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Cain Live's First Print Edition

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Cain Live's First Print Edition

Keywords: Newspaper Cain Live December 2019
Vol. 1

Reigning Supreme Klein Cain High School Student Publications 832-375-8348 10201 Spring Cypress Rd, Houston, TX 77070

Building a Reputation

Despite welcoming the graduat- competitive nature. And later Senior Olivia Sanford rallies the crowd with the school's slogan 'Reign Cain'. Sanford is a member of the Caniacs, Klein Cain
ing class of 2020 and 2021 only on, those administrators would High School's spirit group. The slogan has held true for the school as it develops into a district powerhouse claiming multiple
three years ago, Klein Cain has al- also allow prospective students titles and advancing through state and national competitions across a variety of disciplines offered. The slogan has become
ready made significant strides in to determine the school's name, the calling card of campus programs as the Klein Cain community establishes its reputation. Photo by Charlotte Gottfried
establishing its outstanding mer- colors, along with its mascot, ul-
it as the district’s youngest mem- timately creating the Klein Cain
ber. By making the playoffs in Caniacs are familiar with today.
only its second year (for varsity
football), winning state champi- Months later after the nam-
onships through wrestling, cross ing and branding of Klein Cain,
country, color & winter guard, both freshmen and sophomores
orchestra, marching band, tennis would begin Cain’s legacy as they
(and a plethora of other areas), took their first steps inside the
and competing at the national newly-built building, walking
level with various clubs such as through the alleys, planning on
HOSA and DECA, it is clear that what clubs to join (or initiate),
the recent unbelievable success and envisioning on how they
of the school has made a lasting would impact those around them
imprint on the Klein Cain legacy as well as how they would create
and in the Klein district’s history. traditions amongst future under-
How Cain Found Success
Beginning in Jan. 2015, Klein ISD
district board trustees passed “Hardships of building a new
the construction of a new high program have galvanized the in-
school campus, with the origi- dividuals into a hardened team,”
nal intention being to relieve the said Coach Dustin Goedde, who
overcrowding of Klein Oak High heads the tennis team at Cain,
School and Klein High School, one out of many programs that
both of which had an enrollment have proven to be collaborative
of more than 4,000 students at and able to take risks whenever
the time. In addition to that, ad- it is asked of them. “As long as our
ministrators hired for the newly culture is one of risk and collabo-
constructed campus focused on rative in nature we will continue
teaching five core values imple- to improve and embrace change.”
mented in students’ everyday
lives as they learned in and com- Cain’s tennis team, one out of
peted for the school. Those five many sports programs at Cain, is
core values, also known as "The not the only one at Cain to show
CAT-5", consisted up of collabo- its worth through the many
ration, risk-taking, integrity, pas- awards it has won. Most notably,
sion, and problem-solving, all of Klein Cain’s varsity football team,
which are integral today through which had lost the chance to...
each students' academic and
continued pg2...

The Digital Drug: Social Media

Through the advancement of statistics is that very few social raling effect of uncontrollable an hour. This can lead to obesity, able resource that is utilized to
technology, the perks of social media users realize the detri- inadequacy, signs of social an- type 2 diabetes, metabolic syn- create, socialize, and rekindle
media influence followed along- mental effect of social media hedonia, and more deleterious drome, cardiovascular prob- relationships, it’s possible to
side. upon their mental and physical effects on their mental health. lems, blood pressure problems, keep monitoring intake and uti-
health. arthritis, breathing issues, neck lizing apps such as screen time
Daily, people across the world “But rather than enhance strain, and other detrimental ef- to observe the amount of time
are consumed by the tiny square “On the surface, Facebook pro- well-being, we found that Face- fects on physical health. being spent on social platforms.
screens on their phones that ab- vides an invaluable resource for book use predicts the opposite
sorb them into a new reality. fulfilling the basic human need result—it undermines it,” Kross The same study found that so- Tonia Bloomingberg
for social connection,” social said. cial media also gives a sense
Approximately 223 million psychologist Ethan Kross said. of gratification that provides a Social Manager
Americans, an ever-increasing According to the National In- similar feeling to drugs and elicit
number, are currently using a When people are weighed down stitutes of Health, while using like symptoms.
social media platform. The most by the task of meeting social smartphones for texting or so-
appalling realization from these standards this can cause a spi- cial media, you burn one calorie Though social media is a valu-

College Board | Educational Monopoly Terms of Service Alyssa Mauz | Profile of A Leader


