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2018–2019 Official Guide to Laws & Regulations

Volume 11, Issue No. 1, September 2018

See Inside

New Game Harvest Reporting App! –­­ Page 8
Tree Stand Safety – Page 9
Chronic Wasting Disease – Page 22
Essay Contest Winners – Page 21, 46, and 52
Deer Hunting Cooperatives – Page 32

Remember to Report Your Game Harvest

1.866.426.3778 •

Most regulations are in effect September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019

Message from the Governor

Hunting and Trapping in New York –
A cherished legacy of outdoor
adventure continues

Among the many opportunities to enjoy New York’s great outdoors, hunting sea-
son remains one of the most cherished times of the year for many residents and
visiting non-residents alike. With millions of acres of publicly owned state land and
abundant wildlife resources, the possibilities for enjoyable days afield are endless.

Every fall some 500,000 hunters and trappers take to the fields and forests
of New York to enjoy our great outdoors. Whether motivated to spend time afield
with family and friends, the excitement of seeing wildlife in its element, or simply
reconnect with nature, it is a special time of year. For many, it is a time to carry on
deeply rooted tradition, and for others it is time to begin a special bond with nature
aided by a seasoned mentor. A successful outing is not always measured by game
in the bag, but by the experience and memories that will last a lifetime. Introducing
a new hunter to all that New York has to offer, or reenergizing a friend who no longer gets out as much, is a great way
to carry on tradition or begin a new one. New York has endless opportunities with millions of acres of publicly owned
state land and abundant wildlife resources.
I’ve made it a priority of my administration to continue to invest in new lands to conserve wildlife and to improve
access for outdoor recreation. The new Doodletown Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Columbia County is one
example of new lands to be enjoyed by wildlife enthusiasts. In the Adirondacks, the recent classification of the Boreas
Pond tract strikes a balance between preserving a pristine landscape and ensuring that people of all abilities can enjoy
this stunning landscape for generations to come.
The Young Forest Initiative administered by DEC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife is improving thousands of acres of
habitat on WMAs, benefitting many popular game animals as well as other less-common species in need of conservation.
The strong commitment of our dedicated network of volunteer hunter education instructors continues to produce
safe and ethical practices by our hunters. The 2017 hunting seasons were again among the safest on record for hunt-
ing accidents. Still, even one incident is one too many. It is every hunter’s responsibility to obey the law and make safe
decisions. I urge hunters to always keep safety foremost on your mind as you enjoy time afield. And remember, use of
blaze orange or blaze pink will help make you visible to other hunters.
The 2018-19 Hunting and Trapping Guide is an important reference for information about seasons, regulations, and
wildlife management initiatives in New York. Within these pages, you will find additional information to stay informed
on important issues such as Chronic Wasting Disease, use of non-toxic ammunition, and tree stand and gun safety. DEC
staff puts this together each year to ensure that you can be informed, safe, and legal.
I wish you all a safe, successful, and truly rewarding season as you go out to enjoy this great fall tradition or begin a
brand new one. Enjoy the magnificent fields, woods, and waters of the great state of New York.
Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor, New York State

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Contents New York State

2018–2019 Highlights of Changes ������������������������������������������������������� 4 Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor

General Hunting Information NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Basil Seggos, Commissioner
DEC Regional Offices/Important Phone Numbers �������������������������� 6 Kathleen Moser, Deputy Commissioner for Natural Resources
Tree Stand Safety �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9 Anthony Wilkinson, Director, Division of Fish and Wildlife
Licensing Information ���������������������������������������������������������������������� 10–12 James Farquhar, Chief, Bureau of Wildlife
Hunters with Disabilities ����������������������������������������������������������������������� 12 Michael Schiavone, Section Head, Game Management
How to Fill Out Your Carcass Tag ������������������������������������������������������� 13 Colleen J. O'Brien, Editor
Reporting Your Game Harvest ������������������������������������������������������������ 13 How to contact us:
Hunter Education Information ������������������������������������������������������������� 15
Hunting Regulations ������������������������������������������������������������������������ 14–15 NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
The 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety ��������������������������������������33 Game Management Section
625 Broadway
Hunting Area Information Albany, NY 12233-4754
Private Lands/State Lands �������������������������������������������������������������������� 16
Licensed Guides ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������17 Division of Fish and Wildlife's Mission:
The mission of DEC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife is to serve the interests
Big Game Hunting of current and future generations of New Yorkers by using our collective
skills, in partnership with the public, to describe, understand, manage
General Big Game Rules and Regulations �������������������������������� 18–21 and perpetuate a healthy and diverse assemblage of fish, wildlife and
Long Island Deer Hunting ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 18 ecosystems.
Tagging and Transporting ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 18
Muzzleloading and Bowhunting ���������������������������������������������������������20 This guide is a summary that is intended for convenience only — for
Prevent Chronic Wasting Disease ������������������������������������������������������22 complete references, consult the New York State Environmental Con-
Big Game Boundary Descriptions ������������������������������������������������������24 servation Law and Volume 6 of the Codes, Rules and Regulations of
Legal Implements ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������24 New York State. These are available at:
Deer Hunting Season Dates ����������������������������������������������������������������25
How and When to Use Your Deer Carcass Tags ���������������������������26
Deer Management Permits ��������������������������������������������������������� 28–30 w (Environmental Conservation Law)
Deer Hunting Cooperatives �����������������������������������������������������������������32
Determining Future Big Game Season Dates ���������������������������������35 The advertisements contained herein offset the cost of this guide, are pro-
Youth Hunting Opportunities �������������������������������������������������������36–37 vided for informational purposes only, and do not constitute an endorse-
Bear Hunting ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������39 ment by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Small Game Hunting e J .F. Griffin Publishing, LLC is proud to print the official New York
Hunting & Trapping Regulations summary on post-consumer
General Regulations ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 40 recycled paper.
Reptiles and Amphibians ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 40
Falconry ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 40 New York State DEC
Use of Hunting Dogs �������������������������������������������������������������������������������41
Possession and Release of Game Birds ��������������������������������������������41 Your source
Small Game Season Dates and Bag Limits ������������������������������42–43 for hunting
and trapping
Turkey Hunting information!

General Regulations and Reporting Information ������������������ 44–46  Season dates,
Season Dates and Bag Limits ��������������������������������������������������������������45 regulations and
places to hunt can be
Migratory Game Bird Hunting found on our website.

General Regulations and Tagging Information ����������������������47–48  Stay informed with
Special Snow Goose Season ���������������������������������������������������������������47 email updates;
Season Dates and Bag Limits ����������������������������������������������������� 49–50 there are more
Waterfowl Hunting Zone Descriptions �����������������������������������������������51 than 100 topics to
choose from.
Furbearer Hunting
Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
Hunting Furbearers at Night ����������������������������������������������������������������55
Season Dates and Bag Limits ��������������������������������������������������������������55 1

Furbearer Trapping

General Regulations and Tagging Information ��������������������� 56–60
Trapping License Information ��������������������������������������������������������������57
Season Dates and Bag Limits ������������������������������������������������������������� 58
Body-Gripping Traps and Trigger Specifications ��������������������59–60

Environmental Conservation Officers

Q&A �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������62
Gallery ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������63
Contact Information ����������������������������������������������������������������������� 64–65

Regional Maps ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������66–73
Sunrise/Sunset Table ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 77

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide



4  Highlights of Changes for 2018-2019

8  Game Harvest Reporting

9  Tree Stand Safety

22 21  Junior Youth Hunter Essay Winner - Kayla Atherton

22  Chronic Wasting Disease - What You Need to Know

23  Crossbow Hunting Information

32  Deer Hunting Cooperatives

33  The 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety

38  Is It Time to Try a Better Bullet?

62 40  Spruce Grouse vs Ruffed Grouse - Know the Difference

46  Senior Youth Hunter Essay Winner - Cody Blatner

52  Adult Hunter Essay Winner - Brian Engel

61  Tracking River Otters

62  Focus on Law Enforcement

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2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

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Highlights of Changes for 2018–2019

Reminder for Fisher Trapping Season Williamstown, MA  |  Birmingham, AL

In 2016, following completion of the New York State Fisher Management Plan, regulations About This Guide
were adopted to: (1) reduce the fisher (and marten) trapping season from 46 days to 30 days
in select Adirondack Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) in the Northern Zone; (2) establish a This high-quality guide is offered to you
6-day fisher trapping season in select WMUs in Central/Western New York; and (3) require a by the New York State Department of
free special permit for all fisher trapping. For more information on how to obtain a free, special Environmental Conservation through
permit for fisher trapping, see page 54. its unique partnership with J.F. Griffin
Publishing, LLC.
Pending Regulations The revenue generated through ad sales
significantly lowers production costs and
At the time the guide went to press, regulations were pending related to deer feeding. Please generates savings. These savings translate
check DEC’s website for the latest regulation changes before heading afield this fall. Go to into additional funds for other important agency programs.
If you have any feedback or are inter-
Hunting & Trapping Essay Contest ested in advertising, please contact us at
413.884.1001 or at
We asked New York's hunters and trappers to share stories about their first memorable experi-
ence afield or an experience during which they introduced a new person to hunting or trapping. Graphic Design:
Based on age categories, we selected three essays to appear in this year's Hunting and Trap- Jon Gulley, Dane Fay, John Corey,
ping Regulations Guide. Be sure to check them out (pages 21, 46 and 52)! Evelyn Haddad, Chris Sobolowski

Register to vote.

It’s easier than ever.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
is expanding access and
opportunity for New Yorkers to
register to vote.

Visit to:
Register to vote
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Call 1-800-FOR-VOTE This guide is also
to request a form to available online at
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4 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

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Important Numbers

CLINTON Discover
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman
ST. LAWRENCE in New York State


6 5














Important Numbers

Region Offices Wildlife Law Enforcement Hunter Ed Hands-on workshops where
1 (631) 444-0255 women can learn outdoor skills in
2 Stony Brook University (631) 444-0310 (631) 444-0250
3 50 Circle Rd. (631) 444-0255 a supportive atmosphere with
4 Stony Brook, NY 11790-3409 (718) 482-4922 (718) 482-4885 patient, enthusiastic instructors.
5 (845) 256-3063
1 Hunters Pt. Plaza (845) 256-3098 (845) 256-3013 (518) 357-2355
6 47-40 21st St. 518-402-8862
Long Island City, NY 11101-5407 —
7 —
8 21 South Putt Corners Rd. (518) 623-1240
9 New Paltz, NY 12561 (315) 785-2533

1130 North Westcott Rd. (518) 357-2355 (518) 357-2047 — Other Important Numbers
Schenectady, NY 12306-2014 —

65561 State Hwy 10, Suite 1 (607) 652-7367 — (607) 753-3095 DEC Automated Licensing 1-86-NY-DECALS
Stamford, NY 12167-9503 ext. 242 or 247 System (1-866-933-2257)M–F,
(585) 226-5463
1115 Route 86, PO Box 296 (518) 897-1291 (518) 897-1326 — 8:30 AM–4:30 PM
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0296 —
(716) 372-0645 NYC Watershed Hunting
232 Golf Course Rd. Permits 1-800-575-5263
Warrensburg, NY 12885
(518) 623-1240 —

317 Washington St. (315) 785-2263 (315) 785-2231 Deer Management Hotline 1-866-472-4332
Watertown, NY 13601-3787

225 North Main St. (315) 866-6330 — Report Game Take via 1-866-GAME-RPT
Herkimer NY 13350 DECALS (1-866-426-3778)

6739 US Highway 11 (315) 265-3090 — Report Poachers and 1-844-DEC-ECOS
Potsdam, NY 13676 Polluters Hotline (1-844-332-3267)

17893 Game Farm Rd. (315) 639-6122 — Lifetime License Information (518) 402-8843
Dexter, NY 13634

615 Erie Blvd. West — (315) 426-7431 Hunter Ed 1-888-HUNT ED2
Syracuse, NY 13204-2400

1285 Fisher Ave. (607) 753-3095 — Reporting Banded
Cortland, NY 13045 ext. 247 Waterfowl
6274 E. Avon-Lima Rd.
Avon, NY 14414-9519 (585) 226-5380 (585) 226-6706

7291 Coon Rd. (607) 776-2165 — Migratory Bird Harvest Infor- 1-888-427-5447
Bath, NY 14810-9728 mation Program (HIP)

270 Michigan Ave. (716) 851-7010 (716) 851-7050 Information on NY SAFE Act 1-855-LAW-GUNS
Buffalo, NY 14203-2999

182 East Union St., Suite 3 (716) 372-0645 — Law Enforcement (ECOs) 1-877-457-5680
Allegany, NY 14706

6 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

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Message from the Commissioner

Dear Hunter, Trapper and Dedicated, professional staff at DEC are DEC also reminds hunters that ticks are
Conservationist committed to providing sustainable hunting and active whenever temperatures are above freez-
It is a great time to hunt or trap in New York State! trapping opportunities for the state’s treasured ing. Deer ticks can transmit Lyme and several
New Yorkers enjoy seasons for the suite of game game species so that they may be enjoyed by other diseases. It is best to use an insect repel-
species that run from September through March. all New Yorkers now and in the future. You can lent and do a full body check at the end of the
There are hundreds of thousands of acres of pub- play your part by being sure to follow hunting day. More information on deer ticks and Lyme
lic land open to hunting and trapping across the laws and regulations, engaging in ethical hunt- disease can be obtained from the NYS Depart-
state, including more than 80 Wildlife Manage- ing and trapping practices, and by capping off ment of Health.
ment Areas where habitat and access improve- a successful hunt by reporting your deer, bear,
ment projects are planned or underway. Pur- or turkey, and having your otter, fisher, marten, Hunting in New York is a safe activity, and
chase of a voluntary Habitat and Access Stamp and bobcat pelt-sealed. it is getting safer year after year thanks to the
is a great way to contribute directly to access and efforts of over 2,500 volunteer hunter education
habitat improvements. New York has some of the best deer hunting instructors. The best advocates for hunting are
in the country and it is important that hunters hunters themselves, so be sure to use safe and
do everything they can to protect this important ethical hunting practices while afield to ensure
resource. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a that the tradition of hunting continues to be a
serious threat to our deer, and it is knocking vibrant part of New York’s culture.
on our door. Hunters can take an active role in
preventing the introduction of this always-fatal Whether watching a pointing dog work its
disease to the deer herd: way through a tangled covert in search of grouse
• Dispose of carcasses in a landfill to prevent or watching a doe and fawn slip past your tree
stand as the sun rises, the hunting season is
environmental contamination. about creating and sharing memories you will
• If you use a urine-based lure, use a synthetic. have for a lifetime. I am proud of the work we do
• Don’t feed wild deer. at DEC to preserve the state’s natural heritage
• Report sick deer or deer behaving abnormally. so hunters and others can enjoy these benefits
• If you hunt outside of New York, know the for generations to come.

rules when importing hunted deer, elk or Good luck this fall and be safe.
moose, and don’t ship or import a whole car- Basil Seggos
cass or an intact trophy head. Commissioner
• Encourage other hunters to follow these New York State Department of
guidelines. Contact DEC if you observe Environmental Conservation
a violation.

Game Harvest Reporting Report Your
Game Harvest
Hunters are required to report the harvest of deer, bear and turkey within 7 days of
take. You may report your harvest using one of these methods: DEC now offers three ways to report:
• Online through the DEC
• Online: DID YOU KNOW?
• By phone: 1-866-GAME-RPT (1-866-426-3778). You may be fined up to $250 website
• Game Harvest Mobile App (see below for details). for failing to report your deer, outdoor/8316.html
bear or turkey take. • By phone 866-426-3778
• Immediately while afield using our
Take it • Tag it • Report it NEW mobile app (see info at left).
It’s not just the law, it’s good wildlife
Harvest reporting is the LAW and necessary for wildlife management! management!

Report your Game Harvests via Mobile App!

DEC’s mobile app, NY Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife by Pocket Ranger, has added a
new e-license and game harvest reporting tool. Hunters now have a quick, user-
friendly way to:
• gain instant, mobile access to an electronic version of sporting licenses and

• report the harvest of deer, bear and turkey on a smartphone immediately

while afield, even when out of cellular range;
• view current and past harvest reports.
The NY Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife App can be downloaded from the Apple
App store or Google Play store. To access the game harvest report-
ing feature, simply click on the e-License/Report Harvest icon within
the app.
NOTE: You will need a DEC Automated Licensing System (DECALS)
user name and password in order to access your license documents
through the app. If you have not yet created an online user
name and password, visit the DECALS website today. Ques-
tions? – Call our sporting license hotline at 866-472-4332.

8 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Tree Stand Safety

Fatal – no full-body harness 5
the time you leave the ground to
Fatal – with unattached harness 1 the time you get back down.

Fatal – with attached harness 0 RETURN SAFELY to your family.

Non-fatal – no full body harness 3 • Be aware of suspension trauma. Be sure the
harness has a foot strap to relieve harness
Non-fatal – with unattached harness 3 leg pressure.

Non-fatal – with attached harness 0 • Once you are safely in your stand and your
tether is attached to the tree, raise your equip-
TYPE OF STAND INVOLVED (* fatality) ment into your stand. Always use a haul line,
such as a strong rope, to raise and lower your
Climbing tree stand * 2 unloaded gun or cocked crossbow or bow with
quiver up the stand. Do not tie the haul line
Tree Stand Falls Hang-on tree stand ** 4 around the trigger or trigger guard on a firearm.
are Becoming a Raise a firearm with the muzzle pointing down.
Major Cause of Ladder stand 2
Hunting Injuries • Let a reliable person know where you will be
Tower/tri-pod stand 0 hunting and when you will return. A map show-
fTahteaslietiehsuanrteinega-rseillyatperdevinejnutraiebsleand ing your stand location makes it easier for
Homemade tree stand *** 4 others to find you if you do not return on time.
Each year many hunters are seriously injured
falling from tree stands. This has become Hunters need to become more vigilant in their • Carry emergency equipment, such as a knife,
a major source of hunting-related injuries use of tree stands and not take a “this won’t hap- cell phone, flashlight and whistle in your pockets
and fatalities in New York. DEC began pen to me” approach to their safety. Every one at all times (not in your pack hanging in the tree).
investigating tree stand incidents in 2017. of the 12 incidents in 2017 could have been pre-
Of the 12 investigated, 50% were fatal. All vented if hunters simply practiced the following: For more information, including the 2017 Hunting
12 incidents involved a hunter who was • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and warn- Safety Statistics and the 2017 Tree Stand Safety
not wearing a harness or the harness was Statistics, visit the DEC Hunter Education Pro-
not attached to the stand, or the tree at ings before you use your tree stand and check gram page
the time of their fall. The proper use of tree your stands (including straps and chains) every
stands and full-body harnesses will help season. Replace any worn or missing parts.
to prevent these injuries and fatalities. • Use a full-body harness with a lifeline and stay
connected from the time you leave the ground
to the time you get back down.
• Use a “lifeline” or safety rope that is secured
at the base of the tree or stand and to the tree
just above your head when sitting in the stand.
Attach the tether from your full-body harness
to the lifeline using a carabiner and prusik
knot, which easily slides up and down the
lifeline, keeping you connected at all times.






