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Khuluma August 2017

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take me home please August 2017

Schweeeeetwith Trevor Noah
FOR THE MENU see pages 4 & 5

the topVIEW FROM

S chweeeeet 16 and never been ... well, we’re not denying anything. There may be a few things has never done. We haven’t flown to Robben Island, for example, or had mopani worms
on the menu. At least, having reached 16, we are old enough to challenge the recommendations
of our resident astrologer. Since kulula was born in August, it is supposedly a Leo, and – according to its
horoscope – it should be kind, but also egoistic and dominating, which just sounds wrong.

Astrology was apparently first invented by a Mesopotamian insomniac about 4 000 years ago, after his
wife kicked him out of their nuptial bed. As it was still too dark to count his sheep, he lay staring at the
stars and ended up inventing a whole menagerie of critters, including lions, scorpions, crabs, goats, and all
the rest of them. By the second week of sleeping solo, he was imagining maidens and even twins…

When his first child was born (uhm ... where did that come from?), he knew exactly in which of his star
constellations the sun was positioned, as he had obviously spent the night outside again. So he claimed
that his child was born under the picture of the bull, and because it was a stubborn and obstinate brat,
he decided that this was to be a trait of all children born under the sign of Taurus. And so it has been for
the last 4 000 years: children born between 19 April and 20 May will be stubborn and obstinate beings,
and a multi-million dollar industry supports the determination of your future based on your star sign.

Only one small problem, though. The sun is constantly moving relative to the earth and the
rest of the universe, so if you are born between 19 April and 20 May today, you are
far from the constellation of Taurus. You are actually born under a completely
different star sign. You might actually be a Pisces and are, therefore, supposed to
be romantic and wistful. So which horoscope should you be reading, and does it
really make any difference? As long as you get cake on your birthday.

Erik Venter, CEO: Comair Ltd AUGMUSATY 20176 3

25 33

18 41

Rosy digs at the foot of Table Mountain. This teenager is ready to take over the world.
Africa’s biggest comedian is back in town. 30 BEYOND THE BOARDROOM 56 READ BETWEEN THE LINES
Work, sleep and play in Pretoria’s swanky Menlyn. Maxine Case’s bittersweet tale of
On our radar this month we have Dutch dancers 33 THE WEEKENDER slavery at the Cape.
and an adulting Dalin, ponyback polo and One of South Africa’s favourite mountain
diamond rings, a festival of golf and a German resorts reopens and is better than ever; plus 50
opera about a ghost ship, a ballet gala and other resorts to keep teens happy.
many music festivals, granola bars full of fibre
and a fibre router to give you a cyber-boost, 36 EPICUREAN TALES
the Tshwane 10s and two men in drag, plus A hungry writer discovers the joy of small plates.
watches, TVs and tickets to give away, and a
Comics Choice Award statue named Waldo 41 BACKSTAGE 54
waiting in the wings. Find out why the Lord of the Dance
is still king of the world.
Discover the warmth of Port Elizabeth. 47 THE BIG PICTURE
Learn about life on set with two South African actors.

8 AUGUST 2017



Funnymen on their funny vacations; we challenge you to squeeze all of
Cape Town’s wonder into a single day; join the masala meander with
Ishay Govender-Ypma; and five great trails to walk right now.

Meet three people participating in this year’s World Para-cycling Champs.

Learn all about how proper chocolate
gets made; and dip into’s history.

If blowing out 16 candles sounds
tough, how about these rites of passage?

Things to covet, crave & adore

How to curb teen tedium.

All South African all the time.

Cars for teens and other first-timers.

Put down the phone and listen to reason.

Don’t you wish you’d read this
when you were 16?

125 139

10 AUGUST 2017

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layout purposes.

flying 101

Get your own story, and tell it well

We all know them – the people who have the excitement of doing the same thing GET YOUR OWN SEAT
no travel stories to tell. There are only tomorrow and the next day. But they need
so many times they can talk about their their own travel stories about shark-cage So how do fans convert Avios into
raging night at the gym, asking strangers diving, zip lining or at least rock climbing Travelbank credit – and get their bums
if they even lift, or brag about what to talk about at the real braai. on a seat? Super easily, actually:
‘beast mode’ they were on at CrossFit 1. Join the Avios Travel Rewards
this weekend. GET YOUR OWN REAL
TRAVEL TALE Programme at and start
DON’T FAKE IT collecting Avios points on your
Thankfully, and Avios have everyday spend.
They’re the guess-what-ers at the joined forces to give everyone their own 2. Then visit the home page
Tupperware party, telling everyone fake stories. Gone are the days of hijacked and click on ‘convert Avios’. Log into
stories from a fake neighbourhood braai stories and badly retold tales, because Travelbank with your kulula ID details
they never went to. They even add their now everyone has a chance to travel and (if you don’t have an ID you can
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interesting. Their response to every ‘Have their Avios points to flights. 3. Then log into Avios with your Avios
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watch TV and then finish up the day with plane, as well as pay for airport taxes. because of Avios and



