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Factions and Societies of Wildemount

Factions and Societies of Wildemount

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UEENS, KINGS, EMPERORS, NOBLES . . . BENEATH Dwendalian society has a rigid caste system, in which
denizens who have mastery over the arcane are con­
the rhetoric, it's all the same. They say theyfight sidered elite members of society. Many Dwendalian
ladies and lords came from a sorcerous bloodline or
to protect your families. They say theyfight to studied the arcane arts within the walls of the Soltryce
Academy. Those who especially excel in their magics
enforce your beliefs, your honor. Fight for a or were born into prominent families can come to hold
power as a member of the Cerberus Assembly, a council
better tomorrow. Fight for virtue, for prosperity. Bottom of extremely powerful mages that works directly with
King Dwendal and his councilors to develop and enforce
line, it's all aboutfighting, and it's you that diesfighting for laws throughout Western Wynandir. However, distrust
between the king and the Cerberus Assembly runs
their cause. deep, for they both wish to eliminate the other and enjoy
uncontested power.
-Unknown soldier,
Most cities and townships throughout the empire are
Collected Tales of the Marrow War ruled by a local government under the leadership of a
starosta, usually a native baron appointed by the Crown
From the ashes of a land devastated by the Calamity and the Cerberus Assembly. Reporting directly to the
grew the civilizations of a new age. The survivors king's council, the starosta is given absolute control over
claimed land across the continent, forged alliances, and local government, appointing and maintaining responsi­
made enemies as they fought for power and influence. bility for the heads of the city guard (watchmaster), the
Wildemount is shaped by the ideals and interests of its regional military (warmaster), local commerce (coin­
factions, from powerful governments to covert societies. master), infrastructure (pithmaster), religious practices
This war-torn continent is a fertile landscape for adven­ (idolmaster), and the courts of law (lawmaster). Twice a
turers on a quest for greatness. year, tithe collectors (nicknamed "Reapers") visit each
imperial city to inspect households for records and proof
DWENDALIAN EMPIRE of income, collecting a percentage of their earnings in
coin as determined by the tithe collector.
The Dwendalian Empire has reigned over Western
Wynandir for over twelve generations. Imperial rule is The empire's military force currently stands at around
maintained through its powerful military, its policy of 35,300 Righteous Brand soldiers across all regiments,
religious restriction, and the support of the secretive and 5,200 Crownsguard across all cities. The majority
Cerberus Assembly. Though these institutions nomi­ of the Righteous Brand forces were deployed to fortifi­
nally exist to ensure the safety of the populace from for­ cations along the Xhorhasian border at the onset of the
eign threats, terrible dangers that wander the wilds, and current war.
lingering evils that seep from the scars of the Calamity,
they also allow the empire to maintain strict social order Soon after the Dwendalian bloodline came into
within its territories. power, there was a short-lived rebellion helmed by reli­
gious civilians. It was swiftly quelled and the rebel lead­
King Bertrand Dwendal is now two months past his ers were executed in an event known as the Admonition.
sixty-eighth birthday, and his iron will has not wavered The ruling class has regarded religion with suspicion
with age. A tall, powerful man, King Dwendal rewards ever since, believing that faith inspires the unworthy
loyalty and swiftly punishes insolence and failure. His to rise above their station and spark fruitless rebellion.
family has developed a totalitarian rule that reaps heavy Instead of abolishing all religious practices, the empire
taxes and looms over society with a military presence regulates worship within its boundaries. All temples are
that only grows stronger with proximity to the capital owned and run by the government, and must be dedi­
city of Rexxentrum. While civic unrest does rise be­ cated to deities approved by the Crown. Priests and cler­
yond mere mutterings from time to time, reminders of ics are on the Crown's payroll to preach only approved
the dangerous creatures that live beyond the guarded religious texts. Keeping private shrines or worshiping
borders of each city and the protections offered within
the empire generally keep the populace in line. Those
that rebel often find themselves in chains or forgotten in
a dungeon.


