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ท้องฟ้าลงเว็บ ENG แก้

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ท้องฟ้าลงเว็บ ENG แก้

ท้องฟ้าลงเว็บ ENG แก้

Sing Buri Planetarium

Resources for learning about science,
astronomy and the solar system. can learn from the show

series in various fields designed to experiment easy to
understand More science

and astronomy can be organized both individually and in
groups, which can accommodate
up to 200 visitors.
A total of 40 seats can be seated,
with a total of 11 astronomy videos.

Sing Buri Planetarium

Size of area
- width 10 m. length 30 m. total 300 sq.m.
- Planetarium: width 5 m. length 10 m. total 50 sq.m.
- Learning from Science and Astronomy can contain about

200 people
- Star dome exhibition can contain 40 people

- Parking lots Cars: 50 cars Bus: 5 Buses
- Toilet use with multi-purpose building

Planetarium zone

Planetarium zone

Consist of 10 videos
• Zodiac ( 8 mins)
• Origins ( 4 mins)
• Solar eclipse ( 5 mins)
• Comet ( 7 mins)
• Lunar eclipse ( 4 mins)
• Moon ( 8 mins) 01
• Stars (10 mins)
• Solar system ( 9 mins)
• Galaxy ( 6 mins)
• Historical of His Majesty King Mongkut (7 mins)

Planetarium zone

Sound Zone

There are 4 sound exhibitions.
- Sound separation.
- Volume indicator from a bottle.
- Volume indicator from a tube.
- Demonstration of sound resonance in a tube.


Light Zone

Light and shadow exhibitions consist of multiple
perspective experiment as mirage, mixing different light
colors, shadow, convex and concave from mirror,
formation of images from objects in different ways,
after images can be seen as moving images.

Force And

Force and movement present to learning, movement,
and various force acting on an object as gravity,
friction, pressure, or various energy changes.


Electricity And
Magnetic Zone

11 all demonstration sets, it is emphasized about different
types of generators; Direct Current, and Alternating
Current, Electrical and Electronics construction, magnetic
field induction, or the passage of electricity in the human

Mathematics zone 06

Contains 17 showing, it is about various of mathematics
such as creating 3D shapes, finding an area, set of sin,
cos and another formula in this zone. It is suitable
for 10 years and upper.


And Puzzle Solution

Contains 11 showing, it is suitable for kids 6 years old and
uppers. it is used for brain training and good to solve
problems in various fields.

Sing Buri Planetarium

sing Buri Provincial Administrative Organization
Bang Mun sub-district, Mueng Sing Buri,
Sing Buri 16000 Tel. 036-507 7230

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