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Nothing ROCKS
Bring Me
Ages of YOUNG

LOVE Even as You
Grow Old









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Editorial Come in for a
Good Laughter!
To all Seniors out
there; AGE WITH Dear Reader,
Welcome to the maiden edition of
new bi-monthly magazine designed
especially for our Senior Citizens, their
families and Caregivers. The creation
of this new magazine is to create
humor, laughter and love for readers
who want to read, have some good
laughter and feel hopeful for being
part of the Senior Citizen Community.

Slowly I am walking towards the
Senior’s Hall of fame. I’m getting there
because every year my age counter
increases. When I turned 50 I said
to myself, “I am now a mini Senior”,
that’s if there is anything like that.
But in that moment of time, I felt the
need to do more for the Senior Citizen

After many years of being a Caregiver
and a Nursing Assistant, I’ve had many
and different encounters with Seniors
of all walks. To me, Caregiving isn’t
just a job, it is a calling. That is where
I get my energy from, to do more for

be entertaining and informative, at
times contrary, but above all useful.

I hope you enjoy this maiden edition.
Let me hear from you, your thoughts,
ideas, wisdom and do let me know if
there are any topics you’d like to see
covered in the future. Join the new fun
magazine in town, SENIORS ROCK...
Yes indeed they rock!

My name is Peace Bennett and I am a
mini Senior.

senior’s rock magazine


Best Tips to Prevent Aging THE SEVEN AGES OF LOVE 6
Even if you don’t consider yourself a senior just HOW TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN YOUNG - 10
yet, you are still aging. “We start aging when EVEN AS YOU GROW OLD
we are born,” says Moreno. So anyone can take 94-YEAR-OLD WIDOWER MADE A 14
simple steps to look and feel better as the years SPLASH BY INSTALLING A POOL
tick by. Dr. Moreno suggests easy changes that DALE SANDERS 16
you can make at any stage of your life to turn CAN’T NOTHING BRING ME DOWN 18
back the hands of time. JOKES 19
His best tips for aging well? Moreno suggests SENIOR CITIZENS
these three steps to feel better and get healthy: QUOTES 21
Maintain a healthy weight. CARE GIVERS CORNER 23
Your weight plays a key role in controlling the SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITIES 26
factors of aging. Get to a healthy number on IN NEBRASKA
the scale and stay there.
Stay hydrated with water.

Your body is craving it more than you realize.
Water is critical to maintaining your energy
level and good daily health.

Move more.

Find an activity that you like and that helps
you to maintain a daily movement schedule
and stick with it.

Small changes can have a big impact. Try a
few of these healthy changes to improve your
health and well-being.

senior’s rock magazine



By Joan Bakewell

When you're in your seventies, love has a long memory;
I grew up at a time when sex was secret, lives were
private and your parents didn't approve. Sex before
marriage was either fast and furtive, or romantically
dangerous. There was no pill but no Aids either. As
a young woman I knew little about my own body but plenty about
my troubled emotions. As a child during the war I saw the pain of
separation and loss. I grew up to the strains of "We'll Meet Again",
"Some Day I'll Find You" and Snow White's "Some Day My Prince Will
Come". I saw it as a search for an ideal: Mr Right. Mr Darcy. Big mistake.