201S8UZ–-92406_1K9QN_Ceawli-HYunot_rHkPHGu_7nxt4i.n75g_F&.inTddrap1 ping Guide

General License Information

Purchasing a license Licenses, Privileges and Permits

Hunting, trapping and fishing licenses can be Type Age or Special Qualifier Price
purchased at over 1,300 agent locations through-
out NYS, over the phone with the DEC call cen- Hunting (Ages 16+) 16–69 (NYS Resident) $22
ter (1-866-933-2257/M-F, 8:30-4:30) and online 70+ (NYS Resident) $5
through the DEC’s Automated Licensing System, Privileges: Hunt small game species with gun, bow or crossbow (see Military Disabled1 $5
DECALS ( To page 23). Hunt deer or bear with gun, muzzleloader, bow (with proof of Patriot2 FREE
find an agent near you visit bow education or a bow privilege), or crossbow (see page 23) during Native American3 FREE
permits/95448.html. Visa & Mastercard are the regular season, or hunt with shotgun or muzzleloader during the Janu- 16+ (Non-Resident) $100
accepted online and over the phone. ary firearms season (permit required — see page 18) in Suffolk County
(WMU 1C). You may hunt frogs with a valid hunting or fishing license.
Mandatory Hunter
Education Qualifications: Hunter Education Certificate OR previous hunting license.
Certificates to possess firearms do not qualify.
A hunter education course is required for per-
sons who cannot provide proof that they have Note: Those less than 18 years of age who are hunting big game for the first
ever possessed a hunting license. You must time as a holder of a hunting license must be accompanied for the entire
be at least 11 years of age to take this class. season by a parent or legal guardian, or a person 18 years of age or older
The general course is a minimum seven hours designated in writing (see permission form on page 37) with at least one
in length. Once the course is complete, the year's experience hunting bear or deer. Accompanist must have a current
individual must have the education certificate hunting license and meet all requirements as specified on page 37.
added to their DEC licensing profile. This can be
done anywhere licenses are sold or by calling Junior Hunting (Ages 12–15) 12–15 (NYS Resident) $5
1-866-933-2257. DEC honors hunter education 12–15 (Non-Resident) $5
certificates and sporting licenses from all other
states and countries. Privileges:

Mandatory Bowhunter • Ages 12–13: Hunt small game species with gun or bow during appropriate seasons when accompanied* by a
Education parent, legal guardian, or person 21 years of age or older with written permission from parent or guardian (see
permission form on page 37).
Hunters wishing to bowhunt for big game must
present either: • Ages 14–15: Hunt small game with gun, bow or crossbow (see page 23) when accompanied* by a parent, legal
1. Proof that he or she successfully completed guardian or person 18 years of age or older with written permission from parent/guardian. Hunt deer or bear
with a gun, bow (with proof of bow education or a bow privilege) or crossbow (see page 23) during the regular
an approved bowhunter education course. season, or hunt with shotgun or muzzleloader during the January firearms season (permit required – see page
(Note: Approved courses are International 18) in Suffolk County, when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or “youth mentor” 21 years of age or older
Bowhunter Education Program courses or designated in writing (see permission form on page 37).
an equivalent course. If in doubt, call toll
free — 1-888-HUNT-ED2) OR * A ccompanist must have a current hunting license and meet all requirements as specified on page 37.
2. Proof that he or she previously held a NYS
bowhunting license or stamp issued in 1980 Qualifications: Hunter Education Certificate OR previous hunting license (certificates to possess firearms do not
or later; if proof is from prior to 1980, he/ qualify). Must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian to purchase. First-time applicants must show proof of age
she must take an additional 7-hour minimum (birth certificate or passport). Junior hunters do not need a Federal Duck Stamp but are required to register in NYS's
bowhunter education course. Harvest Information Program ( to hunt migratory game birds.

Mandatory Crossbow Bowhunting Privilege (Ages 16+) 16–69 (NYS Resident) $15
Requirement 70+ (NYS Resident) FREE
Privileges: Hunt deer and bear with a bow during bowhunting seasons. Military Disabled1 FREE
Hunters wishing to use a crossbow must com- Patriot2 $15
plete qualifications in the safe use of hunting Qualifications: Current year NYS hunting license, PLUS acceptable Bow- Native American3 FREE
with a crossbow and responsible crossbow hunter Education Certificate, OR NYS Bowhunting Stamp issued in 1980 or 16+ (Non-Resident) $30
hunting practices. See page 23 for details. later, OR NYS Junior Bowhunting License issued 1980 or later.

Residency Note: To hunt deer or bear with a bow during the regular season, hunter
must possess both a valid hunting license and either a current bowhunt-
To qualify for a resident license, a person must ing privilege or a valid Bowhunter Education Certificate. This includes
live in New York State for more than 30 days Westchester and Suffolk counties.
immediately preceding the date of applica-
tion. Land ownership in New York does not Junior Bowhunting (Ages 12–15) 12–15 (NYS Resident) $4
make you a resident. Residency is that place 12–15 (Non-Resident) $4
where a person maintains a fixed, permanent
and principal home (regardless of where tem- Privileges:
porarily located), such as where a person is
registered to vote. If under 18, the residence • A ges 12–13: Hunt deer and bear with a bow during the bowhunting season or the regular season or bear during
the early bear season when accompanied* by a parent, legal guardian, or a "youth mentor" 21 years or older and
Continued on page 12 designated in writing (see permission form on page 37). Youth hunter will receive a deer of either sex carcass
tag for use in the regular season, instead of a regular season buck tag.

• A ges 14–15: Hunt deer and bear with a bow during the bowhunting season and the regular season when
accompanied* by a parent, legal guardian or "youth mentor" 18 years of age or older designated in writing (see
permission form on page 37).

* Accompanist must have a current hunting license and meet all requirements as specified on page 37.

Qualifications: Current year NYS hunting license, PLUS acceptable Bowhunter Education OR previous Junior Bow-
hunting License. Must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian to purchase.

14–69 (NYS Resident) $15

Muzzleloader Privilege (Ages 14+) 70+ (NYS Resident) FREE
Military Disabled1 FREE
Privileges: Hunt deer and bear with a muzzleloading firearm during Patriot2 $15
muzzleloading season, and the January special firearms season in Suffolk Native American3 FREE
County (WMU 1C). Hunt deer and bear with a crossbow (see page 23).

Qualifications: Current year NYS hunting license.

14+ (Non-Resident) $30

10 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

General License Information

Licenses, Privileges and Permits Lifetime Sporting Licenses

Type Age or Special Qualifier Price The following Lifetime Licenses are available to New
York State residents only and may be purchased at all
Deer Management Permit Application (Ages 12+) 12–15 (NYS Resident) FREE license-issuing outlets throughout New York State.
16+ (NYS Resident) $10
Privileges: Application for up to two antlerless deer tags issued through a Military Disabled1 $10 Applicants must prove NYS residency for one year prior
random computer selection process. Tags are valid for hunting antlerless Patriot2 $10 to application (proofs are the same as annual licenses
deer only (both antlers less than 3" long) in a specified Wildlife Manage- Native American3 $10 with the exception of the one-year requirement).
ment Unit. See DMP information on pages 28–29. Application 12–15 (Non-Resident) FREE
deadline is October 1 annually. 16+ (Non-Resident) $10 For additional information and clarification on
Lifetime License sales, contact our License Sales Unit,
Qualifications: Must hold a current year NYS hunting license to apply and NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4790, call
pay a non-refundable $10 application fee. Fee is waived for hunters 12–15 518-402-8843, or visit our website
years of age and holders of Lifetime (Sportsman) Licenses purchased
prior to October 1, 2009. Lifetime License Holders should expect to receive their
annual carcass tags in the mail by no later than Sept. 1
Turkey Permit (Ages 12+) 12+ (NYS Resident) $10 annually. License Issuing Agents will replace licenses
Military Disabled1 $10 and tags free of charge between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1. After
Privileges: Hunt turkey during fall and spring turkey seasons (see page 45). Patriot2 $10 Nov. 1, there will be a charge up to $15. If you have a life-
To hunt turkey, all hunters must possess a turkey permit. There are no Native American3 $10 time license card, you will only have to replace carcass
exceptions. 12+ (Non-Resident) $20 tags at a fee of $10.

Qualifications: Current year NYS hunting license. Turkey tags are included Lifetime License (Sportsman)
with a Lifetime License (formerly Lifetime Sportsman). (combined hunting and fishing licenses,

includes turkey permits):

12–15 (NYS Resident) $5 For a person age 0–4 $380
For a person age 5–11 $535
16–69 (NYS Resident) $20 For a person age 12–69 $765
For a person age 70 or older $65

Trapping 70+ (NYS Resident) $5 Other Lifetime Licenses/Privileges
Military Disabled1 $5
Privileges: Set traps for species during their appropriate seasons (see Patriot2 FREE Hunting License $535
page 56 for detailed information). Native American3 FREE Fishing License (age 0–69) $460
Fishing License (age 70 and older) $65
Qualifications: Trapper Education Certificate or previous trapping license. Trapping License $395
See page 37 for additional information on the mentoring program for Bowhunting $235
trappers under 12 years of age. Muzzleloading $235

12–15 (Non-Resident) $5

16+ (Non-Resident) $275

1 Military Disabled: Permanent status — must be a NYS resident and provide a letter from the Department of Veter- Lifetime Licenses and
ans' Affairs stating the disability is "permanent" and rated at a 40% or greater service-connected disability. Once Tags for Young Hunters
permanent eligibility is determined, it will stay in your customer profile. Annual Status — must be a NYS resident
and provide a letter ANNUALLY from the Department of Veterans' Affairs stating the disability is service connected Young hunters who hold a lifetime
and rated at 40% or more. The letter must be dated in the current year. Note: The first purchase of either a hunting, hunting privilege and wish to receive
fishing or trapping license within a calendar year will cost $5. Subsequent purchases of these license types within their tags must first take the appropri-
the same calendar year will be free for qualifying customers. ate hunter safety training course and
have it entered in their DECALS profile.
2 Patriot: Free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses are available to NYS residents who have the appropriate hunting To have the course added, please call
or trapping education and are active members of the NYS National Guard, US Reserve Forces or certain members of the DEC call center at 1-866-933-2257
the US Armed Forces. For more detailed information, visit our website or call (518) 402-8843. (M-F, 8:30-4:30). Young hunters should
take the appropriate training course
3N ative American: Free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses are available to members of the Shinnecock and well in advance of the season to allow
Poospatuck tribes and members of the Six Nations residing on reservations wholly or partially in New York State. adequate time for their tags to be
Licenses must be obtained from participating tribal councils or DEC headquarters in Albany (518) 402-8843. mailed. Tags cannot be obtained from a
license-issuing agent.

When purchasing a lifetime license for
a child, the purchaser must bring proof
of the child’s age (e.g., birth certificate
or passport) and a copy of the parent’s
proof of residency.

Remember to Report
Your Game Harvest

8316.html for details. It’s the law!

See page 13.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 11

General License Information

Continued from page 10 Stamps / Donations
of parents or legal guardian shall be deemed
such person’s residence. For a complete list of Type Age or Special Qualifier Price
valid residency proof documents please see Habitat & Access Stamp Any $5

Active members of the U.S. Armed Forces Donations are used to create or improve fish and wildlife habitat and
stationed in New York and full-time college improve access to those resources for recreational or educational activities.
students in residence in the state during the
school year (proof required) qualify for annual Venison Donation Any $1 or more
resident licenses. Help feed the hungry by supporting NY's venison donation program.

Minimum Hunting Age Federal Duck Stamp 16+ $25
Available at most post offices and some sporting goods stores.
Minors under the age of 12 may not obtain a
hunting license or hunt wildlife. Privileges: Hunt migratory waterfowl. It is not needed for gallinules, coot, crows, rails, woodcock or snipe. All migra-
tory game bird hunters, including junior hunters, must register with the Harvest Information Program by calling toll
License Year free 1-888-427-5447 or registering online at:

Licenses and permits are valid from September 1 Qualifications: Validated by holder’s signature on the face of the stamp. Hunter must also possess a current year NYS
through August 31. hunting license.

License Responsibilities Free Licenses/ Special Licenses
Patriot Licenses for Hunters with
• A license or tag is not transferable and may Disabilities
be used only by the person to whom issued Free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses
(except for Deer Management Permits—see are available to members of the Shinnecock Non-ambulatory hunter permit
pages 28–29). and Poospatuck tribes and members of the
Six Nations residing on reservations in the This permit allows qualified hunters to shoot
• It is illegal to possess another person's license state. They must be obtained from some a firearm from a motorized vehicle (including
while hunting. tribal councils or DEC headquarters in Albany an off-road vehicle) that has the motor turned
(518) 402-8843. off and that is completely off the highway
• A license to hunt, trap or fish does not give right-of-way.
the holder any right to go on private property Free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses
without permission of the landowner. are also available to NYS residents who have To qualify for a Non-Ambulatory Hunter Per-
the appropriate Hunter Education and are mit, a person must be physically unable to move
• You can legally purchase and possess only active service members of the NYS Guard, US about except with the use of a mechanized aid
one hunting license per year. Reserve Forces or certain members of the US such as a wheelchair.
Armed Forces. For more detailed information,
• Your license must be carried on your person visit our website or call (518) 402-8843. Modified longbow authorization
when hunting or trapping.
Lost Licenses This authorization allows qualified people to
• It is illegal to refuse to show your license on hunt big or small game with a legal bow that
demand to a law enforcement officer or the A current year lost license may be replaced at is equipped with a device to hold it in a drawn
owner, lessee or person in control of the lands any license-issuing outlet at a cost of $5 for a and cocked position. It does not allow for the
(or their designees) while on their property. license panel. Big game carcass tag sets or use of a crossbow.
turkey carcass tag sets may be replaced at a
• Make sure that your license has all the correct cost of $10. There is no charge to replace a To qualify for a Modified Longbow Authoriza-
information. Carefully check it immediately lost backtag. tion, a person must be permanently physically
after receipt. If you discover an error, have it unable to draw and hold a legal bow.
corrected as soon as possible. Deer Hunting
Privileges and Tags Modified crossbow permit
• Do NOT heat laminate your license. High tem-
peratures will destroy the license and tags and Rhuensitdeernlitceanndsenson-resident This permit allows qualified people to hunt
turn them black. If destroyed, there is a fee big or small game during bowhunting season
for replacement. • Hunting or Junior Hunting (ages 14-15 only): with a crossbow that has been specifically
You will receive a Regular Season Deer Tag modified with a device that only allows it to
• Sign the back of your license/privilege panel. and a Regular Season Bear Tag. be discharged (fired) by means of a breath
tube. This permit does not allow the use of an
Back Tags • Muzzleloading privilege: You will receive a unmodified crossbow.
Bow/Mz Season Either Sex Tag.
Must be visibly displayed on the middle of your To qualify for a Modified Crossbow Permit, a
back while hunting, except in the Northern Zone • Junior bowhunting or bowhunting privilege: person must be permanently physically unable
and Catskill Park. You will receive a Bow/Mz Season Either Sex to hold or draw a legal bow or to fire a legal
Tag. Junior bowhunters may also use this tag bow that has been modified to hold and release
Hunting License during the regular season. the string.
Residents and non-residents must purchase If a person can pull the trigger on a gun, he
All residents must have a valid hunting license a hunting license to be eligible for bowhunt- or she will not qualify for a Modified Crossbow
in their possession except: ing and muzzleloading privileges. If you pur- Permit.
• Resident owners primarily engaged in farm- chase both bowhunting and muzzleloading
privileges, you will receive one Bow/Mz Either For more information on these permits, write the
ing, lessees and members of their immediate Sex Deer Tag and one Bow/Mz Antlerless Deer NYS DEC Special Licenses Unit, 625 Broadway,
families do not need a hunting license when Tag. Both tags may be used in either season, Albany, NY 12233-4752, email speciallicenses@
hunting small game on farm lands they are with the appropriate implement. or call (518) 402-8985. The applica-
occupying and cultivating. tion process takes time; write or call well before
• Native Americans living on a reservation do you intend to hunt.
not need a hunting license while hunting on
reservation lands.

12 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

General License Information

How To Properly Fill Out Your Carcass Tag and Report Your Harvest

Carcass Tag Flip tag over Use pen or permanent marker.


1 It's as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!!

It is against the law to 11. Fill in the date, location, biologi-
improperly or incompletely cal and season information on
fill out your carcass tag. the front of your tag.

