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Published by HIS International Tours, Inc., 2020-11-30 12:29:43

Destination Japan 2020 - 2021

Destination Japan 2020 - 2021

DestinationJapan2021 Edition

Welcome Back
to Travel

The New Standards of Safety

Spotlight On

The Artist Destination

The Essentials

A Must Have for Your Travel

More of Japan
Yakushima • Okinawa
Hokkaido • Niigata

Tokyo Okinawa, Cape Manzamo

Visit Japan...

...A country full of
life and beauty is
waiting for you

2 Kyoto, Hōkan-ji Temple - Hachiman-Dori

Table of Contents


Book Before You Go

Book Your Flight and JR Passes


The Essentials

Don’t Get Caught Without These
Must-Have Travel Items


Homestay in Japan

What You Need to Know for a Safe and
Authentic Experience


Spotlights On

The Perfect Destination Spot for Artists


Welcome Back to Travel

The New Standards of Safety

8 13 19

Package Tours The Changing Seasons Discovering Japan

Shop Our Package Tours The Four Seasons in Japan More of Japan,
Travel Off-the-Beaten Path
and Simplify Your Travels 14
Japan Essence pg.10
Golden Route pg.11 Optional Tours
Land of Art pg.12
Tokyo & Kyoto Divide Up pg.13 Day Tours and Add-ons For Your Trip

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The spirit of Japan can be felt from the moment you
land. The hospitable nature of the people,

the strong sense of culture, both modern and
historical, and the vision of the beautiful landscape

are all there to welcome you into the country.

Spotlight On


Where contemporary art and
architecture come alive

A small island off the coast of mainland Japan is home
to a plethora of interesting and renowned art and

architecture pieces. Art enthusiasts and families alike
often come to Naoshima - with the salty air from the
ocean breeze adding to the enjoyment of many outdoor
art pieces, it’s truly like a dream. Every three years,the
island hosts an event called the Setouchi Triennale, an
art festival that takes place on Naoshima as well as two
other neighboring islands. The art festival show cases
various contemporary art throughout the islands in an
effort to not only keep the heart of the island alive as
an art destination, but also to bring more people to the

islands to discover the beauty of it.

To visit Naoshima on a tour: Land Of Art (pg. 12)


Welcome Back to Travel

The New Standards of Safety

HIS Letter to You:

Welcome back to travel! It’s been a tumultuous
year for travel and safety. We here at HIS value
the importance of safety for our clients. That’s
why we’re keeping up to date on all the latest
information on safety measures, ensuring that
our client’s will be kept safe on their travels -
both by precautions taken by us and also by
the airlines you encounter. We’re ready to be
with you every step of the way.

It’s time to start thinking about travel again!
While the future is ever-changing and unpredictable, we know that with
the events of 2020, travel will never be quite the same ever again. We
know how important safety is, and that it comes first - especially when
it comes to travel.

Airlines, travel agencies, and the like have been implementing measures
to make sure that the quality of safety is up to par with new travel safety
regulations. Whether that includes newer cleaning and disinfecting
methods, rules about wearing masks, or newer passenger screening
methods for illness and fever, airlines are taking very seriously keeping
passengers safe.


How are airlines and travel agencies working to
keep travelers safe?

Passengers must Better Passenger Contact-less
wear masks disinfecting screening of scanning of
measures temperature boarding pass

Some airlines are Decreasing the Choosing restaurants
keeping the middle maximum capacity in and stores with good
some transfer cars and sanitary conditions
seat open
buses *As of Nov. 2020

Before your travel, your HIS agent will answer questions you
may have regarding your airline and trip. When you book your
flights with us, we can let you know what safety precautions
your airline has implemented. We’ll work with you to choose
the safest travel routes, whether that means limiting your
contact with other people, picking locations and airlines with
good safety precautions, or recommending alternate locations
should you so need it. Let us guide your trip so that you can
have the safest travel possible during these times.

Thank you for trusting HIS with your next trip. We’re so
excited to be there for you!



Package Tours
Travel Simplified

Package tours are the perfect pre-planned, stress-
free way to travel. These packages put together tours,
accommodation, and sometimes meals as a whole package

to make things a whole lot simpler.

At HIS, we have many packages perfect for those who want
to see the sights of Japan. Although custom itineraries are
great, package tours are a great way to save time and money.
Often custom itineraries end up resembling already existing

packages but with a larger price tag.

Our tours are balanced between places travelers tend to
request, and fresher scenes that are expert recommendations.

