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                                                                Chaperoned by TASIS faculty and designed by                                                                teachers who know the locations well, the trips                                                                give students opportunities to see some of Europe’s                                                                greatest works of art and to learn frsthand other                                                                ways of living. Other travel opportunities in                                                                Switzerland and Italy are available throughout                                                                the year and contribute not only to students’                                                                knowledge and appreciation of other places,                                                                but also to their sense of self-confdence as they                                                                learn to live with others in a new environment.                                                                TASIS students are surrounded by art, history,                                                                and beauty on their campus and seek them out                                                                through their travel program. Few other schools                                                                are so committed to high culture, and no others                                                                are so situated at the crossroads of Europe.                                                                Because of TASIS, Lugano’s “hill of gold” is a                                                                beacon of culture shining out across the years and                                                                throughout the world.                                                                                                                11
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