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2019-20 Gig Harbor Academy Bridge and Annual Report

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Published by admissions, 2020-01-18 14:26:09

2019 Bridge

2019-20 Gig Harbor Academy Bridge and Annual Report

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Gig Harbor Academy Magazine & Annual Report



Gig Harbor Academy Magazine & Annual Report

Cristina McDougall Susan Lomow, Director of Admissions &
Tina Myers, Business Manager
Diana Nold, Preschool Marcie Foster, Administrative Assistant &
Brittney Shirey, Preschool Assistant
Nancy Fullarton, Part-Time Preschool Assistant Development Coordinator
Carolyn VonZimmerman, Pre-Kindergarten 1
Nancy Manglona, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Assistant BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Ashley Thielman, Pre-Kindergarten 2
Brittany Hess, Pre-Kindergarten 2 Assistant Homer Smith, President
Kristen Sutich, Kindergarten Alissa Rooks, Vice President
Megan Snow, First Grade Matt Parman, Treasurer
Kristen Barnard, Second Grade Charlie Hatley, Secretary
Julie Meyer, Third Grade Tanya Starke, Past President
Lindsey von Dohlen, Fourth Grade Emma Conway, Member
Jeff Funk, Fifth Grade Nadine Roberge, Member
Ana Steel, Art Specialist Adam Small, Member
Lynn Swanson, Music/Library Specialist Ryan Walters, Member
Kari Chavez-Cox, Physical Education Specialist
Xinia Agee, Spanish Specialist BRIDGE CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS
Geoffrey Klok, Technology Specialist
Rebecca Lovett, Director of Childcare Susan Lomow
Francessca Ross, Childcare Staff Rebecca Lovett
Ivonne Silla, Childcare Staff Cristina McDougall
Rikki Smith, Childcare Staff Tina Myers
Amanda Butler, Childcare Staff Homer Smith
Megan Snow
Lynn Swanson

©2019, Gig Harbor Academy. The Bridge is the Gig Harbor Academy official school magazine.
Gig Harbor Academy, 6820 32nd Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.
Phone: 253.265.2150.


2018-19 ANNUAL REPORT 14

4  |


When my wife, Val, and I first The Mission Statement below serves as a guide for all actions
drove onto the Gig Harbor taken in the management of the institution.
Academy campus just over five
years ago, we felt that there was GHA’s vision, “We empower young minds through joyful
something unique about this discovery, create a passion for critical thinking, and unlock
little school in the woods. We the potential in every student”, isn’t just something that would
didn’t know much about GHA, be nice to have. Our vision is what we see happening at the
but could feel that there was a school every day and what inspires the Board of Directors to
special energy to the campus, continue leading the school to further growth and excellence.
immediately fell in love with it, and enrolled our daughter, Lyla,
in Pre-Kindergarten. The core values, or central beliefs, were developed knowing
that they were essential to executing GHA’s strategy. They
It has been amazing to watch Lyla open up as she has grown were developed and communicated to every member of
from not even being able to be up on stage for the Winter the GHA community and include: integrity, critical thinking,
Concert in her first year, to being the outgoing girl that knows empathy, creativity and community.
everyone else’s part on stage and helps them if they need that
little boost. While there are many things that contribute to the This has been the best start to a school year that many can
growth of our children, I am confident that the nurturing culture remember - we have a group of dedicated teachers and
and individual focus that Lyla receives at school plays a major administrative staff to thank for that. On behalf of the entire
role in her development during the past four years. Board of Trustees, we appreciate the care and support that all
members of the GHA community have provided, allowing GHA
At the start of the school year the Board of Directors, led by its to continue thriving this school year!
charter, was required to review and take a hard look at GHA’s
mission, vision and core values. Homer Smith,
Gig Harbor Academy Board Chair



At Gig Harbor Academy we send independent thinkers into society with the goal of positively impacting the world. We do
this through living our core values of Integrity, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Creativity, and Community, and through creating a
student-centered and inclusive environment. By embracing the individual learning styles and passions of our students, we
tailor our approach, engage each child in a uniquely meaningful way, and cultivate their joy of discovery.


We empower young minds through joyful discovery, create a passion for critical thinking and unlock the potential in every

Core Values

Integrity: Do the right thing, every time, especially when nobody is looking. By living this value every day and instilling it in the
young minds we are fortunate enough to engage, we will help develop character in the students who walk our campus.

Critical Thinking: We teach students how to think for themselves. We do this by challenging students to analyze and evaluate
information, arguments, and beliefs so they can arrive at their own conclusions with reason, logic, and objectivity.

