes open, falling asleep while in the middle of a
I have been creating art since I was young. I project. I love what I do and hope to be able to do
grew up surrounded by artists; my brother it till my last days on earth.
and sister were both artists. My brother was the
neighborhood guru and I remember there were As far as my process goes: I have an idea, I work
always many artistic types around. It was an to flesh it out and along the way new ideas come
interesting time and an interesting group of people to me and I work in order to render those new
to be around as a child growing up. ideas. It is like a snowball effect: the original ideas
accumulate new perceptions while my project
As a teen I had a teacher who encouraged my grows and nurtures. Ironically, the moments where
artistic pursuits. I created metal sculptures and I am the most exhausted are the moments I find
worked with clay. After high school I worked in I am the most creative: I may be tired but I find
clay and did mostly abstract paintings on paper myself fully primed with creative juices flowing
with spray paint and pastels but I also worked with freely and excitment.
acrylics. I later moved to photography. I began
using the computer to edit and manipulate my I work with several people that help me in order to
photos digitally. Eventually I moved to creating my sell my work. Our goal is to spread the art I create
images from photos, 3D renders and using digital and reach for the stars in the process of doing so.
painting software. I’ve even done some computer There is no limit in the excitement I carry when I
coding to create elements for images. think about the possibilities.

I produce art because I am obsessed with creating As a child I was mostly a loner. The same for much
art and have been since I was young. I work from of my adult life. I always felt different, like I just did
the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.. not belong. At a youthful age due to feeling out of
Sometimes I will work till I can no longer keep my place in the world I thought being an artist might
be the life for me. As I have matured I realized


Dan finished the top of his class and got transferred to a better school

Where does creativity come from?

Crystal Ball, digital, 2019

Issue 02, September 2019

that I had a spiritual longing. I sometimes feel as if Void, digital
someone is guiding me when I am creating. I have
learned to listen and to follow it. in some of my works is a place of longing, a
purgatory of almost comfortable solidarity. A cool,
I often feel that I am describing places I have been empty world of eternal sunset not without beauty
before in my work. Perhaps they are places I’ve or calmness but a lonely place.
been before I was born in this particular world. The
recurring emotion I am trying to communicate I am inspired by dreams. I have a lot of dreams that
are repetitive but only in the sense that they have
similar themes. Many of them take place in a post-


and again came the day where his father would try to reward his son

Where does creativity come from?

apocalyptic world. I find myself usually traveling to Space Soul, digital
the western USA looking for some sanctuary from
the danger present in my dormant concious. tremendous power and speed but also with delicate
control swinging one end of itself before you’re
In another dream alien visitors are arriving and just feet from you and the ground. It’s a feeling
revealing themselves with great powerful ships. of fear and presence of great power. Always it is
Imagine a huge monstrous vessel measuring imbued with a tremendous feeling of impending
hundreds of feet long maneuvering with great importance, wonder and awe. I take things
from my dreams to use as inspiration for my work.


“Dan, my dear child, I am so happy to have you as a son.”

Issue 02, September 2019

Balance, digital, 2019

“I sometimes feel as if someone is
guiding me when I am creating.”


said the father, with tears of happiness in his eyes

Where does creativity come from?

Balance, digital, 2019

Where does creativity come from?

For me creativity is a spiritual thing especially. It is feeling. It is resolution of a puzzle. It is the creation
a gift, both received and to give. It is a connection of a puzzle. It can be an answer or a question. Art
to a higher power. It is an expression of oneself but is everything ...
again also of a great creator. It is a communication.
It’s an intellectual pursuit. It is an expression of


“Since you bring me so much happiness in my life, I’d like to

Issue 02, September 2019


get you anything that you wish for.”

Where does creativity come from?

Ornela Gjoci

Follow Ornela @ornelagjoci

Coming from Albania young artist Ornela connections everywhere: Milan in Italy, Tirana in
Gjoci studied at the Academy of Graphic Albania, London in the UK, Nicosia in Cyprus,
Arts and has been painting for only two New York in the US and so on.
and a half years. Despite this she is already preparing
for her first solo exhibition. She also appeared in Besides talking to Ornela about her art and drive we
a few publications, she was ranked as one of the asked her a few questions about how she managed
eight artists “who are the next great icon of art” and to make so many connections at such a young age
from our conversations with her she seems to have (24) in such a short time (under 3 years) in hope
that it may help and inspire fellow emerging artists.


