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Breath of Life

by Tami Wozny

A Book of Love


Copyright © 2012 by Tami Wozny
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be
reproduced in any form by any electronic or mechanical
means including information storage and retrieval systems
without permission in writing f rom the publisher.

Published by Tami Wozny
Be One LLC




4 Introduction
6 From the Author
17 I Am Here

18 LESSON 1: Start with Love
20 LESSON 2: Purity of Thoughts and Actions
24 LESSON 3: Power
28 LESSON 4: You Are Whole
32 LESSON 5: Abiding Love
36 LESSON 6: Become Love
40 LESSON 7: What is Heaven?
44 LESSON 8: Love
48 LESSON 9: Prophetic Law
50 LESSON 10: Capturing Our Souls
52 LESSON 11: Strength
56 LESSON 12: Believe It or Not
60 LESSON 13: Wanting More
64 LESSON 14: Gratitude
68 LESSON 15: Control
72 LESSON 16: Peace
76 LESSON 17: Higher Service
80 LESSON 18: I Love You
82 LESSON 19: Fear
86 LESSON 20: Heaven Knows
90 LESSON 21: Fulfillment
92 LESSON 22: Honoring All
96 LESSON 23: Equality




This book was made for you as a guidebook for your awakening. It is no
ordinary book. This is a book of love, a monument of truth shared by
Jesus, the great master and teacher who demonstrated life as the living
Christ. Its purpose is to simply give you remembrance of all that you are
and the flow of love. It was a gift given to me in love and I am honored
to now share it with you in love. My wish for you is that these words
unlock your truth just as much as it did mine.

Each lesson in the Breath of Life serves as a pillar of light to lead you
into your own inner truths. It was created for you like any monument or
structure, except this monument is not seen with the living eyes. It is a
space within you that is meant to be experienced to bring you home to
the flow of truth that rests with in your heart, the eternal spark and life
of your soul. These words are meant to empower you with understanding
and wisdom so you can release the conditional ways you have learned to
attach to love and life so that you may find the way out of the darkness
and struggle of the human mind, cross over the bridge of illusion and
into the light of the living Christ within you.

The Way is something that is known, through the divine flow of life and
the universal language of love that speaks to us and through us when
we live from our hearts. In this book, Jesus simply and gently guides us
back to our inner mastery of The Way. You may desire to experience a
deeper love or to live more f reely. You may want to be at peace. Know
this f riend, your answers are just a thought away.

We all have carried and still carry many unspoken words, unrevealed
feelings and hidden fears and doubts that keep us trapped in the
confines of the human ego. This book is here, to remind you that what
you desire is real and already complete. Enjoy each simple truth of love
that will, if applied, guide you into your own release of the perceptions



and judgments that keep you in the illusion of separation and home to
a life of unity and freedom.

Not only is this book to support your remembrance of love, but it is
a resource for you to learn the art of allowing, giving and receiving
of that love. Carry it with you as a companion of guidance, truth and
unconditional love. Close your eyes and open at chance and you will be
pleasantly surprised. You will experience your own unique discovery and
personal relationship with love and communication that will come of it.

Through embracing the understanding and wisdom as it comes to you
while reading these pages, loves voice and its revelations will be revealed
to you, for you, and through you, so The Way and your breath of life will
emerge to gently free you from the inner struggle with the ego so you
can learn to lead from who you really are.

“One day, we’ll look across and see no border. No line shall say this is me
and this is you. One day, all men shall place their guns down and see

their brother, their son, their making. One day, all hands will join under
one sun and know that in all the days of time, that lines were drawn just
to keep the pain in place. And as veins to the heart of God, no man will
stand as a divider that stops the flow of peace, or etch out his own space.
That each will see that in the end, there was no space at all that did not

hold all of me… that did not grow through the foot of me, that did not
speed to the heart of me. I shall not be put down under darkness as light
rises. I shall not be seen without being known, and I shall not tremble in
the truth as I AM THE truth. It is with me that you go. It is on me that

you flow. It is what I am. It is all I have… is you.”




Let me just start by being real. There is only love. You are on the journey
of being in full remembrance of that. Start with that only and allow your
heart to open. Be curious. Allow the exploration and discovery that I am
positive is tugging at your heart just as it did mine.

The guiding voice of Love has spoken to us always. You are most likely
reading this book because you have become aware of it. However, you
may not have listened until now. It was the one telling you to be kind,
forgive, and let go. It was the one you had ignored when you were angry
and doubted when you had feared. You’ll remember the moments when
your disbelief won, because a pervasive gnawing feeling will be attached
to them, as in those moments God’s breath swept through and you may
not have breathed it in, you may not have chosen to follow the unfamiliar
calling. The calling that is not in sync with the status quo, but the one
that is singular, noticeable and brings you to the edge of vulnerability.
You may recall letting it pass you by. Perhaps you felt the pull to share
this truth and yet were afraid to reveal it. I understand this my friend, as
listening to the voice of love changes EVERYTHING.