orth travellin
Words: Keith Bain; Photograph: Paul Mobley w

g forT revor Noah needs no introduction, havingPersonality of the Year at the 2015 MTV Africa Music
adorned the cover of Time magazine Awards. He was the subject of You Laugh But It’s True, an
(twice) and having won over the world award-winning documentary film about his career in South
(well, maybe not Trump fans) by settling into his gig as Africa. And despite his demanding TV commitments, he
host of The Daily Show, and in the process becoming one still has time for live appearances – last year, it was
of the world’s most recognised comedy personalities. Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation (the recording of which
was screened on Comedy Central), and in February this
He's been called prophetic by some because he was year his ninth stand-up comedy special, Afraid of the Dark,
among the few public figures who predicted Trump’s was aired on Netflix. Between all of that, he also found
victory in last year’s presidential election. Trevor says time to write an autobiographical account of his youth
he knew what was coming because he had spent – Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.
months touring at least 40 American states, getting to Published last year, it became an instant New York Times
meet ordinary people, witnessing their dislike of Hillary bestseller and was nominated for two NAACP Image
Clinton. It’s this observational power that is perhaps Awards, including Outstanding Literary Work by a Debut
the source of his brilliance, along with his ability to Author. Born a Crime was Audible’s highest rated audiobook
compellingly weave social and political critique into his of 2016.
comedy routines. It’s a mark of real genius that he’s
able to have American audiences in stitches, while Busy as he is, Trevor returns to the land of his birth this
pointing out their own failings and rapping them over the month in his first new South African show since taking
knuckles for their choice of president. over The Daily Show nearly two years ago. He’ll be at the
Ticketpro Dome, Joburg, 9-11 August (,
He has reason to be proud. Trevor’s had sold-out and in Durban at the ICC, 13 August (
stand-up shows on five continents and was crowned AUGUST 2017 17

1 The sensational gravity-defying 9 September at Gold Reef City.
1 33 Dutch dance company, Introdans, Read what the awards’ founder,
2 returns to South Africa with John Vlismas, has to say to his
4 Wonderland . Among the finest 16-year-old self on page 139.
5 6 contemporary ballet ensembles on
earth, they’ll perform in Cape Town 4 With nine golf courses to choose
18 AUGUST 2017 at the Baxter Theatre, 5-9 September, from, the National Golf Festival
showcasing dazzling choreography takes over the Garden Route from
and phenomenal athletic physiques. 23-26 August. Over R200 000 in prizes is up for grabs.

2 Said to be the high point in the 5 Teacher-turned-comedian
African polo season, the Inanda Dalin Oliver kicks off his new
Africa Cup is all about men in stand-up show, Face for Radio, at the
jodhpurs and spiffily attired people Baxter Theatre on 22 August. Following
standing about with champagne flutes, on from the sell-out success of his
wondering what it all means. You’ll debut one-man show, I Came, I Taught,
never know unless you pop by for a I Left, he’s here to share more lessons
few fast-paced chukkas – one learnt during his trial and error
signature event is Horse vs Machine, approach to ‘adulting’. Dalin also
a race between a thoroughbred pony makes his big screen debut this month.
and a thoroughbred car. Inanda Club, Read what he has to say about the
Sandton, 18-20 August 10am-6pm, new screwball action comedy, Finders Keepers, on page 50.

3 Next month sees the ninth 6 It’s Women’s Month, so treat the
instalment of SA’s most important lady in your life to one of these 18-carat
comedy event, the Savanna Comics white or rose gold halo diamond rings,
Choice Awards , which acknowledges featuring a round brilliant cut diamond
the massive contribution to the surrounded by micro diamonds set
national psyche by our brave funnymen into the band. They’re available at
and women. The awards happen on Shimansky stores.


