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ESL Ceramics Wholesale Brochure

Wholesale Brochure 2019/20

Keywords: ESL Ceramics

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Ceramic | Porcelain | Mosaic


Aitos 69 Granada 37 Quarzite 70
Rapallo 79
Alberta 67 Grunge 31 Renova 45
Resolute Grey 70
Alsacia 26 Hardy 70 Roman
Statuario 50
Always 46 Ice 76 Rustic 22
Sagano 61
Arctic Super Ice Aster 22 Salerno 75
Sandrine 13
White 20 Innova 17 Savannah 65
Savannah Metro 7
Arizona 80 Judith 14 Seashell 75
Sequoia 64
Athens Kenya 78 Snow 50
Spark 18
Travertine 80 Lightburst Sparkle 34
Spazio 62
Barletta 76 Quartz 55 Spectra 20
Statuario 19
Base 28 Lisbon 8 Statuario Classic 27
Strato 81
Belgium Stone 70 Liso 7 Sublime 14
Sunset 35
Bianco Stone 50 Luna 79 Taurus - Salt &
Pepper 57
Bulevar 11 Luxor 43 Terazzo 37
Titan 38
Cadence 80 Magma 44 Varazze 74
Venetian 79
Canada 15 Manzani 77 Vintage 81
Whites 6
Capella 75 Marino 19 Woodland 66
Xplora 63
Cement Grey 52 Matera 77 Zamorra 77
Zebra 76
Cementi 29 Matiere 49 Cleaning and
Maintenance of
Cemento 42 Metallica 33 Unglazed Porcelain
Tiles 82
Cerato 20 Metro 5 Technical
Information 83
Classic Milazzo 80

Estaurario 27 Mineralia 37

Clay 69 Montpellier 78

Coliseo 21 Monza 16

Concrete 51 Motion 20

Concreto 69 Mustang 48

Cottage 10 Neo Calcutta

Couvet 56 Bronze 27

Crest 30 Neostone 52

Delta 36 Orbit 81

Devon Liso 9 Palatino 76

Driftwood 68 Palmira 23

English Stone 41 Partenon 13

Essence 32 Pastel 12

Everest 40 Pedestals 71

Evoque 47 Petra 52

Faubourg 60 Piacenza 4

Forestwood 68 Plazza 51

Galaxy 74 Pompeya 56

Gallery 53 Positano 78

Gleam 80 Prime Blanco 27

Gold Leaf 74 Provenza 54


Small Tiles & Ceramics

Piacenza 4

Metro 5

Whites 6

Savannah Metro 7

Liso 7

Lisbon 8

Devon Liso 9

Cottage 10

Bulevar 11

Pastel 12

Sandrine 13

Partenon 13

Sublime 14

Judith 14

Canada 15

Monza 16

Innova 17

Spark 18

Statuario 19

Marino 19

Spectra 20

Cerato 20

Arctic Super White 20

Motion 20

Coliseo 21

Rustic 22

Ice Aster 22

Palmira 23



Piacenza Silver 75x150mm

Material: Glass with Mirror Edge | Use: Wall Only | Size: 75x150mm & 50x100mm mosaic

Mosaics available in all colours. Our Metro ranges have truly stood the test of time. However, there hasn’t
been change to the standard Metro tile format until now with the launch of our
Piacenza glass Metro tiles, a stunning collection of bevelled edge glass tiles
that will add a real wow factor to your project. High in perceived value and
completely original, use the Piacenza range to make a real design statement!

Silver mosaic Dark Grey Black

Pearl Silver Mocha


Tile Name

Metro White 100x200mm Metro

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 100x200mm & 100x300mm (White)

Rosa White This immensely popular bevelled edge collection of tiles originally
got their name ‘Metro’ from their use in the Paris Metro in the early
1900’s. They have remained a classic statement, whether used in
simple monochromes or one of our other more vibrant colours.
Metro 100x300mm is only available in White.

Grey Black Buttermilk Celery Grafito

Cream Sage Metallic Latte Devon Fern

Fawn Lime Green Piscina Aqua Blue Mink

Botella Blue Mist Chocolate Pillar Box Cobalt 5



Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only

Sometimes only crisp, pure white will do.