We all hear the voice of Love, but we learn to heed the voices of others
before the one with in. Sometimes we grab hold, but our trust is not
yet complete and we loose our grip, or we simply forget as we work to
control the complexities of the world. Regardless, the voice of Love has
always been. There. Here. With you. Being. Now.

My awakening began here. At 25, I just awoke from delivering my first
child by emergency c-section to find out my baby boy had just been
revived after 17 minutes without a heart beat. Moments later, I saw him
for the first time, being wheeled by my bed in a metal and glass Flight
for Life carrier. I could only see his arm. It was the most precious arm
I ever saw. A deep sense of helplessness took over me. The only power I



had was to pray and hope for his life.

A few hours later, while laying in recovery, the voice of Love entered my
mind. It was louder than my own thoughts, it commanded my attention
and with presence it called me into alignment. It spoke; “God brought him
into this world and God is not taking him out.” Over and over it played in
my mind. It was so bold that I felt disobedient if I was to deny it. So I
didn’t. I believed. And it was true. My son survived being born without a
pulmonary valve, a hole in his heart and a failing liver. He denied every odd
stacked against him. Three heart surgeries later, and countless challenges
and victories, today, he is 17 and can’t stop dreaming about leaving home
and beginning his life on his own. Just like any young man would.

The voice of Love spoke softly to me through the years, guiding my
thoughts and actions gently. We all have times like these in our lives,
each unique, but we all experience times of pain and struggle. Can you
recall a time in your life when you were guided by something greater
than yourself? When I was 32, the voice of Love returned as I was
struggling with loneliness, sadness and uncertainty about who I was. I felt
separate from my true self. My aliveness, spark and happiness felt hidden
somewhere far away. Then it happened again, a voice echoed within my
thoughts again so loud and clear it interrupted me in mid conversation.
“Where am I to go, if not with you?” I stopped talking as tears filled my
eyes. The voice of Love seemed to strike like a lightning bolt into my
mind, vibrantly commanding my attention just like before. Then I saw
him in my mind. I will never forget these words, as they were the first that
he spoke as if he was standing in the room with me. My own thinking
paused and the voice crowded out everything else instantaneously. Jesus
continued to speak those words softly to me, all the while within a clear
inner vision he gazed into my eyes with a soft and steady hold, waiting
for me to accept those words into my heart. He held my attention until I
breathed deeper and felt the an expansion arise from my heart. These are
and will always be the most powerful words I have ever heard from him.
These words of love gave me a new belief and from then on I trusted in
his companionship. He began guiding me home to my true self.



This relationship was unexpected and brilliant and swept me off my feet
and into an un-imaginable life. I discovered how everything holds purpose,
each event and moment a light of God to expand your presence and universe
within. I discovered that NOW does hold everything you need. This was
the first time I became aware of it and I hungered for more.

I began to listen to the voice of Love that was guiding me to take action
for healing. As I trusted and followed, it led me to people and places that
supported me to open up and trust in the unseen. Instances in my life
began to make sense like puzzle pieces and suddenly I understood how
they fit as the purpose of each became clear. I cultivated my relationship
with Jesus, God, and the many messengers of the Divine. This was the
expansion and healing of my soul like I would have never imagined.
Through my trust, I began building an entirely new belief system based
on love and not fear. For the first time, I didn’t just feel a presence of
love in times that I was hurting, I began to see, hear and know Jesus’s
presence. I saw him clearly within my inner-sight. A vision of him so
beautiful would take my breath away. I would close my eyes and connect
through my heart and I would feel his peace envelop me. My inner
visioning would begin to play spontaneously as I was guided by him and
his voice. It was as if a movie began to play except I was in it.

My visions continued with Jesus and then opened greater after he asked
me to write with him. He always guided me to a place of calm, and there
in my minds eye, I would see a stone bench outside in the glow of the
sun. He would soon appear and sit down next to me. The golden sun
would shine down on his face and make way to the tips of every feature,
which always drew me into his smile. His presence was pure radiating
joy. His eyes sparkled like crystal clear blue water and his smile seemed
to flower from his soul like pure light. Being in his presence was peace.
His body was enveloped in a soft white glow that made me feel light
and free, and his clear and expansive gentleness surrounded me. I had
asked in the beginning a simple question. “Can I do this?” I watched as
he leaned back, stretched out his hands to hold his knees, and declared
with a smile, “ You CAN do it!” Then he chuckled at the simplicity of his



answer. The power within those words created a belief in myself that
was unlimited. This humor remained constant with our visits and as
always his first gift was a smile and laughter to connect me to the joy of
my divine spirit.

I had so much to learn! Every word that flowed from his mouth revealed
a new truth I needed to see, and to understand. If he wasn’t saying it, he
was showing me in his actions. I found myself in this beautiful setting
with him often. When I was in despair, he would take me there, and
teach me and connect me to the way within my heart. The first few times
I was aware of his visit, I would gasp for air, breathing harder and faster,
feeling as though I had much guilt and shame weighing on my heart.
The love I had for him was so profound. The love I felt from him was
overwhelming. I can only describe it as how one would feel to reunite
with a loved one after years of separation. I felt an unworthiness arise
from within me that brought tears to my eyes. He acknowledged this
one day as he lifted my chin, smiled at me and said, “Embrace yourself.
Love you as much as you love your God. Forgive yourself of what you think
are trespasses. You have given us your love. Now give it to you! Love your
self as much as you love your God and all things prosper. Do not, and you will
wilt like a flower in the hot sun. It is not meant to be that way. Fill up with
grace, power and might and believe in you, in God, in us, in ALL things!”