Everything is chosen carefully to take into account time,
location, and activities.

Cater to your travel needs and choose between group tours,
private tours, and independent tours. Take a look at just

some of the package tours we offer - Package tours are travel

*Group tours travel with others in a large group, private tours
travels in your own private group, and independent usually

only includes basics like accommodation and short-term


Highlights Japan Essence

❶TOKYO 10 Days 9 Nights Private Tour

Meiji Shrine/Harajuku Departures: Everyday Min. Participants: 1 Meals: Breakfast: 9, Dinner: 1 Hotel Rank: 3.5 - 4 stars
Imperial Palace Plaza/
Asakusa Kannnon Temple/ This is a tour for those who want to see Japan’s sites thoroughly but still have some free
Nakamise time on their own. Visit several very distinct locations that will give you both a sense
of Japan’s fascinating culture and history, as well as its great variety. In addition to
❷KAMAKURA visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, and Mt. Fuji, experience the cultural and historical treasures
of Japan.
Hase Kannnon Temple/
Kotokuin Temple Starting Price (Per Person) Remarks

Land only package●Price listed per person, based on double occupan-
Lake Ashi $5,900 (1 person) cy●The price/itinerary/accommodation is subject to change due to local
$3,900 (2 people) circumstances●This is a private tour●Blackout dates may apply, please
❹ O K AYA M A $3,400 (3 people) consult for details●Some blackout date may become available with addi-
$3,100 (4-6 people) tional charge●This tour has high/low season prices●Luggage per person
Okayama Korakuen Garden allowance :1 large suitcase, 1 carry-on●Single room supplement charge
HIGH SEASON applies for any odd number of guest or guest requesting a single room
❺HIROSHIMA ●Hotel Upgrade available with extra charge
$6,300 (1 person)
Peace Memorial Park & $4,100 (2 people) Included
Museum/Atomic Bomb $3,600 (3 people) 9 night accommodation●Other transportation mentioned in the itiner-
Dome $3,300 (4-6 people) ary●English speaking guide●Meals mentioned on the itinerary●Admission
fees on the itinerary
❻ M I YA J I M A
❼KYOTO Click here to read more and book!

Kinkakuji Temple/Ryoanji
Temple/Nijo Castle/
Nishiki/Gion Street


Todaiji Temple/Kasuga
Grand Shrine


Namba district

DAY 1 - 3

To k y o





DAY 6 - 8




*For more detailed itinerary, contact us
([email protected]) or visit us at


Golden Route Highlights

8 Days 7 Nights Group Tour ❶TOKYO

Departures: March 31, 2021 Min. Participants: 2 Meals: Breakfast: 7, Lunch: 2 Dinner: 3 Hotel Rank: 3.5 - 4 stars Tokyo Tower Observation
deck at 350m/Imperial
Our most loved and classic long-selling tour. Golden route is a name used in Japan for Palace (outside)/Asakusa
a route which runs along the old Tokaido road from Tokyo to Kyoto (and Hiroshima), Sensoji Temple/Harajuku
stopping by some of Japan’s famous locations such as Hakone and Mount Fuji. Our Omotesando
Golden Route tour will take you on a classic route, visiting some of the most popular
and famous landmarks in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. ❷HAKONE

Starting Price (Per Person) Remarks Hakone Ropeway/Hakone
Tour code: DJ-GRTSPR-2021 Open Air Museum/Owaku-
2021 Spring Land only package●price listed per person, based on double occupan- dani/Hakone Cruise
cy●The itinerary/accommodation is subject to change due to local
$2,699 circumstances●This is a group tour・Some blackout date may become ❸ M I YA J I M A
available with additional charge●This tour has high/low season ❹HIROSHIMA
For other seasons, please inquire prices●Luggage per person allowance :1 large suitcase, 1 carry-on
●Single room supplement charge applies for any odd number of guest Atomic Bomb Dome/
or guest requesting a single room *Price will differ based on room type Peace Memorial Museum
and Park
7 night accommodation●Transportation mentioned in the itinerary● ❺OSAKA
English speaking guide●Meals mentioned on the itinerary●Admission
fees on the itinerary Osaka Castle