“I would like two elastic bands, father” said Dan.

Issue 02, September 2019


“Is it still for your project?” inquired the father.

Where does creativity come from?



Issue 02, September 2019

“To create art you must live inside art”


Where does creativity come from?

Ornela’s style of choice is contemporary similarity in the blend between complex abstraction
expressionism which can be defined as a highly and real elements. However, the biggest factor that
subjective representation of the real world. The has contributed to her success so far is Ornela’s
subject is extremely distorted in order to provoke drive to network and connect to art critics, dealers,
strong emotional responses from the viewer. The galleries, artists, etc. She felt that the galleries in
theme of her first exhibition focuses solely on Albania are making most of the decisions for the
women: “My theme in the paintings is so simple artists they represent instead of respecting cultural
and complex at the same time; simple for those qualification and dynamics. This further pushed
who see the female as a silhouette and tricky her to go on art retreats in countries such a Cyprus
for those who try to mimic the habits and facial and Italy. “I think artists should try all the types
expressions on her face. This topic has come to me of artistic experiences: art colonies, workshops,
in a very natural way. I’m no one to raise or lower competitions… to create art you must live inside
the female figure, so today that I talk about it seems art. A person dedicated to a passion or profession
very difficult as I suffer from inferiority complex (especially art) will never be unfit. If they are not
and I’m thinking that actually I’m just being selfish the best then they are simply different.”
in choosing to paint naturally beautiful things. In
the composition of my paintings there are also the It seems imperative for artists pursuing success
animals who own it more than anyone else. They to push themselves out of their comfort zones
are the protectors of the women I paint.” and into the art world. Travelling, networking,
learning and competing is not only important for
Her biggest inspiration and perhaps door into the making connections within the art world but also
world of art is her husband Klajdi Arapi. When important in nurturing talents and expanding the
comparing their styles we can immediately see a knowledge you have of the world.

Where does creativity come from?

“My main inspiration comes from the suffering of reality and society doesn’t seem to accept the reality
naive women who feel weak and helpless. These that women are suffering. There is no choice but
women are part of discussions on television panels for women to become strong and speak their truth.
talking with psychologists or powerful figures.
They raise voice for change - I would say that Creativity for me is the everyday with its best and
they are the greatest truth of the society we live in. its worst. It is an activity from which new things
Those who demand change do not want to accept arise and develop according to the logic of my


Issue 02, September 2019


In the first issue of our magazine we world of cinema can combine all these
have established that good art is art that devices in order to construct a narrative
manages to strike up a conversation with or study a character. If art is the process
its audience. One of the mediums that of arranging elements in an attempt to
probably does this the best is cinema. appeal to emotion and reaction, then
Filmmakers apply artistic devices and we can say with assurance that cinema
principles that can be found in fine art, is art.
sculpture, music and literature. The


Where does creativity come from?


A commentary by Shirko Abid

Watching films has become more The Old Man & The Gun, 2018, David Lowery
ingrained into our culture than
ever before. They carry an of the paramount examples.
ineffable sway on its viewers not only for its’
captivating images; but the worlds, stories, Good Times’ artistic vision and tone
characters and lives that appear before them. differentiate highly with The Old Man and
A unique art form that shows moments we The Gun, yet both films share a common
yearn for, people we wish we could be, yet also motive that their respective protagonists strive
communicate important truths and messages for: freedom. Both films are set in a world
of life and the human spirit that slip away from where each protagonist is hunted by the law
our consciousness. In film we observe a story’s while they themselves attempt to resist capture.
arc from the beginning to end, we witness The suppression of ones’ freedom is a threat
all the developments, twists and turns which that all humans regard as an act of violation of
almost seems like a reflection of life’s journey. our status as sentient beings. A film can present
Film has become one of the most innovative this concept through the intrigue of criminal
and visually compelling art mediums of today lifestyles. The audience wants to see a story of
that bears an infinite creative canvas, utilising a person free from the shackles that society has
an assortment of tools to communicate an placed on us. A character who defies authority
important message to the audience. and bears the courage to do what they want
without hesitation in the face of that higher
One of the most popular narrative frameworks power. For this reason, the lead character
in film has been the genre of crime. This in crime films have held a historic appeal
specific setting explores two subdued mysteries
of the audiences’ mind - an existence free from
the constraining boundaries of modern society
and shattering our ubiquitous moral conduct.
Film has the power to showcase a frontier of
not only the physical world but of the soul-
where the protagonist is endowed with abilities
which supersedes them from the rest of us,
their justification for their actions can be for
material gain in the spirit of a highwayman
fantasy that has captivated cinema-goers since
the early 20th century with The Old Man and
the Gun (2018) being a devout swan song to this
genre. However, the value within film-making
is its’ resources to experiment with the genres’
tropes, to let go of the conventional narratives’
we frequent and find a new way to retell a tried
and true narrative. Many independent films
recently have taken this approach to heart with
the 2016 crime-thriller Good Time being one

