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2018 Princess Anne Country Club Annual Report

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Published by Princess Anne Country Club, 2018-10-25 15:06:40

2018 Princess Anne Country Club Annual Report

2018 Princess Anne Country Club Annual Report




Jonathan L. Thornton 2018
President Sheridan Y. Conley
T. Bradley Foster
Christopher J. Fanney Michael M. McCabe, Jr.
Vice President Tammy E. Ross

Leslie R. Watson 2019
Secretary William S. Braithwaite, III
David C. Burton
Patrick L. Shuler Douglas Russell
Treasurer Samuel E. Steingold

Anne Harvard Hooper
J. Christopher Perry
John E. Perry
Christopher Pridgen


Today’s Princess Anne Country Club Mission Statement CONTENTS

“The Princess Anne Country Club is a traditional, full-service and 03 President’s Message
family-oriented private club whose purpose is to offer uality social
and athletic services and first rate facilities to meet the needs of 04 Treasurer’s Report
members and their families in a comfortable atmosphere and home-
away-from-home environment, consistent with the long-standing 07 Entertainment Committee
values, traditions, history and uni ue culture of the Club.
09 Fitness Committee
Original Purpose Statement from the Articles of Incorporation
10 Golf Committee
The purpose of the corporation (i.e., the Princess Anne Country
Club) is to own, maintain and operate at Virginia Beach, in the state 14 Green Committee
of Virginia, a social and country club, including any and all facilities
for golf, tennis, swimming and any and all other sports of every 15 PACC by the Numbers
kind and character whatsoever, and to provide for its members
such accommodations and entertainment as may be necessary or 16 House Committee
desirable to them.
18 Membership ID Committee
~ PACC Founders | September 23, 1916
19 Membership Committee

20 New Members

21 Pool Committee

23 Tennis Committee

26 Youth Involvement Committee

27 Wine Committee

29 PACC Committees

30 In Memoriam



The 102nd year of the Princess Anne will be remembered (by yours Taylor Nelson. We welcome Taylor to the PACC Family and look
truly anyway) as the year of strategic planning. our oard spent forward to the energy and ideas he brings.
significant time and effort on developing and moving toward the
execution of a Master Plan to ensure that our Club meets the evolving I will leave the details of the financial analysis to our Treasurer, but I
needs and expectations of current and prospective members. In will mention only that the Finance Committee, with Board approval,
response to our member satisfaction survey, the Master Planning was able to timely re-finance its debt service by withdrawing from the
Committee and Building Committee established priorities for previous SWAP agreement and locking in at a favorable long-term
improving our Club, beginning with enhancements to the Chesapeake rate. The refinancing package will allow our Club to lower its debt
service, fund a portion of the additional phases of the Master Plan and
oom. The plans are nearly finalized for this exciting warm up that maintain our current facilities. The Club remains on sound financial
will provide new furniture and fixtures, an elegant bar and dining footing despite the challenges of declining private club membership
area and indoor and outdoor fire elements. our oard continues to nationally and a relatively small pool of eligible candidates for
study the next phase of our Master Plan, which will entail necessary membership locally. Our membership team headed by Jenn arrott,
renovations and or replacements of the pool and fitness complexes continues to excel through their drive and creativity.
and additional improvements to our golf and tennis operations.
Our goal remains that of delivering the highest uality dining and In closing, I would like to thank ill Shonk and his team for their
recreational venues while maximizing the limited and valuable real dedicated service to our membership. At 1,100 members strong,
estate on the PACC campus. it remains a daunting task to please every member all the time, but
this does not stop our PACC team members from trying to do just
On the operational side, the Club hosted a number of stellar events that. I also want to again thank, as we all should, our outgoing oard
this year such as the second Annual Els For Autism tournament, which members, Sheridan Conley, Brad Foster, Mike McCabe and Tammy
raised more than 230,000, the ODU Princess Anne Invitational which
hosted 12 NCAA teams from across the country and the CHKD Mixed oss, for giving their time and talents to our Club. I am pleased to
Doubles Tennis tournament, which involved 128 players and raised a welcome our new oard members, ekki Jucksch, John Mazach, Josh
record-breaking 33,000 to support CHKD’s mental health initiatives. Parnell and Monica Stein, and look forward to working with them this
These events, expertly run by our PACC team, truly showcased our coming year. It is a pivotal time in PACC’s history, and we hope that
Club to members and guests. It was exciting and gratifying to see you will support your Club by visiting often and bringing along family
so many of our members volunteer and participate in these events, and friends. est wishes for the year ahead.
displaying in full force our Club’s spirit for giving back and supporting
worthy causes within our community.

3 ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 The PACC also confirmed its commitment to improving and growing JONATHAN L. THORNTON
our youth programs by hiring a full-time outh Programs Manager, President