Click here to read more and book! ❻KYOTO

Fushimi Inari Shrine/
Kinkakuji Temple/
Nishiki Market/Gion
Kiyomizu Temple

DAY 1 - 2

To k y o





DAY 5 - 7


*For more detailed itinerary, contact us
([email protected]) or visit us at


Highlights Land of Art

❶TOKYO 12 Days 11 Nights Private Tour

21-21 Design Sight/Asaku- Departures: Everyday Min. Participants: 2 Meals: Breakfast: 6, Dinner: 1 Hotel Rank: 3.5 - 4 stars
sa Kannon Temple and
Nakamise/The National Travel and experience the Arts in Japan with this tour designed especially for lovers
Museum of Western Art of the arts. With a stay at an Onsen Ryokan (Japanese Traditional Hotels with hot
springs). In addition to the essentials Tokyo, Kyoto, and Mt. Fuji, experience the cul-
❷NAOSHIMA tural and historical treasures of Naoshima, Takamatsu, Osaka, and Nara. An experi-
ence of staying at Ryokan (Japanese-style accommodation) will offer you traditional
Art House Project/Chichu Japanese cultures, such as sleeping on tatami floor with Futon mats, taking Japanese
Art Museum/Ando Museum Onsen (hot springs) and having traditional dinner.


Shikoku-mura Art Village/
Ritsurin Koen Park/


The Mint Museum/ Kamiga-
ta Ukiyoe Museum


Miho Museum/ Garden of
Fine Art Kyoto/ Raku Mu-
seum/ Kyoto International
Manga Museum

...and more museums!

DAY 1 - 3

To k y o

DAY 4 - 5



Ta k a m a t s u



DAY 8 - 9


DAY 10


DAY 11

To k y o

*For more detailed itinerary, contact us
([email protected]) or visit us at

Starting Price (Per Person) Remarks
$6,399 (Double Occupancy) Tour code: H-Art-2021
$5,399 (Triple Occupancy) Land only package●price listed per person, based on double occupan-
$4,899 (4+ People) cy●The itinerary/accommodation is subject to change due to local circum-
stances●This is a private tour●Blackout dates may apply●Some blackout
date may become available with additional charge●Luggage per person
allowance:1 large suitcase, 1 carry-on●Single room supplement charge
applies for any odd number of guest or guest requesting a single room
*Prices will change based on high season or low season
* Hotel upgrade available with extra charge

11 night accommodation●Other transportation mentioned in the
itinerary●English speaking guide●Meals mentioned on the itinerary●
Admission fees on the itinerary

12 Click here to read more and book!



Tokyo Tower/Meiji Shrine/
Akasaka Guest House/
Imperial Palace/Ginza
Shopping District


Kiyomizu Temple/Kodaiji
Temple/Yasaka Shrine/

Tokyo & Kyoto Stay
Divide Up Package
DAY 1 - 3
8 Days 7 Nights Independent Tour
To k y o
Departures: Everyday Min. Participants: 1 Meals: Breakfast: 6 Hotel Rank: 3.5 - 4 stars
DAY 4 - 6
This simple package is perfect for those visiting Japan for the first time, and would like
an introduction to each of the cities, but also allows you to explore Japan on your own. Kyoto

*For more detailed itinerary, contact us
([email protected]) or visit us at

Starting Price (Per Person) Remarks
$1,299 Tour code: DJ-DIVIDEUP-2021
Land only package●price listed per person, based on double occupan-
cy●The itinerary/accommodation is subject to change due to local 13
circumstances●This is an independent tour with group tour includ-
ed●Blackout date: Jul 24- Aug 9●Price change according to seasonali-
ty●Single room supplement charge applies for any odd number of guest
or guest requesting a single room *1 upgrades available with extra

6 night accommodation●Other transportation mentioned in the itiner-
ary●Meals mentioned on the itinerary●2 Day Keihan Railway
Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass●Tokyo Half-day Morning Tour (Group)
-Kyoto Afternoon Walking Tour (Group)

Click here to read more and book!

Optional Tours

Optional Tours are a great way to experience cultural activities without booking a full-on tour.
You can also add these onto your full tours on your free days too!


from Tokyo Tsukiji Outer Market
Walking Tour & Sushi Lunch
1 Day Spectacular Kyoto Tour
by Shinkansen (Round trip from Tokyo) Tour code:TYO1088 P01C01/ TYO1088 P01C02