Our ‘Whites’ wall tile collection has everything from
luxurious rectified 300x600mm in both matt and gloss to
the classic 150x150mm gloss white tile. White tiles offer
versatility, value for money & are the perfect solution for
budget conscious projects.

Gloss: Flat Gloss 150x150mm
- 200x250mm bumpy
- 250x330mm bumpy Bumpy Gloss 200x250mm
- 250x400mm bumpy
- 150x150mm flat
- 250x400mm flat
- 300x600mm flat non-rectified
- 300x600mm flat rectified

- 250x400mm flat
- 300x600mm flat non-rectified
- 300x600mm flat rectified

Gloss & Matt 300x600mm


Savannah Metro Calacatta Gris 100x200mm Savannah Metro

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 100x200mm

Marmol Beige Travertino Gris City Matt Marmol Gris Calacata Gris Forest Gris

Manufactured using the latest Dynamic HD Imaging™ inkjet technology methods makes our bevelled edge
Savannah range an excellent choice for a quality reproduction of marble and stone.
Liso features flat gloss wall tiles; simplicity at its best.


Liso White 100x200mm Matt White 100x300mm Only

Liso Matt Perla 100x300mm Only
Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 100x200mm & 100x300mm


Lisbon 65x250mm Lisbon

Material: Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall Only | Size: 65x250mm

The variation in colour and texture of our Lisbon porcelain collection gives these brick tiles a unique and authentic
character, giving a house that cosy feel of a place which seems to have always been there. These Brick slips can
be used for internal or external applications and are ideal for creating an authentic brick finish on any outside wall,
interior fireplace or as a distinctive feature wall to give an impressive rustic effect.

Mix Grey Beige


Devon Liso




Arctic Grey

Devon Liso Arctic Grey 100x200mm Slate Grey


Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 100x200mm

Devon is a stunning collection of flat brick-shaped ceramic wall tiles in 6 very trendy colours. Similar to the
classic Metro range of tiles but without the bevelled edge, this is the perfect alternative, if you are looking for
smooth uniform lines.

This highly versatile range is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms and can be laid in a variety of designs from brick-
bond through to herringbone. 9


Cottage Jade 75x300mm

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 75x300mm

This popular collection offers the choice of pretty pastels for a soft warm look, contrasting matt or gloss black and
white for a sophisticated feel, all on a subtle ripple effect tile. A popular choice for residential kitchen and bathroom
walls but also becoming more and more popular for commercial applications such as restaurants and bars. Brick
shape tiles are timeless and always on trend.

Matt White Gloss White Light Grey

Jade Ash Blue Ivory
Dark Grey

Bulevar White & Decor Cold 100x300mm Bulevar

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 100x300mm

Bulevar is an impressive high definition (HD) gloss range of linear tiles with a ripple effect biscuit that looks great
in retro or country-style bathrooms and kitchens, especially when combined  with the vintage reclaimed style
encaustic décors.
7 plain colour choices and optional décors – warm or cold, each comprising of mixed packs.

White Ivory Jade Decor Warm
Vison Moka Grey

Anthracite Decor Cold 11

Pastel Satin White, Grey & Anthracite 100x3300mm Pastel

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 100x330mm

Pastel is one of our most popular ranges; a smooth satin finish glaze which looks great when contrasted with gloss
black & white, giving a smart ‘city’ look.

Satin Ash Satin Beige Satin Mocha

Satin Ivory Satin Grey Satin Black

Satin White Gloss White Gloss Black


Partenon & Sandrine

Partenon Crema & Marfil Wall Gloss 250x400mm

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 250x400mm (Wall) & 450x450mm (Floor)

This is one of our most popular and enduring ranges. Manufactured using the
very latest inkjet print technology (HD) giving the tile  a very  authentic stone
appearance. Create a classic dark and light scheme with a coordinating floor tile.

Sandrine is a versatile linear gloss ceramic tile reminiscent of natural fibres,
provides a designer look with a soft natural touch consisting of a trendy
minimalistic pinstripe design in fashionable white and grey colour tones.

