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Khuluma July 2017

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take me home please July 2017

Rob van Vuuren is

FOR THE MENU see pages 4 & 5

the topVIEW FROM

W hen I was told that I quickly have to write something linked to the concept of ‘legends’,
I obviously went to trusty Wikipedia and discovered that any legend requires something
called ‘verisimilitude’. Not having been tutored by Lucius Orbilius Pupillus, nor any other
Latin scholar, this became my word for the day, and I was glad to discover that verisimilitude is not like
chlamydia, which would have made all legendary characters a little less heroic. So, for all of my fellow
illiterates, verisimilitude is the ‘appearance of being real or true’.

Which means that Superman can unfortunately never become legendary, because he wears his
underwear on the outside, which completely undermines any belief in him being real. Similarly,
neither can any honest politician rise to the level of ‘legend’ – because it’s simply impossible to believe
any such thing exists. Likewise, we do not have the legendary law-abiding taxi driver, nor the
legendary destitute banker.

Unlike the legendary Chuck Norris. NASA has recognised that there is no life on Mars because
Chuck Norris was there. Apparently, his cowboy boots are made of real cowboys, and when he
crosses the road, it's the cars that look both ways. He can also say the letter ‘p’ without opening his
lips. (I bet you just tried that – but you are not Chuck Norris, so you failed!) And his Gmail account is
[email protected].

And if your kulula meaty roll looks like chicken, tastes like chicken and feels
like chicken, but Chuck Norris says it is beef, then it’s beef. Few can dispute the
verisimilitude of Chuck Norris – but, even if you could, you would not dare. After
all, he didn’t just study Latin, he invented it.

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd JMUALY 20176 3

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JULY 2017

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Regulars The Guide 16

Our CEO learns Latin from Chuck Norris. Ozzie legends Midnight Oil are back to Discover legendary artworks at
fuel the flames on the beds they started this month’s Turbine Art Fair.
12 BECOME A LEGEND IN burning in the 1980s.
22 CITY SLICKER Soli Philander picks the shows to
Rob van Vuuren on not being a moegoe. Where to feast and slumber in Durban. catch for a mid-winter pick-me-up.

On our radar this month there’s a An app to help you track the biggest Entertainment galore for the whole family.
legendary canoe marathon, a legendary legend of them all.
musical about a legendary boxer, our 50 SEE THE MUSIC 44
cover star’s legendary children’s book, 31 COUNTRY BUMPKIN Showdown: Kahn versus Karen.
ways to save our legendary planet by Food and festivals aplenty in the Cape
eating with kindness, a legendary New Winelands this month. 53 READ BETWEEN
York comedian, a shimmering winter THE LINES
menu, a shape-shifting chameleon, 35 OFF THE BEATEN TRACK
more music, many festivals, and the Join SA’s biggest Rastafari Meet Cape Town’s very own
most legendary Lord of the Dance. community for an irie festival.
JK Rowling.

6 JULY 2017


Features 87

These six South Africans are huge.

Meet three people for whom adventure is part of the daily
grind; some urban legends are strange but true; and some
stranger things are merely legends. You can read the legend
behind Bathurst’s enormous pineapple; and find out what a
few of our legendary chefs are up to this month; then learn
about South Africa’s wild and free feral horses; and discover
why scuba diving is addictive.

Cover star Rob van Vuuren goes head to head with the butt
of all our jokes.

Things to covet, crave & adore


Learn more about Africa’s

legendary healing herbs.

How Pichulik made rope a

globally sought-after

fashion accessory.

137 ROAD TRIP 137
We reveal how a Cape Town
racing legend’s numbers
add up.

Ways to save for the rising
cost of education.

Gloves off for the musical
revival of the decade.

