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Published by thunderroadsnorcal, 2021-10-28 16:07:36

THUNDER ROADS NorCal - November 2021

Northern California's #1 Biker Magazine

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Pomona PD

Article on Pages 8-11

Modified Motorcycle
Association of California


MMA’s 45th Annual Toy Drive


Date: November 28, 2021

Time: 10am pack ride out Folsom Harley
12 noon arrive at Specialty Motorsports to start event

Location: Specialty Motorsports
721 N. B st, Sacramento, CA 95811

Contact: Connie Chrisos, Public Relations Rep 916-899-4450 call/text

Donation: 1 unwrapped toy! There will be no fee at the gate!


Motorcycles, bikes, cars, walk-ins ALL welcome!

This will be an all-day event for the kids so bring the children to pick out toys.
This event is open to the public so please invite any families you may know
that are in need! There will be entertainment, food, play area, DJ playing
Christmas music and of course pictures with Santa Claus.


THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE NorCal editor’s letter
385 Wales Drive #B
Folsom, CA 95630 November is here and with it comes a couple
Office: 530.368.6579 of very important days to TRM NorCal.
or 530.305.7992 Veteran’s Day on the 11th. Try to remember
Email: [email protected] that it‚Äôs MORE than a day off work and the banks
Website: and post offices being closed. It’s a day to reflect
and be thankful for the sacrifices our Veterans
Northern California (then and now) have made for our country. Better
State Editors / Owners yet, personally ‘thank a vet’ and wish them a
Happy Veterans Day that would be even better! On
Stan & Terri Hill behalf of all of us at Thunder Roads NorCal - if you
are a Veteran and reading this - we want to extend a
Bike provided by Tom and Julie Reimers.
Photo by Stan Hill / RIDE PRIDE article on pages 8-11 Thanksgiving…just typing the word makes me pause
for a moment to reflect upon all that we are thankful
Art Director/Layout & Design for. Family comes to mind first, but that can mean a
Meredith Hancock – Hancock Media lot of different things. For us, there is our biological
family, our closest friends - that we consider family
Contributing Writers and our biker family. Terri and I have been reflecting
recently about this and it’s the reason it’s on
Ride Destination my mind. We recognize that as life changes and the
Chuck & Cindy Loseth demands on us change with it; that we have not been
able to connect with a lot of people that we wish we
Thunder Road Biker Church could. There are many of you that are constantly
Pastor Johnny Lujan on our minds – our conversations go “I wonder
how so and so is doing? I haven’t seen them for
Road Trippin’ while‚Äù. For various reasons, we just never seem
Gary & Mary Hoffman able to connect the way we’d like – but know
that you are always on our mind. Our oldest son and
Open Road Toon his family moved to Okinawa and it’s been awhile
Don ‘Thunder’ Baggett since we have seen them ‚Äì but not a day goes by
that we’re not thinking of them. I know that if we
If You Can See What I Can See … feel this way there has to be many more of you that
You Might Be Riding on the Back of a Harley feel the same way. Life and work obligations often
take every second of our time and we struggle to
Cyndee Reed Van Hooser find balance to not lose sight of the people that we
care about. As they say…the struggle is real. But
Frank Medicine Wolf Springer we also believe that out of every struggle there is a
silver lining. For example without embarking on this
Contributing Photographers journey with the magazine, we would have never met
Taleah Ebey / T3 Design Studios so many of you that have brought so much fun and
joy to our lives. All we can do is try to look for the
Billie Wilson / Billie The Kid Photography silver lining and strive for more balance.
Dan Rogers
Ride FREE – Ride Often
Nadia Parham
Stan and Terri
Advertising Sales / Social Media / Website
Stan Hill (530) 368-6579
Terri Hill (530) 305-7992

National Founders
Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon
1528 Matlock Drive, Chapmansboro, TN 37035
Office: (615) 792-0040 Fax: (615) 792-7580

[email protected]
(for information regarding Thunder Roads Northern California,
please use contact information at top of column


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 2

contents L ETT E R T O T H E E DI T OR

RIDE Just had an amazing call from a guy who was
DESTINATION suffering from PTSD in Redding... Said he was
praying and didn’t think God was hearing his
OREGON prayer... Defeated, he wandered in to Redding Harley
- IDAHO - and found the Magazine... Said he opened the front
MONTANA cover right to my article, and after reading it, HE KNEW
20 said he found the courage to go on another day!!!! 

RIDE PRIDE Thank you for continuing to allow me to write in the
POMONA PD magazine.... Together we are making a difference
and silently changing lives.... Love You Guys - Really 
PANHEAD “Never Ride Alone”
Pastor Johnny Lujan



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Make check payable to Thunder Roads Of Northern California

