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Published by mualimah rosjuliana, 2019-04-25 03:41:15

afradul usrah pdf

afradul usrah pdf

‫ِأ رع َضا ُءِال ُأ رْ َسِة‬

Family Member ‫أ رع َضا ُءِال ُأ رْ َسِة‬ Arabic Trans.
Mother Pronunciation ‫أب‬
Parent (father) Abun ‫أم‬
Parent (mother) ‫والد‬
Parents Ummun ‫والدة‬



Family Member Pronunciation Arabic Trans.
Child (m) Tiflun
Child (f) Tiflah ‫طفل‬
Children Atfālun ‫طفلة‬
Son Ibnun ‫أطفال‬

Daughter Ibnatun ‫ابنة‬
Brother Akhun ‫أخ‬
Sister Ukhtun ‫أخت‬
Grandfather Jaddun ‫جد‬
Grandmother Jaddatun ‫جدة‬
Grandson Ḥafīdun ‫حفيد‬

Granddaughter Ḥafīdatun ‫حفيدة‬
Grandchildren Aḥfādun ‫أحفاد‬
Uncle (paternal) ‘Ammun ‫عم‬
Uncle (maternal) Khālun ‫خال‬
Aunt (paternal) ‘Ammatun/Ammah ‫عمة‬
Aunt (maternal) Khālatun/Khalah ‫خالة‬

‫ُا رطلُبِالع رْ َلِم َنِالمَ رهدِِالَىِاللَّ رح ِد‬

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave
Tuntutlah ilmu sejak dari buaian hingga liang kubur.

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