In the beginning, Jesus helped me sort through all the old baggage of
time that I had stored within my soul. The old thoughts and old ways
of being that did not serve and build my existence had to go. I could no
longer live with these weighing me down and tying me to fear. I had to
give him my trust and believe in him and believe in myself.

I began a new way of life. The life that I knew I wanted. I began to
surrender my pain, sorrow and judgments through the power of self-
love. This journey I was on and this life I began to live was new in
every way. I was eager to live my life more than ever. I became joyous
about who I was and for the first time in my life I began the process
of accepting my true self. I began filling my days just doing what felt



good and natural for me. I began to love more fully as I released my
fears. It was as though a dark veil had been lifted from my eyes and I
could see the truth. The beauty and grace of God appeared before me in
everything that was alive. My clouded vision became so clear that God’s
love was no longer hidden by the sadness. I felt completely immersed in
love and so supported by everything. My heart was awakening.

Jesus reminds me always that I am part of the ONE, part of and flowing
with GOD. I am writing this so that you too shall remember as your
soul already knows its true home. He showed me that out of all the
abundance of the universe and ALL that I am, I was choosing the small
stuff, to only allow myself to reach so far. He came to show and teach
me I already AM everything.

“Believe in the grandness of God and you will begin to see all possibilities.”

IF you follow this simple guidance, you will begin to see that you already
are everything you dream about. The only thing that holds us back is the
thought that we will never be or do what we dream of, or that who we
are is not enough and so we begin the process of becoming small.

We project onto others what we think they will accept instead of being
who we are. We seek outside approval, acceptance, belonging until we
find them resting patiently within our heart. We spend years allowing our
minds to draw up a more believable, achieve-able versions of ourselves all
the while sacrificing our personal power thus creating a smaller reality.
The problem with that is, our souls are too big. Our infinite being will
never be happy living within such small boundaries that we have allowed
our minds to create. The creations that come from the ego are always
confining, limiting and lacking fulfillment. This ego self forms out of
pain and fear from the suffering that is created within the mind that
has held the story of separation. Our souls carry a light that shines so
much brighter and more powerful than that small world can hold. Our
restless heart will eventually cry out very loudly to the world around us.
It will show its sadness to everyone. The tired eyes will reveal the truth



to those who are near you and you’ll cry for help as you surrender. Then
help f rom ALL will come to shine on you a new perspective. A new way,
will come up from within you, one that will shatter all your limiting
beliefs about yourself and everything that exists. Let it be. Believing is
the beginning of choice. Answer the call to awaken.

When you choose the life within you, the inner sanctuary of your pure
light will open and radiate f rom the inside out. You will begin hearing
the truth as it speaks gently from within and the false motives of the
mind will splinter to reveal the authentic creation of who you are. What
you thought is not what you are. You will begin to question all that you
are thinking, until you choose to seek and explore the mystery of the
heart instead of the mind. The heart can then reveal the one truth, “I

It was March 25th 2009 when Jesus approached me with another
question. I was laying on my bed journaling when suddenly he made
his presence known to me. He softly placed his hand on my side and
then asked me, “will you write with me?” I put my hand to the page
and it was as if a movie began to play. I was amazed and humbled. I
could see him in my inner sight. I was sitting next to him watching him
speak to a crowd. We were outside in the sun with people gathered all
around to listen. I watched in awe of his facial expressions and hand
gestures as he spoke with such a soft simplicity. My eyes never left
him, yet I was a scribe to my tablet all the while. It was a simultaneous
action that was beautiful. He was teaching people about love. The words
he spoke moved softly, effortlessly being carried to all places without
resistance. He spoke with such a tender heart, and with such a pure and
understanding calm. These words of love that he shared floated as if
they were feathers, finding their resting place on the hearts of those who
were present and those who were listening, waiting for them to grab
hold of the grace that they arrived on.

I never knew when he would visit me again for that purpose, but he
did. I knew that there would be more from the first time I wrote as I



understood that these words were meant to go out into the world. I
bought a journal that I carried with me. I knew that our visits for this
purpose would occur not because of my asking, but when he would make
the call. Many times I was in the car on a road trip when he came, as
I was readying myself for bed, or when I was busy in the course of the
day. There was no set time. He came when he needed and so I remained
open. It was such a gift to write furiously and then be able to go back
and read and comprehend the message. I was always left in awe. He
was writing the law of love and delivering me the most understandable
version I had ever read.

“ You are a creator of the most high. GO! BE IT. Take what
is rightfully yours as it flows in all things. Use the energy of All to live.

Make beauty and create with the everlasting love!”