7 9 7 To win one of these the CISP 'cool ideas' logo hidden
8 Garmin Vivomore watches , visit in this magazine and then visit
10 and click the – click
11 12 competitions tab, where you can fill ‘competitions’, enter your
in your details for a lucky draw. details and the number of the
page where the logo is hiding,
8 There are heaps of arabesques and and you might win one of these
pliés and grand jetés to look forward to fibre dual-band routers .
right now right. Not only can you catch
the Stars of the Ballet Russia at 12 Seen here is hunky actor and
theatres across the country from comedian Siv Ngesi doing his bit during
5 to 19 August, but Cape Town also the funtastic Tshwane 10s festival.
hosts its International Ballet Gala , The social sports gathering brings
featuring dancing stars from Russia, together men and women to ‘compete’
Cuba, China, the USA and Belarus, in things like rugby, netball, volleyball,
all assembled for one premium dodgeball and even bowls. There’ll be
performance at the Artscape on real Springbok legends in action and a
2 and 3 September. proper afterparty – all happening at
Harlequin Rugby Club, Pretoria, on
9 Cape Town Opera has 25-26 August.
scheduled just four performances
of Der fliegende Holländer , the 13 Among the must-see shows at
tempestuous Wagner rendition of the the Kalfiefees in Hermanus,
mythical cursed sea captain and his 9-13 August, is Radio Kalahari Orkes,
ghostly ship that’s doomed to sail which features the genius of Ian
the seas for eternity. See it at Roberts and embraces a collection
Artscape between 17 and of crazy instruments – including the
26 August, accordion, fiddle, castanets and penny
whistle – on top of the usual guitars
13 10 When you need something and drums and beautiful voices.
sweet and wholesome to munch on,
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars
are just the thing – they’re mercifully 14 You’ll scream with laughter at
free of artificial colours, preservatives, The Mystery of Irma Vep , the great
lactose, GMOs and hydrogenated oils. stage spoof that muddles and lampoons
They’re packed with crunch and such horror classics as Dracula, The
perfectly packaged for any of the Wolfman and The Mummy, mixing them
hikes and mountain trails you can read up with Wuthering Heights, Victorian
about on page 78. melodramas, farce and even Hitchcock.
The two-hander includes a great deal of
11 Teens need to be connected. They cross-dressing with the two burly, manly
have social feeds to feed, social actors stuffing themselves into the
gatherings to plan, and there are games unlikeliest of costumes. Theatre on
to play and series to download. Speed the Bay, Cape Town, 3-19 August,
up their connectivity by searching for


20 AUGUST 2017


15 16 15 The second annual Baleia Wines 19 Hidden somewhere in this
18 MTB Challenge and Trail Run magazine is the logo for
17 happens on 9 September on the estate Sinotec . Find the logo, and
19 21 just outside Riversdale in the beautiful you stand a chance of winning
20 Hessequa area. There are three MTB this 49-inch HD LED television.
races to choose from – 88km, 40km Simply visit,
22 AUGUST 2017 and 19km – and the trail run covers click ‘competitions’ and enter the
12km, starting and finishing at Baleia’s page number.
wine cellar.
20 Navigate towards
16 Seen here is Billy Kenny, who and enter
is among the international headline your details on the competitions
acts at the boutique-scale bass page to stand the chance of
festival Grietfest , which happens at winning this gents Superdry Yokohama
The Container Yard, Impex Avenue, Athletic watch , valued at R1 995. The
Joburg, on 26 August. The Leeds-born stylish watch is water resistant up to
electronic music whizz performs five metres and is powered by quartz
along with fellow Brits Ivy Lab and movement.
The Prototypes, and there’ll be
plenty of hardcore bass-fuelled 21 Majozi will be performing at
local acts too, including Haezer, the Buco Umhlanga Food and Music
Niskerone, PHFat and PopArtLive. Festival at Chris Saunders Park near Gateway Theatre of Shopping on
9 August. Apart from great music,
17 Ladies, limber up for this month’s there’ll be a G&T garden, lots of wines
editions of the SPAR Women’s and plentiful food.
10/5km Challenge . The hugely
social races will be happening in 22 We’re giving away 10 sets
Pretoria on 5 August at Centurion of double tickets to the
SuperSport Park, and in Maritzburg, Johannesburg Boat
around Alexandra Park, on 20 August. & Water Show , taking place at the Kyalami Grand Prix
Circuit from 1 to 3 September.
18 Planning the ultimate teen party? Simply visit,
Pillsbury is your all-in-one baking click ‘competitions’ and enter your
details to stand a chance to win.
solution. You can make one of
these easy-peasy red velvet
cakes from Pillsbury’s ready-mix
preparation, and use Pillsbury
ready-to-spread frostings for
the ultimate results. Many
more unexpected flavours
are available, and there are
four ready-to-spread
frosting flavours.


Port ElizabethCITY SLICKER
Known for its warm-hearted people and friendly vibe,
Stretch your legs PE may be small and wind-blown, but it has loads of
charm, and is a trove of places worth discovering.
Easy seaside access is a good
reason to stay in Summerstrand. Head for The Valley
Start with a beachfront walk (or
jog), commencing at the MacArthur South End – aka The Valley – is where a former paint
Baths on King’s Beach. Head south factory has been transformed into the light-filled,
along paved promenades and raised clean-lined Bridge Street Brewery, sporting an all-
boardwalks, weaving between day café, bar and bistro. Connoisseurs of the strong
early-waking surfers and keen stuff will probably want to sample the Black Dragon
sun worshippers – you’ll pass the Double Chocolate Stout, which is brewed on site
Boardwalk casino complex (filled with by microbrewing pioneer Lex Mitchell (who started
activities to keep teens entertained) Knysna’s Mitchells Brewery). Daily 11am-10pm,
and Shark Rock Pier. With enough 041 581 0361,
time, you could even get as far as
Cape Recife Nature Reserve (you
could drive too), which suggests why
this end of PE is nicknamed ‘Wildside’.
All this physical exertion will probably
have you searching for a spot to
sprawl out for a dose of vitamin D
– Blue Flag status Humewood
Beach is the one to go for. AUGUST 2017 25


