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Published by Princess Anne Country Club, 2021-10-28 11:27:51

2021 Princess Anne Country Club Annual Report

2021 PACC Annual Report




Christopher J. Fanney 2021
President Bekki Jucksch
John Mazach
Susan T. Pender Joshua Parnell
Vice President Monica Stein

Leslie R. Watson 2022
Secretary Michael Cowan, Jr.
Barbara Sessoms
Patrick L. Shuler Roger Stroud
Treasurer John Wilson, Jr.

Robert Beasley, III
Neil Brown
Kelly Disharoon
Shannan Poteran


Today’s Princess Anne Country Club Mission Statement CONTENTS

“The Princess Anne Country Club is a traditional, full-service and 03 President’s Message
family-oriented private club whose purpose is to offer quality social
and athletic services and first rate facilities to meet the needs of 04 Treasurer’s Report
Members and their families in a comfortable atmosphere and home-
away-from-home environment, consistent with the long-standing 07 Entertainment Committee
values, traditions, history and unique culture of the Club.”
09 Fitness Committee
Original Purpose Statement from the Articles of Incorporation
10 Golf Committee
“The purpose of the corporation (i.e., the Princess Anne Country
Club) is to own, maintain and operate at Virginia Beach, in the state 14 Green Committee
of Virginia, a social and country club, including any and all facilities
for golf, tennis, swimming and any and all other sports of every 17 House Committee
kind and character whatsoever, and to provide for its Members
such accommodations and entertainment as may be necessary or 18 PACC by the Numbers
desirable to them.”
19 Membership ID Committee
~ PACC Founders | September 23, 1916
21 Membership Committee

22 New Members

23 Pool Committee

25 Tennis Committee

28 Youth Involvement Committee

30 Wine Committee

31 Les Watson Resolution

33 PACC Committees

34 In Memoriam



It was my hope that when I crafted this message for our 2021 Annual Report Your Club performed well financially as we welcomed 118 new families. We
that COVID-19 would not receive a mention, but here we are with yet another now have a waiting list and Club usage is at an all-time high with record setting
Club year impacted by the pandemic. However, rather than scribe the numbers in tennis, golf, wine sales and dining. Simply stated, membership is
negative impacts your Club has experienced from COVID, I am happy to reflect strong and our Members are active.
on the blessings the Club has received over the past year. Like last year, I again
witnessed unwavering kindness, support and commitment from our PACC I very much want you to know how grateful I am to have served as the 50th
Family of Members and Team. Though our Team may have been smaller in President of the Princess Anne. I’ve called the North End of Virginia Beach
number, they showed resiliency and the greatest work ethic I’ve witnessed home since birth and to serve in this role during such a pivotal time for our
with Team Members crossing department lines to ensure our Club functioned Club has been an honor and an experience that I will not long forget. I am
efficiently and that our favorite events took place. thrilled to pass the Presidential baton to my friend Susan Pender who has
faithfully served our Club for years. The Club will be in great hands under her
The one thing that may have been discussed more than COVID this year was leadership.
our new aquatic complex. After a few COVID delays, the new pool facility
opened in August and was packed through the start of school. Members are A special thanks goes to our Operations Team who truly made my job as
truly loving the new facility. I cannot express enough thanks to the Building President as seamless as possible. Bill Shonk has comprised a Team of
Committee and Board of Directors for ensuring this project took place, as leaders who are unmatched and we are fortunate to have them managing
there were a few moments of doubt on whether constructing a pool during our Club. For fear of omitting someone, I will not list the lengthy number of
a pandemic was the right move. However, under the helm of Bill Shonk and Team Members who have impacted my tenure, but please know that I am
Mardy Colling, working with our contractor Compo Construction, the project forever grateful.
came to be and is a clear success.
I must also thank our outgoing Board Members, Bekki Jucksch, Admiral John
Your Club has always taken part in events and programs that give back to Mazach, Josh Parnell and Monica Stein who gave countless hours to serving
our community and that was no exception this year. Not only did we host our our Club. Not to be forgotten is our outgoing Secretary Les Watson. Les has
annual CHKD Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament as well as the PACC Pro-Am faithfully served as Club Secretary for 14 years. His love for the Princess Anne
Invitational to Benefit the Els for Autism Foundation, but we also welcomed a is unparalleled and his thoughtful legal counsel and institutional knowledge
new charity event with the Inaugural Summer Tennis Invitational. This event, has been truly invaluable for me personally and our Board of Directors.
held in July, welcomed the state’s most elite male tennis players to battle it
out on the PACC courts while raising much needed funds for An Achievable Thank you again for your support of our Club. It’s been a fun ride. Stay safe
Dream. In its first year, more than $20,000 was raised. The event was filled with and I look forward to seeing you around the Club.
action-packed tennis and it was touching to hear first-hand from the students
of An Achievable Dream on how these funds help them reach their goals. I am CHRISTOPHER J. FANNEY
so proud of our Club for continually supporting such worthy causes. President


Submitted by Patrick L. Shuler

I am pleased to present this report to summarize should complete their examination of financially this year. Initiation fees of
the highlights of our Club’s financial operations our financial statements in November. $1,001,406 along with ERTC other revenue
for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2021. While the information included in this report near $1,241,169 were primarily responsible for
is preliminary, we do not anticipate any significant the solid bottom line.
Net cash flow before capital expenditures for the changes to the information as presented and
year totaled $3,202,778, generously exceeding the auditors are satisfied with the Club’s internal A closer examination of the balance sheet reveals that
the budget of $1,058,629 and tripling last year’s controls currently in place. loan debt totaled $10,958,096 on September 30, 2021.
$1,049,288. The balance sheet reflected $3,570,069 We lowered our loan rate through a modification with
in cash at fiscal year-end with $1,603,375 of Thanks to amazingly resilient Member support, TowneBank this year and fully tapped our loan with
that safeguarded in the capital reserve fund an influx of new membership revenues, efficient them to fund the Aquatics Complex project. With the
account. Your Club funded $4,073,152 in capital operations and Employee Retention Tax Credit project complete, we are now committed to aggressively
improvements this fiscal year, which was primarily revenue, your Club has persevered nicely through reduce debt while fully funding the capital reserve fund
the Aquatics Complex project. Our auditors, BDO, the pandemic and performed remarkably well and investing in PACC 20/20 and Beyond projects along



with ongoing capital replacement investments. We
recently engaged EFI Global to update the property
condition report reserve study they performed
nearly seven years ago and we look forward to
integrating this updated data into our strategic
capital replacement plan.

Controller Cathie Havrilesky along with Denise
Johnson meticulously oversee our financial
reporting and continually provide a wealth of
data that allows your Board of Directors and
me to properly oversee the Club’s finances.
As your Treasurer I am committed, along with
the Board and Management Team, to operate
your Club under a sustainable financial model
that utilizes capital investments to enhance the
Member experience, grow the Princess Anne’s
value and retain devoted Members. The Board
recently reviewed multiple pro forma projections
and approved a budget for the 2021/2022 fiscal
year that will maintain the Club on a solid path.