You would be hard-pressed to find any high school student who is Every day more and more people agree to give up pieces of their Surpassing expectations and becoming an influential member of the
not familiar with The College Board. But how well do you really know privacy, a sacrifice in favor of connection and entertainment. Many
them? Page 3 do not fully realize what they’re giving away. Page 4 school is something various students aim to do. Furthermore, fellow

student Alyssa Mauz has aspired to do exactly that. Page 6

Cain Excellence continuedfrompg1
go to playoffs last year, had— champs as well as defeating of DECA in addition to be- two online publication out of
photo by Zoe Rivers starkly contrasting last year’s Klein High who is our district ing a competitive member. 337 participating schools.
defeat—ultimately went to rivals,” said junior Isaiah Vitel- “With more people working
Social Currency playoffs after beating Klein lo, who wrestles on the Boys’ to arrange fundraisers, Spirit “The newspaper program has
Oak 21-20. Varsity team. “We also find Nights, and socials, we have excelled with a larger staff and
Social currency is an extremely power- motivation in the seniors who been able to increase mem- the higher quality content be-
ful resource that companies/brands use “Teams don’t consider us as a work hard and continue to bership.” ing produced,” Cain Live Edi-
for promotion. You mat know it by its threat so we wanted to prove leave it all on the mat because tor-in-Chief Enrique Paz said.
more common name; a fad. them wrong,” said junior Con- it’s their final year.” Even Klein Cain’s journalism “We have been publishing
nor Graves when explaining department has exponential- photos, articles, and graphics,
It is the reason why many brands that the motivation behind why Furthermore, Klein Cain’s ly improved from the incep- and every single one of our re-
people used to never give the time of day varsity wanted to do better organizations such as HOSA, tion of Klein Cain. At Cain’s porters has been surpassing
have become overpriced phenomenons this year. Graves is one of the DECA, eSports, Academic De- inception, only two were in the program’s expectations.
that people value. wide receivers on the varsity cathlon, and others have all newspaper with an unranked I believe it shall continue to
football team. won awards at district, state, online publication; now, how- thrive and serve as an ethical
Social currency is when a brand or idea and national levels with eS- ever, that number has quintu- voice for the student body.”
gains popularity and trends socially. In the upcoming year, Graves ports being one of the larg- pled, with more than ten now
Products become shareable in a positive even believes that the team est clubs on campus despite occupying the once-empty Douglas Pham
way and can take off like wildfire. will do better with some of being started just last year. classroom with the number
the team’s experienced ju- Those in HOSA and DECA are Junior Editor
We see this a lot when celebrities are niors. especially remarkable with
given paid promotions to promote a more than a few students Matthew Saunders marches with his tenor saxophone during one of
product. Brands do this because they “I think Cain has a lot of po- ranking nationally such as the Marching Band's halftime performance. The group placed first
are aware of how the die-hard fans will tential because of how much Anya Robinson, who ranked overall at their UIL competition. The group also placed during the US
buy the product and hopefully retweet experience varsity players second in Extemporaneous Bands Competition receiving fifth place overall and first place for their
it. It is the reason why many products have since some have been Writing in the world for HOSA outstanding visual effects. Photo by Enrique Paz.
have come out of the dark such as the playing varsity since sopho- as well as Tanya Dhingra and
Sugar Bear hair vitamins and Red bull. more year,” said Graves. Jayin Modh, who won state
Brands pay athletes and celebrities to and moved onto nationals
push the product so their fan base will With more than five top 20 for DECA. Multiple others in
buy to simply become more like them. state-ranked players, al- eSports also ranked nation-
though their season has not ally in the top ten, with some
Many brands have become popular with finished yet, Klein Cain’s winning scholarships for
this sales tactic. For example, Champi- wrestling team continues to themselves. All those organi-
on lothing brand. Is that piece of sweat- outshine other schools in the zations, however, have all in-
shirt worth sixty dollars? No, but peo- district through their compet- creased in membership size
ple buy it because of how popular it itive nature, with each wres- as well.
has become. tler practicing nearly every
day after school as well as at- “I believe that Klein Cain
People even see others buying the cham- tend competitions with their DECA has done better this
pion patches to iron on to another plain best effort put in. year compared to the years
sweatshirt just to fit in. But in reality, it is before because we have vast-
just a normal cotton sweatshirt that has “This year I believe that our ly increased the number of
a logo on it. Individuals buy their clothes team has found motivation officers,” said Dhringa, who
just to be apart of the rest and show that by striving to become district also serves as the President
they know what is popular the same can
go with brands like Lululemon, Tommy Wrestling Storms Ahead Undefeated
Hilfiger, and PINK. They are just buying
something for the brand. We also see So far, the wrestling team has cocky, and never stop work- 2019-20 Current Wrestling Results
the trap of social currency in the mu- been on a dominant streak; ing to get better we should
sic world. Especially right now with all the best in the school’s histo- be able to stay undefeated,” Girls OVERALL 11-0 Boys OVERALL 11-0
of the hype over Kanye who made an ry as they move forward un- Nathan Silva said.
album that is full of auto-tune and re- defeated. With 62 wrestlers THURSDAY, NOV. 14 THURSDAY, NOV. 14
repetitive words. Overall, it’s girls and boys combined on Recently the team won in
not good, but people are singing the team and two coaches, a match on Nov. 26 during vs. New Waverly vs. New Waverly
the lyrics and representing him anytime the boys and girls varsity Thanksgiving break with the 36-28 (Cain) 72-12(Cain)
Yeezus is brought up. Right now the so- wrestling teams have pinned boy's scraping by St. Thomas
cial currency around Kanye is to love to any competition that has and St. John's and the girls vs. College Station vs. College Station
hate him. shown up to the mat. pinning down Cy-Falls and 36-12 (Cain) 72-9 (Cain)
Klein High. The matches
Kanye is an example of people using so- The Hurricane wrestling brought both teams to a total SATURDAY, NOV. 16 SATURDAY, NOV. 16
cial currency to make it popular to hate team has hopes that this of eight events won. Six other
on people in things. This is relevant in momentum will carry them schools have already fallen vs. Katy Taylor vs. Katy Taylor
the whole cancel culture that social me- through as the year moves including New Waverly, Col- 48-6 (Cain) 72-18 (Cain)
dia has created. Also when people hate forward. The wrestling sea- lege Station, Katy Taylor, Katy
the new Apple products being ugly just son goes throughout the first Paetow, Foster, and George vs. Katy Paetow vs. Katy Paetow
because it’s popular. At this point, every- semester ad comes to a close Ranch. 45-6 (Cain) 69-12 (Cain)
one is responsible for falling for the trap in February.
of social currency. vs. Foster vs. Foster
48-6 (Cain) 72-18 (Cain)
It's human nature; people want to fit in
and have what others have. If history is vs. George Ranch vs. George Ranch
any indication of the future, social cur- 48-0 (Cain) 78-6 (Cain)
rency is sure to continue to drive fad
culture and have a mega influence on “I think that If we all stay Nathan DeSimone TUESDAY, NOV. 26 TUESDAY, NOV. 26
humble and never act too Staff Writer vs. St. Thomas vs. Cy-Falls
Zoe Rivers 60-22 (Cain) 42-12 (Cain)