22 . Mark or cut out month and day
of kill AND sign the back of your

3. Report your harvest! See details


Hole for attaching
to your game

Remember: Take It • Tag It • Report It


Reporting Your Game Harvest TAKE IT • TAG IT • REPORT IT Accepting
It's the LAW, and important Quality Consign-
• Deer, Bear and Turkey harvests must be reported for wildlife management. ments for Upcoming
within 7 days of take. Rod & Gun Auctions
» Online:
• You can report your harvest by phone, online or » By phone: 866-426-3778 At Hessney Auction Center
through our new mobile app (see page 8 for details). » Mobile app: See page 8 for details 2741 Rt. 14 N., Geneva, NY

• Reporting online and through the new mobile app is (NYS Thruway Exit 42, 3 Miles South on Rt. 14)
simple, fast and convenient!
Remember to save the bear’s skull so DEC can collect a PREMIER GUN
tooth to age the bear. AUCTIONEERS

Information You Will Need When Reporting For More Info Visit Our Website:


12 DIGIT DOC # 315-789-9349 • 585-734-6082


• For Spring Turkey: • For Fall Turkey:
»» Spur length (none, less than ½", »» Remember to save a leg. We will
½" or longer) request it to determine age and sex.
»» Beard length (less than 3", 3" but
less than 7½", or 7½" or longer.
»» Estimated weight

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

General Hunting Regulations

The following are general hunting regulations. Muzzleloading firearm—is a firearm loaded Fish—Crossbows may not be used to take carp
Specific regulations for various game species through the muzzle, shooting a single projectile or any other fish.
are in the Small Game, Big Game and Trapping and having a minimum bore of .44 inch. Scopes
sections of this booklet. or fiber-optic sights may be used at any time. You Spotlighting
must possess a New York State pistol permit to
Definitions hunt with a muzzleloading pistol. You may use lights to observe wildlife under the
Public highway—means any road maintained following conditions:
Air gun—a firearm that uses spring or compressed by a state, county or town. A private road is one • You are not within 500 feet of a home or farm
air (not gunpowder) to propel a single projectile maintained by a person or corporation.
that is .17 caliber or larger and produces a muzzle Rifle—is a firearm with a barrel length of 16 building, unless you have permission from the
velocity of at least 600 feet per second. You may inches or more with rifling in the barrel that uses owner or lessee (when looking for deer or bear)
use a smooth or rifled bore. metallic cartridges. • While in or on a motor vehicle and operating
Bow—includes long (stick), compound, or Shotgun—is a firearm with a barrel length of 18 a light and no person has a firearm, bow, or
recurve bow. inches or more that uses shells that are non- crossbow unless:
Crossbow—consists of a bow, a string, and either metallic except for the base. »» the implement is taken down, or
compound or recurve limbs with minimum width To take—means to pursue, shoot, hunt, kill, cap- »» the implement is securely fastened in a case,
of 17 inches (tip of limbs, uncocked), mounted on ture, trap, snare or net wildlife and game—and
a stock. The stock shall have a trigger with a work- all lesser acts that disturb or worry wildlife—or to or
ing safety that holds the string and limbs under place or use any net or other device commonly »» the implement is locked in the trunk of the
tension until released. It shall have a minimum used to take wildlife.
overall length from the butt of the stock to the front To trap—means to take, kill or capture wildlife with vehicle, or
of the limbs of 24 inches and be able to launch traps, deadfalls and other devices commonly used »» the implement is a handgun
a minimum 14-inch arrow/bolt, not including the to take wildlife, including the shooting or killing For information on hunting furbearers at night,
legal arrowhead. It shall have a draw weight of of lawfully trapped animals. It also includes all see page 55.
100 to 200 pounds. Optical sights are allowed related activities such as placing, setting, staking
on crossbows. or checking traps or assisting another person with Possession of Firearms
Firearm—all guns, including handguns, rifles, shot- these activities. and Crossbows
guns, muzzleloaders, BB and pellet guns.
Handgun—is any pistol or revolver intended to Manner of Taking During the open season for deer, it is illegal to:
be aimed and fired with one hand and having a • Possess shotgun shells loaded with slug or ball,
barrel length not exceeding 16 inches. Posses- It is illegal to take or hunt wildlife:
sion of handguns in New York State requires a • While in or on a motor vehicle (except by special unless holding a valid license (including carcass
NYS Pistol Permit. New York does not recognize tags) or permit to take deer or bear, or
permits issued by other states. permit—see page 12) • Possess a rifle larger than a .22-caliber rimfire
To hunt—means to pursue, shoot, kill or capture • With the aid of a vehicle’s lights in areas where rifles are banned for taking deer
(other than trap) wildlife and includes all lesser acts • On or from any public road (Centerfire rifles less than .22-caliber and muz-
that disturb or worry wildlife, whether or not they • With any firearm equipped with a silencer zleloading rifles are legal)
result in taking. Hunting also includes all acts to • With any firearm which continues to fire as long In Westchester County and on Long Island, it is
assist another person in taking wildlife. illegal to use any rifle for hunting or to carry one
Motor vehicle—means every vehicle or device as the trigger is held back (an automatic firearm) afield. In Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester coun-
operated by any power other than muscle power • With any semi-automatic firearm with a capacity ties, it is illegal to use a crossbow to hunt wildlife.
including but not limited to automobiles, trucks,
motorcycles, tractors, trailers, motorboats, snow- to hold more than 6 rounds, except: In the Northern Zone, it is illegal to carry a rifle
mobiles and all-terrain vehicles, whether operated 1. Firearms using .22 or .17 caliber rimfire larger than . 22 rimfire or a shotgun loaded with
on or off public highways. ammunition, or slug, ball or buckshot afield if accompanied by a
2. Firearms altered to reduce their capacity dog, except when coyote hunting.
ASK Permission to no more than 6 shells at one time in the
magazine and chamber combined, or Possession of handguns in New York requires
"ASK Permission" stickers, a brochure 3. Autoloading pistols with a barrel length of a NYS Pistol Permit. New York does not recognize
explaining the program, Landowner less than 8 inches permits issued by other states.
Permission forms, and information
about fish and wildlife conservation are • With a spear Transportation
available for free from DEC Regional • With a bow equipped with any mechanical of Firearms
Wildlife Offices or by writing:
NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, device which is attached to the bow (other than A person may not transport or possess a shotgun,
Albany, NY 12233-4754 the bowstring) for drawing, holding or releasing rifle or crossbow in or on a motor vehicle unless
OR ONLINE the bowstring except for a person with a physi- the firearm is unloaded in both chamber and
at cal disability in possession of a Modified Long- magazine or the crossbow is unloaded or taken
outdoor/8371.html bow Authorization (compound bows are legal) down. While legally hunting migratory game birds,
• With a spear gun or modified crossbow except a loaded firearm may be possessed in a motorboat
for a person with a physical disability in posses- not under power OR in a motorboat under power
sion of a Modified Crossbow Permit only while retrieving dead/crippled birds.
• With an arrow with an explosive head or shaft.
• With any device designed or intended to deliver A muzzleloader is considered unloaded when
drugs to an animal the cap is off the nipple, the primer is removed,
• With a crossbow if you are under 14 years old the primer powder is removed from the flintlock
Baiting—It is illegal to hunt with the aid of bait pan, or the battery is removed from an electric-
or over any baited area when hunting big game, fired muzzleloader.
upland game birds, turkey or waterfowl.
A crossbow is considered unloaded when
the arrow/bolt is removed and the crossbow
is uncocked.

14 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

General Hunting Regulations

Discharge of Firearms, Protected and
Crossbows and Bows Unprotected Wildlife

It is illegal to discharge a firearm, crossbow or bow: In New York State, nearly all species of wildlife
• So that the load or arrow/bolt passes over any are protected. Most species, including endan-
gered species, songbirds, hawks and owls are
part of a public highway fully protected and may not be taken. The few
• Within 500 feet for a firearm, 250 feet for a unprotected species include porcupine, red
squirrel, woodchuck, chipmunk, English sparrow,
crossbow or 150 feet for a bow of any school, starling, rock pigeon and monk parakeet. Unpro-
playground, or an occupied factory or church tected species may be taken at any time without
• Within 500 feet for a firearm, 250 feet for a limit. However, a hunting license is required to
crossbow or 150 feet for a bow of a dwelling, hunt unprotected wildlife with a bow, crossbow
farm building or structure in occupation or use or firearm.
unless you own it, lease it, are an immediate
member of the family, an employee, or have Game species may be taken only during their
the owner’s consent open seasons and as summarized in this guide.
Persons taking wildlife on licensed shooting pre-
You may hunt waterfowl over water within 500 serves must comply with regulations governing
feet of a dwelling or public structure as long as those shooting preserves.
neither are within 500 feet in the direction you
are shooting. Choose Fulton County’s lakes
for your next escape.
Hunter Education There are a few simple ways to obtain the
study materials to complete the home- We offer over 70,000 acres for
All first-time hunters, bowhunters and work requirement: hunting big and small game.
trappers must pass one or more courses • Download the free manual and work-
before they can purchase a license in New Hunt Safe - Hunt Smart
York. Trained volunteer instructors certi- sheet OR
fied by DEC teach safe and responsible • Obtain the manual and worksheet Assume every gun to be loaded.
outdoor practices and the important role Control the muzzle in a safe direction.
of hunters and trappers in conservation. through the guidelines of the course Keep finger off the trigger until firing.
Beginning in 2016, all hunter and trapper announcement OR Be sure of your target and beyond.
education courses require the completion • Complete the online homework (fee) Wear hunter orange.
of homework prior to attending the course. and print the voucher to bring to
Proof of the completed homework must the course.
be brought to the course led by an instruc- Visit
tor. The homework may take several hours for more information on materials, includ-
to complete, so one should not begin the ing a list of courses.
work the night before the course. There are NO "online-only" courses. All
courses have an in-person field day. All
courses are free of charge, but space may
be limited. As hunting seasons approach,
many classes fill quickly. SIGN UP EARLY!

New York State Conservation Council, Inc.

A non-profit organization tax exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3)

The New York State Conservation Council (NYSCC) is sportsmen working for sportsmen. The NYSCC is the oldest statewide
conservation organization in New York, started in 1933 by sportsmen/conservationists to help secure and manage our natural resources for
future generations, and to protect the rights of sportsmen and sportswomen to hunt, fish, trap, and own firearms. The NYSCC represents
over 300,000 sportsmen and women from county federations, sportsmen’s clubs, and various other organizations across New York. Sportsmen’s interests in
conservation and outdoor activities in New York State are coordinated through the NYSCC. NYSCC was the lead organization in the successful change of EnCon
Law to allow 14–15 year olds to hunt big game with a rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader, allow 12–13 year olds to hunt small game with a mentor and create a trapper
mentor program for youth under 12. The NYSCC sponsors a nationwide Sportsmen’s and Conservation Club Liability Insurance Program that offers extremely
competitive rates for NYSCC member clubs and shooting preserves. The plan is administered through the United Insurance Agency, Inc.

For information about the Club Liability Insurance Program contact John Long, Jr. or Colleen Jackson at 1-800-728-4522.

For info, membership, or to donate to the NYSCC, contact 315-894-3302, or email [email protected]. Visit our website:



City State Zip

Enclose check or money order payable to NYSCC or Charge $ to my (circle one) Visa or MasterCard

Account # Exp. Date


Check one: Guardian $25 Defender $60 Life $250 Send application to NYSCC, 8 East Main Street, Ilion NY 13357.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 15

Access to Hunting Areas

For information about places to hunt in New or from DEC, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233- Wildlife management areas
York, go to 4754. For more information on hunting on pri-
vate lands, visit our website: The Division of Fish and Wildlife manages about
Private Lands outdoor/7844.html. 187,000 acres of wildlife management areas
(WMAs). These areas are located throughout the
Always ASK the landowner for permission to Remember: Damaging bark or cutting trees, state and contain a variety of different types of
hunt and trap on private land. If it were your land, branches or plants is illegal without permission habitat and wildlife. They are managed primarily
how would you want a visitor to act? of the landowner. for wildlife and wildlife-related public use.
• Be courteous — ASK permission well in
Rights of way that cross private property, WMAs have specific use regulations in
advance. such as for power lines and railroads, are NOT addition to the general use regulations for
• ASK what is permitted. What species can be public land. Trespassing on these areas without state land. Hunting, trapping, and fishing are
permission from the landowner is illegal. permitted, except as specifically restricted by
hunted? Are tree stands allowed? posted notice.
• ASK if friends can join you. FWMA cooperative areas
• Exercise safety—always! On wildlife management areas, it is unlaw-
• Thank the landowner. Through cooperative agreements under New ful to:
Many landowners use "ASK permission" stickers York’s Fish and Wildlife Management Act • Camp without written permission
(see page 14) on their signs which show the (FWMA), Cooperative Hunting Areas provide • Travel off-road by use of motorcycles, motor
landowners’ willingness to allow access to their access and management services to privately
lands. Stickers are available for free from your owned lands in order to increase public hunting scooters, mopeds, trail bikes, snowmobiles or
local Regional Wildlife Office (see page 6) opportunities. When using these areas, remem- any other motorized vehicle, except as spe-
ber that you are a guest on private property. cifically allowed by a permit or posted notice
NY OPEN FOR FISHING & HUNTING Littering and other abuses will only result in • Remove, cut or willfully damage or destroy
closure of many excellent hunting areas. living vegetation of any kind
NETHWE OFYFIOCIARL K • Construct or place a permanent structure,
A word about liability blind, stand or platform (including placement
FISHING, HUNTING & WILDLIFE APP of nails or other hardware into trees)
Whether or not the land is posted, New York • Leave any personal property when leav-
Have you downloaded your State General Obligations Law protects land- ing the area, including leaving tree stands
FREE Pocket Ranger® app? owners from liability for non-paying recreation- overnight
ists engaged in hunting, trapping and fishing • Enter property posted with No Trespass-
Maximize on their property. Because of this protection, ing signs, except with written permission
your outdoor recreational liability lawsuits against rural land- from DEC
adventure and owners are uncommon. This protection does
find everything not apply in cases of willful or malicious failure Lands and forests
you want to to guard or warn against dangers.
know about The Division of Lands and Forests manages
fish, wildlife and State Lands nearly 4,000,000 acres of land, located in
great locations almost every county of the state. From the
near you right For information on hunting and trapping oppor- remote locations of the Adirondack and Catskill
in the palm of tunities and rules governing the use of state land, mountains to the rolling hills of the western parts
your hand. contact the regional office for the county where of the state and the forested areas on Long
you would like to hunt or trap (see page  6). Island, a wide range of hunting and trapping
•iPHONE• Wildlife staff can provide information on Wild- opportunities await the outdoor recreationist.
life Management Areas (WMAs) and Coopera-
•ANDROID• tive Hunting Areas. Forestry staff and NYS Forest Preserves
Forest Rangers can provide details on state
forest lands and the forest preserve. In some Hunting and trapping are permitted in the
instances, written permission or permits are Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserves.
required to use state areas. These are avail- State-owned lands located within these pre-
able from DEC regional offices during normal serves are designated “Forever Wild.” All state
business hours. land rules and camping requirements apply to
the preserves, as well as additional rules spe-
Motorized access to state lands cific to certain areas. Contact the regional DEC
office (see page 6) or nearest NYS Forest
DEC has designated routes on state forests, Ranger for further information.
wildlife management areas, and in the forest
preserve for motor vehicle use by people with Conservation easements
a qualifying mobility disability. The list of these
opportunities, along with information on how Conservation easements are tracts of privately
to obtain a statewide permit for this purpose, is owned property on which New York State has
available by writing to the Regional Land Man- acquired certain public rights, which are out-
ager at DEC regional offices (see page 6) or lined in the easement document as well as in a
at recreation management plan jointly developed
by the state and the landowner. Public hunting
and trapping is allowed on many conservation

16 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Access to Hunting Areas

easements, but due to the individual nature page 6) or visit the state parks website (http:// • Fort Drum Military Installation (federal):
of each conservation easement, members of Call each state Wildlife Management Unit 6H, located in
the public wishing to hunt or trap on a given park to find out specific hunting and access Jefferson and Lewis counties. Over half of
easement property are strongly encouraged to regulations. For a listing of state parks that allow the 107,000-acre installation is open to the
contact a local DEC office (see page 6) for deer hunting, visit the DEC website: http://www. public for hunting and trapping. See the Fort
details on how to properly access the property Drum Fish and Wildlife Management Program
and the hunting and trapping regulations unique website for more information: www.FortDrum.
to the easement. (search for "wildlife") or call
Other Areas to Hunt (315) 772-9636.
State forest (reforestation land) • Whitney Point Reservoir Recreation Area • New York City Watershed Lands: The New
Outside the Adirondacks and Catskills, refor- (federal): Located on state route 26 several York City Department of Environmental Protec-
estation areas are the most common type of miles north of the Village of Whitney Point in tion (DEP) allows trapping, as well as deer, bear,
state lands. Many recreational activities can Broome and Cortland counties. Offers big and turkey, and small game hunting on specially
be pursued on reforestation areas, including small game hunting opportunities. No special designated city water supply lands. Hunters
hunting and trapping. Reforestation areas are hunting permits are needed. and trappers must possess the appropriate,
marked with signs saying “State Forest.” • Moose River Plains Wild Forest (state): valid New York State sporting license and a
In some instances, permits are required to Located in Hamilton County. Hunting and valid access permit to hunt or trap on desig-
camp overnight on undeveloped state forest trapping opportunities in a 64,500-acre wil- nated hunting and trapping areas on city water
lands. Unless specifically prohibited, groups of derness setting. Register at the gates. Over supply lands. For more information, including
less than 10 people may camp on state forest 100 drive-in primitive camping sites. Extensive maps, go to
lands (other than developed campgrounds and seasonal road network. recreation/hunting_and_trapping.shtml.
wildlife management areas) for three consecutive • Finger Lakes National Forest (federal):
nights without a permit. To camp for four consecu- DEC PublicLocated east of Seneca Lake in Schuyler and
tive nights or more, a permit must be obtained.
Groups of 10 or more people need a permit Seneca counties. Small and big game hunt-
to camp on such lands for one night. Further
Campgroundsing opportunities. No special hunting permits

are needed.
information may be obtained from DEC regional • Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (fed- Camping is sometimes available during the
offices for the county you want to camp in or eral): Located at the north end of Cayuga big game season. Reservations for DEC camp-
from local NYS Forest Rangers (see page 6). Lake in Seneca County. Offers big game grounds can be made by calling 1-800-456-
and waterfowl hunting opportunities. This CAMP or online at
Remember, it is unlawful to: area is also open for deer hunting on a con-
trolled basis during both the bowhunting
and regular seasons. Permits are required.
• Cut or injure trees (including construction of

Licensed Guidespermanent tree stands, construction of natu-
ral blinds, clearing of shooting lanes around When deer management permit use is For information on licensed professional guides
portable stands, placement of nails or other allowed, WMU 8J permits are valid. For cur- in New York, contact NYS DEC, 625 Broadway,
hardware into trees, or use of live trees as rent information on seasons, permits, maps NY 12233-2560 or phone (518) 402-8838.
targets while sighting-in firearms). and regulations, write:
• Store personal property. Tree stands or hunt- »» Refuge Manager
ing blinds that do not injure a tree, and are Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
properly marked or tagged with the owner's 3395 Route 5/20 East
name and address or valid hunting license Seneca Falls, NY 13148 Native American
number, may be placed during the appropri- Telephone (315) 568-5987 Tribal Lands
ate hunting season, but must be removed • Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge (federal):
within 30 days of the end of the season. Located east of Lockport in Genesee and Some tribal governments have made
• Erect, use or maintain a building or structure. Orleans counties. Offers small game and provisions for limited public hunting,
• Deposit or leave any litter or rubbish. waterfowl hunting opportunities. This area trapping and fishing access, while
• Operate a motor vehicle, including an all- is also open for deer hunting during both the others do not permit non-tribal mem-
bowhunting and regular seasons. Detailed bers to hunt, trap or fish on their land.
terrain vehicle, off maintained roads except information available from: Check with the governing tribal office
where specifically allowed.   »» Refuge Manager to determine the requirements for
• Camp without a permit when a permit hunting, trapping and fishing within
is required. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge the reservation boundaries. A special
• Possess a rifle, shotgun or firearm in or upon 1101 Casey Road permit is required.
buildings or grounds used for educational Basom, NY 14013
purposes (see Penal Law Section 265.01-a). Telephone (585) 948-5445
• Long Island: For a brochure on areas to hunt
and for access permits, write to
State Parks »» Hunting Opportunities, NYS DEC Use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and
off-road vehicles (ORVs) is restricted on
Many state parks offer waterfowl, small game SUNY Stony Brook most state land.
and big game hunting. For more information, 50 Circle Rd.
contact the appropriate DEC regional office (see Stony Brook, NY 11790-3404