While this year’s results are encouraging, your 2020 - 2021 Unaudited Consolidated Financial Results
Club, like so many service laden businesses, faces
real workforce and rising product cost challenges. Current Year Prior Year
The reality is that the hourly wage for much of our Actual
baseline personnel has risen, and as we strive to Actual Budget
remain competitive in this unique labor market $4,708,195
we anticipate these wages may continue to rise. I Dues & Supplements $4,887,918 $4,690,525
look forward to continuing to work with Bill Shonk, Department Income ($132,803)
his Team and our Board to fully scrutinize financial Food & Beverage ($61,759) ($107,663) ($48,256)
results and strategies for this coming year and Golf Pro Shop ($78,945) ($66,860) ($1,031,620)
beyond. Golf Course ($1,110,403) ($1,060,640) ($254,146)
Tennis ($322,526) ($307,790) ($115,733)
Each year in this column I personally ask for your Pool ($105,616) ($129,525) ($124,439)
assistance to help us achieve our financial goals Athletics/Fitness ($116,899) ($159,360) ($461,256)
by sponsoring new Members and hosting private Clubhouse ($528,236) ($495,879) ($194,926)
events at your Club. Wow have you responded! Maintenance ($204,154) ($209,360) ($152,304)
Thank you for this special support. Our Club Entertainment ($152,123) ($157,606) ($38,177)
now has a waiting list and will focus on a healthy Youth ($41,594) ($54,250) ($342,526)
financial future and remaining a haven for our Utilities ($335,649) ($370,240) ($860,515)
Princess Anne Family. I appreciate the opportunity Administrative & General ($965,400) ($893,225) ($800,634)
to serve as your Treasurer and stand ready to Fixed Charges ($779,911) ($822,702) ($21,068)
answer any questions you may have. Holly Beach Bungalow $31,529 $21,515 $129,792
Cashflow From Operations $116,232 ($123,060) $499,257
New Member Joining Fees $1,001,406 $375,000 $1,024,044
Monthly Capital Fee $1,600,998 $1,503,762 ($3,965)
Other Income/Expenses $1,238,809 ($7,500) $1,649,128
Cashflow Before Debt Service $3,957,445 $1,748,202

Interest Expense & Principal Debt Service ($754,667) ($689,573) ($599,840)

Net Cashflow Before Capital Expenditures $3,202,778 $1,058,629 $1,049,288



Submitted by Chair Monica Stein

As we started our new year in 2021, we found COVID still rearing its ugly head. Our annual Oyster Roast is a favorite kickoff party of the year.
As McCall Andy and I designed a new layout in the front of the Clubhouse (due to pool construction on the West Lawn), we looked forward to
still hosting the biggest event of the year! Alas, state restrictions were reinstalled and we were forced to cancel. These concerns were continued
throughout the winter which deterred many of our options. The PACC Team was able to get creative so that we could still host our beloved three
days of Traditional Christmas and ring in the New Year with a delightful dinner and music.

After surviving another winter of social distancing and state mandated restrictions, we came out with a bang. We planned for a full Memorial
Day weekend starting with an IOU Club party to start the weekend off. The idea was to turn every room in the Clubhouse into a holiday-themed
spectacular. Each holiday that had to be cancelled or limited was translated by decorations and music into their individual rooms. BJ Griffin and
the Galaxy Groove rocked us in the “New Year’s” Ballroom until the end of the night. It was great to see so many new faces, young and old. It was
clear the Members were ready to party! McCall and her Team out did themselves.

While the pool construction was dealing with its own delays we, as a committee, had to be creative with other upcoming events. The Memorial
Day party, which is normally a pool party, turned into a putting green lawn party and was greatly attended. Our families young and old enjoyed a
bounce house, kid relays as well as lawn games and wine tastings. The annual golf Member-Guest party ‘Coastal Craze’ was also moved from the
West Lawn into the main Clubhouse. Chef Benson provided an incredible menu and we danced to the live music of Savannah.

A new event this year was the first annual PACC Summer Invitational Tennis Tournament benefitting an Achievable Dream. This was something
that I was very excited to bring to the Princess Anne Family and we are looking forward to it becoming a tradition. The three-day event was a
success due to the tireless effort of the PACC Team and Members themselves. Through this event we helped raised more than $20,000 to benefit
An Achievable Dream!

Finally, our beautiful aquatics complex opened the first week of August and boy, it did not disappoint. Our favorite house band DogJaw opened for
us and Mardy Colling and her Team kept the cabana rocking. What a sight, kids diving off the spring boards, families playing in the beach entry/
splash area, cocktails by the pool and dancing on the deck. It’s truly going to be a spot for many future gatherings.

It’s been a wild ride these last 18 months but the Entertainment Committee and I have not slowed down. We have already planned a rockin’ New
Year’s Eve party and other special events to keep us going during the winter months. It has truly been a pleasure serving as your Committee Chair
and I look forward to supporting the good times coming!




Submitted by Chair Barbara Sessoms

The Lifestyles Fitness Center continues to rebound from COVID-19 restrictions. We were encouraged to see many Members utilizing the facility and services over the past year, and others
now feeling safe to return. The Fitness Committee and Team will continue to evaluate programs and services to meet the needs of the Membership, frequently tweaking offerings and
making adjustments where needed.

• We were thrilled when we were able to eliminate the need for fitness center reservations. We were very busy even with reservations.
• The patrons of the gym were quite pleased when we were able to begin providing the much loved and missed amenities such as coffee and fusion water.
• Group fitness classes adapted, and continue to adapt, to changing demand, with continued Zoom offerings adding flexibility to the schedule.
• Massage therapy experienced a very successful year, with record-setting service numbers by our attentive Team of therapists.
• Personal training rebounded nicely. We are very proud of our Team of trainers, who have proved their worth over the last couple of years as they’ve partnered with their clients to help

them stay consistent and healthy through the ups and downs of safety concerns and facility availability.

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful asset like the Lifestyles Fitness Center providing our Membership with a high-quality fitness experience.
Improvements to the equipment and facility help to level-up the Member experience. Upgrades this year included:

• Life Fitness Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike and Arc Trainer with • Concept 2 Elevated Rowing Machines
touch-screen technology • Earthlite Massage Table

Club leadership will remain focused on improving the facility and its offerings so that our Membership will continue to enjoy a high-level fitness and
wellness experience.

Fitness & Wellness Director Andrea Pettay and her Team take great pride in the Fitness Center and their patrons. You see this daily in the way they keep
the facility and machines clean. As you know, when working out hard you do not wear a mask, you are flinging sweat and breathing hard, yet we have
not had any COVID-19 outbreaks in this facility. Andrea and her Team do a great job listening to Member suggestions. They bring requests to the Fitness
Committee for discussion and get back to Members with the outcome. They also keep up on industry trends to provide us with the most valuable fitness
experience you can get in the space we have. If you have not taken the time to come and enjoy the fitness center, please make a point to do so. Andrea
or one of the knowledgeable Team Members are more than happy to schedule an orientation for you.