Photo Editor vs. St. Johns vs. Klein High
41-40 (Cain) 36-21 (Cain)
Page 2
Alex Cannon takes down an opposing wrestler at a meet against College Station High School. At the time of writing this article, the Klein Cain Wrestling
Team is on an unprecedented undefeated streak into the 2019-20 season. Photo by Allison Loredo

The Education Industry Fights Back Against

The College Board

You would be hard-pressed to original problem unaddressed.
find any high school student
who is not familiar with The Col- Colleges and universities are not
lege Board. Whether you attend the only groups that is current-
a public or private school, you ly fighting against The College
will be involved with College Board. Students are also taking
Board by at LEAST your junior exception to the organization.
An $11.25 fee is now required
The College Board has control for The College Board to send
of the SAT and is involved in col- your SAT scores off to colleges;
lege admissions for a majority even though the process is com-
of colleges in the United States. pletely online.
The supposed non-profit also
receives $1 billion in revenue. All a student would have to do is
just email their college of choice
The College Board’s hold on their scores, however, The Col-
American education is currently lege Board instead charges
being loosened, but not with- them for it.
out a fight. An October 2019
study by The Hechinger Report Students also have an issue with
recently found that colleges the SAT fees themselves. The
have trended to care about SAT College Board currently charges
scores less and less, and transi- $49.50 for the SAT, and an extra
tioning from requiring the test $15 for the optional essay por-
to making the test-optional. tion of the test, totaling $64.50.

Of course, the SAT is still im- For some students, especial-

portant for those colleges, but ly ones planning on majoring

this shows a downward trend in somewhere in the English or
the SAT’s significance that could literary field, this means $64.50

continue in that direction. for a test that may not even mean

much in the long run. There is
Specifically, the report found also a $30 fee for anybody regis-

that one in four institutions no tering for the SAT past due date.

longer require the test. Many

factors about the SAT are wor- The most damning monetary
rying to colleges, specifically the issue with The College Board is

way that income plays an effect the change fee. To change test-

on scoring. ing centers, The College Board

charges you $30. Many stu-
Upper-class families can hire tu- dents find this fee ridiculous,

tors for their children and have as in the modern age changing

access to better schooling, while a student’s testing center is as

lower-class students general- easy as transitioning a name on

ly have to tend for themselves. a spreadsheet from one list to

This causes upper-class chil- another.

dren to get accepted in more For a non-profit, many students Protestors have been lining the streets for years in various locations in opposition to The College Board.
prestigious universities, and believe that The College Board is This image from 2017 shows a paper-mache model in resistance to The College Board monetary policies.
then the cycle repeats, getting Photo: Mario Tama, Getty Images / Staff photographer
worse over time. siphoning off more money than

they’re worth.