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 17

Big Game Hunting

Please read General Hunting Regulations first. It is unlawful to: Prohibited Sale of
See page 14. • Take big game while the deer or bear is Deer or Bear Meat

Maps Showing in water. It is unlawful to sell deer or bear meat. Other
Season Dates • Possess a firearm of any description when than meat, the parts (e.g., hides, skulls, claws,
antlers, and taxidermy mounts or rugs) from
• Legal Implements: see page 24 bowhunting or accompanying a person bow-
hunting during special bowhunting seasons.
• Possess a firearm other than a muzzleloading
firearm when hunting deer or bear or when legally taken and reported deer and bear may
• Deer: see page 25 accompanying a person hunting deer or bear be sold. Bear gallbladders and bile shall not
• Bear: see page 39 during a special muzzleloading season. be possessed or sold unless a valid bear tag
• Make, set or use salt licks or other attractants, (original or copy) is attached.
whether block, liquid or powder that contains
Hunting Hours ANY amount of salt, upon lands inhabited by

Big game hunting hours are sunrise to sunset Tagging, Transportingdeer or bear at any time of year.
(see page 77). Sunday hunting is allowed in

and Reportingall areas of New York. For hunting on Wildlife In addition to the general hunting regulations for
Management Areas or in state parks, confirm manner of take listed on page 14, it is unlawful Deer and bear are in legal possession only
regulations for the area before hunting. to hunt big game with: when tagged with the appropriate portion of
• Dogs or aircraft of any kind, including drones. the hunting license, deer management permit
• The aid of a pre-established bait pile. or other license provided for that purpose.
Legally Antlered Deer • A firearm or bow aided by any artificial light
A legally antlered deer must have at least one Taggingor a laser that projects a beam toward the tar-
antler that is three inches or longer. Special
get (use of illuminated reticle scopes, red dot
regulations apply in the Antler Restriction areas. scopes, or illuminated sight pins is allowed, pro- After killing a deer or bear:
See page 24 for details. vided no light is projected toward the target). 1. Ensure that you select the proper tag for the
• An autoloading firearm with a capacity of harvested deer or bear.
more than 6 shells (one which requires that 2. Immediately fill in all information and sign
Defining “Early” and the trigger be pulled separately for each shot), the carcass tag with ink that won’t erase.
“Late” Seasons for except an autoloading pistol with a barrel
Deer and Bear length of less than 8 inches. 3. Immediately cut or mark the month and date
• A firearm using rimfire ammunition. of kill on the tag reverse.
• A shotgun of less than 20 gauge or any shot-
4. Write the date of kill on the report panel.
This will help you when reporting a harvest.
When you see the term “early” muzzleloader or gun loaded with shells other than those car- 5. Attach the tag to the carcass upon arrival
bowhunting season, it means before the regular rying a single projectile (rifling in the barrel or at your camp, home or vehicle. You do not
season for that particular zone. “Late” means choke is allowed). need to attach the tag while it is being
after the regular season for that zone. • A bow with a draw weight of 35 lbs or less. dragged or physically carried from the place
• Arrows with barbed broadheads; arrowheads of kill to a camp or point where transporta-
less than 7/8 inches at the widest point or with tion is available.
Manner of Taking less than 2 sharp cutting edges. 6. Report your harvest online, by phone or
Big game may be taken with centerfire rifles, • Double-barreled muzzleloaders or percus- mobile app within 7 days as required by law.
shotguns, handguns, muzzleloading firearms, sion cap revolvers during the special muzzle- See page 8 for details.
bows, and crossbows during appropriate loading seasons.
seasons and in areas designated (see maps, • An air gun or air bow. After you have used your last deer tag, you may
pages 24 and 25). You may use decoys, calls help others hunt deer. You may not carry a fire-
and attractant scents to hunt big game. arm, crossbow or bow, and you must have your
Central NY hunting license with you.
Would You Like to Transporting
Receive Information See
About Hunting and for information on the Deer Management Focus Deer and bear may be transported either inside
Trapping in New York? Area in Tompkins County. Expanded antlerless or outside the vehicle.
bag limits and a January antlerless season in this • A deer carcass with head and deer carcass
area provide additional opportunities for hunters
and help to reduce deer-related conflicts. tag attached may be transported with the
taker in attendance.
• If someone other than the taker is transport-
You are invited to join DEC’s e-mail ing the deer or bear, the taker must attach an
service for information on hunting and Long Island additional tag to the carcass and include the
trapping in New York State. Subscrib- Opportunities names and addresses of both the taker and
ers to this e-mail list will periodically the transporter. The tag may be handwritten
receive information from DEC about All hunting on state-managed land requires a in ink or typed on any paper.
wildlife biology, management, research, DEC permit. The archery deer season runs from • All portions of deer or bear meat being
regulations and hunting. October through January. There is a January transported by the taker shall be individually
To subscribe, visit our website at: firearms season during which shotguns and tagged and the tags shall include the name, muzzleloading firearms can be used. Firearms address, big game DOC #, the date that the
accounts/NYSDEC/subscriber/new and users must obtain a landowner’s endorse- portions were cut, and the signature of the
elect to receive updates on any of the ment to hunt during this season, and may also taker. Packaged or boxed portions of veni-
listed topics. need a town permit. For more information son need only one tag and must be labeled

Join today and become a more on LI hunting opportunities visit our website,
informed hunter or trapper. Continued on page 20

18 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Hunt and trap New York’s only

United States Department of Agriculture

EIxtps’ eArielnlcYeoNuewrsY!ork’s only

Enjoy over 16,000 acres of hunting and trapping ROBERT HORN / PHOTO

• Thousands of acres managed for habitat diversity
aTwhoatuithsyaronoudusognohfthulenoi1qg6ug,0ei0no0pgapcoprrertuanctitiiceess creating a mix of
FINeGaErRlyLAsuKcEcSeNssAiToInOaNlAhLaFbOiRtaEtSaTn! d older aged forests
SEwX•ePeTbEpehRinnIugEenvNfiidsCtteEatisr…nionfggthaegwvooabrrlbdielfeatyms oaoulfsoFgninaggmeoreaLakskpelsienceiedsridges
Fl•owMingahteuardewabteurcstkresambrsoinwmsaitnurge htehmrloocukgfohresmtsixed hardwoods
Vi•brFanlut otpteenrignragsswlanodsotdeacmocinkg winithedaivrelyrseswuicldcliefessspioecnieasl habitat

NPuYYabtooiloiuucnttLahhal nTdtrduaesrieDklsraeDysya–eysaS–easStaouasrtnduoar-ndy,aOSy-,ecAJputtpneomerbi3ble,e22rr0036107--,28210,1,272001189

FOREST SERVICE Hector, NY • 607-546-4470 •

US Forest Service Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests

NY-0000797077 USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender. @gmfl_nfls


THE ULTIMATE The Lowcountry Awaits

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide INSHORE × NEARSHORE × OFFSHORE
Charleston, SC

(843)860-4231 × john@
.COM www.


Big Game Hunting

Continued from page 18 • Non-resident hunters: If your home state pro- the deer must be intact. The deer carcass
hibits the importation of whole deer carcasses tag must be affixed to the carcass, and a tag
from New York, you will need to follow the supplied by the taker must also be attached
“venison” on the outside of the box. If someone above guidelines for transportation of indi- showing the name and address of the taxi-
other than the taker is transporting the por- vidual or packaged portions of deer meat dermist where the head was sent.
tions, an additional tag signed by the taker while in New York State. • Heads of male deer may be transported to
with the names and addresses of the con- • A deer carcass minus the head may be trans- a taxidermist only if a tag supplied by the
signee and taker are required for each portion. ported as above, but evidence of the sex of taker is attached bearing the taker’s signature,
address, big game DOC #, number of points
on each antler and the name and address of
Broadheads for Big Game the taxidermist.
• The head of a doe with antlers that are 3 inches
Type Legal Illegal or more can be removed for mounting. Follow

the same procedure that you would use for
a buck you are having mounted (see above).

Fixed Blade Muzzleloader Hunting

Mechanical Blade Blades pivot forward Blades do not pivot Muzzleloading firearms may be used during the
(shown in position of being (no longer barbed) (remain barbed) muzzleloader and regular seasons, and during
withdrawn from an animal) the January Firearms season on Long Island.
• Hunters must possess a current muzzleloader
Attention Crossbow Hunters
privilege to participate during the muzzle-
Promoting Join New York loader seasons.
Your Right To Crossbow • The muzzleloader privilege is not needed for
hunters to use a muzzleloading firearm during
Hunt Coalition Today regular seasons.
Statewide to secure your • Muzzleloaders may not be used in WMUs 3S,
With The right to Hunt 4J, 8C, and may only be used in 1C during the
“Bow” of Special Firearms season in January.
YOUR Choice with your • Bow/Muzz either-sex or antlerless-only tags
During The Crossbow may not be used during the regular seasons,
Entire Bow during the except in WMUs 1C and 3S.
Entire Archery • Hunters participating in the muzzleloader sea-
Season son shall not have in their possession, or be
Season accompanied by a person who has in his or
her possession, a bow or firearm other than
Crossbows became a legal hunting implement in 2014. Crossbows are permitted a legal muzzleloading firearm or crossbow.
during a portion of the bow season but have restrictions on maximum draw weight,
width and are prohibited in “Archery Only” areas. Hunters also must use the
Muzzleloader Privilege instead of the Bow Privilege. Bowhunting opportunities include both the
bowhunting and regular seasons:
New York Crossbow Coalition is dedicated to seeing the Crossbow Classified as a • Hunters must possess a current bowhunting
Bow and allowing its use during the entire Archery Season without restriction.
or junior bowhunting privilege to participate
during the bowhunting seasons.
• The bowhunting privilege is not required
to hunt with a bow during regular seasons,
but hunters must possess proof of eligibility
(either a valid bowhunter education certificate
or prior bowhunting license).
• Bow/Muzz either-sex or antlerless-only tags
may not be used during the regular seasons
except by junior bowhunters or in WMUs 1C
and 3S.
• In WMUs 4J and 8C, only bows may be used
to take deer during the regular and bowhunt-
ing seasons.
• Suffolk (WMU 1C) and Westchester (WMU
3S) counties have separate regular seasons
restricted to bows for taking deer.

For the latest information on Crossbow Legislation in NY, go to our
web page and sign up for our email alerts and follow us on

Facebook or mail a request for information at the address below.

New York Crossbow Coalition

@NYCrossbow PO Box 316 Pulaski, NY 13142
[email protected]

20 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Big Game Hunting

Crossbow Use Barbed Broadheads
Crossbow opportunities include portions of Barbed broadheads are illegal for hunting big
bow seasons in addition to muzzleloader and game. A barbed broadhead is one in which
regular seasons: the angle formed between the trailing or
• Crossbows may be used to take deer or rear edge of any blade and the shaft is less
bear during muzzleloader seasonsLaontdsaBothradne9r0idnegreSetsa. AtenoLtcahnadt tsheAbvasaeiolaf tbhele STATE LANDS
opnorptiaogneosf2th4eaenadr3ly9b) obwy hsuenatseornssw(siteheamvWaalpidsatefbrrloafmdretoheexntsethnaPdfitrnsgohnapollemnroottrbeieethscaonAntswvidoaemrielildalimabebltaeerrbs. AVAILABLE
hunting or junior hunting (ages 14C-u15sotnolym) BBruoaidlhte/aPdsowritthambelceh/anMicaol bdlaudleas rareClaegbail ns
• CtlihcreeonsrssebegoauwnladsrmascaeuyarsbroeennutsamenuddztzobleetalaokraedddeuerriepnrrgidvueiAleraiLgnrleWgy. AdwifYehtSehFerenPionbtUrhlabaeRednaCaercrsHr.oi(DSwAneOSgiesINgNApOruGavTlpleaLhfdoiiAcrlfmraNoonbmDaplbtae&hagereCbf2lAeo0srM.h)hPoofoSak Custom Built

Modular Cabins

bear and regular seasons by hunters [email protected] FINANCING AVAILABLE
Prime Hunting Land for Sale A L &P C• oCaSneevlearytl)iipfdliicachageutenensto2einf3.gQfoourar1jluti-fhni8ceioa7rrt7iehoq-unNunitYrien-gdL(ACagrwNoesDsws1Sb4wo-1w.5GatewayP(r3o1p5e)rt8i3es1O-8fU77p8stateNY.c1o-m877-695T-I2LMW6BA3EAR7NYSDSALESU&RCEAHSMTAIMPSASITNESG

[email protected]
Lots Bo


Junior Youth Hunter Essay Winner Custom B

(Grades 6 through 8) ALWA

“You got it. I believe in surroundings, my grandpa handed me UPSTATE NY, TUG HILL AND SOUTHERN TIER AREAS Gatew
you and your shot.” a bag filled with snacks of his choice,
which included apples, peanut butter PRIME HUNTING LAN1D-8F7O7R-NSYA-LLEAwNDwSw.Gat
By Kayla Atherton, Grade 8 M&Ms, and a solid pound of Kit-Kats and Prime
Hershey bars. I felt like I hit the jackpot
With a sharp intake of breath, I steadied and it wasn't even Halloween yet!
the rifle in my hand, and pinpointed the We slowly made our way through the
deer right behind its shoulder…wait, wait, dried golden rod to the hunting blind that
wait. Hold-up a minute. Let’s back-up was just above a small valley. We settled
to about 4 hours earlier when I was just ourselves in for the late afternoon and
about to head out with my grandfather to my grandpa said, "We better break out
our hunting blind for my first youth deer the candy. It’s gonna be awhile.”
hunt experience. We waited patiently for the next 3 ½
It was beautiful outside for an autumn hours with only a couple of does below
day, not too chilly, but just right for an us. Finally, a buck revealed himself from
October deer hunt. As I admired my the trees! I couldn't have been more
excited in my life!
"Get ready now, Kayla," my grandpa “The Home of Archery Champions”
whispered, also quite excited. "Now Located in the Heart of Queens, NYC
aim slightly behind the shoulder," he
repeated. Professional Service • Major Brands
"I don't know if I can make that shot," I Complete Pro Shop • Sales & Repair
replied, with a bit of worry in my voice. Indoor Range • Rentals • Instruction
“You got it. I believe in you and your shot,"
my grandpa encouraged. Leagues • Tournaments

Before I knew it, I took a deep breath, Pro Line Archery
aimed, and pulled the trigger - BANG! 95-11 101 Ave.
The gun shuddered in my hands. We Ozone Park NY 11416
scurried across the valley, not know- 718-845-9280
ing if I made the shot, then I literally
stumbled onto the deer. The shot was
slightly high, but right behind the buck’s
shoulder. I jumped for joy and hugged
my grandpa. The six-point buck was my
first. My grandpa’s eyes shone with pride.
I know this hunt was one I would always
remember thanks to my grandpa and his
confidence in me.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 21

Chronic Wasting Disease:
What You Need To Know

CWD is a serious threat to New York’s Here Are Some Things You Can Do:
wild deer and moose and captive deer,
elk, and reindeer. DouetbsoidneeoyfoNurewhaYrvoerkst if you hunt

What is CWD? Meat, hide and cape, antlers, cleaned skull cap with antlers attached, finished
taxidermy mounts, tanned hides, and cleaned upper canine teeth are per-
A contagious, fatal disease of cervids (deer, elk, moose, and reindeer/ mitted. Improperly imported whole carcasses will be ticketed and the entire
caribou) that is caused by an abnormal protein called a prion. It causes animal will be confiscated and destroyed. If you have a CWD-positive harvest
holes to form in the brain. Animals become diseased from direct contact from another state, please contact your DEC Regional Wildlife Office. DEC can
with live infected animals, animal parts, or contaminated soil and plants. assist with safe disposal of the animal and recommend disinfection methods.
Animals shed prions in urine, feces, and saliva before they die. An infected
deer can look healthy for months to years before dying. Take precautions when handling deer

Where is CWD? Wear rubber or latex gloves when field dressing or processing. Remove
internal organs with knives or utensils dedicated for hunting. If you use
The disease has been found in 25 states and three Canadian provinces. lead ammunition, bury or landfill the organs to ensure scavengers, like bald
New York discovered CWD in Oneida County in 2005 in captive and wild eagles, do not accidentally ingest lead fragments. Trim generously around
deer, but no new cases have been found in the state since then despite the wound channel and bag remaining carcass waste for the landfill.
intensive surveillance.
Do not feed wild deer
Why is CWD a Problem?
Feeding is illegal year-round. Concentrating deer around food sources
There is no cure, vaccine, or genetic resistance to CWD. Prions can last can spread diseases like CWD.
in the environment for decades. Once CWD is established in an area,
eliminating the disease is virtually impossible. Although there are no Report sick and abnormal deer to DEC
known human cases, the Centers for Disease Control recommends no
one consume a CWD-positive animal. DEC would like to examine any deer that are very thin, drooling, standing with
legs splayed and head lowered, listless, circling, or are easily approached.
How Can I Help? Contact the DEC Regional Wildlife Office near you (see page 6) or visit
Don’t let CWD into the state again! Know your regulations http://www.dec. Avoid natural deer urine products

Commercially produced urine products are not tested for prions. Choose
synthetic alternatives. You don’t want to contaminate your favorite hunt-
ing spot!

You cannot tell a CWD-positive
deer by appearance alone

Whole carcass import Whole carcass import
strongly discouraged prohibited

White-tailed deer in the end stages of CWD. It is emaciated, DEC is proposing to prohibit importation of whole
drooling, and easily approached. cervid carcasses from all areas outside of NY.
22 Before the 2018 big game hunting season,
check DEC regulations online (
for an up-to-date listing of new CWD rules.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide


CoalitionHunting Information

Crossbow Hunting Qualifications Venison
and Safety Information
Crossbows may be used by any person age 14 or older to hunt deer, bear,
unprotected wildlife and most small game species except waterfowl and
other migratory game birds. Crossbows may not be used to take carp
or any other fish.

Hunters who plan to hunt with a crossbow must have in their pos-
session while afield either their completed Hunter Education Certificate
of Qualification card dated on or after April 1, 2014 OR the completed
Crossbow Certificate of Qualification located below.

Crossbow safety information

• Before shooting your crossbow, read and thoroughly understand your
crossbow owner’s manual.

• Make sure your fingers are well AWAY (below rail) from the path of the
bow string and cables. 

• Never dry-fire a crossbow (cock and fire without an arrow placed on
the rail).