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 3

As many folks know, my full-time day job is leading a crimes that were tortured upon him when he was a child were also
non-profit in Sacramento, CA called Freedom Through atrocious, and those perpetrators were never held accountable.
Education. We are dedicated and passionate about helping As we talked, I asked him what the most difficult experience was
those that had previous life sentences come to us for housing and he endured as a child. The moment was silence for an excessive
programing. We are a “Best in Class” organization and take great amount a time. He then turned to me with a tear running down his
pride in helping individuals receive a second chance. Many have cheek and said, through his pain - “I was emotionally, physically,
served more than 20,30, 45 years in Prison and some beyond and mentally abused from 7 to 14 years of age by every male in
belief have served many of those years in solitary confinement. my family. I ran at age 14 and was angry at the world. I thought
These are broken Men and Women that suffer from a broken that is how you treated people and then I went to prison for 37
system. Many see these folks as second-class citizens, but at years. I am almost 60 years old and still don’t know what love
Freedom Through Education, we see them as broken people, that is or means”. Hearing that broke me and made me really start
have had years of condemnation, punishment and pain, resulting looking at these individuals with a more compassionate heart and
in mental illness and PTSD. Although they did commit the crime, how I could help.
the question we must start asking is how many years do we give as
punishment verses how many years can we give in rehabilitation. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “Satan’s number 1
It is a question that hasn’t been asked until recent years and we job is to destroy the family. He does this by destroying marriages,
are working on systems that will help revamp a system that – yes, relationships, and distorting the views of traditionality. If he can
will force some punishment, but can start focusing on treatment, destroy the family, he pretty much doesn’t have to do much else,
rehabilitation, reprograming and education. as we will destroy ourselves. Break a marriage and you literally
instilled distrust, unworthiness, hatefulness, and confusion into
Sitting with these men and women in group sessions, one on ones the children. When a child feels confused, unloved, unworthy,
and just having casual conversations over BBQ, it is clear how or disrespected, they will run to where they can find those
most of these individuals end up incarcerated in the first place. most basic human needs, no matter where that may be which
Not all, but many are running from broken and abusive homes usually turns to a gang or affiliation. And as we see hundreds
where there may be a single parent with multiple partners that are of thousands of individuals incarcerated, we know Satan is alive
abusive to the individual leaving traumatic emotional scars. There and well and destroying families daily. It is time to put a stop to
are some that are abandoned in their own homes with uncaring this madness and reignite the basics of family. Family Matters!
parents, inattentive parents, or parents that have higher priorities Healthy Marriages Matter! God Matters! You Matter!
than their children. I realize there are exceptions to the rule, but
the majority I speak with say their furthest memories when they I will dedicate the next few months on character-based relationships
started to “run” started in the home. Their single mom was so and things you can do to solidify your family relationships. Its time
busy, they were allowed to do what ever they wanted. There was to kick Satan where it hurts and take our families back!!!! If you
no discipline, no rules, and no accountability. Their father was a want to know more about Freedom Through Education, you can
disciplinarian that used his fists for communication. Many were log on to and follow us on
abandoned or sent to foster homes from their parents being on Facebook.
drugs or alcoholics and taken into custody. There are hundreds
of reasons why our prisons are overcrowded with individuals who Joshua 24:15 As for me and my family, we
chose crime rather than living a productive life, but the majority will serve the Lord. (NLT – Paraphrased)
as mentioned earlier comes from an abusive childhood. Many say
the physical abuse they healed from, but the emotional abuse still Pastor Johnny Lujan
haunts them. That’s where we start and once revealed, they find
healing and the ability to move forward.

I spoke with an individual currently in our program that spent 37
years in prison. Obviously, he was guilty of his crime, but the

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 4

Vintage F Cabooses
in a Private Park Setting
on the Shore of Clear Lake

Full Breakfast Daily
Private Pier & Boat Launch
In-Room Jacuzzi Tubs
Check Out our Easy Rider Room!
Bike-Friendly - Great For Groups!
2870 Lakeshore Blvd.
Nice, CA 95464
(707) B-R-Guest
(707) 274-8378

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 6


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 7


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 8

e love it when our readers reach out with a
cool vintage bike like this one to see if we
want to shoot it. Well a 1954 FLE retired

W Pomona Police bike got our attention, so

we jumped at the opportunity to share it with you all. It’s
better to see it from this perspective rather than behind you,
right? This bike was originally a Police radio bike with the
bags on the sides to hold the radio equipment, but has now
taken on a sleeker look showing off the beautiful lines of the
frame and was the second year of the foot shifter. Tom and
his wife Julie are the proud owners of this sweet ride. Tom
mentioned that it was a lot of fun to ride and has been riding
it quite a bit lately; in fact he was heading out later this day
to be in a parade of bikes welcoming home one of the last
Marines to leave Afghanistan. Tom knows his way around
motorcycles and has been riding his whole life and did most
of the work on this one. He wanted to make sure to give
a big shout out to long-time advertiser Billy’s Motorcycles
in North Highlands for coming up with much needed parts
to complete this project and also to Russ at Knight Rides
Motorcycles in Jackson for giving this old Pan the perfect
tuning and it sounds and runs great.

Photos by Stan Hill

continued ...

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 9


BIKE: 1954 Harley-Davidson FLE
BUILDER/OWNERS: Tom & Julie Reimers
ENGINE: H-D Panhead
BUILDER: Vinny Magoof
IGNITION: Auto Advance (1965)
PRIMARY: Belt Drive
FRAME: S Wishbone-HD
FORKS: Hydra glide with pursuit lights attached
BARS: Stock HD
OIL TANK: Horse Shoe
SEAT: Solo Pogo
SOUND SYSTEM: Solid Lifters ;)
PAINTER/ STRIPER: Creep (Carmichael)
COLOR: Black & White
POWDERCOATER: Adam / Wion’s Powdercoat
(South Sacramento)
COLOR: Black

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 10

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 11

Approaching Mount Vernon

If You Can See What I Can See …
You Might Be Riding on the Back of a Harley

PGR Escort Procession for Fallen Hero, Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, USMC

Honor Guard Transfer Nicole Nicole’s Family & Friends thank the Bikers at Airport

Thirteen American military members were killed by a carried by honor guards wearing battle dress uniform, were
suicide bomber at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on removed from the military aircraft. A dignified transfer of
August 26, 2021, while helping thousands to evacuate remains is conducted to honor those who have given their
to safety. All but one, were in their 20’s. They chose to lives serving our country.
defend the homeland and gave the ultimate sacrifice, their
lives. More than a dozen other soldiers were wounded. They We had already learned their names, and hometown. The
are all young adults whose lives will never be the same. Sacramento area is one of the communities touched by this
tragic terrorist attack. U.S. Marine, Sgt. Nicole L. Gee is a
Three days later, the 13 young heroes returned to American local girl from Roseville, California. A graduate of Oakmont
soil. Their grieving families watched as flag draped caskets, High School, she was married to her high school sweetheart,

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 12

Sacramento Police Funeral Honor Guard PGR Staged & Waiting
Waiting for Nicole
Jarod Gee. He is also a graduate of Oakmont and a U.S.
Young Serviceman Shows Respect Marine. Immediately upon learning we lost one of our own,
locals began gathering at Oakmont to share their sadness,
stories, and leave photos, candles and flowers. Friends
of mine placed 13 American flags, in a straight line, at the
house of Nicole’s father, and hung the U.S. Marine Corps
flag by his garage door. They lined the streets near his home
with American flags. They also tied red and yellow ribbons
on nearby trees and fences, representing the Marine colors,
showing support and respect.

The City of Roseville held a community vigil at the Vernon
Street Town Square, to honor her sacrifice. Anticipating a
large crowd, the streets closed early. Flags and beautiful
wreaths adorned the stage. There was a benediction and
memorial testimonies from her family and friends. Local
military leaders were present and shared their words of
respect for these brave soldiers. In honor of Nicole, a
scholarship has been set up for graduates of the local high
school district.