Another strength of our Fitness Team is how they work together as a Team. On rare occasion, a Member may injure themselves in the Fitness Center. I
have witnessed this Team go into action. If a Member goes down, it is all hands-on deck, including the trainers. They also follow up with the Member to
make sure they are okay. Andrea has done a great job training her Team in first aid as well as teamwork.

9 ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 A special thanks to the committed professionals we have operating and conducting our classes and to this year’s Committee, Tommy Rueger and Alice
Striffler, for all their support. It’s been a pleasure to chair this committee for the PACC.


Congratulations to this year’s champions!


Green Jacket Par 3 Tyler Jacobson Ladies Triumvirate Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club
Green Jacket Cecil Cutchins Ladies Spring Handicap Julie Holland
McClanan Memorial Steve Kamarek & Robbie Bradshaw Sara Erlich, Susan Rawls,
Men’s Member Guest Kyle Hartley & Hudson Bryant Ladies Member Guest Caretta Anderson & Betty Cameron
Men’s Club Championship Miller Carr
Men’s Summer League Sam Steingold & Ramsay Smith Ladies Member Member Joanne Domson & Alice Striffler
Men’s Member Member Hu Odom & Scott Ferros Ladies Club Championship Jeanne Beck
Windholz Memorial Brendan Fish Challenge Matches Evie Odom & Julie Holland
Men’s Senior Club Champion (Tournament is October 23 & 24) Ladies’ Shootout TBD
Husband & Wife Championship Jud & Angela Elliott Senior Ladies Club Championship (Tournament is October 23 & 24)
Beck-Paolini Award TBD Junior Club Champion Carson Poulos
Men’s Triumvirate Bayville Golf Club Parent/Child Keith and Kevin Smedley
Men’s Senior Member Member Mark Honig & Scott Ferros

ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 130


Submitted by Chair Roger Stroud

The Golf Operations Team was forced to continue It was agreed to avoid substantial changes that we becoming the second junior golfer in the past twenty
to navigate through many unforeseen challenges in may later regret, or which may be difficult to reverse, years to win the title. Miller and our other outstanding
2021. A simple review of the course usage in fiscal year especially considering the possible transitory nature of junior golfers continue to exemplify the tradition of
2021 amply illustrates just how popular the current the COVID effect. We also seek to preserve the privileges success of our junior golf program, producing not
state of the game continues to be since the beginning associated with the PACC Membership and to avoid an only outstanding golfers but outstanding citizens.
of the pandemic. Golf rounds played reached 29,426 atmosphere of the pro shop as the ‘Golf Gestapo.’ Congratulations to our Vincent G. Thomas Member-
– exceeding last year’s pandemic record of 26,500, Member champions Hu Odom and Scott Ferros for
the most rounds since the 2007 golf course redesign. Golf programming bounced back from the scourge of their victory and two great rounds of golf. The golf,
This influx in play, most notably the high demand for COVID, as we had consistently strong participation in food and beverage, course maintenance teams and our
tee times Friday through Sunday during the summer, both the Princess Anne Ladies’ Golf Association (PALG) Tournament Chair Mike Disharoon, were all challenged
certainly created challenges and frustration among our and Princess Anne Senior Men’s Golf Association by the lingering pandemic, but they collectively rose to
golfers. We have also seen the trend of walking versus (PASMGA). Mixed pairs golf had another great year as it the occasion.
riding continue to increase, 65% of our rounds being hosted the largest Mixed Pairs event in the history of the
walkers. Our Members continue to show off their facility program – 68 players! Our junior golf program continues Progressive events such as the Glow Ball Night
to others as our guest revenue continues to increase at a to be one without peer. The popularity of individual play Tournament and Men’s Summer League continue to lead
record pace, reaching $199,360 this fiscal year. combined with the success of our organized programs our efforts to reach golfers of all skill levels by focusing on
has taken golf to a new level at the Princess Anne. the social aspects of golf at the Club, and our success is
In response to the ‘COVID effect,’ the Committee evident in the participation numbers. The Men’s Summer
conducted a member survey to gather comments and In 2021 we were able to get back to a normal schedule League increased its number of teams for a fourth year
suggestions. The Committee held lengthy meetings and our men’s tournament participation continued to in a row, expanding from 27 teams to 36 in 2021.
to assure that all Member comments were given full grow. The 2021 James G. Parke Men’s Member-Guest
consideration, analysis and discussion. This often- had 90 teams register in the first minute of sign-ups The Princess Anne Lady Golfers enjoyed a successful
included consideration of comments that were resulting in 50% increase in field size, expanding from 48 2021, in which participation continued to flourish under
diametrically opposed. As a result, a consensus opinion to 72 teams. Kyle Hartley and his guest Hudson Bryant the leadership of PALG Chair Alice Striffler. Weekly play
was reached to implement a series of small operational played two great days of golf to claim the championship. days returned to shotgun starts and our post round
adjustments to current tee times available to Members. I also want to congratulate Miller Carr on his victory in social functions resumed to great fanfare. The PALG
this year’s Richard D. Cooke Men’s Club Championship, averaged 26 players for the Tuesday play days and we


ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 132

added four new golfers to this year’s association. Alice was league this season. The junior program continues to thrive the instruction program tremendously. The approach of
joined by Julie Holland (Vice-Chair), Marcy Sims (Secretary) under the Operation 36 platform. The Operation 36 mission providing the Members and guests of the Princess Anne the
and Anne Gorry (Treasurer) to comprise the current board of is simple - provide a programming road map so juniors can best experience possible continues to be successful and has
the PALG. The PALG leadership continues to think of ‘outside progress towards shooting par or better on and off the golf not gone unnoticed. The golf pro shop shopping experience
of the box’ activities and golf social events that ensure that course. Birdie Basics continues to provide a successful golf rivals any in the state of Virginia due in no small part to
all interested women can participate in the fun. instruction platform for junior golfers ages three to six with tenured Team member Suzanne Bielat.
24 children participating this year.
Congratulations to Jeanne Beck for winning the Ladies Thank you to Matt and his Team for handling each challenge
Club Championship for the third year in a row in 2021. Even with COVID restrictions, we were able to host the with class and professionalism.
Congratulations are also in order for Alice Striffler and fourth annual PACC Pro-Am to benefit the Els for Autism
Joanne Domson for claiming the 2021 Leo V. Kernan Foundation. To date this event has raised more than
Ladies Member-Member. The Martha Macklin Smith Ladies $780,000 and the fifth annual event is just around the
Member-Guest returned in 2021 with 72 players competing. corner.
Sarah Erlich and her guests from Springfield Country Club
(Colletta Anderson, Susan Rawls and Betty Cameron) Thank you to the Golf Committee for the generous
claimed the coveted crown. contribution of your time and ideas. One of the most
important efforts of the Golf Committee was the work of the
Under the leadership of Lee Entsminger (President) Handicap sub-committee made up of Mark Finn (Chairman),
the PASMGA had another extremely successful season, Jeanie Beck, Bob Buckalew, John Gibson and Alice Striffler.
maintaining strong participation at an average of 40 players These Committee Members continue to roll up their sleeves
for their Wednesday rounds. Congratulations to the 2021 and address difficult but necessary tasks.
PASMGA Member-Member Champions Scott Ferros and
Mark Honig who outlasted a tough field of 22 teams to claim The Golf Operations Team continued to operate on a high
the title. The PASMGA continues to be a great venue for level through difficult times thanks to the leadership of
Members meeting Members. Head Golf Professional Matt Liebler. As golf professionals
Rupe Taylor and Ryan Smith left to seek other opportunities,
The junior golf program at the Princess Anne continues to Matt’s patient approach to find replacements paid great
be one of the strongest in the area, with 71 juniors coming dividends. Associate Professionals Taylor Ratliff and Ryan
through this year’s shortened program. With 47 juniors Rogers have fit in nicely and continue to grow in their roles.
participating in the 2021 Beach Junior Golf League, we were The addition of Director of Instruction Davis Whitmer has
able to field two teams that finished second and third in the immediately contributed to the Team’s success growing


GREEN COMMITTEE We are closing out a very successful 2021 golf season that included list down, interviewing the best six, then inviting the top two onto
saying goodbye to a long-term Team Member, Mr. Matt Boyce, and property for a day-long interview session. As a Committee, when the
Submitted by Chair welcoming our new Director of Golf Course Maintenance & Club process was concluded, Mr. Jordan Spitler was the obvious, unanimous
Grounds Mr. Jordan Spitler. selection.
John. W. Wilson, Jr.
After 15 years as a valued Member of the Princess Anne Family, Matt So, a new sheriff is in town, and I must say he really hit the ground
Boyce decided to follow his dream and devote 100% of his time to running. Jordan’s leadership style has made an immediate impact on
growing and expanding his own company. I can’t express enough our the PACC. In only his first season, we have seen his Golf Maintenance
sincere appreciation for how professional Matt was helping our Club Team embrace new ideas, infused by Jordan’s energy, they have been
through this transition. In today’s work environment, as a Club, we up to the challenge and the positive results are readily apparent.
were given an unheard of six-month notice of Matt’s future intentions, Jordan made adjustments to his Team, creating new positions such as
providing us ample time to go through the vetting and hiring process. Bunker Tech and Mechanic Apprentice. On the course, the duties of his
It afforded us the opportunity to bring Jordan onto property in early Team have been modified and elevated to include more attention to
March, working alongside Matt during the critical seasonal time detail. As golfers, we immediately took notice of the sharp, edged beds,
of March and April. We wish Matt and his family continued success the edging around sprinkler heads and tee markers, an improved, first
as they move forward in life’s next great adventure of owning and cut around the greens and a general, overall clearing out along the
running their family business. sides of fairways, making for a cleaner, fresh look to the property.

I can assure the Princess Anne Members that the process undertaken Jordan has a clear vision for our golf course and what we see so far only
by the Search Committee to hire our next leader of the Golf
Maintenance Operation, beginning December 16th of last year, was scratches the surface. Moving forward, he is setting a few new plans in
strategic and well organized by Mr. Bill Shonk, with enormous support
from Mrs. Jennifer Garrott. In quick order during the holiday season, place that should pay dividends. One plan is the Dryject process which
we stood up a very diverse and experienced Search Committee,
meeting numerous times in person and via Zoom to comb through is “the premier injection service that aerates, top dresses and amends
what eventually became 54 resumes from all over the country. With
guidance from Matt Boyce, we comprised search criteria complete greens, all in one pass.” Set to take place in November, this process will
with pertinent questions, a detailed spreadsheet to measure results,
with a strong emphasis on finding the right person who displayed the provide Members with two extra days of golf in April, as it will eliminate
knowledge, experience and understanding of the unique challenges
to golf course maintenance in the Mid-Atlantic region. Through our the need for our typical Spring aerification. Another adjustment made
scoring system, while evaluating these candidates, we narrowed our
to our golf course was the introduction of the Bunker Wizard. This

new rake is designed to leave the smoothest playing surface of any

bunker rakes available today. We incorporated this new tool with our

“Aussie” raking style, which is done to prevent fried eggs, leaving the

faces of the bunker smooth and undisturbed. This allows bunker faces

to get hard and compact, so that balls feed down into the middle of the

bunker for improved playability.

ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 134

During the 2020 golf season, golf course architect Tim Liddy added a few new bunkers,
removed a few and introduced four sand dune features to holes #6, #11, #15 and along
the #18 fairway. These sand dunes have been an evolving project, with one of them, hole
number #11, being removed recently in favor of Bermuda by Jordan and his Team. In
continued conversation with Mr. Liddy, and with a recent on-site visit by one of his key
crew members, additional work and changes are still forthcoming to the dunes on holes
#6, #15 and #18. We expect in late October/early November, by the time you read this
annual report, site modifications to the large dunes behind #15 will have begun to take
place. Stay tuned for these improvements.

In addition to the responsibilities of golf course maintenance, Jordan also has oversight to
the rest of the PACC grounds, including the finishing touches around the new pool facility
and practice green pond. You may have seen Jordan’s Team working hard this summer
clearing and changing the perimeter look of our pond, by introducing new plantings and
cleaning out the rock stream that runs through the two putting greens.

The impacts of COVID-19 over the last two golf seasons have resulted in an increase in
play, which adds stress to our golf course. Despite this increase in play, the Golf Course
Maintenance Team has been extraordinary in keeping our course in excellent shape
throughout this season. During the Member-Guest tournament in June, I personally
heard a number of our guests comment that our course conditions were superior to any
that they had played this summer, including their home course. What a compliment to
Jordan’s Team and the PACC to receive unsolicited positive comments such as those. A
huge thank you to that Team!

The Green Committee is very fortunate that a long-time Member of this Committee will
be taking over as Green Committee Chair for the next three years. Mr. John Hawa will
do an excellent job representing the needs of the Membership and, on behalf of our
Committee, we welcome his insight and direction moving forward. I’ve enjoyed getting to
know Jordan Spitler during his inaugural season here at the PACC. I look forward to seeing
Jordan and his new puppy, Lily, roaming the grounds for many years to come.


ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 136


Submitted by Chair John Mazach

Daily to-go meals continued well into 2021 and the
now popular Thursday Night Family To-Go Meal was
I concluded last year’s House Committee end-of-year introduced and is still thriving.
report by saying that we all looked forward to our Club
putting the pandemic of 2020 in the rear view mirror Our Food Dudette (Mardy Colling) and her Team as
and returning to a more normal routine. 2021 has well as Chef Benson and his team have continued to
been anything but routine! provide improved food and service experiences while
dealing with COVID impacted personnel problems and
COVID forced the cancellation of the Oyster Roast hiring challenges. À la carte dining has flourished in
and minimized many other events. We started recent months and golf and tennis events, while often
family-style service as opposed to the large buffets modified, are being supported in new and popular
for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday meal approaches such as providing on course food and
celebrations. Moving forward, family-style service will beverage as well as other outside venues wherever
become the norm for special occasion events, as they possible. Private parties have started to return to the
have been so well received by our Members. A few Princess Anne as well!
of our larger Club events will return to buffet display
and service such as Traditional Christmas, Easter and The Aquatic Center broke ground later than expected
Mother’s Day, but family-style dining is here to stay. and COVID caused construction delays as material
availability and labor were both impacted. During
Our holiday to-go meals doubled in volume this past the pool construction phase the House Committee
year and our F&B team was able to fulfil every vetted the operational policies that would support
order. Even as they lost power in the main the delayed opening of the Aquatic Center and based
freezer storing all of the Thanksgiving on the smiling faces observed around the complex,
meals, the Team quickly scoured the the results appeared to have been worth waiting for!
town for all the Turkeys they could find, The Committee will continue to fine tune support
and were still able to remake and deliver requirements during the off season and a Memorial
those meals in time for the holiday feast.


Day opening next year will be even ‘more grand’ as construction will be complete and the ‘flow’ PACC BY THE NUMBERS
around the complex will be more familiar to everyone.
The long awaited pizza oven is currently on site and should be turning out PACC pizzas by late
fall and winter months prior to the 2022 Aquatic Center opening. 2,059 FAMILY MEMBERS
One of the fallouts from COVID has been the need to communicate with the membership on a
more regular basis. The Princess Anne Operations Team has responded to this challenge in a
very positive way and Members now enjoy up-to-date information on COVID impacts, food and
beverage opportunities and Club functions in near real time.

As 2021 comes to a close, so does my tenure as the House Committee Chairman. Mike Cowan is
more than ready to inherit the leadership of this dedicated group of folks who are your House
Committee. It has been a privilege and a joy to work with each and every one of you and to serve
on the team here at the Princess Anne Country Club.






Submitted by Chair Bobby Beasley III

The Membership ID Committee’s main objective is to divorce policy for existing dependent spouses in the Even though we will be working with a cap, we will continue
identify prospective members. As we continued to work event of a divorce. Both initiatives were well received and to show our appreciation to members who helped us
through the Pandemic, we found many families nationwide immediately saw benefits from. We welcomed 13 new recruit great members by gifting a $350 Club gift card for
were realizing on their own how beneficial a private club members through the military discount program and 3 sponsors and a $100 Club gift card for endorsers. These
can be. The main task of identifying prospects was no dependent spouses established their own membership gift cards may be used anywhere on Club property and
longer the main focus. We also had to help these prospects through the divorce policy. will be mailed out once the new member activates their
determine why the Princess Anne will best fit their needs membership account and completes orientation.
over other private clubs. This task is where Courtney As the Club moves into its 106th year, we will be introduced
Whittemore showed her strengths. with a new variable as we determine our 2022 goal: the I may be slightly biased, but I am very proud how this
member cap limit. This limit will significantly reduce our Committee continued to meet monthly to provide
With Courtney’s leadership we welcomed 118 new families initiation revenue, and we hope the 2021 initiation fee invaluable insight and help Courtney recruit an impressive
to the Princess Anne, which greatly surpassed our goal of increase will help with this challenge. group of new members. Finally, Courtney Whittemore
42. Of these 118 new members, we were excited to see 40 and Jennifer Garrott deserve credit for modernizing how
of them benefit from our Under 40 Program. Along with While new members are integral to the health and we communicate with our prospects and new members
this successful Program, we had 30 new members join longevity of our Club, the Committee also focuses on the throughout this pandemic. They not only answered the
under the corporate discount and 28 new members join retention of our current members. We were sorry to see challenge but are continuing to evolve.
as legacies. We also welcomed back 9 members who chose 18 members make the difficult decision to take a Leave of
to reinstate their membership after previously resigning. Absence. We understand this has been a challenging two ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 230
years, so we were thrilled and appreciative to welcome
Last year we introduced two initiatives: the 10% initiation back 12 members from Leave of Absence and resume their
discount for active and retired duty military and the membership!

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Submitted by Chair Josh Parnell

The Membership Committee is committed to ensuring families to the Princess Anne, greatly surpassing our Navy most notably), which provides a 25% discount
the Princess Anne is comprised of families who uphold new member goal of 42. We are also pleased to report on the initiation fee when two members of the same
the values of our fine Club. We are pleased to report that we greatly surpassed our $375,000 initiation fee organization join the Club within six months of each
that we are ending this year with a strong Membership budget with $1,001,406 collected. other. In addition to new members, we also welcomed
of 1,188 families (including those pending their nine members back to the Princess Anne family as
activation), 64 more than our beginning roster of 1,120! The Club’s Under 40 Membership Program continues reinstatements.
to thrive with 40 of our 118 members joining under this
In spite of the continued unusual circumstances of this membership classification. 30 Members took advantage Unfortunately, while many new members joined the
past year, we are thrilled to have welcomed 118 new of the Club’s corporate discount program (United States Princess Anne family this year, we said goodbye to 53


Full & Athletic 394 37 -6 1 31 457 5
Full & Athletic (Under 40) 66 32 -3 1 -12 84 9
Full & Athletic (Senior) 126 -3 1 15 139
Surviving Spouse 35 5 -1 33 2
ASSOCIATE 21 -42 2
Social 34 97 -14 2 177
Non-Resident Full & Athletic 229 -4 -1 164 1
Non-Resident Surviving Spouse 145 -1 -3 19
Non-Resident Social -4 -10 7
Total Dues Paying Members 9 -36 3 63
1074 1124

Honorary 9 9
Suspended/Inactive 2
Leave of Absence 35 -11 22
Total Members 1120 97 -47
4 34