Tour code: TYO1236P02C02/ TYO1236P02C01 While the inner market of Tsukiji Market may not be there
anymore, the heart of the marketplace remains with the shops
Take a trip down to Kyoto from Tokyo on this one-day tour and restaurants that elected to stay in the outer market area.
of the historical and famous prefecture of Kyoto. You will be This tour allows you to walk around the area and explore the
able to experience a bullet train ride and see multiple historic small shops and eateries that continue to captivate and charm
landmarks. For those staying in Tokyo for the duration of all those who visit.
their trip, this is a great way to go take a day trip to visit one from 9,900JPY
of the cultural hearts of Japan.
from 41,900JPY Kawaii Animal Fast Pass
in Harajuku
Robot Restaurant
Tour code:TYO1454
Tour code: TYO0181 P24C01
The Kawaii Animal Fast Pass allows you to explore three dif-
Enjoy one of the most popular shows of Tokyo at the Robot ferent animal cafes (Hedgehog, Chinchilla, and Capybara) to
Restaurant. Filled with flashing neon lights, exciting and interact with them while enjoying beverages of coffee and tea.
loud music, and interesting dance performances, the Robot from 3,800JPY
Restaurant is enjoyable for everyone that likes fun and wild
shows. Amazing Tokyo with Lunch &
from 7,000JPY Skytree admission

Tour code:TYO0582 P05C01/ TYO0582 P04C01

Take a one-day tour of Tokyo, exploring some of the metro-
politan & famous sights. This tour also allows access to the
observatory of the tallest electric wave tower in Japan, Tokyo
from 12,000JPY

Sumo Experience &
Chanko Nabe Lunch

Tour code:TYO0482 P01C01/ TYO0482 P02C01

Learn about the art of the sacred sport of sumo and the his-
tory behind it with professional sumo wrestlers, before sitting
down to enjoy a chanko nabe (Japanese hot pot specialized in
the sumo world) lunch with them. If you are lucky, you might
even be picked to participate in a duel with the wrestlers
from 11,800JPY


Optional Tours (cont.) from Osaka

from Kyoto Koyasan 1-day tour (Fully Guided) /
2-day Tour (Half-Guided)
Maiko Dinner
Tour code: OSA0143 P01C01/OSA0143 P01C02/ OSA0143 P01C03
Tour code: UKY0119
Visit a sacred and spiritual site of Japan, and get in touch
Enjoy a maiko (Japanese classic dancer) dinner experience with the history and culture of the
where you can watch a maiko dance performance while en- country. Have the option to stay overnight in the temple
joying a delicious tempura dinner. After dinner you may also and maybe even participate in morning
partake in a photo taking session with a maiko. temple activities.
from 16,000JPY from 24,700JPY

Nara Afternoon Tour

Tour code: UKY0105

Explore important landmarks and world heritage sites in Nara
on this half-day tour. Visit Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha
Shrine, and then hang out with some wild deer at the neigh-
boring park.
from 7,700JPY

Kyoto Morning Tour

Tour code: UKY0108

Recommended for first time visitors to Kyoto. This tour is
great to get the feel of the city, so you can go explore the rest
right after this tour. You will visit locations such as Kinkakuji
Temple and Nijo Castle. We also offer afternoon tours and full
day tours.
from 7,100JPY
*USD will depend on conversion rate and will fluctuate

Food Tours Allstars Food Tour $165

16 Try 16-18 dishes that are culinary gems of Tokyo and all
uniquely delicious. Learn about the culture, the area, and the
food all on this exciting tour taking you through food spots in
Yurakucho,Ginza, and Shimbashi.

Shinjuku Golden Gai Food Tour $180

This adults only food tour takes you on a tour that explores
the nightlife culture in Japan. Taking you through hole-in-
the-wall eateries and izakayas, the tour feels both adventurous
and local. Try many things on this tour including the beloved
dish that is ramen and explore Tokyo like never before!
*Adults( 20+) Only

Kyoto Market with 7-Course Lunch
Food Tour $159

Visit the famous Nishiki Market and sample the many flavors
of Kyoto. Learn the history and significance of Japanese
cuisine, while sampling items at the food stalls in the market-
place. You will be able to try a traditional lunch menu that is
both delightfully delicious and artistically beautiful.
*Taxes will apply for food tour
*USD will depend on conversion rate and will fluctuate

The Changing Seasons

Despite the changing seasons, Japan’s beauty
remains constant

Summer Autumn Winter Spring

June – August September – October December – February March - May

Hot and Humid Foodie Season of the Year Snow in some parts of Japan Cherry blossoms
Full of Festivals and Fireworks Beautiful Foliage New Year’s celebration Spring Blooms
Many Seasonal Foods to Enjoy
Recommended Recommended Recommended
Recommended Locations of the Season Locations of the Season Locations of the Season
Locations of the Season
• Arashiyama - Kyoto • Snow Monsters - Akita • Locations of the Season
• Furano Flower Fields • Meiji-jingu Gaien - Tokyo • Sapporo Snow Festival • Himeji Castle - Hyogo
- Hokkaido • Daisetsuzan National Park • - Hokkaido • Mt. Yoshino - Nara
• Ginzan Onsen - Yamagata
• Beaches of Okinawa - Hokkaido 17
- Okinawa Islands

• Blue Pond at Shirakami Juniko

Book Before You Go!