Empathy: Observe the world through other people’s eyes. Changing your perspective allows for compassionate connection
with others and better use of critical thinking skills to solve problems. We use empathy to understand every person’s
approach to living and learning.

Creativity: Children learn creatively, so we must teach creatively. Through adaptability and agility with our approach, we
customize the learning environment for our students and develop a passion for lifelong learning, regardless of what form that
learning may take.

Community: We establish and nurture a supportive and diverse community at GHA. By reinforcing this every day, we instill in
our students the ideals of our mission and core values so they can meaningfully and positively impact their communities.

5  |


What originally began as a one- a visiting team of NWAIS members from around the region to join
room schoolhouse with a vision for us on campus for four days in late Fall 2020. The visiting team’s
providing children an environment purpose is to speak with GHA constituents regarding the self-
in which to learn through study document to then, in turn, compile their own report which
exploration, inquiry and experience is presented to the NWAIS Accreditation Committee who will
has developed into an established provide the decision in Spring 2021.
educational institution committed
to academic excellence in a setting which embraces its roots. The Through this self-reflective process, Gig Harbor Academy is able
evolution of the business model established in 1976 by founder to identify areas of institutional strength and those of growth. In
Ann Reynolds is evident in the classroom daily and Gig Harbor fact, GHA has already benefitted from the process in a number
Academy’s culture and sense of community. of ways, including improved administrative processes, policy
development and implementation of best practice guidelines
With change comes opportunity. Any organization must adapt regarding curriculum development and student reporting.
and evolve its practice to meet current standards, expectations,
laws and regulations. Healthcare, aviation and labor are industries The accreditation process is a transparent and collaborative
which must maintain accreditation by their respective bodies and one. GHA expects to regularly share with the community its
education is no different. GHA is a certified educational institution progress with the self-study and timeline as they are available. For
by the State of Washington Board of Education, a certification additional information on NWAIS and the accreditation process,
which is maintained annually through the submittal of reports and please visit or contact GHA directly at any time.
filings with the state. The Gig Harbor Academy Board of Directors
made the decision that GHA would go a step further and seek Cristina McDougall
accreditation by NWAIS (Northwest Association of Independent
Schools), an industry organization and accrediting body which Interim Head of School, Director of Operations & Accreditation
establishes best practices for private and independent schools in Self-Study Coordinator
the Pacific Northwest.

These standards and best practices are outlined by NWAIS in
the Accreditation Handbook, which requires each school seeking
initial or re-accreditation to produce a self-study document
reflecting on the 12 major areas of a private academic institution.
These areas are a comprehensive look at all facets of the
business: from governance and finance to the school’s mission,
program and facilities. GHA embarked on the self-study process
in early 2019 and will continue the work until submittal to NWAIS
in September 2020. Teams are comprised of faculty, staff,
board members and parent volunteers and GHA is grateful for
everyone’s contribution of time and expertise.

Once the self-study document is submitted, GHA will prepare for


6  |


The more things change, the more things stay Harbor History Museum, the event was open to
the same. Gig Harbor Academy is often referred all GHA families, faculty and staff. Presentations
to as the “Little School in the Woods” but as by board members, administration and faculty
the presenters in our Annual General Meeting addressed the recent changes to the mission/
reminded us, we have grown up quite a bit and vision/core values statements, operations
have come a long way since we first opened our updates and a financial snapshot.
doors in the mid-70s.
Perhaps the most compelling presentations
Yet, despite all of the changes we have seen were those from faculty members, highlighted
throughout the years, the basic foundation of in the following articles. Megan Snow’s eloquent
how we teach, through joyful discovery, and the picture of joyful learning at GHA was profound
importance of how we incorporate the outdoors and Rebecca Lovett’s presentation on GHA’s
into the day remains unchanged. nature program was inspiring.

