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Newsletter May 2022

Newsletter May 2022

May 2022

The Heart of It

A Letter from Ms Qurrey

undertaking some really
thoughtful actions for ‘Thank A
Teacher’ Day.

Dear Parents, It obviously has been a
half-term where there have
Ms V. Qurrey, Headteacher been the final preparations for
of Sacred Heart of Mary exams with our Year 11 and Year
Girls’ School 12 and 13 pupils. There were the
language orals and all the
I cannot believe we are already at practical exams in PE, Drama,
May half-term! Once again, it has Music and Food, and lots of
been a very full and fruitful half-term revision support for pupils in
where the pupils are able to the lead up to the start of the
illustrate, in a myriad of ways, how written exams of May 16th. The
they are able to fulfil our school pupils have worked so hard and
motto, developing their own skills we are really proud of them.
and talents, as well as nurturing the They have been well guided and
lives of others in the school supported by the fantastic staff
community. here who are dedicated to
doing all they can to help and
There have been so many events guide the girls. This week, we
going on in school, from the Maths also welcome back Mrs Adams
Challenge to fundraisers (including from her maternity leave.
over £1,000 for CAFOD and quizzes
raising £500 for the Zanzibar On Friday, 13th May, I was lucky
adventure); from Retreats to theatre enough to be at the Brentwood
trips to Duke of Edinburgh Citizenship Awards. This event
Expeditions, as well as the pupils has pupils from all primary and

secondary schools present. They are ensures that she has an easy start
nominated by their schools for being to her day.
a good citizen, perhaps a great
fundraiser, or displaying kindness to Thursday of this week celebrates
others or coping with a vast amount
of things at a young age. It is a really ‘National Thank a Teacher Day’. We
wonderful event, which celebrates the
talents of young people. pray for all teachers and staff in
Congratulations to our two Year 12
winners, Cara Treacy and Imogen our school. We congratulate Mrs
Kerry Jones, our Business Manager,

who was nominated for the Pearson

National Teaching Award in the

category of ‘Unsung Hero’. Mrs

Jones is the powerhouse behind

As you know, as a school, we always the fundraising of the school,

want to support you as parents and including co-ordinating the

the pupils in our care. I really would fundraising for the new school

ask you, as parents, to support the minibus. Well done to her on her

email policy of the school when Certificate of Excellence.

contacting staff. Please do not email

after 6.00 p.m. or before 7.00 a.m. or at We pray for all of our Year 11 and
Year 13 pupils in this exam season.
weekends. You can always use the We look forward to welcoming Year
11 back as Year 12 in September and
[email protected] for we ask you, Lord, to keep our Year
13 in the palm of your hand as they
general queries or embark on the next phase of their
[email protected] if

it relates to pupil attendance; these

will be forwarded to the relevant staff

each morning. I would urge you to use

this to avoid staff receiving emails in

the evening or at weekends. We really Have a wonderful half-term and
thank you for your ongoing support
would ask for your support in this of the school community.

matter. Ms V Qurrey
Please can you also ensure that your
daughter is following the school rules
regarding uniform and jewellery as
well as punctuality to school. She
needs to be in by 8.40am at the latest
so that she can be to assembly on
time. Following these basic rules


Year 9: ‘Macbeth’

As part of their detailed study of ‘Macbeth’, Year 9 have created some
inventive set designs for a chosen scene from the play. Here are just a
selection of the many innovative designs.


Year 8 Readathon Reading Pro Awards

Over Easter, Year 8 took part in The English Department would like
a readathon in order to raise to extend a congratulations to the
money for ‘Read for Good’ - a many pupils, who all received a
charity that supplies books certificate for their progress in
and storytellers to children’s ‘Reading Pro’ this term.
‘Reading Pro’ is a motivational
As a result of last year’s funds reading programme that aims to
raised, the school received a encourage all pupils to read by
voucher to spend on books; creating individualised reading
this was put towards the plans for them and rewarding them
‘Heartstopper’ graphic novel for the amount of words read and
series, which is now available to quizzes taken. Once pupils have
borrow from the library. read a book, they can go online to
take the associated quiz and earn
The money is still being points for themselves and their
collected from this year’s house. To find out more about it,
readathon and the total will be visit: 'Scholastic Reading Pro' video
announced in the next


