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Published by TTI AS, 2017-02-06 04:36:09

EP Bus Spare Parts

Europart Bus Spare Parts

Bus spare parts

Engine and clutch
Exhaust system
Electrics and lighting
Axle and steering parts
Suspension and damping
Pneumatic system
Braking system
Heating, ventilation,
air conditioning
Frame, coachwork,
vehicle equipment
Everything for the bus

From the largest coach to the smallest
minibus, we have the right part for you!

Spare parts for Sprinter, T5, LT,
Daily and the others, brought
together in one catalogue

You will receive competent advice about
spare parts for Sprinter, T5, LT, Daily
and the others from your EUROPART

the europArt bus catalogue - the comprehensive
package for your buses!

This catalogue offers you an overview of our extensive range of spare parts
for public service buses, intercity buses and coaches. In addition, you will
find a wide spectrum of items for your bus workshop, from lifting platforms,
through diagnostic technology to engine oils.

Clear and cross-linked
The vehicle designations and engine types indicated serve as information during the
identification of the specific vehicle application.
To identify the parts which are specific to your bus, please contact your EUROPART
branch, having ready the complete Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
Or use the vehicle part search in our EWOS (EUROPART Workshop Online System) at

The catalogue offers an extract from our comprehensive bus spare parts range. If an item
which you need is not listed in the catalogue, please contact your EUROPART branch.

Everyday usage hints

The Setra applications divide into the 300 and 400 series, each in the sequence TopClass,
ComfortClass and MultiClass.
The Volvo applications relate to the chassis types. In the product areas of lighting and
mirrors, the four digit installation variant is also given.
The Scania applications relate to the chassis types.
Cross-reference numbers on the pages of the catalogue serve for identification purposes

You will find a comprehensive index subdivided by bus type at the end of the

europArt – europe's no. 1 for truck, trailer, van and bus spare parts. The main focus of the catalogue is on spare parts
suitable for the following bus types!


Bus types

Fast MAN
Scoler Lion's City EL (A78) [2004 –]
Syter Lion's City NG (A23) [2004 –]
Lion's City NL (A21) [2004 –]
Series GX Lion's City NL (A37) [2004 –]
Lion's City NL (A47) [2004 –]
Irisbus Agora Lion's City NÜ (A20) [2004 –]
Iveco Arès Lion's Classic Ü (A72)
Arway Lion's Coach (R07/R08)
Axer Lion's Regio (R12/R13)
Citelis Lion's Star (R02/R03)
Citelis CNG EL (A12)
Crossway LE NG (A11)
Domino [2001 –] NG (A23) [1998 – 2004]
New Domino [2007 –] NL (A10/A15)
Eurorider NL (A21) [1997 – 2004]
Evadys NÜ (A20) [1996 – 2004]
Magelys Mercedes-Benz
Récréo [1997 –]
Récréo II [2006 –] Citaro I (O 530) [1997 –]
Citaro II (O 530) [2006 –]
CityClass Citaro C2 (O 530) [2011 –]
Cito (O 520)
Conecto I (O 345) [1996 – 2007]
Integro II (O 550) [2005 –]
Intouro I (O 560) [1999 –]
Intouro II [2007 –]
O 404
O 405 N
O 407
O 408
Tourino (O 510)
Tourismo I (O 350) [1994 – 2006]
Tourismo II [2006 –]
Travego I (O 580) [1999 – 2005]
Travego II [2005 –]


Neoplan Centroliner Evolution Temsa Diamond
Scania (model series N 45XX) Van Hool Opalin
Setra Cityliner (model series N 12XX) VDL Safari
Skyliner (N 1122) Tourmalin
Solaris Skyliner [2011 –]
Starliner (model series N 52XX) Series A
Tourliner (N 2216) Series T
Trendliner (N 3516)
Berkhof Ambassador
L94 Bova Futura
K94 Bova Lexio
K114 Bova Magiq
K124 Bova Synergy
K360 Citea
Series 300 HD (TopClass) Volvo B7L
Series 300 HDH (TopClass) B7R
S 328 DT (TopClass) B9L
Series 300 GT-HD (ComfortClass) B9R
Series 300 NF (MultiClass) B9TL
Series 300 UL (MultiClass) B10B
Series 400 HD (TopClass) B10L
Series 400 HDH (TopClass) B10M
S 431 DT (TopClass) B12
Series 400 GT-HD (ComfortClass) B12B
Series 400 NF (MultiClass) B12R
Series 400 UL (MultiClass) B13R

Urbino III

You will find a comprehensive index for each of these bus types at the end of the catalogue! V


... supplier of truck, trailer, van and bus spare parts.

EUROPART is the leading distributor of spare parts and accessories for all
types of commercial vehicles, buses and special vehicles in Europe. In addition,
EUROPART offers its main customer groups from motor vehicle workshops,
forwarding agents and fleet operators a wide range of workshop equipment. This
includes the areas of chemistry, workshop/factory fittings and equipment, fastening
technology, occupational safety and much more for everyday operation.
EUROPART has an outstanding international network and is present in 200
locations throughout 27 countries, with its own branches and in the offices of
cooperation partners.


Our network – 200 locations in 27 countries

EUROPART – international partner for
the workshop VII

Commercial vehicle You'll find all the information
diagnostics technology about the product on page 625
for buses

We keep vehicles on the move:
Across-brand diagnostic tools for rigid trucks,
trailers, semi-trailers, agricultural vehicles,
vans, cars and buses

■ Test and diagnostics technology
■ Brakes/Axle Service
■ Engines/gearboxes
■ Air suspension
and much more

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