8 JULY 2017

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legen daryHOW TO BE

Step 1: Don't be a moegoe. You might Step 2: Now that you’re not a moegoe, Step 3: See step 1*. Portraits: Sven Kristian
think this is an obvious one, but it is a vital your next step is to ask: what would *I’m joking, of course. I have no idea how
step on your journey to becoming a legend. Van der Merwe do? Then do the opposite. to become a legend. I honestly feel like it’s
A lot of people forget this step and wonder, Don’t get me wrong. I love Van. What a something that happens as a side-effect of
after years of being a moegoe, why they legend. But he only became a legend the a life of trying not be a moegoe in a world
are not legendary yet. The answer is hard way – by being a moegoe for so long gone mad with people being moegoes
simple: you forgot to stop behaving like a in every imaginable way that he pushed when they really shouldn’t be. If I have
moegoe. And it's not as easy as it seems. through some sort of black hole of idiocy come close to being a legend, it’s because
Life is way harder and more complicated to become a legend by mistake. I’ve surrounded myself with people I love
than motivational speakers make it out and respect, and I’ve followed the example
to be. That's why so many of them feel WHY JULY? of people whose ideals, ideas, work ethic
compelled to paddle to Madagascar in a and capacity for love I can only aspire to.
boat made of wet wipes with only a tea Every year, Rob van Vuuren
strainer for an oar – to try and make sense pulls into Grahamstown’s To be honest, the only time I’ve ever
of it all. And sometimes when life is hard, National Arts Festival with a really felt like a legend was when my
it’s hard not to have a rubbish attitude. But bevy of shows. You can read six-year-old daughter told me I was the
you have to try to not be a moegoe if you what he has to say about what best dad ever. To be fair, half an hour later
want to be a legend. It’s that simple. It’s he’s taking along with him she was screaming at me, because I had
that complex. If you find it hard to fix your this month on page 56. In our somewhere in that short time failed to do
trashy attitude, just remember it could be Behind the Scenes feature, on step 1 successfully and had now become
worse. You could be Steve Hofmeyr. page 114, you can read the the worst dad ever. But for that half hour
conversation between Rob and or less, I felt like a legend.
the legendary Van der Merwe,
whom he portrays in the In the meantime, I'm going back
eponymous movie that opens to the drawing board and will keep
in cinemas on 28 July. repeating steps 1 through 3. Because
practise makes perfect.

12 JULY 2017

flying 101

Get your own story, and tell it well

We all know them – the people who have the excitement of doing the same thing GET YOUR OWN SEAT
no travel stories to tell. There are only tomorrow and the next day. But they need
so many times they can talk about their their own travel stories about shark-cage So how do fans convert Avios into
raging night at the gym, asking strangers diving, zip lining or at least rock climbing Travelbank credit – and get their bums
if they even lift, or brag about what to talk about at the real braai. on a seat? Super easily, actually:
‘beast mode’ they were on at CrossFit 1. Join the Avios Travel Rewards
this weekend. GET YOUR OWN REAL
TRAVEL TALE Programme at and start
DON’T FAKE IT collecting Avios points on your
Thankfully, and Avios have everyday spend.
They’re the guess-what-ers at the joined forces to give everyone their own 2. Then visit the home page
Tupperware party, telling everyone fake stories. Gone are the days of hijacked and click on ‘convert Avios’. Log into
stories from a fake neighbourhood braai stories and badly retold tales, because Travelbank with your kulula ID details
they never went to. They even add their now everyone has a chance to travel and (if you don’t have an ID you can
own twist to the plot – just to make it more experience life for realsies by converting quickly create one).
interesting. Their response to every ‘Have their Avios points to flights. 3. Then log into Avios with your Avios
you done this?’ or ‘Have you been here?’ log-in details.
is always an eye roll, or worse, a fake story GET YOUR OWN AVIOS 4. Finally, convert your Avios to
about ‘turning up’ at a place that closed Travelbank credit so that you can
down 10 years before this conversation fans who have joined Avios can spread your wings and fly like a bird
even happened. But they aren’t bothered, already collect Avios points at a rate of (not an ostrich or a penguin, but any
they tell it with pride anyway. three Avios for every R10 spent on kulula other kind of bird.)
flights. Now they can also convert their It’s that simple. Let’s end the reign of the
They live vicariously through their Avios to Travelbank credit to purchase ‘I’m-spending-my-leave-days-with-a-
second cousins, aunts, friends, uncles, flights. Fans will be able to redeem in good-book-ers’. Get your own stories
because, well, they don’t do much. These increment of a 1 000 Avios, which is equal and make them so epic that somewhere,
are the vanilla people who are proud to to R60 in Travelbank credit, and can be someone wants to to tell it at a real
cook, gym, fetch their kids from school, used to purchase any seat on any kulula braai (but don’t worry, they won’t have to
watch TV and then finish up the day with plane, as well as pay for airport taxes. because of Avios and