• Make sure the crossbow limbs are free of obstructions before shooting.
• Never carry a cocked crossbow with an arrow in it while walking.
• If hunting from a tree stand, always cock (but do not load) the crossbow

on the ground before climbing into the stand.
• Once seated and secured in the tree stand, pull up your unloaded

crossbow with a haul line.
• Do not place an arrow on the crossbow until you are safely secured

in your stand.
• Never use a cocking device to uncock a crossbow.
• To uncock a crossbow, shoot an arrow tipped with a field point into

the soft ground or a target.
• Always identify your target and the area beyond it before shooting.
• To prevent wounding game, practice often and do not take shots at

game that are beyond your effective range, generally less than 30–40
yards, similar to a modern compound bow.
• To better understand how an arrow functions and the skill required for
hunting with an arrow, DEC recommends all crossbow hunters take a
bowhunter education course.

Practice safely, practice often, and learn the capabilities and limitations
of the crossbow and the arrow it shoots.

Suggested references to review

NYSDEC Crossbow Hunting Qualifications:


HOWWe aYreOaUskCinAgNhuHnEteLrPs :forDaOs lNittAleTaEsV2EpNouInSdOsN!
ofWveeniasroen.aEsnktiinreg hunters for as little as
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation [email protected]

Crossbow Certificate of Qualification wDwOwN.veAnTisEonVdEonNatIiSonO.oNrg.

I certify that I have read and understand the safety

HOW YOU CAN HELP:recommendations, license requirements and legal
specifications for crossbow uWse ien NaewreYoarks. king hunters for as little as 2 pounds

of venison. EntirePrint Name

deer donations are �����������������������������������������������

very welcome, but not__________________________________
required.DEC ID# (this is your back-tag number)

Fill in, cut out, and carry afield with your hunting license while hunting with a crossbow.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 23

Big Game Boundary Descriptions/Legal Implements

Complete descriptions of all wildlife manage- Legal Implements for the CLINTON
ment units are available on DEC’s website Regular Deer Season, Early and Regular Bear Season FRANKLIN

Northern-Southern ST. LAWRENCE
Zone Line
This map shows where various hunting JEFFERSON ESSEX
A line commencing at a point at the north shore implements may be used in the state.
of the Salmon River and its junction with Lake Boundary descriptions and closed areas Northern - Southern
Ontario and extending easterly along the north are found below. (Some closed areas are Zone Line
shore of that river to the Village of Pulaski, too small to show on the map.)
thence southerly along Route 11 to its inter-
section with Route 49 in the Village of Central LEWIS
Square, thence easterly along Route 49 to its
junction with Route 365 in the City of Rome, HAMILTON
thence easterly along Route 365 to its junction
with Route 28 in the Village of Trenton, thence LIVINGSTON WARREN
easterly along Route 28 to its junction with SENECA
Route 29 in the Village of Middleville, thence OSWEGO WASHINGTON
easterly along Route 29 to its junction with CORTLAND
Route 4, thence northerly along Route 4 to NIAGARA ORLEANS HERKIMERONEIDA
its junction with Route 22, thence northerly
and westerly along Route 22 to the eastern MONROE WAYNE FULTON SARATOGA
shore of South Bay on Lake Champlain in the
Village of Whitehall, thence northerly along GENESEE ONONDAGA
the eastern shore of South Bay to the New




Crossbow* Crossbow*
Muzzleloader Muzzleloader ORANGE PUTNAM
Shotgun Shotgun
Closed - No Big Game Hunting
Bow Only

In July and August 2017, new legislation was adopted that authorizes the use of NASSAU SUFFOLK
rifles for big game hunting in Orleans County and the portion of Broome County
west of the Susquehanna River (except the city of Binghampton) until October 1,
2019. New legislation also made permanent provisions to use rifles for big game
hunting in Genesee, Schenectady, and Seneca counties.

Closed Areas Boning Out Deer

The following closed areas are specific Some hunters who take a deer in remote areas may wish to bone out the deer and pack
portions of the state where the taking of deer out the meat. This is lawful but you must retain the carcass tag with the boned out meat.
and bear is prohibited by the Environmen-
tal Conservation Law. This section does not
include areas covered by town laws, local ordi-
nances or posting by landowners.

Albany County Antler Restriction Program

Area around Alcove Reservoir: bounded by A mandatory antler point restriction exists in WMUs 3A, 3C, 3H, 3J, 3K, 4G, 4O, 4P, 4R, 4S, and
Albany County Rt. 111 from Rt. 143 to Albany- 4W in Southeastern New York (see deer hunting season maps). This program will continue as
Greene County line to Albany County Rt. 411 DEC encourages hunters elsewhere to practice voluntary restraint. Over time, as more and more
to Rt. 143 to point of beginning. Closed except hunters in the broader region opt to pass on young bucks voluntarily, it may be appropriate to
to landowners and lessees of lands in the area lift the restrictions.
actually occupying and cultivating such lands.

Erie County Antler Identification

Area around Buffalo: bounded by Tonawanda Antler Point Restriction tines
Creek from East Branch Niagara River to Rt. 78 (points)
to Greiner Rd. to Rt. 268 to Rt. 5 to Ransom Rd. • At least 1 antler with 3 or more points that are at least 1" long
to Rt. 33 to Rt. 78 to Rt. 20 to Rt. 20A to Lake Erie. • Applies to all public and private land and all seasons
• Hunters aged 12-16 are
Herkimer County
exempt and may take any
Area along Big Moose Lake: bounded by Jud- buck with antlers 3" or
son Rd. from Herkimer-Hamilton County line to longer
Higby Rd. to Big Moose Rd. to Martin Rd. and
along it to its eastern end and then to the lake Antlerless Deer brow tine
shore and back (starting westerly) along the (point)
shore to Herkimer-Hamilton County line and • Adult does, doe fawns, buck
along it to Judson Rd. fawns (button bucks), adult 3 tines must be
bucks without antlers, or at least 1" long
Herkimer and Hamilton Counties with antlers less than 3"
Area bounded by Rt. 28 from Old Forge to Inlet
and by South Shore Rd. from Inlet to Old Forge. • May be taken with appropri-
ate antlerless-only or
Nassau County either-sex tags

All of Nassau County.

New York City

All of the city.

24 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Deer Hunting


6A 5C

Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 6H 6F 5F Northern - Southern
6G 6C Zone Line
6N 6J

9A 8A 7A 6K 5G Youth Firearms Season
7F 6P
7J Season Dates
5H Oct. 6 - 8, 2018


9A 9F 8G 8C 8F 6R 5J 5S Area Open
9C 8H 8J 6S Northern and Southern Zone,
5R except bowhunting only WMUs
9H 8M 8N 7H 7M 4F 4C
Eligible Hunters
9G 8R 4O 4P 4A Youth 14-15 years of age
9N 8P 8S 4W
3H 4J 4L Bag Limit
9K 9M 9P 7R 3K 4K One deer (antlered or antlerless)
9W 7S
7P 4G 4H 4B Tags
8T 8W Regular (either-sex), DMP and
9J 9Y 4U DMAP (antlerless-only);
9R 9T 4R 4S 4T Bow/Muzz tags are not valid

9S 9X 8X 8Y 3A 4Y 4Z

Early Bowhunting--All WMUs 3J 3G
Regular Sept. 27 - Oct. 19 3M 3N
Late Bowhunting--Only WMUs 5A, Oct. 10 - Oct. 19 3P
5G, 5J, 6A, 6C, 6G, and 6H Oct. 20 - Dec. 2
Dec. 3 - Dec. 9 3R 3S

SOUTHERN ZONE Oct. 1 - Nov. 16 1C
Early Bowhunting Nov. 3 - Nov. 16 2A 1A
Crossbow--Not in WMUs 4J or 8C Nov. 17 - Dec. 9
Regular (opens Saturday) Dec. 10 - Dec. 18 Crossbows
Late Bowhunting
May be used to hunt deer during the Northern
WESTCHESTER COUNTY (3S) Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 and Southern Zone Regular Seasons.
Regular--Bowhunting Only
May not be used to hunt deer:
SUFFOLK COUNTY (1C) Oct. 1, 2018 - Jan. 31, 2019 - during the Youth Firearms Season; or
Regular--Bowhunting Only - anytime in WMUs 1C (Suffolk County),
Special Firearms-(Permit Req.) Jan. 6 - Jan. 31, 2019 3S (Westchester County), 4J or 8C.

Antler Point Restrictions
During all seasons, antlered bucks must have at least

one antler with 3 or more points that are at least 1
inch long. Young hunters (ages 12-16) are exempt.

No Deer Hunting

MMUuZzZzLleElLoOadAiDnIgNG 6A 5A NY18
Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 6C 5F

2018 6H 6J Northern - Southern
6G 5G Zone Line


9A 8A 7A 6K 5H
7F 6P 5T
9F 8G 8C 8F 6R 5J 5S
9A 8H 8J 6S
9C 4F 4C

9H 8M 8N 7H 7M 4O 4P 4A
9G 8R 3H 4J 4L
9N 8P 8S 3K 4K

9K 9M 9W 9P 7R 7P 4G 4H 4B
9J 8T 8W 4U
4R 4S 4T

9R 9T 9Y 3A 4Y 4Z

9S 9X 8X 8Y

Northern Zone 3C 3F
Deer of Either Sex 3J 3G
Deer of Either Sex
Antlered Only Oct. 13 - Oct. 19 3M 3N
Deer of Either Sex Dec. 3 - Dec. 9 3P
Oct. 13 - Oct. 19
Deer of Either Sex Dec. 3 - Dec. 9 3R 3S

Oct. 13 - Oct. 19

2A 1A

Antlered Only Oct. 13 - Oct. 19

Southern Zone Dec. 10 - Dec. 18 Crossbows
Deer of Either Sex
May be used to hunt deer during the Northern and
Antler Point Restrictions Southern Zone Muzzleloader Seasons.
During all seasons, antlered bucks must have at least
May not be used to hunt deer anytime in WMUs 1C
one antler with 3 or more points that are at least 1 (Suffolk County), 3S (Westchester County), 4J or 8C.
inch long. Young hunters (ages 12-16) are exempt.

No Muzzleloading Season

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 25

Deer Hunting

Deer Tag Descriptions

Tag Name For all season dates, see page 25. See page 12 for privilege information. Tag Is Valid For
Tag Can Be Used In
Regular Season
Deer Tag Regular Season Antlered Deer Only
Only you may hunt with • Northern Zone Except: May be used for Antlered or Antlerless Deer as follows:
this tag. No transferring • Southern Zone • In Westchester County (WMU 3S)
tag to another hunter. Westchester County • In Suffolk County (WMU 1C)
• Regular (bowhunting only) • In areas restricted to bowhunting only (WMUs 4J and 8C)
Suffolk County • In late seasons (with bowhunting or muzzleloading privilege)
• Regular (bowhunting only) • By Junior Hunters during the Youth Deer Hunt
• Special Firearms (special permit, see page 18)
Late Season Bowhunting (privilege required)
• Northern Zone
• Southern Zone
Late Season Muzzleloading (privilege required)
• Northern Zone

(check open areas and dates on map on page 25)
• Southern Zone
Youth Deer Season

Bow/Mz Season Bowhunting Season (privilege required) Antlered or Antlerless Deer
Either Sex Tag • Northern Zone
Bowhunting OR Muzzleloading seasons only (including the regular
Only you may hunt with • Southern Zone season in Westchester County and any season in Suffolk County)
this tag. No transferring
tag to another hunter. Muzzleloading Season (privilege required) Junior Bowhunters will receive this tag, which will be valid in the special
• Northern Zone bowhunting seasons and during the regular season.

(check open areas and dates on map on page 25) Except:

• Southern Zone • May be used for
antlered deer only
Westchester County during muzzleload-
• Regular (bowhunting only) ing seasons in
certain Northern
Suffolk County Zone WMUs (see
• Regular (bowhunting only) map page 25).

!• Special Firearms (special permit; see page 18) Antlerless Deer Only
Not valid during the Northern or Southern Zone
Regular Seasons or Youth Hunt. Bowhunting OR Muzzleloading seasons only (including the regular
Bow/Mz Season Bowhunting Season (privilege required) season in Westchester County and any season in Suffolk County)
Antlerless Tag • Northern Zone
Only you may hunt with • Southern Zone
this tag. No transferring • May not be used
tag to another hunter. Muzzleloading Season (privilege required) during muzzleload-
• Northern Zone ing seasons in
certain Northern
(check open areas and dates on map, page 25) Zone WMUs that
are Antlered Deer
• Southern Zone Only areas (see
map page 25).
Westchester County
• Regular (bowhunting only)

Suffolk County
• Regular (bowhunting only)

!• Special Firearms (special permit; see page 18)
Not valid during the Northern or Southern Zone
Regular Seasonsor Youth Hunt.
Deer Management Any Open Deer Season Antlerless Deer Only
Permit Deer Tag
Valid ONLY for the WMU specified and printed on the DMP Deer Tag (Deer

!Management Permit) See page 29.
This is the only tag that can be transferred to another hunter
(see page 29 for How to Transfer a DMP Deer Carcass Tag).

For information on which tags may be used when hunting with a crossbow, see page 21.

26 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Deer Hunting

Moose In New York

Moose are protected in New York and cannot be hunted. DEC and its research part-
ners are currently conducting a multi-year research project to obtain information on
the status of New York State's moose population, health of the moose, and the factors
that influence moose survival and reproductive rate. The goal of the moose study is to
gather data that will be used to create a moose management plan for New York State.
See for more information.

Report your Moose Sightings

If you have seen a moose, DEC
wants to know about it. Your
observations help DEC track
moose distribution in New York.
To report a moose sighting, go to

Meat Unfit for Consumption

If a deer, bear or turkey is found to be unfit for human consumption, a special permit
may be issued that allows the hunter to take another deer, turkey, or bear, provided the
season is still open. The entire animal, including the antlers, must be forfeited to get a
permit. A permit will not be issued if meat is unfit due to hunter neglect. Call a wildlife
or law enforcement office listed on page 6.

“Celebrate the deer
hunting tradition
by attending a

event near you.”

~ Travis “T-Bone” Turner

Whitetails Unlimited spokesperson
and co-host of Michael

Waddell’s Bone Collector TV Show.

For information, please call WTU’s New York
Field Director Bill Bailey at (413) 244-2304.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 27

Deer Hunting

Deer Management • There is a $10 non-refundable application fee designating the individual and must include
Permits (DMPs) for all applicants. The fee is waived for holders the tax map ID and SWIS code information.
of Lifetime Sportsman licenses purchased • Group ownership: regardless of how many
Hunters possessing a DMP may take one ant- prior to 10/1/2009, and Junior Hunters and co-owners, only one person may apply per
lerless deer per permit in addition to any deer Junior Bowhunters. 50+ acre parcel. Additional 50+ acre parcels
that may be taken with a regular hunting license • Know your Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) in the same WMU require separate tax IDs.
or bowhunting and muzzleloading privileges. before you apply. If you are unsure of your unit, • Preference points:
• DMPs may not be used for legally antlered see the WMU maps on pages 66–73 »» Preference points are won and lost on first
deer (at least one antler 3" or longer). of this guide or visit permit selection only.
• DMPs may only be used in the WMU for which door/8302.html for written boundary descrip- »» If you do not receive a DMP in your first
they are issued. tions. You may also call the DMP Hotline for choice WMU, you will receive a preference
• Hunters may transfer or receive up to 2 DMPs additional information at 1-866-472-4332. point for the following year.
from other hunters (see page 29). • You may apply for up to two DMPs. Both must »» If you were rejected for a first permit in
• Refer to chart on page 26 for information be applied for at the same time. Application 2017 and have a preference point for the
on when DMPs may be used. can be for DMPs in the same WMU or differ- 2018 hunting season, this information is
ent WMUs. stored in DECALS and will be available to
Ampapnlayginegmfeonr tapdeeremrit (DMP) • Disabled veterans with a service-connected all license-issuing agents.
»» Preference points do not guarantee selec-
disability rated at 40% or greater (who are resi-
• DMP Application Deadline: Close of busi- dents of New York) will receive preference on tion. Any preference points contained in
ness on October 1, 2018 DMPs. Annually, you must bring a letter from your file are automatically applied to your
• You may apply for DMPs at all license-issuing the Department of Veterans Affairs, dated in first-choice WMU selection. If you do NOT
outlets, by phone or online beginning on the current year, with your case number and receive your first choice, the points are
August 1, 2018. your disability percentage. If you are claiming applied to your second choice but will
• DMPs are available to all hunters age 14 years permanent disabled status, the letter must remain in your file for the following year,
or older who purchase or possess a regular clearly state that the 40% or more service- regardless of your second choice selec-
hunting license (12 years old for Junior Bow- related disability is permanent. tion results.
hunting license holders). • Landowners: If you own 50 or more contigu-
ous acres of land within the WMU you will be DMP selection order
hunting in, you will receive preference on DMP During the instant issuance, an applicant’s
selection. Annually, you must bring your tax chances of selection are determined by an
Chances of map identification number and SWIS code applicant’s category. The categories, in prior-
DMP Selection (found on your tax bill) with you when you ity order, are as follows.
apply. Be sure to tell the license-issuing agent 1. Landowners (50 or more acres of land within
PRIOR to applying that you are a landowner. a WMU) and Disabled Veterans (40% or
Your chances of selection for first and Lessees do not qualify as landowners. A more service-related disability). All appli-
second DMPs by Wildlife Management spouse of a landowner may receive landowner cants in this category will receive their first-
Unit are available online at http:// preference, but both husband and wife may choice DMP.,
posted at all License Issuing Outlets not apply as a landowner for the same parcel 2. NYS Residents and Non-residents with 3
or by calling our Deer Management of land. Corporate ownership: only one person Preference Points
Permit hotline at 1-866-472-4332. may be designated by a corporation as the 3. NYS Residents with 1–2 Preference Points
Chances of DMP selection remain
the same throughout the entire DMP landowner each year no matter how many 4. NYS Residents without Preference Points
application period. 50-acre parcels are owned. The corporation 5. Non-residents with 1–2 Preference Points
must submit an original letter or certified 6. Non-residents without Preference Points
copy of a resolution, dated in the current year,


Hunting Land • Land & Camps • Farms • Country Properties

Representing Buyers and Sellers 607-844-9690 Under All is Land

TM MNNCIREOTFRBtoaoehoelaetemratmsmcartwmtleithcetioblpgroaaerYenaoBknrsrMB/oasti/dounelCrufDLLrr:ksABsoeaSMieCaSsronnlusntaaoedLoaiwrsuntcSdsIenag.,nBrootABseMyfuftusiMCrtsLRfReuofhSaLeteaceaualaS.omllottooMbfrressRLr/eSNoaflYtoCSrosAmllmianerccee is theNoenwlyYNorekwLYaonrdkQBuroekster for

SELLING LAND IS OUR SPECIALTY 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide
Selling All Types of Real Estate is Our Business

82 North Street • Dryden, NY 13053


Deer Hunting

AfodrdDitMioPnsal opportunities How to Transfer a DMP Note: To report a deer taken on a transferred
DMP, the hunter who took the deer must call the
Bonus DMPs: If you fill a DMP in bowhunting- automated reporting system (1-866-426-3778)
or report online at using the
Deer Carcass Tagonly WMUs 1C, 3S, 4J and 8C, you can apply
for a bonus permit for another anterless deer. Hunter Art Fern wants to transfer his DMP tag transferred DMP carcass tag DOC# and his/
Bonus permits may only be obtained from to hunter Pete Moss. her own date of birth, along with other required
regional wildlife staff at predetermined loca- Step 1. Art Fern signs the bottom of his information (see page 13).
tions. For complete information, visit our website DMP tag.
or call a DEC Regional Wildlife Office as follows: Step 2. Art Fern gives the DMP tag to
Pete Moss.
• WMU 1C: 1-631-444-0310 Step 3. Pete Moss records the DOC# of the
• WMU 3S: 1-845-256-3098 DMP tag on his reporting panel, completing
• WMU 4J: 1-518-357-2154 the transfer.
• WMU 8C: 1-585-226-5380 Step 4. If Pete Moss takes an antlerless
deer with the transferred DMP, he is required to
Leftover DMPs: If there are still permits remain- report the deer by calling the automated report-
ing after the initial DMP instant-issuance period ing system (1-866-426-3778) or by reporting
closes on October 1 and the back-end correc- online at using the transferred
tion selections have occurred, the remaining DMP DOC# and his own date of birth.
DMPs may be available on a first-come/first- • Hunters are allowed to receive only two trans- DMP carcass tag of hunter Art Fern

served basis, beginning on or around November ferred DMPs per year.
1. These DMPs are only available in person at • DMPs can be transferred from the receiv-
license-issuing agents. Leftover DMPs will not ing hunter back to the original hunter or to
be available by phone or online. The Wildlife another. The other hunter must record the
Management Units with permits available will DOC# on his/her reporting panel, as in Step
be announced by news release and on our web- 3 above, to complete the transfer.
site ( If you already applied
for a Deer Management Permit during the ini- Remember: Hunting licenses are not transfer-
tial application period, there is no additional able. Only DMP carcass tags can be used by
application fee. If you are applying for the first another hunter. A hunter must be in physical
time this hunting season, you will have to pay a possession of a DMP when taking antlerless Reporting panel of hunter Pete Moss
$10 application fee. Fee is waived for Resident deer pursuant to a DMP. It cannot be “shared”
and Non-resident Junior Hunters and Junior by a group afield.
Bowhunters, and for Lifetime license holders
who purchased prior to October 1, 2009. You
will be allowed up to two DMPs during the first-
come/first-served application period in addition COONS TAXIDERMY
to any you may have received during the initial
application period.

