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St Heliers Yearbook-2019-12-11

St Heliers Yearbook-2019-12-11


2019 YEAR 8

‘Through The Lenses’
Cover Painting by Oscar Sinclair Monro,

Winner of Yearbook Art Competition

Principal’s ...more
Message importantly be
an outstanding
Dear Year 8 students of 2019,
citizen and
Whether you have been at member of
St Heliers School for eight years or for your college
one, all of you have made a significant community
contribution to our school in some
way and I want to thank you for that.

This is always a bittersweet message
to write because we love having you
at our school but at the same time,
it is now time for you to spread your
wings as you head off to college.

You have learnt so much in your time at
St Heliers. I hope you utilise the knowledge
gained and skills developed to support the next
phase of your schooling.

But more importantly, be an outstanding citizen and
member of your college community. You have been
taught values by your parents and by the school. Be
a leader, not a follower, always striving to do and be
the best you can.

I wish you every success in this next stage of your
education and I look forward to hearing about all
the successes that will come your way.

With every best wish,

Mr McCarthny
Principal - St Heliers School

02 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 03

2019 Student Leaders

Gillian Le Mimi Stewart Spencer Fitzpatrick
Oscar Monro Sarah Pratley Sarah Doel
Charlotte Lawton Abby Whiteman Holly Hawkins
Kleit Morina Ashton Harbin

The thrill of being chosen as a St Heliers School Student Leader is amazing. When your name
is called, it is a huge relief. Term 1 is spent hoping you’ll get chosen and then, when you’re finally
successful, it makes everything worthwhile. This year’s leaders work really well together. We share
the workload, contributing to all the little things expected of us. When we’re in charge of the school
during a special morning tea, it’s a great feeling to be given such a responsibility. It’s also nice to
get given the treats that all the teachers leave behind (Mrs Torrie lets us take one or two things
but, when Mr Nevalagi was left in charge, we could take as much as we liked). We have the privilege
of being involved in lots of extra special things: National Young Leader’s Day, helping the Photolife
photographers, special jobs for Mr McCarthny, doing morning tea duty on special days for the
teachers, a presentation to the Y8 students.

04 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 05

Events During 2019
our year 8 students

Ballroom Dancing Competition

- By Charlotte Lawton
On the 19th of September, 2019, the Year 7s and 8s all
participated in the annual ballroom dancing competition.
There were two dances that we all had to learn; the Cha
Cha Cha, and Jive. We were all very thankful that Jonny
Williams could be the host on the day, as he gave us all of
the lessons to prepare us for it. It was a fabulous day, and
everyone (even the parents and teachers) had so much
fun, and were grinning ear to ear. Smiles were contagious
(and everywhere), on that awesome day. Even though
everyone had nerves rushing through their body, we all
managed to get out there and do our very best. Johnny’s
wife Kristy, was the judge for our competition. It was very
amazing that she got on the microphone, and said how
hard it was to pick the winners; even though she doesn’t
normally speak. The lucky Year 8 people who won the Jive,
were Eva and Leo. Unfortunately, Year 8s did not not take
out the title for the Cha Cha Cha. It was also very special,
as Johnny and Kristy performed an amazing Jive at the
end. It was simply an amazing, unforgettable day.

06 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 07

Mudslide & Confidence Course

- By Jack S RM19

Mudslide - The mudslide had to be one of the
best activities of camp. It was a deep groove
in the ground, covered by a thick plastic sheet,
leading into a huge, shoulder deep, extremely
muddy pond. It was irregular in shape, and
dug a small way into the ground. There were
underwater stairs leading out of it, but the
mud was so thick you couldn’t see them. A
majority of the year hit their shins on the first
stair. Some keen Year 8s had three goes down
it. When people did go, as they went down the
slide, you could see eighty heads turn in the
direction of the pool, waiting to see how big
the splash would be. Sometimes people would
lose all their momentum and virtually stop mid-slide. Those unfortunate people didn’t top the list for
‘biggest splash’. The mudslide was an enjoyable activity and won’t be forgotten in a hurry.
Confidence Course - The confidence course definitely had some of the muddiest mud I’ve ever seen.
It had a series of tricky obstacles, suspended over pits of opaque, grey mud. The bottoms of these
pools tended to be uneven, and you could get your foot stuck in it easily. If you were too far back in the
queue, you may have found yourself having to cling onto an obstacle much too slippery for you. Don’t
try not to get muddy, because it’s inevitable that you will. At one point on the Confidence Course, you
had to stick your head under as well. It also involves a lot of teamwork. Also, don’t be surprised if you
find rubber gloves in one of the crawling activities. If you aren’t a brownish greyish mud monster when
you finish, then you probably didn’t get muddy enough.


- By Oscar M Rm14

Meals were really the bread and butter of this camp. All activity groups were given the task of setting
up and washing dishes after breakfast or dinner. This was great for the teams, as it also provided you
with a team building activity, as we had to work together to get the job finished. The lunches, which
consisted of pies, hot dogs, or sandwiches, were set up by the teachers or caretakers. Afternoon tea/
morning tea was set, with the baking and fruit that we happily brought along to camp. Overall, the food
was more amazing than I think anyone thought. We ate like beasts, given the choices of nachos, butter
chicken, and burgers.


- By Oscar M Rm14

Our cabin groups were chosen by the kids the Wednesday before we departed. They consisted of 8-12
kids per cabin, and roughly 10 cabins were given to our year. These rooms had 6 bunk beds in total,
featuring sticky gym mats as beds, so can sleep 12. No-one told us about the apparent marathon outside
on the deck at 3am in the morning. We wished we’d all slept through it.

08 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Skit Night

- By Sarah P Rm19 & Holly H Rm15

After practising for what seemed like ages with our activity
groups, the moment had finally come - skit night. We
performed the skits we had created, while the rest of the
year group cheered us on. Nerves were ranking up and the
adrenaline was pumping but overall, it was going to be one
of the most memorable nights at camp. Backstage was calm,
although costumes were outrageous. Make up, sparkles and
shimmer were everywhere. Boys dressed as girls and girls
dressed as boys. Bright blue wigs, and crazy old grandmas -
the night was chaotic. All the groups took to the stage with
pride and confidence. Excitement filled the room, as the first
group walked on stage. We cheered on our peers, and almost all of us lost our voices that night. The parents
brought to the stage a performance that you would not see everyday - synchronized swimming. Not long
after the ‘Swimmers Under the Sea Show’, there was only one thing left to finish off the fantastic night -
the Year 8 teachers. They followed through with a spectacular performance, inspired by their Hawaiian
theme. Dancing with students and boogying to the beat, it took the whole night to another level. Then
anticipation was escalating, as the winner was discussed by the teachers. After a drum roll, the winner
was announced, “DEAD FISH!”