Jesus shares a great message for all of humanity. He comes to strengthen
our existence and life and bring joy and laughter to all places in our
hearts through revealing truth and love. He brings profound insights
with the simplest of words.

Allow your truth to be unlocked through reading these pages so that
you can expand from here, which will open the belief and power of
your heart unlike nothing you have ever experienced before. In choosing
more for yourself, you choose more for all.

Love is: ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL.

There is no journey other than the journey of the heart. All else is
distraction and reaction that pulls you outside of the center of love. You
are always and have always been in the heart. You are on a mission to
discover it. Every single one of us is on the same adventure into the vast
depth of the eternal being-ness. Together we build God’s kingdom by
choosing to explore the depths of love. Together we set life in motion
and into creative force that allow the powers that BE to become manifest
through us. If you allow, the You and I will become a We and the journey



of the Christ will begin it’s transcendence. The strength and power of
who you are will become evident. You will see and sense your enormity,
your truly unlimited expansiveness. You will become in awe of the simple
and unique creation of who you are. Beauty has not escaped this place
after all, you may think. Captivated by the essence of life within you,
finally, you see that you have always been with God. Alone becomes…

If it were not for the dark of our struggle and pain, we would not know
the light. This polarity is what ultimately brings our illumination and
f reedom. You may be waiting because you are hiding f rom the truth, but
the truth is what will set you free. Are you trapped within the confines
of the mind in the closet of despair just as I once was? There is only
darkness there, frustration and the pressure of all that you are trying not
to deal with and it’s pushing and closing in on you by the second. There
behind your self-made walls you will wait for someone to f ree you. Wait
for someone special enough, who loves you enough to open the door and
set you free. But the savior you are waiting for is none other than your self.

This book of love from Jesus is here to guide you to the freedom you
so desperately seek. God gave everyone the key to heaven. He gave no
one authority and power over you, because his authority and power rests
within you. Jesus lived to demonstrate the power of belief, love and trust
and taught us through the use of many tools how one could illuminate
through the kingdom, the power and the glory of the creator. You are
God’s creation, therefore the power and light is the substance of who you
are and within that substance is the intricate connection and oneness
with all his realms of creation.

It is through knowing the self that you will fully know God as you are
one and the same. God’s love is not limited and you have full access to
the infinite, just as you are. If you would choose to believe that you are
the powerful because God’s love flows through you, then you will always
have the power. Only you are the keeper of your fear and the keeper of
your love. You are also the keeper of your own heart and the f reedom



of your soul. What will you choose? Will you wait as the keeper of
fear or will you open to the river of life and expand into the freedom
of love? Never are you without the power to choose, it is your freewill
and it is abundant to you as there is air to breathe. If you find yourself
wanting to make a change in your life and you ask the question, “where
do I begin?” You shall always find the way if you start with love. Every
answer can begin by opening your heart. We spend a lot of time “outside”
of ourselves searching for answers. Jesus urges us to lovingly look at the
beauty that lies within our own self, the creation of God that is here,
present within us each and every moment.

You will cut through the veil of illusion and begin your journey home
through believing home is waiting for you. And eventually, you will
come to realize, that you never, ever really left home at all. You only
thought you had. The moment you feel pulled to come home to your
heart, you are already truly found in the heart of God.

When you fully realize you are already home, is when your mind will
come under the reigns of your heart. Your mind will begin being the
faithful steward, and it will serve you as a skilled tool of perception in
the unlimited expansiveness of God. You will no longer be a slave to
thought, but a creator of love. We are all slaves to our minds at times in
our lives. That is the only true way we lose our f reedom. We give it away
to an untrue thought.

Remember, the ego self that resides in separation has nothing better
to do than prove it’s separateness and so it lives to build the proof of
why it was unworthy of being loved. The power of the human mind
without being under the reigns of the heart IS the serpent that fools,
persuades and paints the illusion to keep your so called separation story
alive. You will have many stories to prove it, and much work to do to f ree
yourself. Your work will become your adventure. The adventure to keep
your presence home in love and live in the awakened truth.

Love is always making its request of you in each and every moment to



BE with it. The embrace is always there. You are the Beloved. When you
say yes to this embrace you are allowing God to breathe new life into
your heart. The love of God transforms and moves from within you to
others. The cycle of breath is a circle that frees your spirit to expand and
illuminate as the light of the world. You are in the heart, there for, you
shall become the heart if you so choose.
Enjoy your breath of life that was placed in you in the beginning and
you will witness the power of love, the energy of God as it transforms all
that you are and the world as we know it. What becomes, you breathe,
and what you breathe, you become.
Love is the key.




I am here…

“What you see is known, for I am the Savior who teaches all to be
well within self. You see, I bring the gift of “sight” to see into the
world of God that is “unseen.” It is only by asking that one can receive
through quiet contemplation and willingness to ask for guidance in
understanding the truth of their life ~ their existence, their qualities
and nurturing gifts. Praise to those who do not wait until death is upon
them. So often this happens because we turn our cheek to the unseen. We
will go unheard if those who do this continue to be blind. Lead others to
opening their sight, their love of the holiness within. It will only serve

them well! It will only serve them well.

