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IL _ Group 2 _ บัณฑิตา _ Sec 21

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IL : Group 2 บัณฑิตา _ Sec 21

IL _ Group 2 _ บัณฑิตา _ Sec 21





Sydney ASIA
Cape town

AUSTRALIA Cairns (Queensland) A famous
seaside tourist town. The city is
Sydney (New South Wales) situated on top of the Gold Coast
A city of tourist attractions in and Brisbane. It is the gateway to
Australia, popular among Thai snorkeling at The Great Barrier
people. Because this city has Reef, a world-famous coral reef.
many attractions and can travel Cairns is famous for its nature,
all year round. It is home to a beautiful coves, dive sites,
world-class building architecture. beautiful beaches and easy access
"The Opera House" Has many to the islands.
shopping areas. Including major Can be traveled during the time
department stores, craft market, when it is not raining and it is the
art market, farmer's market, huge time for traveling here, it is around
Chinatown and an international winter from June to August. While
food source on every continent. in the early summer, it will rain
Plus, there are also great family down frequently.
travel destinations.
Can be traveled all year round.
But if you want to come in good
weather, not in the rain, not cold,
not hot Between October and
early January and March to April
are the best weather.

ASIA N Seoul Tower, South Korea
For the eternal love of lovers Thus
Nami Island, South Korea making it a romantic landmark Where
a landmark that everyone Was said many lovers hold their hands to hold
to be romantic That is on Nami the keys together For the love of two
Island. South Korea itself. Wield your people will be together forever. Then
girlfriend here to enjoy the bamboo continue with the view of Seoul from a
tunnel. And enjoy the nature on the high. It is not angle, very romantic.
island where friends can enjoy a Travel heals the hearts of many
walk, enjoy the atmosphere with people. Whether there is happiness or
your girlfriend. And even if wearing a suffering just when you go on a trip
pair of sets together Say it will be Recommended attractions only
more fun. recommended for people who have a
partner. But single people like us can
get along, we might as well find love


Africa is not apopular destination that
much, maybe because of the
transportation that isn't good enough.
For tourists who like a challenge, there
will be a place that they want to visit
once. But in the future,I think there will
be more tourists' destination because
of nature and culture. A must-visit city
is Cape Town, the third largest city in
South Africa. It has a population
approximately 6 million people.It is a
very famous and beautiful city.The
weather is good all year round and is
not too hot. The city has a variety of
tourist attractions such as Table
Mountain Park. The next must-visit
attraction is Cape of Good Hope,
located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a
nature area where many animals can
be seen and the sea is beautiful.
Within the city, there is a market
called The Neighbourgoods in the
Woodstock district, where local
products are sold and you can do a
walk tour through the city as well, to
see a various designs of architecture.


South Shetland Islands,
located 160 km north of the
Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland
is the most visited place in
Antarctica. Because of its vast
naturปaรlะ สbบeก aา รuณ tก yา ร,เ ปtลh่ี ย eน แ aป ลrงcชี hวิ ตipelago is
coverตeาdม ท่ี iบnอ กiเcล าeโ ดaย แnอdน ดiรsู ว hซิ มoมmอ นeส to the
largest fjords and glaciers. But on
the other hand, the rocky coast is
home to elephant seals and

Antarctic Peninsula This is the
northernmost part of Antarctica and is
home to a wide variety of polar wildlife,
littered with icebergs and narrow
corridors, ports and natural islands.On
the Antarctic Peninsula, one can visit
the peninsula for beautiful views. Aside
from the scenery, this place is popular
for penguin rookeries and as a colony
of cormorants.

Falkland Islands The islands are known
for their abundant biodiversity. Making
it one of the most visited places in
Antarctica.The island reflects a little bit
of English due to its architecture and
design. While traveling to the island,
one can spot gigantic albatrosses
gliding atop with four species of
penguins nesting on the shore. Meet
people on the island of Port Stanley to
learn their way of life and culture.


Europe Europe is a great
place to visit. Many countries
that are perfect for new and
interesting travel. 1 of the
European landmarks in
Russia In this life, you must
try it once. Lake Baikal is
ancient and has deepest in
the world It is a lake that has
the beauty of the lake's
glacier in winter, it will return
as a lake in winter, so visitors
can go fishing. Take a boat
trip to see the beauty of
nature from another

Another interesting
attraction is that Finland is a
Scandinavian country.
Located in the north of
Europe It is close to Sweden,
Norway and also near Russia.
Finland is a land of beautiful
lakes and mountains If you
have traveled to this place
once in your life, I can assure
you that you will not be
disappointed because you
look in every direction, you
can only see the beauty from
every angle.


1.เทยี วเคปทาวน์, แอฟรกิ าใต:้ 9 ทเี ทยี วสดุ วา้ วทใี ครๆ กไ็ มพ่ ลาด.ออนไลน์)
แหลง่ ทมี า:
guides/south-africa/cape-town(28 มนี าคม 2564)

2.เมอื งใหญท่ สี ดุ ของออสเตรเลยี นนี บั เปนเมอื งทา่ อนั แสนสขุ .(ออนไลน)์ .
แหลง่ ทมี า:
destinations/australia/new-south-wales/sydney(28 มนี าคม

3.หมเู่ กาะฟอลก์ แลนด(์ ออนไลน์).
แหลง่ ทมี า มนี าคม 2564)

4.เช็คลสิ ต์ 20 ทเี ทยี วเกาหลี ถา่ ยรปู สวย ไปกที ี กต็ อ้ งไมพ่ ลาด !.(ออนไลน์)
.แหลง่ ทมี า:
.(28 มนี าคม 2564)

5.ไบคาล (Baikal) ทะเลสาบทเี กา่ แกแ่ ละลกึ ทสี ดุ ในโลก
travel/149670.html(28 มนี าคม 2564)


บั ณ ฑิ ต า อิ ง แ อ บ 6 3 3 0 3 0 0 5 1 - 4 N O . 1 3
ณั ฐ บาํ รุ ง สั ต ย์ 6 3 3 0 3 0 1 7 8 - 0 N O . 1 7
ธิ ด า รัต น์ เ ห มื อ ด แ ก้ ว 6 3 3 0 3 0 2 6 6 - 3 N O . 2 6
กิ ง ก า ญ จ น์ ภู มี 6 3 3 0 3 0 4 3 0 - 6 N O . 3 2
สิ ริก ร อิ ม ส ะ อ า ด 6 3 3 0 3 0 4 7 9 - 6 N O . 4 6

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