senior’s rock magazine

Then the hormones kicked in and I became up and gone I can please myself entirely as to
a sucker for DH Lawrence and the fire in the what friendships and bonds I make and how I
blood. Emily Brontë's message was that tortured behave both in public and private. And that's
passion was better than gentle loving. All this what I do. Looking back now I can see that what
led to turbulent times and love and sex became a makes marriages endure is a mix of several
major pre-occupation. I read about it, fantasised, different things: a broad sharing of common
saw the movies Brief Encounter, Gone with the interests and outlooks; an agreement about how
Wind but didn't do much about it. you want your sex lives to be; and an ability to
weather the stormy seas of infidelity. I failed, in
All these years later I still carry traces of those the end, to sustain a proper combination of all
youthful ideas, though I don't brood on them three. Now I don't have to any more. Mrs Patrick
any more. I still believe that "Love is the sweetest Campbell spoke of the "hurly-burly of the chaise
thing" and "All you need is love". Life has longue... giving way to the deep deep peace of the
taught me that popular culture's clichs express marriage bed." I have gone further. I called my
profound human needs that do not change. autobiography The Centre of the Bed. I have it all
Love remains the most fundamental of human to myself.
emotions. When you're younger it's usually
about managing one-to-one relationships and There's no denying the body grows slack and
devotion to your children. As you get older it slow. The joints begin to creak, the back to
comes into play in a million different ways from grumble. But that has to do with ageing, not with
good manners and small kindnesses to shared loving. The loving stays young. Older people will
laughter and good company. As such it is central always tell you that inside they feel just as they
to my life. always did, and it's true. That's why it's a shock
to catch your reflection in the shop window, or to
The language has changed: it has got more raw, hear yourself referred to as an old boot. Among
more crude. "Making love" has given way to ourselves, the 70-year-olds are as lively and frisky
"bonking" and "shagging". There is no shame as ever we were.
in using the f-word and the c-word. Comedy
and humour have become coarser; jokes are Of course, the leaping flame of lust leaps less
eye-wateringly explicit. I don't protest at it often. Instead, I value the golden glow of long
happening. But it isn't part of my world, I don't friendships and attachments, the blossoming
use that sort of language and I can't help feeling of new. I look around and judge the happiest
that the all-prevailing irony has damaged of my friends to be those with long and stable
tenderness. I like people to say what they mean: marriages. But I also notice the growing
my children and grandchildren are the ones who popularity of a new arrangement among the old:
tell me most often that they love me. But there it's known as "together apart". Two they may be
are others. widowed or divorced discover a growing bond
between them. It develops and soon they are
The films have changed, too. Although we have holidaying together, sharing outings and even
had the romantic The English Patient and bed. But they remain living in their separate
Atonement we also have the explicit casual sex homes. It seems to work. It saves all the tensions
of Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs and Patrice of shared living, avoids the financial and social
Chreau's Intimacy. Again, I don't want such rearrangements of moving in together, and it
explicit films banned or censored but I can't say doesn't trespass on the past.
they move me. There can be a sense of "been
there, done that" in seeing young people having As I grow older I perceive love in a different
sex. But sometimes it's more a case of "it's too late context altogether. I have seen love at its most
now". Love and sex are not voyages of discovery intense and beautiful when someone is dying.
any more. I've long since arrived. And I'm more This may not fit the clichs of "sex and love" as
convinced than ever that whatever you do with we live it. But to witness one partner falling into
your limbs and your body matters less than what a decline and the other giving selfless devotion
goes on in your head and your heart. throughout the illness is to see love in action. It
seems an odd thing to say, but love gathers with
I came out of my second marriage some seven passion and intensity around many a deathbed.
years ago and have been living alone ever since.
It suits me. It has left me free to make immediate Source:
choices for myself alone. With children grown

senior’s rock magazine 7


Her name is
Betty White.
She is a senior
and she ROCKS

On January 17th, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois, (She stops to let Alec Baldwin kiss her hand.) You
the future television icon was born Betty think i'm going to miss a chance when I get it?
Marion White, the only child of homemaker
Christine Tess (née Cachikis) and lighting Somebody said something the other day about
company executive Horace Logan White. In her 'First Lady of Television.' And I took it as a big
autobiography If You Ask Me (And of Course You compliment. And then I heard her talking to
Won't), White explained her parents named her her daughter a little later, she said, ‘First lady,
"Betty" specifically because they didn't like many yes, she's that old, she was the first one, way, way
of the nicknames derived from "Elizabeth." Forget back.’ But little did I dream then that I would be
your Beths, your Lizas, your Ellies. She's Betty. here. It's incredible that I'm still in this business,
that I'm still -- and you are still putting up with
One thing they don't tell you about growing old— me.
you don't feel old, you just feel like yourself. And
it's true. I don't feel Ninety Six years old. I simply No, I’m thanking you. It's incredible that you can
am Ninety Six years old. stay in a career this long and still have people put
up with you. I wish they did that at home. I want
"You are still putting up with me." to thank Lorne Michaels for doing not only this
tonight, but all the wonderful things he's done
BETTY WHITE'S EMMYS SPEECH with me -- no, for me. And all I can say is, it's such
Was Incredibly Inspiring and Hilarious a blessed business to be in, and how lucky can I
be, and how much I say, thank you to each and
"Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Thank every one of you. Thank you so much."
you. I’m just going to quit while I'm ahead! Oh,
my goodness, goodness, goodness. This is very Long live Betty White! I MAY BE A SENIOR, SO
exciting. I thought the biggest, most exciting night WHAT? I AM STILL
I had ever had, I'm talking to Lorne Michaels now,
was the night that he gave me an honor. But boy, HOT & I ROCK!
you topped yourself tonight, Lorne.