Submitted by Patrick L. Shuler

I am pleased to present this report to summarize are satisfied with the Club’s internal to e uipment and irrigation repairs, and
controls currently in place. a current year shortfall of initiation fees by
S 30, 2018 $61,312, as many of the 30 new Members opted
This was a uni ue year to some extent as the to finance their initiation fees.
Consolidated net results after debt service for the Club endured an I S 401k audit, underwent a club
year totalled $637,879, falling short of the $777,664 software system conversion and refinanced our The Finance Committee devoted considerable efforts
budget and last year’s 824,033. The balance sheet long term debt. While the I S audit went well, it this year in evaluating refinancing options for our
re ected 1,350,434 in cash at fiscal year-end. Our did impact financial results as the Administrative current debt. Special thanks to ary eck, Chris Fanney,
auditors, BDO (formerly McPhillips, Roberts and John ibson, Chris Perry, Sam Steingold and President
Deans), should complete their examination of our eneral expenses listed below re ect nearly Jon Thornton who vetted proposals from multiple
financial statements in November 2018. While the 115,000 in costs related to the audit. The other lenders. The Club was able to unwind our previous
information included in this report is preliminary, significant areas that incurred negative budget swap agreement at its lowest point while locking in a
we do not anticipate any significant changes to variances included an overrun of olf Course very favorable 10-year fixed rate of 4.55 with attractive
the information as presented and the auditors Maintenance expenses by $47,004, due primarily


pre-payment options with Towne ank in June. This
action was initiated early to secure an attractive
long-term rate in this current rising interest rate
environment. This new facility also provides
additional debt capacity of up to $4 million to
support future Master Plan and capital investment
projects. The Finance Committee will continue
to work closely with the Board of Directors and
Building Committee on Strategic, Master Plan and
Capital Expenditure initiatives. As mentioned in this
report last year, we finalized the creation of a capital
reserve fund in an effort to ensure the financial
resources for major replacement expenditures that
will be re uired in the future. As of September 30,
2018 this fund balance was 644,7 0.

Our Club’s operations continue to be managed
e ciently with ill Shonk at the helm. He and our
management team work diligently to maximize
resources and provide high uality services and
amenities for our membership. Controller Cathie
Havrilesky along with Denise Johnson meticulously
oversee our financial reporting and continually
provide a wealth of data that allows your Board of
Directors and me to properly oversee the Club’s
finances. We have overcome most of the challenges



typically inherent in an enterprise software 2017 - 2018 Unaudited Consolidated Financial Results
conversion and it is clear that the new system will
afford even greater data mining capabilities and Current ear Prior ear
opportunities. Actual
Actual Budget
As we look forward to our 2018-201 fiscal year, $4,731,280
your Board of Directors has approved a budget Dues & Supplements 4,64 ,056 4,686, 5
that will set the Club on a great path for coming Department Income 4,835
years. There are two areas that I personally ask Food & Beverage $84,712 4 ,755 ($68,674)
your assistance to help us achieve our financial ($64,270) ($70,421) ( 1,056,84 )
goals; sponsoring new members and hosting olf Pro Shop ( 1,050,534) ( 1,003,530) ($271,202)
private events at your Club. A healthy membership olf Course ( 314,151) ($306,390) ($121,276)
and stable dues base is the driving force of Tennis ($128,816) ( 115,0 5) ( 5,032)
our operating budget. Each year, members Pool ($91,832) ($119,660) ( 373,351)
unfortunately leave the Club for a variety of Athletics ($412,099) ( 3 4,535) ($187,128)
reasons. However, with each new addition to the Clubhouse ( 210,5 5) ( 206,540) ($163,974)
PACC family we replenish our membership, build Maintenance ( 154,874) ( 152,500) ($17,802)
on our traditions and ensure our future. Entertainment ($18,878) ($17,000) ($393,978)
outh ( 404,065) ($400,000) ($836,990)
I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Utilities ( 5 ,848) ($839,200) ( 65 ,115)
Treasurer. I look forward to answering any Administrative eneral ($694,196) ( 688,56 )
Fixed Charges $229,610 $423,310 580,744
uestions you may have and to an exciting year Operating Income $288,688 345,182
to come. New Member Joining Fees 350,000 $794,687
Monthly Capital Fee 8 ,512 $900,000 ( 12,315)
Other Income Expenses ($6,898) ( 15,000) $1,708,298
Net Results Before Debt Service $1,410,912 1,658,310 ( 884,265)

Interest Expense Principal Debt Service ($773,033) ($880,646)

Consolidated Net Results After Debt Service $637,879 $777,664 $824,033



Submitted by Chair Tammy Ross

The Entertainment Committee worked hard this year to keep up the tradition of providing Club
Members fun social events to enjoy. As in years past, the Annual Oyster oast was a great success.

ob Smith’s and, More Perfect Jones, entertained the more than 500 Members and guests
that attended. All of our events surrounding Christmas, including reakfast with Santa and our
Traditional Christmas Dinner, continue to be well attended providing a lot of fun and tradition
to all of our Members. The New ear’s Eve celebration was also a popular event. With a winter
wonderland theme, Kaboombox and Savannah provided great tunes to help our Members dance
the night away and ring in the New ear.

The spring was an e ually busy time around the Club. The Once Upon A Time club mixer with
our other area clubs brought a lot of folks together. The traditional Derby Party was combined this
year with Cinco De Mayo. Who says you can’t mix margaritas, bourbon, a horse race and some
nachos There were also multiple wine dinners throughout the spring months.

Setting off the summer was our Member- uest Island Paradise Party. Snack ar Jones played
and all had a great time. The 4th of July Carnival continues to be a success for all of our Members
and their families to enjoy. There were lots of games, food and family time for those who joined
us. reakers oulevard and the rillin’ and Chillin’ Friday nights have become a tradition at the
Club. We again appreciate the Members of our house bands for spending time entertaining other
Members and their guests.