It was time for Nicole to come home to California. Her
family, friends, and her community needed to say thank you
and goodbye. Nicole’s family invited the Patriot Guard Riders
to present a flag line and escort Nicole from the Sacramento

continued ...

Overpass Winters Blvd

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 13

Airport to Mount Vernon Memorial Park and Mortuary in Fair At Mt Vernon
Oaks. She would wait at Mt. Vernon until taken to her private
local memorial service and later be taken to her final resting top of their trucks and saluted. People everywhere, waving
place at Arlington National Cemetery. flags, saluting, or had their hand placed over their heart
showing they care. Flags hung on overpasses with signs
The mission of the PGR is to shield the families of fallen saying, “We won’t forget, You are a Hero, Thank you, and
heroes from those that would disrupt the services of their Good bye.” I counted 18 overpasses lined with appreciation.
loved ones. Anyone can join and stand with the PGR. It was powerful to feel American pride and heartache. I had
All you need is respect for our military, veterans and first silent tears rolling down my face.
responders, plus the desire to show your respect to them
and their families. My husband Curt, is a retired Navy The Citrus Heights Police greeted us when we turned onto
veteran of 20 years, a Biker, and a member of PGR. As a Greenback Lane. They stopped all city traffic from entering
member, he receives notice to participate in PGR Missions. as we rode down Greenback 6 ½ miles through 16 lighted
The family opened the escort ride to include local motorcycle intersections and arrived at Mount Vernon. Fifty officers from
clubs. We extended the invitation to our riding friends. all over stood a flag line at Sunrise Blvd and Greenback
Sacramento County reached out to the community asking Lane. Thousands of people lined both sides of Greenback.
for their support, inviting them to line the route with flags and A 50-foot American flag hung over Greenback Lane, at the
honor Nicole as she returned home. entrance to Mount Vernon. The procession rode under the
flag and into the Court of Honor parking lot. We parked the
On the morning of Sept 16, bikers from Northern California bikes and formed a flag line. The hearse arrived, the Honor
and Nevada rode to Sacramento Airport. PGR leaders hosted Guard carried her into the Chapel and her family followed.
a Riders Meeting, giving information and instructions. While we
waited for the airplane to arrive, Nicole’s family came outside Never forget. The last words of Nicole’s
to meet the bikers. They were courteous and appreciative, father at her public memorial. Nicole is a
and said they were amazed so many were there to honor and hometown hero. Let all of their sacrifices
support. There were 359 bikes staged and ready. never be forgotten.

Lights flashing, sirens blaring, three Sacramento County Article and photos contributed by
Sheriff cars let us know it was time to roll. Ten flagged Cyndee Reed Van Hooser
bikes rode behind the Sheriff. The motorcycle procession
followed. Two flagged bikes rode behind the motorcycles,
directly in front of the hearse that carried Nicole, the vehicles
carrying her family and the Honor Guard. As we pulled
out of the Sacramento International Jet Center, uniformed
military members stood at attention and saluted. Leaving
airport grounds, the Sheriff escort dropped off. It took
about 50 minutes for the procession to ride 25 miles, from
I-5 to I-80 at Greenback Lane, without law enforcement.

It was a highly emotional ride. The motorcycle procession
stayed in the right lanes. Semi-trucks blocked lanes to
detain traffic. People stood on the side and in the middle of
the road, beside their stopped cars. Firetrucks were at every
overpass, with ladders at an angle in the air, representing a
salute. Uniformed fire staff members stood at attention on

Entering I-5 Supporting Nicole Riders Meeting

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 14


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 15

Have you ever been mesmerized by a band playing at a local
tavern and the Billy Joel lyrics from the song the Piano Man ‘Thunder Road’ to show his appreciation to our publication –
pop into your head? “…they sit at the bar and put bread Thunder Roads NorCal. How cool is that? Wait! It gets better -
in my jar and say man…what are you doin’ here?” This thought there is also an official BAD ASS music video too that was nationally
comes to mind more often than not when you cover the number of released in September 2021…4 years AFTER our magazine
biker events like we have that provide live music. That being said, published the article by our contributor – Taleah Ebey! Be sure
we were moved to share these talented individuals to as many folks you take a moment and check out the video on our webpage www.
through our publication as we could. This was how the column -
BIKER BAND REVUE came to be.
This is sooo SUPER COOL! We are very honored to be
TRM NorCal contributor Taleah Ebey of T3 Design Studios acknowledged by this amazing gift! Thank you ART MULCAHY
took this late night assignment on with a passion and a shared and NATIVE SOUTH RECORDS!!
mindset to introduce these talented musicians and their band
mates to our readers. Our intent was to use our forum to provide FOR BOOKING
contact information so these bands would be possibly hired for an
upcoming gig by event organizers. Want to book Art Mulcahy for your music venue? Simply email
them at [email protected] with your music venues
Flashback to September 2015 to when we saw a band performing information.  
that immediately caught our attention. We shared a live video of them
to our social media followers, not much happened with it – but we
never forgot that band that we stumbled upon in Penyrn, California
(Population 831) - Art Mulcahy and the Roadside Flare. Fast forward
2 years later, we suggested them for Taleah’s monthly column: Biker
Band REVUE. She reached out and scheduled a photo shoot and
interview which was printed in our September 2017 issue: BIKER
BAND REVUE: Art Mulcahy and Roadside Flare. You can check it out
in the PAST ISSUES tab at

For the first time ever, we were gifted with the utmost recognition
for our contribution. Art Mulcahy was inspired to write the song

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 16

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 17


Monolith in
Lewiston ID


Oregon – Idaho - Montana

This year has certainly seen its shares of ups and downs. Glacier National Park
We’ve had several family issues come up, the latest, the Snake River Off 71
passing of my mother in Minnesota. So, we made plans
for our third trip back this year. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t like
to fly, so I would pack up the bagger and ride. I guess in order
to keep my mind off things, I decided to wander a bit, do a little
walk-about. Perhaps it should be termed, a little ride-about.