senior’s rock magazine





Once a heavy drinker and smoker, my 84-year-old father
was never a good candidate for living a long life. But he’s
remained mentally sharp through four bouts of cancer
and a litany of other health complaints, while my younger
and (seemingly) healthier mother suffered from demen-
tia and died four years ago. What gives?

senior’s rock magazine

Well, my dad spends time every for up 30 minutes—appears to with no signs of dementia and
day doing brain teasers called be neuroprotective”—meaning assessed their loneliness, memory
Crypto-quips—puzzles that require it protects your brain—“and will loss, and confusion levels every
deciphering complex letter codes. decrease your chances of getting year for four years. For every one
After he retired from work, he other diseases too,” says Kramer. point increase on their loneliness
took language classes, traveled measurement scale, the risk of
abroad, played bridge, performed But how does it work? According developing dementia increased 51
in an amateur theatre company, to Kramer, exercise enhances percent over that period. Even when
and volunteered regularly in the neuroplasticity—the brain’s patients had many social contacts,
local senior center. Despite painful ability to grow new neural and feeling lonely led to mental decline,
arthritis, he still dances two times a blood flow pathways in response suggesting that the quality of social
week with friends and takes regular to stimulation and learning. The interactions may be more important
walks. greater the brain’s reserve of neural than the quantity.
pathways, the better it can respond
If researchers are right, my father to strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, or “Our results are consistent with
has (inadvertently) followed some head traumas from falls, which all other studies which show that
of the best practices for battling become more likely as you age. negative emotions are related to
mental decline. New studies are the development of dementia and
pointing to ways one can slow, and Researchers need more information cognitive decline in old age,” says
in some cases reverse, the memory before they will more fully Wilson.
loss, distractibility, and other understand the relationship
cognitive deficits that often come between exercise and brain Interestingly, when Wilson’s group
with advancing age. Here are three function, says Kramer. For looked at the brain autopsies of
of the key findings for how to keep example, it isn’t clear yet if there subjects who died during their
your brain fit. is a ‘dose response,’ where more study, they found that some people
exercise equates to better cognitive who hadn’t reported feeling lonely
1. EXERCISE! health, or whether slacking off still showed plaques or tangles in
on an exercise program changes their brains—the physiological
You know how your doctor is the equation. Still, Kramer is hallmarks of Alzheimer’s—without
always telling you to get a moderate convinced that exercise is central to actually developing the symptoms
amount of exercise to stay healthy? maintaining brain health. of dementia, such as memory loss
Well now there’s evidence that and confusion. In other words,
exercise not only helps your heart 2. BE SOCIAL having positive social connections
and lungs, but it also might improve may have protected them from
your brain. Researchers have long known that Alzheimer’s dementia, even though
having social connections helps their brain’s physiology seemed
In a 2008 review of more than protect against the negative impacts to leave them vulnerable to it.
50 scientific studies, researchers of aging. But not until recently have Although researchers are still trying
Arthur Kramer and Kirk Erickson they been able to show a direct link to figure out this phenomenon,
found that regular aerobic exercise between social activity levels and Wilson thinks that having good
improved brain functioning for the brain. social connections over time may
healthy people and those with somehow build up overall brain
mild cognitive impairments. In In a 2007 study, Valerie Crooks, a functioning, so that one part of the
particular, those brain functions researcher with Kaiser Permanente, brain can take over if another part
associated with “executive assessed 2,200 women over a becomes damaged.
control”—such as multi-tasking, four-year period, looking for
planning, and problem solving— signs of mental decline while Joining a group, taking a class, or
were most affected by exercise. evaluating their degree of social scheduling regular visits and phone
Even moderate walking two-to- connection. Her study found that calls with friends and family can all
three times a week over a six month women who had a larger social help build these social connections.
period was enough to produce network and daily social contact The same goes for doing volunteer
positive results. In one study, had a substantially lower risk of work, which may carry added
brain imaging results revealed developing dementia, even when benefits: According to preliminary
that patients in the early stages she factored in age and hormone results from a recent study by Sei
of Alzheimer’s disease who were use. Lee at the University of California,
more aerobically fit had less brain San Francisco, presented this past
atrophy than those who were less In a similar study, Robert Wilson May at the annual meeting of the
fit. of Rush University’s Alzheimer’s American Geriatrics Society, people
Disease Center in Chicago found who volunteered lived longer, even
“Aerobic walking, riding a bike that people who felt lonely were after considering other factors,
or using a stationary bike, or more likely to develop dementia. like socioeconomic status, chronic
swimming—anything that sustains Wilson and his group followed health conditions, and cognititive
your heart rate at 65 percent of a group of 80-year-old patients function.
its maximum capacity or greater
senior’s rock magazine