Make new friends BLISS OUT AT THE BLU

While in The Valley, stop at Friendly Stranger, where you’ll instantly e Radisson BLU Hotel is
want to plop down and dig into a wedge of freshly baked cake. The building directly across the road from
dates back to 1881 – the Stranger has magnificently rough-hewn walls and Pollock Beach. Although the
motley antique décor; the look is one part New York cool, one part mismatched slick, modern aesthetic
furniture. It’s licensed, doubles as an art gallery, serves legendary biltong and cheese underscores the business hotel
burgers, and is known for spectacular breakfasts. What’s not to love? 1 Bridge Street, ethos, every single room faces
072 650 1487, Tues-Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 8am-2pm. the ocean. Prebook a session
at the Camelot Spa – the
Brave the Phoenix two-hour Bali couples’ journey
culminates in a glass of well-
While sightseeing in the city centre's Donkin Reserve earned bubbly. Timing being
area, pop into the Phoenix Hotel for a drink; entrance everything, glide out of the
to the seemingly decrepit Stage Door pub is around spa and onto the Radisson’s
the corner from Africa’s oldest opera house. Inside, the ocean-facing pool deck, which
restaurant-cum-bar is a motley concoction packed with extends out of the hotel’s chic bar
paraphernalia and whimsy – everything from ancient lounge, Tabú. Witness sunset
cameras and record players to sewing machines. One with cocktail in hand and an
sign screams ‘Beware of the attack waitress!’, while eye on the surfers – sometimes
another diffuses any expectations of ‘fancy food’ – by you catch them cavorting with
all means, have a beer. 5 Chapel Street, Central, dolphins in the breakers. Corner
041 586 3553, of Marine Drive and 9th Avenue,
Summerstrand, 041 509 5000,
Settle for sundowners and soul of the beachfront scene and Words: Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied
ideal for witnessing the sinking sun.
Another place for sunsets is iconic A great vantage is from one of the
Shark Rock Pier. Prepare for crowds
of beach-lovers, surfers, sea terrace tables at Blue Waters
kayakers, runners, strollers Café, a stalwart of the
and voyeurs gathered city’s dining scene.
on and off the sand. Marine Drive,
The pier is on 041 583 4110,
Hobie Beach,
which is the heart

26 AUGUST 2017


At Rosedene

Guest House, you'll pay

just R1 850 for a deluxe

room, or R2 900 for a two-

bedroom family-size cottage

– including breakfast. 28 Upper

Kloof Street, Higgovale,

suitesSWEET 021 424 3290,

Y ou’re literally on its slopes, so everything you could need (including
close to Table Mountain that fast fibre connection) – and if you’re
you feel as though you looking for a touch more independence,

can reach out from Rosedene you can stow away in one of the family-

Guest House’s garden and touch it. size heritage cottages, each of which have

Having Cape Town's mountain at your their own living room and kitchen.

fingertips is just one of the perks of staying Rosedene’s chef prepares immaculate

at this delightfully homey guesthouse on breakfasts, and for dinners, it’s an Words: Ethan Pitt; Pictures: Essl/, Supplied

the upper part of Kloof Street. Inside it’s easy stroll to several lovely restaurants

wonderfully cosy, with plenty of nooks and – there’s the bohemian vibe of Bombay

lounging areas to rest up after exploring Bicycle Club within spitting distance, and

the city. Bright, light-filled and set around there’s Black Sheep too, if you feel like

a lovely big garden, there are a variety tucking into some of the best seasonal

of sleeping quarters – all equipped with dishes in the city.

Further down Kloof, there are plenty

more places to eat or stop for coffee and

people watching as the Mother City’s mod

squad drifts back and forth in and out of

boutiques, antique stores and galleries.

Your hosts at Rosedene will help you book

all kinds of excursions – whether you’re

aiming to explore the Winelands, skirt the

Cape Peninsula, or hike up that mountain.

28 AUGUST 2017


Developing at an exponential rate,
Tshwane’s fashionable Menlyn is a
great part of the city, whether you’re
there to work, play or mix it up.