My travels would take me up to Hells Canyon in Northeast
Oregon. From there, I would make my way over to Glacier
National Park. I’ll start the journey in Jordan Valley, Oregon,
which is where I ended up on the first day. It was a pleasant
ride up from NorCal, although two of my favorite places to
eat were closed. La Casita in Lovelock, and the Pig BBQ in
Winnemucca. I stayed in a little hole-in-the-wall motel, where
the Office was in the gas station next door. Never experienced
that before.

The next morning, I was on my way up SR 95 to Cambridge,
Idaho, where I would pick up SR 71. Except for the towns,
the scenery was getting better and better. Once on SR

Weeping Wall

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 20

Hells Canyon 71, I was absolutely blown away from then until I reached
Lewiston. SR 71 winds its way through a beautiful canyon
Chief Joseph before reaching the Snake River. Wow! What a sight! You
On Road SR 129 twist and turn along the river and then cross over next to the
Brownlee Dam. The road then runs right along the river again
SR 129 until you reach the nice little town of Oxbow, Oregon. There,
Ptarmigan Tunnel I hung a left on SR 86 and headed to the Canyon. It is North
America’s deepest river gorge at 7,998 ft. below the highest
peak. Several groups in the early years attempted to traverse
it, but it was too inhospitable and were turned back. One
wagon train of emigrants on the Oregon Trail, looking for a
passage to the Columbia River, tried it and almost perished.

Only the assistance of the native tribes
saved them.

So, after a bit, I pulled into Scotty’s
Supply Store to top off. I met a fellow
rider there who was going in the same
direction, and we putted up to the
Canyon Overlook. Some spectacular
views from up there!!

Once back down on NF-39, it was a
great ride through the forest on over to
Joseph. What a day so far! Well, it was
time for some lunch, so I pulled over at
the Outlaw Bar and Grill. After a very
good patty melt and brew, I got on SR 3
and made my way north. This fine stretch
of asphalt will eventually turn into SR 129
and will continue to get tighter and tighter
and higher and higher. You’ll be amazed
as you travel through these huge mountain canyons. Phew!
Visual overload!!

Coming down from the mountain, you’ll arrive in the
city of Clarkston, Washington. Across the Snake River is
Lewiston, Idaho. The two cities are named after the famous
explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. They
were commissioned by President Jefferson to map out the
Northwest after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. I spent the
night on the Idaho side and in the morning, started making
my way to Kalispell, Montana. It wasn’t long before it started
raining and it continued all the way to St. Regis. Finally, it
did quit raining, and it was a beautiful ride up to Kalispell,
especially the section along the Flathead River. After checking
into the Super 8, I meandered over to Moose’s Saloon for a
brew and some dinner. Great old-time bar with sawdust and
peanut shells on the floor, but also several televisions for the
sports minded.

In the morning, I made a quick trip over to the cemetery
and visited my grandfather’s gravesite. Since we lived so far
apart, we didn’t see him too often, but I remember some of
the good times.

continued ...

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 21

Later in the day, I was at the West entrance to Glacier National View Lake
Park. The weather was perfect, and I had an awesome putt McDonald
over to the East side. Going-to-the-Sun Road runs right along
Lake McDonald, and the view is spectacular! McDonald Falls Logan Pass Glacier NP
in Montana is one of the highlights along the way.

Further up the road, things opened a little bit and I saw this
huge rock wall in front of me. I looked up and saw these tiny
little cars up at the top. Well, it looks like I’ll be climbing up the
side of that mountain. Yep, the road winds its way back and
forth all the way up to Logan’s Pass. You can’t help but stop
every few hundred yards and check out the amazing sights.
Sights you won’t soon forget! I wish I had more time to do
some hiking. Maybe next time.

This is one of the nicest trips I’ve ever taken. NorCal folks
should seriously consider a four-day trip to do the Cambridge
to Lewiston route. This trip is in my top five adventures of all
time. Not that Glacier NP isn’t impressive - it certainly is!

Other than one day of rain, I made it to Minnesota and met
up with family. It wasn’t under the best of circumstances, but
still good to see everyone. We love you Ma and will miss
you until, hopefully, we see you again! Hug your loved ones
a little tighter tonight. Later……

Article and photos contributed by Chuck Loseth

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 22

When getting lost is just what you need.

LC 18 Oceanfront Rooms • Jacuzzi Suites LC
INN OF THE In-room Fireplaces • Pet-Friendly INN OF THE

LOST COAST 888.570.9676 | 707.986.7521 LOST COAST

Li nCn Li nCn


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 23

There is NO explanation - Just NONE!

What is luck, what is fate? 113 mph deer accident
A good life lived well and
gaining some credit, of a
bad life lived and given a second
chance…? One person dies in
moderation and another survives
on the outside edge…What is
the explanation in any of this?
The answer is that there is “No
Explanation - Just NONE!” Ride
as good as you can…no, maybe
I’d wish you to ride better than you
can. No one can be lucky every

The first year I rolled east to

Sturgis, I was only two days into

my pleasure riding in the Black 113 mph collision with deer

Hills after my lightning run across

from the West Coast, when I came

onto the scene of a deer crumpled on the side of the road, and not much

farther along a rider was down. The lady rider hadn’t survived the collision

either. This was many years ago, but the vision has not left my mind since

that afternoon. She had been riding with her guy, not over the speed

cautions, and the mule deer doe had just stepped into the roadway and

taken her off of her bike. This was an instant and tragic end to her life.

I have since done my best to keep the roadsides in my mind as I have

ridden… but you never know when it might happen. Within a mile of this

terrible scene so many years ago, just last year a good friend of mine

had his own dance with wildlife. No explanation as to why this outcome

turned out differently. He simply related his story to me, and I still wonder

as there is just no explanation?

Chris Schroeder of Jackson Hole, Wyoming decided to take the Labor Day Antler contact with Leg
weekend and make the push across to South Dakota to do some carefree
mountain riding without having to deal with the Sturgis crowd of new riders
and everything that goes along with that mess. After paying his rent on a
cabin in Custer, he unloaded his gear and threw a leg over his motor to run
the 17 miles of Iron Mountain Road. 314 curves and 14 switchbacks later this
famous road ends close to Hill City and the “Very Berry Winery” where the
famous “Red Ass Rhubarb” wine is the draw for riders from Sturgis during
that week. That part of him in his middle was fairly grinding for a lunch and
begged him to park it. The day was as carefree as anyone would wish for.
Great food and friendly tourists interested in his bike. Then the first crack in
his day appeared when a neighbor called and told him there was a wildfire
in town moving toward his house…it looked like Chris would lose everything.
Hundreds of miles away all one could do was to wonder how it would turn
out, and just continue to ride his motor in the Black Hills.

