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Published by The Studio, 2022-04-18 17:47:36

Z Marketing Strategy by @RubenStunner


1. Establish main goals -Cultivate a community around your music. ...
-Send your music to blogs, playlists, and press
outlets. ...
-Create and monetize artist website. ...
2. Define brand -PR/radio campaign.

This might be one of the most difficult
undertakings of your music career journey, -Get featured on different podcasts
but it’s also one of the most worthwhile. Every -Launch sneaker
marketing decision you make will flow from
how you’ve defined your brand. -Get on billboards
-Film documentary
-Create merch and online shop

3. Identify audience -Launch NFT’ collection
Knowing your fans is the key to success. -Collab with major artists
-Collab with well known models on high-end
themed shoots
What gender are they? -Launch digital billboard in Times Square NY
Where do they live? -Get featured on major news sites and
What kind of personality do they have? publications

What are they passionate about? -Heavily promote YouTube channel
Who are some of their other favorite artists? -Host exclusive studio listnening parties, and
What are they willing to spend their money on? alos music video release event in-studio.
What’s their favorite social media platform?
What’s their favorite way to listen to music? 5. Develop your EPK
What websites or publications do they like to
read? Keep it simple
What newsletters do they subscribe to? Include basic details about the release
Outside of music, what are they really into? Mention any major shows
Include past press coverage
Include your music, artist pictures, and any
4. Lay out an action plan relevant music videos.
Once your press kit is ready your best bet is to
-Determine your fanbase. ... send it to journalists, radio stations, blogs, and
-Keep both potential and current fans in mind. podcasts that already know about you.
-Develop a social media marketing strategy. ...


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