Cheers and enjoyment spread throughout the room and then the time came, time for bed. We were all
disappointed the night was over, but glad it was so much fun. The skit was definitely one night to remember.

Height Activities

- By Sarah Doel, Rm 14

Character creating, self-esteem rising & fear conquering
activities, were definitely a highlight of camp. From ziplines
to leaping for a swinging bar, Camp Adair’s range of height
activities challenged students and really brought out an
unseen - at school - side of them. For some, it was more
challenging than for others, but everyone gave everything
a good go. The Super Fox has been spoken about by many
as being one of the most enjoyable activities; it consists of a
high pole, somewhat like a very tall tree, with rungs to climb
up with and a wooden platform at the top. Once we were
all harnessed in, we were told to step off the platform, and
I must say, it’s quite an unexpected drop, before zooming
down a very long zipline (getting a wedgie from the harness).

Another name that was also thrown around in discussions
was the Trapeze. Since we didn’t get a chance to actually do
the Pamper Pole, this would be the closest thing to it, out
of the amazing things we did at camp. The trapeze was very wobbly, almost like we were climbing up a
twig in high winds! It was when we reached the top, that the trapeze decided to move around violently.
Once we were at the top, and standing/sitting down, it was a relief, but it was a sign of only one thing…
getting down again. Some decided to get a major wedgie, whilst being forced off the contraption, and
some decided to take a leap of faith and tried to grab the trapeze. These were only 2 of the adrenaline
rising activities. The others included: Abseiling, High Beam & the Pirate Walk! I’m sure this will be an
experience we’ll never forget, as it really brought out new characters for most students, and conquered
many height-related fears that existed before camp.

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 09

Burma trail and glow worms

- By Ashton Harbin Rm 15

The burma trail was an exciting walk in the pitch black dark. It included having to step over tree trunks
you couldn’t even see and dodging trees that come out of nowhere. There was a rope you could clutch
onto to make your way along the track, but sometimes it disappeared and you had to make your own
way through. After a while walking, we came to a clearing where we stopped. The teachers told us that
this used to be where the Māori people went to church, and there was also a big cross made out of wood
that you could see in the trees. At the start of the walk were the glow worms. There weren’t many of
them, but it was a really pleasant sight. At the end of the walk, the teachers were really surprised that
we kept quiet long enough for everybody to see the glow worms.


- By Mimi Stewart R14 and Ashton Harbin R15 (2019 Student leaders)

Crowds of people were filing into the arena, taking their
seats. The Student Leaders had arrived at NYLD, and were
very excited for the day to begin. We all took our seats in the
middle of the event centre. After a while waiting, the hosts
came onto the stage and introduced the first speakers, who
were very inspirational and entertaining. Dr Lehan Stemmet
talked about some of his own experiences, and how it’s very
important as a leader to listen, as well as lead. We all thought
he was definitely one of the best and most inspiring speakers.

The main piece of advice all
the speakers gave, was that
the most important thing
about becoming a leader, is conversating (conversing with others). You
learn so many new things from just listening to others. There was also a
special guest named Kings. He is a professional New Zealand musician.
He talked about how he started playing music in his kitchen with pots
and pans. This shows that anyone can achieve their dreams if you don’t
give up on them. Soon after, loud music started booming, filling the room,
making our ears buzz. Everyone rushed up to the stage, as Kings started
to sing one of his songs.

Writers Festival

On Tuesday 14th May 2019, the Year 7 and 8’s went to the Auckland
Writers Festival at the Aotea Centre in the Auckland CBD. When we
got there, the excitement was in the air as we would be listening to
four fantastic writers tell us their story (from fiction to nonfiction to
even the struggles of being dyslexic. First, Pauline Vaeluaga Smith
spoke to us about her book ‘Dawn Raid’. Next was Sally Gardener,
who had dyslexia and had only learnt to read and write at the age of
14. She started her career with a book called Wuthering heights and
“after that no one could stop me.” Third came Joanna Grochowicz
who wrote ‘Into the White, Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey’, portraying the
story of the race to the pole. Lastly was Luke Wright, a very funny poet
who made everyone take away a memory about “Don’t do a Darren”.

We all had a great time listening to the four authors.

10 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Fair Articles

On the 31st of March, St Heliers School held its special community fair. Held every 2 years, it was full of
spectacular events and attractions - namely the year 7&8 enterprise. In the weeks before the fair, the Year
7 & 8s started making their own products to sell for the school. For this year’s fair, the students made a
variety of products, ranging from bath-bombs, stress balls, and slime to board games and tie dye t-shirts. In
the week before the fair, the students had to prepare their products for sale. Located in the Year 7 classes,
the stalls made good business, with all of the products being sold out an hour or 2 before the fair ended.

Our School Fair - Eva Rm19

In March this year, the whole of St Heliers School took part in the School Fair. However Year 7&8 had
the especially important role of creating and selling products to do with our Inquiry. Term 1’s Inquiry was
Enterprise, and our task was to create things to sell at the fair. In groups, we made multiple products,
such as bath bombs, scrunchies, tie-dye clothes and so much more. We also had to market and sell our
products to the public. Magic & Co, which sold bath products, made the most money at $267.50. Selling
products at the fair was an awesome experience for the whole of Year 8.

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 11

Swimming Sports

- By Athena Chen

The word “go” echoes in my ear, as I try to dive into the murky turquoise pool. I feel my feet leaving the rough
surface of the floor and my fingertips entering the ice-cold water. Splat! My body slams against the icy liquid as if
it was telling me that I had no chance of succeeding. Kicking quickly, I breathe out. White foam bubbles gradually
brush against my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a figure swimming next to me. In alarm, I panic and start
to move my arms and legs furiously. Water rushes past me as I gasp for breath. The piercing sound of the chaotic
cheering reaches my ears, making me squint. As I glide forward to tumble turn, I swallow the revolting pool water.
Peering over my shoulder I still see the figure trailing my lead. Panicking (again) I move my body furiously, but this
time I make sure to leave her behind. My legs are beginning to feel weak and my arms are starting to feel like jelly.
I try to keep a steady pace on my lead but the exhaustion has finally caught up to me. Even though I feel tired I pull
through, determined to reach the end.

Year 7/8 Eastern Zone Netball

- By Mimi

On Monday the 5th of August 2019, seven netball teams
competed at the Eastern Zone netball competition.The
weather was a struggle for all the teams, but eventually the
rain passed.. Everybody had a fun time playing their games
against other schools, and the day went by without us even
realising it. Two out of the seven teams managed to place
- the Year 8 boys coming first and the Year 7 girls placing
second. All the teams showed incredible sportsmanship,
and played with passion.