Just past the lunch stop, the road down hill made an easy wide sweeping
turn and spreads into a long welcome straight away. After the kinks of Iron
Mountain Road, it was time to twist the grip and blow a bit of the carbon
out. “Into the straight I had just opened it up when I noticed some deer
antlers in my handle bars: Hum, I thought- that’s new!” “I fought the wheel
for a few and when the front forks buckled I went over the bars and into
what the car behind me described as “The full Superman”.

‘I had been a quick-reaction Ranger in the Army and this training must
have kicked in as I twisted in the air and began to ride the asphalt on my Leg Post Surgery

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 24

Deer hit shoulder.’ ‘My patch cut on the vest was getting pretty well worn down by the
Leg Deer horn time I was flipped over and my elbows began the long painful drag on the
pavement.’ ‘One more bounce and as I was on my back again, it became
Chris Schroeder time to wonder if this sliding would stop?’ ‘The oddities of this sort of travel
Jackson Hole, WY ended with catching my heels in a pot hole and it flipping me onto my feet
and me running like ‘Wiley Coyote’ off the side of the roads to avoid the
impending doom of the Semi-trucks barreling after me. How far had I gone?
‘The law that eventually showed up to the scene taped my ass-ride down that
long hill from git-to-go at almost 250 yards.’

‘Standing there in shock I began to feel a ‘wet’ oozing going toward
my boot.’ ‘As I looked down I saw inches of bone sticking out of
my pants leg.’ ‘Utilizing none of my surgical training, I did the exact
opposite of what I should have done.’ ‘Leaving the bone in place to
stop any bleeding which might erupt- I didn’t!’ ‘I grabbed it…and out
came 7 inches of antler from the huge gash in my leg.’ ‘As others
collected the saddle bags and gear scattered down the road, I grabbed
a roll of duct tape and made several quick circuits of my leg and the
bleeding staunched.’

‘The EMT who arrived with the ambulance did his best to ruin any
clothing he could by cutting everything off with his scissors, and when he
got to the tape and started the bleeding over again I had almost reached
my limit.’ ‘About the time he tried to put the sticky side of bandages onto
where my elbows had been eaten away I had to ask the question.’ ‘Yep,
first day on the job!’ ‘After that he pouted in the corner like a hit pup.’

‘At the emergency room the doctors found the antler had punched the
skin and had ridden the outside of the muscle.’ ‘A quick washout and a
bunch of stitches and I was back on the road.’ ‘Can you hear the ‘it’s a
miracle bell ringing?’ ‘I called a Masonic brother back home and by the
time I stepped to the “get the hell out of here” door of the hospital two
Freemason Brothers met me to help.’ ‘One of these great guys was up
from Louisiana.’ ‘He took time out of his vacation to come help me get
my things back in order.’ ‘As the Freemason’s Widows Sons Motorcycle
Association it is our value to help ALL distressed motorcycle riders
regardless of Club or affiliation.’ ‘It was nice to see it also worked well
inside our own organization.’

‘These guys hauled me by the local liquor store for a bottle of cactus
juice and were back the next morning at 6am to take me to Rapid City
to rent a U-Haul truck.’’ My motor was loaded up and 9 hours later I
rolled up to my ‘still standing’ house.’ ‘While I was on the operating
table and the fire was just 20 feet from my walls, the wind suddenly
switched direction and moved it up the hill toward the rich people’s
houses.’ ‘They didn’t burn either.

‘The interesting thing about modern electronics is that despite anything
you want it to do, it is always listening to what you are doing.’ ‘When
I eventually thought to check the GPS feature on the phone, it had
registered my travel right up to the point I began to fly through the air.’ ‘113
miles per hour when I hit the mule deer. Just a quick jolt on the throttle
and there I was…and so was the buck. My bike had quickly gone off into
the soft grass and suffered about the same minor indignity as my body
had.’ ‘Two days later I was back at work.’ ‘The worst pain of the ordeal
was informing my wife of what had happened, and then doing battle with
the stinking insurance company.’

‘When something impacts the chrome ring surrounding your headlight,
you rapidly notice the hit and immediately utter an epithet as you wince
and try to absorb the punch; After all, you are your fender.’ Pop

Article and photos contributed by Frank Medicine Wolf Springer / “Think
a good Thought”

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 25



September 10-12 (Redway)
Photos contributed by

Taleah Ebey of T3 Design Studios

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 26

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 27

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 29

Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. & affiliates.

Go wherever the road takes you.

Whether you were born half-man, half-motorcycle
or just born to ride, there’s America’s #1 motorcycle insurer.