SLEEP PLAY Words: Ethan Pitt; Pictures: Supplied

Faircity Junction Contemporary and spacious, this selection Atterbury Theatre Less than
of 23 fully serviced self-catering apartments is situated in 4km from Faircity Junction, this
the leafy and upmarket suburb of Menlo Park, right next under-the-radar after-dark venue has a
to Menlyn. Each suite is airy, light-filled and thoughtfully great entertainment line-up this month. Aside
equipped with modern appliances. Done out in slick, from Casper de Vries doing his Alive & Vrolik one-man gig on 3
super-tasteful shades of grey and exposed brick, with August, you can catch Nataniël celebrating his 30th year in the
modern, elegant furnishings designed to create a tranquil entertainment business with a show on the 7th. Or, if you want
atmosphere, these no-nonsense quarters are ideal after something a touch more serious, there’s Shaleen Surtee-Richards
daylong meetings. Or, if you need to carry on working, there’s in the emotionally taut stage version of Fiela se Kind – it runs from
hassle-free Wi-Fi already in place. And for folks who plan to 30 August until 3 September. 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood,
stay for six nights or more, the Junction offers a special 012 471 1700,
long-stay deal – a kitchen stocked with essential groceries
before you arrive. 502 Atterbury Road, Menlo Park,
012 941 2099,


Menlyn Park Shopping Centre This humungous mall features Smaak This laid-back café-style joint is great for on-the-go
a marvellous open-air piazza – Central Park – lined with Pride of meals. Their scrumptious pies are filled with super ingredients,
India trees and surrounded by an extravagant array of restaurants. such as BBQ pork shoulder, lamb roasted over open coals, or
Since reopening last year, there are over 500 stores to satisfy any roasted sweet-chilli chicken – they’re to-die-
shopping urge, although you’ll need comfortable shoes to cover for and there are frozen versions for you to
its 177 000m2 of floor space – if take back to your apartment. There’s also
you’re pressed for time, personal free Wi-Fi, so you can work while you tuck in.
shoppers are available Mon 10am-5pm, Tues-Fri 10am-9pm,
(012 471 0651). Corner Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 9am-5pm,
of Atterbury Road 9 Hazelwood Road (entrance on 16th
and Lois Avenue, Street), Hazelwood, 012 346 0342,

30 AUGUST 2017


resor tLAST
With its close proximity to the Drakensberg and Lesotho, Premier
Premier Resort Sani Pass is perfect for hikers, bikers, Resort Sani Pass
riders, outdoor enthusiasts – and demanding teenagers. is 275km (around four
hours) from King Shaka
S ani Pass, known as the mother Plus there’s a new wellness centre, gym, to the top and cross International Airport via
of all South African mountain cinema and spa. And even a 300-seater the border to visit the N3 and R617. A double
passes, was built in the 1950s conference room for folks who want to mix room will cost R1 790, with
to link KwaZulu-Natal to Lesotho. It has a business with an awesome location. breakfast. 033 702 1320,
summit altitude of 2 876m (almost
10 000 feet, the same altitude at The hotel rooms and chalets may have
which aircraft cabins are required to be changed, but the surrounds thankfully have Sani Mountain Lodge,
pressurised), so there is often snow in not. There are still hikes of varying difficulty
winter, although this is a mixed blessing levels up the Sani Pass, where you’ll find the highest pub in Africa.
since it can cause the pass to be closed. centuries-old San rock art and beautiful
Whatever conditions are like on the road, waterfalls, or you can do the trail by Foodies who don’t want altitude sickness
though, regular visitors have for years horseback to gain the most mind-blowing
been returning to the Sani Pass Hotel to views of the Southern Drakensberg. Thrill- can rather opt to sample the wares of the
take a breather from city life. Its enormous seekers can take to the sky attached to a
pool shaded by trees, its nine-hole golf paraglider or go rafting and tubing down River Glen Cheese Farm, which stocks
course set along the Mkomazana River the Umzimkulu River. If a once-in-a-lifetime
and the daily 4x4 tours it offers to the Sani experience is your thing, take your passport local cuisine and produce.
Pass have made this resort an evergreen
favourite for families. And while teens have the great

Now, under the ownership of Premier outdoors and wondrous
Hotels, the hotel has received a much-
needed R75-million facelift: 120 rooms mountain to explore, there’s
have been added to the existing 75,
offering spectacular views of the Wi-Fi access throughout
surrounding Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.
the resort, so they can

stay connected to

whatever social feeds

keep them happy. AUGUST 2017 33


RESORT LIFE MSC Cruises. If you really want to pull San Lameer Resort. If there are any signs
out all the stops, a cruise liner is just the of boredom a er a few days spent lazing
Several holiday resorts have learnt thing. Board the MSC Sinfonia in Durban on the beach, try out the resort’s sports
that o ering entertainment for every for a four-day round trip to Mozambique's courts and organised activities, or choose
member of the family is the best way Portuguese Island. On board, there from a long list of adrenaline- lled trips.
to prevent early check-outs due to are round-the-clock shows, activities Options include abseiling or cable sliding
hormone-driven ghts. Here are some and games to keep young children and at nearby Oribi Gorge, one of the world’s
of your best bets for teens. teens entertained – not to mention the highest, as well as scuba diving, horse
Sun City. e Valley of Waves provides all teens-only night club and games room. riding, white-water ra ing, canoeing and
the thrills of the beach in the North West, quad biking.
along with tube rides to keep everyone Sabi River Sun Resort. Some of the
entertained for hours. And close-by regular entertainment at this resort
Waterworld’s 1km x 500m man-made includes adults vs teens volleyball, music
lake o ers parasailing, skiing, more quizzes, family baseball and talent shows.
tube rides, and bumper boats. en, at For the more adventurous, microlight
night, there’s a massive games arcade and
epic cinemas in the Sun City complex ights, quad-bike tours, river ra ing,
– with, of course, a casino for grown-ups. kloo ng, abseiling and horse riding can be organised from reception. And try
the night-time safaris to add that novelty