Fishy Business

In a national first, cookery and Students at Sacred Heart have
nutrition students at Sacred Heart
have been the lucky recipients of been learning about
wild Alaska pink salmon to use in
their classrooms, in a bid to sustainability and nutrition as well
improve their fish cookery skills.
as developing delicious dishes
The initiative is part of The Fish In
Schools Hero programme which is with the Alaska salmon in their
run by the ‘Food Teachers Centre’, in
partnership with the ‘Alaska practical classes.
Seafood Marketing Institute’.
Together, they will deliver an Food and Nutrition teacher, Miss
unprecedented 20,000 fillets of wild Roberts, said, ‘We are thrilled that
Alaska salmon to schools for we have been selected to receive
cookery students to prepare up and the wild salmon from Alaska. It
down the country. means that our students cannot
only learn about wild fisheries and
The programme aims to ensure that the different tastes, textures and
every child gets a chance to usages, but also cook with the fish
prepare, cook and eat fish before themselves.’
they leave school.
To extend the students’ fish
preparation skills, the GCSE
classes also had the opportunity
to learn how to fillet a whole fish


National Vegetarian Week

The Food and Nutrition Department celebrated ‘National Vegetarian
Week’ from the 16th to the 22nd May. The students learned how to cook
a delicious Thai vegetable curry in their practical lessons. In addition,
they learnt about the different types of vegetarian diet that exist, the
reasons why someone may choose to be a vegetarian and how to have
a balanced diet as a teenager if they choose to be a vegetarian.


Jubilee Celebrations

In Key Stage 3 Food and Nutrition lessons, the girls have been learning
about celebration foods in conjunction with the Queen's Jubilee. The
girls really enjoyed discovering a variety of different dishes, all of which
had links to the Jubilee celebrations, and then making them in groups
to enjoy together at the end of the lesson. Photographs are students
from 7A who all worked fantastically well to produce our street party
themed menu!


Out With The Old; In With The New

We are pleased to announce that our new Food room is up and
running. It was very outdated and in desperate need of full
refurbishment. The end result is that we have a lovely space for the girls
to continue to enjoy their Food and Nutrition lessons!




Years 7 & 8: 2. Brianna has £20, all in 5p coins,
‘Junior Maths and £50, all in 2p coins. How many
coins does she have in total?
A 200
This month, another bunch of
talented Year 7s and 8s took B 290
part in the all-inspiring ‘Junior
Maths Challenge’. C 1000

A selected number of Year 7 D 2540
and 8 pupils, who took part in
the challenge, showed E 2900
resilience in solving problems.
They were able to make 3. Jack and Jill played a game for
accurate use of a wide range of two people. In each game, the
mathematical vocabulary and winner was awarded two points and
concepts and were not afraid to the loser 1 point. No games were
make mistakes as they learned drawn. Jack won exactly 4 games
from them. and Jill had a final score of 10
points. How many games did they
We look forward to celebrating play?
some successes when the
results are published in the July Answers
1. 987,654,321 x 9 = 8,888,888,889
Watch this space. so the digit 8 occurs 9 times.

Past Problems 2. £20 is equivalent to 2000p and
£50 is equivalent to 5000p. So
1. The number 987,654,321 is the number of coins Brianna
multiplied by 9. How many times has is 2000 ÷ 5 + 5000 ÷ 2 = 400
does the digit 8 occur in the + 2500 = 2900.
3. Since Jack won 4 games, Jill
lost 4 games for which she was
awarded 4 points. So the
number of games she has won
is (10 - 4) ÷ 2 = 3. Therefore,
they played 7 games in total.


Year 8: Learning About Islam

As the warmer weather

commenced, 8L had their RE lesson

about Islam on the field. The class

had been tasked with creating a

fact file about Islam, using books as

research. Whilst outside,

individuals relayed interesting facts

that they had learned, such as

describing the five pillars of Islam:

Pupils in Year 8 RE are exploring profession of faith (shahada);

religious beliefs, values and prayer (salat); alms (zakat); fasting

practices in Islam, provoking (sawm); pilgrimage (hajj).

challenging questions about

the ultimate meaning and

purpose of life. Pupils are

building a clear and accurate

picture of the religion that

includes its origins, its present

place in British life and its

beliefs, teachings and

spirituality. The focus is on

Islam in Britain today: pupils are

thinking for themselves about

questions to do with God/Allah,

living a Muslim way of life, how

the faith is expressed and

about the identity of British

Muslims and the contributions

they make to national life. They

will look at Buddhism later in

the summer term.


