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Woman's weekly magazine


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“I couldn’t have asked for improve?

a better co-pilot than Dobbo” A-Z
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5th November 2018


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In this week’s issue we chat to 12 Head to toe beauty 47 Tarot reading
broadcaster Sharon Ní Bheoláin. It’s 14 Fragrance advice 48 Puzzle special
been a long time since she’s appeared in 16 30 beauty buys under €30 53 I said it
Woman’s Way but we’re delighted for 20 Spotlight on psoriasis 54 Craft pattern
her to be our cover star. We also have an 21 Health benefits of tea
interview with Julia Roberts, Hollywood 22 Ageless recipes Pg 36 WELL DONE WINNERS!
icon plus our editorial assistant 30 Tomi Reichental
Catherine, who we adore, has a piece on 32 Super saver Christmas Issue 41 (October 23)
a rural post office who fought back - and 33 Black Friday advice
won. Want to have more local issues 39 Reader fiction Three new books
covered in the magazine? Let me know Maura Muir, Co Donegal
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at’s what we’re asking in one of our Anna Russell, Co Kerry
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Julia Roberts becomes the latest member
of Hollywood royalty to make a move into
TV, for psychological thriller Homecoming

Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, Notting “I go where the But here’s where the show gets all twisty
Hill; it’s easy to reel off a long list of Julia parts compel me... - there are two narratives to follow.
Roberts’ hit films. Try and name a TV We are all just looking
show she has starred in though, and you’d for the thing we can e other takes place four years later,
struggle - until now, that is. bring something of where we find Heidi working as a small-
value to” town waitress living with her mother
e Oscar-winning actress takes on her (Sissy Spacek), questioning her new life
first starring role on the small screen in unsettling visual style. after a Department of Defence auditor
Amazon Prime’s new series Homecoming. “He’s is an incredible intellect and has a starts asking about her departure from the
She plays Heidi Bergman, a caseworker Homecoming facility.
at a facility that helps soldiers returning very specific vision,” gushes Roberts.
home from war. “I come from film, where there’s just one And the fact Roberts was essentially
playing two different characters certainly
“ is is a character that I picked because captain throughout. had its challenges.
of the circumstances that surround her,” “And I know from friends and family
says 50-year-old Georgia-born Roberts. “ ere were no easy days on the show,
who work in television that there’s a period,” she adds.
“I can’t isolate her in the way I changing-of-the-guard in every episode,
sometimes can in other pieces of material, which I’m unaccustomed to. at was partly due to the fact that
where you can imagine, ‘What if we put “everything was so specific”, she says, and
her in this kind of scenario’ to understand “I said from the beginning that I really also, Esmail had really high targets for the
this person more fully.” wanted one person to direct all the entire crew and cast to meet.
episodes. And if that person wasn’t Sam,
e psychological thriller is based then I probably wouldn’t do it.” She said: “Sam kept raising the bar of the
on Gimlet Media’s critically-acclaimed challenge of what we could accomplish.
podcast of the same name, which Roberts As we meet Heidi and her patients, we
quips she became consumed by during see her develop a complex relationship “It was exciting to go to work and see
the “hours” she spends organising and with a young veteran eager to rejoin how high he was going to make the diving
cleaning up Lego bricks (the star has three civilian life named Walter Cruz, played board today.”
children with cameraman Danny Moder). by breakout newcomer Stephan James
(other standout cast members include All in all, it was a new kind of work for
Written by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bobby Cannavale as Heidi’s erratic off-site enigmatic Roberts.
Bloomberg, the audio series stars Catherine supervisor Colin Belfast).
Keener as Heidi, and is presented through “It’s called cardio acting,” she quips.
telephone calls, therapy sessions, and “Had to carry a tonne of stuff, talking on
overheard conversations. the phone, be in heels and go up and down
stairs all day. I went down a pant size.”
In bringing the drama to life for Amazon,
director Sam Esmail has nailed creating an Shaking off the character of Heidi was
something she found simple to do though.
“ at’s part of why it was so great
making this - we worked so hard, we




e DJ and mum-of-four
talks about managing joint
pain and her outlook on life

accomplished so much in a day of actors who are just “film Jo Whiley broke new ground stretches to get myself fully
that you felt, ‘Okay, there is actors” anyway. recently, by becoming the first mobile. I swim, weight train
that day’,” she explains. “And female DJ in 20 years on BBC at the gym, run regularly and
then you just go home and have “I’ve never called myself a Radio Two’s weekday daytime recently took part in a half-
your life.” film actor, I’m just an actor,” schedule. Off-air, she reveals, marathon. Even at home while
she elaborates. she’s also dealing with a health I watch TV, I work out on an
Does having kids (twins challenge. e Northampton- exercise roller to keep myself
Hazel and Phinnaeus are “I go where the parts compel born presenter fears she may more supple.
13, while Henry is 11) make me and I don’t know a lot of have developed osteoarthritis.
switching off after a day of creative people who would What's your outlook on life?
filming easier? compartmentalise their places Why do you fear you have
to be creative in that way. osteoarthritis? I’m generally a positive
She answers: “You know, person. I enjoy good health,
it does, but at the same time, “We are all just looking I’ve lived with daily aches and my perspective is that a
for this, the workload did for the thing we can bring and discomfort for years joint problem is not the worst
expand every day, so instead of something of value to.” because I have scoliosis (a weakness in the world to have.
making dinner while my kids curvature of the spine), but I’m always super-thankful
were doing homework, I was ere’s no denying bagging now I’m coping with a new that’s all I’ve got. My younger
probably doing my homework!” someone as loved the world type of pain because I’m sister, Frances, is disabled with
over as Roberts is a win for pretty sure I’ve inherited a rare syndrome (Cri du chat
In a time where downloading Amazon, though. osteoarthitis [the condition syndrome), and growing up
from streaming services is thought to sometimes with that has made me aware
seems to be taking over our Discussing the idea that she run in families, although a of the huge challenges some
viewing habits, it’s perhaps will bring in big audiences, the single gene responsible hasn’t people face. She has a genetic
unsurprising that Roberts has actress recalls a moment in her been identified]. My late disorder, and I had screening
become the latest Hollywood career she’s particularly proud grandmother, my aunt and my when I had children to check
icon to take on a TV role. of, while she was doing a play mother have the condition, they were free from it, which
on Broadway a number of years and my father has rheumatoid fortunately they were. ey’ll
And the star puts forth that ago. arthritis, so clearly joints are a have to have screening if they
there’s no such thing as a group weakness in our family. have children.
“When I was a young person,
my dad took me to the theatre I remember as a kid, my How do you feel about
all the time, and I thought it father had such bad flare-ups ageing?
was so special,” she says. which completely immobilised
him and confined him to bed. Age is just a number and a state
“How many people came up to My mother has had her knees of mind. We’ve lost friends over
me after the play and said, ‘I’ve and a hip replaced and they’re the last few years to cancer,
never seen a play on Broadway both on medication to combat and my motto is ‘appreciate
before and I never would have the pain. each day’. At this age, I feel
come if it weren’t for you’ - that more confident, wiser, have
was when I felt the happiest How do you cope with your lost the hang-ups of my
- that I had brought people to aches and pains? youth and also care less about
something that I thought was so what people think, which is
special.” WW Keeping active is vital to stop liberating.
me stiffening up, and I hope it’s
Homecoming is available on helping to strengthen my bones Jo Whiley has partnered
Prime Video from Friday, and joints, so that I don’t end with Seven Seas to launch
November 2 up suffering as my parents have the new JointCare Supplex
done most of their lives. I also & Turmeric supplement. For
take a supplement, Seven Seas more information, visit seven-
JointCare Supplex & Turmeric,
to help my joints.

Nowadays, when I first get
up, I feel achy and creaky and
have to unfold and and do
By Georgia Humphreys
By Gabrielle Fagan


Journalist and presenter Sharon
Ní Bheoláin talks through a time of change

When I get chatting to 2017 it emerged that Sharon On leaving the Six One dynamic to the programme
Sharon Ní Bheoláin on our was paid less than Brian, news: was it a wrench? Or and the audience deserve
shoot we realise that it’s something that sparked a did you feel it was time to no less. Right now I love the
been around eight years wider debate about gender explore something new? variety in my current role,
since Woman’s Way last pay equality. while it’s still an honour to
photographed the journalist Twelve-and-a-half years be trusted to deliver the Nine
and presenter. We can’t quite is year hasn’t been the is an eternity in television, O’Clock news into people’s
believe it – it certainly didn’t easiest for Sharon. Back in for viewer and presenter living rooms at night, I’ve
feel that long. May a court case concluded alike, it was high time for a a nice mix. I’m happiest
involving a man who had reshuffle and I was anxious when on politics (Leaders’
It’s clear that Sharon is harassed her, this included to move on. at’s not a Questions, Wednesday and
someone who values her posting doctored images reflection on the team or my
privacy, and that her focus is of her online. In addition, lovely co-presenter or our ursday, 11.50am) or when
very much on her work and the defendant was also wonderful audience who packaging for TV or online;
making it the very best it can prosecuted for possessing accepted us into their homes presenting Crimecall too is
be first and foremost. images of child pornography. each evening, I just felt I had something very different and
He was sentenced to four- out-grown the bulletin and I immensely enjoyable.
When we get chatting and-a-half years, with the was anxious to get stuck in to
about the goings on in the last 18 months suspended. something new. I hope that Did it feel strange when
news and world of politics doesn’t sound ungrateful you knew that you wouldn’t
she’s engaging and massively e details of the case make because I recognise there work alongside long-term
informed – it’s clear this is for difficult reading, it’s here isn’t a better programme on colleague Bryan Dobson?
something that she’s truly where we begin. which to earn your stripes Yes, of course I miss Dobbo,
passionate about, to Sharon it than Six One. And I couldn’t the banter and the chat and
matters. You’ve had a very di cult have asked for a better co- his rock solid wisdom. But
time with the recent court pilot than Dobbo or a better as he said himself on his last
In the time since we last case. How did you cope in team than my trusty Six One day, “You may be sorry to
spoke there have been such circumstances? colleagues but change keeps leave but you know when
changes in Sharon’s life, you fresh and on your toes. it’s time to go.” I still see
perhaps the biggest is her Look, I’m no different from him knocking around when
move from the Six One news anyone else. Life throws e worst thing to inflict I’m in early for Leaders’
to a new slot at 9pm. ere curve balls at us all, it was on a viewer is a presenter Questions, he’s loving his
was also the departure of horrific, but what choice have who’s inert or apathetic! new gig, he’s definitely a
her long-term co-anchor, you but to get on with it? I’m morning person. I could
friend and mentor Bryan resilient, I have good people ankfully our new boss got never be that chipper! So
Dobson. On an aside, in around me, I dealt with it the bit between his teeth and to answer your question,
like I deal with everything, finally shook things up. at yes a wrench in that it’s the
4 WOMANSWAY.IE I faced it head on. I’m takes courage, Six One is an end of a chapter but I’m still
reluctant to say much more institution, it doesn’t belong delighted to be turning a
to be honest; if there was a to any one or two presenters, new page in life.
hierarchy of victims in this they’re merely looking after
case I wouldn’t be at the top. it until the next generation I’m intrigued by how those
comes along. in the news view the term
ere were young children ‘fake news’. Is it frustrating,
and others who undoubtedly It’s in good hands with do you think people have
suffered more than I. Out of incumbents Caitriona [Perry]
respect for them I won’t be and Keelin [Shanley]. ey
saying anything else. bring a freshness and a new

Cover interview

because of it? generally quite news- loss, they might be
News, the way it’s delivered, savvy, they can distinguish appealing for information
how it’s consumed, is utterly between fact and agenda about a murdered family
transformed. e pace of driven fiction, I don’t think member. It’s distressing but
change is dizzying, in many they’re going to be reeled also extremely humbling
ways I’m a total dinosaur in by fake news but it’s the to meet and speak to these
in that the day where an ubiquitous nature of it that’s people. In journalism you’re
average viewer makes an a tad worrying. often the vehicle through
appointment to sit down and which someone’s tragedy is
watch the likes of me deliver As an aside on ‘fake news’ told, it’s an extraordinary
a particular bulletin is all I saw myself popping up privilege it’s also a big
but over. Viewers have been online last year plugging responsibility.
getting their news all day on some skincare/make-up
multiple platforms. products, fake news in Was it di cult when you
motion! On a serious note, were drawn into the debate
e fake news phenomenon policing the internet, on gender pay equality?
is interesting and ironically it whether it’s fake news or Oh boy not that hoary old
hasn’t done brands like RTÉ blatant voter manipulation chestnut! I think all that
News any harm at all, fake for the purposes of needed to be said about that
news underscores the need influencing the outcome of is already said! Glad to have
for solid, reliable, agenda an election or referendum, sparked a debate though, I
free facts. When people want is a serious problem and it’s think it was a debate worth
the truth, news not views, one we need to get to grips having.
particularly on a big story with.
they flock to RTÉ and that’s You are someone who
tremendously gratifying. What story do think will be we don’t see much in
I think the Irish public are dominating the news cycle the media. Is privacy
in 2019? something that you are
“In journalism Well it’s countdown to mindful of?
you’re o en the Brexit in March. Will we see It’s a balancing act isn’t it?
vehicle through the shape of a deal before I’ve been in the public eye
which someone’s that, one that guarantees for 20 years but I’ve always
tragedy is told” an invisible border? e had this uneasy relationship
mood music this week with publicity. at said
By Louise Finn doesn’t inspire confidence. it’s nice to talk to Woman’s
Politically, the next year Way even if it’s only once
will be fascinating, even every eight years – I think
now you can detect there’s the last time we spoke was
a niggle in the air between eight years ago. Hopefully
the Taoiseach and Micheál we won’t leave it so long the
Martin, add to the mix a next time! WW
Minister and a government
deputy overboard and we See Sharon on the Nine
could be in for a bumpy O’Clock News, presenting
ride. Will we have a general Leaders’ Questions,
election at the same time Wednesday and Thursday
as the European and local at 11.50am and Crimecall
elections? Now there’s a monthly, all on RTÉ One
On both the news and Hair: Andrew McElroy of
Crimecall you deal with Andrew McElroy Hair Concepts,
very di cult stories and tel: 01 276 1709, www.
issues. Do these strike a
chord with you, and do Make-up: T-Elliott, tel: 087 271
you have any strategies in 5852,
place to deal with this? Photographer: Hazel Coonagh,
Look you need to be tel: 086 175 0061,
professional, maintain
composure but often in the Stylist: Fiona Hayes, tel: 086 177
face of harrowing grief. I’m 5066,
a big softie, I do get upset; SHARON WEARS
on Crimecall especially All Sharon’s clothing is her own
you’re meeting families
in circumstances where WOMANSWAY 5
they’ve suffered enormous