Beds are still burning GUthIeDE The band’s swarthy frontman, Peter
Garrett, recently claimed that the
Legendary Australian rock band 1994 concert in Joburg was one of
Midnight Oil returns to Joburg this
month for the first time since 1994 two career highlights – the other
– back then, they played to roughly was performing ‘Beds Are Burning’
80 000 people at Ellis Park at the closing ceremony of the
following Madiba’s election as Sydney Olympics in 2000. During
Words: Keith Bain; Picture: Supplied
president. The concert is part of The worth travellin the Sydney concert, the band’s outfits
g forGreat Circle 2017 World Tour, whichwere emblazoned with the word
sees the band performing for the first ‘Sorry’, symbolically apologising to the
time in 15 years. Aboriginal people on behalf of an Australian

Always fiercely outspoken about social and government that refused to do so. After leaving

political issues, Midnight Oil produced one of the most the group in 2002, Garrett served in the Australian

iconic songs of the 1980s. ‘Beds Are Burning’ was in fact a parliament for a decade and was also a cabinet minister.

protest song in support of land claims by the Pintupi people, At the press conference where they announced their

who were forcibly removed from the Gibson Desert in the new tour, guitarist Jim Moginie said that the band’s protest

1950s and ’60s. The song reached number one in South anthems are more relevant today than ever before. Garrett

Africa, where its power as an anti-apartheid anthem did added that the band was ready to perform with heart and

not go unnoticed. soul. ‘We’ve got to suck the music out of the marrow of our

In 1990, the band famously spoke out against the Exxon bones and spit it back out over people,’ he said. ‘With all the

Valdez oil tanker disaster, when 10 million gallons of crude sense of no tomorrow that we can muster up.’

oil spilled into Alaska’s Prince William Sound – they brought Midnight Oil performs in South Africa at Marks Park

traffic to a standstill with a gig performed right outside Sports Club, Emmarentia, Joburg, on the afternoon

Exxon’s Manhattan headquarters. of 29 July, JULY 2017 21


With less sweat-inducing temperatures and the
annual sardine run creating theatre on the beaches,
Durban’s always a prime spot for a mid-winter holiday.

STAY IN A GARDEN MID-SHOP PICK-ME-UPS CHOW DOWN Words: Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied

Just 25 minutes out of the city, In between energy-sapping mall trawling, A long-awaited addition
Makaranga Garden Lodge is a great Gateway’s Primi Piatti has a menu to Durban’s beachfront
weekend outing for Durbanites, and a filled with pick-me-ups – and a buzzing strip, The Joint is a bold
fantastic place to stay if you prefer the atmosphere to match. From winter ills- departure from the norm, serving meat
ambience of the countryside but still wish slaying drinks like the Detoxer (cranberry, cooked on an open grill, gourmet versions
to be close to the action. Although it’s well beetroot and apple), which you can amp of Durban-style street food, juicy chicken
endowed for conferences (and weddings), up with anti-inflammatory turmeric and wings, and the city’s most legendary
it’s especially great for families with immune-boosting ginger shots, to all of culinary creation: bunny chows. The
children, who inevitably make a beeline for Primi’s dependable Italian staples, there’s restaurant, which is styled along the lines
the jungle gym. It has gorgeous bedrooms, a wide choice morning, noon and night. of a jazz café, comes from the imagination
a lovely Italian bistro (NONNA) with a deli, Primi also has a terrific salad menu and of chef Brendon Newport. Everything’s
and they offer a picnic menu that you can Italian-style cuts of meat, including an served on tin plates, and sides include
enjoy somewhere within the sprawling awesome aged T-bone bistecca and steamed mfino (African spinach) with
30 acres of botanical gardens. There are succulent flame-grilled fillet tournedos roasted peanuts, and a version of coleslaw
sections of indigenous forest, Japanese served with a mushroom, brandy, mustard finished with yoghurt mayo and candied
gardens, more than a dozen ponds and and green peppercorn sauce that’ll knock pecan nuts, which they call ‘Afroslaw’.
waterways, and even a waterfall – guided your socks off. Wednesday-Sunday 6am-midnight,
tours of the grounds are available. Shop G34/35, Gateway Theatre Monday-Tuesday 6am-6pm, 98 OR
1A Igwababa Road, Kloof, of Shopping, Umhlanga Ridge, Tambo Parade, 031 332 0805,
031 764 6616, 031 566 5102,