Year 7: Rosary Beads Year 10 Physics:
Gift ‘Feel The Force’

It is a long-standing Catholic Year 10 students have started
tradition to honour Mary Our learning about forces and their
Mother. Year 7 all received effects in Physics lessons. Last
rosary beads to celebrate the week heralded May 4th and, in
month of May and were celebration of this important
introduced, as a year group, to date, the lesson began with a
the beauty of praying the rosary. discussion about why it is
They then went on to share this difficult to get onto a lilo in a
tradition with other year groups swimming pool without falling
in assemblies. off and ended by looking at the
forces involved with being on a
skateboard. The girls should
now be fully proficient in both
activities, in readiness for the
summer holidays, and the
Science Department would like
to offer them the following
advice: ‘May The Fourth Be With


Games Garden ‘Couch to 5K’ Club

As the sun is making a more frequent The ‘Couch to 5K’ club is
still going strong on a
appearance, a new ‘Games Garden’ has Thursday lunch time and,
a couple of weeks ago, we
been established during lunch times for had a special visitor: Mrs
Presland’s dog, Humphrey!
pupils to enjoy. It is lovely to see the girls He ran alongside us and
enjoyed having the ball
having fun, outside the ISC, whilst playing thrown for him. New
members are always
Jenga, Connect 4, Boules and Swingball. welcome!

Suggestions or donations for more outside

games would be much appreciated as we

are hoping to add to our collection in the

coming months. Please email

[email protected] for


Dance Club

Dance Club started this term and is run
by Year 12 students, Cara and
Francesca, every Wednesday for
students in Key Stage Three. The girls
are currently preparing for a
Cheerleading Pom routine, using Pom
Poms, which they shall perform at our
School Sports Day in July. They are
working really hard and learning about
different styles of dance.


The Cafod Young Leadership Programme had their second training session
on the 16th of May. It was held in Amigo Hall at St George’s Cathedral in
London. During the event, the importance of charity was highlighted. Year
12 pupils - Imogen, Able, Erin and Cara - compiled an excellent
presentation about how they have raised much needed funds for the work
of Cafod and its campaign to walk against hunger in the world, and
delivered this to the staff of Cafod and to other pupils from various
schools. In addition, they fully engaged in a variety of workshops.


Quiz Night Ice Lolly Sale

On Friday, 13th May, the Zanzibar On Tuesday, 17th May - which just
Team, consisting of sixteen Year 11, so happened to be one of the
12 and 13 students, hosted a quiz hottest days of the year so far -
night at school for the Sacred Isabella, Neida, Hilary, Neve, Sally
Heart community. After several and Emily (in Year 12) sold ice
tense and exciting rounds, ranging lollies at lunch time to raise money
from ‘Music’ to ‘General Knowledge’, for the British Heart Foundation.
the winning team was crowned: The The fundraising was a huge
Fab Five.. An impressive total of success, with swarms of pupils
£637.10 was raised for the Year 13’s queuing to buy the 50p lollies,
trip to Zanzibar, where they will be ranging from Fabs to Twisters to
working with a range of charities to Rocket lollies. In total, they raised
help the local community and £100.20 for the British Heart
wildlife, such as Menai Bay Foundation and would like to
Conservation Area, the Zanzibar thank Mrs Jones and Mrs Austin
Butterfly Scheme and Zanzibar’s for their support.
Cultural Arts Centre.
Sixth Form Quiz

On Thursday, 28th April, Melisa,
Olivia and Freya (Year 12
students) organised a quiz for
Years 12 and 13 as part of their
BTEC Business course. The
rounds really tested the pupils’
general knowledge and ranged
from ‘Landmarks’ to ‘Guess the
Animal’. The winners were Year 12
students: Maya, Patcha, Sophie
and Emily. In total, the girls
raised £129.49 to aid the Ukraine
in their time of need.