Partenon Crema Wall Gloss

Partenon Marfil Wall Gloss Sandrine Blanco Wall

Partenon Gris Wall Gloss Partenon Marfil Floor Sandrine Gris Wall 13

Judith Blanco

Judith Marengo, Blanco & Gris Decor 250x400mm Judith Crema

Judith Judith Marengo
Judith Crema Decor
Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 250x400mm

Our Judith series brings a fresh new look into your home with the introduction of
these stunning waterfall décor tiles.

Our Sublime tile has a glossy finish which gives this tile an elegant look. Subtle
grey veins on a white background reminiscent of the finest Carrara marble.


Judith Gris Decor

Sublime 250x400mm Sublime

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 250x400mm


Canada Silver Wall 316x450mm & Pattern Mosaic 315x315mm Canada

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 316x450mm (Wall), 450x450mm (Floor) & 315x315mm (Mosaic)

Our coordinating wall & floor tile range ‘Canada’ enhanced with a captivating mesh mosaic to add a point of interest
within the design.

Silver Floor Grey Floor
450x450mm 450x450mm

Silver Wall Grey Wall Pattern Mosaic 315x315mm
316x450mm 316x450mm 15


Monza Grey, Bianco & Monza Decor 300x600mm

Material: Rectified Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 300x600mm

Our Monza rectified ceramic wall tile series is on trend
and will breathe new life into any space.
They will give a contemporary flavour to your room
with their simplistic design, subtle colours and elegant
coordinating 3D décor which is ideal for creating a
stunning feature wall.


Decor Grey


Innova Pearl & Grey Stuck Décor 300x600mm Innova

Material: Rectified Ceramic | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm

Innova’s “split face” slate effect décors complement the soft pastel hues of the accompanying rectified plain
wall tiles and make a striking feature wall.

Stuck Noce Noce Sand
Stuck Grey Grey
Pearl 17

Spark Negro 300x600mm Spark

Material: Rectified Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 300x600mm

Hot out of the kiln with our new 3D Spark series.
Manufactured using the very latest Dynamic HD
Imaging™ inkjet technology this new style of tile is
perfect for both rustic and modern settings in line with
the very latest fashion.
These rectified tiles have a sparkle created by the
innovative sugar glaze finish giving a
luxurious look and feel which will add an air of opulence
to any space.

Spark Nectar

Spark Bianco Spark Negro


300x600mm Ceramics

Marino Grey 300x600mm

Material: Rectified Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 300x600mm

Statuario is one of the classic marbles and this is an
excellent reproduction on a rectified tile. Statuario’s soft
Statuaagrigroeeylesshsaedleesgahnacvee. been used for centuries to create an

Statuario Marino
Marino Ivory
Marino Grey 19

300x600mm Ceramics

Spectra Ash 300x600mm

Material: Rectified Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 300x600mm
New to our portfolio these structured feature ceramic tiles add depth to a small space as a feature or a wow factor
to a large space. As a true 600x300mm they engage perfectly with many ranges.


Spectra Ash Spectra Oxido

Cerato Ash Cerato Light
Super White
Arctic Super White Motion


Coliseo Silver Floor 450x450mm, Silver Wall & Breeze Wall 300x600mm Coliseo

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm (Wall) & 450x450mm (Floor)

Coliseo is a beautiful travertine effect ceramic tile range which features subtle natural stone veining as well as a
sparkle effect in the glaze which replicates natural mineral deposits. The plain wall tiles can also be enhanced by the
choice of 2 contemporary textured decors to add real interest especially when used as a feature wall.

Silver Floor Ivory Floor Board Decor Wall 300x600mm
450x450mm 450x450mm
Breeze Decor Wall 300x600mm
Silver Wall Ivory Wall
300x600mm 300x600mm 21


Black Matt

Rustic Ivory Matt 330x330mm
Ice Aster White Matt 330x330mm
Ivory Matt

Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 330x330mm
A budget priced ceramic floor tile with a subtle slate finish suitable for any residential areas, especially for cost
conscious refurbishment projects.
A classic timeless black and white floor tile in a satin finish, ideal for a traditional feel to any room.