made him a difficult ally to trust with state secrets. C LOVIS C ONCORD
When the office of Diplomatic Union opened, he was
quickly and quietly reassigned. Athesias finds great plea­ Nearly four hundred years ago, an alliance of the Ki'Nau
sure in ruining or usurping the plans of his counterpart islanders and foreign Marquesian traders founded a
in the Crown's employ, Emissary Lord Zeddan Graf. new nation on the tropical Menagerie Coast. The Clovis
Concord is a democratic nation that enforces law and
LADY VESS DE ROGNA, order, and regulates commerce along the length of the
ARCHMAGE OF ANTIQU ITY coast. The nation is composed of eight independent city­
states, each ruled by its own marquis, which operate as
Neutral evil, female half-elf one union under the banner of the Clovis Concord. This
arrangement ensures uniform laws, regulation of trade,
A public recluse for most of her life, Vess is both a and mutual protection between the city-states. These
brilliant mage and dedicated historian. She assumed eight cities are Port Damali, Port Zoon, Gwardan, Tus­
this post after replacing her criminal predecessor, soa, Othe, Feolinn, Nicodranas, and Brokenbank.
Lady Delilah Briarwood. As an instructor at the Sol­
tryce Academy for over two decades, Vess has studied Open shipping lanes and inviting tropical scenery
and unraveled a number of historical mysteries and have made the domain of the Clovis Concord a cultural
pre-Calamity riddles-and hoarded some of the spoils melting pot and a popular place to live or visit. Knowing
for herself. Always eager to pursue forgotten lore and this, the respective marquises uphold a long tradition of
artifacts of eons past, Vess has been known to quietly welcoming all weary travelers and providing an atmo­
vanish to Xhorhas for weeks at a time, returning with sphere of color and delight. If there is gold to be spent,
fewer guards and more uncovered secrets. the concord is eager for you to spend it within their cit­
ies. Between the venues for entertainment and vice, and
H EADMASTER ZIVAN MARGOLIN, the ample business opportunities, the concord hopes to
ARCHMAGE OF CONSCRIPTION convince those with wealth to spend it here, outside the
gates of the Dwendalian Empire.
Lawful neutral, male human
Internally, each marquis of the Clovis Concord keeps
Zivan Margolin inherited the position of headmaster a tight grip on the shipping and trade that comes though
from his father, the latejorma Margolin. Zivan has been their cities, overseeing all guilds that organize imports
the headmaster of the Soltryce Academy in Rexxen­ and exports and managing a handful of guildmasters
trum for nearly twenty years. Calm, patient, and quietly that form the backbone of local commerce. When a mar­
imposing, Zivan walks the halls of the Academy with quis dies or is impeached by the other members of the
a keen eye for talent. He is in charge of the curriculum concord, the remaining members choose a successor.
and also watches for any latent powers that may be
worth grooming as future allies of the assembly, dan­ Warriors who prove their might through gladiatorial
gers to be monitored, or prospective minds for Ikithon to bouts during times of celebration and ceremony are
conscribe into the Volstrucker. Zivan has rarely had the asked to join the Zhelezo, a well-paid guard force that
opportunity to demonstrate his full power, for he is typi­ works for the governing marquis to enforce the laws.
cally busied with keeping the peace between the feuding Cities have one or more magistrates that oversee judg­
members of the assembly. Those who have witnessed ment on legal matters and criminal punishment.
his true might, however, now know that his words are
backed by some of the most powerful magics within the While the cities do work together for the good of the
Cerberus Assembly. concord, they are also each in silent competition with
each other, flaunting their affluence and clientele at ev­
HEADMASTER 0REMID HASS, ery opportunity. When a prominent figure from the far
ARCHMAGE O F CULTIVATION reaches of Exandria finds their way to the Menagerie
Coast, it's not uncommon for them to be courted by mul­
Lawful neutral, male earth genasi tiple marquises in an attempt to convince the personage
to stay as a guest of their city.
The current headmaster of the Hall of Erudition in
Zadash, Oremid is tasked with watching and grooming In recent times, the Myriad has subtly infiltrated the
the next generation of mages and arcane specialists Clovis Concord, often with the unwitting aid of greedy
outside Rexxentrum. While he himself is a gentle soul local politicians. Rumors of criminal collusion have
who adores animals, he puts on the fa<;ade of a strict raised suspicion amid members of the concord. Sooner
man with no sense of humor, which is further enhanced or later, the tension will have to break-and the fallout
by the elemental influence of his earth genasi blood. He won't be pretty.
teaches students that failure is not an option, and that
emotion is a barrier to one's true ability. Equally feared, Despite the concord's cordial relationship with the
respected, and privately loathed by the students (and Dwendalian Empire, their proximity to the imperial
some instructors), Oremid personally dismisses those power is a lingering source of unease. Currently, the
who break under his school's curriculum and heaps joy­ concord maintains a standing military of 7,800 Shore
ous praise on those who endure their training. Warden soldiers across the coast, a nautical fleet of 370
ships, and 5,200 Zhelezo divided between the cities.
Some of the Shore Wardens are posted inland, scat­
tered around and within the Cyrios Mountains, where
they maintain forts along the border with Western Wyn­
andir and the Dwendalian Empire.