‘Women At The Well’ Charity

This term, the Sixth Form have been Soak A Teacher
carrying out various events in order
to raise money for the charity, On Thursday, 26th May, 12C staged a
'Women at the Well'. spectacular ‘Soak a Teacher’ event
to raise money for charity. Mr
This charity strives to empower Diggory and Mrs Presland bravely
women who are caught up in put themselves forward to face an
multiple cycles of abuse and social exuberant succession of pupils of all
exclusion to achieve their full ages, who excitedly queued up to
potential - free from discrimination, catapult saturated sponges at the
abuse and neglect. They do this by drenched, yet dauntless, duo.
reaching out and providing a
supportive space for vulnerable In total, 12C raised £120 in just twenty
women so they can be empowered to minutes; all of the proceeds from
make choices and improve the this fundraiser will be donated to
quality of their lives. the ‘Women At The Well’ charity.

All forms have been fundraising
hard for our chosen charity, but a
special mention must be made to
12E who had the initiative to
approach the Royal Mail Romford
and Ilford Carers’ Society to see if
they would be willing to make a
charitable donation to the fund. We
were lucky enough to secure an
additional £500 to add to our total,
for which we are very grateful.

Hannah (Yr 12), who won our charity raffle; Isobel (also
Yr 12), who organised the £500 donation

Year 9: Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

On Saturday 14th and Sunday the 15th At 10am, all of the groups had
May, 74 Year 9 pupils took part in their set off on their adventures in
DoE Bronze expeditions. For most of their fluorescent, rain-covered
us, this began, unforgivingly, at 6am, backpacks, bobbing into the
getting up and bringing our camping brush - not that there was an
equipment to the sun-drenched little ounce of vapour in the sky. Hats
village of Danbury - just east of on, creamed up, the girls began
Chelmsford. It got off to a great start, reaching their checkpoints - grit,
as the teams arrived in their numbers, determination and sweat
bouncing with anticipation and radiating, from having gone east
hopping, skipping and running and west, north and south. But,
towards the campsite, eager to lighten still, they persevered to find their
their burden by setting up one of their true north and ended up at
tents and being introduced to the area Paper Mill Lock for lunch before
with their maps and compasses. Were continuing back to the camp.
West Ham playing this weekend? You
would have thought you were in the
shadow of the Olympic Stadium with
the number of girls representing their

Year 9: Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Arriving back at the campsite, the girls downpour at 3am) and we were
were industrious: most got straight into up and out by 6:30am. The
their campcraft, whipping up culinary consumption of warm drinks was
delights that would impress any parent followed by tents disappearing
(given the immense heat, the tough like trees being felled in a forest.
hike completed and lack of facilities, A special mention must be made
which merely comprised their wits and here to the tenacious ‘Pink’
a small set of trangia cooking pots and group, who put their medical
pans). Even the late night snacks of training into action when looking
marshmallows, sandwiched over fire, after a member of their group.
dripping in chocolate, highlighted the Staff were quick to the scene but
girls’ flair and was the embodiment of the calm, cool and collected
living life to the full. minds of this group had
everything in control. Olivia from
Day 2 tested the girls’ mettle, as the the ‘Silver’ group also deserves a
weather had switched gears (most of special mention for her
us had been awoken by a sudden herculean effort of carrying
another member of her group
close to 2 km with a rolled ankle.
A huge congratulations to all of
the girls in this cohort as all
passed their expedition.

Retreats A Warm
Welcome To…
Years 7 and 10
Our Local MP
Years 7 and 10 took part in retreats on
Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May, This half term, Sacred
where they enjoyed many activities led by Heart of Mary Girls’
young people from the Walsingham School were delighted to
House Diocesan Youth Ministry Team. welcome Julia Lopez, MP
Such events are very important to us as for Upminster, to the
a Catholic community and make a school. During her visit,
considerable contribution to the girls’ she had a tour of the
spiritual development. school, alongside being
introduced to the Head
Girl team: Cara, Erin and

Shout Outs (Part I)

Brentwood Citizenship Award

This is a shout out to Imogen and Cara, who received the Brentwood
Citizenship Award from Bishop Alan in the cathedral. This award is for their
tireless support of the liturgical and spiritual life of the school, as well as
fundraising. Well done, Imogen and Cara - we are very proud of you.