From an outdoor experience that is impossible The internal CAD (Care/Advocacy/Diversity)
for others to recreate to the emphasis on social- team’s progress with the initiation of the
emotional learning to experiential learning and a PBIS social-emotional program from Lynn
specialist program like no other, GHA strives to Swanson illustrated GHA’s prioritization of and
achieve its mission and vision everyday, both on commitment to diversity and inclusion. It is
the playground and in the classroom. clear GHA offers an unparalleled community,
curriculum and culture filled with dedicated
On November 6, 2019 GHA held its Annual professionals and families.
General Meeting & Parent Reception. Held at the


Reflecting on how I might capture the discovery, growth and to the opposite end of the developmental spectrum … the other
joy in learning that I am privileged to witness, spanning our day I saw a fifth grader who had identified a real problem and
early education through fifth grade classes, a metaphor came was encouraged by his teacher, Jeff Funk, to freely explore
to mind, and it is one for which I can take zero credit. My it and search for solutions. For context, the student was
colleague, Kristen Sutich, and I recently attended an inquiry- troubled by a puddle of rain that gathers after heavy downpours
based teaching training led by Kimberly Mitchell, an education where the ramp meets the covered pavilion. “Breaking from
professor at the UW. She likened student-centered classrooms curriculum” enabled this child to experience the gifts of time,
to rivers. They are free-flowing, dynamic, and empowering. space, wonder, curiosity and relevance, as he applied a whole
There is an urgency to them, and yet they are peaceful. They host of analytical and evaluative thinking skills. I could, of
are inspiring. However, she reminded us, a river is reliant upon course, highlight what happens in my corner of GHA in first
its banks to flow. Paradoxically, a river’s banks are liberating grade, as I have come to determine that six and seven year olds
structures. Environment matters a great deal. are the bravest and brightest thinkers, but you will have to find
me one day and I will happily share stories of their hysterical and
As I extended the metaphor to GHA, wondering what the insightful antics.
environmental distinctives that facilitate inspired learning might
be, a few ideas emerged. One is a literal interpretation of our Megan Snow,
environment: our campus. We sit on this idyllic slice of Gig First Grade Teacher, Gig Harbor Academy
Harbor with endless opportunities to use outdoor places as
provocation for learning. Second: our community. We are
uniquely intimate. Your children are seen. They are known. Yet,
this sense of belonging is matched by a sending. Our world is
in desperate need of compassionate and critical thinkers, and
the formation of these habits of mind is the call we heed as
educators. Finally, I think of our craft. What I am picturing here
is the sweet spot where the art and science of teaching meet,
imbued by a shared set of values and vision held by our faculty
and staff.

Linger around GHA on any given day and you are going to get
glimpses of this. From our youngest learners romping around
the wetlands trail, reading a story with pages that have been
hung from the limbs and branches of trees lining our magical
trail, thanks to the ingenuity of Diana Nold …

7  |


In 2018, Gig Harbor Academy added the CAD Team to our “At GHA we take care of ourselves, we take care of each other,
collection of Professional Learning Communities. The mission and we take care of this place.”
of our CAD (Care*Advocacy*Diversity) Team is to be a resource This now-familiar language can be heard every Monday
for students, faculty and families, promoting inclusion, growth morning at our COLORS assembly, every Wednesday morning
and support for all. on our all-school announcements, and most importantly it is
heard throughout our days across all areas of our campus as
As we respond to the needs of our school community, we remind each other of expected behaviors and acknowledge
the CAD Team, along with the GHA faculty, have identified & celebrate each other for “Taking Care.”
three initial areas of focus for school-wide support including The CAD Team is hard at work preparing the next stages in
student behavior, academic support and social-emotional our implementation of the PBIS framework. In addition to
development. our current focus on developing this behavioral framework,
a portion of the CAD Team attended Social Thinking training
The CAD Team’s first major initiative the year was to research this week as we investigated strategies for increasing school-
and present the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and wide support in the area of social-emotional development for
Support) framework to the GHA faculty and staff during our students.
summer in-service meetings. PBIS is a proactive, rather than The CAD Team’s unique opportunity to focus on care,
reactive, model of behavior support that focuses on explicit advocacy and diversity within our school community sets us
teaching of positive behavioral expectations across all areas of apart as an educational institution. It is work that I am proud to
our campus and consistently recognizing students when they contribute to, and it offers benefits for our school community
are meeting those expectations. that I am so grateful for as both a teacher and a GHA parent.

The CAD Team’s first task in implementing the PBIS framework Lynn Swanson,
was to adopt three school-wide expectations for all members Music Specialist & Library Specialist,
of the GHA community. These expectations are now known as
our “Take Care” statements. GHA faculty and staff introduced Gig Harbor Academy
these expectations to students at our Take Care Fair on
Monday, October 14.