Grace, abundance and much more follow the willing. Open the door! Be
it: The beauty that God put inside of you when he created you! SEIZE
IT! Its master-fullness of the realms is inf inite. We will see so much
more coming. You will see me! Oh, yes you will! Happy are the times of
change. Great things occur when humanity binds together for a greater
cause that serves not only them, but the earth and all that exists. Power
comes in this greater than your understanding. The power of God is an

unseen force so mighty and large that words do not allow
comprehension. Take it and move it! Share it and give this love for
others. We have so much to do dear ones. Work to do! Blessed work!

Achievable work! Insightful and holy work! Let it be!
Praise God! I am Coming!”




Lesson 1


Hear my words and place them in your hearts dear ones. Messages like
these come through the divine waters of the Universe, flowing gently to
you out of the hand of a believer. Be a believer yourself so you may be
swept away in its abundant love. Now is the time for all to love.

Love is not gained. It is given freely without question. Many people
believe you must earn this love. That is not so. God has already placed it
within the depths of your souls. Listen for the guidance that speaks to
you daily. It is the whisper that comes to you in the conscious awareness
of self and of love. Hear our words being spoken to you in your thoughts.
They are the ones that guide you in kindness, love and compassion for
others. Be guided not just from those, but also from the loving kindness
f rom the mouths of other’s as that is guidance as well. See your self not
just doing but BEING this love. It is by becoming love that allows the
flow. Just like a river flows into the ocean, all water is one. It is the same
with our thoughts, as they are the same as those rivers that supply the
ocean. The consciousness of all is like the ocean, we must keep it pure
and clean and loving.

Do away with childish ways, the fighting, unforgiving, and selfish
motives to attain “material things.” This is not servicing your self like
you believe it is. This action really takes more from you. The abundance
that you truly desire comes from self-forgiveness, self-love and self-
belief so that the wisdom and grace inside of you is unlocked.

Start with love, the love for self and the God inside of you. Allow all
dams to be broken and the “true waters of life to flow.”



“Love is not gained.
It is given freely
without question.”



Lesson 2


Love begins and never ends. Love transcends all. When approaching
the “how” of transcending this love in our thoughts and actions we must
first consider if we truly understand loves capacity in self. We must first
comprehend what it means to feel God’s love. How do you feel God’s
love? How does it open your heart to goodness? Think for a moment
of all the times you have been moved by love. Those moments come
upon you like a wave on the shore. They just come. No expecting, no
predicting, love just surely and truly flows into your soul and tugs at all
that you are. These moments are a brief hello. We must learn to not let
go of the hello but embrace it. Do not shield yourself from it but grab
hold of this love and put it over you like and armor.

God’s love is nurturing, always providing you with nourishment you
need. Happiness also comes in this love. It speaks to you and flows
through you. as happiness has no boundaries. When one is in this state
of being how often do you see that ALL is given? They smile and laugh
sending this energy to ALL. Never do they stop and think “oh, what am
I doing?” They just do. They just give, without expecting, just giving.
Does that person choose to be in the state of happiness? Yes! They
choose to love ALL; the ALL that carries life, the love that transcends
all things.

God’s abiding promise is that he will never fail you. Choose to believe.
Choose to see what love can do for you. Go now to what you already have
bestowed in your hearts. Your soul’s center for wisdom, beauty, grace and
love! It is not hidden. You all have this place of recluse where you go
when you need peace and stillness and quiet from the mind. Choose
not to enter into love as a skeptic, choose to embrace love as a gift; no
judgments, no expectations. For seeing love with a skeptics heart will



only allow for disappointment because truly that is what being “skeptic”
means; You are not allowing yourself to be open to what is in store for
you; fearing and judging before that door has ever been opened. FEAR




Open the door!
Let love become you.”



Lesson 3


This is the day the lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Have
you rejoiced today? Have you been glad today about who you are and
the light that you carry at all times burning inside of you? I will hide it
under a bushel no! I’m going to let it shine! So often what we do is hide
our light in fear of not being accepted by our own self and other people.
We are all the same. Conscious creators are what we are but yet we
spend our time rummaging in other peoples doings instead of creating
and pursuing our own divine dreams.

You might ask “why?” Why is it that our own creation wants to bring
itself down? Why does one soul wants to forage over and trample another
part of the same? We must listen to our inner voice to understand. We
must pay attention to the kinder, gentler side of us to see. That why we
do this is just to make ourselves feel bigger, stronger, and accomplished.
But here we are doing it at the expense of another. So really what are
we gaining? Nothing. This expanse of our self is only a mental state that
will last only a short while and then one will seek again when the time
comes of increased insecurity and then like a cat “pounce” to the same
or another prey. This behavior services no one. Illusion is created and
settles itself on your heart causing a very fogged lens of what reality
truly is.

Ask yourself: Do I feel good when I feel greater than someone else?
What energy increase do I feel when I am in this state of mind? Who
have I done this to?