The College Board recently put lieve standardized tests to be in- This overly-stringent learning have been applying to colleges
an “adversity test” into place for Finally, likely the most import- efficient. There is, however, also environment stifles nuance in for decades. The College Board
the SAT, judging someone’s eco- ant round in the anti-College adults in every field who are the mind of some students, and may seem a bit restrictive and

nomic and racial background Board barrel is the decreasing starting to see problems with limits the exploration of some outdated, however, it is certainly

as well as their academic score. popularity of standardized tests standardized tests. topics. not something that will halt you

The rule was very similar to the themselves. from getting into your dream
affirmative action policies that Teachers have started realizing And there’s nothing inherently college. Klein Cain High School is

some colleges put into use. Nev- Of course, students have never that their curriculum is based wrong with this, really. School also here to aide your progress.

ertheless, the policy was heavily been a fan of standardized tests around the test rather than is school. You are always going

criticized (primarily by wealthi- for various reasons, ranging what they are actually teaching, to learn about things you don’t The Quad, located in room 1022

er households) and it has since from just laziness to an actual and; a teacher who is teaching care to learn about, that’s just right across from the library, is

been abandoned, leaving the understanding of why they be- a test isn’t really teaching at all. reality. However, a curriculum your go-to for any college ad-

created so strictly may end up mission needs. Coach Brandi
turning a student away from a Brawner has an office in the

subject they would otherwise Quad where she will answer any

be interested in. of your college-related ques-

tions. The Quad is also where

This has caused many teachers you can request a personal copy

who really care about what they of your transcript, which will

are teaching about to stick their be available on the Wednesday

noses up at standardized tests, or Friday after you request one.
with the SAT being one of their Counselor Tammie Doss’ office

prime targets. Colleges around is also in the Quad.

the nation have already started

responding accordingly to this, Klein Cain High School is here to

with the aforementioned study help any of your college needs,

by The Hechinger Report show- and further your education past

ing how many colleges are cur- high school. Most college admis-

rently showing a bit of contempt sion deadlines are in late De-

for the test. However, some pro- cember and early January. If you

fessors have shown their dis- have not started the admission

taste for the test as well. process yet, it’s recommended

that you do it soon.

Students and College

This article may make apply- George Lundy
ing to colleges seem like doom
The outside of the Quad, located in room 1022 in Hurricane Alley. The windows of the room are lined with banners from and gloom, however, students Copy Editor Page 3
various colleges. You can also pick up brochures for various colleges inside the Quad itself. Photo by Zoe Rivers


Every day more and more people agree to give up pieces of their privacy, a sacrifice
in favor of connection and entertainment.

Many do not fully realize through social media,” said
the extent of what they Bould.
are giving away when they
agree to terms of service or People are often enticed by
download an application. photos or shocking head-
The websites people visit lines, rather than the facts
and the apps they frequent, of an issue. These adver-
collect more data than tisements take away from
many realize. the actual issues at hand.

Targeted Advertising Data Brokers

Targeted ads are one of the The primary reason data
biggest reasons for data gathering is so success-
gathering. It’s a common ful, is the high number of
occurrence for a user to users who agree to terms
search for an item, watch a of service or download
video, or read a post, only applications without
to see an ad for said item understanding what they
a few moments later. This are agreeing to. The terms
works through cookies, of service identify what an
which are used to collect application is and is not
data and help determine permitted to do once a user
what ads a user will see. agrees. While a majority
Its the terms of service on of the document may be
a website or application harmless in nature, it is
where users agree to hand this same agreement that
over this information, even permits the gathering of
if they don’t understand personal information. This
what they are agreeing to. extensive amount of free
What they click on, search data and personal informa-
for, buy online, post online, tion is what has made data
and their profile informa- brokers their living.
tion can tell advertisers
about age, religion, gender, “You don’t have to consent billion-dollar industry that companies collect.” Stated Political Advertisment
political leanings, and inter- to this data being collected is rapidly growing. Pew Research Center. “Only
ests. This helps guarantee on you,” Stated Brittany 6% of adults say they un- Spending in the US
that their advertisements Kaiser, the whistleblower Knowledge is Power derstand a great deal what
are being pushed out to the in the Cambridge Analyti- companies do with the data standing what's a Democrat,
best possible audience for a ca scandal. “Just by being Privacy in the age of social collected, and a similar what's a Republican. They
product. in the United States you media often seems impos- share (4%) say they know don't have any concept of
have pre-opted in. The sible, but there are some a great deal about what the political bias built into them
“I, like many others, have law doesn’t protect you. steps that can be taken to government does with the in any way. And we do hear
experienced targeted So these companies can protect yourself. While it data.” this criticism from all sides,”
advertising online, usual- continue collecting data is not possible to totally said YouTube CEO Susan
ly on social media. These on you, (it can) continue prevent, it can help to en- Advertising Wojcicki. “And so I think that
advertisements have led to be sold and used for any sure relative privacy online. no matter who you are, we
me to purchase items or purposes without your This doesn’t mean reading Recently Google and You- are trying to enforce our
clothes in the past,” stated knowledge.” Tube have taken action policies in a consistent way
Chelsea Bould, a Junior at against political ads, remov- for everybody."
Klein Cain. “Despite this, I “ Just by being in the ing more than 300 campaign
have to admit that it can be ads that violated policies. This crackdown on political
pretty creepy, though it can United States you have These ads were struck for advertising is nothing new,
be interesting to see what pre-opted in. The law “violating company policy” especially in the wake of
adverts they show.” doesn’t protect you. ”Data brokers collect or though it remains unclear Twitter banning political ad-
as to what they specifically vertising altogether. Without
That same information, buy data from companies, violated. The majority of further explanation, the ex-
which can be used to sell a the entire terms of service these advertisements ran act reason for their removal
video game or new phone, for every application, but for days, before being taken remains unclear. It is becom-
can also be utilized for down, indicating that they ing increasingly clear that
political advertising. These analyze it, then sell to the being more hesitant of were seen by viewers. political advertising will be
ads, which are shown based held under extreme scrutiny
upon the data already highest bidder. At the heart what applications you trust. This has caused some in the coming election cycle.
collected, are intended to discourse amongst conser-
influence political opinions. of major data controver- Most importantly, users can vatives, who believe they are Trinity Donnelly
This leads to drastically being discriminated against
different social media feeds sies, such as the Facebook sometimes choose to opt- as most of the ads were pro- Staff Writer
when it comes to what ads Trump.
a person will be shown, de- and Cambridge Analyti- out of data collection and
pending on things such as "Well, first of all, there
their age, gender, political ca scandal. They collect are always able to change are lots of very successful
leaning, post history, and conservative creators on
location. everything-search history, their privacy settings. YouTube... Our systems,
our algorithms, they don't
“I think politics just social media information, have any concept of under-
shouldn’t be advertised
purchase history, credit “78% of U.S. adults say