Y8 Boys Eastern Zones Football Tournament

- By Ashton Harbin, Jack Brown, Hugo Larsen and Caique Rivero

A smashing header into one of the many defenders shoulders made the ball bounce into the … GOAL!!! Hugo
Larsen’s header has been deflected into the back of the net, putting SHS up 2-0 against St Thomas, securing the lead.

Fifteen boys from St Heliers School, were selected to represent SHS in the Eastern Zones Football Tournament at
Point England reserve. There were at least 12 teams there, all separated into 2 different pools. SHS were put into pool
A, with six other teams: St Kents, St Thomas, ACG, Stonefields and Kohimarama.

Through the hard work and determination the whole team
showed, we managed to defeat four of these schools, only
losing three games. Sadly, this was not enough to put us
through to the semi finals or to have a chance of winning the
tournament. Sacred Heart School was the team that came out
on top. They managed to win all their games.

When we left the tournament to go back to school, we all held
our heads high, proud that we had placed 5th. We were all
very thankful to Maddy and Phoebe (Year 10’s from Glendowie
College), who umpired for us throughout the day.

12 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Y8 WaterWise

- By Mr Nevalagi
During Term 1, Year 8 classes took turns going on a fun day for Waterwise. Some classes were lucky enough
to get great weather, and some classes not so much. In the end, regardless of the weather, everyone had
an awesome time. On the day, we learnt many skills - sailing, kayaking, co-operation, water safety. Kayaking
was a great activity. We first all practised, and then we kayaked to a floating platform in the water, where
we could jump off our kayaks into the water. During Waterwise we always had lifejackets on, so when we
went in the water we couldn’t sink. While kayaking, our arms got tired since it took a lot of effort to use
the paddle/oar. Water kept coming in the boats and if you were still dry, well you weren’t going to stay
dry for long. Our class, Rm19, took a tally of our favourite activity - kayaking won because you got to
spend time talking with your friends.
To be able to go to Waterwise, a lot of parents took time out of their day to help us stay safe in water. We
would like to thank all the parents who helped us stay safe.

St Heliers Cross Country

- By Abby Whiteman, Oscar Monro and Amelia De Jong
On Wednesday the 7th of August St Heliers School held their school
cross country. Just after morning tea, year 8 headed down to Churchill
park for the start of the cross country. There were mixed emotions
before we raced. Some were happy or excited, others nervous and
scared, many were annoyed at having to compete. At 11:30 the year
8 girls race started. As the girls waited for the clapper you could see
all the nerves building up inside as they waited for their race to start. Eventually, Mr Nevalagi called “on your marks,
GO!” After the girls heard the clapper they set off running. Then at 11:50, the boy’s race went ahead, it was a mad
dash off the start line. The boys felt the same emotions the girls had felt 20 minutes beforehand as they waited
for the dreaded clapper. Just as he had done for the girls, Mr Nevalagi took his place next to the year 8 boys with

the clapper. After our school cross country Abby, Katie, Lea, Amelia,
Athena, Amy, Maddie, Mercedes, Oscar, Caique, Ashton, Quinn, Hugo,
Zane, Ruben and Jack B went through to Eastern Zones. Abby and
Oscar then went through to Interzone and Aims Games.
Cross country this year has been such a fun experience. We got great
results at Eastern Zones with the girls and boys team coming third
place overall as well as some great individual results. As a year group,
we have had an awesome year for cross country this year and have
had a lot of fun.

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 13

Y8 Boys Eastern Zones Football

- By Ashton Harbin, Jack Brown, Hugo Larsen and
Caique Rivero
A smashing header into one of the many defenders
shoulders made the ball bounce into the … GOAL!!!
Hugo Larsen’s header has been deflected into the
back of the net, putting SHS up 2-0 against St Thomas,
securing the lead.
Fifteen boys from St Heliers School, were selected
to represent SHS in the Eastern Zones Football
Tournament at Point England reserve. There were at least 12 teams there, all separated into 2 different pools. SHS
were put into pool A, with six other teams: St Kents, St Thomas, ACG, Stonefields and Kohimarama.
Through the hard work and determination the whole team showed, we managed to defeat four of these schools, only
losing three games. Sadly, this was not enough to put us through to the semi finals or to have a chance of winning
the tournament. Sacred Heart School was the team that came out on top. They managed to win all their games.
When we left the tournament to go back to school, we all held our heads high, proud that we had placed 5th. We
were all very thankful to Maddy and Phoebe (Year 10’s from Glendowie College), who umpired for us throughout the

Year 8 Girls Eastern Zones Football Tournament

- By Katie Anderson and Amy Paulsen
Great defence, fantastic mid and amazing attack - 15 year 8 girls were
chosen to represent St Heliers School, at the Year 7-8 girls football
tournament at Madills Farm. We all arrived full of hope and excitement,
and went out to win a victory for our school. We versed Glendowie
Primary, St Thomas and Glenfield. We put up a hard fight - all 15 girls
pushed and tried their hardest, but we just couldn’t get the ball in the
back of the net.
Along the way we had two very helpful coaches (Maddie and Phoebe ),
who encouraged us on the day.

14 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

2019 AIMS Games Wrap Up

AIMS Games is an annual Year 7 and 8 multi-sports event held over
a week in several locations around Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.
It is often compared to the Olympics for intermediate children.
In 2018, the event had more competitors than the last summer
Olympic games. Teams come from all over the country to compete,
as well as across the South Pacific, making this a truly unique and
international sporting event for intermediate-aged children.
This year’s St Heliers School AIMS Games contingent was the
largest ever to attend and compete. In five years, we have gone from having one solo cross country runner
to almost fifty students across eight sporting disciplines. You would be proud to know that in all years of
SHS competition, our key values of respect, sportsmanship and competitive spirit maintained a high level
of integrity in each sport our students competed in.
We attained varied results, from second-best in New Zealand for futsal, through to 129th for cross country.
Regardless of their overall finish, we, as a school community, are proud of the way all SHS athletes gave their
absolute best. We were able to support our teams from all the way here in Auckland with four channels
streaming a range of AIMS sports events throughout the week. Many classes took the opportunity to watch
our waterpolo team live, as well as the Neon Tigers light up the stage for their hip hop finals performance.
Thank you to all team and event managers, for your leadership and guidance in preparation towards,
leading up to and throughout the Games. Thank you the SHS community for your support of our students.
Lastly, congratulations to this year’s SHS AIMS Games athletes. It was my pleasure to attend and support
you for my days in attendance, and getting to see you do your best.
The articles listed below are on behalf of the students who competed in these events.
Ki a monuina, ka pai tamariki ma - well done, team!
Jonathan Nevalagi - Sports Coordinator, St Heliers School

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 15

16 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

APPA Choir

- By Abby Whiteman, Spencer Fitzpatrick and Sophie Connolly

The APPA choir has been such a great experience for all the Year 8 members. We
have had such a great opportunity to sing in the Auckland Town Hall with many
other keen students from schools all around Auckland. We have been practising
all year and have had to go to a few different schools around Auckland, including
our own, to rehearse. In Term 3 the senior students were given the opportunity
to audition for a solo in front of Mrs Herbert. Spencer Fitzpatrick and Abby
Whiteman got to go and then audition in front of the choir conductor to try and
get a solo. Spencer managed to get a solo and Abby got a group part to sing.
APPA this year has been such a fun activity. It is such a great opportunity to learn
how to sing different music genres that you possibly aren’t familiar with, and to
sing with different people from different schools.