During the Take Care Fair, students and teachers rotated to 10
stations around our campus where they learned how we “Take
Care” in key areas of GHA where agreed upon behavioral
expectations help to keep our school community running

8  |


In our world, schools substitute high-stakes testing for recess, various developmental and academic goals of all programs
huge numbers of children are growing more obese, grass and and grades.
trees are replaced with concrete, children are contained to xWe are beginning to pool knowledge and curriculum so that
small “safe” spaces filled with plastic, children do not know lessons and planned activities can be adapted for various skills
where milk comes from, the average there year old spends and ages.
three hours each day in front of a screen (PBS Kids, 2019) and x Another goal this year is to form a team of students who are
the average eight year old spends seven and half hours each interested in environmental stainability to collaborate with each
day in front of a screen (Control, 2018). other and adults. We will be developing the infrastructure for
this group so that it has its own identity and can become an
Staff and families are in a unique position, by virtue of their integral part of our culture.
setting and shared values, to offer an authentic learning
environment that encourages experiential learning and Works Cited
engagement. GHA has the ability to provide a natural outdoor Control, C. f. (2018, January 9). Screen Time vs Lean TIme. Retrieved from Center for Disease
setting that not only fosters meaningful interactions, but Control:
also improves gross motor skills, reduces stress and many PBS Kids. (2019). Screen TIme and Kids. Retrieved from
other benefits connecting its students with nature. As proven nccdphp/dnpao/multimedia/infographics/getmoving.html
through study after study of Forest Kindergartens and Outdoor
Education programs all over the world, GHA has the ability to Rebecca Lovett,
increase academic performance through outdoor exploration Childcare Director, Gig Harbor Academy
and intentional teaching.

With the support of many passionate parent leaders, teachers
and faculty, who believed in the value of teaching and playing
in natural spaces, Gig Harbor Academy converted a portion of
its playground to an outdoor classroom. This two-year effort
earned GHA national recognition as a Certified Nature Explore
Classroom from the Nature Explore program (a collaboration of
Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and the Arbor
Day Foundation). It is time to reinvest and go deeper. This year,
we have recommitted as a united community to expand our
knowledge and utilization of the natural setting that we are so
lucky to live in every day:

In 2019 a nature committee was formed with a mandate of
enhancing and adding to the learning areas that the school
had previously established.

x During the 2019-20 school year we are collecting data from
students and teachers regarding the use of the outdoors for
learning in the form of surveys, narrative and photos.

x GHA is completing our Nature Explore recertification this
month which outlines how we currently use and maintain our
outdoor learning centers.

x We have reached out to Pierce County EcoEducation to
provide in-person educational classes to teachers on campus
to assist with the alignment of Washington State Academic
Standards and learning in nature.

x We have begun to create user-friendly activities for all ages
such as the literacy walk Teacher Diana created so that staff
and children can utilize the same outdoor activity to meet the

9  |


2018–2019 Operating Revenue


Tuition & Fees $1,398,816

Childcare & Fees $244,928

Fundraising $158,566

After School Enrichment & $57,308
Summer School Program $1,859,618


2018–2019 Operating Expenses


Payroll Related (incl. Childcare) $1,287,004

Administrative Expenses $114,340

Financial Assistance/Remission $109,631

Maintenance & Building Operations $101,157

Instructional Programs & Materials $59,394
Fundraising Expenses $39,699

After School Enrichment & $28,215
Summer Program

Development Expenses (Annual $25,872
Fund/Auction) Debt Service


10  |


As with most independent schools, Gig Harbor Academy is reliant on the generosity of
donors and supporters each year. GHA employs three primary channels of giving:
Major Contributions: GHA is prepared to accept major donations from foundations, families
or organizations with the intent to secure the school’s future growth and development.
Annual Fund: The Annual Fund drive is a drive for unrestricted funds to be spent in the
current school year supporting students, faculty and staff.
ASPIRE Annual Auction: The annual auction is not only a community building event but GHA’s
largest donor opportunity each year. The auction raises funds for dedicated projects, as well
as unrestricted funds to support programs, professional development and facilities needs.


The GHA NOW! Annual Fund is our yearly fundraising campaign supported by parents, alumni,
friends and the members of our faculty and staff. Our deepest thanks to everyone who helped us
exceed our 2018-2019 fundraising goal. Thanks to your generosity, $47,766 of unrestricted dollars
were donated to the school’s operating budget through the Annual Fund.