White Matt

Ice Aster

Black Matt Material: Ceramic | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 330x330mm



Palmira Plain 300x600mm

Material: Glazed Ceramic | Use: Wall Only | Size: 300x600mm & 450x450mm

Palmira is the tile collection of marble effect surfaces that
expresses all the beauty and appeal of the natural stone:
timeless, beautiful and elegant. A flat ceramic tile and a
textured feature décor, the carrara marble is ideal for a
bathroom, mimicking the gentle movements of waves
along your walls. A versatile and affordable option for all
living areas this gloss finish tile that provides brightness
to any room, creating a sense of space and light.

Palmira Plain 300x600mm

Palmira Wave 300x600mm Palmira Floor 450x450mm 23


Alsacia 26 Gallery 53

Classic Estaurario 27 Provenza 54

Prime Blanco 27 Lightburst Quartz 55

Statuario Classic 27 Pompeya 56

Neo Calcutta Bronze 27 Couvet 56

Base 28 Taurus -

Cementi 29 Salt & Pepper 57

Crest 30

Grunge 31

Essence 32

Metallica 33

Sparkle 34

Sunset 35

Delta 36

Terazzo 37

Granada 37

Mineralia 37

Titan 38

Everest 40

English Stone 41

Cemento 42

Luxor 43

Magma 44

Renova 45

Always 46

Evoque 47

Mustang 48

Matiere 49

Roman Statuario 50

Bianco Stone 50

Snow 50

Plazza 51

Concrete 51

Cement Grey 52

Petra 52

Neostone 52




Alsacia Matt 300x600mm

Material: Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm, 600x600mm & 600x1200mm

Our Alsacia porcelain tiles are manufactured in high definition to produce a
meticulous imitation of one of the purest forms of crystallized limestone, Carrara
marble. The detailed veining and neutral white and grey tones flow effortlessly into
one another to bring a luxurious feel to any room.
Create classical spaces using either the 300x600mm, 600x600mm or 600x1200mm
Alsacia porcelain tile that can be used on the floor or wall in any bathroom, kitchen
or living area.

Alsacia 48x48mm Mosaic

Alsacia 600x600mm Alsacia 300x600mm & 600x1200mm


600x600mm Porcelain

Prime Blanco 600x600mm

Material: Glazed Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 600x600mm
Classic Estaurario

Classic Estaurario Gloss Prime Blanco Carrara Gloss
Glazed Rectified Porcelain Glazed Rectified Porcelain

600x600mm 600x600mm
Statuario Classic
Statuario Classic Neo Calcutta Bronze

Statuario Classic Neo Calcutta Bronze
Glazed Rectified Porcelain
Neo Calcutta Bronze
600x1200mm Glazed Rectified Porcelain

600x1200mm 27

Base Ivory 298x598mm & 598x598mm Base

Material: Glazed Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 298x598mm & 598x598mm

The Base rectified porcelain collection realistically
achieves a beautiful and homely natural stone appearance
whilst also being suitable for heavy traffic public areas as
well as intermittent wet areas such as hotel bathroom
floors. Refined mineral inclusions and a subtle textured
finish complete the authentic stone impression of this
range. R10 / PVT36+.


Ivory Black



Cementi Negro & Perla 300x600mm

Material: Rectified Lappato Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm & 600x600mm

Cementi is a stylish full body rectified porcelain tile in a modern concrete effect given added depth and sparkle by
its Lappato finish.

Perla Negro

Blanco Marengo 29

Crest Silver 300x600mm Crest

Material: Glazed Riven Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor - Internal & External | Size: 300x600mm

Crest is a smart, riven stone effect, frost resistant matt porcelain with an R11 slip rating which is equally at home on
an external patio or in an interior setting. A great range for an open plan kitchen with glass doors to help bring the
outdoors in. R11 / PVT36+.

Alpine Silver



Grunge Grey & Light Grey 300x600mm

Material: Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm

With a name like Grunge you would possibly expect a tile that is pretty shabby in appearance however, this
contemporary porcelain range is quite the opposite and very much on trend, adding an element of contrast to any
room with a choice of 3 prevailing shades of grey.

Anthracite Grey Light Grey 31

Essence Forest 300x600mm Essence

Material: Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm & 48x48mm Mosaic
Essence is a very realistic stone effect glazed porcelain produced using Dynamic HD Imaging™ inkjet technology.
Suitable for use on both wall and floor.
Available in 2 colours: Forest and Pearl.