Words: Katherine Graham, Delia du Toit;
Pictures: Ryan Abbot, Supplied

34 AUGUST 2017


Pot Luck
big flavoursPLATES,
Done badly, and
you just feel hungry
over and over again.
When they’re done
well, though, these
snack-sized sharing
portions can alter
the way you want
to eat. Keith Bain
goes in hungry.

Pot Luck


36 AUGUST 2017



P erhaps it makes me sound like appreciate the allure of having many tiny be snacks. No one ever expected them to
a glutton, but I’m not easily plates of sushi in front of me – all mine to become a trendsetting culinary movement
impressed by small portions do with as I please, and many more coming in the 21st century.
of food. I was born hungry and when I hit round the conveyor belt anyway. And I
my teens, it just got worse – my appetite love Spanish tapas, which incidentally But a few years ago, small plates
became insatiable. Typically, when I sit originated centuries ago in Andalusia when had become a thing, taking over major
down in a restaurant, I’m in the mood to bar patrons had to cover their glasses of food cities like New York and London.
feast. I’ll often have skipped a meal or two sherry with bread in order to keep the flies And the craze spread, hitting Cape Town
and crammed in extra exercise to ramp from getting to their drink first. Bar staff (eventually) too. Of course, it didn’t make
up my hunger so that I can enjoy started topping the bread with dried meats sense to me. Not until I rode the elevator
everything that’s placed in front of me. and the edible fly-stoppers evolved into at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock
superlative snacks. So that’s how tapas and stepped into The Pot Luck Club,
Which means the idea of ‘small plates’ were born – but they were only meant to Luke Dale-Roberts’ space designed to
was initially a shock to me. The name accommodate this approach to dining.
alone – referring to a genre of dining that Makaron Everything on the menu at this high-
requires ordering a handful of starter- altitude restaurant is meant to be shared.
sized dishes and then sharing those with Harbour And, once you get stuck in, it’s not as scary
everyone else at the table – scared me to House as it sounds. In fact, it’s loads of fun.
my core. What can I say? Aside from
being hungry, I also grew up as an The menu is divided into tastes, so
only child, so sharing is borderline there are salty, sweet, sour, bitter,
unnatural, implying some sort
of race to stick my fork into the and umami sections. And, if that
biggest, tastiest morsels before sounds too complicated for you,
someone else does. then simply cast your eyes
towards The Pot Luck Club
But small plates are a fish sliders, which are simply
conundrum. Because I do the most delicious mini fish
burgers you’ll ever taste. AUGUST 2017 37


Pot Luck


The real trick is CHEF LUCAS CARSTENS ON SMALL PLATES Pictures: Megavectors/,Supplied
to avoid getting
caught up on one dish When I go out for dinner, I always order a lot of di erent dishes to taste and I share
– you’re there to explore, them with my friends at the table. Although the Spanish version of this ‘small plates’
experiment and expose your tradition is well known, many countries have done small plates for centuries – think of
palate to a diversity of satisfying Greek mezze, Cantonese yum cha, or Japanese izakaya. My interest came from reading
wonders. Ultimately, The Pot Luck Club about State Bird Provisions Restaurant in San Francisco – they were doing smaller
is more of a journey than a meal, more plates a few years back, and I liked the concept. It does mean there’s a lot more work
culinary adventure than mere dining, and for my team in the kitchen. We have 18 dishes on the menu, and even though they’re
there’s something marvellously playful small plates, we still have the same components as in large dishes. Just as our diners are
about rolling your eyeballs in shared able to try many avours, creating small plates gives us in the kitchen the chance to try
rapture as you simultaneously experience our hand at many di erent o erings. For example, we experiment with preserving and
the same unforgettable tastes as the fermenting, something I’ve long had an interest in and that’s also now quite trendy.
other people you’re sitting with.
Sociability is a big factor, of course, and A dish I’m proud of is our trout that is cured in salt and sugar and served with
when a group of people around the table fermented beetroot (beetroot kraut) and a milk ke r dressing (made through
share the same flavours, they’re also able fermentation). Another dish I had fun developing is the poké bowl, which is miso
to discuss the food more intimately. marinated beef tartare with fresh avocado, spring onion, sushi rice and a sesame crisp
And, for those of us who suffer – it’s super tasty and based on the Hawaiian poké bowl concept.
from FOMO, there’s
never that sense I think the big bene t of eating this way is that you get to taste and really
that we may have experience a lot more dishes, textures and avours. My advice when
ordered the less- choosing small plates is to discuss what everyone is ordering and
appealing dish ensure there’s a wide variety of dishes on the table – and remember
– because everyone to have fun sharing.
gets to try everything. Tuck into chef Lucas’s astonishing small plates at Makaron,

Majeka House, 26-32 Houtkapper Street, Paradyskloof,

Stellenbosch, 021 880 1549,

38 AUGUST 2017


lord!SWEET Born and raised in Manchester,
James Keegan was introduced
to Irish dancing from an early age,
and although he almost became a
professional footballer, he instead
danced his way into the title role in
Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games.

