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over population
climate change

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Published by Emalee Lopez, 2019-12-11 15:34:31

What Have We Created?

over population
climate change

What have we created?

Emalee, Olive, Max & Mateo

Contents page

● Greta Thunberg - Page 3
● Should we really skip school for our changing climate - Page 4
● Future opinion pieces - Pages 5 to 8
● 2040 Review - Page 9
● Surveys - Page 10
● The rising distress of bushfires - Page 11
● Puzzles - Pages 12 & 13
● Quiz answers - Page 14


Greta Thunberg is a lie!

We’ve all heard about the new headliner Greta Thunberg and the impact she has made on our thoughts
of climate change. The 16 year old is one of the most influential people, campaigning for climate change.
But what exactly is her story? How has this 16 year old caught all of us into realising what we have created,
how has she already addressed the United Nations and multiple governments around the world.

Greta was 12 when she stopped eating meat and going on airplanes, to reduce her impact on the

There is a theory going around that Greta has only became famous because of her mother. Her mother
was a singer on eurovision in 2009 coming 21st on the ladder. This created a lot of fame for herself but
also her daughter (Greta thunberg).

Many people believe that the famous speeches Greta has presented were written by her parents. “What
she says are not in her words” says the Daily telegraph “Greta thunberg is only a headliner because of her
mother” states New york times. These are only a couple of newspapers that believe that Greta is a lie.
What are your thoughts?


Should we really skip school for our changing climate?

Headliners have expressed lots of interest with the recent wave of “kids” taking action for climate change,
As you may have seen the so called head of this surge of youth protest is Greta Thunberg after her
speech at the UN, in which she underlined the problems in a powerful and emotional way. This has
encouraged many young protesters to take to the street in swarms in order to spread awareness about
this epidemic that will soon take over their future. A few months ago there was a protest in Hyde Park,
Sydney, that attracted hundred of thousands of students all skipping school in order to protest as well as
thousands of other protests all over the world, but is this really the right way to go?

The only way to stop climate change is for everyone to take part and reduce waste, emissions and carbon
footprint. By thousands of students and kids skipping school this creates a controversial topic for the
news creating world spread awareness that our generation cares and worries for our future. As more and
more people take part world leaders will soon found out about this alarming epidemic and action can be
taken on a world wide scale. Skipping school is a small sacrifice for helping solve climate change.

Overall the reasoning shows that skipping school is incredibly beneficial for spreading awareness and
taking action for our worsening climate. With help from world leaders as well as youth representatives like
Greta our climate will definitely be on the way to being healthy and our planet can be saved.


What have we created?

Mateo Ter meulen ortiz

With Earth and nature slowly deteriorating because our actions we must now fix this. We can not keep livin
how we are, we will run out of resources, there will be a growth in our population were it will simply not be
safe to live anymore and the health of ourselves will be at risk.

There are countless reasons why our future will be at risk but the most important reason is overpopulation.
Research shows that by 2030 our population will have grown at a faster rate than ever before, making it
unsafe to live. With this huge number of people we will simply run out of resources to keep living a healthy
life. What have we created?

Another major difficulty will be our healthy. As you will have realised there are hundreds of fires and natural
disasters leading to death. The hospitals will be pouring with injured people. With little carbon in the soil it is
generating vegetables and other foods to have no nutrients and vitamins. What have we created?

Lastly is the climate. The temperatures will rise, as will the sea levels. With natural disasters occuring every
day, nature will simply not hold itself any longer and all we can do is blame ourselves. What have we created.
What have we created

We have created a dying planet that need our help. It needs less population growth, healthier animals,

healthier plants but most importantly healthier people.It needs a sustainable climate and humans that are

willing to make a change. This is what we have created and now we have to fix it. 6

Our busy world

Max Bommert

As the future nears our population greatens, each day our precious planet Earth is becoming incredibly dense. Many studies
show that the ratio of birth to death is immensely unbalanced thus creating an ever rising population. Scientists have
concluded that there are 2.5 births per 1 death, at this rate over population is becoming a worrying epidemic and it must be

The Earth only has so many resources, over the past 50 years humans have been using the Earths only resources at a wasteful
and alarming rate. This means that we must change our ways for a sustainable lifestyle. Fossil fuels power most of our lives
from cars, planes, trains and even our own house. All of this energy needed is not enough for fossil fuels itself as it is alarmingly
running out. The population uses more fossil fuels and other resources are put into the air pollutes all living things including
our food and water. As a society we must all come together to help reduce waste and increase solar energy or electric energy
so that we can create a sustainable future for our ever growing population.

If you walk down the street you will see a surplus of apartments, cars and rubbish compared to back in the day. Our world has
been adapting to our population growing meaning that we are all crammed into our lives. Over crowded town means that
houses are rare so the prices for houses go up and the job industry gets ever more crowded creating a lower employment rate
as most jobs are already full. This will lower our quality of life and it will not end well.

In Conclusion, over population can not be ignored and it’s not up to the scientists to fix it it’s up to the people so try your bit to


Can We Handle Any More People In This World?