Real life

e village that said ‘no’
to the post office closures

Ballinskelligs isn’t taking An The meeting held in the
Post’s announcement lying down Ballinskelligs Community Hall

The Skelligs Rock If you want to go to the other “If the doctor decision because the business is no By Catherine Devane
direction the next post office [is retired you longer there for any kind of post
In August, An Post revealed a list in] Miami, it’s as simple as that.” don’t close the office. You can get someone who
naming the closure of 159 post hospital” will hold up their hand and say I
offices, many of which would be A strong pride is felt in the can [take over] the post office but
in rural areas around Ireland. community for their current post package to existing Post Masters. the reality is the business is not
One such post office listed was mistress, Mary Leen. The scheme was worded in such there.”
Ballinskelligs on the Iveragh a way that basically they were
peninsula in South Kerry. “Mary has ben postmistress told if they didn’t take it, in The meeting held by Coiste
for just 12 years but she has been three or four years time the post Forbartha na Sceilge gained media
Dessy Cronin, a member of working in the post office for offices wouldn’t be viable and attention, even being reported on
Coiste Forbartha Na Sceilge, the last 30 years. She’s fantastic, they wouldn’t be entitled to the RTÉ News.
a local development group in we try and be sure that she is package. They were kind of forced
Ballinskelligs explains why their recognised. She’s a brilliant lady, into taking the scheme,” claims “We were delighted with the
community has taken a stand. lovely and a pillar of discussion.” Dessy. media reaction, but all the media
reaction in the world is not good
“We decided to have a meeting Dealing with the closures An “[An Post is] using that as an for us if we don’t have an outcome.
in the local community hall and Post created a marker, that any excuse to close the post office. I What we want is for An Post
that would have been organised area with their post office being kind of say, if the doctor retired to re-advertise a contract. The
by the development group. closed would not be more than you don’t close the hospital.” contract finishes up in January.
We organised the meeting and 15km from the next nearest We have a local business, a little
wrote to all the local politicians postal office. In response to this statement, local shop, who are willing to take
and a number of TDs and they Angus Laverty, a spokesperson on the contract of the post office,”
all attended, which was great. Dessy argues that these for An Post says, “some months explains Dessy.
We had about over 200 people markers are not accurate. back we entered negotiations with
turning up on the night. I’d say “They’re using [this] from post the Irish Post Master Union who “The post office has been in
every household in the area was office to post office, they’re not represents Irish Post Masters. the present building for probably
represented,” says Dessy. [considering] it from the furthest They sought a package for Post 20 years. It was in a building
out part of the Peninsula. If you Masters who wanted to get out of across the road for as long as I can
“We’ve a number of local go to the furthest out household the business for whatever reason remember before that, and now
councillors who are giving us on the Peninsula, they’re 23km and that negotiation took about we’re only talking about moving it
great help and who are pushing from Waterville Post Office. There three months. a mile over the road to the shop.”
for the [post office] to remain would be lots of households which
open. We’ve gotten great interest would be outside the 15km.” “It’s most certainly not the We can confirm that An Post has
and support. It shows the level case we’re forcing anyone out reversed the decision to close the
of unease in the local area if you The car journey for the local of the business, either directly Ballinskelligs Post Office and have
have such a turnout. people of Ballinskelligs will or indirectly. In many of these agreed to renew the contract. Well
take 20 minutes, with no public cases the Post Masters make the done to everyone in Ballinkskelligs
“Locally the reaction was transport at all running to involved in the campaign! WW
devastated. There’s another post Waterville.
office about four miles to us which
closed four or five years ago, so “There’s a local fella with no car
we actually thought then that and he’s basically saying how is
our post office was safe enough. he supposed to go to Waterville. It
The nearest post office to us if will cost him €20 to pay for a taxi
Ballinskelligs closes is Waterville… to get [there] and €20 to get back.
If he has a pension or farm assist,
there’s not going to be a lot of it
left if he’s paying €40 for a taxi.
That’s what you’re up against.”

Dessy believes that the reason
for so many closures is due to
the wording of the retirement
packages that An Post introduced
this year.

“An Post offered a retirement


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and body confidence, where I go. Once I find 4. You don’t have to now’.”
As a brand which whatever your age. a size that fits, I tend to follow trends
caters for older women, stick with it.” “I sometimes feel that is choice has meant
JD Williams (known as 1. Own your look they’re a bit too young she’ll be entering her sixties
Oxendales in Ireland) “When I decided to 3. Don’t compare who for me,” says Harris with more self-assurance
decided to stage an off- go grey, it was really you are now to your about the latest fashion than ever.
schedule catwalk show, daunting, because I younger self trends, but she does like
featuring only models actually felt like I was “I can never look how to keep an eye on what’s 6. Embrace your age
aged over 45, to showcase ageing,” reveals Jenny I used to look in my in vogue. “As soon as I turned 53, I
its autumn/winter Stoute (53), one of the 20s,” continues Stoute, was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh,
collection. model search winners. an Olympic Bronze “I think it’s about that’s my mum’s age, what
medallist and former what you like, it’s not am I supposed to do?’” Stoute
e catwalk line-up “Everybody was Gladiator, “but I can about pleasing other says.
included the two winners saying, ‘Jennifer, are look like the best version people... if you look in
of the retailer’s Midster you sure you want to do of me.” the mirror and go, ‘ at But she no longer feels
Model Search, which was that?’ but I thought, ‘No, looks good’, then stick that way: “ ere is life after
launched after research I am going to own this’. e other competition with it!” 40... we don’t want to be
revealed that 79 per cent winner, Sue teenagers, we just want to be
of women feel ignored “Once you own who Hammond-Doutre, a 5. Put yourself first hip and great and noticed.
by the fashion and you are, everyone else typist and carer from “I am now at a
advertising industries. will own it too, and all Buckinghamshire, significant time in “I think what JD Williams
of a sudden, no one will my life where I’m (Oxendales) is doing is
We went backstage to see it.” in charge... I run a encouraging everyone to
chat to some of the models sporting agency, and have ownership of who they
and were blown away by 2. Know where to shop having two children, are and to celebrate it.”
how cool and calm they “I found fashion that fits doing everything for
were, ahead of their big me and have developed everybody, I thought 7. Don’t forget to smile
catwalk moment. my own style, so there’s it would be nice to see It sounds simple, but smiling
a huge amount of what it would be like projects confidence and can
“I’ve got to a place confidence now, with to do something for transform your mood.
where I love my body me as an amputee,” myself,” says Stoute of
for what it is, and I just says Harris, a former PE her decision to enter the Says Hammond-Doutre:
thought, ‘I’ll share that teacher, who elected to competition. “If you smile a lot, people
with everyone else’,” have her leg removed always smile back, and you
says Nancy Harris (51), after a trampolining Hammond-Doutre feel good.”
an amputee who was accident over 20 years shares this sentiment,
signed by her agency ago. after deciding last
when she replied to an ad year to have a breast
looking for models with Although she initially reduction: “I was a
disabilities, and who has struggled to source very top-heavy girl...
appeared on the cover of

By Isabel Swanson 7 FASHION AND
OVER 50 We chatted to a trio of fabulous

50-somethings about style and self-esteem



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Perfume notes

7 things a perfumer
wants you to know
about fragrance

Renowned ‘nose’ Nathalie
Lorson shares her expert
tips on all things scent

When it comes to fragrance, you don’t get bottle and applied it [directly]. Now it’s a spray, wear them, not only smell them on blotters.
much more expert than Nathalie Lorson, the
perfumer whose scent-creating career has the dilution is much lighter, so really it doesn’t On blotters you smell a lot of the top notes,
spanned more than three decades. Having
worked with practically every luxury fashion matter.” but on skin with the warmth of the skin, all
house going (YSL, Versace, Givenchy and
Roberto Cavalli to name a few) plus celebrities the middle notes and especially the back
including Kate Moss and David Beckham, the
French ‘nose’ certainly knows her stuff. Ask a friend for feedback notes are much more strong,” explains

So, when I got the chance to sit down with “I will put on a lot of perfume, but it depends on Lorson, “so you have really to use the
Lorson at the launch of her latest creation,
Jimmy Choo Fever, I decided to pick her the person and on the perfume,” muses Lorson. perfume on your skin for three or four
brains on all things olfactory, and made some
fascinating discoveries. Whether you’re on “If you have a fresh one you can put on a lot; if hours to decide if you like it or not. In the
the hunt for a new signature scent or want to
find out how to wear your current favourite you have something very heavy, don’t put on shop, make a selection on the blotters and
well, these perfume pointers are incredibly
useful. Here are seven ‘sniff-ty’ tips from the too much. e problem is, when you are then put two on your skin, then later, if you
master perfumer...
wearing your perfume, at the beginning it’s like it, you come back to buy the perfume.”
e difference between eau de toilette and eau
de parfum isn’t an exact science strong and then you don’t smell it at all. You
“Normally it’s the concentration - the
concentration of perfume in alcohol. Eau de have to ask to your friend or the people around Scent your clothes as well as your skin
toilette may be between 12 per cent and 14 per
cent and eau de parfum can be 14 per cent up you if it is not too much. But it’s really a “Fragrance lasts longer on clothes than on
to 25 per cent, it depends. But sometimes,
there is no connection at all between one and question of taste.” skin. When I’m perfuming, I spray several
the other one,” explains Lorson. “Normally
eau du parfum is stronger, so you can use less. times around my neckline so it goes more
But sometimes the eau de toilette version is
much fresher. e structure of the formula is a Discover new favourites but don’t forget the on the clothing than on the skin. But it
little bit different, so the impression is a little
bit different too. And when you buy it, you classics depends on the person, I like to be very
won’t know, you just have to try.”
“I wear whatever I’m working on, so I change generous.”
You can rub your wrists together
Some people say that when you apply perfume each time I’m working on a different project,
on your wrists, you shouldn’t rub them
together, otherwise you lose the top notes, but but I love a lot of Guerlain for example, those Strong foods can affect your fragrance
Lorson says that’s a myth: “ is gesture was
done when we were extracting very high- are very classic, for example Nahema and “When, for example, you are eating a lot of
concentration perfume, old perfume. Now it’s
not really true - now we have sprays, [before] Apres l’Ondee. I like Prada Infusion D’Iris, I garlic your skin smells, because it comes out
there was no spray, you took the cap off the
find it very good, also [Chanel’s] Coco of the pores,” says Lorson, explaining that

Mademoiselle and Dior J’Adore, it’s a very heavily spiced food can have the same By Katie Wright

interesting exercise too. e big, very famous impact. “ e food changes the smell of the
perfumes are very interesting.” skin and then that affects the perfume.” WW

Try before you buy Jimmy Choo Fever Eau de Parfum For Her

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not the term of the subscription. Your subscription contract will be fulfilled by Harmonia Limited (01 240 5363) together with its agents. for full terms and conditions.

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Health news ITNacTkHlEinNgEWlonS.e..line PURE COMFORT

Earlier this year, the UK announced the appointment of the There’s no denying it, bunions are
country’s first-ever Minister for Loneliness and now, Prime painful and when you have them,
Minister Theresa May has launched a government-wide shopping for shoes can be hard. Enter
strategy for tackling the issue. The strategy is proposing, Sole Bliss, a luxury footwear brand
amongst other things, that within five years, doctors in the that’s specifically designed to offer
UK will be able to do ‘social prescribing’. This means that comfort for anyone suffering from
doctors would be able to direct patients to community workers bunions. Each pair of shoes contains
who will help them to improve their health and wellbeing, an invisible stretch panel to support
without having to resort to medication. With loneliness levels the bunion area and there are three
rising, this new, holistic approach could change the lives of the layers of memory foam cushion on the
thousands of people who feel alone. sole to offer protection and comfort.
All shoes come in half sizes and
celebrity fans include Helen Mirren.
Prices start from €169 and shoes are
available from

ROUND-UP Following the Pink According to a survey from Initial, Ireland’s Bodywhys, the Eating Disorders
OF ALL Ribbon Path leading experts in hygiene, three quarters of Irish Association of Ireland, has
THINGS people are not washing their hands properly. The reported a range of increases
HEALTHY By Mary survey revealed that only 23 per cent of people in the use of its services in
Redmond wash their hands before every meal. Speaking 2017. These included a 128 per
Ussher about the results, Dr Colm Moore, Area Technical cent increase in attendance by
(Columba Manager with Initial, said: “Eighty per cent of men at face-to-face support
Books, infections are spread by hand contact and the groups, a 106 per cent increase
€14.99) lack of proper handwashing practices in Ireland in attendance by friends and
Launched is a public health issue. Washing your hands family members at support
by former properly is critical in preventing the spread of groups and a 41 per cent increase
president bugs and infection, from the common cold and in email support requests.
Mary flu to more serious infections such as the winter Speaking about these increases,
McAleese vomiting bug, E. coli and salmonella.” Harriet Parsons, the Training
for Breast and Development Manager
Cancer Awareness TfoOr wPaTshIPinSg your hands with Bodywhys said: “Eating
month, this book follows disorders remain complex mental
the amazing life of iconic 1. Wash your hands, on average, six times a day illnesses, affecting a person’s
Irish woman Mary Redmond – especially before a meal and after you use the thoughts, behaviours and
Usher. A noted employment bathroom. emotional and physical health.
lawyer, academic and 2. Always use soap and warm water when washing There is no quick fix, but there
social entrepreneur, Mary your hands. is support and understanding.”
founded the Irish Hospice 3. Spend a minimum of 20 seconds washing your For more information or to find
Foundation and The Wheel. hands. This is the amount of time it takes to sing an online support group, log on
During the course of her ‘Happy Birthday’ twice). to Bodywhys
six-year journey with breast 4. Wash thoroughly, ensuring that every part of also operate a lo-call helpline
cancer, Mary lived out a your hand is included. which you can call on
path of compassion that she 5. Dry your hands with a clean towel or a dryer 1890 200 444
called ‘the pink ribbon path’. afterwards.
Throughout her journey she
kept a personal diary which
she filled with prayers,
poems, quotes and more.
This formed the bases
of The Pink Ribbon Path
which was first published
in 2013. This edition is an
updated one which includes
a new introduction and
biography written by Mary’s
son. A source of comfort
for anyone who is currently
in the midst of their own
journey with breast cancer.