Shout Outs (Part II)

‘Life To The Full Award’

We are really proud of Neve and Aoife who have worked so hard this

year towards their ‘Life to the Full Award’ for academic and

extra-curricular excellence and they have been presented with their

badges in the past few weeks. Aoife has gone from Bronze to Gold in

the quickest time possible and is already only a few months away from

achieving the highest Platinum award. Neve has achieved her Bronze

award and is already only a few weeks away from gaining her Silver

award. Congratulations to both of these students for their hard work

and effort here. Gold DoE Award

SHOM would like to give a shout out

to a former pupil, Georgina, who was

presented with her Gold DoE award

at a presentation on Friday, 20th

May - well done! Georgina

completed her Bronze, Silver and

Gold awards at Sacred Heart under

the guidance of Mrs James.

Shout Outs (Part III)

Our Very Own Unsung Essex Pentathlon
Hero Team Success

The Sacred Heart community would SHOM would like to give a
like to send a shout out to Mrs shout out to Oma, who took
Jones, who received an ‘Unsung part in a Pentathlon
Hero Certificate of Excellence’ on competition in May. Due to
‘Thank a Teacher Day’ for all of her her excellent performance, she
work during the pandemic and the has been selected for the
fantastic fundraising she has done. Essex Pentathlon Team which
is an amazing achievement.
Hurdles is Oma's favourite

We also celebrated the amazing
staff in our community this week.
Pupils thanked staff in many ways,
including at assembly and by
writing ‘thank yous’ to staff


SHOM Careers Google

400 students now follow the SHOM Careers Google Classroom page.

Students and Google Guardians can see work experience, online

learning and apprenticeship opportunities. The class code needed to

join is: zaybsw6

In the last few weeks, we have added opportunities regarding:

● Credit Suisse
● Jaguar Land Rover
● The Russell Group
● Ofsted
● Virgin Media
● Unilever
● The Times
● Alzheimer’s Society
● Goldman Sachs
● British Association of Landscape Industries

We have also welcomed a few speakers to SHOM over the past months.
Year 12 and 13 students had a visit from the ICT training centre to
discuss different courses and apprenticeship routes; Year 11 had a
guest speaker from DWP who was able to give the students tips and
guidance on how to write a good CV and stand out during the
interview process.

Headteacher’s Award

The following pupils have been awarded the prestigious Headteacher’s
Award and are to be commended for their exceptional achievements
this term:

Isabella Keira
(Year 9) (Year 9)
Being a good friend Being a good friend

Alila Jessica
(Year 9) (Year 9)
Being a good friend Being a good friend

Mya Ruby
(Year 9) (Year 9)
Being a good friend Being a good friend

Oma Rebecca
(Year 8) (Year 9)
Being selected for the Essex Qualifying for the British Age
Pentathlon Team. Group Summer
Championships for 400m and
Miriam 800 Freestyle
(Year 10)
Selected to represent Havering Sophia
at the Essex Athletics (Year 9)
Championships - 300m Selected to represent
Havering at the Essex
Ruby Athletics Championships -
(Year 8) High Jump
Selected to represent Havering
at the Essex Athletics
Championships - 1500m



Interhouse Netball

The PE Department enjoyed watching Years 7-11 participate in interhouse
netball. The Years 7 to 9 competition took place at lunchtime and Years 10
and 11 was held during their PE lessons. During the lunchtime games, staff
were encouraged to watch by winning house points for their house. It was
great to see staff supporting the pupils and it created a fun atmosphere.


1st place Thanet 18 points 1st place Lindisfarne

2nd place Rievaulx 17 points 2nd place Thanet

3rd place Lindisfarne 16 ½ points 3rd place Rievaulx

4th place Whitby 8 ½ points 4th place Whitby

World Password Day Media Coverage Of Traumatic Events

On the 5th May 2022, it was World Seeing coverage of upsetting local and world
Password Day. We need to create passwords events in the news, online or on social media
for everything these days and it is can be distressing for children, especially
important that our children not only given today’s 24-hour news availability. There
understand that they should not share are things you can do to help children make
passwords with others but they should know sense of them. We suggest doing these five
how to create a ‘strong password’ to keep steps to help children cope with distressing
their information safe. events.