Why Book a Flight with HIS

Aren’t major online booking sites always cheaper? Not

As a Japan specialist, HIS takes pride in providing competitive
rates on flights to Japan. We get exclusive rates from many of
the major airlines that fly to Japan.

Our online booking system will provide you with great rates
24/7 all year round. If you need help booking a flight with an
infant, or require Unaccompanied Child Services for a child
traveling alone, or need to suddenly change or cancel a flight -
leave it all to us.

HIS’s agents are here to help make your flight as comfortable
as possible. Give us a try.

Search for your flights at or
contact us at 1-877-447-8721

Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)

The “Freedom Pass” All Around Japan

JR Pass - A word that you will come across if you search
anything about Japan travel. That’s because this is the

most popular and most versatile pass to get if you plan on
traveling throughout many places in Japan. This pass is valid

for travelers with a non-Japanese Passport, and Japanese
citizens who have been living outside of Japan for 10

consecutive years or more*. The pass works on all JR trains
throughout Japan, including bullet trains.** If you are planning
on traveling between Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, you can’t beat
the savings of using this pass. There are also regional passes

available for purchase. Vouchers are available for pickup at
your local HIS branch ***, or we can have it shipped to you.

*Japanese citizens will be required to show valid documents
upon purchase and exchange. For more details please visit

our website at

**Excludes: Nozomi and Mizuho bullet trains
*** Some branches are by shipping only or strictly by
appointment only. Please call your local branch before visiting.


The Essentials


Because HIS is one of the largest travel agency in Japan, we
have contracted rates for various
hotels & ryokans that allow us to offer you great rates.


Never go offline in Japan. WiFi routers to use in Japan are
available at great rates. You can choose to pick up the router in

the US at the airport, or have it sent to your home, or you can
have it sent to your hotel in Japan.


Although Japan is a safe country, there are varieties of travel
insurance these days that cannot hurt to have. Ask us about our
alliance with insurance companies who can offer you the best.


Make sure you’re prepared and plan in advance. Grab those
tickets and make your reservations before you travel, so that
you don’t have to wait in line at box offices or worry about tickets

selling out during your trip!



When travelling solo to a foreign country, there are many “ ”One of the best decisions
accommodation options: Hotel, hostel, capsule hotel, ryokan, I made on this trip.
and homestay. -Kailas Johnson (Participant)

Homestaying is not just about accommodation, but also a
great way to learn Japanese culture by experience, and if
you are looking for someone to eat dinner with. All the plans
come with dinner at home, so you will really get to talk to
the locals over their comfort food. This program offers over
3,200 host families around all 47 prefectures of Japan and
anyone over 16 is welcome to stay with them.

“My host family was kind ARRANGEMENT FEE
Solo Person: 20,000 yen + tax
and welcoming and within 2 People: 29,000 yen + tax
a week I felt like a true
member of the family. HOMESTAY FEE
Per Night: 4,400 yen + tax (with breakfast)
”-Kailas Johnson (Participant) Per Night: 4,900 yen + tax (with breakfast and dinner)

In most cases, only one person is able to stay with one host * Tax excluded
family. That’s why it’s a great option for solo travelers. If you * Prices are in JPY. Prices will change based on most
are thinking about homestaying with a sibling or a friend,
contact HIS and we will try our best to find you a host family. current conversion rates and will fluctuate. For more
Also, there is no age limit! As long as you are over 16 years than one person, same household placements cannot be
of age, and are willing to interact with the host family to enjoy guaranteed. Additional add-ons may be available. Inquire at
the homestaying experience, you are welcome to participate. [email protected]
If you are younger than 16 years old, contact us too.

Although restrictions do apply, there are possibilities
where younger people can participate in homestay as well.
Because this is not a hotel or a hostel, it is an amazing
chance to experience a night in a local Japanese home.