This year, the Committee introduced some clubhouse entertainment. Happy hour drink specials
are available in the Chesapeake oom and Linkhorn Lounge every Tuesday through Thursday.
In addition, solo or duo entertainment accompanies member-tailored drink specials on the first
Friday of each month. There is also Trivia Night the first Tuesday of every month, hosted by our
very own team member, yan Smith. oth have proven to be big hits and will stick around next

If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend any of these events, please make a point to check your
Princess Anne Living newsletter for all of the upcoming opportunities available at the Club. There
is always something going on at the PACC. We look forward to seeing you soon



Submitted by Chair William raithwaite, III

The Lifestyles Fitness Wellness Center continues to see consistent year over year growth in
participation levels and membership satisfaction. The captured usage of the facility is at an all-time
high of 4 ,25 individuals visits with growth in the areas of personal training (teens to 0s), private
group classes, massage therapy and general fitness. Attendance has soared in our Deep Water
Aerobics, Spin and Pilates classes. The coming year will have a focus on developing more family value
and senior programming such as a basketball camp, self-defense for kids and senior dance class, to
name a few.

Over the past year, we made a significant capital investment in all new treadmills e uipped with the
latest technology upgrades, HD and Lifescape functionality. Due to the ongoing interest in personal
training, we have also added heart rate monitoring and calorie counting technology, M ONE, so
members can maximize their training results.

In the interest of keeping our membership informed, we now have a digital bulletin board (main lobby
entry) displaying backgrounds of the fitness team members, class schedules, future events and other
pertinent information. Other enhancements that occurred this year were the revamping of our lifestyle
apparel offerings and the implementation of daily complimentary avored spa-water, gourmet coffee
and fresh fruits – to the delight of many!

We are very fortunate at the PACC to have the dedicated leadership of Andrea Pettay, Director of
Fitness Wellness. Andrea and her team take great pride in digesting member feedback, following
industry trends and making improvements to our fitness offerings to create the most valuable fitness

wellness experience available. If you have not taken the time to come and enjoy our center, please
make a point to do so. Andrea or one of the knowledgeable and friendly team members will be more
than happy to schedule an orientation for you.

A special thanks to the committed professionals we have operating and conducting our classes and
to this year’s Committee for all their support. It’s been an honor to chair this Committee throughout
the year. Thank you for the Fitness Committee’s time and dedication: Jennifer rown, Ned rooks,
Marty Field, arbara Sessoms, Alice Stri er and Winship Tower.



Congratulations to this year’s champions!


reen Jacket Scott Ferros Ladies Spring Handicap Mary McNeal
reen Jacket Par 3 Keith Smedley Ladies Member uest Lou Watson, Peggy Dunnington,
McClanan Memorial Skip obel Jerry Flowers Becca Mckinney, Micki Campbell
Men’s Member uest Mike Folck Chris Watson Ladies Member Member
Men’s Club Championship Chris Devine Ladies Club Championship Donna Hicks & Sally Curry
Men’s Summer League Michael Denk ob Frazier Challenge Matches abs Neff
Men’s Member Member Ben & Robert Temple
Windholz Memorial Hu Odom Ladies’ Shootout Sally Curry & Donna Hicks
Men’s Senior Club Champion Mike Hays Senior Ladies Club Championship Mary McNeal abs Neff
Husband Wife Championship Junior Club Champion
Beck-Paolini Award enie Hartwell oper Parent Child Peggy Dunnington
Triumvirate Blake Heselius abs Neff
Princess Anne Country Club
Carson Poulos
Louis Andrew Jordan

ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 130


Submitted by Chair David C. urton

At the end of my second year as olf Committee year of her role as chair with the help of the PAL averaging roughly 40 players for their Wednesday
Chairman, I am happy to report that the golf board, Mrs. Jeanne eck (vice-chair), Mrs. Janet Ellis rounds. Our PASM A members mixed it up this year
operation had another exceptional year. olf rounds (secretary) and Mrs. Anne orry (treasurer). The PAL in joint outings with the senior men’s groups from
played reached 20,000 for the second year in a row leadership continues to think of activities and golfing
and exceeded the budgeted figure. The trend of social events that ensure that all interested women road ay Country Club and Cedar Point. The PASM A
walking versus riding continued to increase with can participate in the fun. Aside from their golfing continues to enjoy its success thanks to the leadership
56 walking this year. The Princess Anne Ladies’ events, the ladies have enjoyed other opportunities to of its Board headed up by Tuck Finley (president),
socialize such the Spring Cocktail Party and Summer Mickey Walker, (vice president), Jim Allen (secretary),
olf Association (PAL ) and Princess Anne Senior and Charlie reiner (treasurer). I would also like to thank
Men’s olf Association (PASM A) remain strong ackyard arbecue. The ladies hosted the Women’s Assistant olf Professional yan Smith for his work on a
with both groups maintaining solid participation. Tidewater olf Association Member-Member this weekly basis. yan’s dedication and organization helps
year which hosted 84 ladies form the Tidewater to make the Wednesday rounds fun reat job guys
Our men’s tournament participation continued to area. The turnout was the largest for a WT A event
ourish in many ways with many of our events reaching in ten years which speaks volumes for our Club. The junior golf program at the PACC continued its
success in 2018. Our junior golf academy continues
full capacity. The 2018 James . Parke Men’s Member I would like to extend congratulations to abs Neff who to thrive under the Operation 36 platform in its third
uest sold out in a record five minutes. I would like successfully defended her Ladies Club Championship, year. The Operation 36 mission is simple, providing a
her sixth victory overall. The 2018 Martha Macklin programming roadmap so that juniors can progress
to congratulate Mr. Chris Devine for his first victory in Smith Ladies Member- uest had one of its largest towards shooting par or better on and off the golf
this year’s ichard D. Cooke Men’s Club Championship. fields to date with 80 ladies competing for the title. This course. Ninety-two different juniors came through
Progressive events such as the low all Night year’s theme of Sunshine, Lollipops and ainbows put our junior golf program this year, with 32 of those
Tournament and Men’s Summer League have proved a bright twist on an already fabulous event. A special participating in the three to six -year old SPARK
to be extremely successful. These events continue to be thank you goes out to our Member- uest Chairs Julie program. With those numbers, the future of PACC
differentiating because of the fun social component. The Holland and Vicki Devine for their hard work and golf looks bright In addition to the PACC junior golf
Men’s Summer League, played on Thursday evenings, creativity making this year’s event one to remember. program, we also had 14 teenagers play golf at the
stayed steady with 21 teams participating this year. high school level. This speaks volumes to the coaching
The PASM A had an extremely successful fifth year and staff we have here at the Club. Huge kudos goes
The PAL benefited from a successful 2018. Lou
Watson continued her amazing leadership in the final


ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 132



to P A Professional Chris Speaker who has taken The PACC golf team hosted the second Annual Els for Invitational October 4th 7th. Twelve teams from
the role of Junior olf Director and been the driving Autism Pro-Am Invitational with great success. This around the country visited the Princess Anne
force behind the success of the program. We want two-day charity event welcomed pro golfers Ernie Els and compete for a collegiate title. This event
to congratulate our 2018 Beck/Paolini winner Blake and Marc Leishman to the Princess Anne for not only is an honor to host and provided exposure to
Heselius for being awarded Junior olfer of the ear. an exciting day of play, but also a special exhibition our Club on both a regional and national level.
and Q&A with Els, Leishman and Long Drive Champion
The olf Operations Team continued to operate on a high Paul Howell. A highlight of the exhibition was Els In closing, as your olf Committee Chairman, I’d like
level thanks to the leadership of Head olf Professional handing his glove and Leishman his five iron over to to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire olf
Matt Liebler. The Team’s approach of providing the PACC Junior Club Champion Carson Poulos to hit a few Operations Team for their hard work, dedication and
members and guests of the Princess Anne the best shots. The event far exceeded expectations, raising support. They do so much behind the scenes that goes
experience possible has proven to be successful and more than $230,000 for the Els for Autism Foundation, unnoticed and they made my job much easier than I
has not gone unnoticed. The olf Pro Shop continues Virginia Autism Foundation, Families of Autistic could have anticipated.
to transform not only in design and décor but also with Children in Tidewater (FACT) and local SEAL teams.
the brands, uality and selection of merchandise and
e uipment provided. The transformation has proven The olf Operations Team was excited to host the
fruitful with purchases far exceeding projections. First Annual Old Dominion Women’s Collegiate


GREEN COMMITTEE As the 2018 golf season ends, I’d like to re ect on another great bunker oors for a better playing experience. We have received
year on the golf course I would like thank Matt oyce and his many positive comments on the Billy Bunker Method, as well a
Submitted by Chair John Perry team for another great year of conditioning. With challenging Mid- very positive comments on the raised oors which help playability.
Atlantic weather, a robust playing schedule and new events, he The reen Committee will work with Matt oyce and his team on
and his team continue to provide uality care of your course. This the next round of bunkers next winter. There is significant energy
summer we faced challenges with earlier than normal heat and to finish all the bunkers and we are working on a program to bring
humidity as well as uncharacteristic amounts of rainfall for a six- that to fruition.
week period beginning in early July. Through all that, Matt and his
team worked extremely hard to provide an excellent course and Due to the hard work and exibility of our olf Maintenance Team,
grounds and have done an exceptional job meeting and exceeding golf rounds continue to increase with new events and outings. We
the PACC Standards. saw increased participation for the second Els for Autism event that
included Ernie Els, local resident Marc Leishman along with other
With sunlight being a main component of uality turf, we removed local professionals. In the October we hosted the Old Dominion
limbs on multiple trees around the course with heavy focus on Lady Monarch’s for a Ladies invitational event that brought 12
teams from 10 different states to the Princess Anne and irginia
12 and 18. This removal process created increased sunlight for
uality turf and generated y zones for PACC members to advance each.
ball after a wayward shot. We will continue this process in 201 .
In an effort to remain on the cutting edge, we had personal visits
In addition to increased light from trimming, here are a few from our golf course architect Tim Liddy and outside consultant
other programs that continue to enhance our facility. We
continue to see success with our spring dead spot treatments illy Fuller. With the insight, expertise and foresight provided by
that limit the weak circles of turf coming out of spring. The these gentlemen, we strive to enhance all areas of the grounds at
investment in our fall fungicide program continues to pay the Princess Anne. e on the lookout for many enhancements to
dividends in the spring! Our fairway agronomic program,
which includes nutrient management, yearly topdressing I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the front grounds team for their
and groomers on the fairway mowers, continues to continued effort to increase perennial plantings, embrace new pots
raise the bar and the fairways continue to exceed around the facility that enhance first impressions and continue to
expectations. Along those lines, the limited cart raise the bar in all facets of our facility for all Members to enjoy.
tra c during the winter months also brought out
the best opportunity for lush fairways in the spring. Lastly, I would like to thank Matt oyce, his leadership team of Allen
Dobbs, ob ladu, Jason Page, and the entire olf Maintenance
This past winter we completed another round of Better Team for going the extra mile to make our grounds and playing
Billy Bunkers that included three fairway bunkers and surfaces the best in the area. Thanks guys, well done
greenside bunker on 10 and a fairway bunker on 14. These
bunkers save labor hours for our team and allow us to adjust ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 134