Issue 02, September 2019

stretching back to the genre’s glory days in just a run-of the mill heist film starring the

the early 20th century all the way back to the old guard of Hollywood. It radiates a human

genesis of Wild West films. In everyday life we warmth through its nostalgic style of filming

all yearn for an escape from a mind-numbing and its well-written characters that each help

job that robs our energy, a lack of passion in to convey the films’ message of celebrating

life, a sense of apathy and misdirection in this ones’ life, whilst also proving to be more than

fast and confusing world. stereotypical crime-film roles who are defined

Outlaw films help fill a void in day to day by a shallow concept of good against evil.

life by showing a strong, tenacious individual Casey Affleck plays Tuckers’ foil, John Hunt,

pitted against a harsh world that wishes to deter who is depicted as a world weary yet honest

them. With Good Time and The Old Man with police detective. This is an example of how

The Gun we are presented with two distinct Lowry fully realises his characters as he exposes

protagonists that fit this ideal. However, it is Hunts’ vulnerabilities through certain scenes

in this the manner that each films’ perspective with his family, who play a key role in the film

shows a distinct barrier between each respective as the source of his hope and encouragement

vision. when he finds himself demoralised during the

The Old Man and the Gun is based on a distinct, hunt for Forrest, something we as the audience
2003 New York Times Article that reported an relate to everyday with our families. We are
elderly bank-robber whose entire life is adorned able to see him receive loving support from his
with a vast array of bank heists and prison wife when he finds himself in despair which
breaks spanning decades from his youth. In is presented in a wholesome scene of them
the film, Robert Redford portrays the thief who dancing together in their kitchen. It’s this
is characterised by his wit, cheerfulness and down-to-earth feeling that makes this film
laidback attitude about life which permeates unique as a crime-drama. Lowry manages
throughout the entire film (more so every time to replicate the beauty of human connection
he commits each heist). The director David on screen adding to the films’ life-affirming
Lowry sought to adapt a larger-than-life story message.

of an old man found himself running away Furthermore as we start to learn more about

from the law all his life, by crafting a crime- Jewel, Forrests’ love interest (played by Sissy

drama that holds a heartfelt message beneath Spacek). We are treated to a frank discussion

the extravagant heist

scenes and comical

moments. Lowry

manages to transcend

the historic trope

of a mythological

cinematic conflict

between the brave,

lone criminal against

the law by presenting

Tucker as a man

who has already

achieved what he’s

been searching for.

Despite its’ premise,

the film is more than The Old Man & The Gun, 2018, David Lowery


Where does creativity come from?

