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Adidas Running by Runtastic

Adidas Running by Runtastic

Faculty of Sport Science and Recreation Prepared by :
Diploma in Sport Science and Recreation
Siti Izzyani Nadhirah Binti Muhammad Nozili
(SR113) (2019280756)
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam
Muhammad Irfan Fitri Abu Bakar
SPS 105 - It Essential For Sport (2019298116)
Apps Review : Adidas Running by Runtastic
Nurul Ain Fatin Najihah Binti Azman

Prepared for :

Puan Noridah Binti Abu Bakar

Introductions of the Runtastic

Adidas Running by Runtastic or formerly named Runtastic is an Austrian mobile fitness company that
combines traditional fitness with mobile applications, social networking and elements of gamification
as a logical reaction to the Quantified Self movement. Runtastic develops activity tracker apps,
hardware products, and services, such as online training logs, detailed data analysis, comparisons to
other users, and many more functions to help users improve their overall fitness. In order to be able
to use the complete spectrum of Runtastic Products, a one-time registration is required. However,
certain content (e.g. information regarding sports, health, or nutrition), including general descriptions
of Runtastic, can be viewed without registration. Runtastic’s goal is to make sports enjoyable and to
make a positive contribution to people’s health. Your health is very important to them. Always consult
your doctor about your athletic behavior. Runtastic neither substitutes your doctor nor is Runtastic
responsible for your behavior. The contents of the Runtastic products, regardless whether they are
provided by Runtastic, its partners or users, are not meant to supplement, let alone replace, the
information provided by doctors or pharmacies.

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Capability of the Runtastic

• This apps can teach you the real technique of running
• It also can motivated you with their super extreme challenges
• This running have Tech Blog and Media Center which is can guide you if you need

to know something
• Runtastic also have a great duty for diet meal
• It provides heart rate tracker so you may know what is your bpm on that time

Advantages of the Runtastic

• This apps has it own blog that you can learn something for running or else
• It also can help you in losing your weight
• aaYosccuaowcmoilpml lripeshacreeidisvoeannawdwibteheemykolyoutfriivtsnateatetssds frbreoypmyoortuthrienocwwluendeisknugbcecafenosrose.v.eTrhviieswwaoyf yyoouurcpaanssteweewehk’astaycotiuv’ivteies as well
• This apps just can connect with Facebook or Gmail for sign in
• You also can find friends from many country as it is the international apps
• This apps have a leaderboard
• It also can record every each of your activity
• This apps already connected with GPS and it can locate us wherever we are
• This apps have 15 languages
• HwIteoaarlskltoohuhatasnsddaeNfpoueltlnroidtwiion-ungpoGpnuliatdhnee, actonimudnetthyleeosuWs hSoatravkneoduaatnlCodrnteehaeWtomor,ruwksochuliectshs,yyHooDuu-wecaxaennrtuctissoeeftvooicdpueusotost,noa.gceothmeprryeohuernosiwven
• You don’t need any equipment or a fancy gym membership to transform your body.

Disadvantages of the Runtastic

 The premium fee is too expensive
 The news feed are not enough
 This apps is just for running
 Once you have activate your subscription choice as a auto-renewal, you can’t

cancel it
 Sometime this app doesn’t track into leaderboard or sync for new month in

 This apps do not capture treadmill run data example distance automatically
 Sometime their system maintenance is not good

Improvement for the Runtastic

This apps is already good for people to use but they can improve some of the
weakness of their apps such as lowering the subscription fees to get the premium
package because not all people can afford paying that amount of money. Nowadays,
people are lazy to exercise and the reminder of this apps is not consistent enough to
remind the people for exercise and some of the words which they use to reminder is
not motivating. Next, the maps should be updated 24 hours because there might be
danger or construction going around so they should find an alternative route for the
uses. Moreover, the apps also can provides the detection of water loss in the uses
body and how much water they should consume after exercising. Although, the
application can suggest foods that the uses can eat or avoid according to their

Conclusion of the Runtastic

This apps is not only best for those who wants to keep their body stay health, but it
is also a great choice for those who wants to lose their body weight as it doesn’t
require you to cash out money so you can save your money at least a thousand. You
also can stay fit and make your daily life easier without any chronic illness such as
obesity, diabetes and etc. This is because Runtastic provides the best mode to
enable us to achieve the best performance in exercise such as running distance,
running speed, calories burn and others. This apps also give you the best route
depending on your calories and it will guide you through out your dream become
healthy. As for athletes, they can use this apps for testing their performance and
detect either their performance increasing or decreasing. This apps also includes
news feed that might help people to improve their knowledge about health, other
kinds of sport and current issue about sports and others.

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