One thing to remember is that this might not be the program
for you if you are looking for an “affordable accommodation
with perfect English speaking host”. The host family will try
their best to communicate; however, they are the locals.
Their English might not be perfect, but you have to take that
as the part of the experience. Enjoy the foreign culture, local
home, the experience of not being able to communicate with
just language in a comfortable home.


More Places to Discover

Niigata Yakushima
(Kagoshima Prefecture)
Okinawa has boomed as a popular beach getaway. Seemingly so
different from mainland Japan, there is still much of the hospitable Yakushima has long been gaining interest by travelers. This is in
Japanese culture to be felt. In addition, there are influences from part due to it being a place that inspired a few famous Studio Ghibli
many other cultures as well which only add the the beauty of the films. Seeing the landscape, it’s easy to see how it would be a place

island. of inspiration - the place seems to be shrouded in mystery, with
large looming trees, like an enchanted forest. The island is teeming
Okinawa is a unique cultural hybrid and a tropical paradise of with green and life, the subtropical nature of the island ensures that
beaches and jungles. It continues to be a blend of the untouched
and secluded, and the lively and developing, as it grows to be a the island stays vibrant and green.
popular beach getaway for travelers but works to keep the natural

beauty and life of the islands.

Hokkaido Okinawa

Hokkaido, by far Japan’s largest prefecture, is near impossible to Okinawa has boomed as a popular beach getaway. Seemingly so
sum up simply. The food, the nature, and the history in Hokkaido different from mainland Japan, there is still much of the hospitable
offer something very different than what most may think of when Japanese culture to be felt. In addition, there are influences from
they visualize Japan. If one were to sum up the best of Hokkaido, many other cultures as well which only add the the beauty of the
the list would certainly include its abundance of beautiful creatures,
the environment, food, and the attraction of its cities. Hokkaido, island.

too, has four distinct seasons so dramatic that no matter which Okinawa is a unique cultural hybrid and a tropical paradise of
season you choose to visit, you’re bound to have a beautiful sight beaches and jungles. It continues to be a blend of the untouched
and secluded, and the lively and developing, as it grows to be a
awaiting. popular beach getaway for travelers but works to keep the natural

beauty and life of the islands.