Emalee Lopez

Over-population is an increasing problem in our society. It causes poverty and homelessness because of loss of jobs, more traffic and
pollution and an increasing amount of refugees and migrants. A disproportionate amount of people cause Earth to become filthy, polluted
and unhygienic. It’s an alarming and frightening issue. We need a solution and fast.

As more people enter the job seeking life there will be less jobs for everyone and most likely, robots will begin to to take over a large
proportion of them. The result will be catastrophic if nothing is done to prevent thousands of jobless people. Another problem that will
eventually occur from the decreasing amount of jobs is poverty and homelessness. The world will become miserable with many houses
having no occupants.

Traffic is another consequence of over-population. The chaos on roads and the rage will increase rapidly. This will inflict more fights and
cause many injuries. Arrival time to destinations will be delayed because of the amount of vehicles on the road. Thousands upon thousands
of vehicles will be backed up, creating more air pollution and our atmosphere will become even more destroyed than it already is.

The increase of refugees and migrants will have many downfalls to our planet. We’ll run out of housing and offices and need to build more
apartments. When we do so we’ll get rid of trees, parks and all our green spaces. Air quality will decrease drastically. Losing trees means
losing a vital source of life, oxygen, without it we won't be able to breathe. Our world will become filthy and disgusting.

In conclusion, over-population is causing dramatic effects to our society. There will be no more jobs available meaning we’ll begin to live in

poverty. No one will be able to look after themselves or their families. Although it all seems like doom and gloom there is still hope. To save

this situation from happening we need to smart to as what jobs we will actually allow robots to take because we are in control of this world,

not the robots. Luckily, more people also means a need or more jobs. We may even be able to create some new jobs. Traffic problems can be

prevented if we have more public transport, ensuring that there is less pollution and less traffic. When it comes to more migrants and

refugees we need to build smarter homes and make less inhabitable places residency. We need to reserve green spaces. There is things we

can do to save our beloved planet from being destroyed, but we have to take action soon. Over-population is only one of the many problems

involving the future. Let's start our part now to create a more sustainable world. 8

Plunged into poverty; it could happen to anyone.

Olive McKinnon

All over the world 1.3 billion people are stuck in poverty. In the future I believe that the number of people living in poverty will rise
drastically. Three key factors that will cause the amount of people living in poverty to increase will be climate change, population growth
and wealth inequality.

Climate change is already having a massive effect on the way that human beings live their lives. Ses levels are rising and some countries
are at risk of losing their entire nations.When this happens thousands of people will be displaced and living in poverty. Climate change
is also causing more regular and severe natural disasters that are destroying homes all over the world leaving more people homeless
and in poverty.

Another factor that will increase the number of people Living in poverty is population growth. The earth has finance face and finite
resources and if population keeps increasing at its current rate the earth will be unable to provide for us and we will start running out of

The third contributor to increased poverty rates is wealth inequality. There is evidence to show that the gap between rich and poor is
continuing to grow. The top 2% wealthiest people 50% combined. As this problem continues to get worse more and more people will
have close to nothing and end up living in poverty.

In my opinion the number of people living in poverty will have definitely increased drastically by 2040. Climate change is destroying
thousands of homes much more frequently all over the world, we are not sustain the drain an increase in population will create and as
wealth inequality Continue to grow more and more people will be stuck living in poverty.


2040 - Movie review by Olive McKinnon

Recently, our class watched the movie 2040 by Damon Gameau, it follows the story of an Australian dad
who travels the world in search of a better future for his daughter. He is on the mission to only create
solutions by embracing the good things that we already have on our planet. I found the movie very
informative and interesting and thought it was very well made. The movie was uplifting and inspiring and
in my opinion one of the best documentaries on this topic, we are being subjected to a lot of negative
content about climate change and this movie makes us realise that if we act now the future will be
incredible but we definitely have to act. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be part of a
solution to save our planet but who doesn't want to watch another doomsday movie on all the ways we
have ruined our home.



The links below are to surveys you can complete in your free time.


The rising distress of bushfires destroying Australia

Emalee Lopez
Recently NSW has experienced many bushfires that are enlarging extremely quickly. Over one million
homes have been destroyed and this matter is beginning to cause panic. The most common word used to
describe these bushfires is unprecedented. The reasoning being they are unprecedented in size, intensity
and timing. Homes, farms and livestock are being destroyed and humans are being trapped and killed in
the toxic breath of these fires. Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison states he has no plans to get the
economy and wages moving, neither does he have plans for the destruction our changing climate is
predicted to wreak.





1. What is the difference between weather and climate?
2. What is the difference between global warming and

climate change?

3. When was gravity discovered?
4. Without greenhouse gasses the earth would be very cold


5. What is one consequence of climate change?
6. What is one step you can take to reduce climate change?


Quiz answers

1. What is the difference between weather and climate?
The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the
atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively
long periods of time.

2. What is the difference between global warming and climate change?
“Global warming” refers to the rise in global temperatures due mainly to the increasing concentrations of
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. “Climate change” refers to the increasing changes in the measures of
climate over a long period of time – including precipitation, temperature, and wind patterns.

3. When was gravity discovered?

4. Without greenhouse gasses the earth would be very cold

5. What is one consequence of climate change?
*Answers may vary*

6. What is one step you can take to reduce climate change? 15
*Answers may vary*

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