card information, and even they understand very little

government records. or nothing about what the

government does with the

This information is incred- data it collects, and 59%

ibly valuable, making up a say the same about the data



In 2000, America faced is, in common parlance, bought. “ Said former Facebook, Colin Stretch ble to exploitation by a
great anguish regarding an electronic voting chairman of the Election “Posts from these Pages committed adversary.”
our presidential election. system is an electronic Assistance Committee, were also shared, liked, While there is currently
ballot marking system” Deforest Soaries “We and followed by peo- no indication that any
The race between Al Gore The National Academy of begged Congress ‘ let us ple on Facebook, and, information or ballets
and George W. Bush was Science stated “...A di- do the research before as a result, three times were altered, Russian
close throughout elec- rect-recording electronic we send the money’ con- more people may have hackers were able to
tion night. When the last (DRE) system allows the gress said no.” been exposed to a story obtain access to voter
state standing was Flor- voter to make his or her that originated from the registration data, such as
ida, many news stations choices and, when the Russian Agencies and Russian operation. Our an individual’s address
declared that Bush was voter is finished voting, Social Media best estimate is that ap- and full name.
in the lead- and would be provides the voter with proximately 126 million
the next president. How- the chance to verify all There is great evidence people may have been ”Our highly computer-
ever, the margin between the votes cast and then that Russian interference served content from a ized election infrastruc-
Bush and Gore’s vote records the votes when with American elections Page associated with the ture is vulnerable to sab-
count was slim, resulting the voter takes some began in 2014 via social IRA at some point during otage, and even to cyber
in a mandatory recount affirmative action to media. According to the the two-year period.” attacks that could change
by machine under state finalize the ballot...DRE Russia Investigation votes, “ Said Professor of
law. Gore had requested systems rely on a display Report, The Russian In- The IRA purchased and Computer Science at the
that votes be recounted screen to present the bal- ternet Research Agency( published over 3,500 University of Michigan,
by hand. At the time, lot to voters. For accept- IRA) began targeting US political ads, costing over Dr. Alex Halderman “Vot-
ing input, some use touch voters by creating faux $100,000 USD. ing machines are not as
Many counties in Florida distant from the internet
used the punch card vot- "Ultimately, by exposing these advertisements, we hope to as they may seem.”
ing system. This required better protect legitimate political expression and discussions
voters to fully punch a and better safeguard Americans from having their According to a study con-
hole next to the candi- information ecosystem polluted by foreign adversaries." ducted by the Associated
date’s name. The by-hand Press, over 40% of states
recount made the flaws -Adam Schiff use voting machines
in the punch card sys- more than a decade old
tem widely recognized. Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and are no longer manu-
Votes were discharged factured. These machines
over “ hanging chads” screens, while others use American political activ- These ads primarily are prone to software
or “ dimpled chads,” In mechanical selection de- ism accounts and pages. supported conservative crashes and election
which the space next to vices... Because they are Agents would gather political ideas and candi- security problems. As a
the candidate’s name was programmable devices, information and photo- date Donald Trump. result of these vulnerable
dented, however not fully displays, and other user graphs to use in social voting supplies, some are
punched. These votes interfaces can accom- media posts. In 2016, “Ultimately, by exposing calling for higher stan-
could not be registered- modate a variety of user the IRA began posting these advertisements, we dards on a state-by-state
resulting in added con- needs.” content condemning hope to better protect basis.
troversy. Although Gore candidate Hillary Clinton legitimate political ex-
won the popular vote, he However, The Help and supporting Donald pression and discussions “Multiple checks and
ranked second in elector- America Vote Act was Trump. and better safeguard redundancies in U.S.
al votes- costing him the met with problems. The Americans from having election infrastructure,
election. states rushed to purchase Throughout the IRAs two their information ecosys- including diversity of
the new voting machines year period, they primar- tem polluted by foreign systems, non-internet
Following this issue in before they were ready ily focused on conserva- adversaries,” Said Rep. connected voting ma-
2000, Congress initiated for use by voters. Many of tive issues. These social Adam Schiff in a state- chines, pre-election
the Help America Vote these machines had soft- media accounts grew ment “We will continue testing, and processes
act. This act created a ware issues, for instance in popularity among to work with Facebook for media, campaign, and
federal minimum stan- one machine in Ohio was Americans, with hun- and other tech compa- election officials to check,
dard for voting methods. given 300 ballots to scan, dreds of thousands of U.S nies to expose additional audit, and validate the re-
This act offered the states and instead produced followers on Instagram content, advertisements, sults” Said acting director
3.9 billion to upgrade results for four million and tens of thousands on and information as our of the Intelligence and
the ballot, the voting votes. As a result on the Twitter. Agents created investigation progresses.” Analysis program for the
machine being the most high demand for voting multiple handles and department of homeland
popular. This machine machines, companies reports on social media, Additional Technical security, Dr. Samuel Liles
provided a simplified began to outsource pro- including statements that Difficulties “—all these made it likely
way of voting, free from duction of the machines, promoted rallies and pro- that cyber manipulation
possible human error. where it was later found tests. As a result of the invasion of the U.S. election sys-
that the quality control in the 2016 election, se- tems intended to change
“The term ‘electron- was minimal. “We estimate that rough- curity in voting materials the outcome of the na-
ic voting system’ has ly 29 million people were has become a significant tional election would be
been used to refer to a “I was forced to send 2.3 served content in their priority. According to detected.”
computer-based voting billion dollars to the 50 News Feeds directly from the Russia Investigation
station located in the states to buy equipment, the IRA’s 80,000 posts report, many voting Lauren Martin
polling place with which even though the equip- over the two years.” devices were deemed to
citizens interact directly ment wasn’t ready to be Said General Counsel of be aging and “vulnera- Staff Writer
to cast their ballots - that