Pearl Forest Pearl



Metallica Silver 300x600mm

Material: Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm

Create an ultra trendy look in any interior or exterior location with the look of oxidized metal. Metallica portrays
the patina of oxidizing metal with impeccable detail.

Suitable for use on internal walls, floors and external walls.

Gold Silver 33

Sparkle Dove & Graffito 600x600mm Sparkle

Material: Rectified Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 295x600mm & 600x600mm

Create a modern, vibrant finish
with these high quality rectified
lappato porcelain tiles. Sparkle
has a luxurious semi-polished
finish in a choice of 5 colours and
will add an air of sophistication to
any room.

Bianco Dove

Manatee Mocha Graffito


Sunset Smoke 316x608mm & Sunset Craft Smoke 316x608mm Sunset

Material: Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 316x608mm

Our Sunset collection offers a linear stone appearance using the latest
cutting edge ‘3D’ inkjet technology (HD) to produce these striking split
face structured décor tiles, ideal for creating a stunning internal or external
feature wall to complete this very much on trend porcelain tile range.


White Craft White Craft Taupe

Grey Craft Grey Ivory

Smoke Craft Smoke Craft Ivory 35

Delta Super Black 600x600mm Delta

Material: Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm, 600x600mm & 800x800mm

When only pure white or black will do, Delta steps up to the
mark. This excellent range is available in polished black and
white finishes. White is also available in matt finish.

Delta Super Black Delta Super White


Granada 600x600mm 600x600mm Porcelain

Material: Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 600x600mm

Granada Terazzo Matt Mineralia Dyna Mineralia Ivory
Glazed Polished Porcelain Glazed Porcelain Soluble Salt Porcelain Soluble Salt Porcelain

600x600mm 600x600mm 600x600mm 600x600mm 37

Titan Polished Ash Grey & Nero 600x600mm Titan

Material: Matt, Polished & Riven Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm & 600x600mm

Titan is an extremely versatile rectified porcelain tile range which looks fabulous in both domestic and commercial
settings. Available in eight contemporary colours, two size options and two different surface finishes. 
Two Surface Options - Matt & Polished.
Two Size Options - 300x600mm & 600x600mm
Matt R10 - Riven R11

Avorio Beige Grigio

Light Grey Med Grey Ash Grey Nero


Avorio Avorio

Beige Beige

Grigio Grigio

Ash Grey Ash Grey Titan Light Grey 600x600mm
Our Titan range includes two additional mosaic options
to compliment this high quality porcelain collection.

Nero 39

Everest Grigio 600x600mm Everest

Material: Glazed Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm & 600x600mm

Sophisticated blend of stone and cement visuals.
Everest is a result of tasteful combination of vein-cut
marble and cement visuals and textures – a stunning
interpretation of natural stone.
The marriage of stone and cement creates a unique look
that will transform any space, from the trendy to the
Available is 3 stunning contemporary colours, this rectified
glazed porcelain is sure to satisfy any design and style


Avorio Anthracite


English Stone

English Stone Light Grey 300x600mm

Material: Rectified Glazed Polished Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 300x600mm & 600x600mm

Our English Stone is a range of porcelain tiles that faithfully replicate the natural marble product from which they
take their inspiration.
Produced using state of the art Dynamic HD Imaging™ inkjet technology methods enabling the manufacture of
authentic looking natural tiles, each with a unique character that offer timeless elegance with their striking veining
that is otherwise found only in natural stone.
This tile is suitable for use in all domestic areas and will add an air of luxury to any room in your home.

Dark Grey Ivory
Light Grey
White 41

Cemento Anthracite & Grey 600x600mm Cemento

Material: Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 600x600mm

Manufactured using the very latest Dynamic HD Imaging™ inkjet technology this stunning matt concrete design
takes on the look of concrete in a porcelain tile reflecting current trends in interior design, our range captures
modern tones of grey and warm beige, perfect for introducing an industrial chic style into your home or project.
Our rectified Cemento range – a range of architectural style tiles with a washed-out ‘cement’ look which has become
popular in recent times is perfect for a minimalist design and ultra modern living spaces.