When you are done answering these very important questions of self, look
into them with the intention of seeing the truth. The answers will lead you to
the how and the why such an action lives in your being. We have mistakenly
misunderstood power and what it means to have it and possess it for our use.



Power comes only in love and grace. It is the energy that guides by
creating self-belief and putting confidence sincerity, honesty and truth
to work for the greater well being of ALL. Finish not your day by sitting
above your fellow beings, loved ones and friends but sitting with them
as a whole. That what you accomplished with power made a righteous
course for everyone to be joyous about.
Seeing truth is finding the answers within self. The loving kindness of
truth is knowing it is so by way of love and how you feel as you see it.




“Power comes only
in love and grace.
It is the energy that guides
by creating self-belief and
putting confidence, sincerity,
honesty and truth to work for
the greater well being of ALL.”



Lesson 4


For many of us that term whole seem incomprehensible. “Where and
how do we get whole,” you might question. The answer is simply, “you are
loved, there for you are whole.” So often times we struggle throughout
many years because we do not accept this simple truth. Where does this
love come from? It is through you and all around you. It is just so. Close
your eyes and open your heart to hear the truth. YOU ARE LOVED.
Repeat it until it is like a brand. You know it and feel it at all times.

All around you is a river of this love and you are part of it. It is only
when we do not believe that it is so that we have separated ourselves
f rom the flow. It is like camels coming to drink at a water basin and the
camel refuses to drink even though its travel is far and long, he refuses
to drink. When we do not believe the truth that we are loved, we are
like the camel. It is just a refusal to accept what is most important for
our journey. How silly do you think the camel is for refusing to drink
the one necessity it needs for its journey? How angry would you be
at this camel if you were its master and saw the refusal. It would be
bewildering. “Has the camel lost its mind?”

This parable is quite the same as what I see in many of you. Why do
you refuse to be loved? Simple it is, simple is the doing for you. Step
into what is already yours! It is always and has always been there for you
to be. Hasty are those who never find this in themselves. They search
and search but never know what it is that they are seeking. It is the
fulfillment of allowing love to flow into your very being, through all of
you that you need. Do not seek anymore for I am telling you the answer.
Let me lead you to still waters and greener pasture as I know the way for
you. No fear will ever have gain upon you any more. Thou light shineth
ahead of you.



Walk with me when times are trying so that I may ease your pain and
suffering. Listen to the guiding words that come in the moments of
despair. Calm yourself knowing that the answer is there. That I am there
with my hand on your shoulder providing strength in my touch and
healing of your heart, mind, body and soul. Release fear and stubbornness
so that the view may be clearer for you to see the truth and brilliance of
all events so that the path is clearly shown. Move mountains by believing
you can! Heal your heart, body and mind by asking and waiting for all
trials to be riveted.
Riveted: Just like a stone must be carved or riveted for the next stone to
balance on it steadily, our trials are the same. Allow the riveting of your
self so that the next step is balanced.




“All around you is
a river of this love
and you are part of it.
It is only when we do not
believe that it is so that we
have separated ourselves
from the flow.”



Lesson 5


What does this mean? Abiding. Scholars and religious gurus of many
nations have pondered upon the word abide. What does it mean to abide?”
So often our minds question without looking beneath the surface or in.
I am taking you in to what abide truly means. This delivering of truth
of what has been on of the most confused words in religion. I am here
to shed the light.


Do you see any hidden messages? A code?

It is the same with God’s love. It would be foolish to make a language
so hidden of truth that you would need a code to break it, yet so often
the minds of men have created this with God’s love. God did not shed
his light on us and then say “OK, here is your device. Now go figure out
what I have given to you.” No. God gave us this love without hiding a
thing. Abide means not hidden from truth, from love. It flows around
you in a light, an energy. You are a being, part of all energy, all life, just
like a cell in a body. God’s love is in you and all around you. IT IS YOU.
All the answers are there for you but one must be willing to see them
and capture them when they are delivered to you.

Offering up this new way of thinking about the true meaning of abide
might raise questioning in self and with others. It simply is this: Truth.
Take it as that. Place it in your hearts in this way, and know nothing is
hidden in God’s love. Know that all you must do is allow it to flow to
you by becoming it, by filling up with it.

Gratitude is a great place to begin filling up with this love and energy.
Find all things to be thankful for. Do not find lack in your life or the



lives of others. Lack is only created when you believe there is never
enough. You are surrounded by ALL! Give gratitude and peace you will
receive. Give love and abundance will flow to you. Give abundantly from
your heart and soul and receive knowledge wisdom and grace. Journey
from the allowing to the giving to the receiving.

You may be curious: What is Love? Oh such a simple question, but one
that arrives with a complex answer. Life as we know it exists because we
have attached it to time. We view our life in series of continuous events
or happenings that we have attached like popcorn on a string, one after
the other. We must learn to view our life not f rom time, but f rom love.
Allow me to explain. See, love creates, it binds. It seals your objectivity
and relationships into a continuous pattern of existence. See how you
are relating with others in your family and you will understand how love
is being captured within those relationships.

