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14  BATHROOM   Refreshers                                                                                       15

             New life to your old bathroom
             You don’t need to change it all. Sometimes it’s enough to
             complement what you already have. Our range of furniture
             designed to compliment your existing bathroom is ideal for
             giving it a makeover and making it feel new again. This range
             easily transforms bathrooms of all sizes into orderly and highly
             functional areas, and breathes new life into them. You simply
             add-on to what’s already there. These items are easy to buy and
             transport home, and will instantly transform your bathroom to
             make it feel fresh, organized and a delight to spend time in.

                            shelving unit
                            $ 39    99

                                                                                RÅGRUND chair
                                                                           with towel rack
                                                                           $ 49    99

 storage stool
 $ 29  99

       2                                                        3

             1. MOLGER series                  2. RÖNNSKÄR series               3. New RÅGRUND series
             Stained, clear lacquered solid poplar.   Powder-coated steel.      Clear lacquered bamboo.
             Designer: Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.    Designer: Jon Karlsson. RA.    Black    Designer: David Wahl. RA.
             RA.  Dark brown                   Sink shelf $19.99                Chair with towel rack $49.99
             Cart $49.99                       W22½×D16½×H27½". 900.937.59       Helps to save space because you get both
             Easy to move around with included casters.   Shelving unit $39.99   a chair and a towel rack in the same space.
             W13×D18½×H29⅞". 402.414.08        Removable shelves are easy to clean.   W15⅜×D17⅜×H55⅛". 902.530.74
             Wall shelf $34.99                 Powder-coated steel and glass.   Sink shelf/corner shelf $39.99/ea
             W26¾×D7⅛×H21¼". 002.423.58        W16½×D15¾×H69¼". 900.937.64      You can use the space under your sink for
             Storage stool $29.99                                               storage by putting two shelves together.
             W14⅝×D14⅝×H19⅝". 902.414.58                                        W13⅜×D13⅜×H23⅝". 402.530.76
                                                                                Mirror $59.99
                                                                                You can hang jewelry from the knobs on the side.
                                                                                Clear lacquered bamboo and glass.
                                               RA=Requires Assembly             W20⅞×D3½×H19⅝". 702.530.70
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