3. STIMULATE YOUR information. The auditory program activities may be as stimulating, or
BRAIN—EVEN WITH (IMPACT) has been tested in large, more stimulating, than computer
VIDEO GAMES clinical trials around the country training,” says Park.
and has been shown to improve
There is now ample scientific not only auditory processing Evidence from another recent study
evidence that keeping your mind speed and accuracy, but related may support Park’s hypothesis.
active is good for brain health. But skills like memory and attention. Robert Wilson monitored more
what’s the best way to do that? Similar results have been found for than 700 elderly participants for
the visual program, though using five years and found that those who
Recent studies show that computer- smaller study populations. reportedly engaged in everyday
based exercises designed to improve mentally-stimulating activities—like
brain function have been effective “The benefits of our training reading the paper, visiting a library, or
at increasing memory, information programs are substantial,” says playing checkers or chess—were less
processing, reasoning, attention, Merzenich. “If you are 70 and your likely to have cognitive impairment,
and problem solving skills among brain is operating like a typical and were less than half as likely to
elderly participants. In some 70 year old, you can train with develop the dementia symptoms
studies, successful training in one our program, and your scores on of Alzheimer’s disease. Even
skill area (e.g., short-term memory) cognitive tests will improve to levels when researchers considered the
led to improvements in areas you’d find in a 59-year-old brain.” participants’ past levels of education
not covered in the training (e.g., and socio-economic status, being
executive control), suggesting that That may be true, but some mentally engaged later in life still
training benefits may “generalize” researchers are still skeptical. seemed critical to reducing the risk of
to multiple brain functions and dementia.
improve overall cognitive health. “We just don’t know enough about
how these programs work,” says The challenge
Capitalizing on this research, Arthur Kramer. Although he
several companies have sprung up recently co-authored his own study So, will all this research actually
to market the idea of “brain fitness” using a video game to improve compel people to do what it takes to
to aging Baby Boomers. Though cognitive function in the elderly, keep their brains fit?
many, such as Lumosity, have based he remains cautious, noting that
their programs on neuroscience “there are still relatively few studies “Let’s face it, some people hate to
research, not all have done the of computer-based products.” exercise, even when they know it
rigorous testing needed to show helps,” says Kramer. He argues that,
their programs work. Denise Park, a researcher at the as we age, we tend to slow down
University of Texas, agrees. But she and get sore joints, which makes it
Posit Science, founded by has an additional concern about even harder to build up the will to
neuroscientist Mike Merzenich, is computer-based training programs: exercise. But Kramer believes that
an exception. Posit has developed communicating how exercise benefits
two computer-based training that seniors won’t maintain the brain may help motivate people to
programs for seniors designed interest in them long change their lifestyles.
to increase the speed and enough to reap the
accuracy of how they process benefits. Mezernich of Posit Science suggests
another possible incentive: economic
auditory and visual “It may be very possible interest. He envisions a time when
that engaging in fun, health insurance companies will
12 novel pay people, either directly or
through reduced insurance rates,
to participate in programs like his,
assuming they will reduce the need
for costly health care down the road.

Personally, I don’t need further
convincing, especially after
having one parent die of dementia.
Chances are I may be living even
longer than my dad, perhaps into
my 90s. And since I want to keep my
mind active even as my body ages, I’m
already trying to stay physically active,
keep my friends close, and give my
brain a regular work out.