MAKE A PLAN Health news

Now here’s something Why don’t you...
lovely to treat yourself
Date for your diary to. This wellness planner GET IN THE FLOW
from Paperchase (€29) has
WORLD COPD DAY everything you need to get ‘Flow’ is a term used to describe an experience of deep
organised for 2019 and plan enjoyment that comes from being fully engaged with an
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in essential self-care. In activity. When we engage in flow activities, our stress levels
(COPD), also known as bronchitis or its pages you’ll find areas drop, we experience pure concentration and enjoyment, and
emphysema, is a chronic lung condition to help you define and set we let go of any other concerns we might have weighing us
that causes breathlessness, persistent cough your goals, areas to reflect down. Flow activities are said to be fantastic for relaxation,
and recurrent chest infections. Ahead of and handy little water promoting positive mental health and honing our ability to
World COPD Day, COPD Support Ireland has trackers to ensure you’re focus. There are certain activities that are said to induce flow
announced details of its ‘Let’s Get Moving on staying hydrated. It’s the and if you’d like to try it yourself, why not pick one of the
COPD’ national patient conference for those ideal gift for yourself or the following this week and give it a whirl?
living with the condition. The conference will wellness fan in your life.
take place on Thursday, November 15 at the
Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street, FLOW ACTIVITIES › Photography
Dublin 2 and will focus on self-care for people › Doing a challenging puzzle › Cooking
with COPD. It will also feature contributions › Swimming › Gardening
from leading experts in the field on the future › Writing › Needlework
of treatment for COPD. The conference is free › Yoga › DIY projects
of charge and open to those living with COPD, › Playing an instrument
their family members and carers.
For more information log on to

Feeling thirsty?

This means that you’re already dehydrated. Yes,
it’s true. When you’re dehydrated, your body
will make you thirsty to encourage you to drink.
So if you’re feeling thirsty right now, consider
this a friendly reminder to grab a glass of water.

WHAT A RELIEF fainting, a fever, numbness, a stiff Trending... MOODY MONTH
neck, vomiting or trouble seeing or
Tension headaches can feel speaking, seek medical attention (FREE, ITUNES APP STORE)
horrible. The next time the dreaded immediately.
ache strikes, take action and place a We all know that our menstrual cycle can affect our mood,
By Amy Wall heating pad or warm cloth around but few of us are aware of the large impact it can have. Enter
the base of your neck. Next, begin Moody Month, a smart app that syncs up your moods and
to massage the back of your neck menstrual cycle to help you understand just why you feel
and the temples of your head. Keep the way you do. Created by a team of women, Moody Month
this up and you should find that the shows you how to work with your moods and hormones so
tension gradually begins to ease. you can boost your own sense of wellbeing. Answer a few
As always, if you have a recurrent set-up questions and this app will show you days where you
headaches it’s a good idea to see might be more likely to experience anxiety and days when
your GP. If your headache is severe you’re likely to feel unstoppable. It’s surprisingly addictive
and accompanied by confusion, and is a fantastic way of helping you to develop an even closer
relationship with your body.


PSORIASISSpotlight onHealthfeature
Everything you need to know about
this common skin condition

Itching, burning, swollen joints, inflamed skin Flexural psoriasis occurs in skin folds – PSORIASIS: By Amy Wall
and white/silver scales – these are just some of flexures – such as under the breasts, in the
the symptoms of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a word armpits or the groin,” says Dr Ahmadi. useful information
that we hear thrown around a lot, but many of
us don’t know what exactly it is, what it’s like “The scalp is one of the most common sites to The Irish Skin Foundation The Irish Skin
to live with it or why so many sufferers feel be affected by psoriasis and sometimes it is the Foundation is a charity that supports
embarrassed by the condition. Affecting an only area of involvement. Psoriasis may also people with skin disorders. It operates
estimated 100,000 people in Ireland, Psoriasis affect the face, particularly around the a helpline, runs awareness campaigns,
has a large impact in how the skin functions. hairline. events and more. Their website is full
of helpful information about psoriasis
“Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic, “While the palms of hands and soles of feet and other skin conditions. The helpline
inflammatory skin disorder in which there is may be involved in both plaque and Guttate service is open Monday to Friday, 10am to
an increase in the rate at which skin cells are psoriasis, another form of psoriasis that is 4.30pm and is free. Call: 01 486 6280 or
produced and shed from the skin,” says Dr confined to these areas is called Palmoplantar log on to
Sharareh Ahmadi, a dermatology specialist at pustular psoriasis.”
The Beacon Hospital. Arthritis Ireland Arthritis Ireland offers
While the condition itself is not curable, the a host of information and educational
“While the exact cause of psoriasis is still not good news is that there are many treatments videos about Psoriatic Arthritis. They also
completely understood, the immune system available that can help to control it. have a free booklet about the condition
and genetics are important in its available for download on their website.
development.” “The treatment of psoriasis depends on its For more information log on to www.
severity and location [and] includes topical
Experts agree that psoriasis is a condition treatments – creams or ointments applied
that does tend to fun in families. However, the directly to the skin – ultraviolet light therapy, Your local GP Remember, if you think
way in which the disorder runs through the also called phototherapy, delivered in hospital you’re suffering from psoriasis it’s
family line is not fully understood just yet. But, dermatology departments, systemic essential to seek medical treatment as
it’s important to note, that just because the medications – medicines that work inside your the condition will not go away by itself.
condition is usually inherited, it doesn’t mean body and suppress the immune system or Schedule an appointment with your GP
that you will absolutely develop it at some biologic treatments – medicines based on who will be able to help you find a suitable
point in your life. compounds made by living cells.” treatment or refer you on to the relevant
consultant. If you don’t have a GP, you
The symptoms and signs of psoriasis can be Your GP or consultant will be able to discuss can find one in your area by logging on to
varied. the best treatment options available to you. the Irish College of General Practitioner’s
“[Psoriasis causes] red, scaly patches, also Dr Ahmadi notes that it’s important to “see
called plaques or lesions, with sharply defined your doctor as soon as you see signs and are many different treatment options. Finding
edges, that occur most commonly on both symptoms of psoriasis” as the condition can the treatment that works best for you can help
elbows, both knees, the scalp, under arms, sometimes be associated with other illnesses. you feel better about your condition.” WW
under breasts, natal cleft – the groove between
the buttocks – and genitalia, or at the site of an “It is sometimes associated with psoriatic Dr Ahmadi is a dermatology specialist at
injury and trauma,” says Dr Ahmadi. arthritis, a slightly higher risk of diabetes, The Beacon Hospital. For more information
high blood pressure, high cholesterol and log on to
“If the scales are gently scraped off, a obesity,” says Dr Ahmadi.
number of small, bleeding points can be seen
underneath. Nail changes – loosened, “It is also associated with a slightly higher
thickened or pitted nails. Pits are small dents/ risk of cardiovascular disease; angina, heart
ice-pick-like depressions on the surface of the attack and stroke.”
nails. [Psoriasis] can also affect joints causing
pain and deformities.” Despite the high prevalence of psoriasis in
Ireland, many sufferers say that the condition
It’s important to note that there are many itself is embarrassing, and many people avoid
different types of psoriasis. the doctor due to this embarrassment.

“Plaque psoriasis is the most common form Dr Ahmadi says that it’s important to
of psoriasis. Guttate psoriasis usually has a understand that if you have psoriasis, it’s
sudden onset with the widespread appearance nothing to be embarrassed about.
of small, red, teardrop-shaped patches.
“Psoriasis affects millions of people around
the world. It is important to remember that
psoriasis does not define you as a person. There


Partner Promotion

By Lisa Salmon ABvroeiadkadWowintner

Cuppa loads of this With AA Rescue

From lowering blood pressure to supporting Beating the winter breakdown is an easy
weight loss and improving concentration, task. Let us tell you how
there’s bags of goodness in that humble brew
Volatile, temperamental, stubborn… and that’s just the weather!
Millions enjoy their daily cups tea appears to have the most Although prepping our car for the harsh winter conditions can
of tea – but while sipping a potent cholesterol-lowering easily bring out the worst in us, most breakdowns are easily
soothing brew might seem power, delivering reductions in avoided. For straightforward maintenance you can carry out
like the most ordinary thing LDL and total cholesterol levels. yourself, the AA has these tips to ensure your safe arrival home
in the world, it could be doing this winter!
some extraordinary things for REDUCED STROKE AND
your health. That comforting HEART ATTACK RISK Preserve your car’s BATTERY – switch off lights and electronics
cuppa isn't only helping you Drinking one to three cups of when not needed and shut down the engine when not in use
keep hydrated and unwind for a green tea a day reduces the risk Worn TYRES can be hazardous in wet or frosty conditions as
moment or two, it's packed full of stroke by 36 per cent, and the loss of traction can cause a collision. Ensure your tyre’s tread
of nutrition – and there's lots of odds of having a heart attack by and pressure is up to standard.
science backing this up. 19 per cent. Similar effects are
also seen for black tea. FLUIDS are essential for winter driving – protect your cars
New evidence suggests pipework with coolant and top up your windscreen wash levels
drinking four to five cups of HEALTHIER TEETH as required
black or green tea a day improves Tea is a source of fluoride, which
cardiovascular function, lowers is important for protecting teeth Check your car’s oil level when the engine is cold and top up as
blood pressure and reduces the against decay and gum disease. necessary
risk of a heart attack or stroke.
It also lowers cholesterol and BRAIN BOOST Worried about a breakdown? AA Rescue fixes
damps down inflammation. Studies show that people who 8 out of 10 cars on the spot. Join the AA from
drink tea regularly tend to have just €8.25 per month.
Dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton better cognitive function in older
explains that high levels of natural age, and experience less cognitive AA Membership is not a regulated product however the car hire, travel expenses and
polyphenol compounds, plus decline. accommodation elements of Rescue Plus are regulated. These are underwritten by
some fluoride and caffeine, give AmTrust Europe Limited who is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and
black tea many health benefits. regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority
in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of
Both black and green tea There's enough caffeine in two AA Ireland limited trading as AA Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank Of Ireland.
significantly reduce levels of the cups of tea to promote mental
LDL cholesterol associated with alertness and concentration, says
cardiovascular risk, with those at Ruxton. A 2011 Dutch study, that
highest risk seeing the greatest compared participants who drank
reduction. A 12-week study found ordinary black tea with others
three cups of black tea lowered who drank a placebo beverage
levels of dangerous triglycerides that looked and tasted like tea,
by 35.8 per cent, and the ratio found the black tea drinkers had
of unhealthy LDL cholesterol significantly enhanced accuracy in
to protective HDL cholesterol attention tests, and higher self-
improved by 16.6 per cent. Green reported alertness.

Ageless recipes
Food from healthy eating hero
Tracye McQuirter aka the Ageless Vegan

Tracye says:

“This dish was inspired by the delicious stuffed
peppers we ate when I was growing up. This
updated recipe uses a medley of wild rice,
zucchini (courgette), walnuts, and currants for
the filling and a cashew butter-based dressing
on top. It contains antioxidant-rich foods in a
variety of health-promoting colours.”

(about 2 lemons)
2 tbsp tahini
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tbsp roughly chopped curly parsley
1 tbsp roughly chopped fresh mint
½ tsp sea salt
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 small cucumber, finely chopped
(about 1 cup)

Stuffed You will need ¾ tsp sea salt Method
orange For the filling Freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Line a
and red ¾ cup uncooked wild rice 2 large red bell peppers, cut in half baking sheet with parchment paper
bell peppers 1 small zucchini (courgette), grated and seeds removed and set aside.
(about 2 cups) 2 large orange bell peppers, cut in 2. Place the uncooked wild rice in
Serves 4 Time 1 hour Level Easy 1 cup raw walnuts, roughly chopped half and seeds removed a fine strainer and rinse. In a large
¼ red onion, finely chopped (about pot, boil four cups of water and the
22 WOMANSWAY.IE ½ cup) For the sauce rice. Reduce the heat, cover, and
½ cup currants ¼ cup cashew butter simmer for 45 minutes and check for
3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice doneness. Some varieties of wild rice
take longer to cook than others. The
rice should be tender but still chewy,
with some of the grains open. If not
done, cover and continue simmering
for another 10 to 15 minutes, if
necessary. Once rice is done, drain
off any remaining water.
3. In a large bowl, combine
the cooked wild rice, zucchini
(courgette), walnuts, onions,
currants, oil, salt, and pepper.
4. Stuff the bell peppers with the
wild rice mixture and place on the
lined baking sheet. Bake for 45
5. In a blender, combine the cashew
butter, lemon juice, a quarter cup of
water, the tahini, garlic, nutritional
yeast, parsley, mint, salt, cayenne,
and pepper. Blend until smooth. Stir
in the cucumbers. Serve stuffed bell
peppers with the cucumber sauce on
the side.