As part of World Password Day, why not 1. Give them space to talk
take the opportunity to talk to your child 2. Create a sense of calm
about this? You can learn more here: 3. Reassure them
4. Keep things simple 5. Listen to their views
Newsround have produced this article which
Pop Ups / Adverts you can share and read with your child,
providing them with tips about what to do if
When your child is playing certain games they are feeling sad about the news:
or is on social media, they may see
adverts / pop up adverts. The content in
these adverts may not always be
appropriate to them, particularly if
clicked on.

It is important to talk to your child about
adverts and to think about what they are
clicking on before they do and, if they are
unsure, they should ignore them or check
with a trusted adult.

Tik Tok Update Apple Watches

The NSPCC have created a news article, Does your child wear an Apple Watch to
discussing if TikTok is safe for children, school? Do they know how to turn it to the
which also provides an overview of using their appropriate setting for school? Apple offers
safety settings. Read the article here: two options: ● Do Not Disturb mode - turns off all
nline-safety/online-safety-blog/child-safe-settings- alerts
● Theatre Mode - enables silent mode
Internet Matters have also created an app and stops the watch display from
safety overview on Tiktok which discusses a waking when you raise your hand
range of things, including six things you can
do to keep your child safe on the app. Family Setup can be used to set up an Apple
Watch for a child who does not have their own iphone. Once set up, there is a
/tik-tok-app-safety-what-parents-need-to-know/ Schooltime option which, when activated,
displays a yellow circle on the watch to
easily show that access to apps is restricted
and Do Not Disturb is switched on. You can
set the schedule for Schooltime on your
Iphone. Find out more here

Digital Footprint

A Digital Footprint is any information that is available online about you (even information shared
by others): for example, photos, posts and comments that you have made. We need to support
children in developing a positive footprint by encouraging them to think about what they share
and that they have appropriate privacy settings in place. You can find out more information here:

Ofcom Report: Children’s Media Use

Ofcom's latest report looks at media 8-11-year-olds said they
use among children and young would allow their child to use
people aged 3-17. social media (38%).

Key points from the report include: ● Six in ten children aged 3-17
played games online in 2021,
● Nearly all children went increasing to three-quarters
online in 2021 (99%). of 12 - 17s.

● Using video-sharing ● More than a third of 8-17s
platforms (VSPs) such as who gamed online played
YouTube or TikTok was the with people they didn’t know
most popular online activity (36%); overall, 16% of 8-17s
among children aged 3-17 chatted to people they didn’t
(95%). know, via the messaging/
chat functions in games.
● Among all types of online
platforms, YouTube was the ● Children were more likely to
most widely used by children; experience being bullied via
89% used it, compared to half technology than face-to-face:
using TikTok. But TikTok was 84% of 8-17s said they had
more popular than YouTube been bullied this way (i.e., via
for posting content. text or messaging, on social
media, in online games,
● A majority of children under through phone or video calls,
13 had their own profile on at or via other apps and sites)
least one social media app or compared to 61% being
site; 33% of parents of 5-7s bullied face-to-face.
said their child had a profile,
and 60% of 8-11s said they You can download the report here:
had one.
● Just four in ten parents of ch/childrens/children-and-parent
3-17s knew the minimum age s-media-use-and-attitudes-report-
requirement for using most 2022
social media; 42% correctly
said 13. Four in ten parents of

PTFA The School Fund

As you are aware, school finances are

in crisis and we, like other schools,

rely on our School Fund, other

fundraising and personal

contributions to survive.

You could be the next winner! School Fund 2021-2022 is £100 per
family per year and is available to pay
Pay £10 per month to enter the monthly draw on Scopay, now, as either a one-off
The winner takes 25% of the total membership fee taken that month payment, or in instalments to suit
your personal circumstances.
The remaining 75% goes to the school
If all 500 memberships were taken, the winning ticket would

Win up to £1250 each month

March 2022 Recent Winning Numbers £330.00 Join The Team
April 2022 Winning Number 118 £332.50
May 2022 Winning Number 228 £325.50 Are You Looking For A New
Winning Number 165 Adventure?