Anthracite Grey Sand Ivory



Luxor Grey 600x600mm

Material: Rectified Polished Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 295x600mm, 600x600mm & 600x1200mm

Luxor is a contemporary, mirror glaze rectified porcelain
tile range. Its excellent HD quality print perfectly mimics
natural marble and its high gloss reflective surface will
instantly transform any space into something more
opulent. With a stunning reproduction of natural marble
and choice of sizes, Luxor is the perfect choice for
modern projects. PEI 4.


Silver Bianco 43

Magma Crema 600x600mm Magma

Material: Rectified Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 600x600mm & 600x1200mm

This large format Magma HD collection is a great
example of the popular urban trend and impresses with
natural colours as well as an authentic looking cement
surface, which create very warm atmospheres.

Porcelain has the benefit of being impermeable to water,
hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

The rectified tiles offer sharp edges making laying with Silver
very narrow joints of 1.5 to 2 mm width possible for that
virtually seamless appearance.

Gris Crema


Renova Golden Grey 400x800mm Renova

Material: Glazed Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor - Internal & External | Size: 400x800mm

Renova’s rich hewn slate effect is available in a trendy 400x800mm size and suitable for use both indoors and out,
also suitable for use in wet rooms and around pools. Its HD inkjet technology print means it is as close to the real
thing as possible. Manufactured in Italy, you can be assured this is a top quality porcelain tile range. Matt finish,
R10B slip rating. Manufactured using 90% recycled waste & 100% recycled water. Suitable for internal and external

Blanco Golden Grey
Anthracite 45

Always Black 400x800mm Always

Material: Glazed Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor - Internal & External | Size: 400x800mm

Always is a stunning Italian stone effect porcelain range printed using HD Inkjet technology to look just like flagstone
in a large 400x800mm size. Its R10C slip rating means that it can be used for intermittent wet areas including
kitchens, bathrooms and changing rooms as well as standing water areas such as pool surrounds and pool ramps.
Also now available in 2cm for external use.

White Corda


Evoque Sabbia 802x802mm Evoque

Material: Rectified Full Body Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 802x802mm

Evoque is a superb Italian manufactured matt tile, created using the very latest Dynamic HD Imaging™ inkjet
technology process, resulting in this very natural stone appearance.
In a size of 802x802mm, this collection looks equally at home in a rustic or modern setting.
Due to its high wear rating it can be used in residential and commercial areas, including high traffic public areas.

Fumo Greige Perla Sabbia 47

Mustang White & Black 295x590mm Mustang

Material: Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 295x590mm, 590x590mm & 600x1200mm

Our Mustang Technical Porcelain range is the epitome of full-bodied unglazed porcelain stoneware. This series
can be used on both walls and floors. The ideal solution for high traffic commercial areas subjected to significant
physical and chemical stress due to its very high wear rating.
Mustang Technical Porcelain is equally suited for residential architecture where a high quality, high perceived value
finish is desired. This series is a prestigious collection, perfect for all locations where both sturdiness and aesthetical
refinement are needed.
With a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) rating above 36, Mustang Technical Porcelain is suitable for both dry, wet or
humid areas and is available in 3 different size options  to meet the emerging trend for larger format tiles, all from
our UK stock.
Thanks to its superior technical qualities, extremely easy laying and ease of maintenance, our Mustang Technical
Porcelain series is the ideal choice.

Black Grey Sand White


Matiere Grigio Modular Mix Matiere

Material: Rectified Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor - Internal & External | Size: Modular Mix

The Opus pattern has been a mainstay for centuries. Matiere is available
as a pattern or in individual sizes. The natural finish of the tile from
surface to edge gives a real stone aesthetic whilst maintenance free
and providing the classical look to any design. R10B.

Modular Mix:
600x600mm - 48.485%
300x600mm - 24.242%
450x450mm - 27.273%



Grigio 49

Snow Gris 800x800mm Large Format Porcelain

Material: Rectified Glazed Porcelain | Use: Wall & Floor | Size: 800x800mm

Roman Statuario Bianco Stone Snow Gris Snow Silver
Matt Finish Gloss Finish Lapato Finish Lapato Finish


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