Both my parents were from Ireland;
they moved to Manchester, where there’s
a big Irish community, and that’s where
they met. I have four older sisters, and my
parents put each of them through Irish
music and Irish dance classes. AUGUST 2017 41


I was also sent to learn Irish dancing

as a four-year-old. Girls were definitely

in the majority. Boys don’t typically end up

at dance classes – I’m sure it’s the same

in South Africa. Apparently I kicked

and screamed and didn’t want to

Michael Flatley’s go at first. I don’t think that

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous was because I was a boy – it
Games is a new staging of the world- was because I was being a
conquering stage phenomenon featuring brat. After a few months,
fleet-footed Irish dancing. The show

includes new costumes and choreography, though, I took to it and also
and cutting-edge technology such as a giant discovered that it was quite
flat screen spanning the width of the stage, plus easy for me. Then I started
special-effects lighting, dancing robots and

world-champion acrobats. Grand Arena, winning competitions and
GrandWest, Cape Town, 8-13 August; trophies – and that really
The Teatro at Montecasino, Joburg, spurred me on.

15 August – 3 September; It’s like tap dancing in that it’s

like playing the drums – making

hundreds of different rhythms – with

your feet, with your tap shoes. But, with

Irish dancing, there’s an additional high

degree of athleticism. It’s got power and

movement – from one side of the stage

to the other in a couple of seconds. And

this requires the arms to create the power

to fuel the movement. That’s where

42 AUGUST 2017


Interview: Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied the spectacle comes in – because of that We train during the day – a bit of gym My memories from my first tour of
movement and power and energy. work to get our bodies physically in South Africa are very special. In fact,
It’s like any job you do and any sport shape. The rest of the time, we’re I first danced the lead in Lord of the
you play. You have to have a degree of usually rehearsing in the afternoon for Dance in Port Elizabeth. That was a big
heightened ability and talent if you want to a couple of hours. We can’t do too much moment for me. I remember doing a lot of
be at the top of your game. I guess there dancing when we’re actually on tour things in SA that aren’t possible in the UK.
is an X factor. And perhaps I have it. It’s or performing, because the show itself Apart from visiting Cape Point, going on
about being able to have that movement is quite gruelling. We try and save our safaris and seeing Sun City, I did a bungee
and power whilst making these complex legs and not dance too much during the jump there – one of the highest jumps in
rhythm patterns – that’s what stretches day. The rest of the time we’re eating the world. It’s such an incredibly beautiful
me and the other lead dancers, and sets correctly, getting the right balance of the place – I just love Table Mountain – so I’m
us apart from the rest of the cast, who right carbohydrates and the right proteins really looking forward to returning.
tend to be more static and dance in a line. and getting in lots of fluids.
The story is played out through the It’s more hard work than a glamorous
spirit’s dream, and because it’s a dream, lifestyle. When we’re touring, there isn’t
anything goes and anything can happen. really much time for any glamour – we
That’s why we can have dancing robots, probably get invited out once or twice
and why the story can jump between a week. And we get to enjoy ourselves
scenes that are pure fun and ones that if we get the day off. But, most of the
are more serious in terms of the unfolding time, it’s pretty disciplined and we need
of the main storyline, which is essentially to be strict with ourselves because it’s
good versus evil, with an intertwined love a demanding show. That’s the way it
story, of course. It boils down to good has to be – otherwise the show would
trying to prevail over evil. be compromised. The discipline is
There is no way in the world you could worthwhile, though, because we get great
ever take this role lightly. There’s no responses, and I think we’re very lucky to
such thing as going, ‘Okay, it’s a smaller be in this production and to be travelling
crowd tonight, I’m going to take it easy,’ or all over the world to perform. To think
‘I’m a bit tired, so I’m going to hold back.’ that this is my job is quite incredible.
Even if you’re performing for 10 people,
it’s such a rush. The adrenaline hits me
every night almost the same, no matter
the size of the audience. It’s literally 110%
every night – and we leave everything
on the stage. We’ll be onstage for three
to five minutes at a time, hearts racing,
sweat pumping, giving our all in these
short blasts of energy. And when you
come off the stage, the adrenaline’s still
there, but your body is sore, you’re out
of breath, and the tiredness hits you
hard. It’s quite interesting to see the
onstage-offstage transition.
It’s quite a tough, disciplined life,
but it’s something you get used to. AUGUST 2017 45


Opening this month, Krotoa is an Afrikaans film about a young
Khoi girl who became known as ‘Eva of the Cape’. Armand Aucamp,

who plays Jan van Riebeeck, shares the joys and travails of being
a South African film star.