Cost Free Ways To Support Part time, rewarding job with
The PTFA Fundraising Efforts flexible hours. Excellent
opportunity to meet new
You could raise Many companies offer
employees the chance to friends, be part of a great
free donations boost their fundraising team and have a giggle. No
efforts by 'matching' the
whenever you shop money they raise. It really is experience required.
money for nothing, and we
online: all you need could double the amount of If you are interested in
cash we raise with very little becoming part of our friendly
to do is register at effort. If your company offers
this scheme, would you PTFA team, contact
https://www.easyfu please contact the PTFA [email protected]
Chairperson, Kerry Jones: [email protected]

vite/XCV46; the

shop then turns a

percentage of what

you spend into a

donation for the


Useful Information

Google Classroom School Uniform

Do you want to support your daughter ATTENTION ALL LEAVERS!
with Google Classroom but don’t know
To continue our ecological efforts, we
where to start? would be grateful for second hand,
unembroidered uniform in good
Click here to access the parent help condition. Please donate to the school
booklet that will help you navigate your shop via the office. On the last
Saturday of every month, there will be
way around Google. a second hand uniform sale at the
uniform shop from 12-2pm (unless
Is your daughter struggling to upload otherwise notified).
work or not sure how to use the Google
Ordering Uniform
The school shop is fully stocked with
Click here to find the students’ guide to uniform. Please order your uniform by
Google Classroom. paying via your Scopay account. Your
daughter can then collect her uniform
from the Uniform Shop during
lunchtime (Mon - Fri). If you wish to visit
the Uniform Shop, you may do so on
Wednesdays and Fridays after school

Scopay Schoolcomms

The Cashless Payment System which provides The School-Home
a faster, more efficient and convenient way to Communication System
pay for school meals, school trips, printing etc.
which provides a faster, more efficient and
Please ensure that you regularly update your convenient way to receive messages from
child’s account
the school.
so there is sufficient money available to pay
for school meals and other payments. If you would like to receive messages
electronically, and are not yet doing so,
Any queries, please phone Mrs Austin in the
Finance Office on 01708 222660. please contact Mrs Lefevre:
[email protected]

Come along to Sacred Heart, in St Mary’s
Lane, for a fun-filled, Jubilee-themed fair.

Take part in traditional games whilst
sampling a cream tea and a glass of
Pimms. Then, enjoy a bubble workshop,
make your own bunting in our ‘Sewing Bee’
tent or enter our ‘Bake Off’ competition.

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Key Dates for Next Half Term

Some events may be subject to change, so please continue to check the online school

Day Date and Description

Monday - 30th May - Half term holiday
Friday 3rd June

Monday - 6th June - Year 12 assessments
Friday 10th June

Monday - 13th June - Years 7 and 8 assessments
Friday 24th June

Monday - 13th June - Healthy Living Week
Friday 17th June

Wednesday 15th June Key Stage 3 5K sponsored run

Wednesday 15th June Year 12 UCAS/Careers Evening

Friday 17th June Year 9 visit to Ypres

Monday - 20th June - Year 10 assessments
Friday 24th June

Wednesday 22nd June Year 6 Transition Day
Year 6 Parental Evening 6pm

Thursday - 23rd June - Year 12 Biology field trip: Suntrap Field
Friday 24th June Centre

Friday 24th June Year 13 Leavers’ Celebration

Monday 27th June Year 7 trip to Colchester Zoo

Wednesday - 29th June - School production (7-9pm)
Thursday 30th June

Thursday 30th June Key Stage 5 Taster Day

Sunday - 3rd July - Year 10 Silver DoE Practice Expedition
Tuesday 5th July

Key Dates Continued

Some events may be subject to change, so please continue to check
the online school calendar.

Day Date and Month Description
Sunday - 4th July Year 9 Vocations Day
Thursday 10th July - Year 10 Silver D0E Qualifying
Saturday 12th July Expedition
Wednesday - 14th July School Sports Day
Thursday 16th July Zanzibar trip departs

Friday 19th July End of term (12:45pm dismissal)
Monday - 20th July - 31st Summer holidays
Friday August
Monday - PUPILS)
Friday 2nd September Years 7 and 12 ONLY start at school

Monday - 5th September All years back to school
Wednesday 24th October - Half term

28th October 2022

20th December Break up for Christmas; return to
2022 school on Thursday, 5th January

13th February - Half term

17th February 2023

31st March 2023 Break up for Easter; return to school
on Monday, 17th April

29th May - Half term
2nd June 2023

19th July 2023 Break up for summer

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