ADseseirstManacneagPeromgernatm WE BRING
The Deer Management Assistance Program
(DMAP) enables wildlife biologists to help land- TO LIFE!
owners and resource managers implement
site-specific deer management on their lands.
In doing so, DEC issues a special permit for use
only during the open deer hunting seasons and
a determined number of antlerless deer tags to
landowners or resource managers whose prop-
erty is in need of site-specific deer management
efforts. Hunters are expected to report their har-
vest. For more information on the program, refer

Coons Taxidermy 29
223 Sunnyside Road
Kinderhook, NY

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Deer Hunting

MineSahdeorwbuSrtnaete, CFhoerensatnignoCChoeunnatnyoIg,torwisCoillofNhfueaOnvrtTeytoDtlheMsigseAahlPlul anttaotgiDnsbgMausvPyea,a!ilssaoebnllelf,oforrinutseer-
The DEC Office
only on Beaver
ested hunters with a valid license. Tags are valid only for antlerless deer and will be
loaned out on a weekly basis, determined by lottery drawing, depending on demand.
Hunters may apply in person at DECs Sherburne Lands and Forests office. Find the
application on the DEC website,, contact
[email protected] or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the DEC Lands and
Forests office in Sherburne requesting an application: NYS DEC, Division of Lands and
Forests, 2715 State Hwy 80, Sherburne, NY 13460.

Eurasian Boar

Eurasian boars are a destructive invasive species that damage habitat and crops, and
threaten native wildlife and domestic livestock. DEC and USDA have worked hard to
eradicate these animals from the state’s landscape. We are now working to prevent
their reintroduction into New York.
• It is illegal to possess, sell, distribute, trade or transport Eurasian boars or their hybrids.
• It is illegal to import, breed or release Eurasian boars or their hybrids.
• It is illegal to hunt, trap or take free-ranging Eurasian boar or their hybrids.
Although DEC’s eradication efforts have been very successful to date, we must remain
vigilant. Anyone who sees a Eurasian boar should report it to DEC as soon as possible
by emailing [email protected] or calling 518-402-8883.

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2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Deer Hunting

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2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Deer Hunting Cooperatives

Working Together for Older Bucks and Better Habitat

Throughout New York, hunters are banding together to create deer Colleen Kimble – successful deer harvest 2017
management cooperatives, or co ops. A co-op is a group of hunters who It is not necessary to prohibit harvest of all yearling bucks to achieve
work together to accomplish goals over a collective acreage of land.
similar results. In fact, about 19% of the adult bucks harvested by the Yates
Reducing harvest of yearling (1.5-year-old) bucks is often a goal County Co-op members were yearlings (Figure 2). Many co-ops allow
for co-ops. Bucks that are 2.5-years-old or older provide substantially youth, first-time, and senior hunters to harvest any buck they choose.
more meat and larger antlers, and tend to create more rubs, scrapes, Co-ops also have the flexibility to change buck harvest criteria based
and vocalizations during the rut than their yearling counterparts. When on member input. “Some members have pushed to raise our minimum
groups of hunters choose not to harvest yearling bucks, they can sub- width requirement over the years, possibly to 16”, while other members
stantially reduce the amount of effort needed to observe and take have resisted,” John said. “So we haven’t changed it. Instead, we’ve
older bucks. given our members the freedom to adopt additional harvest standards

For a co-op in Yates County, NY, hunters agreed to try to harvest
only bucks that have an outside spread of 14 inches or greater, which
excluded the great majority of yearling bucks while leaving available
the great majority of older bucks. As a result of their self-imposed
restriction, the rate at which the hunters saw older bucks nearly doubled
within five years, and the hunting effort needed to see an older buck
has declined substantially, even more so in 2017 (Figure 1). With such
positive results, co-op organizer John Hammer said, “Our co-op con-
tinues to grow each year as non-member property owners join after
seeing more and larger bucks on their properties as the result of their
neighbors letting young bucks go.”

Figure 1. Hours of hunting per deer seen for Yates County Deer Co
Management Cooperative from 2007 to 2017. goes

Successful rifle shooters have
one thing in common — confidence.
Confidence in their abilities, optics, equipment

and, most importantly, their rifle.

Mon-Sat 9-9, Sun 10-6 / Rte 1 Kittery, ME / 888-587-6246 / / ktpgu
32 NY_Hunt_Regs_202108_1B8ro–w2ni0ng1_9bleNede.winddYo1rk Hunting & Trapping Guide

1.5 years old 2.5 years old 3.5 years old

Photos courtesy Charles Alsheimer

Figure 2. Percentage of adult buck harvest by age class for a Yates The 10 Commandments
County Deer Management Cooperative and surrounding Wildlife Man- of Firearm Safety
agement Units (8N, 8R) from 2015 to 2017.
above the co-op minimum for their individual properties, and this has 1. Watch that muzzle! Keep it pointed in a safe direction at
left everyone satisfied.” all times.

Many co-ops also seek to improve habitat conditions for deer and 2. Treat every firearm with the respect due a loaded gun. It
other wildlife. Co-ops can enhance natural forage and cover for deer might be loaded, even if you think it isn’t.
by creating young forest, fostering open areas with native forbs and
shrubs, and pruning or planting native fruit and nut trees. Too, many co- 3. Be sure of your target and what is in front of it and
ops participate in DEC’s Deer Management Assistance Program to meet beyond it. Know the identifying features of the game you
their antlerless harvest goals, bringing the co-op’s deer population into hunt. Make sure you have an adequate backstop—don’t
better balance with the habitat. shoot at a flat, hard surface or water.

This upcoming season, consider knocking on some doors or making 4. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready
a few phone calls to hunters on neighboring properties. You may just to shoot. This is the best way to prevent an accidental
find out that they are seeking the same opportunity to let young bucks discharge.
go and watch them grow!
5. Check your barrel and ammunition. Make sure the barrel
Note: DEC thanks the Yates County Deer Management Coopera- and action are clear of obstructions, and carry only the
tive for sharing data and their experience working together to manage proper ammunition for your firearm.
white-tailed deer.
6. Unload firearms when not in use. Leave actions open,
onfidence Instant $25 OFF coupon ~ page 76! and carry firearms in cases and unloaded to and from the
shooting area.
s a long way. Save 20% Online!
7. Point a firearm only at something you intend to shoot.
Visit Avoid all horseplay with a gun.

for details. 8. Don’t run, jump, or climb with a loaded firearm. Unload
a firearm before you climb a fence or tree, or jump a ditch.
Pull a firearm toward you by the butt, not the muzzle.

9. Store firearms and ammunition separately and safely.
Store each in a secured location beyond the reach of chil-
dren and careless adults.

10. Do not consume alcoholic beverages before or during
shooting. Also avoid mind- or behavior-altering medicines
or drugs.

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2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 6/7/18 4:21 PM

Deer Hunting

Doe or Fawn? Fawn DEC is Looking for
“Citizen Scientists”
During the fall, it can often be difficult • Characteristics of Fawns Body about to Help Monitor
to distinguish adult does and fawn deer, as long as tall (square) Wildlife Populations
particularly if seen alone. In recent years,
about 30% of the total antlerless deer • Short neck and compact nose/head There are several surveys where hunters
harvest has been fawns (5–7 months • Eyes look large for head can record their wildlife observations
old), split roughly as 13% doe fawns and • Doe fawns have a more rounded head while afield. Visit the DEC website to
17% buck fawns. Though fawns provide learn more about opportunities to help
excellent table fare, some hunters prefer shape between their ears us track deer, turkeys, grouse, and more!
to target adult deer. Taking adult female • Buck fawns’ heads appear flattened • Bowhunter Sighting Log
deer contributes to management objec- • Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Log
tives, and passing buck fawns may allow and may have visible antler nubs • Grouse Drumming Survey
some of them to be available later as ant- or “buttons” • Summer Turkey Sighting Survey
lered bucks. By learning the differences • New England Cottontail Survey
between antlerless deer, hunters can Adult Doe • Furbearer Observations
make more informed harvest choices.
• Body longer than tall (rectangle)
Hunting Tips • Long neck and elongated nose

• Button bucks often travel alone,
but adult does rarely do. Wait until
several antlerless deer are present
before making a harvest decision.

• It is easier to identify sex and age
when animals are standing still or
moving slowly.

• H arvest antlerless deer early in the
season when differences between
fawns and adult does are most

34 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Future Big Game Hunting

Early Bear (some WMUs, see page 39) Future Big Game Season Dates
Early Bowhunting—Bear
Early Bowhunting—Deer Northern Zone
Early Muzzleloading—Deer and Bear The first Saturday after the second Monday in September through the Friday immediately preceding the early muzzle-
Regular—Deer and Bear loading season
Late Bow and Muzzleloading—Deer The first Saturday after the second Monday in September through the Friday immediately preceding the regular season
Youth Big Game Firearms Hunt – Deer and Bear September 27 through the Friday immediately preceding the regular season
7 consecutive days beginning on the first Saturday after Columbus Day
Early Bear (some WMUs, see page 39) 44 consecutive days beginning on the second Saturday after Columbus Day
Early Bowhunting—Deer and Bear 7 consecutive days immediately following the regular season
Regular—Deer and Bear Columbus Day Weekend; Saturday through Columbus Day (Monday)
Late Bow and Muzzleloading—Deer and Bear
Youth Big Game Firearms Hunt—Deer and Bear Southern Zone
16 consecutive days beginning on the first Saturday after Labor Day
Regular—Deer and Bear (bowhunting only) October 1 through the Friday immediately preceding the regular season
23 days beginning the third Saturday of November
Regular—Deer (bowhunting only) 9 consecutive days immediately following the regular season
Special Firearms Season—Deer Columbus Day Weekend; Saturday through Columbus Day (Monday)

Westchester County (WMU 3S)
October 1 through December 31

Suffolk County (WMU 1C)
October 1 through December 31

First full week in January, through January 31

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2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Special Seasons Designated for Young Hunters

Share Your Knowledge, Reconnect To Nature —
Take a Junior Hunter Afield During These Special Seasons!

Once again, DEC is providing a special youth
deer season over the three-day Columbus
Day weekend. Junior hunters (ages 14–15) will
be eligible to take one deer of either sex with
a firearm during this season and may use a
Deer Management Permit, Deer Management
Assistance Program tag, or a regular season
tag. Junior hunters may not use a crossbow
to take a deer during this hunt. Rules of the
Junior Hunter Mentoring Program (page 37)
also apply.

DEC also offers special opportunities for
junior hunters (ages 12–15) for waterfowl, wild
turkey, and pheasants.

For all youth hunts, junior hunters must
be accompanied by an adult hunter. Both the
junior and adult hunters are required to have
a hunting license for the youth deer season,
a hunting license and a turkey permit for the
turkey hunt, and a hunting license and cur-
rent HIP registration for the waterfowl hunt.
Adults are not allowed to possess a firearm,
crossbow or bow or to harvest an animal while
accompanying a junior hunter during the spe-
cial seasons.

Crossbows may only be used by licensees
who are 14 years of age or older.

Photo courtesy of Bill Conners

Dutchess County sportsmen hosted a youth pheasant hunt for the 23rd year. Three dozen
volunteers helped coordinate the event. About a dozen dog handlers were present to take turns
taking 35 junior hunters afield. The young hunters met with success and took several birds.
ECOs were also on hand to provide guidance to the young hunters.

Northern and Eastern New York Youth Hunts

Youth Pheasant Hunt

September 29-30, 2018

Western New York October 13-14, 2018

Long Island October 27-28, 2018

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

Waterfowl Hunting Zone Tentative Dates

Northeastern September 22-23, 2018

Southeastern September 22-23, 2018

Lake Champlain September 29-30, 2018

Western October 13-14, 2018

Long Island November 10-11, 2018

Youth Wild Turkey Hunt

Upstate NY (north of Bronx-Westchester Co. boundary) April 20-21, 2019
and Suffolk County

Youth Firearms Deer and Bear Hunt*

Upstate NY (north of Bronx-Westchester Co. boundary; Columbus Day Weekend; October 6-8, 2018
excluding bowhunting-only WMUs)

36 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Junior Hunter/Trapper Mentoring Program

Junior Hunter • Both junior hunter and adult accompanist Trapping Mentoring
Mentoring Program must wear hunter orange: Shirt or jacket with Program
250 sq. inches of solid/patterned orange
1tbbh2oee-awarfhonwuldlinot1htw3eia-rnysbgecoararwen-qoihulfduitrhnjeuetmnydieoemnretersea:tnd (the pattern must be at least 50% orange) Trappers under 12 years of age:
OR a hat with at least 50% orange visible in
• Have completed a course in both Hunter Edu- all directions. • May accompany and assist a licensed trap-
cation and Bowhunter Education per who has at least 3 years of trapping
g11b46aomwaannhedduhn11u57tne--ytryeseeraaasrrn-m-odoluldfdisrbtjsu:itgn-tiiomre experience
• Purchase a Junior Bowhunting License
• Be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, • Be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, • May assist the licensed trapper in all aspects
or person 18 years or older designated in writ- of trapping without possessing a trapping
or a “youth mentor” who is 21 years or older ing (use form below) license
and designated in writing by the junior hunter’s
parent or legal guardian (use the form below) • The adult accompanist needs to have at least • The licensed trapper may be a parent or legal
• The adult accompanist needs to have at least 1 year of hunting experience AND have a guardian, or someone 18 years or older desig-
3 years of experience in hunting deer or bear license to hunt big game in the same seasons. nated in writing (use the form below).
by longbow AND have a license to hunt big
game in the same seasons. • If trapping on your own and you are under 12
• The parent, guardian or youth mentor must years, you will need to successfully complete
maintain physical control over the minor at New York's Trapper Education Program.
all times while hunting.
• To continue trapping once you are 12 years,
hmd14uee-enearttinantdnhgde1l5icbfo-eeylnealosrawerw-ihonitolghdldrajeuegqnrsuuionicrraeifnmthheuennytst: you need to take the class.

• Have completed a course in Hunter Education Share Your Hunting and
• Purchase a Junior Hunting License Trapping Photos With Us!
• Be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian,
Help us celebrate the successes of young and
or a "youth mentor" who is 21 years or older first-time hunters and trappers by submitting pho-
designated in writing (use the form below) tographs to DEC's Hunting and Trapping Photo
• The adult accompanist needs to have at least Gallery. Instructions for submitting photographs
3 years of hunting experience AND have a are included on the photo gallery webpage.
license to hunt big game in the same seasons.
• The parent, guardian or youth mentor must
maintain physical control over the minor at
all times while hunting.
• The Junior Hunter must stay on the ground
and cannot use an elevated (tree) stand.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Mentored Youth Hunter and Trapper Permission Form

Use this form to designate a licensed adult hunter or trapper to accompany young hunters or trappers.

I, _____________________________________ am the parent/legal guardian

(Print name of parent or legal guardian above.) (Please circle one.)

of ______________________________________, and I hereby give permission for him or her

(Print name of young hunter/trapper above.)

to be accompanied by__________________________________ whom I acknowledge meets

(Print name of adult hunter/trapper above.)

the legal age, experience, and licensing requirements to function as a mentor during hunting and trapping

Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________

(Parent or legal guardian sign above.)

Date __________________ Telephone Number __________________________

(Print today’s date above.) (Print phone number above.)

Attention Young Hunter or Trapper: carry this form with you while afield.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 37

Is It Time to Try a
Better Bullet?

Fragmentation vs. The damaging effects of lead exposure to Non-Lead
Mushrooming humans and wildlife are well known. Lead frag- Ammunition for…
ments left behind when you harvest your trophy
Comparison of two .270-caliber bullets game animal can remain in the meat and within • Good Hunting
shot into a modified rain barrel for collec- a gut pile exposing you and scavenging wildlife • Improved Conservation
tion to simulate performance on game. to lead consumption. While there have been • High-Quality Meat
The copper jacket lead-core bullet (left) no reports directly linking consumption of wild • Safer Consumption
is heavily fragmented compared to the game taken in New York to sickness in humans,
solid copper bullet (right) that retained its health officials advise there is no safe dose,
original shape upon impact. particularly in young children. Many wildlife spe-
cies are especially sensitive to lead poisoning,
becoming debilitated even with small doses.