between them both concerning the journey While The Old Man and The Gun stands The Old Man & The Gun, 2018, David Lowery
of life, where Jewel delves into her previous as a wholesome and gentle tribute to life as
marriage. She explains how she felt as she was well as the life of a Hollywood icon it’s also
losing herself when raising her family and how wholesome nostalgia-filled throwback. The
she feelt once she had no one to turn to: “Now highly unpredictable nature of the crime film
I think now it’s ok to be selfish,
because you think ten years from narrative beckons much experimentation from
now where you’ll be, what you’ll other visionary directors who intend to take
be doing. Now, whenever I close pre-existing traditions of this historic genre and
the door I think ‘Oh well at least attempt to distort the links between the absurd,
this is the last time I’ll ever have a fantastical aspects of characters onscreen and
chance to do whatever that thing the dark truth of human nature.
was’.” This is one example of Good Time stands polar against the peaceful
where the film emerges beyond its tones of the Old Man and The Gun. It is
entertainment aspect and it starts a downward spiral into the evil depths of
to provoke larger questions to the humanity. Rather than a gradual sink into
forefront of the viewer. Questions forbidden territory akin to Joseph Conrads’
that we all ask ourselves from Heart of Darkness, directors Bennie and Josh
time to time of what it means Safdie take the audience on a neon-lit odyssey
to be happy; how do we know through the murky shadows of New York
what contentment feels like? If City where the only guide in this nightmarish
our life is really what we want or world is Connie Nickas (Robert Pattinson),
if we’re only doing it because it a sociopathic, small-time crook who tasked
feels “normal”? The film establishes a link by with finding a large sum of money to secure
relating with the audience the absurdity that his mentally challenged brother’s release from
we all thrive in during an interesting scene prison after he is arrested following their failed
filled with existential optimism. bank heist. Much like The Old Man and the
Gun, the film’s simple yet engaging premise
Tucker is characterised as a man who doesn’t masks a profound message. Good Time is a
commit constant robbery to achieve something
concrete as he is already fulfilled. He embraces
his life as peculiar and dangerous as it is
because it’s simply part of his nature and it is
this acceptance of this fact that results in is his
true liberation. The meaning of the film is very
simple: life is a gift and while it’s easy to get
swept up in the harder times, there will always
be something to remind you of how great it is
to simply be here and enjoy the things we have
from life. In the same scene with Jewel, Forrest
explains his philosophy that summarises the
films’ message: “ If I ever wonder what I’m
doing or where I’m going I just think of
myself as that kid I was…and I say; ‘Would he
be proud of me?’. If the answers’ no, then I keep
walking through but if the answer is yes then
I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be”.


Issue 02, September 2019

close examination of a desperate Good Time, 2017, Josh & Benny Safdie
and brutal world that comes with
fighting for survival.

As the previous film manages to
subvert the conventional traits of
the old films while simultaneously
paying tribute to them, Good
Time separates completely from
this tradition. As discussed before,
the yearning for freedom has
always been a fundamental aspect
for many crime films of old and
this concept has never been more
clear than with Good Time’s
unique escalating tension as our
protagonist engages in a struggle
against hiding from the police
while also traversing across the
abyssal darkness of New York
trying desperately to accumulate
a huge sum of money. This
mission moves the characters’
circumstances into wildly different
tangents, which adds to the film’s
chaotic nature.

How far Connie goes to find the isn’t draped over by an idyllic, fantasy-version
money is put to many extremes in this film of a criminal that is so well-known on screen.
and it is through this analysis of his personality He is instead a highly realistic portrayal of a
and his reactions to the world around him that criminal that is being hunted. Pattinson delivers
the film takes on a character-study approach. a cunningly raw performance. He executes the
Films have the power to showcase the dynamic character’s paranoia perfectly; In each scene
tendencies of the human soul. Connie is his face is carved with an ever-changing colour
portrayed as a man who has been moulded by of exhaustion where frustration and unbridled
his environment- he is an embodiment of the malice are always present.
most undesirable traits that one could exhibit-
he is violent, highly manipulative and he’s As mentioned before the character proves to be
willing to do anything to achieve his goals adept in being flexible, even going as far as to
even, risking other people’s lives. dyeing his hair to change his identity, lying to
strangers to trick them into allowing him to use
The Old Man The Gun presented an antihero their house as a sanctuary to evade the police or
that played tribute to a famous image of cowboys even manipulating his mentally-ill girlfriend
and bank robbers that were dangerous. However into stealing her mother’s credit card early on
these characters possessed romantic qualities in in the film. His character is uncompromising
their arcs, which made them loveable and fun and his ability to think on his feet propels the
to watch. Good Time destroys this image in story into even stranger diversions involving
favour of an anti-thesis; Connies’ personality a bottle of liquid LSD and breaking into an


Where does creativity come from?