Alyssa Mauz

Profile of A Leader

Surpassing expectations “While president of the
and becoming an influen- Cancer Strikers I lead the
tial member of the school club in a color run for a fel-
is something various stu- low classmate Jacob Mu-
dents aim to do. Further- noz,” Mauz said. “During
more, fellow student Al- the last two Christmas
yssa Mauz has aspired to seasons, we hosted a toy
do exactly that. Mauz has drive where we collected
become involved in clubs 250 toys and a sock drive
and organizations and is collected over 500 pairs
known throughout the of socks and presented
student body and faculty. them to cancer patients
at Texas Children’s Hos-
“I am involved in the Can- pital.”
cer Strikers, Little Canes
Preschool, I-PET, NHS, Mauz has been awarded
NAHS, and the Principal’s for going above and be-
Advisory Committee,” yond in what she does.
Mauz said. People are grateful for
the help she has given,
Besides being involved and the support she con-
in numerous activities, tinues to provide to the
Mauz has her own set of people in her life
hobbies that skills she en-
joys. There are multiple “In my sophomore year of
activities she takes part high school, I earned my
in which she does in and Girl Scout Gold Award,”
outside of school. Mauz said.

“My hobbies are photog- There are requirements
raphy, working with my and activities needed to
Little Canes students, be completed to earn that
hunting, anything that in- award, and thanks to her
volves the great outdoors notable achievements,
and getting a little mud she managed to surpass
on my tires,” Mauz said. others’ expectations.