Senior Choir

- By Karston Payne, Martha Yamaguchi and Spencer Fitzpatrick

This year has been a great year of singing and we have learned many new songs with different genres. We have
performed several times and they have all gone successfully. Mrs Herbert has been a great choir teacher and has put

in a lot of work and effort. Our weekly practices have been very
interesting since we learn many new things in each lesson. The
Senior Choir has been a great experience and we have all improved
with our openness to different songs and their genres. This year
has been a very good opportunity to be a bit more experimental
with our style of singing. As it is our last year at St Heliers school,
this also means that it is our last Senior Choir. Most of us have
been involved in the choir for multiple years, the choir has become
a small family that we can go and see every Friday morning. We
thank Mrs Herbert for giving up a considerable amount of her time
to help improve our singing ability. It is really sad when you have
to leave a small family, so we thank Mrs Herbert and everyone in
the Senior Choir for making our experience so enjoyable.

APPA Festival of Oral Language Competition

- By Charlotte Lawton

The APPA Festival of Oral Language competition was hosted at St
Kentigern’s Girl School. Everyone was buzzing with nerves. The Year 8 SHS
competitors were Ashton Harbin, Oscar Monro, and Charlotte Lawton.
Ashton did his well known ‘Football is better the rugby’ speech, Oscar did
his amazing spoken word poem, and Charlotte presented her maths/art
fusion flashtalk. Some of the results were awesome, with Oscar coming
out second in his division, and Ashton second tied for prepared speech. It
was really interesting to hear all of the other speeches the other children
had prepared. It was an amazing event, and everyone had lots of fun.

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 17

Room 14

With Mrs Herbert

Room 14, (the best room around), has had many moments to make
our last year the best so far at St Heliers. We received new students
and said goodbye to an interesting one; through all the hard work,
we had lots of laughs, too. In the classroom, we experienced new
challenges and obstacles such as different subjects in Tech - Coding,
Sewing and 3D printing. The first ones to get Full license had fun
dressing up Brad - The Full Licence Mascot. What a year it was.

A sandwich walked into a bar and asked for some chips.

The bartender said, “sorry we don’t serve food” - Jeronimo’s “Quality
Puns” (Year 8 2019)

The St Heliers School Fair in Term 1 was a big part of our term and
our Inquiry. It made us learn about how to run a successful business
by making our products and selling them at the school fair. Camp
was a great experience since we had a lot of time to be with our
friends and practise the Tree Pose. We all worked together with new
people when doing the fun camp activities, and were entertained
watching all the camp skits.

In Term 2, everyone had fun at Waterwise Sailing and Kayaking; we all
worked hard during the term - long novel studies and we elaborated
a lot on the poem “Mother to Son”. We liked doing 10 second objects
and loved listening to different writers at the Writers Festival.

The Ballroom Dancing competition was in Term 3, and we all had fun
competing against each other. Everyone loved making ‘Lion’ trailers
and participating in STEAM week with all the different experiments
and activities. The Learnz Virtual Field Trip was a great adventure;
we learnt lots about ways of Maori Navigation.

At the end of Term 4, we had the Year 8 Arts Show, which we had
been practising heaps for; something that we were all excited to do.
Athletics day was fun, and we had a great day at our sustainability
zoo trip. We had loads of fun practising and performing Romeo and
Juliet scenes and thoroughly enjoyed doing our Career Inquiry, that
will set us up for success in the future.

But as the year draws to a close, we‘ll say goodbye to many familiar

faces, But at the same time look forward to meeting some new ones

next year. For all of us it’s an end, but if we really think about it,

it’s also a new beginning. The next chapter of our lives. We’ve had

the ups and downs, through year 1 to 8. But one thing

that we know for sure is that we have had the time of

our lives and we’ve all loved being a part of St Heliers


18 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 19


#slooooooooowgoodbyefromYisen #noserialwalkers



Room 14


#n(MorIswHaesrbJeurts) t #don’tno

#stopsayingsksksk #marshmallows

20 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Term 1:

Student leader announcements
(Oscar, Mimi, Sarah, Edie, Spencer)

Joe’s hilarious and creative Idioms

First class at getting someone on their restricted

Spencer’s obsession with HP
( if you’re dumb, HP means Harry Potter)

Class pack up songs

Liberty’s llama collection (and growing…)

Tree pose

Term 2: RIP Ruben’s pencils (stationery/coloured pencils) Term 4:
“Someone stole my …..”

Mimi - Year The Daniel Spratling writing plan Welcome Anika!
7&8 Rippa Rugby
1st place 2019 Ever changing PC backgrounds Y8 Arts Show
tournament (what happened to Mrs Herbert’s cats??) Mandarin fan dance

Oscar - 2nd place in Fair money /sell out
Spoken word at APPA
Festival of Oral Language Finger snaps Waterwise cancelled yet
Silent ball again

Halloween in the class

Masha - Win with words Matt and Sarah - 3rd in NZ
competition winner for ‘On the Inter-School Ballroom Dance
beach’ writing Comp for Foxtrot

Sarah - NZ Chinese Essay Class Moments Oscar - Winner of
Competition (Winner and Student Successes the Sir Peter Blake
Junior Secondary Leadership award
Mateusz - Achieved
“Shrek 2” his Black Belt in Karate

“Brad” the full license Zoo trip - “Another photo
mascot opportunity”

10 second objects Term 3: Yisen’s big sneeze

Most cans collected in whole Fangyu - Calligraphy And just like a boomerang,
school for the Salvation Army competition winner Daniel’s jumper and Oscar’s
jacket always comes back
Leo - 1st place in the Jive

at the SHS Ballroom dancing


Yisen - Mandarin Speech competition

Thomas - Boat master NZQA certificate

Hugo - 2nd place in NZ for Futsal at AIMS

Mateusz - Sailing at AIMS in the Gold Division


Farewell Ethan

Ballroom dancing lessons

Mandarin dance at assembly

Desdemona the chicken

Chinese speech competition - Yisen

“Matthew/Nick/Joe -
“take your helmet off”