SCHOLAR $5,000+ Matt & Amy Parman Douglas & Jill Schaumburg
Erik White and Elizabeth Grayv Paul Raschkev David & Wonita Shin
Dan & Tara Schneider Coby & Stephanie Sagle Ahmad & Jennifer Slim
Homer & Val Smith Donald & Michelle Veal
ARTIST $1,000–$4,999 Casey & Tanya Starke Erich & Jennifer von Ibsch
John & Meagan Dover vu Ryan & Ellie Walters Matt & Katie Whyland
Jeff & Carol Funk Sean & Julie Wittmer Jeffrey & Kathryn Wilson
Matthew & Katie Harnish Brooks & Nichole Wolfe v MENTOR $250-$499
Charlie & Kristina Hatley vu READER $500–$999 Michael & Miya Barnes
Dustin & Robynn Langley Ryan & Valerie Bredeweg
Bert & Lani Magnuson Bradley & Jennifer Beachler Allan & Emma Conway
Rob & Cristina McDougallvu Lance Bear & Linda Pai v Carol Jinks & Staci Mayes
David & Brittany Millard-Hasting Mark Burcar & Jennifer Butler Benjamin & Rose Norbe
Mark & Tina Myers vu Dan & Sue Meyer Chris & Alissa Rooks
Michael Nelson & Janelle Kiel Nelson Sandra Obendorf Adam & Dani Small
Adam & Tina Olsson Troy & Erika Oberg Christopher & Jennifer Veal

11  |


TUTOR $1–$249 Arvind & Joanna Petrie

Geoff & Shan Barcalow Brian & Danielle Price
Mark & Starla Esber Mick & Katie Pusztai
Daniel & Kathryn Eyre Alex Mohit & Roberta Polk
Jeff & Emily Fortner Emily Scheutzow
Gerhard & Sue Frick Miguel Smith & Michelle Pearl
Dennis & Jennifer Glasier Aurora Sosa, Richard Olszewski & Sheri
Jaime & Kallie Grochowski v Gietzen-Olszewski
Andrew Hofeling & Laura Edwards Ana Steel v
David & Yoshie Hughes v Joelene Werden v
Fred & Barbara Kegel Duane & Traci Winder
Mike & Kelly Kluge Bob & Mary Wotherspoon (in honor of
Jess Tart & Laurie Skiffington Paul Hoover)
Edward & Jennifer Lee
Scott Diener & Susan Lomow v MATCHING GIFTS
Ian & Jeannine Mackie Alaska Airlines
Adam Means & Ping Ting Zeng Delta Airlines
Ash & Kassy Monif Microsoft
Jedidiah & Megan Moore Nordstrom
Brannan & Angela Olsen United Health Care
Isa Olsson
Lynette Olsson v Indicates 5+ years of giving
Isa Olsson u Indicates Alumni Family
Viggo Olsson

12  |


Thank you to the all families, friends, teachers, staff, and business partners who donated to the 2019 Aspire Auction. You
donations allowed us to raise nearly $91,000.

5th Avenue Theatre Lunch Box Laboratory The Club at Gig Harbor
Ace Hardware Ian & Jeannine Mackie
Anthony’s Restaurant Lani Magnuson The Museum of Flight
BBQ2U Massage Envy Timberland Bank
Bella Nails Carol Mayes & Staci Jinks Tower Lanes Entertainment Center
Wesley Blankenship & Kirsten David & Brittany Millard-Hasting Ryan & Ellie Walters
Rachon-Blankenship Corey & Christine Nelson Wet Coast Brewery
Brimstone PNW Roadhouse Diana Nold Wileys Water Sports
Cascade Eye & Skin Centers Benjamin Norbe & Rose Stanek-Norbe Kat Wilson
Chalet Bowl Ocean5 Sean & Julie Wittmer
Destiny Harbor Tours Odyssey 1 Woodland Park Zoo
Scott Diener Papa John’s Pizza YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties
Edgeworks Climbing Gym Amy Parman
El Pueblito Matt Parman
Ferrelli’s Pizza Mick & Katie Pusztai
Fifth Grade Students Rainiers Baseball Club
Fit Lab 253 Paul Raschke
Fran’s Chocolate Chris & Alissa Rooks
Fred Meyer Rotie Cellars
Jeff & Carol Funk Scrubbles
Gig Harbor Academy Board of Directors Seattle Children’s Museum
GIVE: Custom Curated Gifting Seattle Children’s Theater
Grand Cinema Homer & Val Smith
Jaime & Kallie Grochowski Sprinker Recreation Center
Travis & Lisa Hale Casey & Tanya Starke
Harbor Greens Melissa Stiles
Harbor History Museum Dan Stromstad
Hoodsport Winery Subway
Hotel Murano Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
David & Yoshie Hughes Tacoma Little Theatre
Jordan Moll: Events.Design.Floral Tacoma Symphony
Le Pamier Skincare Co. Jess Tart & Laurie Skiffington
Edward & Jennifer Lee Teaching Toys, Too