3 -4 1169 19



families, with 6 of those members Regina Amick Bill Hall Dr. David Mueller
passing away, 11 letting their leave of Catherine Anderson Summer Halti Brian Murden
absence expire, 14 relocating, 16 for John Anthony John Hamner, III Frederick Napolitano, III
health or financial/personal reasons, Paul Archer Warren Harding Edward Ore
and only 6 stating they resigned John Aspinwall, IV Kyle Hartley Austen Packer
because they did not utilize the Evan Beck Dr. Jeffrey Hedley Andy Paisley
Club’s amenities. Clark Belote Brian Hill Kaitlyn Parker
Joseph Blake Sr. Jennifer Hochradel Steve Parnell
Adjusting to our full membership Jade Bolling Dr. Timothy Holroyd William Paulette
roster, the 2022 new member goal Daniel Bowen John Horan Dr. Lisa Lyon Payne
has been set at 45 members. It is Charles Bowers Mark Horton Michael Pfeiffer
always bittersweet that as we bid Michelle Brakke Jerry Jenkins Alexine Polumbo
farewell to members, we are then Morgan Bratten Gerrard Jones Russell Pruitt
able to welcome in new families. Ann Byrne Meagan Kalantar Maria Rasmussen
As always, member referrals Adam Carroll Mason Kalfus Dr. James Rawles, III
are the most effective way to Ian Checcio Dr. Kapil Kapoor Julian Reynolds, Jr.
grow our membership, so please Kathryn Chorazy Lauren Kelly Liza Rice
encourage any friends, neighbors Lee Clark Rick Kern Kelly Rich
and colleagues that you feel would David Cockerill Thomas Kidd, Jr. Daniel Roland
make a great addition to your Club Geoffrey Cole Lauren Kies Jennifer Rykaczewski
to apply. Bradley Converse Mark Klett Brice Salle
Randall Crutchfield Duff Kliewer Michael Savage
The Membership Jonathan Dahl Ashley Knapp Edward Schaaf, III
Committee looks Joseph Davis Peyton Lambert Brittany Seifert
forward to vetting Monty Dise Christopher Lanning Henry Shield, II
and welcoming Giovanni Donatelli Anne Legum Ellen Sinclair
more wonderful Rhonda Durham Dr. Michael Lenczyk Dr. Richard Sowers, III
families to David Earp Michael Lynch Matthew Stein
the PACC Peter Eliades George Macon, III Pete Taylor, IV
throughout this Dr. Avery Evans Matt Malone Christopher Thompson
next year! Eric Falk Evan Martin Richard Tiberio, Jr.
Dr. Deidre Fish Charles McDaniel Brittany Watrous
David Flage Eli McKinney David Wilkins
Dominick Garcia Jeffrey Meekins Lucy Willson
Moncure Geho Lisa Miller Sunny Yi
Margaret Glasser Christina Miller
Raymond Gromelski Alexandra Moore ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 232


Submitted by Chair Dave Poteran


What a long strange trip it’s been over the past year for the new PACC Aquatics Complex.
We started construction right after closing the pool last fall, and we all watched the amazing
transformation from what we had for so many years… to the incredible complex that we now
have to enjoy for years to come! Everyone involved with the new Aquatics Complex has worked
tirelessly to get everything right…and it’s perfect.

In early spring, the Pool Committee pushed though the uncertainty of changing COVID restrictions
and construction updates to make the PACC Breakers 2021 swim team season happen for the
kids (and adults). It was truly amazing to have all the coaches from the previous year return. Led
by Head Coach Kristen Zielinski and Bryan Rudolph, and supported by Emma Hewitt, these three
were the glue that held the team together. Swim team practices were held at Seatack Rec Center
and Great Neck Rec Center, and the meets were all held at other teams’ pools. It was challenging
to say the least, but with the help of the coaches, parents, volunteers, the pool committee, Brian
Triolet and his team and Mardy Colling, we gave the kids another memorable season that they
can look back on and smile.

With much anticipation from members and staff, the new Aquatics Complex ribbon was finally cut
in early August. Members of all ages poured in to enjoy the resort-like feel, happily splashing in
the zero-entry area and/or sipping drinks pool side. The Aquatics Complex Grand Opening party
was a huge success and an epic evening of live music, amazing food and a lot of fun.

As we close out the rollercoaster that was 2021 and put the final touches on the Aquatics
Complex, the Pool Committee encourages members’ questions, comments and concerns - which
are valued and appreciated - to ensure that it is the best it can be moving into 2022. The Pool
Committee Members are always available for you to share your thoughts. We would also ask that
you encourage your children to join the PACC Breakers swim and dive teams for the 2022 season.
The goal is to have fun while building strength and skills, and we welcome all abilities. So enjoy
your fall, winter and spring seasons, and we’ll see you back for the summer of 2022 to once again
take full advantage of the amazing Aquatics Complex.

ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 234


Submitted by Chair Bekki Jucksch

Our PACC tennis operation continued to grow at a Court reservations have been through the roof with
steady rate this past year after the meteoric rise it all the new players, to include pickle ball courts. It
enjoyed in 2019-2020 due to the pandemic. This is was a fun year with record attendance at our events
due, in large part, to the many new young families and socials. The Singles Club Championship had
who joined the club over that span and have taken up more than 80 entries this year and the Doubles Club
tennis. Nationwide, we’ve seen a 20% increase in new Championship had 50 teams. In May, more than
tennis players taking up the sport since the pandemic $42,250 was raised for the Children’s Hospital of King’s
began which bodes well for the overall health of our Daughters (CHKD) during the CHKD Open Mixed
sport for years to come. Doubles tournament. The event sold out within a week
with 64 teams filling every division, with teams on the
We had some big changes to our Team lineup this year waiting list. New this year, we hosted the Inaugural
after losing two irreplaceable team members in Nathan PACC Summer Invitational, which welcomed the state’s
Bolling and Mary Fay. However, we were fortunate to most elite men’s doubles teams to face off for amazing
find Dajana Cvjetkovic who is a great addition to our tennis while raising money to support An Achievable
team of six professionals and dedicated to the success Dream. We are thrilled that this event raised more
of the program. than $20,000 in its first year and cannot wait to see
what next year brings.
We all agree though that our MVP is most definitely
our tennis maintenance guru Jeff Partin, who is coming It was great to see our Cup teams back in action after
up on 30 years of service to the Princess Anne. He taking last year off due to COVID. The highlight was
keeps our outdoor clay courts in pristine condition taking 2nd place at this year’s Spindle Cup at NYCC.
throughout the summer months as well as the ones The local USTA leagues also started back up this past
in the bubble during the winter. Speaking of our Spring, many of which had teams from PACC.
outdoor clay courts, we had a major “lift” done on all
of them this past spring, which is effectively a complete Our junior tennis development program continued to
resurface and laser grade and entails spreading 60 offer daily after school programs as well as summer
tons of new material on each court.


camps with over 150 kids participating including many shop to show off her new collections. The PACC Tennis well as socials and open gym-style sessions. Long range,
young, new faces. Shop continues to provide high quality merchandise at we hope to cover court 8 so that the pickle ballers will have
internet matching prices and has, by far, the best selection their own facility and will no longer have to use temporary,
The PACC team continues to provide high quality service in the area. This shop is stringing headquarters for players “taped off” courts on our indoor tennis facility.
to our members. Jeff and Leland not only keep our courts from all over the area who like to have their racquets done
conditioned but also our facility maintained and clean. In by our certified stringers on cutting edge machines. I would like to thank our tennis Team, Tennis Committee
addition to the professional Team, the pro shop Team also and the entire Princess Anne family for an amazing year.
welcomed new faces. Jaydon, Rachel, Hannah and Haley Pickle ball has been a great expansion of our racquet
help keep everything in the shop organized and running offerings. This past year, we hosted two pickle ball
smoothly. Annika and Andrea remain on the Team as long tournaments that both sold out. Our pickle ball program
term Team Members and Charmagne has returned to the is now complete with certified pros teaching, lessons as

ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 236


2020-2021 EVENT WINNERS Anderson Cup 2021 Men’s and Women’s Singles Club Member-Member Doubles
1st – CCV Championships 2021 Championship 2021
Member-Member Mixed 2020 2nd – NYCC Men’s Open – Britt Visser Men’s Open – Justin McDaniel/Britt Visser
Open – Scott Baxter/Michele Dallman 3rd – FCC Women’s Open – Debby Levi Women’s Open –
A – Aidan O’Connor/Michelle Fox 4th – PACC Men’s A – Bryan Plumlee Bekki Jucksch/Michele Dallman
B – Rhyan Finch/Haley Cool Women’s A – Dillon Yost Men’s A – Brandon Beavers/Adam Long
Senior Tidewater Cup 2021 Men’s B – Joe Gondusky Women’s A – Michelle Fox/Lexi Rawls
Junior Country Club Cup 2020 1st – NYCC Women’s B – Marta Honey Men’s B – Grey Martin/Dean Martin
(Cancelled) 2nd – EMCC Women’s B – Kristina Chastain/Lilly Chastain
3rd – PACC Junior Club Championships 2021 Men’s Senior –
CHKD Winter Open Mixed Doubles 2021 4th – VBTCC Red Ball Division – William Bowen Rickey Jacobson/David Holland
9.5 – Barrett Foster/Brooke Piklington Orange Ball Division – Sam Perkins
8.5 – Brady McNaughton/Vinita Folck Member-Guest Tournament 2021 White Division – Jack Watson Spindle Cup 2021
7.5 – Shun Araki/Karen VanDaniker Men’s Open – Blue Division – Mary Kate McGuigan 1st – CCV
6.5 – Charles Honey/ Marta Honey Ashton Legum/Romesh Kahatapitiya 2nd – PACC
Women’s Open – 3rd – NYCC
Fun Cup 2021 Aden Beavers/Natalya Malenko 4th – FCC
(Cancelled) Men’s A – Adam Long/Lorenzo Sison
Women’s A – Dillon Yost/Katie Claxton
Virginia Cup 2021 Men’s B – Joe Gondusky/Jack Siegel
1st – Westwood – 7 Women’s B – Kathleen Wilson/Cara Melton
2nd – NYCC – 4 Women’s C – Marta Honey/Holly Martin
3rd – PACC – 3
4th – CCV – 2

Tidewater Cup 2021
1st – NYCC
2nd – PACC
3rd – VBTCC
4th – CAV
27 ANNUAL REPORT | 202117


Submitted by Chair Kelly Disharoon

The Princess Anne Youth Program has had an eventful and exciting year! The year started off with the ever-present
Covid-19 pandemic and new regulations set forth by the governor. Despite the restrictions our youth programs
manager Taylor Nelson and dedicated committee got creative and exceeded expectations continuing to deliver our
annual top-notch events and activities.

We did not miss a beat with our favorite fall events, the hayride was a hit with s’mores, fire pits and the always fun tractor-pulled
hayride on the golf course. Our Children’s Halloween was held on Saturday and groups of 10 were sent through the club to get
candy and see the spooky decorations, the children also enjoyed pumpkin decorating on breakers boulevard.

Moving in to the winter season, we sadly had to cancel our Polar Express movie night and Nutcracker Tea due to COVID
restrictions. Both of these are scheduled for this upcoming holiday season and we are excited to bring these popular
events back to our youth. The Team worked hard to make Santa Fest take place this year despite COVID. Time slots
were allotted for families to get their pictures taken with Santa and everyone received a delicious breakfast to-go and
crafts for the kids to do at home. With a few tweaks and a lot of creativity the event was a huge success!

In February we had an Art Class for kids that was sold out! Kids came to the class for a few hours and went home with a
wonderful creation that was fridge worthy. Our Children’s Easter program was similar to our Santa Fest this year with allotted
time slots, delicious breakfast and crafts and families were delighted to have the opportunity to still have their pictures taken
with the Easter Bunny. For the second year in a row our PACC team hopped through our members yards dropping easter eggs
so kids could have easter egg hunts at home! This was also a treat for busy parents! In May we added a new event, Family
Derby Day, this took place before the Kentucky Derby and had inflatable horse racing! The event was a success and we
plan to make it an annual tradition. Our new youth room for our teen contingent, The Reef finally had its grand opening
on Memorial Day! The Reef is a room for tweens and teens to relax, play and study. The room has been successful and
the teens are utilizing this space to call their own. This room will also be used for other youth events like ballet class
and summer camps.

ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 238

In July the Youth Committee brought the infamous The youth program at the Princess Anne and the staff
VB native Jackson Breit to the PACC for an outdoor behind it is top notch, always coming up with innovative
concert. Jackson had a stage full of future guitar ideas to keep youth involved and events fresh. They
players front and center singing and dancing to all of put their heart and hard work into everything they do
his tunes. The kids had a ball, as well as the adults! and let no obstacle, not even a pandemic, get in their
All six sessions of summer place were held this year way. I cannot thank the staff and committee enough. It
with every session having a wait list. Taylor created has been an honor to work alongside them in making
an abundance of water games to keep the kids cool our Club the best it can be for our youngest members.
and the last few weeks of campers were delighted to I am proud of everything we have accomplished this
get to utilize the brand new PACC pool. There was a year and cannot wait to tackle 2022!
new week-long art camp added this year that was fully
booked, along with our mermaid and pirate party also
at the new pool. Our Mother Son and Father Daughter
dances were both held this summer. The kids loved
getting dressed up for this special occasion and having
a special date with their parent. There is a DJ, ice cream
bar, corsages, photo booth, and the list goes on. No
wonder many kids exclaim this is their favorite night,
year after year. This fall we had our 3rd annual Camp
Out on the golf course. The kids love this event as there
is fishing, s’mores, games and a yummy breakfast!
We will be finishing the year out with a new etiquette
class in November, we are sure to get many young
ladies and gentleman signed up. Our baby sitting
room continues to be a success, with Friday night
and Saturday day options available parents can grab
dinner in the Chesapeake room or enjoy a game of
tennis or golf, it offers a welcome reprieve.