But I think I’ll leave the Crypto-quips
to my dad.

By Jill Suttie

senior’s rock magazine






402 813 3444

[email protected] |




When Keith Davison’s wife Evy died last year of
cancer after 66 years of marriage, his house
felt lonely. It was a big house, and with his
children grown and moved out, it felt “very,
very quiet,” Davison said.

senior’s rock magazine

So the retired trial judge had an In fact, people I haven't talked to pool, but it’s not just a pool; it’s so
idea. His neighborhood in Morris, in years call “and congratulate much more than that.”
Minn., had a lot of kids but no me on having a pool.” He has met
swimming pool. Davison, an avid neighbors he hardly knew before The pool was not cheap to install,
swimmer, and his wife had bought and grown closer with the ones he but Davison’s home insurance
the house in 1991, and they had did know. company said his premium would
considered putting one in the back not go up. And he is strict about
yard but had never gotten around Neighbor Jessica Huebner said safety.
to it. “When we were in our 60s we when she first heard of the plan, she
thought of it, but we didn’t think didn’t think he was serious. “I was “I have a set of rules, of course,
we’d live this long,” he said. just thinking, it’s fun to talk, but at being a lawyer,” he said (he is also
the age of 94 would you really do it?” a pilot and plays tuba in three local
Now, at 94, he thought, why not? bands). There are no lifeguards,
When Davison said it was going to so children 12 or under must come
Running the idea by some be for all the neighborhood kids, with a parent or grandparent, and
neighborhood kids clinched it. including her four children, “That’s anyone under 18 must have an adult
“They were so excited about it, when it really sank in. I was like, present.
because they knew I’d let them wow. You just don’t have that in
in, and I decided, ‘That’s enough today’s society, that amount of “Even an adult in there shouldn’t be
incentive right there.’ ” kindness.” there by themselves,” he said.

So in the spring, construction began Huebner said she has already seen Davison is exempt from that rule,
on a 32-by-16-foot heated pool, ripple effects among adults, as well however, thanks in part to his age.
complete with diving board, and in as children, as they gather there.
July it was done. “I go in by myself,” he admitted with
“As a neighborhood we’re getting a chuckle. “If I had a heart attack
Now, on sunny days, Davison’s yard out of our day-to-day routines to and died in the pool, what a way to
is rarely quiet. About 5 to 10 local make the time to visit with each go. It certainly beats cancer.”
kids are there, swimming and other and get to know each other,”
diving. “There’s a lot of noise and she said. “(Davison) says it’s just a Magda Jean-Louis contributed to
splashing about, and that’s good,” this report
he said.

senior’s rock magazine 15



T here was a moment back
in August when Dale “Grey
Beard” Sanders considered
giving up.