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 21

Trashketball 15


End of the day quizzes with Mrs Ward 3 AWESOME Y8 TEACHERS

Dear Mrs Ward, learniYnegaerv8erAyrtthsinSghroewal-ly fast

Throughout the year, Room 15 has made a significant growth, from The Box
the start to the end. We can officially say that we are ready for Year 9, Getting an ‘Excellence’ mark
as being in Room 15 has prepared us greatly for the near future. From
camp, to ballroom dancing, we can all agree that Room 15 has grown AIMS Games - quiet week
both academically and mentally. Rm 15 growing in maturity and academically

At the start of the year, our actions and maturity were still of a Year 7 New kids
standard. We constantly had to be reminded that we are Year 8’s and
the role models of the school. Leaving not the best first impressions, Student Leaders awarded
we developed a bad reputation that we needed to change - fast. As
well as growing mentally, we also had to grow to a Year 8 standard,
academically. We still remember the constant reminder of having to use
extended punctuation throughout all our writing, and we will go into
Year 9 remembering the importance of saying ‘Yes, Mrs Ward,’ (or any
teacher) instead of saying the ‘never to be said word’…’yup’.

Towards the end of the year, Room 15 has matured in both actions
and academics, preparing us for next year when we go to college. The
class has learnt how to behave better, and have started matching up
to a Year 8 standard. We must remember that, as the role models of
the school, we are teaching the younger students the expectations of
how to behave when they are older. Knowing this, we have improved in
many ways. We are ready to continue learning, as the juniors of our new
schools. As Year 8’s we have been the influencers of younger children,
but in year nine we will be juniors and be influenced by students much
older than us. In our growth, we have learnt many things.

We have learnt how to say ‘Yes, Mrs Ward’ instead of ‘yup.’ We have
learnt how to respect people, use manners, and how to show our
respect and gratitude. We have also learnt how to communicate
properly via email and letters, which will help us be respectful and
get our message across clearly, unlike the beginning of the year when
messages could be confusing or misunderstood. All the skills we have
learnt are crucial to our future.

From the start of the year to the end, Room 15 has grown in many ways.
Growing both maturely and academically, you have prepared us for,
not only college, but our future. As a class, we can agree that we have
reached the Year 8 expectations, and we are great role models to the
school. “Every success story, is a tale of constant adaptation, revision
and change” (Richard Branson).

Yours sincerely,
The Students of Room 15

Inside jokes in class End of term DVD and snacks
Working together across Y8
The competitive spirit - versing our friends
22 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019
biomeSchTaEnAicMal-hsatnodpsm, coetmionen, t tiles

Finally, Rm15 learnt Finally, we’ve
to work quietly and finished primary

listen to others school

Finally, Gillian got
into the Y7/8 speech


no Demerits for

Term 4

Finally, we finished our

sculptures - they only took

the whole of Term 3
Final Finally, Rm15 learnt to
ly, it haleave MrsAWngaurds tidy up after themselves
ppenFinally, AIMS came (well, sometimes)
earound and the class
dwas quiet for a whole hwaansgtihnegownhlyeonnsehwe hsaondgi,d'Fni'nt ally"

o me!Finally, Dean got his

Full License before


Finally, someone Finally,
beat Katie to the it was time for the
front of the line
Y8 Show
Finally, the boys were quiet
in the back of the bus to Tech 23
(even though Mrs Ward had to
sit on the back seat with them)

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Rm15 Compliments.

Jerry - You’re sure good at tennis. You’re cool and kind my fellow.

Adam - You’re a very good friend who’s very loyal and good at aviation.

dsoaAcymk(sytwhofeeo‘nharsrgoaoientnctgpktaiiswnnsssgkehe)rhmeeewbr lays Laya - You are nice to everyone and your smile is contagious.
Charlotte - You are a really good friend, a good person and a great singer.
Katie’s Spot
Katie - Your smile makes others happy and your great sense of humour
Kleit aant dWJaothenrwciaspesizing makes everyone laugh.

Lucas - You are one of my best friends. You are such a nice friend and
really good at Maths.

Kleit - You are one of my best friends. You’re funny and kind to me. HAM & LEMONS
You are amazing at judo and other sports. thTibrtroithanhwsitehtinotnkhgoeglefatheb3nwitsadphalpeloitt-adoeinpAbpitnedossratachmbroedarl,el:

Jonny - You are a great friend. You are funny and smart, and great at MIKrdIasXidtLWe.”itafK?orardI ttde-ho“o-Winu“Wgeghloyl todwIuo’,drne
escape rooms. You always help me. forgotten.”

Mercedes - You have been my friend for such a long time. You are always GillaiatnWg‘qseauitnttieciknrkinwgsgaissntienud,tc’aokntdhe
there for me and help me.

Will - You are one of my best friends, and it is great hanging out

Alex - You are so funny and always make me laugh. You always cheer
me up, which makes me smile.

Noah - I really like how many inside jokes we have. You are nice and

Keith - You have a kind, caring personality, and always have a smile on
your face.

Gillian - You are trustworthy and a great role model. You are inspiring,
and a kind person.

Angus - You have a very kind attitude and always send positive vibes.

Xanthe - Your smile is contagious. You’re always there to help people out.

Quinn - You always come to school with a smile on your face. Thank you
for being an amazing person.

Holly - You always make a good impact on everyone you meet. Your
style of learning is so cool.

Ashton - You are one of my best friends and very good at soccer.

Mustafa - You are very kind. You always help people when they are

Amelia - You are a really good friend and really nice.

JD - You are the best friend anyone could ask for. You’re always kind
and have a fun personality.

Dean - You are funny and make everyone laugh. You have a nice

Jack - You are a really good friend and always make me laugh.

John - You are the coolest and you are the bomb at basketball.

Tian - You are very good at maths and know how to get everyone
cracking up.

Sophie - You are an amazing person who always makes me laugh.

Kate - You are funny and really loyal.

Maria - You are super arty and good with colours.

Mathias - You are really kind and nice and a great goalkeeper.

Amy - You are very funny and your smile is contagious.

Mrs Ward - HAM: you are a great person and can always make
everyone laugh.