Submitted by Chair Brad Foster

As my time on the Board of Directors and as Chair Overall, the comments from Members were good and
of the House Committee comes to an end, I would I can assure you any of the negative feedback was
like to share this year’s accomplishments with you. addressed immediately by your Operations Team to
find solutions.
As I wrote last year, we had new culinary teams in
the Clubhouse and at reakers. We worked closely As I leave the oard of Directors and the House
with the chef and managers to develop fun and Committee, I would like to express my appreciation
exciting new food offerings while the Operations to every member of this Committee for their great
Team worked to enhance great events such as the attendance, hard work and input. Additionally, I would
New ear’s Eve Party, Easter runch, a great Mother’s like to thank the Operations Team for their ever-
Day event, Fourth of July at the pool, a memorable evolving hard work in making the Member experience
Annual Meeting and the Oyster oast in November. great!

our House Committee worked very hard to be visible As we move into 201 , I look forward to continuing
to our Members and receive feedback on how the to support all of the wonderful new and traditional
food and beverage service was going in order to help events here at the PACC!
the Operations Team improve. We also worked with
various committees, such as Entertainment and Pool,
to support summer Friday evening live music events
on Breakers Boulevard, Linkhorn Lounge featured
Friday happy hours and swim meets. After identifying
increased Sunday usage on the pool deck, we worked
with Members and the Operations Team to enhance
that experience by adding a server station and a point-
of-sale system to expedite drink and food orders.

ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 136



Submitted by Chair Susan T. Pender

The primary goal of the PACC Membership ID Committee of focus on the retention of our current members. This endorsed, they received points. The member with the
is to identify prospective members. This year, our year, we recommended to the Board of Directors a most points will receive a four-course wine dinner for
committee (and Club) was successful in meeting our goal change to the Club’s leave of absence rule. ecognizing eight people compliments of the Princess Anne. I am
of welcoming 30 new members to the Princess Anne that members generally take a leave from the Club happy to report that we had a three-way tie for first place
family. Additionally, we welcomed back nine members during times of hardship, your Board of Directors among John Honey, Monica Stein and Kay Stockwell.
who chose to reinstate their membership. We are happy voted to eliminate the reinstatement fee associated
to report that seven of our 30 new members joined with returning from a leave of absence. We hope that As we move into the 103rd year of the Club’s life, our 2018-
under our Under 40 program that was launched last year. this change will encourage members on a leave of 201 goal is to welcome 35 new members. We hope that
absence to return and maintain their membership. you will join us in our recruitment efforts and refer any
This year, as a new initiative to promote membership friends, neighbors and colleagues that you feel would
growth, the Club launched a corporate discount program. The Committee also revamped the sponsorship make a great addition to the Princess Anne family to our
Under this program, if two members from the same incentives offered to current members who sponsor or Committee or Membership Director.
organization join the Club within six months of each other, endorse a membership application. As a sponsor of a
they both receive a 25 discount on their initiation fee. To membership application, one receives a free month’s ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 138
date, five new members have taken part in this program. dues. As an endorser of a membership application, one
receives a complimentary meal at the Club. Hopefully,
While new members are integral to the health and you were also following our Membership Challenge
longevity of our Club, the Committee also places a lot Leaderboard. For each application one sponsored or

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Submitted by Chair Michael McCabe, Jr.

The Membership Committee is committed to ensuring goal of 30. While the Club’s goal for new members was advantage of our deferred initiation fee payment option,
the Princess Anne is comprised of families who uphold met, initiation fee revenue fell below our 350,000 all decreasing initiation fee totals.
the values of our fine Club. While we end the year with budget with just 288,688 collected. This shortfall can
five fewer members than we began, we are proud of our be attributed to three of our new members o cially The Club’s Under 40 Membership Program continues
strong membership of 1,110 families. activating their memberships in October (after the close to thrive with seven of our 30 members joining under
of our fiscal year), members taking advantage of the this membership classification. Members also took
We were thrilled to welcome 30 new families to the corporate discount program, families joining under the advantage of the Club’s new corporate discount program,
Princess Anne this year, just reaching our new member Under 40 Membership Program and members taking which provides a 25 discount on the initiation fee when


Comprehensive, Tennis, Pool 427 5 -2 3 -17 416 1
Comprehensive, Tennis, Pool (age 21-35) 37 7 -1 -2 41 1
Comprehensive Senior 115 -1 1 6 121
Resident Surviving Spouse 28 5 -1 5 32
Resident Dining 239 5 -14 2 5 237
Non- esident Comp. Pool Tennis 148 -6 1 -6 142
Non-Resident Surviving Spouse -1 1 1
Non-Resident Dining 5 -5 1 -4 6
79 73

