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A day that is bad for Henry

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Published by James Buckingham, 2019-05-08 12:01:05

Henry Atrocious Day

A day that is bad for Henry

Henry Atrocious Day

By James Buckingham

Once upon a time when everything was fine, a man
named Henry Sanderson and his wife, Linda Sanderson,
two kids, a boy, and a girl, Sammy and Charlie Sanderson
lived in Hurricane, Utah. Henry worked at Mcdonalds in the
desert in a town named Jamestown. Henry was a good man
who never does any bad deeds, but he forces his kids to go
to art class, and they kinda like it, but they would want to
do more things, like a new video game Mickel, Henry's
hated rival, made. Henry always said, no. He and his wife
also like the house to themselves.

One day, the day Henry will never forget, Henry was
happy, thinking today would be a good day like always.
Henry woke up at 3:49 am to get ready for work, which is 1
hour and 22 mins away. Then he saw his kids outside
playing, for some reason, then he asked what they were
doing so early up. Then they said that they were playing
with his car, then he reminded them that his car is not a
toy. Then he headed off to work.

Henry was whistling “Jingle Bells” on his way to work
too. When he was 39 mins to work, he heard a loud Boom
and Sloush coming from his car, then his car stopped. So he
checked the tires but they were good. Then he checked the
engine. But he could only open the hood ⅓ of the way
because ⅔ of it was covered in gum and gas because the
gum was turned to liquid and it got to the engine and then

He called the tow truck, and they said that it would
take 33 min to get there due to a sand storm, but Henry
never recalled hearing of a sand storm. So he made some
drawings for ideas because he did the drawing ideas and
draws them for the kid's meals

Then he drifted off to his thoughts to recalled seeing
his kids sneaking gum in the engine... Then the sand storm
started just as the tow truck came. He asked for a ride, but
they said to get what he needs because they are on a tight
schedule because of the sandstorm. He grabbed his snow
goggles and his ski hat, to wear to protect his face, and his
paint and pencils.

Then he started to walk to work which is a 20 mins
walk. When he got to the front door he realized that he was
ten minutes late. The bad thing is that it was packed with
people because of the sand storm. We had a ton of kids in
there and there were no kids meals for the kids, so they had
to order off of the big kid's menu, and they didn’t like it,
because they wanted the toys in the kid's meals.

When he got inside work his boss was there calming
kids who wanted a kid’s meal. Then he brought kids meals,
then he saw his hated rival, Mickel. He used to work at
Fazbear's Frights, but it was burnt down to the ground and
the weird thing is that the fire started inside and not by
Mickel and he thought he saw an animatronic called spring
trap set the fire, but Mickel is always delusional.

After that, he made a new business called Freddy
Fazbear's Pizzeria in Hurricane, Utah, and he got an ax too,
which was odd, and he got his car back. He hired a person
named William Aften aka Purple Guy to make the
animatronics and Mickel as the night watch.

His kids asked “Why does your pizzeria need a night
watch, Dad, and I thought Mickel was your enemy”, but he
said “To keep burglars from stealing stuff and me and him
put our differences aside to make a team”, which was very
odd and cool.

The End

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