24 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Most likely to be

Adam Alex Amelia Amy Angus Ashton

IT Specialist Comedion Ar tist International Hocky Player CEO Football player

Charlotte Dean Gillian Holly Jack JD

Circus Hacker Successful Prime Minister Futsal Player International
Rugby Refreee
Jerry John Jonny Kate Katie

Lawyer Profeshion Volleyball Engineer Actress Journalist Scientist
Kleit Lucas Maria Mathias Mercedes

Judo Champs Celebrity Mathematician Model Goal Keepar Enterpreneur

Mustafa Noah Quinn Sophie Tian Will Xanthe

Youtuber Basket Baller Architect Horse Rider A.T.S. Photographer Famous Author

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 25

26 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

The Legend of Room 19

BByr:anAdbobnyDWumhiatleamsaana,nAd lAi GlehxadSihrai,pley

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the other villagers,


OwhLweatnviiaFashcntocgiscuoledheclouvnealnooiilvil’eflgndtyslLurirasvenogeesirbgiec.otesaeuweedeT.gddtnmrghheIekoysfsowoleedo.ulmyetsipHuuocpt,teththrnouwterooiwitRdcneowwcikloerherrfnoetsoeesuolahoaorratacegekrnwmevmthireicdahadlaeehltdrsaaaunseLnioirmnondtaneaedefdfgan,dsLdateaSrSydhsinntcnoHsteiehtdehebtdnnSeeinerFlnlsabsmokushLelneriemvuliniilecakge,cxMgLeoeathyaduidintksonlceurlstoteseugiscfo,oermadnthaaeua,rrshan.rLeteesyecotedTeo.awaVhanhhaIsuifafIo,noriroPnorybeneuldogfdceuidrnusotedthogrrwoenfsmeerre, otSbqhsvabeebeoueeenawcurorsjcsorotatttyheemhykt,tioseeoobtMerhftaetsarhourolo,wlboenwcptmruehahea)otgya,eytbtsfhbcehsviehugrbeioc”lao,tel.auaSch,mWrrgbhewaeenecoepoofrhtsspousthtetaheyrlaaildirelmefvehnarteaanid.hpmmlcgAlaaoheiemsltnlrlvyestotse.aab.hlthfnWnnWh,eeoa“tfeteTelewoghyrrnrel,,enhyeedn(iasatr.rhootveroeaitenlsfflvrijeidtuiatnllihdreelsdriweetnrutp,adhtcldedoyeeeaorsoaby,tbuncfo,eiere’gtsf,vshibtnteotoeirdrnyrgy,


St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 27

Quotes and Moments in Room 19


Shams: If you want to be happy, be happy Molly: Sour crout

Chloe: When I was laughing so hard I
sounded like a motorcycle
Emily.F: Does this look better with a tutu?

Lea: You can lead a horse to water but you Florence: They see me walking
can’t make it drink Rashmi: When I destroyed Ali in basketball
Aoburbym:aWthhsegnrToyulperthHethciorcuuglhatrwheexsahgoounlds call
Eva: I want to move to New Jersey
Sarah: Where are your three dollars?
Athena: When I beat Emily F in high jump

Emily V: you do you, BOO


Karston: Let’s go behoies Rafael: Have fun would be better with
Monty: This day
Caique: Aims semifinal a frozen coke
Tyler H: Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah boiiiiiii
Brandon: Meh IDK
Fraser: There’s a head in there Zihao: When another classmate sat on
Tyler W: Mmmmmmmm baby
I don’t my head.

understand this Jack: STRIKE!

Alex: My mango Krish: STRIKE
Campbell: I’m hungry
Hew: Having a great water fight Jackson: STRIKE!
Dantae: winning long jump

28 St Heliers School Yearbook 2019

Famous for....

Emily Facer - Being an amazing friend & Ali Ghadiri - Granny Joe Joe
willing to support my tik tok career

Sarah Pratley - Great at dancing. Funny and Monty White - Winning the 2030 best actor
can talk forever. Oscar award

Jackson Watson - Being the best Tech Abby Whiteman - Winning cross country

Jack Sutherland - Being a great techy boy Eva Naufahu - Being funny and making the
that is as smart as Einstein best curry in Year 8

Rashmi Muralidhar - Having really long hair. Alex Shapley - Being a good Aussie

Krish Patel - Being the best technology expert WonJun Hwang - Being one of the nicest in
the class
Dantae Fisher - Doing really well athletics for
first year at SHS. Karston Payne - Having the best mohawk of
all time
Chloe Nouwens - Always being organised and
friendly Tyler Wilkinson - Having the most baby like
Campbell McAllansmith - Being a ranga
Tyler Herman - Being the funniest person in
Lea Charbonnel - A great classmate and a Room 19 and having a red sheep
great Hip Hopster
Mr Nevalagi - Best collection of aloha shirts
Emily Vincent - Being funny and telling really
weird jokes. Florence Davis - Finishing all her PL 8 weeks
before it’s due
Hew Devereux - Being a comedian, sports
star and and had an amazing water fight Shams Amir-Ahmad - Being religious and a
cool friend
Zihao Zhao - Being the bestest friend in
Jahoneys and Room 19 Athena Chen - for being a great waterpolo player
and beating Emily in high jump 3 years in a row.
Ashton Milne - Being a great person that will
help out anyone Molly Liddell - being a good cheerleader

St Heliers School Yearbook 2019 29


Amy Kayes Whether you say I can or I can’t, you’re
right either way
Room 14
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Getting awards for Citizenship and making friends with a lot of
people I am still friends with today.

Being good is not good enough Dan Matejka
- you have to do good

My Best Memory of SHS
Watching Shrek 2 with my classmates while

snacking and chatting.

Room 14

Daniel Spratling Just keep trying even if you want to give up, give it your all
My Best Memory of SHS
Doing all of the activities at camp.

Room 14

Live with no regrets Fangyu Wu

My Greatest Achievement at SHS Room 14
Getting third place in the Mandarin Words Competition.

30 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


No matter how hard you try, sometimes you will Finlay Parker
fail, and that’s ok - my mum

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Winning my first basketball game at AIMS.

Room 14

Holly Furness If you find it hard, you don’t have to guess,
just ask for help
Room 14
My Best Memory of SHS
The day I learned to read. When I first started school, I did not
enjoy reading. Now I do my best to read every day because I enjoy
it so much.

Go hard or go home Hugo Larsen

My Best Memory of SHS
Placing second overall for boys futsal

at the 2019 AIMS Games.

Room 14

Jeronimo Montoya Room 14 You can be nice, kind and respectful, but don’t let
people control you with your kindness

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Having my book printed with a hardcover.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20189 31


Joe Dawes Don’t start your assignment the day it is due!

My Best Memory of SHS
Sailing at Waterwise

Room 14

Don’t cry over your losses, Leo Audley
but learn from them

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
When I won the ballroom dancing competition in Year 7.

Room 14

Liberty Johns-Kerr No matter what race, size, shape, or any
stereotypes, you should always treat people the way
Room 14
you want to be treated

My Best Memory of SHS
When I first came into SHS, I was welcomed by many people who
wanted to be my friend. I was surprised but then I let my true self
shine and people accepted the real me.