Honorary 8 27 -1 9 7
Suspended Inactive 1 -1 00
Leave of Absence 32 -9 12 35
Total Members 1116 -42 0 1110



two members of the same organization join Dr. Jordan Asher Steven Petock
the Club within six months of each other. Peter Barnett Douglas uarles III
Unfortunately, while 30 new families was Dr. Clifford Cutchins Sean Rooney
the Club’s new member goal for the year, we Bruce Cooke Judy Sebastian
said goodbye to 42 families. Matthew Cooper Andrew Smith
Christopher Decker Emily Tafel
The large number of resignations highlights Christopher Devine Theresa Thexton
the continual need for membership Joseph Unkle
recruitment. The Membership Committee oy oodman Malcolm Warneford-Thomson
is working diligently with the Membership rant rayson
ID Committee to strategize recruitment Christopher Horan obert Williams
initiatives to ensure the prosperous future Meredith Huffman Douglas ost
of our Club. As always, member referrals John Iuliano
of friends and family are appreciated Joseph Jennings III
and the most effective way to grow our Thomas Lewis
membership for our Club that we all love. Matthew Mc ee
The 2019 new member goal has been set Suzanne Mihlon
at 35 members. We hope you will help us in Lauren Miller
growing the Princess Anne family. Carolyn Myrick
eorge Owens
The Membership Committee
remains committed to he o
ensuring the Princess
Anne is comprised of
families who uphold the
values of our fine Club. We
look forward to vetting and
welcoming more wonderful
folks to the PACC next year.

ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 230


Submitted by Chair Chris Pridgen


Another great year has come to a close at the Princess Anne pool. We had many activities for ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 232
the kids to enjoy this year. Led by our returning a uatics director rian Triolet and his team, the
members enjoyed the pool from Memorial Day until September 30. Summer outh Coordinator
Katie Lorenz had her hands full with activities throughout the summer. Mother’s Day crafts, face
painting, tie dye t-shirts, pi atas, a petting zoo, corn hole, rock painting, knockerball and make-your-
own pizza were just a few of the activities that kept our younger members coming back to the pool
all summer long.

The morning lap swim is always a fresh start to summer for many members. Our swim team had
a particularly strong season. Head coach Matt askette and assistants Andrew, Ashley and Mary
Francis did a great job with about 115 swimmers. The reakers had great success this season
finishing second at Divisionals and many swimmers placing in the All-Star meet. In addition to
practices and meets, the coaches led weekly stroke clinics and gave countless lessons. The hard
work was worth it as 12 PACC records were broken this season.

The dive team continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of coaches Katie Lorenz and Molly
Cassidy. The Princess Anne continues to have one of the elite dive programs in the area. As one
member told me, their children love being on the dive team, they feel it is one of the best values
at the Club.

In addition to the swim and dive team, the pool hosted a variety of entertaining activities for
members of all ages. oth deep water and regular water aerobics were a big hit again this year. The
pool hosted dive-in movie nights, the Kids’ Triathlon and our Annual Scavenger Hunt. Throughout
the week, complimentary kid’s corner crafts and games were offered by the pool. The magic show,
mermaid breakfast and fire department visit were also popular activities.

The pool is now 26 years old. rian and his team continue to work hard to ensure we get the most
out of this aging facility.

As we close out 2018, members uestions, comments and concerns are valued and appreciated.
I encourage you to reach out to one of the Pool Committee Members to share your thoughts. I
also ask that you refer friends to join the swim and dive teams. Enjoy your fall, winter and spring
seasons, we’ll see you back for the summer of 201 .


Submitted by Chair Sheridan Conley

The PACC tennis operation continues to thrive. In It was a successful year for our Cup teams. For the
addition to the tennis love from our membership, second year in a row, the Anderson Cup finished
our six professionals are dedicated to the success second place! Our Senior Tidewater Cup team fought
of the program, logging a collective 180 hours each hard and brought home the trophy this year. Seven
week teaching lessons. John, Andy, Nathan, Martin PACC teams participated in local USTA leagues, some
and Arnold teach full-time while Mary, who is not only advanced to the District Championships: Emery
a certified pro but a stringer too, juggles between O’Connor’s 3.0 mixed team; Margie Lee’s 2.5 team, Lisa
teaching, stringing and running the shop as well as Fanney’s 8.5 mixed team, Diane Stein’s 4.0 18 and over
coordinating events. Of the Club’s 30 new members, as well as her 40 and over, Amy Paschold’s 4.5 18 and
seven are active participants in the tennis program. over, Liz Long’s 3.5 team, and Lisa Deaver’s mixed 7.5
Court availability during the winter months remains at team.
a premium with an average of 25 hours of play getting
bumped outside this past winter. The junior tennis development program saw great
success with more than 150 kids participating
This year was filled with socials, inter-clubs, leagues, including many young, new faces. Fifteen of our juniors
daily cardio groups, camps and IPTLs. This summer, were ranked in the Mid-Atlantic USTA standings,
the staff tried a new social that incorporated the several ranking in our section’s top 50. This year, PACC
popular cardio game, Rush and Crush, and everyone fielded five USTA Junior Team Tennis (JTT) teams for
said it topped the cake. The Princess Anne hosted the spring season. Three advanced to Districts and
two Mid-Atlantic USTA junior tournaments this year. two to Sectionals. Over the past several years, PACC
Additionally, more than $33,000 was raised for the has produced more JTT teams than all other clubs in
Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters (CHKD) during the region combined. One of our own young talents,
the CHKD Winter Open Mixed Doubles tournament in Joseph Hobbs, has been tearing up the junior circuit
February. Every division for CHKD was full, 64 teams, recently notching up one of the biggest wins of any
and there were teams on the waitlist for each division PACC junior before, beating the no. 14th ranked
as well. junior in the country on his way to winning a National