abandoned funhouse at night. Connie responds aggressively “…Losers like
you are incapable of taking care of themselves.
His willingness to lie, cheat and steal all stem You’re either leeching off mommy or leeching
from an almost instinctual motivation to off welfare or living off the government in jail,
survive which again illustrates darkness . The that’s you!” “You don’t know the first thing
character himself even remarks “I think I used about me bro.” “What’s to know? You serve
to be a dog in a past life…”. It’s an interesting absolutely no purpose.” In this telling scene,
moment because much of his actions we are able to peak into Connie’s perception
throughout resemble the feral nature of a wild of the world and are able to catch a glimpse
animal; he regards everyone as nothing more of the inner intentions that drives his cruelty.
than a tool that he can use to stay ahead of the The main character is integral, he is a person
police, (the only person he is close with is his moulded by desolate surroundings who has
brother which one could argue is synonymous been ingrained with a hardboiled survivalist
with the pack mentality of dogs). His cruelty mindset and is therefore more prone to act
is brought forth more when he interacts with upon his instinctual impulses. In this case the
other characters in the film. At one point, he film helps to serve an artistic purpose in the
meets Ray (played by Richard Burress), who character study of a man who is willing to do
is also a small time crook that gets haplessly anything beyond his moral conduct to achieve
embroiled in his schemes. When comparing his goal. A far cry from the romantic depictions
both characters there is an interesting of outlaw criminals that The Old Man and The
similarity; Ray is also on the run from the law Gun displays, the films’ true artistry lies in its’

Good Time, 2017, Josh & Benny Safdie

because of his criminal history. However unlike brutal realism of crime; how real people in this
Connie he is shown to have a circle of friends situation would react when they are placed in
that is close to,which adds to the isolation that dire circumstances. Good Time operates with a
surrounds our protagonist. old predilection of survival of the fittest, which
makes it all the more enthralling to see play
This contrast between both characters reaches out.
an interesting point where Ray attempts to
make a connection with Connie by trying As mentioned at the start, Film is a multi-
to relate to troubles with the law, by which faceted art form that encompasses a chimera


Issue 02, September 2019

Good Time, 2017, Josh & Benny Safdie

of different techniques that range from a metaphor for the story : Connie alone against
cinematography, or choice of music that the vast darkness. Whilst he manages his best
matches the film’s tone and more importantly to not be exposed, the situation is getting worse
how the story and performances are arranged and more problematic as time goes on and
by their directors. Each of the films’ discussed his goal of freeing his brother starts to reach
possess a distinctive vision that are composed in impossible heights.
a respective, care fashion. Good Time pursues
a gritty, nocturnal atmosphere with almost The Safdie Brothers’ have crafted a visual
the entire film taking place in darkness. It is a spectacle with this film, however what truly
natural decision for the film to take place under propels the film’s unique atmosphere is in
cover of darkness, however the Safdie brothers’ large part indebted to its original soundtrack
extensive use of the neon-tinged portrayal of composed by electronic music artist Daniel
New York, almost transforms the city into Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never. Lopatin
a strange and parallel world; which in turn is known for his eccentric, adventurous style
symbolises Connies’ actions reflection of our of electronica in which he pushes and bends
capabilities that we are all perfectly capable of the genre’s boundaries to create jagged,
committing, yet we supress that darkness while haunting and emotional compositions that
he thrives in it. sound both alien and human. His score for
Good Time is merged superbly with the visual
The film feels like it is always in motion and aesthetics, sweeping synthesizers and buzzy
this is conveyed perfectly with Pattinsons’ claustrophobic melodies that enforce the sense
performance as well as the cinematography. of chaos and anxiety that takes place. The
There is a transitional scene where we have music gives a blaring voice to the mayhem
a birds eye view of Connie speeding through of Good Time and this crucial contribution
the motorway. The camera holds the vehicle is paramount to the overall artistic message.
into the centre which then zooms out to reveal When used in tandem with Pattinsons’
the massive silhouetted figure of New York. hypnotic performance and the striking visuals,
The car is still the focal point of the shot but is the film transforms into a beautiful, distorted
dwarfed with the view of the city. This serves as symphony of chaos.


Where does creativity come from?