Filmmaking is not at all what the whole story. It turns out he kept a
I imagined. I’m still discovering diary; it was very formal and filled with
mind-blowing things all the time as I go bland details about the weather and
along. For this project, I was away for five punishments handed out. And – can you
weeks, living and breathing the world of believe it? – he was apparently the official
the movie permanently. We were literally witness to the Cape's first inter-racial
away from reality – there wasn’t even a marriage in 1658.
shop to go to, so we were immersed in For me, what’s amazing about working
that intense, full-on alternative film world in film is that sometimes the attention
100%. For that entire period, the movie to detail is overwhelming. You walk onto
dominates every moment of your life – and a set and feel like it’s real, like you’ve
the story is the only thing that matters. walked into a world that doesn’t exist
I had an impression of Jan van but that feels so real – that’s really
Riebeeck as a tyrant who pillaged special and magical. Krotoa’s sets were
and murdered and took, but that’s not like that – quite incredible. We shot

Directed by AUGUST 2017 47
Roberta Durrant,
Krotoa opens in local cinemas
on 4 August. Co-starring with
Armand Aucamp (as Jan van
Riebeeck, above) is Crystal-Donna
Roberts as Krotoa (centre),
Jacques Bessenger (on his
haunches), and Brendon
Daniels (facing



three hours out of Cape Town on the acting alongside Gys It sounds exciting to have your own Interview: Keith Bain; Pictures: Supplied
most southerly farm in Africa, near Cape de Villiers, whom trailer, as you do on international
Agulhas. There isn’t a pylon or JoJo tank I watched all the time shoots. But the reality is that it’s like a
or road anywhere … it’s an hour’s drive when I was growing up. little prison. They put you there and tell
to the nearest tar road. It was like being It was very intimidating. you to stay until you’re called. On local
transported to another world. And we had Starring in Ballade vir ’n productions, there’ll be a bunch of plastic
this fort that rose out of the fynbos. It Enkeling was a massive step for me, chairs where you’re meant to sit, and
was quite something to see. and came with massive expectations hopefully there’ll be some shade. The
In filmmaking, the hours – the title had a major reputation because international shoots can feel quite formal
are ridiculous. In this it was a huge TV series in the ’80s. and stiff – everyone’s trained to not speak
country, we don’t Between Die Ontwaking and Ballade, to you once hair and make-up is done. On
have the budgets to there was Knysna, and a Canadian local sets, it’s a lot more relaxed.
create some kind of TV series called The Book of Negroes. Judging from my Facebook page,
luxury cocoon for There’s been the TV series, Boekklub, a it seems that women aged 35 to 60
film stars, where bit in A Long Walk to Freedom, one scene are my biggest fans. Middle-aged women!
they get pampered in Homeland, and other TV series too. I imagined it would be girls aged 14 to
and are made to feel I always tend to play someone older 28. Teenagers. Maybe things would be
special. So instead you than me, which freaks me out. different if I did romantic comedies.
just stay immersed in that On a shoot, there’s no such thing as I haven’t really done one yet and I don’t
imaginary world, and there’s no things not working. If problems arise, think I want to. I don’t find that interesting,
one to take you out of it until the then you find a solution. And there’s no although I think romcoms are the reason
shoot is done. such thing as not enough budget. It’s we have an Afrikaans film industry.
I’ve definitely learnt patience by being incredible, in fact, to see how much can I don’t know if I’ll ever go to another
on set – because you spend a lot of be done with very limited resources. With premier of a film I’m in. Watching
time sitting around waiting. I’m the most South African movies, you can see that Ballade with 500 other people killed me.
impatient person I know, so a two-hour everyone is bending over backwards to It was the first time I saw the movie, and
wait while the crew is setting up the make the movie a success. And I guess it’s difficult to watch yourself – nerve-
lights is excruciating to me. It’s weird, everyone’s wondering when we’ll stop wracking and horrible. Your face is the
because you sit around waiting and then making movies for next-to-nothing while size of a building. As you watch, you pick
suddenly you need to deliver – you have being saddled with this massive pressure up things and notice mistakes that only
to find that moment and deliver it for to deliver a blockbuster. you would spot.
the camera, be completely ‘there’ for the
10-minute take. And then the waiting
starts again.
The first time I was ever cast in a
movie involved a one-day call on an
international film called Chronicle. I
had five lines of dialogue. It was very
insignificant in the grand scheme, but
very meaningful to me. Someone said
‘yes’ and cast me. My second movie, Die
Ontwaking, was about a serial killer, and
I was cast five days before the shoot
only because another actor pulled out.
I think I was cast out of desperation. I was

48 AUGUST 2017

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