Vegetable pot pie ree Cookbook
bean chilli
Serves 6 Time 1 hour 10 mins Level Easy Tracye says:
Serves 10 Time 1 hour Level Easy
You will need “This chilli is a delicious way to
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil You will need eat a variety of beans at once,
1 yellow onion, diced 2 tbsp olive oil which is good news because
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 red onions, chopped eating beans every day is one
½ cup finely chopped mushrooms 4 garlic cloves, chopped of the keys to achieving optimal
1 can coconut milk (light or regular) 1 tbsp chili powder health and longevity. They’re
1 tbsp wholewheat flour 1 tsp cumin high in protein, fibre, iron, and
3 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 medium red bell pepper, seeds other vital nutrients and can help
2 tsp sea salt removed, diced ¼in thick prevent the risk of heart disease
1 tsp thyme 2 medium carrots, diced ¼in thick - our number-one cause of death.
¼ tsp cayenne pepper 1 stalk celery, diced ¼in thick This recipe calls for pinto, kidney,
2 cups frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, peas, and green 1 tsp basil and black beans, but any of
beans) 1 tsp oregano your favourites will do. The chilli
1 can or carton of chickpeas, drained 1 tsp cayenne pepper tastes even better the next day,
2 (9in) frozen prepared wholegrain pie crusts, thawed 2 tbsp chili flakes once the seasonings have had a
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste 1 can diced tomatoes chance to meld.”
1 tbsp extra-virgin coconut oil, melted 4 cups vegetable broth or water
1 can cooked pinto beans constantly. Add bell peppers, carrots,
Method 1 can cooked kidney beans celery, basil, oregano, cayenne
1. Preheat oven to 375°F. In a large soup pot, heat the oil 1 can cooked black beans pepper, and chili pepper flakes and
over medium heat. Stir in the onions and garlic, and sauté 1 tsp sea salt sauté for three more minutes, stirring
until the onions are translucent, about three minutes. Add Black pepper, to taste occasionally. Stir in tomatoes and cook
mushrooms and sauté for another three minutes. Add the 1 tbsp low-sodium tamari for three more minutes.
milk, flour, nutritional yeast, salt, thyme, and cayenne, and 1 tsp barley miso 2. In a large pot, add the vegetable
mix until thoroughly combined. stock and the beans and bring to a boil.
2. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for five minutes, Method Turn heat to low. Stir the vegetable
stirring often. Place the vegetable mixture in a large bowl 1. In a large skillet, heat the oil over mixture into the pot of beans. Add
and stir in frozen vegetables and chickpeas. Stir in black medium heat. Stir in the onions, salt, pepper, tamari, and miso. Taste
pepper, taste, and adjust seasonings, as desired. Spoon the garlic, chili powder, and cumin and and adjust seasonings, as desired.
filling into the bottom pie crust. sauté three to five minutes, stirring Simmer for 15 minutes. While the chili
3. Cover the filling with the top pie crust, cut away the is simmering, scoop out two cups of the
excess crust, and crimp the edges of the crusts together to chili, place them in a food processor,
seal. Make three small slits in the top center. Lightly brush and blend until smooth, about one
the pie crust with coconut oil. Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until minute. Place the blended chili back in
crust turns golden brown. Let cool for about 10 minutes the pot, stir, and continue simmering.
before serving. e pot pie can be stored in the freezer in an
airtight container for up to three months. is chili freezes well for batch
cooking. WW

Extracted from Ageless Vegan: The Secret to
Living a Long and Healthy Plant-Based Life by
Tracye McQuirter, MPH with Mary McQuirter
(Perseus Books, €23) which is out now


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My 10-year-old daughter has just
been told she needs to wear glasses
and she’s very upset about it. At
what age can she start wearing
contact lenses?

Dr Nigel Best, clinical spokesperson known nine-year-olds who behave River Island is launching RI Baby, a range for
for Specsavers (, in a more responsible manner than little ‘uns aged 0-12 months. It’s an impressive
says: “According to a report, some 15-year-olds. e child’s 80-piece collection, gender neutral, that will
younger people can be up to four ability to listen and comprehend the encompass the ‘going home’ outfit, birthdays and
times more likely to want to try advice given to them is paramount. Christmas. We love the pops of red and metallic
contact lenses than adults, and a
study looking at attitudes towards “Important for success in any new touches. Prices start at €6.
contact lens wear found 78 per cent contact lens wearer is a high level of
of child spectacle wearers would be motivation. is can help overcome CHILDREN’S BOOK OF
interested in trying contact lenses. many obstacles, such as difficulty THE WEEK
“ e good news is there’s no inserting and removing lenses, INTO THE
specific age at which a child is old initial lens awareness, and even fear. JUNGLE by
enough to wear contact lenses. In
theory, children can wear them “Involvement of parents is very Katherine Rundell,
from any age, even as newborn important to successful contact illustrated by
babies if needed - if a newborn lens wear in young children. An Kristjana S Williams
baby is born with a congenital engaged and informed parent, who (Pan Macmillan)
cataract, the baby’s natural lens will plays an important role reinforcing
be removed within a few months and supervising how the child looks Waterstones
of birth and the baby will wear after the lenses, is crucial. Children’s Book Prize and Costa
a contact lens until they’re old Children’s Book Award-winner
enough to have a lens implanted. “Research into the benefits of Katherine Rundell has taken the
contact lens wear for children and characters from Rudyard Kipling’s
ankfully, those cases are rare. teens found that contact lenses timeless classic e Jungle Book and
“Any decision on whether (or significantly improved their quality created a new set of jungle-based tales
when) to first fit a child with contact of life, so it’s always worth a parent for a new generation. As Mowgli makes
lenses is based on a number of having a chat with their optician if his way through the lush green foliage he
factors, with an optician often their child is interested. collects stories from those who care for
considering the three ms: maturity, him, along themes of bravery and love set
motivation and mum. “Your eyes can reveal a lot about against struggles and hardship. We learn
“A child’s level of maturity is not your general health and so it’s about the strength of Kaa the snake’s
always related to their age; we’ve all really important to have regular hypnotic stare, the heartbreak of Baloo’s
eye tests - once every two years, or cubhood as he tries to prove himself
more often if recommended by your to his father, and are introduced to the
optometrist.” whirlwind that is Mowgli’s foster mum
as a young wolfcub. Each tale moves us
YOUR HOW TO REACT families’ ways of life and the forward towards the final where Mowgli,
WEEKLY difficulty of coping with stress using what he’s learnt, he stands firm and
ROUND-UP Children’s Cancer and and anxiety. Nearly all parents does the right thing. Rundell may have
OF ALL Leukaemia Group (CCLG) has felt a sense of grief at the loss of created a new classic collection of tales.
THINGS revealed the results of an online “normal” family life.
CHILD survey to uncover the wider
FOCUSED impact of cancer on families e survey highlighted the
as part of a major campaign to lack of awareness shown by
improve care and support for others on knowing the right and
parents and carers. wrong things to say to families
affected by a cancer diagnosis.
e online survey, which Nearly half of all respondents
was completed by parents and rated the statement “Don’t
carers of children diagnosed worry, it will all be fine” as the
with cancer, found that 96 per worst thing to say. Negative
cent of respondents felt lonely or comments included “I wish my
isolated following their child’s child would spend the day in
diagnosis, while 79 per cent said bed”, “childhood cancer isn’t
they felt left out of normal life. proper cancer” and “my pet has
just had cancer so I know how
Issues raised by the survey you feel”.
include how cancer has affected



(PS: being a pushy parent isn’t one of them)

By Una Rice 1 PARENT POWER be more beneficial than a point to group sports or activities, MFOORRYEOHUELP
UNDERPINS EVERYTHING blank no. Saying no will not like art, design, writing
damage confidence. Giving a or baking. Boys may need Lifecoaching is a hugely
You are your child’s biggest child skills to work towards, more encouragement into beneficial tool for teenagers
influence, at least until they go to saving for something they those more creative pursuits and younger children as well as
secondary school and find a peer want, or prioritizing their list of and girls often need more parents, to help tap into areas
group which they identify with. wants, and steps to achieving encouragement around group that are holding you up. One
At which point, you may feel that them, can boost confidence as sports from first year in of Ireland’s most acclaimed
your influence is waning, but your child is working out the secondary when confidence coaches, Conor Hogan, is
your child is still looking to you way forward. can often drop. Supporting experienced in education and
for guidance and approval, which your child in following their working with youngsters,
is vital to them. If something is 3 GREAT THINGS HAPPEN passion, whatever that is, is including those with special
important, keep emphasizing IN TINY STEPS, NOT the master key to confidence, needs, and offers a number of
it, be it great table manners, LEAPS because it often says, ‘this courses, including Confidence
speaking clearly, or reaching is who I am, this is what I in Children and Adolescents.
out to make someone feel at ease Today’s life coaches and believe in, this is what I am Email: [email protected] or
or to help someone in difficulty. motivational speakers talk able to do.’ call 087 100 5600. Visit
Your child is picking up on your about ‘chunking it down’ into
cues all the time, at home and in manageable pieces so that it’s 5 EMULATE THE
public and you will be imitated achievable over time. If your PERSON YOU ADMIRE Start instilling confidence
and this stands true from the child is faced with any new in them from a young age with
toddler to the teen years. Show targets or projects, they too can If your child isn’t feeling methods that cultivate their
any doubt or disapproval and put this method into place. It particularly confident independence. A beautiful book
they’ll pick up on it. Similarly, works for all age groups across around an event, teach them for parents with very young
show an unwavering trust and all subjects. Want to improve this visualization game. Ask children is How to Raise an
support in your child, and they’ll maths or English reading in them to think of the person Amazing Child The Montessori
get that too. your under ten, or move up a who they most admire, and Way (A parents’ guide to
grade in music? An extra 10 or to consider how that person building creativity, confidence
2 DON’T FEAR SAYING ‘NO’ 15 minutes every evening can would react or act in the and independence), by Tim
be all it takes. Or chunk it down same or similar situation. It Seldin. Published by
It’s a material world and children further, ie, ‘tonight we’ll focus might be a famous footballer,
often desire the latest gadget on complex fractions.’ Remind singer, prominent leader,
or certain brands as a way of your child how far he or she scientist, inventor or author. Want to try something
gaining admiration. But if you has come by talking about Say to your child, what fun that also helps your child
constantly give in, even when their achievements to date and would they have done when become body confident? Try
you don’t want to, you’re feeding celebrating their victories. faced with the same test/ family yoga. Yoga movement,
into their idea self-entitlement challenge/obstacle/situation. breathing and relaxation
not confidence. Saying ‘no’ 4 FIND YOUR HIDDEN OR This empowering technique can help with pressures on
and explaining your reason is UNIQUE TALENT can be used for team sports, busy children giving them an
important, as you’re teaching or when your child has to awareness of how wonderful
your child they may have to Confidence comes with do something on their own and flexible their body is. It’s
wait, not everything is instant. mastery of a gift and children in front of a group of people. non-competitive and suitable
Help your child understand the are only too happy to show you And what boosts your for all. There are lots of classes
difference between wanting and what they can do – and not just child’s confidence further is all over Ireland and some
needing an object, and how often what they can do brilliantly, knowing that their heroes retreats for holiday periods.
gaining that object may fulfill but what they love to do. They get flutters of nerves too and Always ensure your teacher is a
them but only momentarily might not be the best at scoring also use techniques to fake fully qualified yoga instructor.
– until the next desire comes goals or the fastest at running, confidence, whilst building it
along. It’s good to say no, but but their gifts may lie in areas at the same time. WW
explanations are always going to that aren’t so public or linked