22 JULY 2017



The Madiba's Journey app makes
it easier than ever to walk in the
footsteps of Mzansi’s greatest
legend. The phone app covers 27
Mandela-related sites – one for
each year he served in prison –
across four provinces. It features
sites such the Apartheid Museum,
the Capture Site, Parliament and
Liliesleaf Farm – and there are
lesser-known places you might
never even have heard of…

It was here, confined to a small cell (2.4 x 2.1m)
On the country's most famous street – with only a sleeping mat and a bucket toilet,
where two Nobel Peace Prize recipients
lived – is No. 8115 Vilakazi Street in that Madiba served 18 years of his sentence and
Orlando West. In his autobiography, became one of the world's best-known political
Mandela describes it as ‘the place prisoners. He worked the limestone quarries day
marked X in my mental geography’. The in and day out, alongside freedom fighters such as
restored matchbox municipal home Ahmed Kathrada, Walter Sisulu, Robert Sobukwe
contains photographs, letters and other
memorabilia. Expect to be stirred to tears. and Govan Mbeki. Today this is one of South
Vibey Vilakazi Street itself is another Africa's eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
site on the app, and nearby is the Hector
Pieterson Museum, which pays tribute to Madiba's
the victims of the 1976 Soweto Uprising. moment of
release from prison
is immortalised at
the Drakenstein
Correctional Centre,
in Franschhoek. JULY 2017 25

Journey app DURBAN
The The GPS-enabled app
9m statue at uses location-based services to On 27 April 1994, Mandela voted for the
the Union Buildings provide real-time information, such as first time. He chose to do so at Ohlange
is the tallest figurative weather and distance to the nearest site High School, which was the first formal
bronze sculpture of or the next one on your itinerary. Each site school to be founded by a black South
Mandela, and weighs includes a write-up, audio guide, contact African, who also happened to be the
3.5 tonnes. details, map previews and galleries. The first president of the ANC, John
app is available for free download in Langalibalele Dube. Mandela wanted to
Afrikaans, English, isiXhosa, isiZulu reassure citizens that they could vote
and several other languages peacefully, as KwaZulu-Natal was a
from iTunes and the hotbed of political violence ahead of the
Google Play store. elections. While laying a wreath at Dube’s
grave nearby, Mandela said, ‘Mr President,
THE NELSON MANDELA I have come to report to you that South
YOUTH AND HERITAGE Africa is free today.’

It's among the verdant hills of Qunu,
Eastern Cape, that Mandela grew up
herding cattle and was laid to rest. The
Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage
Centre is close to the home he built upon
his release in 1990. His grave (not open
to the public, but visible from the viewing
deck) is 5km away. Gifts and artefacts
given to Nelson Mandela are housed in the
Bhunga Building in nearby Mthatha.


This 38m-long metal sculpture depicts would-be voters standing in lines in anticipation
of casting their ballots in South Africa's first democratic election. The Donkin Reserve
artwork pays tribute to the millions who queued at the dawn of a new era. At the end of
the line stands Mandela. Tall. Proud. With his clenched fist in the air.