Changing the Way
Riders Travel

Bunk-a-Biker is a worldwide Provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys
community of motorcycle riders Blog by Brittany Morrow
who voluntarily provide
accommodations to traveling over a network that has the infrastructure already started
bikers. The free, self-moderated in Europe is very important because it’s very hard to get
network is to be utilized along the Europeans on board with American-based things. And it’s very
road for meeting new friends, hard to get Americans on board with a European-European-
making road family, and getting based thing.
support for maintenance needs.
While it is a privilege to use, it is So, I messaged Kjetil and I said, “Hey, I really like this. This is
not rightfully designed to be used my dream and vision for what I would do with it.” And he replied
purely for the sake of saving money, that is exactly what he wanted to do with it, but things got in the
but instead to promote togetherness way. And then he said it was mine!”
and support of the motorcycle enthusiast
community. Zee was recovering from a serious accident when this
changeover happened. She took up the project to help keep
The idea for Bunk-a-Biker was born in Norway, originally her focused while she could not do what she loves best: travel.
the bright idea of a man named Kjetil Lystad. He came up with
the name and concept in 2015 when he saw couch surfing Zee single-handedly made Bunk-a-Biker into everything
becoming big in Europe. He thought to himself, “Why can’t I it is today. And considering she lives on the road full-time,
invite my biker friends over and do almost the same thing, just managing this network and its infrastructure is a full-time job.
with a motorcycle twist to it?” In 2016, it sprouted into a few
individual regional groups and the main Facebook page. Zee created the current website, mission statement,
streamlined a map, made a key for the map, started promoting
By 2017, Bunk-a-biker had gone stagnant. Kjetil did not get Bunk-a-Biker, connected all the stagnant groups, and designed
to take his idea to the level he wanted for personal reasons. the logo. Bunk-a-Biker basically got adopted by Superwoman.
The individuals who had taken over the regional groups had
let the groups sit dormant until 2019. Then… along came Zee “As soon as I took it over, I started marketing it. I kind of got
Traveler, a full-time road warrior with magic and mischief up her the ball rolling. And then as the ball started rolling, I was in the
sleeve, and a passion for people in her blood. back doing infrastructure while people were spreading it word
of mouth.”
“I’m a full-time traveler. And when you become a full-time
traveler, you live on the bike, and it gains attention. A lot of Word-of-mouth spread like wildfire over the next year and
people start knowing your name. They follow you on Facebook a half. The US group itself has nearly 23,000 members and
and you get all these really cool offers to come to hang out grows steadily by the hundreds every month.
with people while you are traveling. That experience in itself
is such a valuable part of a journey. And it made me sad that To read more articles like this, go to
people who only get their one, two, or three weeks off per
year, didn’t get to have that part of the travel experience. They
were staying at hotels, or camping at campgrounds, or even
dispersed camping, which is fun on its own, right? But it doesn’t
really get you to connect with the other riders in your state, your
region, your country… wherever you are! So, it’s very important
to me to be able to give those experiences to people.”

“It’s like having little families all over the country. It’s really
amazing to see the connections. One person rides over and
stays with someone in Arizona. Then those people become
really good friends, so the people from Arizona go and see that
person in Pennsylvania. Those are the really cool stories you
start hearing through Bunk-a-Biker. And that’s what fuels my
passion to run this.”

“I decided I was either going to take this one over if the
original owner was okay with it, or I was going to start my own.

I liked the name Bunk-a-Biker, and as an American taking

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 31

Automotive Indian Motorcycle of Hollister Ocean Cove Lodge Clinton’s Custom Cycle 555 Lincoln Blvd
Keith’s Auto Care 411 San Felipe Road 23255 Hwy 1 Lincoln, CA 95648
11257 Coloma Road – SteB9 Hollister, CA 95023 Jenner, CA 95450 (916) 645-0954

Gold River, CA 95670 (831) 630-5200 (707) 847-3158 Fast Lane Motorcycle
(916) 852-0525 19730 Wayne Lane
Sonoma County Motorcycle Attorneys
Rick’s Automotive Harley-Davidson® Cottonwood, CA 96022
Biker Owned & Operated Gurnee Mason, Rushford Bonotto (530) 347-7111
7601 Redwood Drive & Forestiere Trial Lawyers
3725 Pine Street Cotati, CA 94931 Humboldt
Rocklin, CA 95677 2240 Douglas Blvd. Ste 150 Performance Cycle
(707) 793-9180 Roseville, CA 95661 1341 Evergreen Road #1
(916) 632-8230 (916) 797-3100 Redway, CA 95560
Heating & Air Conditioning
Bars/Restaurants Jachimowicz Law Group (707) 923-7103
A&M Heating and Air 1530 The Alameda – Ste 115
Bones Roadhouse Conditioning John Jessup’s
Bar & Grub San Jose, CA 95126 DREAM RIDES (408) 246-5500 7625 Sunrise Blvd – Ste 208 2275 N. Wilson Way
4430 Pleasant Valley Road Citrus Heights, CA 95610 Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Stockton, CA 95205
Brown, Koro & (209) 467-4669
Placerville, CA 95667 (916) 747-5654
(530) 644-4301 Romag, LLP – NorCal Midnight Motors
Insurance 11848 Atwood Road
Double D Steak 2440 Camino Ramon, Suite 385 Auburn, CA 95603
Seafood-Bar-Grill CycleInsure Agency San Ramon, CA 94583-4383
320 Main Street (916) 223-1776
Fortuna, CA 95540 4201 Sunrise Blvd – Suite B (800) 4-BIKERS /
(707) 725-3700 Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (800) 424-5377 Miller Built
Performance Cycles
Kenny’s Bar & Grill 800-800-0965 / Motorcycle Detailing 3293 Saratoga Lane – Ste A
721 East Street 916-200-1000 Cameron Park, CA 95682
San Jose Hogwash Motorcycle
Woodland, CA 95776 Farmers Insurance - Cory Ellerbee Detailing (530) 672-9141
(530) 662-3634 Lic#4044294 Omega Motorcycle
Marlene & Glen’s Diner 2499 Martin Rd – Ste A P.O. Box 24273
18726 Hwy 49 Fairfield, CA 94534
San Jose, CA 95154 660 Harbor Blvd
Plymouth, CA 95669 (707) 419-5787 / (707) 690-8321 (408) 641-1940 West Sacramento, CA 95691
(209) 245-5778
Noble West Insurance Services (916) 372-2206
(800) 391-1313

Ocean Cove Lodge Bar & Grill Leather Goods Penngrove Motorcycle Company The Leatherworks, Inc. Motorcycle Paint 9585 Main Street
23255 Hwy 1 Clinton’s Custom Cycle
188 Frank West Circle #C Penngrove, CA 94951
Jenner, CA 95450 555 Lincoln Blvd (707) 793-7993
(707) 847-3158 Stockton, CA 95206 Lincoln, CA 95648
(209) 983-9200 Ride-On-Motorcycles
Road Trip Bar & Grill (916) 645-0954 Tomson Leather Motorcycle Towing 1416 Sonoma Blvd
24989 State Hwy 16 Est. 1985 Vallejo, CA 94590
Capay, CA 95607
Custom Leather Clothing,
Alterations & Repairs (707) 647-RIDE(7433)
530-796-3777 Placerville, California Need A Lift Motorcycle Towing

Call for appointment “We Serve Everyone”
(530) 622-2453 [email protected]
Dealerships West Coast Leathers (916) 519-8454 Tattoos

C&E Auburn Indian & V-Twin Powder Coating Wild Bill Tattoo
12015 Shale Ridge (530) 557-9410 Performance Powder Coating &
Auburn, CA 95602 115 Lincoln Street
530-885-5556 Lodging & Resorts Roseville, CA 95678