senior’s rock magazine

In the middle of the 100-Mile Mississippi River. He broke the medication or the two different kinds
Wilderness in Maine, far from record for underwater breath- of eye drops that Sanders needs for
help, he was bleeding internally holding in 1959 and was IUSA glaucoma.
and having heart palpitations - not spearfishing athlete of the year
surprising considering that he in 1965. But he had never done a “As older people, we have a great deal
was 50 or 60 years older than most hike lasting more than two weeks. more challenges,” he said. Injuries
of the people he had met on the For this one, which he started in take longer to heal, including the
Appalachian Trail. Georgia in January, he was on the hip he injured in a fall on Kinsman
trail for a total of seven months. Mountain in New Hampshire that
Sanders called his wife in Bartlett, took two months to stop hurting.
Tennessee, and she urged him He is, incidentally, two years older
to keep going. With a go-ahead than the Appalachian Trail, which During the hike, he wore a tracker
from his doctors, he did, and on was officially “connected” in 1937, so people at home could locate his
Thursday, Sanders, 82, officially meaning people could hike it in its position. He fell “about 100 times”
became the oldest person to hike entirety from Georgia to Maine. along the rocky, mountainous trail,
the entire 2,190-mile trail in a year. Sanders hiked it in a “flip-flop” but only the Kinsman Mountain fall
sequence, meaning he did a Georgia- was serious.
He walked much of it alone, but
for the last mile, ending at the The best comment “A few times I played the age card,
Appalachian Trail Conservancy from one of them I admit, and it worked every time. I
headquarters in Harpers Ferry, was, 'I want to didn't hitchhike, I flagged cars down,
West Virginia, Sanders was joined be like you when and I told them my story and they
by friends, family and hikers - I'm your age,' ” he said, 'Get in.'”
including a pair of dogs - he had met said. “That kept
along the trail. Sanders' personal story includes a 50-
me going. year career as a Parks and Recreation
At the end of it, he danced a jig. programme administrator. He spent
to-Harpers Ferry leg, followed by a his boyhood on a Kentucky tobacco
“I feel euphoric!” he said. “I keep Maine-to-Harpers Ferry leg. farm, worked as a lifeguard and was
thinking, is someone going to come a circus acrobat and cotton-candy
out of the woodwork and say, 'Uh- A naturally gregarious person, seller.
uh, I hiked it last year... and I was Sanders had periods of depression
83' - but no one has stepped up and while alone on the trail. He was “He always did acrobatics,” said his
said that.” helped by what he calls “trail sister, Elaine Bush of Nashville, one of
angels,” people who recognized him several family members celebrating
“Someone said to me, 'You can't do from seeing him on the Internet, with him in Harpers Ferry; his wife,
it, the only way an old person's going who called out his trail name - “Grey a daughter and son-in-law, and two
to be able to hike the Appalachian Beard” - and hiked alongside him grandchildren also came. “He was
Trail is if they've hiked it before.' for a stretch. (Sanders' long beard is always in the limelight, because he
white, but he named himself after a was unusual and he did unusual
That challenged me.” Cherokee Indian chief he admires.) things.”

Sanders had completed “The best comment from one of Sanders takes 30-inch steps, so he
other impressive feats. them was, 'I want to be like you figures he took 4,625,256 steps for the
A couple of years when I'm your age,' ” he said. “That hike. Along the way, he passed tens of
ago, he paddled kept me going.” thousands of white blazes that mark
the length the trail. When he passed the last one
of the The majority of his fellow hikers on Thursday, he stopped, took off his
were in their 20s. They didn't have cap, and kissed it.
senior’s rock magazine to keep track of blood pressure
A few yards later, at the conservancy
headquarters, he hugged his wife and
accepted a glass of sparkling cider.
And with all the honesty that 82 years
affords a man, he announced his next

“I'm done, and I'm tired,” he said. “And
I can go home.”

The Washington Post




It’s nothing short of inspirational to have the op- also hope that they take away
portunity to speak with Ida Keeling, a 102-year-old how good exercise is. Exercise and
world-record-holding runner and author of Can’t strengthening yourself, and staying
Nothing Bring Me Down, a riveting memoir in book- alert and focused, is so important.
stores this month. I want readers to pay attention to
what they’re doing.
Keeling’s story is filled with in- You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Break-
credible eyewitness accounts of fast, to find out what keeps her What was it about running that
key moments in American history, going strong. helped you so much?
including growing up during the
Great Depression, serving as a lead- If you could speak to every single When I lost two of my sons two
er in the civil rights movement and reader of your book, what would years apart, I can’t even describe
raising four children on her own in you tell them? how that felt. So, when my daugh-
a single-room apartment while she ter suggested I go running because
worked at a factory. Keeling also I would say that I hope it’s a wonder- maybe it would make me feel better,
shares the great sadness of her life, ful experience reading my book. I I decided to try it. I went on that
the brutal murders of her two sons hope readers get some new experi- run, and soon enough, did another
when she was in her 60s. It was that ences and old age thoughts and feel- and another. Running felt so good.
low point in her life that actually got I would come home after exercis-
her to put on her running shoes ings and what ing and felt like it relieved me of
after her daughter suggested happened some stress and bad feelings. After
that running might offer her back then all these years, I can tell you that
solace in her grief. and all running is a good way to way to feel
that better, mentally and physically. You
Keeling entered her first race kind of have to look where you’re running,
when she was 67, set a second stuff. I you have to pick up your feet and all
world record at 95 and is the that kind of stuff.
first woman in history to
complete a 100-meter run at I hear you can still do push-ups?
the age of 100. Just days ago,
on February 24, Keeling set a Yes. I have arthritis now, so
world record in the 60-meter I’ve got these aches and
dash event at the Imperial Dade pains, but I can still
Track Classic hosted by Urban do them. I have my
Athletics with an impressive bike, my mat and my
race time of 58:34 in the 100 weights and I use
to 104 age group. them. I like to keep
We sat down with Keeling,
who was recently profiled What’s the most
in the HBO documentary If important advice
you want to
18 share with our