Love is not something you create. Love IS you already. What you do
through creativity is expand love. One who is still in the mind is not
creating life. Many people feel more secure when they decide that the
place they are in is comfortable and there for become still. They view
comfort as a place they can live f rom. This is not really the case. You
can never live from comfort as you will not be creating life or expanding
your love. They have captured a moment of comfort, deemed it to be
the safest place and have decided to hide in it. What can I say of this?
Perilous! Imagine a person who has four walls all around him. This
confinement is his comfort holding him back f rom his own creativity,
his own power, his own love! View life not f rom time, but f rom love.
To understand this, one must look within, review behaviors, beliefs and
wants. This looking in to who, what and how you want to live will bring
many answers. It is called self-discovery. You will begin to see you. The
who you are. The why you exist and the what you are and made of. Oh,
this process many have called enlightenment. That is because we have
chosen love for ourselves. We have chosen to look into the light that is
within us.




“Give gratitude and
peace you will receive.
Give love and abundance

will flow to you.
Give abundantly from

your heart and soul
and receive knowledge,

wisdom and grace.”



Lesson 6


The time has come for all people to understand what is coming. The
news that I bring may seem so profound that people could possibly close
the door on what is out of fear. But it is the ones who choose NOT to see
that will bring harm upon them selves. The truth is coming. You hear it
in the soft voice inside your heart. You experience a feeling with others
you are in a conversion with. Yes, conversion. We are changing. Just as
the flow of love is constant, all things are in a constant motion, constant
change or growth and movement. This change is coming around to ALL
the world. Expectations of higher authorities are not being met and an
angry world is a result. The time has never been more apparent that
hatred has filled too many hearts. That fear has darkened the minds of
many. It is not without trust that what will occur soon will exhibit new
emotions and directives within people.

Higher selves of all will begin to make their way out of the darkness with
hope, love and honor of their own light and then spread that to others
who need and want it just as much. The willing will help the willing.
God’s love will shine down on all his children who have stepped forward
to lead the way. It is apparent to all that there is a shift occurring in
the consciousness of men. Yes, much great conversation happening in all
places of the world. Let it BE! No halting! No misunderstanding. Just
gain. Move this energy, this love to ALL places within and out. Let it
connect in all places. When I say move it, pass it on! Live by it and give it.

Why do you fear being who you really are? What is there to fear in truth?
It creates the dimension of life. Love! Create this space within yourself
by literally moving out the junk. The past hurts, guilt, fears, agony and
anger. You can do that by surrendering this up for the greater good. You
have never been those things only experienced them. That is all!



What do you choose to take f rom your experiences? Poverty only resides
in those who believe there is not enough and that they somehow do not
deserve more. A mere thought is all that is holding you back. There is no
force greater than your own thoughts that push against you. Love is all
around you. Only you choose to step out of it by your own doing. With
others you can learn this…the letting go. Look within to find you are
a light yourself of the same God that created ALL people. All people
are divine. Each possessing unique gifts and offerings to ALL. But if
you stay clouded by your own self limiting beliefs you will squander
what God has given you. Don’t you see how much punishment you
bring on your hearts with your own doing of holding on to anger, guilt,
unforgiving ways and fear? This is the truth.
The time is NOW! Let go and become love. See it and be seen!




“A mere thought is all
that is holding you back.
There is no force greater
than your own thoughts

that push against you.
Love is all around you.”



Lesson 7


Our minds need to wrap around and explore deeper into the depths of
the soul to find this beautiful mystery. It is necessary for one to find
heaven only by pondering the existence of it. Heaven is many things. It
is a place kept in your heart where you will find an abundance of God’s
grace, love and nurturing. It is a place where man looks up to the sky to
find. But it is here, in the depths of your soul. Beauty is unlocked here.

Pure happiness only exists if one is willing to allow it. It is a shame
people don’t allow it. They think is like a sin to beabundantly joyous, but
it is the way! When you see, you will understand this. Allow this yourself.
Every moment of every day let love lead the way. It is imperative to life.
It is life! Follow your heart to the mighty God that stands before you
day and night. Heaven shines on all of us f rom God. You are in God and
God is in you.

We can only gain answers by seeking. Knowledge comes to those who
swing open the door allowing righteous way to fill them, to become
them and to flow f rom them. We show others how much we love them
by these ways. Why do you not show your God in the same? I know that
many will say “it is too hard to quiet my mind to hear God,” and then
they give up. Is it too much to ask to trust your God? I cannot stand
alone as I am ALL with God. Please let in God’s love by trusting and
receiving God’s holy grace and by believing that you will. God has not
abandoned you. None shall ever perish without God. See what is in
your hand. What do you see? Strength? Do you not see God’s hand too?
Power comes to help you and to give life to your strength and God’s
strength in you.