Sandblasting (916) 783-909
6326 Main Avenue #4
Folsom Harley-Davidson® Featherbed Railroad Bed &
Breakfast Resort Orangevale, CA 95662 Tires
2870 Lakeshore Blvd (916) 987-1942
Nice, CA 95464
115 Woodmere Road Cal Tire and
Auto Works
(916) 608-9922 CARS – TRUCKS
2710 E. Fremont Street
Stockton, CA 95205

(209) 465-2805
Harley-Davidson (707)274-8378 LOADS OF TORQUESales/Service/Accessories

TOP-OF-THE-LINE POWERof Rocklin Billy’s Motorcycle Shop
3233 Elkhorn Blvd. #1
North Highlands, CA 95660
THE 2021 ROAD KING® SPECIAL4401 Granite Drive

Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 259-2453
Inn of the Lost Coast (916) 332-3023

205 Wave Drive
Shelter Cove, CA 95589

(707) 986-7521

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 32

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

GOT EVENTS? Submit your events online at

29th Annual Willits Toy Run
Presented by Willits Wild Bunch. RAIN OR SHINE
Meet and greet at 11am to Noon at Evergreen Shopping
Center. Due to current Covid restrictions, it will be an
Outside Event. Park leaves at Noon for a ride to party
destination. Admission is one unwrapped toy or $10.
Raffle, Music, Food and Beverages for purchase. For
more information: [email protected]

Presented by C&E Auburn Indian VTwin – 12015 Battle of the Baggers – Round II
Shale Ridge Road. Test Ride ALL the New Models SONOMA
on the Indian Demo Truck! $250. Discount for Order, Presented by Bagger Racing League and Drag
or Purchase of a New Bike that day. Food and Raffle Specialties. Located at Sonoma Raceway - 29355
Prizes too! For more information: (530) 885-5556 / Arnold Drive. SAVE THE DATE! More details coming See Flyer on Page 15 soon. Race registration now open! BRL classes: •Lite
Weight Twin •Big Twins •Pro Stock Bagger •Bagger
NOVEMBER 28 GP. See you in Sonoma! For more information:
45th Annual MMA TOY DRIVE See Flyer on Page 7.
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association of OPEN HOUSE
California. Pack ride out from Folsom Harley at 10am
to Specialty Motorsports – 721 N. B Street for an all- 2nd MONDAY OF EACH MONTH
day event for the family. Bring 1 unwrapped toy – there SUTTER CREEK
will not be a fee at the gate. For more information: American Legion Riders Meeting
Connie Chrisos (916) 899-4450 / Presented by Post 108 Legion Riders – 11401
See Flyer on Inside Front Cover. American Legion Drive – 6:30pm.

MMA Division 21 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association –
Medina’s Irish Pub - 687 Pleasant Valley Rd 7pm.
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first
motorcycle rights organization in the State of
California. Please join us to learn about upcoming
legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free.


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 33

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

GOT EVENTS? Submit your events online at

1st TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH and have dinner, 6pm. Organized reports and
FT BRAGG activities at 6:30pm. Share info on great rides,
ALR Chapter 96 Monthly Meeting discuss upcoming events, hear the latest news
Presented by American Legion Riders – Chapter from the Folsom dealership, and the RAFFLE.
96. Veterans Administration Building – 360 North For more information: /
Harrison Street. 6pm. For more information: [email protected]
Gary (907) 230-5857 /
MMA Division 3 Monthly Meeting MMA Division 16 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association –
– Funky Monkey Restaurant – 1875 Riverwalk Valencia Club – 2162 Taylor Rd. 7pm. The Modified
Dr. 6:30pm The Modified Motorcycle Association Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
is the first motorcycle rights organization in the rights organization in the State of California.
State of California. Please join us to learn about Please join us to learn about upcoming legislation
upcoming legislation and laws that affect our and laws that affect our rights to ride free.
rights to ride free. 2nd WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH
2nd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH American Legion Riders Post 119 Monthly
MMA Division 1 Monthly Meeting Presented by ALR Post 119 – 4561 Greenstone
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association Road. 6pm. Share info on rides and discuss
– Stassis 4th Ward Tavern – 102 7th Street. 7pm. upcoming events. Bar opens at 5pm. For more
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first information: Bill Bryant (530) 409-8414
motorcycle rights organization in the State of
California. Please join us to learn about upcoming 4th WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH
legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride REDDING
free. For more information: [email protected] Redding HOG Chapter Meeting
com Presented by Redding Harley Owners Group
- LuLu’s Restaurant - 2230 Pine Street. 7pm.
3rd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH Meeting is free to all who wish to attend. Come
FOLSOM early and get the world’s best clams! For more
Folsom HOG Chapter 1787 General Meeting information: [email protected]
Presented by Folsom HOG – Canyon Grill & Ale
House - 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #8. Come early




Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 34

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

Monthly HOG Chapter Meeting MMA Division 24 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Sierra Thunder HOG Chapter 4058. Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association –
NEW LOCATION Granite Rock Grill Restaurant - Goodtimes Pizza – 22049 Old 44 Drive 8734. 7pm.
5140 Pacific St. 7pm. We welcome you to come to The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first
our meeting and learn about our Chapter. We Ride motorcycle rights organization in the State of
and Have Fun. Note: No food service at meeting. California. Please join us to learn about upcoming
For more information: [email protected] / legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride
(916) 791-4443 landline free.

MMA Division 2 Monthly Meeting ALR Chapter 620 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Presented by American Legion Riders – Chapter 620.
Barn Café - 8976 Grant Line Rd. 7pm The Modified Rocklin Parks and Rec – 5460 5th Street. 6:30pm
Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights Contact Gail Miller with any questions (916) 521-6319
organization in the State of California. Please join us
to learn about upcoming legislation and laws that EVERY FRIDAY
affect our rights to ride free. FACEBOOK
BIKER CHURCH NIGHT Presented by Thunder
3rd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH Road Biker Church - Facebook LIVE 7pm-8pm
American Legion Riders Meeting 1st FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
Presented by Post 163 Legion Riders – The Niles – 304 WOODLAND
S. Main Street. For more information: (530) 708-2844 BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE Meeting at VFW
Hall – 345 W. Kentucky Avenue. 7pm Meetings
4th THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH are open to the public. (530) 848-2090 with any
MMA Division 14 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – 1st FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
Misplaced Souls MC CH - 3418 Auburn Blvd. 7pm LOCKEFORD
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first MMA Division 12 Monthly Meeting
motorcycle rights organization in the State of Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association
California. Please join us to learn about upcoming – Lockeford Family Resaturant – 18690 Hwy 88.
legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free. 7pm The Modified Motorcycle Association is the
first motorcycle rights organization in the State of
4th THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH California. Please join us to learn about upcoming
CHICO legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free.
MMA Division 23 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association –
Sierra Steel Harley Davidson – 1501 Mangrove Ave.
7pm. The Modified Motorcycle Association is the
first motorcycle rights organization in the State of
California. Please join us to learn about upcoming
legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free.