Today’s alternative monolithic bullets, typi-
cally made of copper, perform exceptionally well
at taking game, and as availability increases, can
be had at a cost similar to premium ammunition.

Now is a good time to ensure your wild game
meat is of the highest quality, and what is left
behind doesn’t continue to kill long after the
shot is over. It’s a good time to try a better bullet.

Shotgun slugs made of copper fold into
“petals,” expanding the slug’s surface
area better than slugs made of lead.

CT-scan showing lead fragments (appear- 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide
ing white) in 20 one-pound packages of
ground venison.

Radiograph of a deer’s chest illustrat-
ing fragmentation of a lead ballistic tip
rifle bullet.

Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting 5A

• Resident and non-resident hunters may take BLlaAcCkKBBeEaArRSSeEaAsSoOnNsS 6A 5C
one bear per year. 6F

• In the Southern Zone, hunters may not shoot Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 6H 6C 5F
a cub or a bear that should be known to be a 6G 6J
cub, shoot any bear from a group of bears, or 2018 Northern - Southern
shoot or take a bear from its den. 6N 6S 5G Zone Line
• Hunters may use and carry up to 1.5 fluid 4O 4P 5H 5T
ounces of a liquid scent or lure, though such 4W
scent or lure may not be placed in a manner 9A 8A 8C 7A 6K 5J 5S Youth Firearms Season
that it may be consumed as bait. 8G 8H 8F 7F 6P 3H
9A 9F Season Dates
• Hunting bear with the aid of bait is prohibited. 9C 8J 7J 6R 5R Oct. 6 - 8, 2018
4A 4C
Bear age and weight data 9G 9H 8M 8N 7H 7M Area Open
8R 8S 7P 4G 4H 4J 4L Northern and Southern Zone,
Hunters who harvest bears in New York are asked 9N 8P 4R 4B 4K except bowhunting only WMUs
to submit a premolar tooth or part of the lower 9K 9M 9W 9P 7R 4S 4T 4U
jaw of the bear for DEC to determine the bear’s 8W Eligible Hunters
age and to record the dressed weight of the 9J 8T Youth 14-15 years of age
bear (see 9T
for more information). A collection packet includ- 9R 9S 9X 9Y 8X 8Y 7S 4Y 4Z
ing instructions and a postage-paid return enve-
lope will be mailed to each hunter that reports Allegany State Park 3A
taking a bear. There are many cooperating prohibits bear hunting 3C
taxidermists in New York that can extract the
requested premolar teeth, weigh bears, and 3J 3F 3G
submit the data to DEC on your behalf, so check
with your taxidermist. Generally, taxidermists do Northern Zone 3K 3N
not use teeth or the lower jaw when preparing Early Bear 3M
mounts or rugs. All successful hunters are still
required to report their bear harvest online or Bowhunting Sept. 15 - Oct. 12 3P
via the automated phone system. Crossbow Sept. 15 - Oct. 19 3R 3S
Muzzleloading Oct. 10 - Oct. 19
Regular Oct. 13 - Oct. 19 1C
Oct. 20 - Dec. 2
Southern Zone 2A 1C
Early Bear Sept. 8 - Sept. 23 2A

Bowhunting Only WMUs

Early Bowhunting Oct. 1 - Nov. 16 No Bear Hunting
Crossbow--Not in 3S, 4J, or 8C Nov. 3 - Nov. 16
Regular Nov. 17 - Dec. 9 Crossbows
Late Bowhunting Dec. 10 - Dec. 18
Late Muzzleloading Dec. 10 - Dec. 18 May be used to hunt bear during the early bear
Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 seasons, muzzleloader seasons, and the
Westchester County (3S) regular firearms seasons.
Regular--Bowhunting Only
May not be used to hunt bear anytime in WMUs
3S (Westchester County), 4J, or 8C.

*See map on page 24 for information on legal implements during the early and regular bear seasons.

Attention Bear Hunters New York State Bear Management
and Taxidermists Cooperator Program

Bear gallbladders and bile shall not The Bureau of Wildlife is requesting the assistance of successful black bear hunters in
be possessed or sold unless a valid New York State.
bear tag (original or copy of bear car-
cass tag) is attached. A new law now Hunters who harvest a bear in New York are required to report
also requires taxidermists to keep their harvest through the DECALS telephone system at 1-866-
records of all bear gallbladders and bile 426-3778 (1-866-GAMERPT) or use the new online Harvest
received or sold. Reporting System at Successful bear hunters
will be sent a tooth collection packet with premolar removal and
Know of Any Active submission instructions. Hunters may be contacted by a DEC
Bear Dens? wildlife biologist to examine your bear and extract a premolar
tooth for aging.
DEC wants to know about occupied
dens. Please call the nearest DEC wild- Report your bear and return a bear tooth to receive a commem-
life office. See page 6. orative 2018 NYS Black Bear Cooperator Patch. Samples will be
aged in the summer of 2019. Cooperators will receive patches
and letters indicating the age of their bear in early fall 2019.

iSeeMammals “Living with New York Black Bears”

Help researchers study NY bears! (Great Outdoors Multimedia 2007).

Collect data about presence and absence Take an inside look at the mysterious world of black bears and
from your observations + hikes + trail cams learn some secrets to sharing the landscape with bears. This video
will explore the history of black bears, the challenges that face New York black bear biologists, and how landowners can respon-
sibly and safely share their neighborhood with bears.

Available for viewing or loan from your local library or local DEC
Regional Wildlife Office.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 39

Small Game Hunting

Small game includes upland and migratory Reptiles and If you choose to eat snapping turtles,
game birds, small game mammals, certain fur- Amphibians you should carefully trim all fat and dis-
bearers, and reptiles and amphibians. card fat, liver and eggs prior to cooking
Frogs—“Frogs” are defined as eastern spade- to reduce exposure to contaminants. For
Please read general hunting regulations first. foot toad, eastern American toad, Fowler’s toad, information on these health advisories,
See page 14. northern cricket frog, northern gray treefrog, call 1-800-458-1158 or visit the website
northern spring peeper, western chorus frog,
General Regulations bullfrog, green frog, mink frog, wood frog, north- outdoors/fish/health_advisories/
ern leopard frog, southern leopard frog, and
• You may not use a rifle or handgun to hunt pickerel frog. Falconry Seasons
pheasant or migratory game birds. See page
44 for more information on turkeys. A fishing or hunting license is required to To hunt small game species with trained rap-
take frogs with a spear, club, hook, or by hand. tors, you must possess a Falconry License and
• See pages 47–50 for additional informa- A hunting license is required to take frogs with a hunting license. Licensed falconers may take
tion on migratory game birds. a gun, bow or crossbow. small game from October 1 through March 31
in any area of the state open to hunting these
• Air guns (see page 14) may be used to Snakes, Lizards, and Salamanders—You may species EXCEPT:
hunt squirrels, rabbits, hares, ruffed grouse, not harvest, take, or possess any native snakes, • Waterfowl may be taken only during the regu-
and furbearers that may be hunted (e.g., rac- lizards, or salamanders at any time.
coons and coyotes) and unprotected species lar firearm hunting season or during a specific
(see page 15). Air guns may not be used Turtles—The only turtle species for which there period outside of the firearms seasons as
to hunt waterfowl, pheasant, wild turkey, or is an open hunting season is the snapping turtle. specified by DEC.
big game. You may not harvest, take, or possess any other • Common crow may only be taken during the
turtle species at any time. open firearms season.
• Crossbows may not be used to take water- • A licensed falconer may take both male and
fowl or other migratory game birds. Cross- The final diamondback terrapin season was female pheasants anywhere in the state when
bows may not be possessed afield in the April 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018, with licenses hunting under a Falconry License.
Northern Zone when hunting small game expiring June 4, 2018. You may no longer take For more information on falconry, contact the
(except coyotes) with the aid of a dog or or possess diamondback terrapins. DEC Special Licenses Unit, 625 Broadway,
when accompanied by a dog. Crossbows Albany, NY 12233-4752 or call 518-402-8985.
may be used to take any other small game Snapping turtles—A hunting license is required
or upland game birds during their respective to take snapping turtles. The only legal imple-
open seasons except in Westchester and ment for taking snapping turtles is a gun, bow
Suffolk counties. or crossbow.

• In Wildlife Management Unit 2A, hunting is
permitted by falconry only.

Spruce Grouse vs. Ruffed Grouse

Male spruce grouse are very distinctive (mostly black with white markings and a red comb over each eye), but female spruce grouse
are similar in color to ruffed grouse. By knowing the differences, hunters can avoid accidentally shooting spruce grouse. Loss of a
female spruce grouse could be a significant setback for a small local population.

In New York State, the spruce grouse is an endangered species and not legal to hunt. Spruce grouse exist in lowland conifer forests in
the Adirondacks. Although ruffed grouse occur in upland hardwoods statewide, during the fall and winter ruffed grouse may be found
in spruce grouse habitat. Small game hunters in the Adirondack region must learn to distinguish between these species so that spruce
grouse are not shot by mistake.

40 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Small Game Hunting

Possession and Open Season Reptile and Amphibian Hunting Seasons
Release of Game Birds
Open Area Frogs
It is illegal to possess or release migratory June 15–Sept. 30
game birds and upland game birds without Size Limit All wildlife management units except that (1) leopard frogs shall not be taken in Wildlife Manage-
the proper license(s) from DEC. Before you Daily Bag ment Units 1A, 1C, or 2A; and (2) northern cricket frogs and eastern spadefoot toads shall not be
take possession of any captive-reared or wild Season Bag taken in any area of the state.
game birds, contact the DEC Special Licenses Hunting Hours None
Unit, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4752 or None
call 518-402-8985 or e-mail speciallicenses@ None Any time of the day or night, except that no person shall use a gun to take frogs when hunting at
night (sunset to sunrise).
Open Season
Open Area Snapping Turtles
Size Limit July 15–Sept. 30
Daily Bag Statewide
Season Bag The upper shell (carapace) must be 12 inches or longer, measured in a straight line.
Hunting Hours 5
Any time of the day or night

Use of Hunting Dogs SOUTHERN
Dogs may be used to hunt small game, except:
• You may not use dogs to hunt wild turkey in the spring. Hunting Lodge, Inc.
• In the Northern Zone, if you are hunting with a dog, or
• Father/Son Hunts
accompanied by a dog, you may not possess a rifle larger • Corporate Discounts
than .22-caliber rimfire or possess a shotgun loaded with
slug, ball or buckshot unless you are coyote hunting with for 6 or more
a dog. In the Northern Zone, crossbows may not be pos- • Great Prices!
sessed afield when hunting small game (except coyotes)
with the aid of a dog or when accompanied by a dog. (No Trophy Fees)
• Great Lodging
With Excellent
You may train dogs on raccoon, fox, coyote, and bobcat from Meals
July 1 through April 15. You may train dogs on other small
game only from August 15 through April 15. You may train Book Your Lifetime Memory Now!
dogs at any time on lands you own, lease, or have written per-
mission to use, if you are not training on wild game. You may
only use blank ammunition when training dogs, except during
an open season. William Lyon 334-467-1830
Dave Lyon 334-412-3368
Control — Alabama’s Black Belt —

Hunting dogs should remain under control of the hunter or 41
trainer, especially on lands inhabited by deer. Do not allow
your dogs to pursue game on any posted land without the
landowner's permission. Do not shoot dogs; report stray dogs
to a local Environmental Conservation Officer or your local
animal control officer.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Small Game Hunting

Cottontail 6A 5A
Rabbit Hunting 5C
Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 5F

6H 6J


5H 5T

9A 8A 7A 6K

9F 8G 8C 8F 7F 6P 6R 5J 5S
9C 7J 6S 4C
9A 5R
8H 8J

9H 8M 8N 7H 7M 4F 4J 4L
8R 8S 4O 4P 4G 4H 4B 4K
9G 9N 8P
9K 9M 9W 9P 7R 7P 4R 4S 4T 4U
9J 9R 9S 9T 9X 8T 3A 4Y 4Z
9Y 8X
8Y 7S

4W 3C

Attention Season Dates Daily Bag 3H 3J 3F 3G

The New England cottontail was a candi- 2018/2019 Limits 3K
date for the federal Endangered Species Oct. 1–Mar. 17 6 3M 3N
Act, but as a result of ongoing conserva-
tion activities, it was determined that this Oct. 1–Feb. 28 6 3R 3S
was not necessary. It's important that we 3P
continue to collect information on this
species and conduct conservation activi- 2A 1A 1C
ties and you can help! If you hunt or own
property in WMUs 3F, 3G, 3N, 3S, 4C, Nov. 1–Feb. 28 6
4K, 4L, 4Z, 4U, 4T, or 4Y and would like
to assist with survey efforts or habitat Varying Hare 6A 5A
management, please call 518-402-8929 Rabbit Hunting 5C
or email [email protected]. 6F
Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 5F

Affordable trophy whitetail 6H 6J
hunts in N.W. Missouri 6G

176 B&C 6N 5G Got Hare?
6K 5H 5T
5-Day, Fully Guided, Fair DEC wants to learn more
Chase Hunts with Lodging 9A 8A 8C 7A 6P about the distribution
7F of hare. You can report
start at only $1,800.00! 9A 9F 8G 8F 7J 7M 6R 5J 5S your observations online
Thousands of private acres. 9C 8J 7P 6S at
8H 5R 4C mals/30770.html or e-mail
No trophy fees or 4F 4A us at [email protected]!
hidden charges. 9G 9H 8M 8N 7H Thanks for your help!
YES YOU CAN! 9K 9M 4O 4P 4J 4L
CALL TODAY: (305) 606-1611 9N 8P 8R 8S 4W 4G 4H 4B 4K
9W 9P 7R 3H 8W 4R 4S 4T 4U
9J 8T 8Y
42 9R 9S 9T 9X 9Y 8X
7S 3A 4Y 4Z

Season Dates Daily Bag 3J 3F 3G
2018/2019 Limits
6 3K
Oct. 1–Mar. 17 3M 3N

Jan. 1–Jan. 31 2 3R 3S

2A 1A 1C

Dec. 10–Feb. 28 2


Gray, Black & 6A 5A
Fox Squirrel Hunting 5C

Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 6H 5F


5H 5T

9A 8A 7A 6K

9F 8G 8C 8F 7F 6P 6R 5J 5S
9C 7J 6S 4C
9A 5R
8H 8J

9H 8M 8N 7H 7M 4F 4J 4L
8R 8S 4O 4P 4G 4H 4B 4K
9G 9N 8P
9K 9M 9W 9P 7R 7P 4R 4S 4T 4U
9J 9R 9S 9T 9X 8T 3A 4Y 4Z
9Y 8X
8Y 7S

4W 3C

Season Dates Daily Bag 3H 3J 3F 3G
2018/2019 Limits
3M 3N

Sept. 1–Feb. 28 6 3R 3S

Nov. 1–Feb. 28 6 2A 1C

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

Small Game Hunting

Pheasant Hunting 5A Bobwhite Quail Hunting
Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Cocks only 6F

Cocks & hens 6H 5F


Cocks only east of 5G SULLIVAN
Shinnecock Canal & Inlet 6N
5H 5T
9A 8A 7A 6K
9F 8G 8C 8F 7F 6P 6R 5J 5S NEW YORK
9A 5R


9H 8M 8N 7H 7M 4F 4J 4L
8R 8S 4O 4P 4G 4H 4B 4K
9G 9N 8P
9K 9M 9W 9P 7R 7P 4R 4S 4T 4U
9J 9R 9S 9T 9X 8T 3A 4Y 4Z
9Y 8X
8Y 7S

4W 3C Season Dates Bag Limits
2018/2019 Daily Season
2018/2019 2018 Bag Limits 3H 3J 3F 3G Oct. 1–Feb. 28
Regular Season Dates Youth Hunt Dates Daily Season 3K 4 10
Nov. 1–Dec. 31
Oct. 20–Dec. 31 Oct. 13–Oct. 14 2 — 3M 3N 6 40
Oct. 20–Feb. 28 Oct. 13–Oct. 14 2 — 3R 3S

2A 1A 1C

Oct. 1–Feb. 28 Sept. 29–Sept. 30 2 —

Nov. 1–Dec. 31 Oct. 27–Oct. 28t 2*/4** 30 * Youth Hunt
Nov. 1–Dec. 31 Oct. 27–Oct. 28 2*/4** 30 ** Regular Season
t No youth hunt in WMU 2A

Attention Youth Pheasant Hunt

If you would like to raise and release pheasants to increase pheasant hunting Junior hunters (ages 12–15) must be
opportunities, please e-mail us at [email protected] and type "pheasants" in the accompanied by a licensed adult hunter.
subject line or call (607) 273-2768. For a list of hunting areas where pheasants are Only the junior hunter may carry a
released, contact a DEC Regional Wildlife Office (on page 6) or visit our website at firearm.

Ruffed Grouse Hunting Attention
Grouse Hunters
Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 5A
You may not shoot woodcock unless
6A you have registered in the Harvest
5C Information Program. To register, go
6F or call 1-888-427-5447. (See woodcock
6C season dates, page 50.)

6H 5F Attention
6J DEC is seeking grouse hunters to
participate in a survey to help moni-
5G tor ruffed grouse populations. For
6N more information, please e-mail
us at [email protected] and
5H 5T type “grouse log” in the subject
line, call (518) 402-8883, or visit
9A 8A 7A 6K

9F 8G 8C 8F 7F 6P 6R 5J 5S
9C 7J 6S 4C
9A 5R
8H 8J

9H 8M 8N 7H 7M 4F 4J 4L
8R 8S 4O 4P 4G 4H 4B 4K
9G 9N 8P
9K 9M 9W 9P 7R 7P 4R 4S 4T 4U
9J 9R 9S 9T 9X 8T 3A 4Y 4Z
9Y 8X
8Y 7S

4W 3C

3H 3J 3F 3G

Season Dates Daily Bag 3K
2018/2019 Limits 3M 3N

3R 3S

Sept. 20–Feb. 28 4 2A 1A 1C

Oct. 1–Feb. 28 4


2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 43

Turkey Hunting

General Information Manner of Taking Tagging and
• You may buy only one turkey permit per year. • You must carry your hunting license and tur-
• If you have filled your bag limit, you may call key permit while you hunt. • Immediately after taking a wild turkey, you
must fill out the appropriate carcass tag in
turkeys for another hunter, but you may not • You may hunt with a bow or crossbow; how- ink, mark or cut out the date and month of
carry a bow, crossbow, or firearm. You may ever, crossbows may not be used to take wild kill, sign the back, and attach it to the carcass.
call turkeys to aid another hunter only if you turkeys in Westchester or Suffolk counties.
are licensed to hunt wild turkey in New York • The carcass tag must stay attached to the
and have a valid turkey permit. • You may hunt with a shotgun or handgun only turkey carcass until it is prepared for eating.
• If you have taken a turkey that is unfit for con- when using shot no larger than #2 and no
sumption, authorized DEC staff may issue a smaller than #8. • You may give your turkey to another person.
special permit to take another. You will have • You must attach a tag with the following infor-
to surrender the carcass. Call your wildlife • You may not take a turkey with a rifle or air
or law enforcement office (see page 6). gun, or with a handgun firing a bullet. mation to the turkey carcass:
»» Your name
Turkey Hunters • You may use a muzzleloading shotgun. »» Your address
Needed for • You may not hunt with a dog during the spring »» Your hunting license number
Grouse Survey »» Turkey permit carcass tag number
season. You may hunt with a dog during the »» The recipient’s name
DEC is seeking spring turkey hunters fall season. »» The recipient’s address
to participate in a survey to help moni- • You may not use bait to hunt turkey. • You must report your harvest within 7
tor grouse populations. • You may not use an electronic calling or ampli- days via phone (1-866-GAMERPT), online
For more information: fying device to locate or hunt turkeys during ( or through our HuntFishNY
• E-mail us at [email protected] the open season. mobile app (see page 8).
• You may use decoys.
and type “Grouse Drumming Sur- • A scope of any type is allowed.
vey” in the subject line, or
• Call 518-402-8883, or Reward
• Visit and search
for "drumming survey." Protect wild turkeys against illegal hunting. Their future depends on you!