People grow old and never witness their own power! What a shame to
not see this! Children of God, hear me now, those with will, WILL



receive the kingdom of heaven. This kingdom lives in you. God reigns
in you! All places, all time, all space. God is in you. Live it and be it.
Cherish all things. Heaven is peace of knowing you are never alone. You
are loved!
You are a creator of the most high! GO! BE IT! Take what is rightfully
yours as it flows in all things. Use the energy of All to live. Make beauty
and create with the everlasting love!
Children, do not under-mind your God. Do not turn your back on the
tower that can raise you up. It is foolery. Please forgive yourselves of
all doing from past and present and do not fear into the future as you
do not know! Don’t create hardship for yourselves by believing that is
all there is to come. Heaven waits for those who give themselves to the
light of the ever-present God. Find yourself in God and God in you.
Master love by giving ALL. Celebrate this life and open heavens doors!




“Pure happiness can
only exist if one is
willing to allow it.
Heaven is here in the
depths of your soul.”



Lesson 8


Create with me if you will a place in your hearts that knows no
boundaries, no limitation, just seemingly endless. Now take yourselves
into this place for a moment and conger up all thoughts of what one
might do if this is where you resided or lived. Would you not create
without limit? Would you dream the biggest dreams and create bounty
for yourselves so enormous that you would feel the joy of happiness run
through your existence and all parts of you?

Why is it that you take your dreams and go outwardly?

Why are you comparing, holding, waiting and stopping as you step into
the societal view of the exterior life of you. That is not truth. What is
truth is that this love, this endless bountiful source of ALL resides in
you in this space. It knows no limits, no boundaries, no time, nor space.
It just IS there for giving you the power to create what truly flows from
this heart center within you. Wake it Up! Open the door to being a
conscious creator of the most high! Stop waiting. Stop wondering when
good will strike its match before you. Grow it by having patience for self
and others. Expand you by taking steps and learning to appreciate each
moment as the gift that it is.

Cast out worry and fear by understanding that is not of God. Fear not
walking the path of righteousness no more for I have seen you, for I
know you and I have your hand at each decision, at each choice, at all
times. Fear not children for you all walk together. Do you not see this?
The beauty of people! Look at the numbers! Shine your lights outwardly
so that you may grow love to everyone. Let each to feel it from their
neighbor or friend, each to see it and move it gently to the next as it was
given to them. Please hear me and do not hesitate to give love no more.
No more judging of self and others.



It is time to be free of all limitations so that you may find yourselves
in abundance together at all times. Live seeking constantly more love
for one another not fear and lack or unfulfilling ways. Go and be seen
by ALL showing love and understand that you will open more doors on
more hearts than you can imagine.
Peace to those who give! Come and let me teach you always.




“Open the door to being a
conscious creator of the most

high! Stop waiting. Stop
wondering when good will
strike its match before you.

It is time to be free of all
limitations so that you may
find yourselves in abundance

together at all times.”



Lesson 9


These ways come to men through the mind. It leads them not unto
themselves but unto God. We as believers must understand that it is our
minds that hold our tongue a n d our minds that also lead us a stray. We
must learn to hasten ourselves to the heart within, the center of wisdom
and wealth. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Learn
to control the mind by use of the heart and the kingdom of heaven will
have no end for you.

Souls will travel far beyond what any man can imagine. Let it be that
thoughts, actions and all doing fall into the hands of your mighty God
by way of asking God to receive and forgive. Then by way of God’s love
for you, you will sent back out into the world and spread love through
your service to God. See, one does not choose his path; it is given to
him. It is his choice to take this power of the mighty God and shine it
amongst the people. Fear not what you do in this time as your path is
guided by your God. You have surrendered your heart to God, and God
makes you a master in the kingdom. Never will God fail you as God
knows you cannot fail God.

Prophetic law is the commonwealth of all people. The law of God is
already seeded deep within your soul. When it is the time for you to do
service for your God, you will know, ask and be given as the answers will
arise f rom within you. Prophetic Law is God’s word and love bubbling
up through the heart making way to the mind to draw them together for
greater service.



“Prophetic law
is the commonwealth

of all people.
The law of God
is already seeded
deep within your soul.”



Lesson 10


Oh Beautiful Ones! How blessed you all are! To live amongst the earth
in all its glory. Do you forget to marvel at all its existence and all life
that it holds? Beauty is everywhere, at every stop, at every turn. Open
your eyes and let it fill you up!

I cannot tell you enough my dear brothers and sisters, life is not about
how much you have it is about how much you give. How many times
have you been overwhelmed by someone’s generosity, its magnificence
and its beauty? Why do you decide to let those moments fill you but
then not let it breathe f rom you? Each breath of life is a gift. Your body
just does, no thinking, no willing it to do these things. It takes no effort
on your part to make it go. The flow just IS. Please allow love to be the
same. It just IS. Let it flow from you while capturing all parts of you
and letting it lead your soul to the very fountain that fills it, the mighty
God who supplies you with this life. Come to God for ALL things; love,
comfort, understanding and will for the way.

Life is not a storm unless you want it to be one. Instead view life as a
river that carries you to all things great, small and in between. It teaches
you as it flows; carrying you, supporting you and giving you all things
you will need. Never will you paddle upstream without your oars right?
The same is true of God. He will never send you up river to discover
rapids and tormentuous waves without the tools you would need to brave
such events. Give into the love that in your hearts. No more allowing
over-whelm but fulfillment of your soul instead!


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