senior’s rock magazine


"I'm speeding because I have to "HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PERSONAL ADS
get there before I forgot where I'm CLASSMATE"
going." Male, 1932, high mileage, good
While waiting for her first condition, some hair, many new parts
COLD, COLD DAY appointment in the reception including hip, knee, cornea, valves.
room of a new doctor, a woman Not in running condition but walks
On a very cold, snowy Sunday in noticed the doctor's medical school well.
February, only the pastor and one certificate on the wall, which bore
farmer arrived at the village church. his full name. Recent widow who has just buried
The pastor said, 'Well, I guess we fourth husband looking for someone
won't have a service today.' The Suddenly, she remembered that a to round out a six-unit plot. Dizziness,
farmer replied: 'Pastor, even if only tall, handsome boy with the same fainting, shortness of breath not a
one cow shows up at feeding time, I name had been in her high school problem.
feed it.' some 45 years ago.
Active grandmother with original
THE CHILDREN Upon seeing him, however, she teeth seeking a dedicated flosser to
OF ISRAEL quickly discarded any such thought. share rare steaks, corn on the cob,
This balding, gray-haired man with and caramel candy.
The boy listened closely as the the deeply lined face was too old to
rabbi read the Bible. 'May I ask have been her classmate. Sexy, fashion-conscious, blue-haired
a question?' he asked. 'Sure. Go beauty, 80’s, slim, 5’4 (used to be 5’6)
ahead. Ask your question,' replied After her exam, she asked him if he searching for sharp-looking, sharp-
the rabbi. 'Well, the Bible says that had attended the local high school. dressing companion. Matching white
the children of Israel crossed the shoes and belt a plus.
Red Sea-the children of Israel built "Yes," he replied.
the temple-the children of Israel did I usually remember Monday through
this and the children of Israel did "When did you graduate?" she Thursday. If you can remember
that. Didn't the grown-ups ever do asked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, let’s put
anything?' our two heads together.
He answered, "In 1965."
I still like to rock, still like to cruise in
"Why, you were in my class!" she my Camaro on Saturday nights, and
exclaimed. still like to play the guitar. If you were
a groovy chick, or are now a groovy
He looked at her closely and then hen, let’s get together and listen to my
asked, "What did you teach?" eight-track tapes.


senior’s rock magazine 19

NEVER The Manager was surprised when
he looked at the check.
"But Madam, this check is for
WITH SENIOR only $50.00" "That's correct" she
CITIZENS replied "I charged you $200.00
for sleeping with me."
Alady decided to give
herself a big treat for "But I didn't sleep with you
her 70th birthday by madam!" said the manager
staying overnight in a
really nice luxurious "Well, too bad, I was here, and
hotel.. you could have."

When she checked out the next morning, the desk senior’s rock magazine
clerk handed her a bill for $250.00. She demanded to
know why the charge was so high "I agree it's a nice
hotel, but the rooms aren't worth $250..00 for just
an overnight stay - I didn't even have breakfast!" The
clerk told her that $250.00 is the 'standard rate,' and
breakfast had been included had she wanted it.

She insisted on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appeared and, forewarned by the desk
clerk, announced: "This hotel has an Olympic-sized
pool and a huge conference center which are available
for use." "But I didn't use them." ''Well, they are here,
and you could have."

He went on to explain that she could also have
seen one of the in-hotel shows for which they
were so famous.

"We have the best entertainers from all
over the world performing here."

"But I didn't go to any of those
shows.." She Pleaded.

"Well, we have them, and you could
have." was the reply.

No matter what amenity the Manager
mentioned, she replied, "But I didn't use
it!" and the Manager countered with his standard

After several minutes discussion, and with the
Manager still unmoved, she decided to pay, wrote a
check and gave it to him.



