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Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Akirra Thompson
TR 11-1150

Table of 1. Cover Page
contents 2. Table of Contents
3. Warmup
4. Game one : Freeze
5. Game two: Bean Bag Tossing
6. Game three : Blind man’s Tuff
7. Game four: Hula Hoop Transport
8. Game five: Cone Capture
9. Game Six : Sack Race
10. Game Seven : Wheelbarrow race
11. Game Eight: Spoon Relay
12. Game Nine: Scooter Relay
13. Game Ten : Leap Frog
14. Game Eleven : Air ball
15. Game Twelve: Musical Chairs


 Two laps around the court
 A few brief stretches to loosen

muscles up for games


 Music will be played while each
member dances

 Prior to the music, students will be
instructed on what position they need
to be in after the music stops

 Once the music stops, participants
must stop dancing in what position they

 If participant does not assume the
correct posture they are out of the

-Objective : Be the last man standing
-Equipment: Cell phone for music, and

Bean Bag Tossing

 The team is split into 2 groups
 Each team attempt to throw a

bean bag into bucket while
standing at a certain distance
 Team with the most successful
attempts at the end wins

- Objective of the game is to be
able to throw more bags in the

- Equipment : Bean bags , bucket

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

Blind man’s territory This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

 One person is blindfolded and spins

 The other are told to disperse
 When the blindfolded member

yells stop everyone stops and the
players attempt to find them
 If the player is touch or attempts
to move they are out

-Objective : Able to sense and tag
people while being blindfolded
-Equipment: Blind fold

Hula Hoop Transport

 Players are divided into two

 Each member is given a hoop
 Each team must attempt to

make it to the end of the court
by holding each others loop
 First team to make it wins

- Objective : Be able to make it to
the end of the court

- Equipment: Hula Hoops

Capture the

 Cones are placed on the floor
 Each team attempts to pick up

as many cones as they can while
stacking it in another location
by color
 The first team to stack the most
cones after a minute wins

-Objective : Be able to stack as
many cones as you can
-Equipment: Cones

Sack Race

 Divide teams into two teams
 Players will run to the sack, put

both feet in and begin hopping
towards their team
 Must keep both feet in the sack
and at least one hand on the sack
at all times
 First team to complete, wins

- Skill Focus : Speed , sense of
direction and space

- Equipment: Sack bag


 Split everyone into groups of four
 Each group needs to choose a

 The wheelbarrow will get down on

two hands , your partner will stand
behind you and carefully lift your
legs while you support yourself with
your hands
 On the word “GO” race the other
teams to the end of the court ,
switch and get back to the starting
 First team to finish wins.

Spoon Relay

 Split into groups of four
 Form a circle with four people per

 First person of each team is to

hold the spoon with the ball and
balance it without falling while
running to the next person
 If you drop the ball you have to
start over from the beginning
 First team to finish wins

Equipment : Spoon , Small ball, Cones

Scooter Relays

 Split class into groups of four
 Each group is lined up at one

end of the gym
 On the given signal the first

person will race to the other
side and return
 Each player has to participate
 First team to finish wins

-Equipment : Scooters

Leap Frog

 Students will split into groups
then line up with some space
between each other. They will
then squat between each
other leaving some space for
the leaper to leap. The fist
team to make it to the end
first wins.

Air Ball

 Students will be divided into two

 They will be asked to form a

 Each team will have to keep the
ball in the air

 First team to drops the ball

-Equipment : Ball

Musical Chairs With a Twist

 Students will be divided into two

 Hula Hoops will be placed on the floor
in a circle for each group

 As the music starts the players will go
around the hoops and when the music
stops the students must be inside a
hula hoop, whoever isn’t is
automatically out

 At the end the winner from each group
will be able to go against each other
and the last person standing will win
the game.

- Equipment : Hula hoops, speaker

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