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Published by monicaclangley, 2020-02-24 23:24:40

Robotics Intro

Robotics Introduction

Keywords: robotics


➢ Even days in Science

➢ Odd days in Math

• SNBs & robots

• picked up in MMB2 by first class
• returned to MMB2 by last class

Organization of Unit

➢ Build robots (2 days)

• With science table partner (no switching)

➢ EV3 Tutorials (2 days)

• Individual work with own robot

➢ Learning Missions (12 days)

• Individual work with own robot

Robot Assignments

For Tutorials & Missions

➢ One robot for each student in each class

➢ Robots shared by 3 students across classes

• Pink

• Green Attention to detail!!
• Yellow


• Science Notebook (SNB) sheet
• Checklist

• Video
• Activity
• Teacher signatures

Learning Missions

• SNB pages
• 10 missions
• Graded by Mrs. Hoffman


➢ Quality… NOT quantity
➢ Demonstration of understanding
➢ Demonstration of skill

Building or Modifying the Robot

➢ Triple check your supplies for missing pieces.
➢ Partner checks for missing parts.
➢ Check with teacher for replacement part

• Must know size, color, configuration of piece needed
• Teacher will obtain piece for you.

➢ Do NOT turn on
robots while sitting
at your desk!

➢ Turn on robots only
when at test mat!

➢ All projects must be saved in your Robotics folder on
One Drive.

➢ Create “Robotics” folder.

Each tutorial or mission
needs its own project folder!


➢ NEVER delete anything from your robot’s brick!!!

You are sharing with
two other people!

Asking for help

➢ Must attempt the mission.

➢ Must troubleshoot before asking for help.

• Must be able to explain one strategy already tried.

Providing help

➢ Assistance means

• Helping to understand the issue
• Asking questions that clarify the issue
• Providing clarification about a process

Assistance DOES NOT mean giving
someone the answer!

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