tournament in reensboro, North Carolina in May. The We hope to re-surface the indoor courts, replace the program called Net eneration. Our developmental junior
following month he continued his run by defeating the indoor facility ceiling insulation and convert the lighting to tennis program, formerly Quickstart 36 and 60, will now
25th and 26th ranked player in the nation in the same LED this coming year. be Net en ed and Orange. Academy and Elite Academy
tournament es you read that right and he achieved monikers will remain going forward. Net eneration is a
these results on his way to winning a national tournament ob, Jonathan, ayanne and Kassandra help keep new approach sponsored by the USTA for kids ages four to
without dropping a set. Joseph has now won two national everything in the shop organized and running smoothly. 14. It’s designed to suit players based on their skill level and
doubles titles as well as two national singles titles bringing Jonathan was promoted to Assistant Manager this past developmental readiness. This approach provides us the
his total to four. He is 12 years old and the younger son of spring and will have his three year anniversary this
upcoming December. The PACC Tennis Shop continues exibility to modify lessons to better meet the needs of the
rad and Molly Hobbs. He’s currently ranked no. 2 in the to provide high uality merchandise at internet matching player and facilitate development, making learning more
Mid-Atlantic for U12’s after winning the Mid-Atlantic singles prices and has by far the best selection in the area. This fun. We believe in creating a positive, warm, welcoming and
and doubles titles, and no. 24 in the nation, but by all shop has made huge gains in the stringing department interactive environment for all youth players. y focusing
accounts is on target to crack the top 10 by the year’s end. with people coming from all over the city to have their on play, building character and championing individual
His older brother Charles, age 14, is a very accomplished rac uets done by our certified stringers. Earlier this year, challenges, we empower kids to grow and develop at their
tennis player in his own right making 1st team All TCIS as a second Wilson aiardo electric stringing machine was own pace. It’s all about providing our junior players the
an 8th grader playing for Norfolk Christian this year in both purchased to keep up with the demand. A new addition opportunity to enjoy tennis on their own terms by utilizing
singles and doubles. to the Tennis Shop this year has been embroidered items a customized coaching curriculum and a clearly defined
with the PACC logo. Members can find short sleeve shirts, pathway. Players participating in the program will receive
The PACC team continues to provide high uality service long sleeve shirts, jackets, women’s leggings, hats and even
to our members. Jeff and Don keep our courts conditioned tumblers with the Club logo on them. uarterly assessments from the coaches giving kids and
and our facility clean. They are instrumental in maintaining their parents a better understanding of where they are on
the high uality of our facilities. This year, courts 1, 5, 6 Looking to the future of the tennis program, we continue the pathway based on a list of competencies defined by the
and 7 received new lines. Parts of the fence outside were to look for new ways to enhance our offerings with creative USTA for each level.
replaced before the winter season with heavy duty mesh programming. As the Club moves to a new software system,
that can easily be rolled up during snow storms so snow we are committed to implement new technology to aid in I would like to thank our tennis team and entire Princess
does not pile up between the bubble and fence. In regards member services without losing our personal touch. For our
to the indoor courts, the beams along the ceiling were younger junior players, the USTA has come out with a new Anne family for an amazing year. These are exciting tennis
painted and the sprinklers were replaced.
times at the PACC and we look forward to seeing what next

year will bring. ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 234

TENNIS COMMITTEE Senior Tidewater Cup 2017 Member-Member Doubles Championship 2018
1st- PACC, 2nd- EMCC, 3rd- TCC, 4th- N CC Men’s Open- Travis Bode/Brad Hobbs
2017 2018 EVENT INNERS Women’s Open- Debby Levi Courtney raves
Member-Guest Tournament 2018 Men’s A- Neil Richards/Rhyan Finch
Member-Member Mixed 2017 Men’s Open- Ryan Charles/Erick Rivas Women’s A- Nicole Legum Traci Shoemaker
Open Neil rown ekki Jucksch Women’s Open- ekki Jucksch Chris Witherspoon Men’s Senior Michael lachman ickey Jacobson
A Ira Steingold Lisa Deaver Men’s A- Chris Poulos Justin McDaniel
B – Nicole Legum/Aaron Legum Men’s B- Robert Mills/Adam Lotkin Spindle Cup 2018
Junior Country Club Cup 2017 Women’s A- eth Kulas onnie ose 1st- CC , 2nd-PACC, 3rd-N CC, 4th-FCC
1st- PACC, 2nd- CC , 3rd- N CC, 4th- FCC Women’s - Margie Lee Anne Abraham
CHKD Winter Open Mixed Doubles 2018 Men’s Senior- Ricky Stevens/Mike Sullivan

.5- James Coxe Lisa Fanney Men’s and Women’s Singles Club Championships 2018
8.5- Mike Sullivan Angela illiam Men’s Open- Britt Visser
7.5- Johann Cujardo eth Kulas Women’s Open- Debby Levi
6.5- Neil ichards Lexi awls Men’s A- Chip Cutchins
Fun Cup 2018 Women’s A- Traci Shoemaker
1st- N CC, 2nd- TCC, 3rd- PACC, 4th- CA Men’s B- Bill Kamarek
V 2018 Women’s - Lexi awls
1st- WW, 2nd- N CC, 3rd- CC , 4th- PACC Men’s Senior- Richard Doummar
Tidewater Cup 2018
1st- N CC, 2nd- CA , 3rd- EMCC, 4th- PACC Junior Club Championships 2018
ed all Oliver Wynne
Anderson Cup 2018
1st- CC , 2nd- PACC, 3rd- FCC, 4th- N CC Orange all Sabrina ee
reen Dot all ennett Deaver
25 ANNUAL REPORT | 201817


Submitted by Chair Anne Harvard Hooper

The youth program at the PACC has grown leaps and bounds in
2018 thanks to the dedicated Committee and amazing Club team.
The Club’s past youth events all went off without a hitch while
the new programs brought great excitement as well. We added
a summer camp for three year olds, introduction to ballet and a
mother and son dance. Summer was packed with poolside games
and crafts and a very successful camp season. We had a wait list
for many sessions and look forward to growing in the coming

The most notable success of the year is the hiring of a full time
outh Programs Manager. This position will allow the youth

programs to prosper. Our new manager will act as a liaison
between the committees and departments and bring a much
needed synergy to all the elements that go into PACC events.
Ultimately, the Committee anticipates this elevated program
to drive more new membership of young families and take the
existing programs and events that we offer to the next level,
adding so much value to being a Member.