To visit on a tour check out our Mysterious Kyushu tour found on our website 21

Please read the following carefully before booking Terms and Conditions tariffs, rules and regulations. In issuing the Voucher,
online. All customers must note and agree to abide HIS acts solely as the agent of the Supplier.
by the terms and conditions of booking below. PICK-UP LOCATION AND DEPARTURE TIME Supplier and HIS assume no responsibility for
PARTICIPATION Please check your pick-up location and departure delays caused by accidents, breakdown, weather,
For the benefit of everyone on the tour(s) HIS time with a travel voucher which will be sent to you conditions of trails, roads, bays, oceans, rivers,
reserves the right to accept or reject any person as following completion of your tour or travel request. airspace and any other conditions beyond control
a tour participant, and to remove from the tour any Tour pick-up location and departure time are of Supplier, in addition to insufficient numbers of
participant whose conduct is deemed incompatible subject to change without notice. On some tours/ passengers. All travel documents and vouchers are
with the interests of the other participants. activities, customers may be asked to confirm their issued subject to these terms and conditions by
PRICING tour at least 24 hours in advance by contacting one HIS, its agents and suppliers.
All transactions are conducted in U.S. Dollars of our HIS offices provided on the travel voucher. LIABILITY OF HIS AND EXEMPTIONS
including tax. Prices are subject to change without Please click here and check our HIS local offices HIS shall not compensate for damages incurred
prior notice, and may vary depending on availability. and its business hours. by clients as stipulated in provisions if any of the
DEPOSIT/PAYMENT VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure to call our following reasons apply:
All services/tours/activities/tickets must be prepaid HIS local number on your confirmation / voucher Natural disasters, war, civil unrest, and alteration
at the time of booking by credit card. If paying at least 24 hours prior to your tour to confirm pick or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such causes.
for the tour/activity with a credit card, Customer up and other tour details. (if required) We are not Accidents during transportation or accommoda-
is hereby stating that Customer is the authorized responsible for any missed pickups or schedule tions, damage by fire. Cessation of services related
cardholder or that Customer has been authorized changes if the tour is not reconfirmed, and you will to transportation or accommodation facilities, and
by the cardholder to use the credit card. In the receive no refund for failing to take your tour. It is tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to
event the credit card is dishonored, rejected, or the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that every- such causes. Orders of either city, state, county, or
later contested for any reason, Customer agrees to one in the Customer’s party is in the correct pick-up foreign governments, immigration regulations, iso-
pay the amount indicated on the order form to HIS location at the correct time. There will be no refund, lation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour
International Tours. for any reason, for a no show on the day of the tour. itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such
All credit card charges will be processed in U.S. (HIS recommends that a Customer’s party is ready causes. Accidents occurring during the client’s free
dollars, and are subject to additional currency con- 10 minutes prior to pick-up time.) About our tour/ac- activities. Food poisoning. Theft. Delays, stoppag-
versions by banks or credit card companies, which tivities Tours/activities on this site are provided and es, changes of schedule and route in relation to
are not within the HIS control and may impact the operated by HIS International Tours and other third transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alterations
amount charged to your credit card. party suppliers. All photos used in this website are and-or shortened stays at destinations owing to
REVISION OF CONTENTS OF SERVICES indicative only, and the actual views and/or stop-off such causes.
HIS may at any time cancel the tour or revise its points on certain tours may vary depending on ex- CANCELLATION BY YOU
contents and services for any of the following ternal circumstances. Please note tour routes and Notice of cancellation must be made in writing to
reasons: natural calamity or disaster, weather times shown on this website are subject to change HIS and the following scale of cancellation fees
conditions, suspension of services rendered by based on weather conditions, traffic incidents, and/ will be applied provided air tickets have not been
transport, accommodation, or service provider or other unexpected circumstances. issued. Once air tickets have been issued, interna-
facilities, provision of transportation not based on BOOKING CONDITIONS tional air tickets to and from the US are subject to
the original operational plan, governmental orders, No refund will be made after the scheduled date cancellation penalties and regulations as set forth
or other circumstances beyond HIS control. HIS or time of departure. Missed departures shall be by the airlines. All air tickets for flights outside of the
reserves the right to take necessary measures treated as cancellations. We cannot be responsible US are non-refundable. Refund rates depend on
when safe, smooth tour operation in accordance for failure of public transport or traffic delays, which the product as well as days in advance of cancella-
with the itinerary is deemed impossible, or when may prevent you from taking the tour/activities. tion. For specific cancellation policy, please check
there is valid reason to believe that the tour cannot CANCELLATIONS/CHANGES each product page on our website.
continue. In such cases, H.I.S. must explain in a Cancellation/Change policies may vary depending CANCELLATION BY HIS
timely manner its inability to function according to on the tour type of reservation you've made. HIS, reserves the right to cancel a departure and
the itinerary under the circumstances. However, Please check our cancellation and change policy of will advise you of such cancellations no later than
said explanation may be made after revisions are each tour carefully. If you need to cancel or change 31 days before the tour departure date. If due to
made when conditions demand. your reservation, please contact our office directly Force Majeure or government travel advice, HIS,
TRAVELERS WHO NEED SPECIAL ASSISTANCE at which you made your original booking or call our reserves the right to cancel a departure at any
You must report any disability requiring special phone number provided on your tour confirmation time. With any form of cancellation, HIS, will offer
attention directly to a representative of H.I.S. at voucher. you alternative arrangements, and if the price of
the time of reservation. HIS will make reasonable DISCLAIMER your alternative booking is of lower value than the
attempts to accommodate the special needs of Customers, acknowledge by their acceptance, that original booking, we will refund the difference to
travelers, but it is not responsible in the event it is HIS International Tours (HIS below), its agents you. If the price is higher, additional fees will be
unable to do so, nor is it responsible for any denial and suppliers, in making arrangements for food, added. If you do not accept alternative arrange-
of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other beverage, accommodations, tours, transportation ments, we will refund all payments you have made
independent suppliers. Be aware that facilities for or any service in connection with the itineraries to HIS, (in case of Force Majeure or government
disabled individuals are sometimes limited. We of individual tour customers shall not be liable for travel advice refunds will be less any unrecoverable
regret that we cannot provide individual physical injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, costs). HIS, will not be liable for any additional
assistance to a tour participant for walking, dining, liability or expense to person or property due to act costs incurred by you. HIS Inc will not be liable for
getting on and off trains and other vehicles, or other of default by any hotel, carrier or other company any delay in, change to or cancellation of trips due
personal needs. A qualified and physically able or person providing services included in the tours. to Force Majeure. Also, HIS will not be liable for any
companion must accompany travelers who need HIS, its affiliates, tour operators and agents assume delays made by airlines due to weather conditions
such assistance. Any pre-existing physical (includ- no responsibility for any sickness, theft, labor dis- and technical problems. Force Majeure means a
ing allergies), mental, or emotional disability that putes, breakdowns, road closures, requests of Park circumstance beyond the reasonable control of
may require attention or treatment must be reported or government agencies, acts of war and terrorism, HIS, and includes, but is not limited to, war or threat
in writing prior to the beginning of a tour. Failure to weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of trans- of war, riot, civil strike, terrorist activity, industrial
report such disabilities may result in refusal of the portation or for any misadventure or casualty or any dispute, disease, industrial or nuclear disaster,
continuation of services for that participant, and other causes beyond their control. HIS reserves the adverse weather conditions, fire, and strikes.
no refund will be provided for services not yet ren- right to cancel, change or substitute any service GROUP HARMONY
dered. HIS tours can be physically demanding: You and to decline to accept or continue to accommo- To ensure the desired group synergy, HIS reserves
could be doing a lot of walking and standing during date any tour members at any time for any reason the right to accept, reject, or expel any individual
the tour. You could be taking your luggage with you including, without limitation, insufficient number of who is deemed disruptive or incompatible with the
as necessary. Because public transportation is not participants. Tour Carriers and operators shall not interests of the group. All expenses to do so will be
always convenient, there may be times when you be liable for any inconvenience, loss or damage, in- borne by the passenger.
will have to walk with your luggage. Suitcases with jury, accident, delay or irregularity which may be the PASSPORT
rollers work fine, but there may be times when you result of defect or through the acts or omissions of All customers’ passports must be valid for at least
will have to carry your luggage up and down stairs. any person or company performing or rendering the 6 months from the return date of your trip. Please
Because of these reasons, only those who are in services. These firms are not responsible for any consult the destination embassy if you have any
good health (no heart or back problems) should changes or increased costs incurred by passengers questions.
consider our tours. as a result of the cancellation of services due to be CST:#2017288-40
provided by its agents or suppliers for any reason
22 including, without limitation, insufficient number of
participants. Suppliers are independent contractors
who are not agents of HIS or its Affiliates. Products
are provided subject to the terms of applicable