26 JULY 2017


The CAPTURED MOMENT light meals and all-day breakfasts (closed
6m-tall Mondays, bring your own booze). But
Shadow Boxer e so rush of passing cars echoes the main attraction is the state-of-the-art
sculpture celebrates that night in August 1962, when a man museum, which is likely to be unveiled
Madiba's life as an posing as a chau eur was pulled over next year – if not sooner. It replaces the
amateur pugilist. It by police on this same rural road and so-called temporary exhibition that has
can be seen outside arrested. It was a moment that changed been on show here for years.
Chancellor House everything, beginning with decades of
in Joburg. incarceration. Today, tall metal rods e multimillion-rand upgrade
form a cage against the lilac hills of the will be a rst for South Africa,
THE NELSON MANDELA KZN Midlands, a sculpture designed to using lms, audio clips, iPads and
CENTRE OF MEMORY, memorialise the moment of Madiba’s monitors, artefacts (including a
JOBURG capture. As you walk along the pathway restored Austin Westminster 1962,
towards the seemingly impenetrable the car Mandela was driving at the
Here you'll find exhibitions that encourage barrier, the steel bars melt into an image time of his capture), documents and
dialogue on social issues that continue of the great man himself. photographs. A 20m-long light-box-
to face South Africa, Mandela’s post- type structure to portray key events
presidential office (just e sculpture is the collaborative and leading personalities of the past
the way he left it when work of Marco Cianfanelli and Jeremy century, focusing on the country’s
he retired from public Rose, and comprises 50 metal bars that transformation, is also planned. On the
life in 2010), and a symbolise the 50 years since Mandela’s walls will be a depiction using drone
recreation of his arrest. It is the centrepiece of the pictures of Mandela’s journey from
Robben Island prison Capture Site on the R103, which winds Durban to the capture site. Open daily
cell (46664). between Howick and Nottingham 9am-4pm,
Road (the actual spot of the arrest
Words: Iga Motylska and Gaynor Lawson; Photographs: South African Tourism opposite the entrance is marked with
a small brick memorial). It’s a great
place to start an exploration of the area’s
Midlands Meander tourism route or as
a stand-alone destination, and it’s easily
accessed from the N3 highway. ere’s
also a gi shop, bookshop, a beadwork

project with local women creating
stunning jewellery and portraits of
Mandela and visitors in beads, and
the Truth Cafe, which is perfect for

the V&A
Waterfront, Cape
Town, there's a statue of
Madiba on Nobel Square,
along with SA's three
other Nobel Prize
winners. JULY 2017 29


From hearty winter menus to dazzling

hotel digs and artisanal chocolate to

French berets, it’s all happening in

the heart of the Cape Winelands. Here

are six reasons to make a beeline for

Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl

this winter.
Win elan dsWINTER IN THE
Por t and play Flamingos and fine food

With a rich heritage stretching back to the 17th century, Muratie is one of SA’s oldest wine A small country hotel that started
estates, and this month celebrates its tradition of making Cape port-style wines with its as a family home on the outskirts of
Flavours of Winter Festival. The intimate, laidback celebration will bring together food Stellenbosch, Majeka House has evolved
and wine and a warming fireplace, and offers a chance to explore the historic property. into one of the most remarkable places to
Among the wines that’ll be tasted is the popular Ben Prins Cape Vintage that pays tribute stay in the Winelands. A recent makeover
to the legendary Ben Prins, who was the winemaker at Muratie from 1957 until 1987 earned it international status as 2017’s
and was affectionately known as ‘Barefoot Ben’ because he roamed the estate shoeless. best designed hotel in Africa and the
R100 per person including a tasting glass, 29 July, 10:30am-4pm, pre-booking Middle East. You can experience interior
recommended, Muratie Estate, Stellenbosch, 021 865 2330, designer Etienne Hanekom’s love of
flamboyant colours, sumptuous fabrics,
Joie de vivre tropical scenes and exotic bird prints by
checking into one of the pool rooms. Aside
Don your beret, assemble your red, white and blue party from the hotel’s good looks, there’s a
threads, and make your way to Franschhoek’s legendary new to-die-for small plates menu at the
Bastille Festival. Aside from 19 different wineries to restaurant, Makaron. 26-32 Houtkapper
taste from and loads of choices to satisfy any culinary Street, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch,
craving, there’s the action-packed Porcupine Ridge 021 880 1549,
Barrel Rolling Competition, carnival performers and
musicians, a farmers’ market and a boules tourney. If you
prefer to mark the revolution by expending real energy,
the Salomon Bastille Day Trail Run has a choice of four
distances. Huguenot Monument, Franschhoek,
15-16 July, JULY 2017 31


Treats at Terroir In the chill zone Words: Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied

Renowned for his sauces, chef De Villiers (DV) was the first bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate maker in
Michael Broughton’s food has always South Africa, and the chocolates are still handcrafted and made using
been superb, and these mouthful- carefully sourced cocoa beans grown in Africa. Now, in addition
sized chunks of sesame-crusted to the wonderful chocolate boutique (where there’s a guided
tuna accompanied by caramelised chocolate tasting) at Spice Route in Paarl, there’s the De Villiers
tofu, white bean and miso are simply Chocolate Café in Franschhoek, where you’ll not only find all
scrumptious. As is everything on the usual DV chocolate bars and truffles, but also a selection of
the new winter menu at Terroir, over 15 flavours of ice cream and sorbets served in
Broughton's award-winning a tub or in a homemade gluten-free wafer cone.
restaurant just outside Stellenbosch Excellent coffee is served and there’s a range
that reopens on 25 July after its of cakes and tarts. Order the chocolate
annual break. Whether you opt for fondue and you’ll soon discover the joy of
the two-course special from the dipping ice cream balls into warm chocolate.
options on the chalkboard, or go all Daily 9:30am-5:30pm, Heritage Square,
out and summon the four-course 9 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek,
tasting menu, do not leave without 021 874 1060,
asking about the side order of aligot
– a velvety French dish consisting of Jazz and cheese
potato whipped with Comté cheese
and butter. It’s so simple, yet so In the snug, intimate underground wine cellar at Stellenbosch’s famous Delheim
decadent. The special winter menu is Wine Estate, you can take refuge from the cold listening to soul-soothing jazz while
available until the end of September. tucking into irresistible piping-hot pots of Swiss-style Gruyère and Emmentaler
Tuesday-Sunday noon-2:30pm, cheeses. Delheim’s Jazz and Cheese Fondues have been happening in the thick
Tuesday-Saturday 6:30-9pm, of winter for at least a decade. And while you’re dipping and ladling and smearing
Strand Road, De Zalze Golf Estate, your cheese, you can sip on traditional glühwein. Starters and desserts and Delheim’s
021 880 8167, legendary wines can be ordered too. R230 per person, every Sunday until
27 August, and also on Women’s Day (9 August), 12:30-3:30pm, Knorhoek
Road (off the R44), Stellenbosch, 021 888 4607,

32 JULY 2017


This month, Knysna’s legendary Rastafari community hosts spirited and
spiritually uplifting celebrations during its annual Earth Day Festival.

E ach year, Rastafari communities a community can change its own fate. including Australian-born Kerri McKenna’s
around the world celebrate At first, there were only shacks and no inexpensive backpackers-style Jah Works
both the earth day (birthday) fences. The Knysna Municipality then gave B&B (083 502 2229).
of Emperor Haile Selassie, which falls title deeds and subsidised dwellings.
The festival culminates with the
on 23 July, and Emancipation Day Over the years, new dwellings were Emancipation Celebration, which includes
dancing and the singing of traditional
(commemorating the abolition of slavery erected, rooms built on, fences installed songs. Attendees are given hot chocolate
and bread to eat, and there’s rice throwing
in Jamaica), which is on 1 August. In the and gardens nurtured. Through self- and eggnog too. Everyone's encouraged to
express their freedom in a personal way,
Knysna Rastafari community of Judah fundraising, the community built a whether through tears or laughter, song
and dance, or storytelling and poetry. It
Square, the two dates are observed tabernacle (where many religious can be a profound experience, cathartic
and deeply touching. For visitors, there are
as part of an annual Rastafarian Earth ceremonies and regular services take guides who are happy to explain the rituals
and sacred rites that unfold. It’s impossible
Festival, which includes two days place), a crèche, a holistic healing to leave unchanged.

of live music, art exhibitions, Hola centre, a food stall and
delicious vegetarian dress code community hall. They also
food, and a week of
sacred ceremonies If attending any of the formed a band called The
in the tabernacle
Words: Gareth Pretorious, Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied (or Nyahbinghi). The church ceremonies, remember Reggae Ambassadors.
festival, which runs that women must wear either a There are a couple
from 22-30 July, throws long skirt or dress – no trousers or
a spotlight on the much
shorts. Men should not cover their of rustic homestays,

heads in any way. Ladies are not

permitted into the church during

the first seven days of their

menstrual cycle.

misunderstood Rastafari

faith and way of life.

Judah Square is the largest

Rastafari community in the country,

situated in a small valley in the Knysna

suburb of Khayalethu South. Founded

in 1993, Judah Square exemplifies how JULY 2017 35

Keep csheiladtrsewn ietnhtthhriasllweidntaenrd’somn athgeicaeldglieneo-futpheoifr

live shows for the whole family.