She’s worked to have a “This is the highest Mauz holds one of the pre-schoolers who participates in the "Little Canes Preschool" program in her arms for a picture.
positive impact on the award, awarded to Girl Photo by Enrique Paz
community and help Scouts,” Mauz said. “Only
those in need. 6% of the world achieve school host fun activities cause I like going to the ample, has aided her with
Back in Spring 2017, she this honor and I earned for them as well so they library,” Anderson said. her skills in photography
even held a color run at this for my charity work can enjoy their time there “[We get to do fun activ- and helping her thrive in
Klein Cain to support for cancer.” and have some fun while ities too,] I liked seeing the classroom.
Jacob Munoz, a student Even the kids she watch- they’re at it. the goats, we saw them Currently, she’s pursuing
fighting cancer. es over in the Little Canes Mauz strives to have an during homecoming a career in education and
The Cancer Strikers club Daycare are appreciative impact on the people week.” is already getting ready
has even been able to gain of what she does for them. close to her, one of those Her teachers and advis- to attend Stephen F. Aus-
awareness on support for She truly cares and makes being Grace Anderson, ers at the school have tin State University after
Munoz, and people in the sure she does everything a girl attending the pre- provided her with inspi- she graduates from high
community fighting back she can to help them suc- school. ration on how to succeed school. Mauz is excited
against the genetic dis- ceed. Her and the oth- “[I’m grateful for Ms. Al- in her future. Visual arts to become a lumberjack
ease as well. er students in the pre- yssa and the daycare] be- teacher, Joel Cook, for ex- at her desired school as
she moves on towards
the next steps of her life,
using the skills she’s de-

“After high school, I plan
on attending Stephen F.
Austin University to ma-
jor in education,” Mauz

Moreover, she wants to
become a teacher after
she gets her degrees. She
is passionate about what
she does and is eager to
achieve her goals in the
near future. Furthermore,
she is even considering
becoming a teacher, and
might even work at Klein
Cain one day.

“I plan on getting my mas-
ters and becoming a high
school history or family
and consumer science
teacher,” Mauz said.

Mauz, Jayna Phathepvongsa, Madison Strader, Stephanie Wilfong, hang out with pre-schoolers participating in the "Little Cane's Preschool" program. The children Enrique Paz
sometimes take recess breaks in the playground at the end of the CTE hall. Photo by Enrique Paz
Page 6

The Disney Pandemic

Matt Toomes, chief operating officer of the Houston Food Bank, gives a tour of one of the center’s refrigeration areas on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, in After the introduction of the new
Houston. The food bank lost 1.8 million pounds of food, including produce, when a malfunction with a cooling unit caused an ammonia leak in three of streaming service, Disney+, Disney seems
the center’s refrigeration areas. “What a tragedy, what a waste,” he said. Photo: Jon Shapley, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer to be taking over the entertainment
world at an astonishing rate. Released
1.8 Million Pounds of Food Ruined at on November 12th of 2019, Disney +
has reportedly achieved over 10 million
Houston Food Bank Bank as a longtime partner of much support from the city users in two days, who knows how this
the non-profit organization of Houston and hope they number will change in the years to come,
An air conditioning fan re- unteers and donors to refill they have donated 50,000 as can continue to receive vol- as both Hulu, with a reported 28.5 million
cently broke and had a spill their shelves again. well as truckloads of perish- unteers and donations from users as of 2019 and Netflix’s gargantuan
inside of the Houston Food able foods. United airlines is city residents and various amount of 139 million users worldwide,
Bank, contaminating 1.8 mil- “We have about 28,000 also helping by launching a organizations so they can put both taking years to achieve. But why is it
lion pounds of the non-profit square feet of refrigerated campaign that matches up to food in the mouths of people that Disney feels as though they need to
organization’s meals. space in addition to the fro- 100,000 dollars in individual for the holidays. take over entertainment as a whole?
zen space, and one of the efforts and is offering over a
The fan left a line of ammo- refrigerators, the fan caved chance for 1,000 award miles “The Houston Food Bank With many major products and brands
nia that ruined all food in its into the actual unit itself and for anyone who donates 50 provides an essential service under their label, i.e. National Geographic,
path, including beans, rice, caused an ammonia leak,” dollars or more. to our community, distribut- Marvel Entertainment, LucasFilm,
and oranges leaving the stor- Greene said. ing 104 million meals each ESPN, Fox, ABC, Pixar, Touchstone
age room completely vacant “The best way that people year to partners serving in- Pictures, The History Channel, A + E
during one of the organiza- That is until H-E-B, one of the can help us is volunteering dividuals in need,” Helfman Networks and more. Disney is slowly
tions busiest times of the biggest supermarket chains because what we do is we go said. but surely becoming a monopoly in
year, Thanksgiving. in Texas offered to restock all out and get donations from the American entertainment industry,
of the organization shelves. literally all over the coun- “This is a crucial service, and owning a majority of the most popular
The loss of all that food H-E-B will begin to deliver try,” Greene went on to say. we encourage fellow compa- entertainment companies as stated
amounted to 1.1 million dol- trailer loads of food contain- “So much of this product re- nies and individuals to sup- before. Slowly pushing out other
lars and left many food pan- ing produce, meat, and var- quires work and it’s our abili- port the food bank through competitions by either purchasing or
tries without meals to feed ious other foods as well as ty to say yes to the donations time or donations as they re- putting them out of business. With
people with. The Houston holding an employee volun- to labor that we can use to cover from this loss.” few big companies remaining, Disney
Food Bank which is reported teer event. replace this.” has decided to set their sights on the
to feed over 800,000 people a Kroger is also joining the Carlos Melendez streaming platform, competing with the
year was now looking for vol- support of the Houston Food The organization is delight- likes of Netflix and Hulu as said before,
ed that they are receiving so Staff Writer Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Apple
TV+, YouTube TV, Fandango Now, Google
Play and many many more.