Travel Japan


Tokyo ⇔ Kyoto about 2 hr. 17 min. Hokkaido
Tokyo ⇔ Osaka about 2 hr. 30 min. Shinkansen Line

Tokyo ⇔ Kanazawa about 2 hr. 30 min. HAKODATE SAPPORO
Tokyo ⇔ Aomori about 3 hr. 30 min.

Osaka ⇔ Kyoto about 41 min.

Osaka ⇔ Hiroshima about 1 hr. 35 min.

Osaka ⇔ Fukuoka about 2 hr. 47 min. Tohoku Aomori Akita
Akita Shinkansen
JAPAN RAIL PASSES!(pg. 18) Iwate
Yamagata Miyagi Shinkansen


Shinkansen Line

Ishikawa Niigata Fukushima Joetsu
Shinkansen Line
Gunma Tochigi
Chugoku TAKAYAMA Toyama

HIROSHIMA KYOTO Fukui Nagano Saitama Ibaragi Kanto
OKAYAMA Gifu Yamanashi Tokyo
Shimane Tottori Aichi TOKYO
Okayama Kyoto Shiga Shizuoka Kanagawa HANEDA

Hiroshima Hyogo KAMAKURA

Yamaguchi Toku- WNaakraayamaSNhAinRTkoaAknasiednoLMineT.
Kyushu Fukuoka Ehime
Saga Oita Kochi
OSAKA Kansai


Shinkansen Line
Miyazaki MIYAJIMA Shikoku Los Angeles ⇔ Tokyo about 12 hours

Shinkansen Line
KAGOSHIMA Kagoshima New York ⇔ Tokyo about 14 hours

Chicago ⇔ Tokyo about 13 hr. 30 min.

San Francisco ⇔ Tokyo about 11 hours

Dallas ⇔ Tokyo about 14 hours

Okinawa Los Angeles ⇔ Osaka about 12 hr. 30 min.
New York ⇔ Osaka about 17 hours


Tokyo ⇔ Sapporo about 1 hr. 30 min.
Tokyo ⇔ Fukuoka about 2 hours
Tokyo ⇔ Okinawa about 3 hours
Osaka ⇔ Sapporo about 2 hours
Osaka ⇔ Okinawa about 2 hr. 30 min.
Sapporo ⇔ Okinawa about 4 hours


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