The day when you feel like you’re life is about Madison Simmons
to fall, all it takes is three deep breaths and
Room 14
a smile to walk away

My Best Memory of SHS
Getting new friends in Y7 and having new things at SHS. Also

being able to experience going to AIMS and staying with a
group while doing something I love.

32 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


My body will give up before my mind will Martha Yamaguchi

My Best Memory of SHS Room 14
Y8 Camp. I made a goal to complete every activity and
challenge myself. My camp group, instructors and teachers
were very supportive and helped me to reach my goal.

Masha Shvarchuck Live your best life

Room 14 My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Becoming more confident, and becoming the person
that I now am.

Live like there is no tommorow Mateusz Scott

My Best Memory of SHS
When Daniel and I were on the junior playground and laughed

through the whole lunch.

Room 14

Matthew Wake You miss 100% of the shots you dont take

Room 14 My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Making it to AIMS Games.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20198 33


Mimi Stewart Mrs Herbert’s advice not beat myself up because I
didn’t finish one piece of work. I learnt that I don’t
Room 14 need to put so much pressure on myself, but I still

try to be the best version of myself.

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Becoming a student leader. I have learnt so much about being a
leader and I have heard so many inspirational speakers.

Sometimes people make mistakes Nick Mason
and it’s ok.

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Representing SHS in AIMS BMX.

Room 14

Oscar Monro Being the best isn’t about winning, its about doing
your best and pushing your limits.

My Best Memory of SHS
Making friends and completing challenges at camp.

Room 14

You only live once, so use it. Ruben Webb

My Best Memory of SHS
Playing volley ball at camp

Room 14

34 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the smartest; if Sarah Doel
you try hard and be a good citizen, you will get
Room 14
further in life than those who don’t.

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Having the privilege to be a Student Leader. I didn’t really
understand the concept until one of my neighbours became
one. That day I gained faith in myself to achieve things I didn’t

think I could have.

Sophie Lincoln Treat people how you want to be treated, or if someone
is bothering you, then you can leave.
Room 14 Don’t make a big thing about it.

My Best Memory of SHS
The school show we did in Y5. We made an Olympic dance and
actions to do with NZ. I liked it so much because it was in four
parts. I was in the Y5 act, APPA and cheerleading.

Celebrate the small victories. Spencer Fitzpatrick

My Best Memory of SHS Room 14
When the teachers sent us all to bed early and my cabin had
to hideout and wait until they left so that we could all talk. As
a bunch of teenage boys have the equivalent IQ to Einstein,

we did not get caught.

Thomas Lilley Make mistakes to learn and achieve.

Room 14 My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Representing SHS at AIMS for mountain biking.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20198 35


Toby De La Haye-Stokes “Dont sweat the small stuff” - Mr Woodhead

Room 14 My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Competing at AIMS games against the best teams in New Zealand
and winning MVP award for my team.

You only live once, Tom Feinberg-Danieli
so make the most of it.

My Best Memory of SHS
AIMS Games 2018, since I got to hang-out

with my friends for a week.

Room 14

Yisen Peng Manage your time well, if you just sit there and do
nothing, than you could get nothing done.
Room 14
My Best Memory of SHS
The Year 8 Camp Aadair mud slide. People trying to show off how
cool and fast they can slide. Some slid really fast but some didn’t.

Try your hardest Edie Mitchell

My Best Memory of SHS Room 14
In Y1, shortly after I broke my arm on the school playground,
and I got a whole pile of cards covered in glitter and drawings

in my letterbox.

36 St Heliers School Yearbook 20198


Be aware of how you use your time. Anika Dilshard

My Best Memory of SHS
Going to the Zoo and seeing the animals

Room 14

Zane Cook Always be proud of what you did.
Whether it is good or bad.
Room 14
My Best Memory of SHS
Receivng a Distinction Award for Excellence in Y3,
for Maths and Reading.

If you get hit down, stand back up again.

My Best Memory of SHS Adam White
When I found out I was going to be in Mrs Ward’s class. I
was ecstatic because I was hoping to be in her class in Year Room 15
7. The class list I got was also really nice which added to the


Amelia De Jong If you don’t work hard to do something, then don’t be
surprised to not do well in school.
Room 15
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Being challenged to do my best, and seeing how far I have come from
the beginning of my time at St Heliers School.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20198 37


Jack Davies Don’t dream small but dream big.

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Growing as a person, getting braver and learning a lot more.

Room 15

Even if your body is telling you no, John Petrucci
your mind is telling you yes.

My Best Memory of SHS
Year 8 Camp by far. Camp had some rough times but it was

one my best experiences in my time at school.

Room 15

Jonathan Sewell Get your work done, and start on it
as early as possible.
Room 15
My Best Memory of SHS
Year 8 Camp because it was really fun and social. I learned a lot
about other students and made better connections with them.

When life closes a door, open it back up - Kate Saunders
it’s a door.
Room 15
My Best Memory of SHS
I loved the last day of Term 1. I shared a bean bag with

Sophie and we loved watching ‘Wonder’ together.
We ate lots of really good food.

38 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


Always follow your dreams and never Katie Anderson
“throw away your shot”.
Room 15
My Best Memory of SHS
Definitely the first day of Y8. It was amazing meeting all of my

new class members and Mrs Ward. Sharing the things from
our treasure hunt was super fun too.

Keith Looi Remember to look at the advice given to you
on previous assignments.
Room 15
My Best Memory of SHS
My greatest memory was when we were making our products for
the school fair this year.

“Work harder than you worked the day before” Kleit Morina

My Best Memory of SHS Room 15
First day of school in St Heliers. I was nervous to come to
a new school but the people in my class were very welcoming

and I instantly made friends.

Laya Dickson Always be yourself.

Room 15 My Best Memory of SHS
Practising for plays/dancing and having the best times
with all my friends.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20189 39


Lucas Mount “If you ever want to achieve something in life,
natural skill is helpful, but without hard work and

dedication, you will get nowhere.”Ms Clarke

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Winning the award for the best mathematician in Y7.

Room 15

The best advice I ever got was: “If you do not try, Maria Sakata
because you are scared to get it wrong - you will never

know if can actually do it.”

Mathias Kistofersen Melby My Best Memory of SHS Room 15
Getting new friends in Year 7 and being able to experience new
things at St Heliers School. Also being able to experience going to

Aims, and staying with a group while doing something I love.

I am now good at English.
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Getting good marks in assignments.

Room 15

It’s not the end of the world. Don’t make Room 15 Mercedes Reynolds
a big deal about something.

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Finally getting an excellence award in Year 8 after

not getting one since Year 1.