Do Not Cast Remember, We Don’t
Me Away The dementia Stop Playing
When I Am patient is not Because We
giving you a
Old; Do Not HARD TIME. Grow Old.
Forsake Me The dementia We Grow Old
When My Because We
Strength Is patient is Stop Playing!
having a

Psalm 71:9

senior’s rock magazine 21

senior’s rock magazine


THE CAREGIVER’S Change my attitude from a tired, frustrated and
PRAYER angry caregiver to the loving and compassionate
one I want to be. Lighten up my face and never let
Dear Lord, my smile or laughter become a frown. Help me to
discover the humor in unusual situations and not
Thank you for the call upon my life as a Caregiver. take life so seriously.
And thank you for trusting me with the precious
role of caring for others. Change my heart, O God, and give me compassion
to love others even when they are difficult to
Teach me to always remember I am doing your love and are not able to respond or reciprocate.
work. Change my heart, O God, and give me Help me listen with my heart that I might feel
compassion to love and, especially those I give another's pain; Give me words that comfort and
care to, even when they are difficult to love and bless and bring glory to your Name. Help me to
not able to respond or reciprocate. Bless me with see that caregiving is not a heavy cross to bear,
your patience and understanding and give me but a precious opportunity to develop Christ's
the needed strength to do what so often seems image in me.
impossible even as you help me extend your
love to all I touch. Empower me to continue to I pray Lord, you will give me the heart to know
be a channel and a source of strength to all the that this isn't just a job but it is a calling. In Jesus'
beautiful men and women I give care to. mighty name I pray. Amen

Please Lord, lift the burdens I feel today and let By Peace Bennett
me lift the spirits of those for whom I care for.

senior’s rock magazine 23

MAKING A DIFFERENCE It take supernatural strength. It when the baby takes a bath. But with the
AS A CAREGIVER cannot be done in the energy of the caregiver of the Alzheimer's
flesh. It takes more than gritting
One of the highest forms of service in one's teeth and hanging on. The patient, there is rarely a smile, only the
our social obligations to mankind is caregiver's source is God himself who blank look of mental depression and
the caregiver. "gives power to the faint and to them despair. The lights are on, but nobody's
that have no might, He increaseth home.
What is a caregiver? It's one who strength." The caregiver can rest
ministers to a person who cannot look assured that the Lord Jesus is pleased And yet there is the tenderness of a
after him- or herself. It is a person with his or her service to one of his dependent person, the moments when
who selflessly helps those who cannot own creation. he knows he is not thinking and acting
function because of disabilities. It may right. During these moments, he feels the
be one who looks after a person with One of the most difficult tasks in life embarrassment of being confused and
a stroke, a loved one with terminal is being a caregiver for a loved one helpless.
cancer or a mate with Alzheimer's. with Alzheimer's. It may be a husband
who daily takes care of his wife, or a There also are times of selflessness when
It takes humility. There is nothing wife who looks after her husband. It she gives you a piece of custard pie that
that would attract our old Adamic may be a daughter looking after her she enjoys, but she wants you to have
nature to this type of service. No one father or a son caring for his mother it. And there is the tenderness of being
is recommending the caregiver for a or father. tucked into bed like a little child — and
special award. The caregiver will not loving it.
likely be named "Woman of the Year" It is so draining, so heartrending
by a national magazine. The faithful to see a loved one's personality Caregivers are very special people who
caregiver will not likely be featured on robbed — see dignity stolen — by need our prayers — and especially our
"Making a Difference" on the evening this debilitating disease. Once the help. If you know someone who is going
news. He or she is quietly going about person was the one you leaned upon, through this kind of ordeal, give them a
the duties of a nurse, a servant and an looked to for guidance and strength. break by volunteering to help them. You
encourages — all in one person. You admired his hard work and will be remembered by the caregiver and
independence. You loved to hear her blessed by the Lord.
Caregiving is not for the person who laugh and be with her. But neither of
must see something accomplished them are the person you used to know. By Pastor Guy Templeton
immediately. Goal-oriented
individuals need not apply. It is And this does something to the
sometimes a long-term task with caregiver. You often hear the joyous
little observable progress. It takes first words of a baby and the laughter
perseverance; it takes tenacity and
steadfastness. It is not for the frivolous
or faint-hearted.

senior’s rock magazine



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senior’s rock magazine It is not how much you do, but how
much love you put in the doing.



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