The PACC families are looking forward to a fun filled fall and
holiday season with hayrides, seasonal craft nights, trick or
treating and Christmas events. I can’t thank Mike Helms and our
committee enough for all the time they have dedicated to giving
the youth program the reformation it needed and we are so
excited for what the next year holds!

ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 236

WINE COMMITTEE This year tracked much like the last in that we continue to favor the classic varieties, Chardonnay
and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our sales continue to amaze me. Our number one seller this year was
Submitted by Chair ray andolph Sonoma Cutrer! As a Club, we are following national wine trends in our buying habits and seem
to also be following the national trends of wine making styles. Most wineries continue to pull
27 ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 back on oak use and extraction levels, which would suggest that the pendulum did in fact swing
a bit too far. Of course there is still at warm spot at the Club for elle los, a huge seller at the
Club, in fact 6 in sales this year, but in general we are seeing a definite shift toward elegance
in wine making styles.

We do enjoy selecting a new grape variety every once in a while and I am happy to report
Columbard took the 5 top selling wine this year. Never thought I would see that, but I am
thrilled to see the membership trying new things.

Keep an eye out for our wine dinners in 201 . We are very close to securing a real winner for
our first wine dinner of the year. We will make every effort to secure wine makers when we can.

We also tasted our share of bad wine this year. Wine that never makes it to the PACC email list
or even the yer hanging on the back wall. Instead, it takes a direct train right to the PACC dump
bucket where it meets its end in a strange looking pinkish blend of rejected grape juice, destined
for the kitchen drain. We spare the membership from these awful moments only to share the
victories, so that you may feel safe in your selections. It is a tough duty but someone must do it.

Thank you for your great support of our wine programs at PACC!

Ch rs!

ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 238


Thank you to all of our committee members for your dedicated service to the PACC family.

Entertainment Fitness Green Membership Tennis SPECIAL COMMITTEES Tradition
Tammy Ross, Chair Trey Braithwaite, Chair John Perry, Chair Michael McCabe, Chair Sheridan Conley, Chair B Andy Dickinson, Chair
Julie eck Ned Brooks Jeanne eck Meridith Brady Tim Sti er
Kelley Bimson Jennifer rown Billy Donigan Pool Neil Brown Jack Todd Wine Committee
Billy Donigan Marty Field Jack Drescher Chris Pridgen, Chair Steve Burwell Jonathan Thornton ray andolph, Chair
John Fletcher Barbara Sessoms Peggy Dunnington Dori Braithwaite Toby Fanney ary eck
Donna Haycox Alice Stri er John Hawa Chip Cutchins Stuart oldwag Historical Preservation
Winship Tower Rick Kiefner Joanna Duerden Alice Layne Sandra Baylor, Chair Steve Lawson
rey Martin Roger Newsom, MD Allison rant Nicole Legum Russell Proctor
Carolyn Mason Golf Alice Stri er Merrick McCabe Kent McCammon Master Plan Hunter Sims
Kate Michaels Dave Burton, Chair Kathy Thomson David Ware Aden Murray Jay Standing, Chair Jonathan Thornton
Amanda Parnell Tuck Finley (PASM A) Les Watson Elizabeth Ware Larry Parker Tom Bohan
Jack oss Lou Watson (PAL ) Lou Watson Deanne immerman Monica Stein Trey Braithwaite
Monica Stein Alice Stri er Jock Wheeler Dave Poteran Rick Tillar Chip Cutchins
Alice Stri er Rick Banta Doug Ellis
Bob Tata Hill Ellett House en Willis Youth Involvement Brad Foster
John Todman Preston Moore Brad Foster, Chair Anne Harvard Hooper, Chair Susan Pender
Roger Stroud Nicole Legum Rules Vinita Folck Jonathan Thornton
Finance Eden Jones Debbie Marks an andolph Jr., Chair Allison rant
Pat Shuler, Chair John Mazach Megan Haynsworth Membership
Sam Steingold ernie Williams Scott Nisbet Strategic Planning Courtney Morrall I
Pam Olive ary eck, Co-Chair Lucy Newman Susan Pender, Chair
ary eck Susan Pender Amanda Parnell
Chris Perry Jonell Walthall John ibson, Co-Chair Jennifer Temple
Jonathan Thornton Kendall Whitaker Katie Wynn
Faith Williams
29 ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 anessa earick


Sadly, we bid a fond farewell to our Members who passed away this year.

2017-2018 Colonel Lyman Hammond
John aillio William Lechler
Rachel Bell John D. Munford, III
Captain A. Deon ranch Joe Newell, Jr.
Macon Brock Patricia Rhodes
Mildred Boyd John M. yan
Patricia Caton Toy D. Savage
Anne D. Waldrop
eorge Darden
Stacey Dendy oderick Watson

obert oode ANNUAL REPORT | 2018 330


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