The National Wild Turkey Federation is offering a $200 reward to anyone giving infor-
mation and testimony leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone illegally hunting
or killing a wild turkey in New York State.



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Turkey Hunting

Fall Turkey Season 5A

• You may take a bird of either sex. FFAaLllLTTuUrRkKeEyY SSEeAaSsOoNn 6A 6F 5C
• There is one carcass tag for the fall season and 5F
Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 6C
it may be used in any fall turkey hunting zone. 6H
Immediately after taking a turkey, you must fill
out the carcass tag in ink and attach it to the bird. 6G 6J
• If you take a turkey, save one of its legs. You 5H
will receive instructions about what to do with 6N 5G
the leg when you report your harvest. The legs 5T
are used for age and sex information.
8A 8C 7A 6K 6R 5J 5S
Spring Turkey Season 9A 8F 7F 6P 6S 5R
9A 9F 8G
• In the spring, you may take two bearded birds. 4F
You may only take one bird per day. 9C 8H 8J 7H 7J 4A 4C
7M 4O 4P 4L
• Fill out the carcass tag and attach it to the bird. 9H 8M 8N 8R 8S 4W
• You do not need to save and send in turkey 8W 4J 4K
9G 9N 4G 4H 4B
legs in the spring. You do need to take careful 8Y
spur, beard, and weight measurements for 9M 9W 9P 8P 4T 4U
harvest reporting. 4R 4S
9K 7R
1. Spur measurements: Spurs should be mea- 9J 8T 7S
sured from the tip of the spur to the base of 9T 7P
the spur, where it emerges from the scaly 9S 9Y 8X
part of the leg. Measure to the nearest ¼ 9R 9X 4Y 4Z
inch. Do not measure to the forward edge
of the leg, only to the base of the spur. 3A
2. Beard measurements: Beards should
be measured from the tip of the beard Season Dates 3H 3J 3F 3G
to the base, where it emerges from the Fall 2018
skin. Put the end of your ruler against the 3K
base of the beard and extend the beard Oct. 1 - Oct. 14 3M 3N
along the body of the ruler. Measure to
the nearest ¼ inch. Oct. 20 - Nov. 2 Statewide season bag limit is 3R 3S 1C
one bird of either sex. 3P
3. Record the weight of the turkey to the Nov.17 - Nov. 30
nearest pound. 2A 1C
Closed 2A 1A
Spring Youth Hunt
Eligible hunters are 12–15 years of age and hold
a Junior Hunting License and a Turkey Permit. Spring Turkey Season Spring Youth Hunt
(no map)
All youth hunters must be accompanied by Season Dates
an adult, as required by law for a Junior Hunting Hunting Hours April 20–21, 2019
License (see pages 36 and 37). One half-hour before sunrise to noon Area Open
Area Open Same as regular spring season p lus
The accompanying adult must have a current All of upstate New York north of the Suffolk County (WMU 1C)
hunting license and Turkey Permit. He/she may Bronx-Westchester County boundary Eligible Hunters
assist the youth hunter (including calling), but Season Dates Youth 12–15 years of age
may not carry a firearm, crossbow or bow, or kill May 1–May 31 Bag Limit
or attempt to kill a wild turkey during the youth Season Bag Limits One bearded turkey
hunt. Crossbows may only be used by licensees Two bearded turkeys (one bird per day)
who are 14 years of age or older.
Turkey Hunting Tips If you see another hunter:
The bag limit for the youth hunt is one bearded • Don’t move, or wave or nod.
bird. This bird becomes part of the youth’s regular Successful turkey hunters sit and call. • Don’t make turkey or animal sounds.
season bag limit of two bearded birds. A second Don’t wear red, white, blue or black.
bird may be taken beginning May 1. Most turkey hunting injuries happen when • Do speak up clearly, saying “STOP.”
one hunter stalks another hunter. DON’T
All other wild turkey hunting regulations TRY TO STALK TURKEY! If you see a turkey:
remain in effect. Assume anything that sounds like a Be 100% sure of your target and beyond.
turkey is a human (calls, footsteps). To prevent another hunter from mistaking
you for a gobbler, avoid using a turkey
"reaper fan".

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 45

Turkey Hunting

Senior Youth Hunter Essay Winner

(Grades 9 through 12)

My Turkey Hunting to continue to call but worried about like a periscope. My red dot was on the
Mentor attracting predators, other hunters, or hens. base of his head and I fired. The turkey
I set up my hen decoy and selected a large folded backwards from a load of copper-
By Cody Blatner, Grade 9 tree for us to rest against. As I waited plated shot from my twenty gauge. After
for it to get light, I listened to the woods tagging my prize, I was finally able to
I was fifteen years old and had hunted come alive around me. I could smell damp wrap my hands around the legs of my
several youth spring turkey hunts earth and wild leeks. A pileated wood- first spring gobbler. I did a partial mount
without success. pecker pounded on a nearby tree, and as I with my dad's help and my mom prepared
However, I learned a lot with my dad as heard the caw of a distant crow, I knew it a great turkey dinner! I will always have
my mentor. I learned when to call and was finally time to call. memories of that special day.
when to be silent and have patience. I also My dad gave a series of soft tree yelps
learned how to sit still even as mosquitoes and the turkey triple gobbled. I heard the
tried desperately to eat through my head wing beats and breaking branches as the
net and gloves. turkey pitched down toward my location.
My dad and I were able to roost several I raised my gun into position while my
gobblers the night before on some nearby dad gave a few soft clucks on his favorite
state land. The next morning, we arrived mouth call. The turkey gobbled again and
back on the state land at around 3:45 a.m. the ground seemed to shake. I heard the
It was cold and crisp with just enough leaves crunching as the tom suddenly
moonlight to navigate. approached in full strut. The sun was shin-
I gave a few owl hoots and a turkey imme- ing on its tail feathers and its head was
diately gobbled straight ahead on a distant fire engine red and blue.
ridge. After several minutes, I gave several As the turkey faced me with its head
more hoots and another turkey gobbled to tightly tucked in, my heart was pounding.
my left on another smaller ridge. I wanted My dad gave a series of yelps and the
turkey broke strut with its head extended

Est. 1954

Hunt prime land in Did you know in 2017,
Barbour & Bullock Counties. DEC Forest Rangers:

• Highest deer density in Alabama. HOGS, Coyotes and … Fought 55 wildfires that burned 191 acres (lowest annual
bobcats no charge, no limit (with paid deer hunt). acres in history!)
• 6,000 acre family-owned plantation. NO LEASED LAND.
• 50 Food Plots with elevated shooting houses … Conducted 29 prescribed fires that improved 564 acres…
surrounded by pines and oak bottoms. … Conducted 346 search and rescue missions to find, rescue
• New cottages with private bedrooms and baths.
First class lodge. All meals included. or recover 524 people.
• Quail hunts - Half and Full Day
UNLIMITED BIRDS! 518-408-5850

Visit us at 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

To plan your hunt, call J. Paul Taylor at 877.539.5699


Migratory Game Birds

What is a “Migratory Game Bird”?

Under state and federal laws and regulations, all of the following are considered migra-
tory game birds in New York:

• All wild ducks, mergansers, geese, and brant (“waterfowl”)

• All coot, rails, and gallinules (moorhens)

• Woodcock and snipe

Crows are not considered migratory game birds under federal regulations, but most Help Monitor
of New York’s migratory game bird hunting regulations apply to crows. You should Woodcock Populations
assume they are the same except where differences are noted.
Mourning doves are considered migratory game birds under federal regulations, but Join our grouse and woodcock hunting
they are not defined as such under New York State law so no hunting season has been log:
established for this species. or call 518-402-8886.

Migratory Game Bird (with the exception of mergansers). Mergansers impacts that snow geese are having on natu-
Seasons and Bag Limits are fishing-eating birds that tend to be the most ral ecosystems. For more information, includ-
heavily contaminated waterfowl and should not ing harvest regulations for 2018–19, go to:
Migratory game bird hunting regulations are be eaten.
set by the federal government in consultation
with state agencies. Due to a change in the Recent data indicate that waterfowl resid- General Regulations
federal regulation setting process, migratory ing in the Hudson River between Hudson Falls
game bird seasons are now finalized by mid- and Troy have higher PCB levels than waterfowl Following is a summary of state and federal
June or early July. Final season dates and bag from other portions of the Hudson River and are rules that apply to the taking, possession, ship-
limits are now available in time to be published likely to have higher PCB levels than waterfowl ping, transporting and storing of all migratory
in the annual hunting guide; pocket references from other areas of the state. Because PCBs game birds in New York. For more complete
for migratory game bird seasons are also avail- may have a greater effect on young children information, consult the specific federal (50
able from regional DEC offices upon request or or an unborn child, it is particiularly important CFR Part 20) and state (6 NYCRR Part 2.30)
by emailing [email protected]. for women under 50 and children under 15 to regulations. You can link to both of these from:
minimize their PCB exposure. For more informa-
License Requirements tion visit:
To hunt any migratory game birds in New York, Waterfowl Hunting
you need a hunting license unless you qualify in Populated Areas Migratory game birds are wild ducks, geese,
to hunt without a license. brant, coot, rails, gallinules, woodcock and
Some excellent waterfowl hunting opportuni- snipe. Migratory waterfowl are wild ducks,
To hunt any migratory game bird in New ties occur in shoreline areas of New York that geese, brant and coot.
York except crows, you must register in New are becoming more populated and developed.
York’s Harvest Information Program (HIP). This Waterfowl hunters have special privileges in License requirements
applies to all hunters, including junior hunt- New York, but please consider the possible
ers and people who qualify to hunt without a concerns that nearby homeowners may have All migratory game bird hunters must carry a
license. To register, go to: or about noise, safety or invasion of privacy before valid New York State hunting license, except
call 1-888-427-5447. HIP registration is valid you go afield. Avoiding such conflicts will help for persons not required to have a hunting
from July 1 through June 30 annually (not the ensure that waterfowl hunting remains an license. All migratory game bird hunters in
same as your hunting license!). accepted tradition in fast-developing shoreline New York must also register annually with
areas. For more information, go to: www.dec. New York’s Harvest Information Program
Duck Stamp (HIP) and carry proof of compliance when-
ever going afield. To register, call toll-free
If you are 16 years or older and you hunt water- DEC, in cooperation with the South Shore 1-888-4ASKHIP (1-888-427-5447) or visit the
fowl, then you also need a federal migratory Waterfowlers Association (SSWA), has pro- website:
game bird hunting stamp (“duck stamp”). The duced A Pocket Reference for Police Officers You will be given a confirmation number that you
stamp is not needed to hunt coot, rails, galli- and Waterfowl Hunters that summarizes the can record on the back of your hunting license
nules, woodcock, snipe or crows. You may buy a state laws that pertain to waterfowl hunting as proof of participation in HIP. HIP registration
duck stamp at most post offices and many sport- in general and includes a “code of ethics” for is valid from July 1–June 30 annually.
ing goods stores. They may also be ordered waterfowl hunters to help ensure that water-
on-line ( or by phone fowl hunting remains a viable recreational Migratory bird hunting stamp
(1-800-852-4897). The stamp must be signed opportunity in New York. For a copy, call
in ink across the face to be valid for hunting. (518) 402-8883 or email [email protected]. Each waterfowl hunter 16 years of age or older
must carry on his/her person a valid Federal
Consumption of Special Snow Goose Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation
Wild Waterfowl Harvest Program Stamp (“duck stamp”) signed in ink across the
face. Stamps do not have to be attached to
The New York State Department of Health rec- Waterfowl hunters in New York will have a your license. Duck stamps are not required to
ommends that you remove the skin and fat of special opportunity to harvest snow geese hunt coot, rails, gallinules, woodcock or snipe.
wild waterfowl before cooking, and eat no more in most areas of the state from January 16 Duck stamps are not required of minors 12 to
than two meals containing waterfowl per month through April 15, 2019. This additional oppor- 15 years of age hunting migratory waterfowl in
tunity is offered because of concerns about New York State.

2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide 47

Migratory Game Birds

Federal duck stamps are sold at most post • From or by means of any motorboat or sail- Pshoispsmesesniot nan, tdagimgpinogr,tation
offices and many sporting goods stores and boat unless the motor has been completely
cost $25.00 each. They may also be ordered by shut off and/or sail furled, and its progress The possession limit is the maximum number of
calling 1-800-852-4897 or visiting the website therefrom has ceased. Motorboats and sail- migratory game birds that any person may pos- There is a shipping and boats under power may be used to retrieve sess in total in his/her automobile or principal
handling fee for phone or Internet orders. dead or crippled birds; however, crippled means of land transportation, personal abode,
birds may not be shot from such craft under or in his/her name at any migratory bird pres-
Hunting hours power except in the Special Sea Duck Area ervation facility, post office or common-carrier
Woodcock may be taken from sunrise to sunset. described in the Hunting Seasons Table. facility. The possession limit is three times the
All other migratory game birds may be taken from • By the use or aid of live decoys. All live, daily bag limit for all waterfowl species except
one-half hour before sunrise until sunset in all tame or captive ducks and geese shall be snow geese.
hunting zones. Canada geese may be taken until removed for a period of 10 consecutive No person shall give, put or leave any
one-half hour after sunset during the September days prior to hunting and confined within migratory game birds at any place (other than
seasons, except on Youth Waterfowl Hunt Days, an enclosure which substantially reduces personal abode) or in the custody of another
when hunting hours end at sunset. Snow geese the audibility of their calls and totally con- person for picking, cleaning, processing, ship-
may be taken until one-half hour after sunset ceals such tame birds from the sight of ping, transportation, storage (including tem-
during January 15–April 15 whenever all other migratory waterfowl. porary storage) or taxidermy services, unless
waterfowl hunting seasons are closed. • Using recorded migratory bird calls or sounds the birds are tagged by the hunter with the
or electrically amplified imitations of bird calls. following information:
Non-toxic shot requirement This does not apply to the taking of snow • Hunter’s name, address and signature
Non-toxic shot is required for hunting any migra- geese in any area or zone, or taking of Canada • Total number of birds involved, by species
tory game bird, except woodcock, everywhere geese in September, when all other waterfowl • Dates such birds were killed
in New York State. Possession or use of shells seasons are closed.
loaded with shot other than steel, bismuth-tin, • By driving, rallying or chasing birds with any For more information on regulations pertaining
iron-tungsten, iron-tungsten-nickel, tungsten- motorized conveyance or any sailboat to put to possession, tagging, shipment and importa-
bronze, tungsten-iron-copper-nickel, tungsten- them in the range of hunters. tion of legally killed migratory game birds, con-
matrix, tungsten-polymer, tungsten-tin-iron, • By the aid of baiting (placing feed such as corn, sult the specific federal and state regulations
tungsten-tin-bismuth, tungsten-tin-iron-nickel wheat, salt or other feed to constitute a lure cited above.
or other shot approved by the U.S. Fish and or enticement) or on or over any baited area.
Wildlife Service is strictly prohibited when hunt- Hunters should be aware that a baited area Caution/dual violation
ing waterfowl, snipe, rails or gallinules. is considered to be baited for 10 days after More restrictive regulations may apply to
the removal of the bait, and it is not neces- national wildlife refuges and state wildlife
Duck hunting blinds sary for the hunter to know an area is baited management areas (WMAs) open to public
NYS Navigation Law Section 33-b requires that to be in violation. Migratory game birds may hunting. Violation of New York State migratory
duck blinds placed in the waters of lakes within be taken on or over standing crops, flooded bird hunting regulations is also a violation of
New York State be prominently marked with the harvested crop lands, grain crops properly federal regulations.
owner’s full name and address. All duck blinds shocked on the field where grown or grains
placed in lakes must be removed no later than found scattered solely as a result of the nor-
March 15 annually. mal agricultural planting or harvesting.

Prohibitions on methods of take Wanton waste/
No person shall take migratory game birds: possession of live birds
• With a trap, snare, net, rifle, pistol, crossbow, No person shall kill or cripple any migratory
swivel gun, shotgun larger that 10-gauge, punt game bird without making a reasonable effort
gun, battery gun, machine gun, fishhook, poi- to retrieve the bird and retain it in his/her actual
son, drug, explosive or stupefying substance. custody. Wounded birds reduced to possession
• With a shotgun capable of holding more than shall be killed immediately and included in the
three shells, unless it is plugged with a one- daily bag limit.
piece filler that is incapable of removal without
disassembling the gun. This does not apply to Field possession limit
the taking of snow geese in any area or zone, No more than one daily bag or aggregate daily
or taking of Canada geese during September, bag limit of migratory game birds may be pos-
when all other waterfowl seasons are closed. sessed or transported, tagged or untagged, at
• From a sink box (a low-floating device, hav- or between the place of taking and:
ing a depression affording the hunter a • His or her automobile or principal means of
means of concealment beneath the surface land transportation
of the water). • His or her personal abode or temporary place
• From or with the aid or use of a car or other of lodging
motor-driven land conveyance, or any air- • Migratory bird preservation facility
craft, except that paraplegics and single or • Post office or common-carrier facility
double amputees of the legs may, with a
permit issued by the Department of Environ- No person shall completely field dress any
mental Conservation, take from any station- migratory game bird and then transport the bird
ary motor vehicle or stationary motor-driven from the field. The head or one fully feathered
land conveyance. “Paraplegic” means an wing must remain attached to all such birds
individual afflicted with paralysis of the lower while being transported.
half of the body with involvement of both
legs, usually due to disease or injury to the
spinal cord.

48 2018–2019 New York Hunting & Trapping Guide

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