WINE COMMITTEE A big hello to the PACC wine community. While the world We are running many specials but not all are tested by our

Submitted by Chair Gray Randolph faced many challenges in 2021 the wine world was no team. Many are wonderful but we simply cant taste them

exception. The fires of 2020 wrecked the harvest for many all. This logo lets you know we tasted and loved it.

high end wine producers in the cradle of fine wine, Napa/ The Statistics: We still love Napa Cabernet! By far our top
Sonoma county. The fires did their damage to structures seller at PACC. Caymus leads the pack as our top selling
and the smoke did its damage to the grapes. Many Cabernet and that is no surprise. It is loaded with fruit and its
wineries, including mine, opted to skip the vintage. This seductive style lures in many Cabernet lovers. Chardonnay
will create a bit of a pinch on supply as the 2020 whites hit is still a massive favorite at the club and nationwide with
the market over the next year and the 2020 reds (longer in William Hill really on a tear at the moment. It’s price point is
barrel) hit the market in about a year. Luckily, at the time of so agreeable around the 10 dollar mark and that it is hard to
writing this, the 2021 whites have been harvested and the pass up. Keep your eyes out for a “low priced Chardonnay
red grapes are starting to be pressed now. Fingers crossed special”. Jerry and I recently tasted about 30 every day
that a very dry Valley will not spark as the remaining grapes Chardonnays and we found some real gems…more to
come in and the rainy season ramps up. 2021 was marked come on that. On the higher end Chardonnay I am happy to
by a cool start and slow development, followed by a bit of report that the Gray Randolph Petaluma Gap Chardonnay
a heat spike , and then cool at the end of the season . This was the number 2 seller and would have been number one
allowed for perfect ripeness and a slightly lower yield over but it sold out! Clearly this membership has exquisite taste.
all. This lower yield should, in theory create wines of greater We continue to love our Meomi and Belle Glos. That tried
boldness but we will know more at barrel sampling time. and true brand continues to be a top seller in Pinot Noir

Locally, the wine programs have been stronger than ever. sales and, similar to Caymus, has found the formula to lure

Our wine shop sales here soared to $610,591 up 37% the sweet fruit lovers.

over last year. I extend my thanks to each of you for your
faithful support, the wine committee for their excellent In closing I should add that the rumors that the pool
picks and also to Paul, Steve, Jerry and Mardy for their delays were caused by the mess we made in the old
dedication to the program. I recently consulted for pool are completely false. But we are happy to take
an exclusive Country Club in Greenwich Connecticut the hit for the good of the membership. Thank you
all for your continued support at the club and look
for more specials and videos as the year continues.

Cheers!who has no program at all. We have become a

model for other clubs to follow. Please take note of
the new wine logo a the top of the page. A big thank
you to Kristen Bunting for the design! This represents
wines that have been tasted by the committee or myself. Gray Randolph CS, FWS,Vintner
ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 330


Club Secretary | Princess Anne Country Club | 2004-2021

WHEREAS, Secretary Leslie R. Watson has served as The Princess Anne Country Club’s Secretary of the Board of
Directors since November 2004; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Watson has served as a critical leader and counsel of The Princess Anne, honoring her
traditions and heritage for over a decade leading up to her Centennial and fortifying the Club’s relevance into the
next century; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Watson’s sage wisdom, strategic vision and legal guidance safeguarded and navigated the
Club through multiple major capital projects and acquisitions including the clubhouse, golf course renovation,
tennis air structure, Breakers Boulevard, Holly Beach Bungalow and aquatics complex; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Watson’s loyal continuity, sound legal advice and thoughtful judgment through his
seventeen year tenure comforted nine Club President’s, 126 different Directors and a very grateful General
Manager; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Watson’s special passion and architectural appreciation of The Princess Anne Golf Course
led to it being recognized as one of “the top 25 short courses in the world;” and

WHEREAS, Secretary Watson’s humble legal acumen, discerning trustworthy guidance and invaluable
institutional knowledge ensured stable fiduciary, strategic and generative governance; and

WHEREAS, Secretary Watson’s selfless, faithful devotion and truly deep love of The Princess Anne has inspired so
many, and his longstanding dedicated service as Club Secretary has had an immeasurable positive impact;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that because the Board of Directors desires to ceremoniously applaud the
servant leadership of Leslie R. Watson and formally acknowledge with utmost gratitude his dedicated service
to The Princess Anne Country Club, that this resolution be entered into the minutes of the Board of Directors
Meeting and a copy presented to him.

- Adopted by the Board of Directors on October 28, 2021


ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 332


Thank you to all of our committee Members for your dedicated service to the PACC family.

Entertainment Golf House Rules Youth Involvement SPECIAL COMMITTEES
Monica Stein, Chair Ran Randolph Jr., Chair Kelly Disharoon, Chair
Donna Haycox Roger Stroud, Chair John Mazach, Chair Whitney Harding
Amy Jackson Strategic Planning Megan Haynsworth
Grey Martin Jeanne Beck (PALG) Mike Cowan Gary Beck, Co-Chair Christina Nieves Building Wine Committee
Amy Metzger John Gibson, Co-Chair Amanda Parnell Chris Fanney Gray Randolph, Chair
Kate Michaels Mike Disharoon Julia David Katie Wynne Susan Pender Gary Beck
Barb Sessoms Tennis Steve Lawson
Alice Striffler Lee Entsminger (PASMGA) Pam Griffin Bekki Jucksch, Chair Handicap Hunter Sims
Hazel Taylor Megan Bradshaw Mark Finn, Chair Jon Thornton
Emilie Tilley Mark Finn Susan Pender Neil Brown Jeanne Beck
Toby Fanney Bob Buckalew
Finance Steve Houfek Ben Temple Beth Foster John Gibson
Pat Shuler, Chair Stuart Goldwag Alice Striffler
Chris Fanney Alice Striffler Jonell Walthall Rhys James
Sam Steingold Justin McDaniel
John Watson Kendall Whitaker Aden Murray
Fitness Larry Parker
Barbara Sessoms, Chair Karen Worrall Faith Williams Mike Perkins
Tommy Rueger Donna Salasky
Alice Striffler Janet Yue Monica Stein
Rick Tillar

John Wilson, Chair Membership

Matt Angelelli Josh Parnell, Chair Historical Preservation
Sandra Baylor, Chair
Jeanne Beck

Jack Drescher Pool

John Hawa Dave Poteran, Chair Membership
Alice Striffler Shannan Poteran, Liaison Bobby Beasley, III, Chair

Nick Szoke Leslie Cutchins

Les Watson Merrick McCabe

Elizabeth Ware Tradition
Andy Dickinson, Chair
Ben Willis David (Dippy) Pender

Deane Zimmerman



Sadly, we bid a fond farewell to our Members who passed away this year.

2020-2021 Margaret Mordecai
Edith Altmeyer Randolph Savage
Tyler Anthony Lawrence Smith
William Collins Kay Stockwell
Grace Dragas John Tierney
Katharine Horner W. Earl Willis
Anne Kiland
Horace Mcneal, Jr.

ANNUAL REPORT | 2021 334


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