13  |

Thank you for raising your paddle. Through your THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAD A PART IN
generosity we raised $24,985 in unrestricted funds in
support of our school. HELPING WITH THE

Mark & Starla Esber Chris & Alissa Rooks ASPIRE ANNUAL AUCTION
Daniel & Kathryn Eyre Francessca Ross
Matthew & Sheena Fleming Dan & Tara Schneider We greatly appreciated your help and support during this
Jeff & Carol Funk Homer & Val Smith event.
Ryan & Erika Funk Casey & Tanya Starke
Jaime & Kallie Grochowski Jess Tart & Laurie Skiffington Auction Chairs: Tina Myers, Cristina McDougall
David & Brittany Millard-Hasting Aaron & Ashley Thielman
Charlie & Kristina Hatley Christopher & Jennifer Veal Auction Silhouette Project & Support: Christine Nelson
Christian & Jean Kerrick Erich & Jennifer von Ibsch
Robert & Cristina McDougall Ryan & Ellie Walters Procurement: Jennifer and Edward Lee, Rose Stanek-Norbe,
Michael Nelson & Janell Kiel Nelson, Theresa & Charlie Walters Erich & Jennifer von Ibsch, Ryan and Ellie Walters
Benjamin Norbe & Rose Stanek-Norbe Joelene Werden
Adam & Tina Olsson Erik White & Elizabeth Gray Graphic Design: Rob McDougall
Amy Parman Jeffrey & Kathryn Wilson
Matt Parman Brooks & Nichole Wolfe Dessert Dash Coordinator: Kristina Hatley
Paul Raschke
Display Coordinator: Cristina McDougall

Artisinal Fair Support : Diana Nold & Susan Lomow

Thank you to all of our set-up and event volunteers. We
couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to our auctioneer, Scott Bush

By volunteering you have given the most expensive and
priceless gift anyone could have ever given – kindness and


14  |



What I will miss most about GHA is the amazing kids and staff, especially all of the teachers and
specialists. I am excited for middle school and I hope to meet new friends and see old friends at
Kopachuck Middle School.


One of my favorite memories at GHA is gardening. We always got to help plant in the greenhouse. P.E.
was always outside, even if it was rainy. That was fun!

Gig Harbor Academy Summer Session
Weeks of June 22nd, July 6th and July 13th

CALENDAR visit our website for calendar updates

DECEMBER Winter Music Concert APRIL Spring Break – No School
Early Release at 11:30 AM April 13–17 4th Grade to IslandWood
December 12 Winter Break – No School April 20-23
December 20 Childcare Closed Art Show Installed at Civic Center
Dec 23–Jan 3 Childcare Closed MAY Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Dec 24-26 May 1-31 Fifth Grade Williamsburg / DC Trip
Dec 31 May 1 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 3-8 Special Friends Day
JANUARY Childcare Closed May 4-8 Art Show Reception
School Resumes May 13 Memorial Day – No School/Childcare
January 1 GHA Open House May 13 Spring Music Concert
January 6 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – May 25
January 11 No School May 28 GHA Field Day
January 15 Maritime Gig Festival and Parade
Cultural Day at GHA JUNE Last Day of School and Picnic (Early
FEBRUARY President’s Day - Childcare Closed June 3 Release at 11:30 AM)
Mid-Winter Break - No School June 6 Childcare Closed
February 6 June 9 Childcare Opens for the Summer
February 17 Summer Session - Week 1
February 17–21 June 10
June 11 Childcare Closed - Independence Day
MARCH June 22-26 Summer Session - Week 2
Summer Session - Week 3
March 6 End of Trimester 2 JULY
July 3
March 9-10 Parent-Teacher Conferences - July 6-10
July 13-17
No School

March 11 Trimester 3 Begins

March 16-20 Spring Book Fair

March 21 GHA “Aspire” Annual Auction

March 30-31 In-Service - No School/Childcare


Gig Harbor Academy relies on the generosity of the school’s ENDS DECEMBER 31, 2019
community to help subsidize budgetary operating costs.
With an Annual Fund gift, you will make an impact on the
current school year.

By giving to the Annual Fund, your donation impacts each
student’s journey by helping to fund professional development
for our faculty and staff, continued facility maintenance and
enhancements, and curriculum enhancement. It also allows
more families to have access to our school through increased
financial assistance and adds value to educational resources
both in the classroom and on the playground.

PERMIT #1347

Gig Harbor Academy, 6820 32nd Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Phone: 253.265.2150.

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