Parenting feature


We look into tracking apps for children

All parents worry about their kids. But does parameters are around communication with the wake of new research by Girlguiding UK By Lisa Salmon
that make it alright to ‘spy’ on them? your son or daughter, but that’s not the same that shows nearly two-thirds of 13 to 21
Increasing numbers of parents are using GPS as tracking them,” he says. year-olds either feel unsafe, or know
tracking apps on their phones so they can someone who is fearful of walking home
always tell exactly where their children are. “The most important thing is having a alone.
conversation about communication - about
Chef Jamie Oliver has admitted to using parents ringing kids at the right time, and Disadvantages
one of the apps, Life360, to keep an eye on about children picking up when they do - Kids may become more secretive
the eldest of his five children, saying it’s a but the notion of tracking someone feels
‘brilliant’ way to check where daughters uncomfortable.” Young people may respond to being tracked
Poppy Honey (16) and Daisy Boo (15) are. by becoming increasingly secretive and
But, despite having such conversations flouting the surveillance by, for example,
But using this type of surveillance on with their children, some parents may still leaving their phone at a friend’s house so
adults might be considered harassment, and want to use a tracking app. So what are the their parents think they’re there.
while they may give peace of mind to pros and cons of using such technology?
anxious parents, the counter-argument is They don’t become streetwise
they’re not helping young people learn to be Advantages
independent and keep safe on their own. Peace of mind for parents Young people run the risk of not learning to
be independent and safe on their own.
Jeremy Todd, chief executive of the UK Sten Kirkbak, co-founder of the tracking
parenting charity Family Lives (familylives. watch phone XPLORA ( says Internet and social media access, says his organisation is concerned the main benefit of tracking a child, for the
about a parent feeling the need to track a parent, is instant peace of mind. Children need a smartphone for their
young person, pointing out that they should parents to install a tracking app, but this can
instead be talking about any concerns with “For example, parents no longer need to expose them to the potential dangers
their child, establishing how they might be ring their child continuously, thus causing associated with social media and the
addressed, and discussing what a child them to feel embarrassed, or interrupting internet such as cyberbullying,
might do if something went wrong while their play and exploration. Location tracking inappropriate contact with strangers and
they were out. can also ease unnecessary worry if a child unsupervised access to inappropriate
doesn’t answer the phone straight away. information.
“We’re concerned that there’s a false sense Through GPS tracking, a parent can receive
of safety - just because a parent knows a quick update and put their mind to rest.” Trust issues
where a child is, doesn’t mean the child’s
safe or that the concerns a parent has about Gives kids more freedom If they’re being tracked, young people may
their child’s wellbeing have been addressed,” feel their parents think they can’t be trusted.
he warns. “We don’t want it to be something Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington has said By contrast, if they feel they are trusted,
that prevents parents talking to their she installed a tracking app on her 12-year- such responsibility can help them behave in
children about being streetwise. old son Joe’s phone, pointing out it gives him a trustworthy manner.
more freedom because knowing where he is
“Parents need to allow their children to means she’s more relaxed about letting him Kirkbak says: “Teenagers might feel
grow up to be independent, and there’s a go further afield. they’re mistrusted and controlled by
sense that this has the potential to prevent ‘helicopter’ parents. Make sure the
that happening in a healthy and natural way. Reassurance for children discussions you have with them are
How would we have felt as teenagers transparent and always listen to their
knowing our parents always knew where we Location tracking can also be reassuring for feedback.
were? Part of being a teenager is exactly the the child, particularly if they get lost. This is
opposite of that.” especially useful if a child wanders off in a “In my view, the use of these apps should
crowded place, says Kirkbak. always be a two-way thing. Jamie Oliver is
Todd says tracking raises important transparent about the fact that his children
questions around consent, suggesting some “Knowing their parents can locate them at can also see where he is, so that they too can
parents may feel that because they pay for any given moment can alleviate the locate him. This means no-one is being
their child’s mobile phone, they’re entitled to immediate sense of panic a child feels when ‘spied’ upon; rather, the whole family is
know where their child is all the time. they realise they’re lost.” connected, able to easily see and locate each
other if needed.” WW
“You’re entitled to establish what the He points out that this peace of mind is
relevant to older children too, especially in


his story to educate
younger generations

HOLOCAUST aboutthepast

I Was a Boy in Belsen: is is
a book title that many of us
have heard of, yet who was
this boy and what happened
in the years that followed? e
answer is Tomi Reichental and
thankfully, his subsequent
experiences were and continue
to be much more positive that
his earlier ones. Tomi, who is
now in his early eighties and
originally from Slovakia, has
lived in Ireland for almost 60
years and considers it home,
while his children and six
grandchildren are the apple of
his eye.

“I’m an old Dub now, it’s
where I’ve lived most of my
life and I love it. I lost my wife
here in 2003 and my father-in-
law said to me, ‘Well now that
she’s gone you probably will go
back to Israel,’ and I said, ‘Why


Real life

Image courtesy of the Reichental family. Tomi (pictured in the front “By the time I depending on his audience,
row wearing a white hat) with his brother and cousins in the 1930s was ten I had some of this has to be adapted
seen all there from time to time.
By Michelle Newman should I? I love it.’ Ireland, this As the laws began to change, was to see”
is my home and I’m still here. which restricted the rights of “I had a very bad
My parents passed away, but Jewish people, Tomi, along Tomi Reichental experience when I started to
I’ve still [got] relatives in Israel with his mother, brother, speak in schools. I went to a
and my brother of course,” he grandmother and his cousin surprised to hear that his nine- school with young children,
says. “People don’t realise how went into hiding to escape year-old granddaughter Anna so they were 11, 12-year-olds
lucky we are here; it’s nice and capture by the Gestapo. fully understood what the book because my grandson was
peaceful and everything thank was about. there. I wasn’t sort of ready
God. We haven’t got the fighting Devastatingly they were for speaking and I didn’t
and e Troubles that we used eventually caught and sent to Tragically, Tomi’s late wife prepare myself properly.
to have and hopefully it will not Bergen-Belsen concentration passed away without ever [ ere I was] talking about
start again.” camp in 1944 when Tomi was knowing about this portion of the Holocaust and suddenly
just nine-years-old. ey his life as he didn’t talk about the all these children around
Tomi’s parents were farmers remained there until they were Holocaust or his time in Bergen- me are in tears and I was
and he lived on the family farm liberated in April 1945. Belsen to anyone for over half horrified because I thought,
until he was six-years-old, a century. He believes that he ‘My God, now they will go to
when in May 1942 he and his Having previously spoken needed this time in order to ‘heal’ their parents and they will
older brother Mikinko ‘Miki’ about this in his book I Was a but he was shocked at how ‘fresh’ tell them that I made them
were sent to live with his aunt Boy in Belsen, author Eithne everything felt, when he did cry and I will get into trouble’
in Nitra, a city in western Massey has recently published finally begin to open up. and actually the opposite
Slovakia to go to school there. It a retelling of Tomi’s words; a happened of course; they
was here that Tomi first began version of the events leading up “After my wife passed I retired, wanted me to come and speak
to realise that because of his to his arrival at Belsen and the and of course I wasn’t the type to the whole school,” he says
religion other people treated time spent there. to sit down and watch television. before adding, “the point
him differently. I got into this thing that people, was that I did speak and I
Tomi: Tomi Reichental’s young people, really don’t know said too much for children to
“My parents, before we were Holocaust Story is both what the Holocaust was about, so absorb, so this is why when
taken to the concentration heartbreaking and surreal, I started to speak, in 2004, about I’m speaking now I go to
camp, didn’t tell me anything. I as the entire experience is a year after my wife passed away. secondary schools to students
was only six, seven-years-old, explained through the eyes from sort of 15, 16 years and
they didn’t want to frighten me of a child. is is perhaps best “I used to break down. I used up.”
so when I saw my aunt sewing summarised by one of the most to have 300 students in front of
the yellow star on my coat I poignant lines from the book’s me and I was in tears. Sometimes Tomi’s main goal through
asked her, ‘What is that for?’ beginning in which Tomi states, I still get very emotional now but telling his story and talking
and she said, ‘Ah it’s nothing, “By the time I was ten I had seen I’m sort of able to hide it with about what he and his family
we are Jewish we have to wear all there was to see.” taking a little water. went through is to not only
it’ and I didn’t think about it educate, but more importantly
twice. Even though it was a law “ e whole thing with the “My partner, she comes with so that we don’t forget about
already for a couple of years but book is, there are children’s me all the time and she says, ‘Oh what really took place all
we never wore it in the village books about the Holocaust but when you were talking about this those years ago.
[Merašice] because everybody they’re all sort of fairy stories. you were in trouble’ and I said,
knew us,” Tomi explains. A lot of academics condemn the ‘ at’s right.’ She notices right “It’s amazing some people
books because it’s not near what away. It’s still difficult because they never speak about it
“Only then when I went to the the Holocaust really was about, when I’m speaking, I’m reliving [because], the experience is
school and the children started so my book is actually a true my past and I speak very fluently, so hurtful. I didn’t speak for
to abuse me and [were] shouting story and that’s the difference to no problem and suddenly it all those years, not because I
at me and all that, I realised that the other children’s books that becomes very real and suddenly I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t
this star was such a symbol to were also written to introduce get into trouble.” speak about it, it brought back
show that I’m Jewish.” children to the Holocaust,” Tomi such bad memories that I
says, explaining that he was Today, Tomi spends much of his couldn’t. Eventually I realised
free time travelling to schools and that I owe it to the victims, so
universities around the country that their memories are not
and speaking to the students forgotten,” he says. “I always
about the Holocaust. Over make a joke that I didn’t speak
the years he has learned that for over 50 years but now they
can’t stop me!”

Tomi: Tomi Reichental’s
Holocaust Story retold by
Eithne Massey (O’Brien Press,
€9.99) is available now





Diarmaid Blake of TOP TIPS “Find easy ways By Tara Corristine
Money Maximising to save money
Advisors gives his tips 1. Shop around for the best price online like switching your
to making your cash go for presents and make sure they will be utilities provider”
further this Christmas delivered on time.
2. If you have a large family, use Kris Kindle WHAT IS YOUR BEST MONEY TIP?
Once the Halloween decorations are down, to reduce the number of presents you need Never, ever build up credit card debt if it
our focus turns to Christmas and the huge to buy. can be avoided. If you do find yourself in
outflow of money from our bank accounts. 3. It’s best to avoid using your credit or trouble, get a bank or credit union loan
Creating a mini budget can help to make your debit card when ordering drinks so take the to pay off the card, as the interest on the
money last throughout this period but you’ll allocated amount out of an ATM machine former will be so much lower. Also, find
need to get your festive figures together first. then go home when it is spent. easy ways to save money like switching your utilities provider. You can save up to
1. Do some homework on your wages €300 a year by switching which is not to
payments. Find out what dates that they will THE COMMISSION FOR REGULATION be sniffed at. The new website
be paid into your bank account in December OF UTILITIES IS CALLING ON PEOPLE from the CRU makes it incredibly simple.
and January. Find out what wages are due TO SWITCH ON TO THEIR SAVINGS AS
to be paid to you, including bonuses or extra ENERGY CONSUMERS. WE SPOKE TO WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST MONEY
2. Find out what exact dates in the months ABOUT BEING A SAVVY SAVER. I’m very sensible with money, but I did
that your direct debits come out of your bank once pay a huge restaurant and bar bill for
account. Having a direct debit bounce is What was your best value purchase? a group of pals after one too many that I
stress you don’t need over the festive period. I have always coveted those insanely slightly regretted the next day. Not because
To avoid this, ensure that you have enough expensive Hervé Léger knitted dresses it wasn’t a great night, but because I had to
money in your current account on these dates which usually come with four-figure price live pretty frugally for the next month! WW
to cover these costs. tags. I found one in TK Maxx a couple of
3. Make a list all of the people that you years ago, which was perfect and about a See for more
are going to buy presents for, then decide fifth of the price.
how much you can afford to spend without CASH CALL
putting yourself under too much pressure. WHAT WAS THE LARGEST PURCHASE YOU
This exercise should be completed before you EVER SAVED FOR? New phones are often high on the
go out shopping or you may be tempted by Christmas wish list so why not turn your
impulse buys. I’d probably have to say my wedding dress. old one into a downpayment? Envirofone.
4. Make a note of all of the nights out you I thought I’d be one of those effortless com will buy old handsets for cash: simply
expect to have – from staff parties to family brides who picked something up for €100 enter your phone’s model number and
get-togethers – and how much you can afford in a vintage shop and looked incredible, but they will give you a quote. If you’re happy
to spend in total. Then allocate a budget I tried on a Jenny Packham dress and fell with the amount, they will send you a
to each night. It is very easy to start the in love. It remains the most beautiful piece prepaid envelope for your device, and
celebrations too early in the season and miss of clothing I have ever owned and seems you’re paid they day they process it.
other important nights because you have run such a shame not to be able to wear it again.
out of cash. It cost just over €2,000 which I’ve since
learned is at the lower end of the bridal
Now you can create a week-by-week budget dress scale!
for the December and January period with all
of your income and expenditure. The figures
don’t have to be exact. The calculations will
give you an indication of if/when you are
going to experience cash flow problems.