In opposition to Good Times’ mayhem, The golden age, where these particular close ups
Old Man and the Gun devotes itself fully to were used to communicate the passage of time
its’ faithfulness to the outlaw films of old but or the consequences taking place after a pivotal
to also capture the sense of adventure and event.
tenderness that the film proudly displays.
The cinematography is very kinetic during Both films impart a message or inspire a feeling
the actions scenes; when Forrest commits a to its viewers. We have been able to witness two
robbery there are scenes where the camera entirely different worlds that showcase the dark
quickly swings from him to a point of interest depths of the human soul as well as a wholesome
and focuses on that (e.g. security transporting celebration of the old age of film-making. The
cash to a safe) and then quickly returning to genre of crime is a liberation for the audience
Tucker who is seen observing them closely. This from the mundane. In Good Time we are able
technique creates a sense of playfulness, as if we to explore a dark world that houses the cruelty
are looking at the world through Tuckers’ eyes that is so often buried only to be released in a
and this also creates a feeling of involvement chaotic odyssey that begins to untangle. The
with the audience as if they are with Tucker in Old Man and The Gun presents its viewers
the heist and as a result, imparts a feeling of the with a beautiful message that acts as food for
childlike excitement that he feels. the soul. These two films act as two paragons
of their own era but they both exemplify the
The low lighting in scenes create a more boundless and infinite creative realm that
intimate feeling to the film. As opposed to the cinema holds. There are a myriad of devices
saturated aesthetics of Good Time, The Old that flow together to create an experience for
Man and The Gun successfully cultivates its the viewer and like with any art the quality of
relaxed personality by making the film colour film highly fluctuates depending on reasons
graded, where all the colours appear dim lit. such as production tiers. There are companies
This achieves a unique, nostalgic look while who churn out mediocrity, only seeing film as
bringing the audience closer to the films’ mere commercial ventures, making them husks
escapist theme. devoid of any artistic intention or message. The
films that have been examined show works of
Like with Good Time there are transitional art by people that impart strong reminders of
scenes that denote important plot developments: the sacred fragility of life and the capabilities
News articles are used in the film during the of the human soul.
aftermath of a robbery where we see close up
shots of headlines printed followed by fast
cutaways to different newspapers’ and this
transition gives the audience a wave of nostalgia
to similar scenes originating from films during
the 50’s and 60s’ in order to pay tribute to the


Issue 02, September 2019

Enzo Crispino

Iwas born in Italy in Frattamaggiore, in the
province of Naples and I currently live in the
province of Reggio Emilia,

I am a self-taught artist and photographer. I am
represented by the InArte / Werkkunst Gallery in
Bergamo (Italy)

I was not aware that what I was producing was
art; it was a completely random path. While taking
photos I felt the need of growth: an evolution that
would further give meaning and depth to what I
wanted to produce. The research and the study
led me to see in the photos I take verses of poems
relating them to social issues which ended up
intensifying my research for my future work.

Where does creativity come from?

Personally I think that we all have the creativity pages is entitled “The noise of silence”. This project
but we are not aware that we have it. You do not was born from the desire to question the whirling
seek it for it comes from itself. In my case I’ve life that nowadays we are all inevitably absorbed
discovered it from the need of creating something into. The everyday life has been like a shield to
that was absolutely mine. It was where my our personality which in turn makes us sterile in
personality, my character and my perception of perceiving emotions through the beauty of the
the world around me come through. simple. The simple in this case could be an empty
beach during the winter with a tumultuous sky
In my view, creativity can be represented by three exiling us from everything, erasing every thought
verbs: observe, question and then interpret what that oppresses us and looking only for silence; the
attracted your curiosity and attention. beauty of the noise found in the silence of reading
a poem.
I elaborate an idea into a concept through
photography; creating projects which talk about Inspiration is creativity. On the other hand it
social themes. becomes so only when we try not to destroy our
originality by emulating others’ work.
One of the photographic projects you see on these


“Ok, I won’t ask what it is but please know that

Where does creativity come from?

The Noise of Silence series


your mother and I would love to see the progress of your project.”

Issue 02, September 2019


The next day, his father bought his son a set of another 50 elastic bands.

Where does creativity come from?


Issue 02, September 2019

In my opinion you can get ideas from others but style; making it recognizable. When you can
then you have to be able to customize what you create personal poetics that is when you have
want to create, instilling in each work a trace of created something that feeds more creativity.
your own sensitivity that will characterize your


Where does creativity come from?

The Noise of Silence series


Issue 02, September 2019

“ It is not the man that chooses to be an artist but it’s the art that
possesess the person ”


“Father, I didn’t mention it before, but I only need 2 bands.”

Where does creativity come from?