‘Florence and Watson are honey badgers
who love to sing and tell stories about the
magical village in which they live,’ says Rob
van Vuuren, who performs in the show he
created with his wife, Danielle Bischoff.
Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush
Mouse started out as an illustrated
children’s book and was then adapted
for the theatre.

‘We wanted to tell a South African story
about amazing local animals that don’t
always make it into the spotlight, so we’ve
brought some of these awesome creatures
to life,’ says Rob. ‘The sugarbush mouse is
named Petal – she is a little striped mouse
who discovers a special talent that helps
save the proteas (sugarbushes) on her
mountain. Some of the other animals in
the story include a porcupine, pangolin,
hadeda and an impala.

‘We were greatly inspired by the arrival
of our daughter, Bijou. We noticed that

44 JULY 2017



there weren’t enough local books out there for children, so we wrote one ourselves. We
wanted to create something that had a little bit of everything – magic, wonder, humour,
adventure and heart. We wanted our story to have an environmental message without
being overly didactic. It’s a simple story with great characters, and it’s fun to read over
and over again. We bounced every aspect of the story off Bijou – she shaped it, really.

She named most of the characters and was brutally honest with her feedback –
nothing got through without her stamp of approval.
‘Transforming the book into a live show has given us an opportunity to
introduce music, singing and dancing into the mix, which is something we
are passionate about as a family – it adds a whole new dimension to the
story. We have made an audiobook too, which allows us to combine
the story and songs in a format that children can take home with
them. The live show also allows us to develop the characters a
little more and to introduce clowning, which adds to the fun.
‘We are always pleasantly surprised by how the
audience – children and parents – are touched by Petal
as a character. They empathise with her and root for her,
just as we had hoped. Our subtle environmental message
is never lost on them either. After the show, we always ask
the children who their favourite character was and there are
always mixed responses, meaning there really is something
for everyone in the show. Having said that, the Buffalo never
fails to bring the house down.’
National Arts Festival, Kingswood Theatre,
Grahamstown, 10am daily until 8 July,, JULY 2017 45


SAVE SPRING Clumsy, Brainy and
‘It’s one of Roald Dahl’s trippiest, loopiest, the rest of the happy gang
In 1958, Pierre Culliford (aka Peyo) most fantastical adventures,’ says Greg transport you to a magical blue
created the Smurfs, igniting a global King, the director and designer of James realm this month. Below: Bryan
love affair with the little blue forest and the Giant Peach, which takes to stage Hiles plays James Henry Trotter in
people who live in mushroom houses, in Durban this month. James and the Giant Peach, seen
and include among them Papa Smurf here with his cruel aunts, Spiker
and the adorable blonde bombshell Greg has reimagined the offbeat, quirky (Belinda Henwood, left)
known as Smurfette. An animated series children’s classic about James, an orphan and Sponge (Clare
transformed the Smurfs into legends who has an adventure involving a giant Mortimer).
around the world in the 1980s – some peach and five giant insects. ‘The beloved
272 episodes were produced and it was yarn is full of spectacular challenges for
dubbed into 40 languages. And this year anyone trying to bring it to life on stage,’
sees the release of the third in a series of says Greg. ‘Everyone’s first question is
3D Smurfs movies – The Lost Village. always: “How the hell are you going to do
the peach?” To be honest, I’ve been asking
Even better than seeing the Smurfs in myself the same thing since January.
3D, though, is seeing them singing and Fortunately, the theatre is a magical place,
dancing live on stage, which is what they’ll where the imagination truly is set free. It’s
be doing in Joburg this month in a fun-filled the perfect place to tell a story about a
show that sees the Smurfs' nemesis, sweet little boy; two hideous aunts; a giant,
Gargamel, try to scupper their favourite rolling, floating, flying peach; five crazy,
season. The show is filled with vibrant human-sized, talking insects; and a vicious,
spectacle and marvellous music. parent-eating rhinoceros! I’m terrified! But
Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors I do know this is one theatrical adventure
Palace, Joburg, 14-30 July at that's going to be gigantic fun.’
10am, 2pm and 6pm, 011 928 1297, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Durban,, 5-23 July,

46 JULY 2017

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