Life hacks


the Black
Friday chaos

Our top tips for shopping
the sales with ease

By Michelle Newman Since the early 1950s Black Friday, or the day on the day. Ideally, you’ll want to be outside failure to do so could mean that you will be
after Thanksgiving in the United States, has the store before it opens to give yourself every stuck with an item that’s not suitable for the
long been regarded as the day where people advantage. purpose or person it was intended.
begin their Christmas shopping. Although this
is all still relatively new here in Ireland the 4. Shop around 7. Don’t be fooled
tradition is quickly catching on, with shops
and shoppers alike all striving for the lowest Granted going to more than one shop on Black Some retailers can pull the wool over their
prices and best bargains. We’ve put together Friday does take more time and it could mean customers eyes on Black Friday by providing
our top tips for you to keep in mind this that you will have different items to pick up in them with discounts that seem to be too good
November 23. each place, but if it sees you walking away at to be true - and sometimes they are. If you
the end of the day having saved money, it’s know there are certain items that you’ll want
1. Set a budget bound to be worth it. Our advice? Do your to purchase on Black Friday, then keep an eye
research online in the days leading up to Black on the actual prices in the weeks leading up to
Knowing what you can, and cannot, afford is Friday - and Cyber Monday for that matter - this. You could notice that some retailers
something each of us should keep in mind to guarantee you’re getting the best possible actually hike up these prices in advance so
throughout the entire year, but at Christmas deal from each store and for each item. that it seems like you’re getting a brilliant
we’re all guilty of going overboard just a tad. bargain on the day, when in reality you’re not
Outlining the amount of money you can 5. Plan b saving very much money at all.
afford to spend on Black Friday will help you
to stay out of the red in the days that follow. Like any other day of the year, but especially 8. Dress for success
We find that bringing a small calculator or at Christmas time, the popular items are the
even using your mobile phone to add up the ones that everyone will be looking for Black Friday isn’t the time to don your finery
total cost of the items in your shopping trolley meaning they’re likely to be the first to sell and head out in your favourite heels. Wear
is the best way to avoid getting a shock at the out. Therefore, make sure you have a back-up something comfortable that’s easy to move
checkout. plan and an alternative gift idea, just in case around in and shoes which, if necessary, you
the item you do want is gone. Doing so will can walk in all day. We think that light layers
2. Make a list... mean you’ll be less likely to panic buy are always the safest bet in situations like this.
something super expensive and totally Take a hat instead of an umbrella, a cosy scarf
...and bring it with you! This might sound like impractical. in replacement of your warmest winter coat
a pretty obvious tip but you would be and a handbag that’s easily accessible. Also,
surprised by the number of people who don’t 6. In-store policies it’s a great idea to have a concealed, zip-up
do this. Having a list not only helps you to feel pocket somewhere on your person to store
a little less overwhelmed in a packed store, it Again this one does require you to do your your cards or some extra cash.
also keeps you accountable for your spending homework before the day itself, but it’s a
as you’re less likely to pick up ‘stocking fillers’ really important thing to keep in mind. Before 9. Don’t forget about you
along the way. Remember, a bargain is only a spending money in any given shop, make sure
bargain if you needed it in the first place. that you’re aware of that store’s return and/or And finally remember to get yourself
refund policy as their usual policy could something lovely for the day that’s in it. When
3. Be an early bird change on or around Black Friday. If you find you’re picking up goodies and presents for the
it more convenient to ask the cashier at the people you love and care about, get yourself a
Don’t wait until the afternoon when the shops checkout then that’s perfectly fine too, but treat as well. You deserve it! WW
will be absolutely thronged, not to mention
the added nightmare of trying to find a
parking space! Savvy sales shoppers know
that those who are willing to set their alarm
clock to go off earlier that everyone else are
the ones who will have their pick of the best



inking about embarking on a ‘project’? We reveal everything you need to know first

A NEW BEGINNING: opportunities for you to if you’re trying to haggle builder gives you your to get a set cut, and to By Claire Spreadbury
haemorrhage cash. e and the only way to make contract, go through it trust them in your home.
Starting a building project builders’ costs, for example, things more affordable is with a fine-tooth comb to Otherwise you’ll need to
feels exciting. You’re might include uber-cheap, to supply a lump sum of check if anything’s missing. remain in the house the
creating a new section ugly new radiators, but no cash, you might be tempted If you’re ordering a new whole time, and might
of your home, designed doubt there’ll be an option (though we couldn’t kitchen or bathroom, check just drive yourself insane.
uniquely for you. to upgrade to much prettier possibly recommend it). the itemised list. You may LOST STUFF: Anything
BUILDERS: e people ones, for a price of course. Getting large amounts of have spent days in the you leave on site is likely
who are going to take on FRAYED NERVES: Going money out of the bank can shop talking through it all to end up in a skip if it’s
your work need thoroughly through a build is incredibly be troublesome. You may and working out what you not needed, and things
researching. ey’ll all stressful, and you might have your account blocked want with the supplier, like light fittings or
have different work ethics, well need to take on the and be treated like a total but that doesn’t mean they thermostats – that are
set-ups and costs. Find out role of project manager, criminal, just to warn you. won’t incorrectly order fixed to a wall that are
if friends and family would which is almost impossible HOLIDAYS: A holiday feels something. being knocked down or
recommend builders they if you’re trying to work and so good in the midst of a JARGON: ere will be worked on – can easily get
used - it’s surprising how sort out your family at the build, but he warned - there lots of things you won’t mislaid.
many won’t. same time. Be prepared for might be a little less activity know the names of. When MESS: Strap yourself in
CONTRACT: Once you’ve difficult conversations with going on when you’re not builders, plumbers or for a messy few months.
made a deal with a builder the builders too – if you’re around. Builders often work electricians litter their You’ll have stuff on top of
and the work’s secured, not happy with something, on several jobs at once, so updates with words you stuff, on top of stuff. It’s a
insist on a contract. is it won’t change unless you if someone else is around don’t understand, ask what nightmare.
should tell you what will speak up. and shouting louder, people they mean. NEVER-ENDING: e
be done when - week by GETTING CASH OUT: may get moved off your KEYS: Your builders are builders might tell you
week - and how much you project onto theirs. likely to need their own eight weeks, you’ll
need to pay at every stage. You might not want to do ITEMISATION: When the set of keys, so be prepared estimate 12, but when
Remember to only pay any dodgy dealing, but they’re still at it during
that money when work’s week 14, you might feel
completed as agreed. like you want to explode.
DIRT: Strap in for a few Building work takes an
months of filth. ere will awfully long time.
be dust everywhere. Some OPEN PLAN: is is
builders are better than the look so many of us
others when it comes to are trying to achieve.
protecting you from the Open plan living’s what
dirt (for example, blocking modern life is all about,
off sections of the house so a real home hub where
mess can be contained to everyone can be together,
work sites) and cleaning it perfect for families and
up. Your grass is also likely entertaining. Just beware,
to get filthy (and slightly there are fewer places to
ruined) if they store tools in hide mess so think about
the garden. storage, and if you have
EXTRAS: Beware - a TV in your open space,
everything will have been that’s going to take over,
priced up for you, but as so you might need some
the build progresses, there screen rules.
will be lots of additional



PORTALOO: They’re not SKIPS: When you’re “Anything a good idea to try and get yoga or meditation, and
pretty but if having a having building work you leave on to know them all though, mindfulness apps.
portaloo stops builders done, a skip is one of site is likely as you’ll feel easier about YES PLEASE: Remember
traipsing up your stairs to the first arrivals. Don’t to end up in being in the house with everything you say ‘yes’
use your bathroom, you get too excited about a skip if it’s them. to could cost you money.
want to have one installed. using it to chuck out not needed” WALL CRACKS: When you Some builders are more
Check if it’s included as some big old bits of knock down walls and do upfront about it than
standard in your job price. rubbish you’ve been worth the wait. extensions, you put the rest others. So if you’re asked
QUEEN-SIZE TANTRUMS hoarding for the last 17 UNDER THE GROUND: of the house under severe if you’d like something
AND EMOTIONS: Nothing years, though. Generally, You might have to wave pressure. Supports will be a bit different, be sure
can prepare you for the builders might let you goodbye to bits of your put in place to ensure it’s to check whether it’s
stress building work puts on pop in the odd thing, but garden or a beloved rose safe but you will discover included in the price.
your life. If you have other if you take advantage, bush when it’s dug up to lots of brand new cracks, ZOO-LIKE BEHAVIOUR:
stressful elements to worry they’ll charge you for the provide the soak away. The around windows, across
about too, prepare yourself cost of the skip - which is tunnels and pipes are often corners and over ceilings. Most reputable firms will
for a tough few months. hundreds. Prepare yourself necessary for plumbing This can be alarming but it use good staff, but there’s
You’ll be snappy, ratty, for scavengers too; scrap work, but rest assured, happens. Wait for the house always the odd one -
emotional and generally metal dealers will come and the garden will grow back to settle (usually at least six possibly the labourer
quite unpleasant whenever rummage at all hours, and (minus the rose bush). months is advised), then doing all the horrible jobs
you’re inside the house. some have better manners VARIOUS PEOPLE: fill in the cracks and - who might not be quite
REAL-LIFE BLUR: Once than others. Same goes Building firms use different redecorate. as tidy and polite as you
you’re a good six weeks into for neighbours looking for people for different types X-RATED LANGUAGE: might like. Be sure to give
a build, something happens matching bricks and tiles, of work, so you could see them mugs you’re happy
to your brain. You’re no and complete randoms a lot of different faces over It’s not sweary builders to throw away for their
longer able to retain any hoping for treasure. the course of the work. It’s you need to worry about, cuppas, prepare for mud
additional information that TIMINGS: We all know but your own language. getting everywhere and
isn’t written down, and a builder’s schedule is Another side-effect of cover up any areas – like
have to take each and every unlikely to go completely stress, it’s likely your swear stair carpets and hallway
day as it comes. Planning to plan. Be prepared for count will rise dramatically. - with sticky, plastic
ahead can no longer timings to be, let’s say, Stay calm by organising coverings. You’ll really
happen. flexible. It’s slow work - but time away from the house, appreciate it come the end
relaxing exercise classes like of the build. WW

Partner Promotion

Travel news Congratulations are in
Camino cool order for Breaffy House Russian adventure
By Amy Wall. All prices are correct at the time of going to print Resort in Co Mayo. e
Set yourself a challenge for 2019 and take on hotel recently announced Now this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Spend
the last 100km of the Camino de Santiago. that it has officially three nights exploring beautiful Moscow
This final section of the Camino starts in regained its four-star before heading to St Petersburg for a four-
Sarria and covers the last 100km of the status from Fáilte Ireland. night stay. This package includes a full
Camino Frances, the minimum distance Over the past four years, programme of guided tours and excursions
required to allow you to apply for your there has been a substantial and is available from €1,659pp. Flights
Compostela certificate. On this seven- €3.5 million investment depart from Dublin airport on various dates
night walking holiday you’ll enjoy hotel in the property which in November and December.
accommodation in three and four-star saw upgrades to the 106 For full details call 01 207 6555 or log on to
hotels on a half-board basis and a city tour bedrooms and the addition
of Santiago de Compostela. This package is of four junior suites, two
available from €899pp and flights depart executive suites and a new Festive fun
from Dublin airport on various dates in bridal suite. ere were Enjoy a two-night
April and September 2019. Please note that also improvements made
this trip is recommended for experienced to the leisure club and spa, stay at Fitzpatrick
walkers and the average walking distance and the entire grounds of
will be between 21-23km per day. the resort. Speaking about Castle Hotel this
For full details call 01 637 1633 or log on to the news, Wilson Bird, the General Manager, said: Christmas. This
“ is recognition comes
at a time when we have package includes a
completed only the first
phase of our proposed full Irish breakfast
enhancements at Breaffy
House. We have ambitious each morning, carol
plans with lots of further
Walking weekends developments in the singing with mulled
pipeline for Breaffy House.”
Head to the West and For more information log on wine and mince pies HAVE IT ALL
to www.brea yhouseresort. and Christmas
experience a unique Eve along with Enjoy seven nights at the
A real experience dinner in PJ’s four-star Gran Hotel Bali
walking weekend at Restaurant. in Alicante, Spain, on an all-
Christmas is just around the On Christmas inclusive basis from €347pps.
Knockranny House corner (honestly, it is) and if day, you’ll enjoy Flights depart from Dublin
you’re struggling to think of a a champagne airport on November 16.
Hotel in Westport, Co present for the globetrotter in reception followed For details call 01 241 2389
your life, this might just help. by lunch. This
Mayo. The ‘walking Smartbox, the European leader package is available or log on to www.
when it comes to experience
weekend’ packages include two nights’ gi s, recently launched its
range of gi boxes in Ireland.
accommodation with breakfast, a five- You can choose from getaways,
dining, pampering and
CANARIES course dinner on one evening, a adventure experiences. Prices
range from €29 to €300 and
guided walk with packed lunch, the vouchers are valid for two
years and renewable for the
CHRISTMAS a night safari (complete with same amount of time, free of from €480pps or €550
post-safari entertainment charge. They’re available now
Enjoy seven nights at the Cay from the local ‘Seanchai’ or online at single occupancy. A three-night
Beach Princess Bungalows in storyteller), full use of the and exclusively in Debenhams
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, on a thermal suite in the spa and stores across Ireland. package is also available.
self-catering basis from €779pps. €10 off all spa treatments For details call 01 230 5400 or log on to
Flights depart from Dublin airport from €235pps in November
(November 23 and 24)
on December 20. or €195pps in February Road tripping
For details call 1850 453 (February 1 and 2, 2019).
Ciara and John’s Road Trip Reality is a new
545 or log on to www. For further information call online travel series that showcases well-known and hidden gems across the country. Launching
on a new travel and lifestyle platform, Shiny
098 55155 or log on to www. Day TV, the show is fronted by the former
hosts of TV3’s The Holiday Show. Join Ciara Whelan and John Slattery as they discover

Summer fun the countryside
along with their
Spend three nights at the daughters Bo and
Edie. New episodes
three-star Excalibur Hotel in are available every
Friday and you can
Las Vegas before heading to begin watching by
logging on to www.
beautiful Cancun for a seven
night stay at the four-star

Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

on an all-inclusive basis from €1,830pps. Flights depart from Dublin

airport for travel in May 2019.
For details call 01 673 3804 or log on to


Coming soon...
€2ON.L9Y 9

PÁIINCEK’S by Carmel Harrington (HarperCollins)
Elizabeth Klehfoth’s All
Ruth and son DJ have always been enough for each other. rough ese Beautiful Strangers
the good and bad times they’ve weathered all storms… until now.
Now they know that they really don’t fit in and their lives will concentrates on Charlie
change forever. In this sensitive, gorgeous book that looks at the Calloway, a wealthy
reality of homelessness and emergency accommodation, Carmel boarding school pupil who is invited to join
weaves a story that makes you think twice about what you have. her school’s exclusive secret society. e
When DJ meets Tom, he meets someone else who also feels like an mysterious society reveals a lot more than
outsider. I can’t explain how beautiful this book is, I read it in one she expects, including the story behind her
sitting and I had tears running down my face. Bravo, Carmel, you mother’s disappearance a decade ago. In
made me have all the feelings. her own words, Elizabeth talks about true
crime parallels to her novel
I was very into true crime and was
Every week, we’ll be sending one reader three Congratulations to Anna Burns watching HBO series called e Jinx [ e
books from the WW book cupboard. To enter, who won the 50th Man Booker Life and Deaths of Robert Durst] so there are
all you need to do is answer this question: Prize for Milkman, her third some obvious parallels between that and
Who wrote A Thousand Roads home? Write full-length novel. This is her the book. ere’s a very wealthy real estate
your answer onto the competition entry form on first major award. And she’s heir who marries a girl from a blue collar
page 44 or email in. Best of luck! from Belfast! town. ey come from opposite worlds and
one day she disappears and he’s implicated
ON SHELF in that disappearance.