Paving the Way for New Seasons Disney + is more than likely going to run
the aforementioned steaming services
With the football season “We are excited to be start- bend kempner which they While Lady Canes Basketball, out of business in the coming years, or
done for the rest of the school ing our 3rd year. It has been won 60-48. With both teams and Boys Basketball have maybe they’ll just buy it out, who knows.
year, new sports are starting an honor to watch our girls starting strong, they’re hope- both started up their season, But with the release of Disney +, it is most
up to take on the Friday Night commit to our process in ful for the future of the sea- Mens and womens soccer definitely going to compete closely with
Lights. the weight room and on the son and look forward to the will start up the second week those streaming services as it will only
court,” Melissa Fields said. challenges they’ll face in the of December, beginning the cost a measly amount of $6.99 a month
The Lady Canes kicked off “Our sights are set for a play- district. process of tryouts. Women’s and $69.99 a year. Disney + will feature
their season early November, off push this year.” soccer will officially be in play a variety of content rivaling Netflix,
and began playing through “Basketball season is finally on the 14th of december, and including all of Disney and its subbrand’s
their scheduled matchups. So far this season Men’s Bas- here,and it’s time to prove men will begin on the 31st. previous content and with it new content
ketball has had 2 scrimmages the doubters wrong” Conner as well including Star Wars, Marvel, Live
While the Lady Canes are 5-1 against Northbrook, and Cy- Lucas said. “Its our last year This year men’s soccer is Action remakes and more.
overall so far, they hope to Fair, Spring, and Cy-Ranch, it’s gonna be’s time under the supervision of
continue wins this season. and one game against fort to ball out.” Adrian Ramirez and Andrew As of 2019, Disney productions have
Fairleigh ,and womens soc- estimated it accounted for 38 percent
To better produce on the cer is under the supervision of domestic box office sales. Products
court each game, both teams of Steven Poss and Christie from Marvel like Avengers: Endgame
have conditioned and hit the Meystayer. to Disney’s most recent Frozen 2 to
weight room to improve. December’s Star Wars: The Rise of
With the season close by, nu- Skywalker. Looking at the facts, for the
Although the process is toll- merous athletes are condi- past few years, Disney has doubled its
ing, at the end of each game tioning and running drills to value and sales crushing all competition
the players are grateful for prepare to matchup against in its way.
the work they put in and other teams in the district.
hope to show the district But Disney isn’t just making its money
something new about them. “I’m very excited for the sea- on movies and TV. Don't forget the
son and to see how we im- merchandise and amusement parks,
“When every team sees us proved from last year” Sophia i.e. DisneyLand and Disney World and
on the schedule they think Escontrias said. “We’ve been their chain of Disney stores worldwide.
its an automatic dub.” Drey putting in hours of work to One thing is for certain, Disney is surely
Ubas said. “That just fuels our improve in every aspect of becoming the face of the entertainment
fire… we need to play togeth- the game.” world now and into the future.
er with a chip on our shoul-
Varsity Swimmer Dylan Cluff makes his way down the lane during a meet ders every game.” Sariah Penn Samuel Bui
at Klein Cain. Swimmers compete in several events including Duel in the
Pool, a meet that pits all Klein high schools against each other. Photo by Sports Editor Staff Writer Page 7
Jared Ruiz


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FALL FINALS: Schedule & Exemption Guide

Fall exemptions only apply to 1/2 year courses Fall Final Exam Schedule | Klein Cain Fall 2019

Klein ISD High School No tests or new assignments of any kind WEDNESDAY 12/18
Exemption Process are to be given on Monday, December 16. 7:15 - First Bell
This time should be used to review and 7:20-9:15 - 2nd period Final Exam
Follow these important steps to verify final exam exemptions. Any student qualified prepare for final exams. All semester 9:25-11:20 - 3rd period Final Exam
for an exemption may choose to take the final exam if he/she believes it will improve examinations must be given according
his/her semester average. to the established schedule and none THURSDAY 12/19
are to be given early.
7:15 - First Bell
TUESDAY 12/17 7:20-9:15 - 4th period Final Exam
7:15 - First Bell 9:25-11:20 - 5th period Final Exam
7:20-9:15 - 1st period Final Exam
9:21-10:03 - 2nd Period FRIDAY 12/20
10:09-10:50 - 3rd Period 7:15 - First Bell
10:56-12:03 - 4th Period 7:20-9:15 - 6th period Final Exam
9:21-10:03 - 5th Period 9:25-11:20 - 7th period Final Exam
9:21-10:03 - 6th Period
9:21-10:03 - 7th Period

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