of the blight on the Savalirwood, and he's convinced enemies to their archivists, and approve the expeditions
that it was caused by the elves of Molaesmyr tampering proposed by monks.
with misunderstood magics. He hopes to discover the
source of the corruption and learn how to weaponize it. The Cobalt Soul was founded within theJulous Do­
With such power at his disposal, the rise of the Trebains minion before the nation fell to the armies of the Dwen­
would be unstoppable. dalian Empire. The Dwendalian Crown permitted the
Cobalt Soul to be assimilated into the social hierarchy of
lONOS jAGENTOTH the empire rather than destroying it. This was not an act
of mercy, but a political maneuver; the Cobalt Soul was
Lawful evil, male half-elf allowed to survive only to provide a sense of normalcy
and appease the restless populace.
Known for his skills in negotiation and deceit, Ionos has
proven himself the master of the family's distribution The Library has continued to work with and under
network. Inspired to expand the business alliances the empire out of necessity, but its archivists are savvy
of the Jagentoth family far beyond the northern edges political players-whenever possible, they avoid making
of the Dwendalian Empire, Ionos has been making moves that could put them in danger of being exploited
arrangements with Myriad operatives while simultane­ by the Crown or the Cerberus Assembly. Nowhere is
ously rooting out Myriad influence in those same circles. this tension more apparent than in the very existence of
Either the noose is about to tighten, or he's designed a the militant truth-seekers of the Cobalt Soul: the expos­
brilliant ploy to eliminate the competition. itors, rigorously trained to root out corruption and false­
hoods. Behind the scenes, a silent war is brewing as
LIBRARY OF THE expositors bring the dark secrets of the empire's social
elite out into the light.
Under the enlightening scriptures of Ioun, the Knowing
Mentor, teachers, priests, and monks who have been Untold knowledge was lost when the Calamity brought
drawn to the calling of truth and knowledge spend their the Age of Arcanum to its fiery end, and so too was the
lives training within the Library of the Cobalt Soul. case when Ioun was mortally wounded in that terrible
Rather than a single physical building, the Library of war. Since that day, the Cobalt Soul and their progen­
the Cobalt Soul is a collective term for the universal itors have sought to recover what was lost. They hope
knowledge and philosophies upheld by those who follow that, in time, their tireless effort will eventually usher all
Ioun's teachings. The Cobalt Soul is guided by a central societies to an enlightened future.
belief that true strength is found in understanding the
world around you. Despite their idealism, the pursuit of Ioun is still wounded, but her wisdom and grace
truth is hampered by the realities of life in the empire: has returned to the world-at least in part. Under the
politics, propaganda, and the dangers of the wilderness. guidance and wisdom of their patron god, members of
the Cobalt Soul seek to enlighten themselves through
The Cobalt Soul is based in Rexxentrum but operates study and research. They devote their lives to studying
throughout the empire and across the whole of Exan­ the mysteries of the world, and turning that knowledge
dria. Temples to Ioun under the management of the to protect it from another Calamity. To this end, the Li­
Cobalt Soul act as massive libraries called archives, brary makes the immense breadth of knowledge within
usually located in larger cities and cultural centers. Its their archives available to anyone and everyone who
members come from all walks of life and are expected seeks to educate themselves-though some secrets are
to assist in the maintenance, organization, and protec­ so potent that they must remain hidden from the public
tion of the archives. Its satellite archives collect artifacts until the proper time.
and research information both historical and contempo­
rary along the Menagerie Coast and in the distant lands Empires thrive on misinformation and propaganda,
of Tal'Dorei, Issylra, and beyond. yet it is necessary for the Cobalt Soul to operate within
the Dwendalian Empire. As such, the Cobalt Soul works
Archivists act as administrators at each Archive, delin­ to provide the truth to those who will listen, to covertly
eating tasks, overseeing the training of new members, update revisionist history, and to remove false informa­
and even negotiating for or purchasing artifacts and tion before it can spread too far. Unfortunately, imperial
records-often from those unaware of their true value. agents and even spies from foreign powers have suc­
cessfully infiltrated the Library over the centuries, and
The monks of the Cobalt Soul are the enlightened some of their attempts to rewrite fact and history in fa­
knowledge-seekers of their order. They research places vor of their own interests have succeeded. In response,
where ancient knowledge could be hidden and lead the Library has had to construct a powerful, hidden
large-scale expeditions to these places. force of expositors to defend their texts from manipula­
tion and uncover truths that remain guarded.
Expositors are the covert agents of the Cobalt Soul.
These enlightened infiltrators extract information R E LAT I O N S H I P S
that others would keep secret and use their newfound
knowledge to better the world. As masters of acquisi­ The Library tries t o remain autonomous, but their
tions, expositors answer only their High Curator. agents within the empire are under constant siege by
Theolocrat Kon Bruda, a once-respected monk of the
At the top of each Archive is a High Curator, who dic­ Cobalt Soul who is now just another corrupt lackey of
tates the Archive's goals to subordinates and uses this
power to assign marks to expositors, outline allies and


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