Mario Loprete

Follow Mario @marioloprete

My name is Mario Loprete. I live in inspired by the real with the main objective of
Catanzaro, a small calabrian city in the speeding up my hand and acquiring technique. I felt
south of Italy. There are many great as I fighting against time which changes lights and
artists in Cantanzaro. While some of them received colors. Focusing so much on technique I realized
the right aknowledgment and some will have it I felt a growing emptiness; a void-like sensation.
in the future almost all of them plod while they Therefore at the age of 34 I decided to attend the
inevitably suffer from the total absence of sales. Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro aware that if I
wanted to give more thickness to my work I needed
The collectors from Catanzaro buy a lot of to confront myself with other artists.
contemporary art. They attend art shows and
national galleries but the the artists that get When people study to become surgeons they
supported by their shopping are not from Calabria. finish their studies closer to achieving greatness. I
think art is different; not only do you need to have
The collectors from Catanzaro have an awful knowledge in what you know but you have to
conception about the local artists and prefer to study the skills and talents you lack. An artist needs
invest elsewhere. This is unfortunatly the tragic to be unique and in order to be so he has to learn
story in which I have always lived. It immediatly the history of art and of those who preceded him.
urged me to show my work somewhere else where
it would get judged for merit or demerit and not The will of doing is incredible. I get up in the
because it’s made by a “local artist”. morning and I want to paint. At night I go to sleep

I travel a lot. The proximity to the international
airport makes traveling way easier. I usually rent
a house for a period of time in the european cities
that would inspire my work and consolidate
relationships with galleries and collectors that
I started on the internet. The italian art system
is doped of false auctions that make prices of
unworthy arstists rise up and which break the
wings and dreams those who attempt to become
artists from economic discomfort. When faced
with this reality artists have only two possibilities:
they can adjust to what the market and the artistic
operators ask for, perverting their soul to make art,
or they commit to find work that will make them
economically emancipated but continue to be free
in taking foward their personal art project.

Artistically I formed myself as self-taught. Until
2002 I strayed into Calabria in order to paint


said Dan while he took two elastic bands from the set of 50 and

Issue 02, September 2019

Amir, oil on concrete, 18 cm x 25 cm

and I feel satisfied because I think that another day Alternating picture and sculpture, always searching

has passed - a day dedicated to the research of the to transmit my message, makes me a complete

strength in my work. artist. At some point in my career I felt the need

My art is always dedicated to whom can recognize to utilize a theme that could be comprehended by
it. To whom can see a message. To whom sees my everyone.

message. I like to think that whoever buys my work It was in Hip-Hop I found the solution. It’s a

also buys a temporal door to my world and to my phylosophy of life without geographical borders.

way of creating. It is not the man that chooses to Rap music always kept me company in my study.

be an artist but it’s the art that possesses the person. It was the soundtrack of my work. I exceedingly

Painting for me is my first love. Creating a like to paint everything that symbolizes the urban
painting and starting from the spasmodic research style. I believe that the task of the artist is to tell the
of a concept with which I want to send a message is world that surrounds him.

the base of my painting. The sculpture is my lover; The new series of works on concrete is the one that

my artistic betrayal to the painting. That voluptous gives me more personal and professional satisfaction.

and sensual lover that gives me different emotions, It was the result of an important investigation

that touches prohibited chords… of my work: the research of the “quid” I felt was

missing. Looking at my work in the past ten years


returned the other 48 back to his father.

Where does creativity come from?

B-boy, oil on concrete, 30 cm x 40 cm, 2017


The father took the 48 bands confused:

Issue 02, September 2019

I understood there were semantics and semiotics The successive passage was obvious for me. If
in my visual speech, but the right support to add man brought art on the streets in order to make
value to the message was not yet there. it accessible to everyone why not bring the urban
in galleries and museums? It was the winning
The reinforced cement, the concrete was created step to the continuous evolutionary process of
two thousand years ago by the Romans. It has a my work in that “quid” that I was talking about
millenary story made of amphitheatres, bridges before. I believe this is what is getting me exposed
and roads that have conquered the ancient and in prestigious places and what makes collectors
modern world. Now it’s a synonym of modernity. interested in my work.
Everywhere you go you find a concrete wall.
There’s the modern man in there.

Fabri Fibra, oil on concrete, diameter 25 cm


“I don’t understand, doesn’t your project require elastic bands?”

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