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Bailey has a normal day but then... her car broke down on a highway and has to face her boss...DUN...DUN...DUN

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Published by Addison Anspach, 2019-05-08 11:12:06

Baileys Bad Day

Bailey has a normal day but then... her car broke down on a highway and has to face her boss...DUN...DUN...DUN

Bailey's Bad Day

By: Addie Anspach

The Bad Day
Written By: Addie Anspach

Have you ever met anyone as happy as a fat kid eating
cake? Well, this girl is always this happy. She always had fun
with her family and friends. But with all that happiness there is
some bad luck from getting bullied at school down to every little
moment where she stubbed her toe.

One morning in late November, there was a girl named
Bailey. She had beautiful dirty blonde hair with green eyes. She
was always in a good mood and was also a mother to a beautiful
girl named Elena who was 12 years old. Bailey also has a
husband named Jake. He was handsome and charming, and he
loved Bailey very much.

“Mom what's for breakfast?” said Elena.

“Pancakes... I could make pancakes with chocolate chip
smiley faces!” said Bailey.

“That sounds delicious”, said Jake.

While Jake took Elena to West Brook Middle School which
was about 5 minutes, Jake headed off to work as a painter
while Bailey stayed back at home for she didn't work until noon.

All Bailey did was clean up around the house until it was
about 11:30 which was about the time where she usually went to
work. When she was ready to leave, she was going to her car
thought long and hard about how she had such bad luck and
how today felt different. But she remembered she thought it was
going to be a good day and that day was a very bad day for
she got struck by lightning and yet she survived! Even though
she had bad luck she always had good luck in the end.

By now she was standing by her red Toyota
Prius. Also as she got into her car, she thought about all of her
life happiness like how she has a beautiful daughter and how
happy her family is. Next thing, she was on highway 212.

Then her car began to stutter and rumble then she

knew what was going to happen. Her car was a goner and
before she had the chance to stop her car stopped with a loud

It took a lot of time but she got her car to the side of the
road. By the time she was at the curb a nice man with his kids
in a Chevy pick up truck stopped to help her, but he knew
nothing about cars. He only stopped to give her company while
she waited.

So they waited for the tow truck which took hours! By
the time the tow truck came and gave her a ride and she
knew that this whole mess was just another stop on the bad
luck train! But then she realized...

“NO, no, no, no, no! This is not happening” I'm gonna be late
for work!” Bailey said. My boss Mr. James is going to kill me!
Said Bailey.

“Where would you like me to drop you off?” said the truck

“Corner street please,” Bailey said. Bailey already knew that
she was three hours late. Now by the time she was at
KleinBank she knew she would never see her office ever again.

As she walked into the KleinBank building everyone
stared at her and some of the other co-workers even said
goodbye! So she went straight to her desk and packed up all of
her stuff and as she was picking up a picture of her, Jake,
and Elena she heard on the intercom “ Would Bailey Baldwin
come to my office,”.

As she walked to Mr. James’s office, she didn’t even have
to go and talk with Mr. James she already knew what was going

to happen. Then she was here right outside his office door
then she walked in…

“Do you know how late you were to work today?” said

” Ye...Yes, sir” said Bailey. “You see my car”.

“Stop,” he said. “I hate excuses...You are fired”, he said.

“Yes, sir”. So as Bailey was walking out of the building she
stepped on a piece of paper and it said: “ Call now for a new

job at Nasa!”. Soon enough Bailey was in the Nasa
headquarters!Then she lived a happy life! (No more bad luck)

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