40 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


Instead of stressing about something, Mustafa Farhat
just do it - Mum

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Getting into the finals of the speech competition, in Year 7,

with my speech about “Why the Earth is Flat”.

Room 15

Noah Luff If you have a gift for something,
you still have to work for it - Mrs Johnson

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Getting an award in Year 5 for Distinction.

Room 15

Better results require more effort Quinn Hay

My Best Memory of SHS
My best memory was when I went white water rafting in Y7

for Challenges Week with my close friends.

Room 15

Sophie Connolly You don’t have to be the smartest to be the best.

Room 15 My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Coming back from Singapore and was creating life long friendships.
This made my time at St Heliers School great.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20189 41


Tianzexi Liu Just be yourself. Don’t mind what they say - do your
best and be yourself’ - my mum and dad

Room 15 My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Making many friends when I just came to St Heliers School. They
helped me with my English, and I’m very happy whenever I see them.

I can achieve anything I want, as long as I wante it Xanthe Hunter
badly enough to work for it.
Room 15
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Gaining confidence in my overall essay writing - especially when

I got 100% on my Mother to Son essay, showing what I could
really achieve on paper.

Jerry Wang Always ask questions when you are stuck.
My Best Memory of SHS
Room 15 Doing the Romeo and Juliet skits because it was fun. It was also fun
working with other people, not my friends.

You don’t have to be the smartest to Alex Mitchell
get good results.
Room 15
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Getting into AIMS games two years in a row.

42 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


No matter what, keep on going. Will Rawbone

My Best Memory of SHS
The 2018 St Heliers School show when I was part of the

acting crew, as the character, Guy.

Room 15

Abby Whiteman Look for the positive in your achievements,
regardless how you finish.
Room 19
My Best Memory of SHS
The whole experience of AIMS cross country and encouraging
teammates and friends.

Try harder - Mr Nevalagi Alex Shapley

My Best Memory of SHS
Year 8 camp because I really enjoyed the confidence course

and hanging out with friends.

Room 19

Ali Ghadiri Its better to try and fail, then to not try at all.

Room 19 My Best Memory of SHS
Acting in “The Arts Take Flight” and playing a big role as Captain

St Heliers School Yearbook 20198 43


Ashton Milne TRY HARDER! This really helped me realise that
things aren’t always going to be easy.

Room 19 My Best Memory of SHS
Enjoying Year 8 ten times more than all the other years put together,
along with all of the friends I have made along the way.

Look for the goal instead of the pass Athena Chen
- Ryan McEwen

My Best Memory of SHS
Camp Adair and The Dead Fish. Best moment was winning the

camp group competition and all the marshmallows.

Room 19

Brandon Dumalasa I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life
and that is why I succeed - Michael Jordan
Room 19
My Best Memory of SHS
Participating in the AIMS games and getting to spend a whole week
with my teammates in Tauranga is by far the best memory for me.

You can do anything, as long as you put your Caique Rivero
mind to it.
Room 19
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Went to Tauranga to represent SHS at the AIMS Games in
futsal. Through our hard effort, we finished as runner-up for

the tournament.

44 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189


You have to be smart to be naughty. Campbell McAllansmith

My Greatest Achievement at SHS Room 19
My greatest achievement was selling a balloon at the disco
for $20 in Year 3. As a result, I spent the next week in Mrs

Palmer’s office.

Chloe Nouwens Try harder - Mr Nevalagi
My Best Memory of SHS
Room 19 Making a six-tiered cake for Genius Hour in Year 7 and many
friends along my journey at SHS

Try harder - Mr Nevalagi Emily Facer

My Best Memory of SHS Room 19
Camp 2019 was different compared to any other school trips

we’ve previously had. I enjoyed meeting new people and
spending quality time with all of my friends.

Emily Vincent “Try Harder”. I got this advice in Year 8 many times.
It was very blunt but important.
Room 19
My Best Memory of SHS
The long lasting friendships I have created at SHS. Starting a new year,
with a new class and new people was a good change.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20198 45


Eva Naufahu Put your chromebook away otherwise you’ll get
a strike - The Techies.

Room 19 My Best Memory of SHS
Challenges Week in Year 7. It was so fun to get out of my comfort
zone with all of my friends while walking, ice skating and at traversing
the rapids at Vector Wero.

My friend told me to “get married”. Florence Davis
So in Year 5, we got married .

My Best Memory of SHS Room 19
St Heliers School is full of amazing memories and I am sad to say
that my time here is over. Camp was also lots of fun because I met

a cow and we became besties.

Fraser Smith-Rice Go for a lap! - Mr Nevalagi
My Best Memory of SHS
Room 19 When we were at AIMS and I scored the winning goal for our
team on the last game.

Try harder! Hew Devereux

My Best Memory of SHS Room 19
Starting Year 8 with a great teacher and class.

46 St Heliers School Yearbook 20198


Try your hardest, no matter what is in your way. Jack Sutherland
Always try your hardest, no matter what.

My Best Memory of SHS
The second assembly that Jackson and I ran. It was the first

assembly at which we used a slideshow.

Room 19

Jackson Watson Try your hardest and no matter what,
always have a good time.

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Becoming part of the Tech Support Team with Jack and Krish.

Room 19

Try harder - Mr Nevalagi Karston Payne

My Greatest Achievement at SHS
Going to the 2018 and 2019 AIMS Games.

Room 19

Krish Patel Try my hardest, no matter how many challenges
I face on my journey to success.
Room 19
My Greatest Achievement at SHS
My greatest achievement at St Heliers School was, becoming a Tech
Support member with Jack & Jackson.

St Heliers School Yearbook 20198 47


Lea Charbonnel Take the opportunities in front of you,
because if you don’t, you miss out.

Room 19 My Best Memory of SHS
Stepping off the stage of the AIMS Games hip hop finals with a smile
on my face, knowing the Neon Tigers and I had done our best.

The person who moved mountains had to start with Molly Liddell
small stones. This advice given to me from my teacher

in Year 5, who encouraged us to keep going.

My Best Memory of SHS
I enjoyed going to AIMS for hip hop. I also enjoyed working really

hard before AIMS to make sure we were the best we could be.

Room 19

Monty White “TRY HARDER”, a classic phrase By Mr Nevalagi
My Best Memory of SHS
Room 19 Playing dogeball with Year 7 and 8 and going crazy, catching
dodgeballs and getting people out.

Try harder - an amazing phrase that never Rashmi Muralidhar
gets old by Mr Nevalagi
Room 19
My Best Memory of SHS
Playing Spikeball with Room 19. We weren’t very good at it,
annoyed each other, but it was really game and probably the

best sport time I’d ever had.

48 St Heliers School Yearbook 20189

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