A HOUSE OF GHOSTS ere’s a moment in the documentary
where he’s talking about the death of his
by Bill Ryan (Zaffre) mother. He recalls getting up in the middle
of the night and seeing his mother in her
It is 1917 and at the height of the First World War, Lord Highmount has robe moments before she fell to her death.
arranged a spiritualist gathering to contact his two sons lost at war. His It’s a moment that everyone else in the
guests arrive but all have something they’d prefer to keep to themselves. documentary says never happens but he
However, everyone finds themselves trapped on the island at Blackwater remembers it very vividly. I thought it was
Abbey, when a storm descends. Let’s hope everyone makes it to the end… interesting how powerful an unreliable
memory can be in shaping who we are.
I thought it would be interesting to
by Angela Chadwick (Dialogue Books) write from point the view of someone
who remembers something from their
A world where women can have children without men, that’s what Rosie childhood and then later, when they’re
and Jules discover, and they agree to make history. But the couple need older, they’re told something that sort of
to hide their baby from public scrutiny, from a public all too happy to turns everything on its head, or they’re
make clear its disagreement to the ovum-to-oven (o-o) technology. given more context and they realise they
didn’t fully understand what was going on

By Lauren Bravo (Bantam Press) I sat down and wrote what became the
prologue of the book which is Charlie’s
I was 15 when Wannabe came out and that summer was dedicated to point of view now looking back on her
finding out more about these five women who changed pop music. e childhood. She viewed it as a very idyllic
words ‘girl power’ bring me back to my living room and pretending I childhood, growing up on the castle on the
was in the band. is fantastic read from Lauren talks about the genuine lake with her very loving family but now
impact the quintet had on 1990s teens and how what they stood for had an she’s seen the photograph that was found
impact on the new wave of feminists. Funny and important. underneath the floorboards of her parents’
house, she’s forced to question everything.
HOMESICK By Áine Toner
at was very interesting to me and that
by Marc Raabe (Zaffre) was the impetus to writing the book.
I wanted Charlie [protagonist] to be
Successful paediatrician Jesse Berg’s life is spiraling when his ex-wife is complicated but neither all good nor all
murdered and his daughter is abducted. What’s perhaps more troubling bad. I like characters I can empathise
is that Jesse knows he was the intended target; it should have been him, with or who I can feel something for. She’s
not his ex-wife. In order to save his daughter, Jesse has to return to his bristly and brusque but you
former self and be prepared to fight. kind of understand why she’s
that way. I wanted her to be
complex and to understand
where she’s coming from.

All These Beautiful Strangers
(Penguin) is available now


Reader fiction

The ages of Nan
She experienced life as it was - and loved it

Eileen tucked the towel in around the “Am I dead?” his arms to face her younger self. “Thank you
old lady’s neck, and lowered the dome of Her younger self smiled. “No, you’re so very much.”
the hairdryer to cover her head. “There
you go, love. I’ll be back to check on you just dreaming, love. I’ve come to take you Younger Nan gave her a smile that seemed
in a minute.” sightseeing, if you’d care for a journey?” just a little tired. There were streaks of grey
in her glorious hair now, and fine lines
Nan nodded and smiled. She hadn’t Their fingers met, and Nan gasped as around her mouth.
a clue what the girl was saying, but she her feet left the ground. Belfast’s smoking
knew the routine by now. A magazine lay ruins faded away below them, and they “We haven’t finished yet, my dear.”
unheeded on her lap, useless to her since soared away across the expanse of Lough This time, she held out both hands. Cathal
cataracts had begun to turn the world Neagh with its Sunderland flying boats grasped one, and Nan the other, and once
misty-white. She sank into sleep. moored in Sandy Bay. Nan’s heart began to again they took to the air.
flutter in anticipation.
It was Easter 1941. She was back in the Another lough, and another green island.
Blitz, standing in the middle of Belfast Below them lay the village of Ardboe. Nan laughed as the sheep-grazed turf tickled
High Street with her throat burning at They touched the earth like thistledown her bare feet. She ran, hand-in-hand with
the brick dust that still filled the air. and Nan looked around for familiar her love, to the base of the round tower.
Somewhere behind her, another wall landmarks. There were the remains of Here, he’d asked her to marry him, and she’d
toppled and fell to the hoarse shouts of the Cathal’s family farm. Air Force workers said yes with tears of joy burning her eyes.
men who were trying to dig out survivors. were flattening the last walls of the Together, they put their palms against the
cottage to make way for the new airfield, warm stone and repeated the vows they’d
Out of the grey dust cloud walked a but she barely registered the noise and made that day while a lark warbled overhead
girl dressed in shining white, flowers commotion, because she’d suddenly found and the sun filled Nan with vigour.
clustered in her flame-red hair like the she couldn’t take a breath.
Queen o’ the May. Her bare feet seemed When she turned to face Young Nan, she
not to feel any pain from smoking Cathal had his sleeves rolled above the found instead a bent crone with deep creases
timbers, and her steps were light and sure. elbow, collar unbuttoned, and flat cap in her skin and rollers in her thin hair.
Nan put a hand to her own head, touching pushed back on his head.
tight curls and hair pins, but they still “I thought you said I wasn’t dead,” Nan
remembered the feel of that long, chestnut “Hello, Nan,” he said, as if they’d only whispered.
mane as it tumbled down her back. seen each other an hour before.
Old Nan smiled and nodded. “And neither
The girl held out a hand. “Hello, Nan.” Her hand went to her hair in a half- were you, when you asked. You were asleep
With an effort, Nan found her voice. remembered self-conscious gesture. Gone in the hairdresser’s chair.”
were the sharp hair pins, replaced by a
“‘Now, you’re on neat bun. She tucked a loose strand behind “And now?”
the threshold of a her ear, tongue-tied. “Now, you’re on the threshold of a great
great adventure. adventure. It’s long overdue, my love.” She
It’s long overdue.’” “Go on,” younger Nan said. “Check if stepped backwards, fading into the soft mist
She stepped he’s real!” And she gave older Nan a gentle that bathed the banks of the island.
backward, fading push.
into the mist” *****
Cathal caught her, swinging her high as “Nan?” Eileen touched the old lady on her
though she weighed nothing, hands sure shoulder. “I’ve made you a nice cup of tea.”
around her waist as he drew her down Nan didn’t wake, so Eileen lifted the dryer
into an embrace. She buried her face in the out of the way and crouched down in front
hollow at the base of his neck, breathing of her. The old lady’s face wore a soft smile,
in scents of sweat, and starch, and tobacco making her seem younger than her 93 years.
that were exclusively Cathal’s. “Well, you poor dear,” Eileen said. “You
deserve your rest.” She took the wrinkled
He stroked the top of her head. “Now hand in hers and stroked it. “And it looks
then, love. What’s all this? Thought you’d
be pleased to see me! I’ve waited such a like you went on the wings of a lovely
long time for you.” dream.” WW

“Oh, I am!” She wiped her eyes with the
back of her hand and tuned in the circle of

By Kerry Buchanan Want to be published in Woman’s Way?

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at [email protected] If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.



This week... NOVEMBER 5-12

With everything that is going on

the world right now it’s a time Back in the battling
of flux in politics. Which is why boyband days any
we think the Festival of Politics, whiff of Boyzone
taking place in Dublin, November fraternising with a
15-18 could be fascinating. With member of Take That
speakers including Pulitzer winner would have been seen
Matthew Desmond, they’ll talk Trump, as an unholy betrayal.
#MeToo, Direct Provision, Brexit, the EU and more. Skip forward a few
Booking is advised. See for decades and it’s Gary
more details Barlow who worked

DSARFIVEING with the boys on their AT THE FLICKS…
single Love, taken from
For those who their final (sob) album FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF
drive as part of Thank You & Goodnight GRINDELWALD
their job you might which is available to
be interested to preorder now. With Delve once more into JK Rowling’s magical world
hear about the tributes on it to the with this sequel to Fantastic Beasts, set in the youth
‘Driving for Work’ much missed Stephen of Albus Dumbledore. It’s Jude Law playing the
Safe Driving Experience at the Road Safety Gately this is one that eponymous role in this outing, with Johnny Depp
Experience Centre in Co Monaghan. Road Safety will have fans welling as the titular Grindelwald. This promises to build up
Ireland has teamed up with Citroën – they provided up. No matter what, much of the lore from the Hogwarts’ universe and is a
them with two cars – to offer this course about best we’ll always love the must-see for any Potterheads. Released on November 16
practice and enhanced driving skills. It’s something to Boyz.
think about as the winter weather approaches. It’s released on READ OF THE WEEK…
See for more details November 16

by Dr Noel Fitzpatrick

(Trapeze, €14.99)

The groundbreaking surgeon recounts

his journey from rural Irish vet

to world-renowned small animal

practitioner at Fitzpatrick’s Referrals

in Surrey. Loved for his genuine

affection for the animals he treats,

and admired for his pioneering surgery, this book offers

a glimpse into how he came to be the man who has

Sing it loud helped improve and save the life of many, many pets.

This year the Sligo International Choral Festival is celebrating its DFOORNG’TET… I AM A FEMINIST By Louise Finn
30th anniversary, so expect it to have something of a celebratory
feel. Running from November 16 to 18 there will be workshops, talks THIS MONTH IS The Dublin Feminist
and singing aplenty. MOVEMBER, SO Film Festival celebrates
See for more details MAKE SURE TO female filmmakers,
SUPPORT THAT those both in front
B be er BUDDING TOM of and behind the
SELLECK IN YOUR camera. This year’s
We all know that a spoonful of honey can work LIFE. SEE WWW. theme is Reframe/
wonders for a cough or cold. Supercharge MOVEMBER.COM Refocus and it takes
this with Beeactiv’s Raw Ivy Honey from Co FOR MORE DETAILS place November 21 and
Limerick that harnesses ivy’s herbal use as 22 at the Lighthouse
an expectorant and bronchodilator. Priced at Cinema, Dublin. Book
€13.95, see to buy now.
for more details




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Don’t dilly dally, Sally

e inmate has got a lot of plans to put in motion

Coronation Street Speaking of Gina, Dev invites her for Also this week
dinner, convinced there’s still a spark. It’s a
Leanne, please listen to me. When your sister pity then that she does have a spark... but for › Who has got new earrings?
tells you that your ex-husband/ex-partner her sister’s husband. › Who is screening their calls?
of many, many years is NOT for you, please › Who loses their cool?
believe her. Nick is not the man for you. Rana’s back early from her cruise... with a
plan. A sparkly, glittery plan. Would it be fair
Meanwhile, Carla, still rather suspicious to say congratulations? Or do a few things
of what’s happened over the last few weeks, need to be discussed beforehand?
does a bit of investigation. What will she
discover? What’s cooking? ere is so much Michelle engineers a date between Ryan
to this story that we want to share, but also and Bethany - will love blossom? We hope
want to let you enjoy watching. so, that’s a great couple.

Jailbird Sally is being super officious, When Tyrone states their living
telling her, er, fellow inmates that she wants arrangements aren’t working, a worried
the governor to arrange recreational classes. Evelyn tells Tyrone how grateful she is but
When Gina tells her sister that her mayoral that she’s outstayed her welcome.
days are over, Sally is none too pleased. Tim
chats with Sal in the chokey and it’s clear Tracy agrees to go for lunch in town with
she’s got lots of plans for when she’s freed Steve on condition he sort Abi out with a job
(should she be getting so organised?). And in Street Cars. He hopes there’s a chance to
will Tim see that Gina is into him? reunite with his wife... but who disagrees?



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

ere is one business in the village that isn’t One regular prepares to up sticks and move Jackie and Hughie help Bob to find a way to
doing especially well, with clients jumping on, leaving some sentimental gifts behind. reach out to Renee’s family. Will they be able
ship to somewhere cheaper. Cue an emotional goodbye. to move on (and er, get married)? Elsewhere,
Jackie encourages Hughie to be more
is week sees the unveiling of the Hayley’s mum, Bev, covers for her when adventurous with the bar.
community garden. Awh. But while this is a the Slaters are looking for her, telling her that
lovely occasion, we predict it doesn’t all go she made the right decision (but we’re not Paul - silly man - fails to notice Jane’s
according to plan... telling you what that decision is). e Slaters agenda as they come to an agreement. Foolish.
celebrate a birthday but it’s half hearted. But who’s in on Jane’s plan? And what will it
A couple broach the subject of having a baby involve exactly?
- one partner is thrilled, one is stunned. at’s Max and Rainie have a date for the custody
to say, one wants to stall for time. hearing but should they fear the worst? Well, Nora feels conflicted and guilty when
there’s an arrival on the Square who might she hides threats and information from her
One mummy is in pain, financial pain cause a ruckus. nearest and dearest. Robbie offers to babysit
we mean, having a lot of trouble with bills. Jack so Carol and Yates can go on a date... but
She tries to remain optimistic but this is Someone revels in choosing a large diamond later, Carol can’t help but have a go at Hayley.
Emmerdale and that won’t last long. - what a lovely thing to have to do - but is
everything as it seems? Doug is dismayed when Erica is friendly
Jessie tells Marlon that Billy has been with Darragh. WIll he prove himself or will
involved in a fight and it could affect his And who is concerned about an unwise she be suspicious of his change of heart?
release. Well, yes. Of course it could. decision being made?