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 35

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

OPEN HOUSE Presented by Dirty Whites Club MONTHLY CHAPTER MEETING – Presented by
House – 748 N. Texas St 8pm - ? Come have a Christian Motorcyclists Association - Lord’s Knights
blast! Contact Joe 707-694-5251 Chapter. Benicia Grill II - 2390 N. Texas. Order
breakfast at 8am. Announcements at 8:30am. Kick
2nd FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH stands up by 9:15am. All bikes welcome. (Note:
ORANGEVALE Feb & May we do weekend events, so no breakfast
OPEN HOUSE Presented by Rogue Militia MC. meeting then.) For more information: Bill Neander /
9250 Greenback Lane. 7pm. Come out and join [email protected]
us for Good Times/Cold Drinks/Brotherhood.
Contact: Tone (916) 208-8423 or Rob (916) 671- 3rd SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH
4871 RENO, NV
3rd FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH Battle Born IRMG 2066 - Indian Motorcycle of
VALLEJO Reno – 3445 Kietzke Lane. 9am. Newly formed
OPEN HOUSE Presented by Hellbent MC 707 Battle Born IMRG, Chapter 2066, based out of
Crew – 100 Lincoln Rd. E - 8pm. Come one come the Reno Indian dealership is forming up and
all! Our house is open to start your weekend off recruiting Indian and Victory riders if you wish
right, join us for our Open House night. to join. For more information: Jeff Justus -
President (775) 745-7846 / [email protected]
Presented by Misplaced Souls MC. Open House 3rd SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH
to the Biker Community – 3418 Auburn Blvd on VACAVILLE 
Saturday nights – 6pm. / No Cover Charge. Come MONTHLY LOCAL MEETING Presented by
Join the MSMC and other motorcycle enthusiasts A.B.A.T.E. Local 17 - 4823 Midway Road 10am
where we enjoy good entertainment, cold drinks, We will discuss matters important to the Local
and good food. For more information: Spit Shine and to the motorcycle community. We create
(916) 217-2508 / Sarge (785) 410-1015. plans, and review events and have a raffle. We will
also share with other MRO’s and Clubs. We are
1st SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH also open to the communities. Glenn Phillips (707)
AUBURN 624-6310 / [email protected]
Gold Country Indian Motorcycle Riders Group. 4th SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH
C&E Auburn Indian & V-Twin - 12015 Shale Ridge SACRAMENTO 
Rd. 9:30am. Gold Country IMRG is open to all MONTHLY OPEN MEETING Presented by
motorcycle brands. All members and prospective Veterans of All Wars Riders - The Capitol Casino
members and friends are welcome. www. - 411 N 16th Street 10am Meetings are open to the public. For more information: Sly - [email protected] /



Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 36

SACRAMENTO A&M Heating and Air............................................................22
Presented by Misplaced Souls MC. Thursday Bagger Racing League/Battle of the Baggers II......................7
Night Fun Night – 3418 Auburn Blvd. 6pm / Join Big Cory Insurance...............................................................15
the MSMC for its Thursday Night get together. Billy’s Motorcycle Shop........................................................15
Free food, entertainment and great company. Bones Roadhouse Bar & Grub...............................................6
All like minded members of the community are C&E Auburn Indian & V-Twin .......................................15
welcome. The MSMC reserve the right to refuse Cal Tire & Autoworks ...........................................................27
access to who they choose. For more information: Clinton’s Custom Cycle........................................................27
Spit Shine (916) 217-2508 / Sarge (785) 410-1015 CycleInsure Agency..............................................................16
3rd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH Double D Steak....................................................................15
EUREKA Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast....................................6
BIKE NIGHT Presented by M.O.B. of Humboldt Folsom-Rocklin Harley-Davidson......................Back Cover /19
- North of Fourth Bar - 207 3rd Street. The Gurnee, Rushford, Bonotto & Forestiere...............................23
fun starts at 6pm. All motorcycles welcome. Humboldt Performance Cycle.................................................6
Free food, 50/50 raffle, pack ride. / www. Indian Motorcycle of Hollister...............................................17 Inn of the Lost Coast............................................................23
2nd FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH Jachimowicz Law Group.........................................................5
LODI Keith’s Auto Care.................................................................16
BIKE NIGHT Presented by The Water Hole along Kenny’s Bar & Grill...............................................................27
with The Red Iron Riders. 246 N. Cluff Ave. Marlene & Glen’s Diner........................................................23
6:30pm Cost depending on the menu $10-$18. Midnight Motors....................................................................22
A great NO DRAMA social event to get to know Miller Built Performance Cycles............................................25
others that share the passion of the bike. Outdoor Modified Motorcycle Assoc of CA Toy Drive.Inside Front Cover
private patio area, pool tables, Shuffleboard, Nickell’s Custom ....................................................................6
Music, big screen TVs for game nights and more. Noble West Insurance Services............................................27
All bikes welcome, and those without bikes Omega Motorcycles..............................................................16
welcome too. For more information: (209) 604- Penngrove Motorcycle Company..........................................27
7149 / (209) 327-8283 Performance Powercoating..................................................15
TRM NorCal is not responsible for errors or Rick’s Automotive.................................................................22
omissions and events are subject to change Ride-On Motorcycles..............................................................6
without notice Road Trip Bar & Grill............................................................17
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys................................. 1 & 31
San Jose Hogwash..............................................................22
Sonoma County HD....................................................7 / 33-37
T3 Design Studios..................................................................6
Thunder Road Biker Church...................................................4


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 37


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