Holby City Ros na Rún Soap gossip

By Áine Toner With Josh in dire straits, Hanssen convinces You got to feel sorry for Caitríona, who’s It has been
Gaskell to come back to Holby. But getting serious grief for upsetting Cóilí Jackie. confirmed that –
revelations about Gaskell’s past make the Is she right or will she cause further upset? once she finishes
path forward all the more challenging. Hmm, Something tells me that she’ll be regretting her sentence –
yes, well that’s all well and good but we are her decision... Kim Tate WILL
SO DELIGHTED at the thought of Gaskell be coming back
being back. Oh, swoon! Katy figures out that sister Dee is extra to the Dales.
suspicious of her trips to Dublin - but will she In fact, she’ll
As Jac fights to help Josh, doubts loom over tell her the truth? be coming back
her own health. Unable to ignore her fears, with a bang and
Jac makes a drastic decision. Mind you, she’s Áine has an idea to make money (go on, to lay claim to Home
keen on the old drastic decisions. Áine, people named Áine are very wise) but Farm. Again. There’s
will her new venture raise eyebrows? also the teeny tiny matter of Kim asking
Meanwhile, Mena’s crusade for truth faces Graham Foster to find out where her son
a set-back when she loses the only ally she Berni isn’t looking forward to her date with James is... Oh, and of course, she’s going
had left. Don’t do it, Mena. Tony. Hopefully she’ll be pleasantly surprised to have to find out who pushed her from
and not, you know, unpleasantly surprised. the balcony (Faith, if you’re interested).
Speaking about her return, actress Claire
King said: “You knew she wasn’t going
to go away quietly, so I’m so pleased to
announce Kim will be back. It’s been great
fun keeping it under wraps but now she can
really get down to business!”


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Through the pages of WW I would like to people think. Well done to one and all. You year. Support your own. Shop local.
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unable to be technically minded and find talking secure. Consider what you want to buy and
to a machine absolutely absurd and nerve- ask yourself, ‘Can I buy this item in a local WRITE AND WIN WO€OV5RE0TRH
wracking. The post office is a service people shop?’. Everyone from small towns asks the
are entitled to, to pay TV licence, electricity same question too frequently – why are so With over 70 years of skincare
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in the price of a local stamp to €1 it’s hardship shop there last? You have to shop there and continues to act as a pioneer in the
enough for pensioners! One bank in our town support the shops to keep them open. So please
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bank it’s all machines. I wouldn’t have a clue
how to work these machines and I know there BIRTHDAY with real skincare benefits. AVEENO® body
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technical now, but to the powers that be – products all contain
please have consideration for elderly folk of Happy birthday
which there are a great many now and let them to Kendall Jenner. naturally active colloidal
enjoy the full of their twilight years. The reality star
ANGELA OSBORNE, CO LIMERICK and model turns oatmeal and/or oat
23 on November 3
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What’s in your stars this week?

Scorpio Sagittarius

Oct 24 - Nov 21 Nov 22 - Dec 21

Impossible problems seem to e urge to take charge is strong
be all around at the moment. at the moment both at work
However, you have the brains and when you’re with someone
and the talent to solve almost you fancy, Sagittarius. ere is
any difficult situation. Don’t nothing wrong with being boss
underestimate your abilities. as long as you take the feelings of
Others are happy to do that for those around you into account.
you. Listen to your head when it If you listen you’ll end up in a far
comes to making a decision. stronger position.

Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries

Dec 22 - Jan 19 Jan 20 - Feb 18 Feb 19 - Mar 20 Mar 21 - April 19

You may have suspicions at the e outright deception that others It may be easy to sneak back and You could become very upset
moment that others are not telling try to get away with must be forth between one person and if you’re not careful. ose that
you the full story. In fact they are, stopped in its tracks. You might another. However, you can’t hide want to get under your skin seem
but they’re not telling it from a not want to be the one that does it, the details from your soul. Don’t to be doing a good job. Look at the
neutral point of view. Listen to but you don’t seem to have much get too cocky if you have more facts before you fly off the handle.
what your gut says about it. If you of a choice. Act sooner rather than one option in front of you.
take your time and concentrate on than later and you will get better Act decently over the next few ere is no harm going for a walk
the facts, the spin will fade away. results. Now is a time for action not days and everything should work before you decide to comfort
Listen and learn. dithering, Aquarius. out to your satisfaction. someone. Pause before saying or
doing anything you may regret.

Taurus Gemini Cancer COMPETITION By Christianna Caeliss founder of Unleashing Aphrodite;

April 20 - May 20 May 21 - June 20 June 21 - July 22 Wave goodbye to all your
tanning woes with Cocoa
Some positive vibes from someone Small doubts may be chipping Be careful when dealing with those Brown by Marissa Carter ‘Fresh
you care about will really fill you away your confidence. Try to that hold all the cards. You may Start!’. Fresh Start removes
with life and energy over the next ignore those negative thoughts feel tired but if you take things all traces of tan in under five
few days. Don’t go overboard as the new week begins and get easy you could find yourself in a minutes. It contains no harmful
when it comes to spending time on with life. ere is no point load of trouble. Keep away from ingredients and leaves skin
together though. e more you creating troubles when none exist. personal discussions as the week fresh, clean and ready for your
pace yourselves, the more you'll Someone wants to have a private comes to a close. Hidden secrets next application. Cocoa Brown
enjoy getting closer to each other. conversation with you but won't could come out and cause you Ultra Dark is the deepest
A phone call gives you good news. until the weekend. hassle at the worst possible time. shade of false tan for faux tan
addicts who can’t get enough.
Leo Virgo Libra It glides on with instant colour
and will last on skin for up to
July 23 - Aug 22 Aug 23 - Sept 21 Sept 22 - Oct 23 seven days. We’re
giving away a hamper
Different sources will give you Taking a long break this weekend Don’t limit your options when of Cocoa Brown’s
different points of view. Listen is a very good idea. Try your it comes to the opposite sex. You latest products
to what others have to say but best to schedule some down may find that you have more worth €20. To enter,
make your own decisions. time. ose that keep looking choices that you could have answer this question
Letting certain individuals have for your help will always push imagined. It’s a great time for and complete the
too much influence could cause your boundaries. No matter how love as long as you give yourself a form on page 44:
you problems as the weeks and much you try you’re likely to find chance. Don’t make any long- Who created Cocoa
months progress. It is time to that it’s not enough for certain term commitments unless you’re Brown?
make your mark on the world. individuals. Too bad. certain you're in. Best of luck.


Tarot special

cards have in
store for you?

I have left my part-time job due to pressure cards are asking you to really tap into thought I might have put them, but no luck Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels
and stress. Do you see any luck for me in your heart here. Look for the opportunity in finding them. Can you help?
getting another one? I am doing a course, that sparks that feeling of excitement in BERNADETTE, CO KILDARE
but not sure which one as should I move your heart – you’ll know it as soon as
away from my line of work to something else you see it. Should you take the course? I’ll do my best, Bernadette. As I always
or do a higher level in my line of work? The cards say this is completely up to say, tarot is notoriously tricky to use
JOAN, CO KERRY you. If you feel it would be of value then when it comes to finding lost objects, but
yes, but if you’re just doing it because it hopefully this will help. The first card
The 10 of Wands appears straight away, seems like the next logical step and you out is the King of Staffs and this tells me
Joan, and this tells me that right now you know, ultimately, in your heart that you that you were likely to be doing a big
can’t see the wood for the trees. It feels want to move away from your old line of clean or organisation of something in the
like the weight of the world is on your work completely, then it might be worth house when you took off your ring – I
shoulders when it comes to your career and a rethink. Either way, a new opportunity want to say perhaps you were clearing
there’s almost the sense of wanting to just awaits you. I see you fully employed by out a closet or the attic? I see clothes and
pack the entire thing in. The Two of Cups this time next year in a role that’s much personal belongings. There’s the sense that
is up next and it tells me that what you better suited to you. you didn’t get to finish this job or were
really want is a job where you feel valued interrupted and had to clean things back
and have meaningful partnerships with To the worried mother who sent me a up pretty quickly and items were maybe
your colleagues – there’s a huge sense of letter regarding her son: I appreciate placed haphazardly in order to clear the
being tired/fed-up of cliquey behaviour your worry and the first thing I would room fast. The Six of Cups and the Eight
in the workplace (I’m guessing the job advise is that tarot is not a substitute of Swords show that the rings have been
you just left had this type of atmosphere for proper medical or psychological placed in something that has a nostalgic
amongst employees?). This is where it gets treatment. In fact, due to this, I don’t quality about it. The Six of Cups is usually
interesting. You say you’re not sure what conduct health or medical readings. It’s associated with children – maybe a box
direction to move in next (which course unethical to suggest that tarot could or old piggy bank belonging to a child
to take) and The Magician appears. He’s give the same sound advice as a doctor or grandchild? Or, if we take the other
telling you to really consider your options or other type of medical professional. I meaning, nostalgic in the sense that it
here. You’re at a pivotal point in your life do hope that you find the help you need belonged to a relative – maybe an old
where you can keep doing what you’ve and what I would suggest is possibly jewellery box. The Eight suggests that your
always done (thereby getting the same discussing the matter in private with rings are actually stuck in something and
results) or you can try something different. your own GP and seeking their advice may not be visible from the outside, so
A card associated with new energy and big or maybe reaching out to a counsellor. try checking in old piggy banks/jewellery
dreams, he’s appearing here to ask you You can find a counsellor in your area boxes – check the linings, check if there’s a
to tap into your heart. Is your old line of by visiting the Irish Association for hole in the base or if they’ve fallen behind
work what you really want to be pursuing Counselling and Psychotherapy website a pull-out drawer contained within the
or is there something else that makes your ( jewellery box. The final card, the Hermit,
heart sing that you’ve always been afraid says that if you keep looking you will be
to pursue? The Magician asks you to think About a year ago I took off my wedding successful, however you will need to use
outside the box. I feel there will be an ring and eternity ring and put them in a a light. So keep a small torch handy when
opportunity for you soon that you might safe place. I have searched everywhere I you’re exploring the above options and
initially dismiss but take a second look at it. please do keep me posted. I love to hear of
There will be something in it for you. The any successes! Wishing you luck.

PLEASE NOTE: Tarot is not designed to replace any medical or financial advice or your own free will. Tarot can guide you and show you options of what may happen.
Remember, when it comes to making choices, you are the master of your own destiny. Have a question you want Amy to answer? Write to: Tarot questions, Woman’s Way,
Harmonia, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 or email: [email protected]


1 - Part of a flower (6)
Once a month, we will be o ering readers (and crossword fans) a super puzzle to test 5 - Child of your aunt or uncle (6)
your skills. This month, you could win a selection of treats from Radisson Blu, Cork 8 - Move in an exaggerated manner (7)
11 - Fix the result in advance (3)
WIN a Sweet Retreat at Radisson Blu 12 - Cherished (9)
14 - Pig meat (4)
Look a er yourself this winter season with a Sweet Retreat spa break at 15 - Natter (4)
Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa, Cork. Nestled on nine acres of landscaped gardens 16 - Style and movement in art (6)
the luxurious Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa, Cork is a fusion of old world charm 17 - Capital of the Netherlands (9)
and new world sophistication, perfectly located at the Gateway to East Cork and 18 - Mineral powder (4)
a mere 15 minutes from bustling Cork City Centre. A Sweet Retreat includes 19 - Eg Hedwig in Harry Potter (3)
an overnight stay for two with a spa treatment each in the hotel’s spa with 20 - With undiminished force (8)
hydrotherapy pool, sauna and steam room followed by a ernoon tea in Banks Bar. 22 - Military post (8)
Enjoy an oasis of calm in the spa which features nine deluxe treatment rooms. 24 - Hero (4)
Visit for all the fantastic o ers available at 25 - Part of a curve (3)
Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork. 26 - Now and then (12)
31 - Anaesthetic (5)
T&Cs: Prize is 1 X 1BB with a ernoon tea and 2 x spa treatments subject to availability, non-transferable, not valid bank holidays 32 - Leaves (5)
48 WOMANSWAY.IE 33 - Savoury jelly (5)
34 - Clod of turf (5)
35 - Intricate and confusing (12)
39 - Deep anger (3)
40 - Conceal (4)
41 - Church of England member (8)
43 - Cheerful brightness (8)
44 - Last month of the year (abbrev) (3)
45 - Metal fastener (4)
46 - King Arthur’s legendary sword (9)
47 - Symbolic (6)
49 - Part of the eye (4)
50 - Boyfriend (4)
51 - Child (9)
53 - Mock (3)
54 - Rider (7)
55 - Without di culty (6)
56 - Witches cast these (6)

2 - The first and the last (5,3,5)
3 - Quality of being individual (13)
4 - Good sense; reasoned judgement (5)
5 - Lord of the Rings actress (4,9)
6 - Happening in fits and starts (9)
7 - Intense type of pain (9)
8 - Enemy (3)
9 - Tennis o cials (7)
10 - Window furnishing (7)
13 - Process of worsening (13)
21 - Ease of use or entry (13)
23 - Viscous liquid (3)
26 - Small antelope (5)
27 - Reproach (5)
28 - Charitable organisation (9,4)
29 - Understandable (13)
30 - Lazy (13)
36 - Round bread roll (3)
37 - Impediment (9)
38 - Bulbous plant (9)
41 - Restlessness; state of worry (7)
42 - Not sudden (7)
48 - Complains continually (5)
52 - Make a choice (3

Simply post the completed crossword
with the competition form on page
44 to Competition 44, Woman’s Way,
Rosemount House, Dundrum Road,
Dublin 14. Closes November 12, 2018.

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